Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 3, 1928 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 3, 1928
Page 6
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/ PAGE TWfe 101,A DAILY REGISTR -l! TUESDAY EVENING, JANbARY 3. 1928. YANKS AGAIN CHAMPIONSHIP Kew York Club Seems to Have Things All Its Own Way PITCHERS"~CHANGEb Oaklanil Stars Rumored To Belong to N. Y. Yankees . XOTK-Tliiii is tJio first of a tier-. .Ics <(f sJorius on 1!I2.S liio.sin'its of juajor loHRiio cliihs: , ' .New York. ,Iaii. .!. (.Al');:^lt looks like a iiros|KTous y<'ar' fov :^Iill<'r UiiBKiii.-/ Iiircil hands and ii , louRli out' for till.' 'rest of llio AmcTiiaii LiapiH'. i \ SiiK-f till' Yiinkoi's swi'i'l IliroilKli IcaBiU' fyr a (.'liaiiipitriUiliili lust; fall and tlK'ii diisied offjlic I'ilthhurKli • JMratcs-ill foilrntraislit panics to .prove ilifir riglit to i«i> lms<l)all raiikiiiK. lIUBgiiH's lu'Kotiations Jiave ijieti nicf willi a .-icni and .rockbonnd Hiicucc on ilii- j/art of rival niaiiascrs. Kxcopl for a .'Uialir-i!!) iii liis pitclliliB coriis, IliiK^ins iiasli'l . donp mm h with hi.i t-iiaiiniionship inaclijiic. Iteinorts- arr mat tlio Yankfus Iiave oblaiiu-d tille. under <'ovfr. to the icraik k«'.vs:oiic coni- binalioij of till" Oakland flub of the- J'acifiO'C'uast ioasuo. I,yn Lay and ."Andy IJcfsc. If they have bci-n purclia!-x?d it is jirobably lor fu- turcv delivery. Tlie Yankee-: are jirctly well fortified aioiind the inid<llp-bag now wjtU I.azzeri and Koi-nij;. • The only major addition to llie flub siiK-e the seasjon <iii;;eil i.- Stanley Covelcskie, vtt< nui spit. b:ill twirier. who was lei on; by •Washincfon last season. HuPKin.^ has disjM-eil of iliree jiitchcrs. Bob Shawkey. Diiieh licii- Oier and .loe Ciard. bi.^idts Kay ilorehart. utility infi^-lder. AT STAKE IN MANY BOUTS While Tunney Argues, Others Prepare to Do Battle I TO FIGHT FRIDAY JIcre'8 . .Tack' McBrJde, jformcr Syracuse grid star, who.j as a member of the New York iCIants, •was recently acclainied the most ralualile jilayer amons the !pr6r<*8- sionals. lie led Grapge, Haines, Frledrtan and other stars In the rating. / mirrs fHy the .Associated Preiss.) • I'liiladelphia—Benny Bass, feather, weight't-haniploti. dofcatcd Petf .VclKj. -New York (10). Lew Tcnd- ler. rhiladclpliia. v.-on by ii tech- iiiea! knockout frbm Jack .McKar- iaiid. .Vmvark. X. J.. (S). . Kansas ('ity—Royal Ooffman. Oniaha. oulpoinled Leo Wax, -Australia (KM. .Mihvankoe. AVis.—.loey Sangor, Miiwaukee. dife.ited I'hil Zwick. Ckve.'and (l<ii. .lo'sy Thoma.s. Osh- j knslr. Wis., ouipointed Fitinkie Van (•;< vdand. ().. iHt. , Ciiieiniiati. _ O.—.Maxie ' Hoseii- blimnn New York, and Frankic .^•••iioiJii. Buffalo, drew dOV' .vejr. in only two; of the ciiieago parks haviiig public links. Bobs Cost Jobs key and neuHier were nanded liiiir i'iGi.TJu polfer.'j i/iayi'd. uiK'oncjitional releases, fiiarcl and ' , 3JcreIiart went to St. Paul of the i . Amerii>aii Association. Kmirn-. liusy as ever, has slatod I'rbaii Shocker, another veteran Inirler. : for a hew brtth next suniim-r. I Wilhnnt thcsf. lfiii:?;i;s. r<MII ii;is a pilclliiig staff of parr?. T;i'' re- -JleaKeiif '.(iietln r sinil Clanl l« .•^ve.s lll rli f'eniiock as • tiic s<'il'' lill.' Ji::iiiler .MiKJiis the ni!»ii,icsnen, Itiit at itiic wMlowy i^oni;iii;nv sii!l , ra'ilvK (inioiiK 'iie u.ini''-- Krea;i st ])ijrl!f rt The'.r::r!il iianr'i-^ i::- olndc V'.'ilcy .MOor.