Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 21, 1965 · Page 26
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 26

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 21, 1965
Page 26
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TWEIVI IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN WEDNESDAY, JULY 21,1968. Berry's World © 1965 by NEA, Inc. "Mr. President, a guy from the Federal Reserve Board is here to present the case /or a 'tiaht money policy'!" The WORRY CLINIC By DR. GEORGE W. CRANE Tad asks about the nicotine effect of smoking. Over 1,000,000 teen-agers have heard this medical report as I have addressed their high school and college convocations, coast to coast. So scrapbook this column and send for the medical booklet below. TV ads try to subvert our youth while I try to vaccinate them to the contrary! CAST] w-451: Tad S., aged 32, is the chain smoker who wanted Dropout Makes $150,000 a Year By DORIS KLEIN HOLLYWOOD (AP) — Sometimes it pays to be a school dropout — like $150,000 a year. That's what Jim Button's been earning lately. And with- out'benefit of a diploma. "It was just some little prank, like draining the school pond," recalls Jim, and there he was, out of Niagara University, Niagara, N.Y. "I was going to be a newsman — my father was an editor and my mother a sob sister. "But it seemed more fun to kid around — and I got to like acting in plays at college — so here I am." Tall,- handsome, gangling but not awkward, Jim looks like a young Jimmy Stewart. His comedy acting style is more reminiscent of a young Jack Lemmon — his idol. "There just aren't that many guys around who can play comedy," said Jim, who's just finished making the screen version of the Broadway hit comedy "Never Too Late," with Pau Ford, Maureen O'Sullivan and Connie Stevens. "Comedy is instinctive," he explained. "You're either born with it — or you don't have it. "And it's subtle. You don't go around really saying funny thigs in good comedy films It's an attitude. You play it straight. Then the people watching the movie say, 'Look at that guy. He's in that funny situation and he doesn't even realize it' " Jim's comedy style quickly got him starring roles — as Jane Fonda's baffled husband in ."Period of Adjustment," Paul Prentiss' trouble-prone boy friend in "The Horizontal Lieutenant," and others. "Sometimes," said Jim, "I guess it pays to be a school dropout" Army Chief Visits Guard CAMP GRAYLING (AP) — Lt. Gen. Charles G. Dodge, com mander of the Fifth Army, visit ed Michigan Army National Guard training Tuesday. Dodge said he had no information regarding activitation of National Guard units with respect to Vietnam service. The general said he was impressed with the Michigan encampment. Dodge said "I don't know whether I could DP a grocer or work in a gas station and give it up for two weeks to work for Uncle Sam." Guardsmen give two weeks a year to military service. to break his slavery to cigarets. "Dr Crane," he added, "won't my children be more likely to smoke if they see me doing it? "But what about the chemical shock to one's system? "If I were to break off all at once,, wouldn't that be almost ike taking a dope addict off his narcotics?" NICOTINE NONSENSE Children of smokers, drinkers and even divorced parents are far more likely to use cigarets, alcohol and get divorces, so beware about setting your youngsters such bad examples. Toward the end of World War n, a fascinating experiment re nicotine was performed on a ;roup of men. They were all cigaret smokers. Without their knowledge, however,* their tobacco was previously de-nicotinized, at least down to about 2 per cent. But they didn't know their cigarets had been altered nor did they realize that they were being used as human "guinea pigs." However, their associa t e s wives and secretaries or co workers were told to watch and listen. "See if these men show any re duction in the number of cigar ets they use each day," was one of the instructions given to the observers in this ingenious experiment. "And also listen to find out they ever say a word, to indi cate that the taste of the cig arets has changed." Well, it may shock you to learn that all the men smoke< just as much as usual, anc apparently with just about a great