Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 3, 1928 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 3, 1928
Page 5
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1 r, 5 I THE TOLA DAM REGISTER. TUESDAY EVENING. JANUARY 3, 1928. PAGE FIV^ WHY YOUTHS COMMIT THE MOST BRUTAL MURDERS BRONSON |!?Beau Gestc'f Wins 1926 , DiL. 2:. 'ti: a. Elliou and iam-i ^ Photoplay Gold M(Bdal 'lly visUtd B. Ur.Bers aii.l family at' • Laliarpv .Monday. The Photoplay gold Nbted Fsy<?hiatrist Says Most Dangerous Age For Defectives Is Be- tween 16 'and 25. . 1. BY ALl-liNK Sr.M.\KK XE.i SiTvIri' Writer (Coi)yright..l92T. XEA Service. In<-.) -.Cleveland, Jan. 2. -Why df) younK men commit murder'.' Why in it that llio most shocking crlme.s are no often eommilted l>v mere youths—young cjiap.s who have hardly got the dowii offalvfir tiiinH? • • The murder In IMH Angt-les of little Marian I'iirker lal^-es the question. . Edward Hirkmuni.s ;i dapper young man of 19. And hln. e.vtrenie .vouiii has proved nearly .a» niueh of a shock to the vountry as the brutality of his crime. 31 est Danijerous T}|)e. • To science it is po surprise, however. For science knows that it is exactly the youth of Hickman's type—very, young, very dapper, very much the "sheik" type—that is the most- dangerous. Ur. George lieeve, head of the criminal court psychiatiic clinic HAiuarrff-wiTH FOREHEADS •' > . OME FYEBROW* STEAIGHT THE OTHER; CUBVED •EYE$ EATHEE J)EEPLY-SET 'NOSES STRAIGHT'' AND KECflJLAlS, AND .^IMILI^ CHU3S I «iiaikivruuv J : •neau Geste." according to an an- here, and a: nationally known psychiatrist, explains it. "The most atrocious crimes are •almost }nvariab:y ' committed by young peorlf in the >ears of omo-. ^ lional instability—betwt.;n adoles-' gupcior to his fellows. ^ cence and 2.')," he say.s. I - "Yo'iUh perforins tlie.niost uji-!"^ - thinkable 'cjimes. Whoa these ihg from high foreheads, prom- criiii-al years an- pa.sstd. if tlio^inont eyebrows, one eyebrow of c:initioii;itly="-tlffeftlvo i)er.sou is still which is at variance with the oth- ui.vo and at |yrt;e, he has gener- er; full, sensual lips and straight aiiy caimei'' doini tinti'i if-not ac- hose. Dr. Reeve tiuickly noted the Jiiajly noiinal. he is inucli less of.variance in tile «'yebro.vs on each .1 menace i)< .-^ocli-fy. face. , •Criminal types yi -f (-(jn.srious of ' Fealtire>i Importanf. thi'ir nialajjiiMtniciit l.r other so- '-.V variance of olic feature from lial beings-ami Iiuv.- ):.(en feelings a similar feature is technically - ot" infei;or ;ty. lii an iattt-nipt to kno-.vii as a •"stigmata of dcgiMu-r- -salvc tlii-ir-wniutils for jlii.s lecling acy,'" he rcniarki'il. Then he add- they (nltivittc aitilicial fllects df td'. with a smile: '-Hiiwevi-r. one superiority, sutU as l^i-iii.i; very :oi thi- ure.•lll .•^•t psycliiatrl.sts 1 ever careful a-Uoiit ilioir t;;ooniing. wear- :kn>-w oin-c told -Oiu- that he <:nthl ing .-.luk clothes, vaselining their rfind on his own lai-e every 'stig- hair. manicuring,their iiails and sojniata of degeneracy" of which llie on." te.xtbooks ."peak." , j Hickman-; was wliat would be'' IJr. lU-eve ."ays that Hickman's . called u "pt-rKonable young man,", niild. r crime of forgery, conunil- goorl company in a crowd, fairly ^ led last Apriii}.'