- .-f.:.-;.;-DH ni thi- I'.r^T .'^••a-iii. <;«ii:-.- ri ;i;Ti:i.-. • AViiiK. vi^iyl 'X::'.Xl ••. j;^ .ill _ .Mlri •.Myl(') Tlxiiiias. ' .. ' * Til'- i:---'! of till' -iMhlin- aili'.r-' -lliai:i'iil ;r '(eei-. 'lln Wilii ^U! idia- -; Idtiiili'li! i>( (•'•III'IK. l.,r |/./i -.i. Kf^i - iiJK and '.liiniiiiiii.' IniKi'ii' !.- OMi, (•'(•(' to '•larl l!ie l?*Js r.iie iil- - thriif'i aK .ii:; nri> 3iyl)i- !!'!•• .a'-v il.iri.-.I ih^' Jiot .('oni'-r .\like <r':iz ila al.'l We::i nvi- :iir re-.-rvivl, -Willi ;i;iitir. .Mens d ami <'i)nili- ;n rei;ul;irs and Iir-ii I'asi li:il and d'd- rlc Diirjt repdy frir rmiT(;<'i!ry; lh'-' <)<;tfi;ld- pi.sls an; adeijuately tali- en eare-.iif. > , ' The catiliinK. aemrdm:: I 'l. ;ri' flit ini'ieation"-. .again wiii lie .n _ the hau/'s ;)f folliiis. MiiKiy ' Bengoiisli. and .loJwi- Cr.ilio'.'.ski. Bank, Guaranty Case Hearing Is Continued ToiKica. Kans.. .I.iii LW't J'iiial ji-ciiin;; in llu; .-tale siiprenie <oiirt iti the Stale jlank (Jiiaraiily | funil i-aje was iiiniiniied toilay until next- nionlli. TJio ilate of the liearing^ iiriginally set for today, •wiM- li','rsonietiiijie diirins the'first | •week of-ilie enurr icrnr ne.\t niont!i. Tlio nearini^ w"as jvostponed liy the eonrt after attorneys for yaf- ionsv grpmi'^ of depositors Iroidinp claims flaaiusi th- fund had asked for aii( itional time to prepare and serve I riefs. The'vonrt instructed tliat l>rief.-; were to bf' served lipfore tianiiary 20. Loughran and Lomski to Clash for the Light Heavy Crown UY ALA.V J. (iOlIM) (Asjiociated I'ress Kditor.» .New York.^ .Ian. .I. (AJ'»—The new year opened up with iquite a, few chins in d>inger. Whilo tient- Tumipy. In'Florida, and Tex Kickard. in . Xcw York. \ carry on, the debate as to whether ] the chanii,;ou Is to have one or two bouts 4hls year, ut least four title tilts lu other divisions are in pros,- pcct. Tommy Loughran, living ni^ to his promise to bo a fighting champion, expose* his llght-hravj-wclght crown to tho punches of Leo Lom- «ki. I'aclfic Coast challenger. Friday night at .Madison Square Garden. A weltcTw *'lBht title bout be- i tween Joe Dundee and .Ace Hud- klns and a battle for featherweight lionoriy between rival title claimants, Tony Canzoneri and Benny Bass, and a flyweight scraii between two other championship contenders. Izzy 'Schwhrtz ^aiid Fr «nfhy Belangcr. also are on the cards for the indoor canipalgi). ' Loughran Is one of the champions picked by iTex Kickard to stay on the top perch during 102.^ but Tommy, probably will lidve his hantrs full' with Lomski. The Pacific contender is one of tlie harde/U punchers the ITn-pound brigade has hatl In some time and there have been quite a few robust wallopers In this class, from the days of Sob Fltzslihmons down on to Paul Berlenbach and Jack Delaney. "Lomski is a body puncher, a good one and one of the few boxers nowadays who know^ how to .stick 'em to the midrsection," says Patsy Haley, veteran liew York referee and himself quite a body i puncher in the days of Terry .Ale- 1 Crovcrn. , i "f/oni.