delight. "But 2 men out of almost 2 in the group, were once over heard to discuss ersatz or sub stitute war products. And they lumped tobacco i. with other items. The observer didn't know if the tobacco start ed the discussion or if cigaret were just thrown into the hoppe with the other ersatz products a that time. But ALL the men smoked jus as many and apparently wit probably just as much delight So the nicotine, or chemical ar gument about difficulty in break ing the tobacco habit is malar ky. What does cause the trouble i the "muscle hunger" by whip, the tense smoker wants to wav his arm and hand around i: what I call "hemispherical calls, thenics" in the parlor or office If he were to shadow box, thi would drain off his tension fa better, but society would loo askance at him. Or, il he raced up and dowi the corridor of his office buildin for 5 minutes or did a quarte Cat Causes $1,800 In Damage to Auto HANOVER, N.H. (AP) — Irving E. Bender told police his cat was responsible for $1,800 in i damages to his convertible. He (said the cat jumped across Ms lap while he was driving, the car ran off the road, down an ^embankment and struck a tree. ,Cat and, driver were not injured seriously. mile run around the block, h would likewise reduce his exces sive energy far better: But such athletic outlets ar not approved by modern socia etiquette Advertising pressure, however has now made it possible to in dulge in one-sided athletics, an thus drain off .some of your ten sion via smoking as you fall ink the TV "image" of the^sophis ticated modern male. It' is laugh! If you smokers wish to drain off more energy, and faster then light two cigarets at . time, holding one in each hand and then wave both hand, around 3 to 5 minutes in the ac of smoking! For that will soothe you twjc< as quickly. But if you really want to live 5 years longer, send for my medical booklet "How to Break the Tobacco and Liquor Habits, enclosing a long stamped, return envelope, plus 20 cents. (Always write to Dr. Crane in care of this newspaper, en closing a long stamped, addressed envelope and 20 cents to coyer typing and prjintipe co$ts i$ie: you send for one of his booklets'. (Copyright by The Hopkins Syndicate, Inc.) THIRD PRIK DRAWINGS WIU BE HELD S£H MONDAY FOLLOWING EACH DRAWING PERIOD IN 26, AUG. FIED THE FOLLOWING WEEK Nothing to buy...Nothing to write,. Just Register! You could corral a lively FORD MUSTANG or a REAL LIVE WESTERN MUSTANG during Red Owl'S... nouiiD-up 6"AHDPRIHDRAWINGS fR UMNER .up PRIZES: GRAND PRI2E DRAWINGS-ONE EACH WEEK FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS AT RED OWL! REGISTER EACH WEEKI REGISTER AS OFTEN AS YOU LIKE. FIRST PRIZE: LUCKY WINNERS will receive a beautiful 1965 FORD MUSTANG HARDTOP, radio and all, just for registering in Red Owl's "Mustang Round-Up"! — or — You can ride off into the sunset on a real LIVE MUSTANG... saddle and bridle Included ... if you're the big winner! Two GRAND PRIZE DRAWINGS To Go... REGISTER NOW!!!! 2nd PRIZE FAMOUS BRAND CHEST-TYPE HOME FREEZERS (ONE EACH WEEK) 3rd PRIZE FAMOUS BRAND ROOM AIR CONDITIONERS (ONE EACH WEEK) 4th-Wth PRIZES POPULAR BRAND TRANSISTOR RADIOS (7 EACH WEEK) RED OWi'S PICK-A-PART FRYER SAIEH FRESH WHOLE FRYERS' HORMEL CONVENIENCE SIZE CANNED » LB . HAMS '' WILSON CERTIFIED BRAUNSCHWEIGER • FRESH FRYER $149 ; Legs wi* Thighs. L . B 39c • FRESH Sausaae CHUNK LB 39< * Fryer Breasts.. L . B 49c vauonijG. . • • • . «J«J f ftRAnp A FANnv. A TO R i R. Smoked GRADE A FANCY, 4 TO 5 LB. Pork Chops 89e : Ducklings ... . IB . 39< : CUT . up IB 33< RED OWL APPLE SAUCE 00 6 15-oz. SB JARS ^ • Carbonated 12 »"• S9 c HARVEST QUEEN, REG. 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KLEENEX 200 2-PLY BOXES PLUMP. JUICY. GREEN Home Style ITALIAN BREAD Seedless BLUEBERRY MUFFINS Pkg. of 6 DELICIOUS NECTARINES LEMONS DEPENDON REG. OR DRIP COFFEE RED OWL PEACH HALVES OR HARVEST QUEEN FRUIT COCKTAIL 3 , 1-LB. £gfl | 14-oz. *m CANS ^1 oo RED OWL LONGHORN Cheese.. . 10 . OZ : P . KG :39< FARMDALE PROCESSED SLICED Cheese.. . 8 : OZ . P . KG .29« AMERICAN, PIMENTO, or SWISS GREEN STAMPS PRICES EFFECTIVE THRU SAT., JULY 24 QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED, NO SALES TO DEALERS. OWL

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