. may have' -been j.'ojjular and, in fad. seeming ^ome- 1 merely an «arliei- indication of bis what above the average yout .h of s<icial nialadjusliiient. and lliat tlie his age in~'al )illty and appearance, fiendish 'murder was simply a ma- "'iKler NJronir J{ei»r('.sslon. j jor oljiense devloping from ilie same ainuirniallty. "The desire for revenge is rather comnKin."; lie said. "Hut no normal person would carry It to .such I . ..^ . magMtine „ /iinmerman 1 j^^^^, j^j. best film released .were lola vjsiors '1 Mes,<iay. ! during 1926 Iws been awarded to Jen)iti CoUl.vell "rriyed j pj^^a^^unt for its production of 'home '^a^iii'day fioi.i lloisington i i ii.r, die lioi.days. ' i| .Mrs. Ada Jioodiio 's many frienils i here ;.re to heaif .lliaJ she is i much better; , ' " i , 'Mrs. Laura \V-rikht iis sjienilitig iihe hordaysjwiih lu-r Um Dr. F. L,! jAVrighf andlfaini.y in; Si. Louis, j -Mr. and ilrs. \V. C.i.Moore sp.-nt ; iChiistniaS d ^v- wi;li relatives hi; (Kt. Seoll.. .i : I i a. U. Hujshes and family of Ft. : Scoii spent t'hrtstmas w .th "I)r. and | .Mrs. Ciimni jigs. • Nir. and Mrs. .Wesley Gay and duiiifhter of .Muskogee. Okla.. cable; Sunilay for a visit'with .Mrs. J.! lAmeit and (anilly. ^ I .Miss Katliryn Kaysci of Knipor-' ila and yUj^ i.xnt\6 from' Osbnijn iare home for th • hrdidays. : ' i , Mr. and -Mis. It. .McIJride audi jjphlldren of"Kincaid spent Christ-; imas day AVilh G. Qulst - ai^l ' • family. ^ 1 Word wa.s rec( iyed Sunday from JLongview. Wash:, of the'deathj of Mrs. John (Vmncr. formerly of this [dace. The body will be brought bP«k for burial. '. " Malcom Clark of Ran FranciSco is h -jre visiting .Mr. and -Mrs. .A. A.} Busby. '. i Frank Freeze of Kansas City. i« j here visiting friends. MIBS Mary Lehman and brother | Albert and :Miss Stella visited relatives in LaHar-po Tuesday. ' . | Ed Covanit and family of Wich- nouncemeiit in the December issije. riona winners wer «|r: 'V.jaaor¥UBM* The'i i <j>l(l mwlal,picture of Qib\in 1920; "Torable DalTitl,'^ ItlXi year I> .decided by vote& from re%^- "Robin Hood." 1922; "The Govefctt efs of-;the magazine and is said So : Wagon." 1923; "Abraham Lincoln," be the only award in the industry : 1924; "The Big Parade," 1925. • coming dinett from fans the»i-' Bean Geste .shows at Kelley to,selves, . i (lay and tomorrow. • This is.the seventh annual awwrd , '• ' ' of a i'hotoplay medal. The pee-i lx>ve is fanned by a bank draft. Here in.he pictures of Edward Hickman, left, andUichard Loeb.- rig, . you •^^^ ^^^^J ^"^JIl derers who might be twin brothers. Both faces, accorling to psvchiatrIsts, are '"^^ "^^/J^^^ tvpe. Especially note the eyebrows. In each face the e.vebrows .ye ^-''^^^'^'l''^^^^^^^^^ placed than the other. This Is known as a "stigmata of moral degenracy. The sleek hair and ^en r Japper appearance are characteriBtlc. says science, o; the .Icfectlve person who seeks. b> .rune, to prop ^^^^^ ^.,^„j„^. Mrs. Alvln Stevenson of Umir- l)on. Mo., came Monday for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Stevenson. Mrs. C. p.' Wright is spending the week wIUi her daughter, Mr.s. L. "W. Simmons in idla. ' Wayne McCoy was home from Cleveland. tJkla., for Christmas. Albert Lehman of Ray, Kansas, came SaturJday to spend the hoJI- days with his daughter Stella and lislster, Mis.