-ki Is one of only about five ' good body punchers I liavc &een in the last ten years. Ilo'a tl\e best of the lot today. In my opinion." Loughran han speed. l>oxIng abll- tty^anrt a clever defense In his favor. • T)>e Philndelp ila "Adonl .s" is a ' Tnnney tyi>c. not plarticularly spcc-_' lacular but nevertheless effective • and resour-ccful. FRENCH SPORTSWOMAN RroES OWN LEADINGIN GOLF PLAY ^Bisautiful Irishman^ Is Far Ahead As Finat 36 Holes Start j KIRkwodD~IS NEXri Gene Sarazen Is Fourth And Willie Klein Is Fifth Ja|) Cifige Star SEEN FOR 1928 BY PRESIDENT Coolidge Has Hope For Great Year in ' America -M.MJA.ME HE laeo from the" FUEY laddle n ^ari- (.\P( Se. ing a much iisort' appeal for Madann- J. de Filey ihah stand and wiliching a jockey carry her c plors to won a mile^race. in 113 2-.'i and Just befo ;She keeps lii the splendid c-oniiition neci lug ndior.>;e at top speed for a mile anil dozen." HAS HARD TASK the leading horse Iras sitting in '.the kictory. Hiding her nv.ii pet speedster. Caidihn.iro. lie young sportswoman ard, ran sicond otr the davs ssary fo more li ft ng SaniJ d a; he .agKcraljc Is hopell tho seriously wOund- lijarines'l-an lie taken to Ocotal PRAIRIE FLOWER ^Irs. Itoy Brooks; .Air. .film Leonard, jr., ispent Thn|isday at; tlie C. ('.. Leonard! llonJe. Connie .AlHck beJirves "Lefty" Grove, shown here, will win 20 or no Karnes for the .A's next year. If the southpaw does that. It is liable to meaii a pennant for tlie Athjetics, : .Alarioric the liomk-. Parsons High School Students Rule Citv I "What irricc radio" seems to b( ; . I the concern of many of the cillege.' ,. Kiis Ian it (.\l'l — I athletic managers gt-appling with ; j , • ..,;,;,,.„,„. „,,.,„,,..,« .,i the problem of how to make f""<-.'.,„„.',. Vh -inriier of iommere... .ball reeelpt.s finance sports actlvl-i ^.^^^J^''''^^^^™ ^,,1:^^ ties as ii whole. Mstiative offices to.lay. The studonl ) - Except whei-e trartitlona ties i ' „,. ,.,i,„„,i,.,i„„. , or natural .sell-outs a.^. "volx-ed ; . .V ^ and tb-n t.M. j the graduate managers that , • '• " i tho radio cuts rather hea\^ly into i football revenue. , / ' "It is e^peclallj- true." th(/y say. "If it tepiiens t(»; be bad w'eather or a gamel that's played- a little off the beatei|- track. The old grads can't be dj.scouraged liut a lot of ; fans prefe • the comfort of tuning ; In at homi to the rigors of a bins- j tery day n a stadium. , Besides.! the listen! r-in has hia choice <;.' i what's on the air." ' over their duties for the nst d tbt- day. From Holy i City To Holy City ;New Cajge Quintet Is Organized in City inyish bobs fn Japancre'movl«- . , . , ,, „ land, was the edict recently posted ' , 'V ''=f«ketball aggregation to 1, ,• JTf '»c known Bs Andersons Terrible • -seeking games. The ...... ..arai. But these two 6 'rr i practices for Ihe first time joaye.s d.dnt care and as a resu McTnbers of the squad are: i ,ney were dropped from the payroll Anderson. Huriock, .AlcEvers. For- "ujitil their hair reaches the,length : Kisher,' Hanson. * """ of an ordinary woman." The young j mJu'gggp .!• i:ts:.-rs arc Sctsuko Konishi. top, , '. ;:i;d Kiuo Minami. setsukb is i"; Oklahoma B|rd Dog A. .Alilne Is j:iko, Doped to Lose Ring Title Takes Championship I Grand Junction; Tenn.. .Ian. :!. ' (API—Oklalioma now is the home j of ihn championship amateur bird : dog Of America. owned Speed Ben's 'f'incinnatiis „ _ I by J. W. Pierce. BartlesvilU'. Okla..! , yesterday won the all-America : amateur bird i!og chaihpionshii) for 192S over a field of seven here. i .M chil wit man At All.s.' c"re laii Airs spent Tom Ch: K:-it ing. ; Al I visit I the I man stoe 1 Hug : ning! Al ; >--I)<.>n : Booe • (h Totii Aliami Beach. Fia., Jan. :;. (.AP) i Johiiny Farrell. "the beautiful I Irishman.' of New York and St.' Augustine, l-la.. led the. field as Meet -^AIJJ Tashiro. He i| ai. players in tlio Miami Beacii open' A"*""'*^*" Japanese iron: tournament today untered thefr „„. Seattle. Wash.. with -theUnive^-sit? al 36-hoU> round. i-'arrcH's score for the first Iialf of the distance was 72-72 -l-t4. Of t.'ie' 92 who, turned in cards grand- i'''^'^''' «:i'«''' devastating to I scoring hojies. Joe K'irkwood. Albany. Ga.. pro and trick sliot Wiz- of Cltiicinnati basketb:<il .-tC3n£ thi: year.: whose sipeod anil cievcr bandling of the hall is cure to get Jiini ia many games, ? e the Hut. racing .sea.son cJoscd. | Iday witli 145. with Gene Sarazcn, the hard/work of rid- a strenuous 'Idaily Number! Ciinlinurd from Page Oij.c) ted ft hundred ' casiiaiti flefcnding cliarnpion. and Wiilie Klein. .Aliami. were next, with I4B and 117 respectively Par for tlie La (iorce course, on wlu;h .ilit- pla_\' was held, is 71. Other leading scores: t George Christ. Kocliesier: .\'. Y.. I ll.S; Kmmetl French. A'oung.stown. i Ohio., and Pinchurst. X. C. l!!i: ; Bill Daroen, Jlotttgomery. Ala.. Hti; ; Charles Thorn. Shinnecoek Hills. •l.«ug Lsland. 151: Fred .McDtrmott. lino's men. It i.s bo-' ''^ ,• adouaPt'rs thai: ihi • f'Corge Aoight. Washington. led a quarters thai tni- a„,ateurs with an XO-si-Uil All Male Members Of! One Irak Tribe Sjain —.—. f Bagdad. Irak.. .Ian. :!. (.•>LPJ — Kvery:mail; member of one of the liak tribes, including.' babies.; has beeii slain by Shiek Dowi.-Ji and his raiders, adiices reaching here state. Thousands of cattle'were carried off. A' ujisev- ablo i-eninant of women was. left to starve. i Fcisai-Kd-Uowisb was one of the chieftains of Ibn Saoud. kij^ of llcjaz.but now is apparently iii revolt against the kins. : for .Tflonifay's 36 holes. day, or hb..- e. two. From there thoy Two WomeU Fail Ii) bi ought to .Alanaguu by (.AI n. 2.~V Year li'. and .Alrf». . (J. Totman.I isliing uM a Coffeyville Guard Captain !EIas Quit Coffe.vville. Kaii.. Jan. ::. (APi-- Capt. W. Xoel. eonimander for Tangier. Alorocco. Jan. :;. i.APl— tise la?t five and a half yeaj-s of JTlio s^trailh of Gibraltar, which no Troop JJ. P'ourteentli-Cavalry. Kan- Gibraltar Swim Try I ll ^uppy less .Alae Hickman of t iiunddy at the Tom mail is ever recordeil as having t-wuni; today stood vii tor'over two women typi.sts from London. Both of them came within a-few miles of the •Spanish shore. Aliss 'Alercedes GUitz. making her seroiid attempt to the , _ • 27-niile stretch of water from here Piqua .(o the Spanish shore, was estimat- Ueedy • cj to have swum approxiijiately 27 miles, butja turn of the tide forced" leii f)oi^iitz sjient her vacation , her back to mid-channel.