<i Mary. Mrs. .Marie- Lyman of Ft. Scott Let's Go! •l; is ii-lminuls of tills very social tnviroiimeiit, • who may run I amiick the worst," sa>s Dr. Reeve, '•'riie Very .i .-in i-ssions of a hlgh- cbiMs; social grouii make thtlr|aii <-xtreme. Even desire for re- crimiiniJ de-Ires iucuiimlate all tlie ' vi-nce oir the iiarl oJ an »4)iiormiil "mori-. If a (rinlinal laii with a lieliig could li:irdly iiecounl lor tlie | ganK that liidul;;ed in oilert<es di-^ niberinu' ami .niutilailoii of; aguipsl society In <-oiiId >!r .i (liiallv ilie eli|!d's body woril olf ibi.-; a< .-tiniiilaled • >.eii !-e i •| would )ie Inclined, oil the face of I ejire.'^.'loll hv i:!(llll(;eii. e in o! Itn- ^•v !.^^•!l^e. to explain it as iniiii 1- vlies. - the worli of n sadlf-i .'i iici-.on v.ho "r.:it if lie.i- ilai-^-c' -.i.-i 'a j>_eif - j (i!)l;iiiiH (-erifli'l sritlxfactiolis ill <-lll- tleiii;iii' he (iiiitiiiricfi ai-liiii; liie.iini; ;iiiil liillicling pain. The lact j part until. VMM.e dav :ti!e ••x'plo.'-ion ili.- di;-:Meiub'reil p.-.its w-te SPRING VALLEY (B. F. Lorw.) Dec. 30.—Mrs. Woodcock and daughter, Lenore, of Lawrence, are visiting the former's brother, S. A. Stafford and family during the holidays. .loe Jncks<iii was an lola visitor on Wedne-sdav of this week. Riiey I»w is shucking corn for lUp,,, chrlsfmas at John Arnetfs. Johnnie Camac when favtirable weather permits. L. A. Stafford. )rUl Youngs and Georgo Sisson did their winter's butchering during the week. .Margie Hoffman, who is attending school at Pittsburg, Kansas, and Velt Stafford who Is attending , ."cliool at Lawrence, are spending i their holiday vacation with their homi> folks. Edgar .Morris, hauled a load of cobs from the elevator In Bronson tor Hal .Marshal on last Thursday afteniooii. .Mr. and .Mr.«. Jim TInsley of Humboldt, ate i (lirisimax lUnner witli the hitter's parents, .Mr. and .Mrs. Robert .Moifrls of this vicinity. .Mrs. Charley i Wendel and .Merl arrs convalescing from a severe [colli. j Mr.-t. Geo. Duzan's sister. .Mildrpd : Weil .x. who Is teaching school ne'ar Dodgn City is spending her vai a- lilpn With thp Duzan famriy. .As the old year of 1927 p.isses .Miss WlUa Warren rvturned to iWlchlia Tuestiay morning. ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Ray Edwards and son of Parsons are visiting this week at John Arnett's. .Miss Ruby Entzmlnger I work at the bank Moiiilay. .Mr. and Mrs. I). .Atkinson of Chanute spent Christmas, at -the J. nurnett Jiome. . Benton l^ldwull and .wife- -are |jiero from .'Iowa to visit 'relatives and friends. Annojhng : Night CougliJ Stopppjl Very frrqi dren, esperi fcrlng froih .xears a?^o, a~nd between Hickman an(M»elt tlieiL- iij also :i ^l -.Jirp le- .'iemblance. Both w -t -re about ihe_ same ane wheuithey c<)mmilteil llu-ir crinus. Each crime was startling, horrifying, and apparcntl.v rcisonless. Each was of the "sheik" type; and . the.v have the same facial characteristics. Dr. Reeve, w;'s interested In scanning photographs df the t••.,-> young men.. Both are d-?cided brunettes—big, flashing eye.s. thick. l[)Iack hair ris- I wore than two years ago, and now I .vnouici i -mer me new jeur «itu \ Relitrioiis Fanalle. l •very chance he gets he takes a tlie determination to try to profit Hi'kman's interest in anatomv. i •"'''o some aviator friend. He by the past mistakes, and be hope- Dv Reeve believes as revealed by • »» known to nearly all the aviator'-1 ful for a better year in every way. his' lorm.