-^ liom'ef sas .N'ational Guard, resignci] today, i'aptaiii Xoel was .in ioni- niand kjf tlie troop when it' was called to suppress a riot herd the night of Alarch IS. following an allegeif attack on two high s«-bool girls t|ie night before. ' Tlie^i-AIps are within the Ijpnn- dariesjjof -Switzerland; Italy. jJer- many. Austria and France. i • Washington. Jan. 3. (AP)—President Coolidge believes the i:|nited States has every reason to look. : forward to a prosperous year. Ue- ports whii-h have ri?ached the I White House, it was said ihere to' day. have borne out this hoipelul attitude. Tiie president has noted a geti- , _.eral imi>iovement in employnieiii during the "past tew "weeks, theten- dcney on the part of .railroads- .o pnri' more equipment, acceleration ill the automotive industrv aid a pientifiil supply of credit \vitli the always accompanying'.-ca- sonahly low interest "rates. This. _ .Mr. Coolidge feels. hasT placed industry anil commerce in a positiou of afl.-nuaiely financing'any expansion it has in mind. Thf general* condition of wages, in the president's opinion, appeared to be the highest on record in Iicucf times and ii was :?aid ,at tUi- White House that Air. Coolidge; saw- no reason to believe that Iher.- should Lc any m-.iteiial change ui the future. The president believes new nieili-"^ ods'of production and distribution are liirniiig tiie Cnited States to a new era similar u> the chanRi- that was noteil several f-'eutralion- ago when the factory system was adopted. Just as the change to the tactory' system from old fashwned raclh- ods ot hand and househoUl production brought a greater distribution ,<.>f the luxuries of life to the peo- jile of the world, the president feels that the modern methods of mass proiluction aud t,he methods of transportauon and distribution are destined to diffuse them to a great many more peopb'. This change that has come to iniliistry and commerce in thi- Tnited Stales will necessitate a difference in policy toward cco- n"mic development. Air. Coolidge believes, and he is ot the opinion that ita final solution will' ibeaii the genera! lifting of the scale Sf lift for all of the people. The numljer of natioiis now rep- rtl -r 'hlef ia'the League of -Vat if fifty-five. .plks." , j • AXTirn four and a half miles from and, Mrs. Ilalph Williams, the Spanish shore. -.Alis.s- .Alillie Eleanor Colo sJient St weekiat the parental Cole Hudson abandoned her attempt, which was begun several hours after Cleitz started. She boarded a boat unaided. . am! .Aljrs. Koy Fretkrick and ren spi^ni Tuesday afternoon — Air ind .Mrs. Ben Wester- Harold Edwards Gets of Piqua. ry Tolrnari and her cousins. Ketiiiu S'oui.-io and lAfiss ^VIII- AIc.MuII 11. of Oklahoma sjieht To a dog belongiuK to Harold SiindaVJevcningj with Air. and Edwards. 714 South Bucki-ye street First Dog License A.-Xouitse. and Wedni Airs. <itay Shultz lioinc. irl< V O Bom'.tld Grover ; iiliullz afternoon ut tlie termier called at llie home .AlLnday morii- and -Aljrs. Glenn' Iliddell arc ug rela ives al Kidder. .Mo..' prast fe V weeks. The Poll- boys arc taking; care 6t their diiringj^ their absence, and :Mrs. Charley Pollman. 1 and .1 m, spent Friday eve-1 at the Totraan 'home, and • ilrs. .Alelvin Shultz last S inday at the piirental home, louth of Humboldt y Beciinnon called on Oren ?ocs Ihe first l(da dog license sold by the t-.Uy clerk this year. Licenses for 1(I2S were recpiveil at the clerk's ollice this n;orriliig aufl Edwards was the lir.-l one on deck.". License fce.< are *2 for males and S.'i lor femab.s. i^on ^corner, an .Alonday morning. Mils. Grover Shultz vi.sitwl her,, fatbi r. Air Snider, at Ludlow. .Alo.. last veek. Her brothers. I-jawreuce > and Mien, returned home "with her * Ali.^. T. \f, needy spent Monday 1 with her father. Air. Walters, of; Piqim. v .hnt is sick. i ^l^s Fern iAIoore called at the T. eedy Itome Aforiday evening. | [a Reedy r.nurhed to Yates r Sunday . evening after : L. Cent i spcn : folk I AV ! tho Has-t few.weeks is improving, "'.and .virs. C. E. Baum and AI i^Xev:! [ and j bom ! i lias \ in A Wichita Post Office Sets Record in 1927 AVichila. Kas.. Jan. :!. (AP)—Exceeding all previous records by jmorc than $50.00U, AVichitu's (Kist!al receipts for 1027 put this city'in jthel million dollar class for the I first time in history. Figures announced l>y Postmaster Stewart M. Young today were $1,007,261.96 for Ithe year just ended. ;'In a plane that 'will be christened "The Spirit of Holy City Love; ' Mrar. Evelyn nosencrautz (above; ahnbnnces she wilt attempt to fly from Holy City. Call^. to Rome. Her plane tvilt be 11*6 Lindbergh's except that It will have two seats. Her co-pilot has not been announced. tile and :Joc I'tv. and 5 «c TODAY A$fB WEDNESDAY Umu Genie ran asia load nhoir for un cntirt: year at S- priccn.i A iMan's IMctuie That Women I^vel lOLA-k^J-AJ Mdlodram.n tinged ani| coicrcd b\' the art the m()ti0n pietu'.io ha.s yet rwealed. . Tht* .sweep df the .slorvi; the cast of individual exccllcnGC make thi.s the finest; screen entertaihmf^t available. See this from Ihe^starl, Shows 2, 7 and 9 ! ADDED—CO'SEDY AND NEWS ling her vacation with home \ L. Cole, who Iws been" sicli. Mr ani^ .Airs.- Everett Reed jGharle.s colled at the Totiiian Tnestlayj afternoon. ordihf^ to one authority, golf a ; greater number of active partiji ipaiitrs than any other game merica. New Location. IdS K. .Uudisoii. ; First „ floor-EHNt of- Kroi|nN Druff .Store. Phone '176 ajiimy Jiandoll won't be lightweight chr.mpion when 'next Dec. lolls around. That's.the opinion of Tox'Ricfcard. NeW. York 'aj woup 5»roraoter. •/tJiaa^jJia; 31 ^o .yever^ that !^"a difforent vl'ew 5f tbe'nfiiU?r BETHEL i.AIarJorle Gibson.1 Jan. 2.—Mr. and Mrs. Eb Bacon and Air and .Alrs^jChas. Bacon were In Ft. Scott Friday. E. L. Gibson. Coi-w'in and Mar- .iorle spent Saturday evening at Jim Andruss's listening to the radio. O. C. Laverjcalled at E. L. Glb- 90n'.« Thursday evening. E.L. Gibson arid -Air and Airs. Willis Gibson iwere in lola and Chanute Thursday; Irvin Baptist threshed kafir corn in thi.s iveighborhood last week. .Vfarjorie Gibson spent Sunday nipht wjth Zeida Barron. Xejis seems to he very scarce this w-eek. - Everyone says .it's too cold to go "any place. . The question of the rl«hl of a woman to, sit ini tbe-UDonUnlon E LITE I.AST TIMES .Matinee. Pictures Only 10c-20c;. Night 10c40c The Reed Elton Flayers Presenting "The Hills California" A Play of th! Days of '49 Also Tonight t md Tomorrow James Oliver Giiriwood*!* "Country! Beyond" , Out jn the great northAv^st Avhere the "Mounty" al- Avays gets his man. Also Br jadway tha^ always gets its woman. rOMI .MJ nTl»Xt :.Sl».\V, TUriWUAVjAND KRIJJAY "TWO TROUBlifSOME TI toSee --which be ••on display at our show room, Wed^nesday, January 4 from 9:30 ito 10:?>0 ]). ih., and at this time you vvill be entertained by bodge Brothers $60,000 bi'oadcasting- program featuring Will Ro^er.s, Fred Stone, Paul Whiteman and Al bblson. ? - \ 214-16 Noith Wasiingtofi

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