-r cell male, would indi-1 " :flviug ^round.S-IJJ D^Qv-^^ : cate sa'di.sUc tendencies, and »lie| friHiuent references in his ransom notes to "God" and "soul" and "hei;" would indiitite a religious fanaticism which is often foiiiiil in the criminally d^rangeil. social' maiailiusimeiit oit the basis he! RHEUMATISM Over the Roof of the World that they are misunderstood, shid. > ; i In addition, the utter faith which! Hickman 's mother has in him. and ' ' criminally dferangeil. j her loyalty, intense even lor a —While in France with the! "By; identifying rbeniselves with j mother, indicate much, the psychi- American Army 1 obtained a noted Jesus Christ, who was .iilso perse- i atrist thinks. He e^cplains that in- French prescription for the treat- cuted. defective- .-.-in explain Their itense mother love is lavished upon ment of Rheumatism and Neuritlfe. * " " • ' children whom even a parent rec- 1 1 have given this to thousands csgnizes "different" and socialy ' *i>h wonderful results. Tbe pre- maladjusted. I scriptlon cost me nothing. I !• The miirder of Marian Parker j nothing for It. I will mall It it • was almost undoubtedly committed you will send me your address. A i'bv a man. Dr. Reeve thinks. Few P<^tal will bring it. Write today, 'crimes of that nature are ever com- ''Al'L, Depf. 796, Brockton, knitted by women; partly because women haven 't the necessary strength or knowledge, and partly Ibecause a. woman's instincts would I rebel at such a crime. 3.=ic, 60c. ami Almost Insljintly .i lently adults and (ihil-' tally chil^lreii. iJave ! spells of n;I) ht coughing • diie; to | bronchial ii-^ltallons or while s^iif-; c (dd?. These coHgli- , not qiilckiy checke<l. iiVious Id the henlili. , physician's prescrip-; iThoxine. much better medicines and cough on a different prhiei- : __i the Irritation 'and . stops the cough within lo minutes i or money ba-Ck. Contains no chlo-• roform. do'pf or other harinful • drugs. Pleajeant fasting and Mfe. $1.00. Ask for Thox- i Today, Chevrofet presents the crovming triumph of sixteen years* continuous progress—a great new automobile so impressive in appearance, performance and staunchness that iuharks the opertiiig of a new era of luxurious transpoEJation at low costl ine. Sold b.j the Evans Store: STOP CfTARRH! OPEN i NOSTRILS AND HEAD Loosen Up That Cold With Mosterole General Primo de Rivera, the . , u J u ' ,j Spanish premier, carrier in the Have Rlustcrole handy when a CoU left-hand pocket of his trousers ' Starts. It has all of the advantages of two raw potatoes. He suffers iTandmotlier smitstard plaster without from rheumatism, and In i Spain It ; the biirn. You fttaawanntmcleasthe is believed that If one carries two healuig omtment penetrates tlie pore., potatoes in his p<H.ket tho rheu- then a wothujg, cooling sensation anc r ':J^::' r iS::::^ *«:S^p«re oil of mustard a.«l in his pocket the rheumatism will, «^;j^„PJ ^^«n §;f< many nurses and 1... kept at iKiv doctors. Try Mustcrolelor bronchitis. ... 1 1-1.. xt.. sore throat, stiff neck, pleurisy, rhcu- Lurre .itt norgl... Lady M' >o l>. jj^i^ liu^jbago. croup, asthma, ncu- Catherine de .Medlrl, Marie Antoln- .rJ. i --u « ette, and A blondes. d Me bl Vie" ; oln- "^'i^' •"^t 'PKO. croupTasthma -Dcu. i, f AMVVM, Ji.. . Mil "'P^' congestton. pains and aches of \nn.. of Aus ?rlij weie .ill thcbackorioints ,8orcmuscIes.8praln8. • ^' bruises, chilblains, frosted feet, colds of That Baby YouVe Longed For ! t\\e chest. It may prevent pncimohia and "flu " Jars & Tubes Wrs. Burton Advises Women On Moth-! erhood and Companionship. 'Ter i-v.-r.-il v<-.-irs I wa^ deni".! tlie t>tospiin: of inntli' i !i I.**" writ<-«; .Mrs. MiirBHi.-; rtmtiiii r,f l<aii>f:i.-< Cltv.' "T I w:)S Ipi'iit'l;. iKTVMiis .etili.if-i-t to, periods of tei-ri.'li- .-iiiff.-rini; .-inij nii-I-. .iiirlinll.n. Now I :im tlie proml motlierl of h li.-.niitlfiil lilH- • iljiiidu. r niiil a j true roiii|>.iiiion and liispiniliim t-i my' lllls.-itiil. T li.-Iie\,> liurtl|--<l-< of otlUT, women would like to know tlie B.-crot j, of my h;)I>i>inf-*s. .lyil 1 uill j;I' Jly j-.-^- I* yi^ it to .-iiiv r.iari^itd woin:iii who will i' wrin- nie." .\fr.-;. Hiirtoti off.-r.-i her ml- '' i-riir.-Iy wilh-nst eh.-iri,-e. She has nothiie.; t'l —11. I .<tt<Ts .«! MUM IK - ail- dr<-.««eil lo Mrs. ifarjiaret. Burton. Xtnssaehii.<etts. Kniis.!-* fity. Mo. Cor- re.«i.oiidenco will In- strietly confidential. Bttttrthaa a amtSard plaster Says Creim Applied In Nostrils Rflieves Head-Colds ; at Once. click'of-tUc'heel acceleration—the ability to.maintain 50, 55 and 60 miles an fiour without the slightest sense of forcing or fatigue—the safety of*four-wheel brakes—the tsteering ease that can only result jfrom a ba^l bearing worm and gear steering i^echanism—and comfort over all rjsads at all speeds due to semi-elliptic shock absorber springs —84% of the wheelbase. Coine in—see the car—and learn -how Chevrolet has again electrified America by creating a bigger and better mofor car and ofiFering it at prices so'low as to be actually amazing! ; If yourncoirila are dogged and your head is stuffid .nml you can't breathe freely because of a cold or catarrh, just get a snioJl bottle of Ely's CVeini Balm at atjv dnig stoi-e. Apply a IHtlc of tliis frip-ant,., antiseptic cream into>}|our nostrils and let it penetrate th'i^iigli every air piU8.i);e of your helid, i-ontbing and healing tbe in(lain>>l] swollen miicpuM liiein- bmne and ytvu get instant relief.i Ah! How jpnnil it feels. Vour nostrils are o|»-tj, your Itead is clear, no more hawking, Knuniiiig, blvwint;) no more Iw-ndaeiJe, dryiir-(<:« or struggling for bniitli. : Itly's .(Yentn Halm is just wimt Riiirerec* from liead-coMs ami entiirrh rxed.| It'* u delight. \>\\ile. the CUnglng to tbe roof ot the world over the Contliieut- ^ . ..v-.- Flnley eicpedltlop for Nature Magazine has r ^tumJEsd frutn a photographic trip -tbraugli "Clacfet National Park. A Sxtl ur Newton P^ck. president ot the American Nature; Association, is'shoRrn'above jsKaking; ^ands ,-«r^ of the big chieft^J Below, la a/rema-biUe photograph «C a mountain goat tbat seems to be floating up tl e.'ahe^r side «t a Host BilmcntalBtart froni pcsrclimlnatioa (constipatJoaarseml-constipaUon). Intra- final poisions sap vitality.undcrmmchmli.'i mnd make life miserable Tociir^it try M — NATUKE^ REMEOY -iUI-vepetaiilcccr- RctiTc—not uxordinaty laxative. See her? M ai <rin :re«torinK yoor appetite tu^ lid jrou ot thatheavy, lossy, pcpl<^ tetSnz, Miid. taft.itmreiy vctrlMe—ZSe ' ^ 3 Built on a 107-inch wheeH|ase—4 inches longer than before—t|ie Bigger and Better Chevrolet is impressively large, low and raci'. Its new Fisher Bodies are finished in new Ducb colors.and offer ric^ ^iew upholsteries and handsome appointments. Its improved valy©-|n-head engine has numerous imi^ressive features siich as alloy "invarstrut" pistons, hydro-laminated'c€mshaft gears, mushroom type valVe lappets, AC oil filter, and AC air cleaner. The chassis also has bee^ redesigned. As a result, the new .Chevrolet provides delightful sihc^hness . throughout the entire speed^nge— a wide margin of power fog hills— Every feature of advaitci|d design demanded in the jSnest cars now offered in the Chevrolet! Read this partial UsL Improved Delco-Remy Dis* (cibutor ignidoo. Combinattoa tail and MOP light. Large 17' Aeerlnx wheel, spark and throale levefs located at top. nsher"VV "oQe -piece wind# thicid ott closed modeU. Automatic windshield wipers on cloacd models. Semi-floating rear axle. and 4-Wheel Brakes Improred vaive-Ia-head motor. ; New stronger'frame 4' longer; wheelbase .107*. Tliermostar control cooling, kystcm. New alloy "invar strut" pUtonsI New instrument panel. Indirectly light^d^ New two-port exhautt. New ball hea^ng worm and gear steering. Semi-elliptic shock absorber springs) 84% of wheelbase. :Sa'tetv gasoline lank at .li^er batlobn tires 30'x • : 3^•50•. ;Nt!W streamline bodies by ' fisher. - iA^micepressurelubricatiotu: -N ^w Ouco colors. T^ft.^^oof steering; and" •' I'^itioh lock. ACoil filter. A^ air cleaner. S]^Ie-pb(e dry d!sc<lutch.^. .Ntw crank^sc breathing*. • system. Heavy one-piece full-crown L Renders. ; Vltcuum tattk fuel supply. PRICE^S REDUCED! Lesson No. 6 Qaesfion: Why is emtHsi- .led cod'liver I oil so highly reconunended as food for nursing mothers? Answer: Because it bene* fits the nutritional condition not only of the mother but ofbabyaswelL Mothers should keep vitamin-nourished with icOTTfS piULSION Santa Fe trains evrrv (br. wiatry lands To CalUenila—the •nnny plav- i aroaqdlof tbf Pacilic—where you can ! enjoy sjn enJlets variety «» plcamrc, • ——tethet if perfect. LiletaLe, • scination in this spatkiing theCMiU a Arlxona—with itacot- and fcrrtile vallevs — i<« .oIivcs and fif:«. An open ideal foB ridins or moa<rin< .air IS a tonic—the almthine out'of doors. ^oii :SCter Calltornia Cijra! beaches-;-exotic 66wcnne treer?-Scuth Sea ^lender*! New (port* and "ne*r. experiences awali you on "the islands!" The Santa Fe will take you. swiftly, luaurioo*- ' Iv to these lands of de> liitht this winter. ttali«B-*tow W, p. RaW"4 ioUii Kan. Plume-»<» The Road.stcr The Tourinjf The Coupe The Four-Dcor $495 $495 $595 H The .•COACH (The Sport •Cabriolet /I'hv Imperial I.Andau 'LiRht Delivery. : Truck Utility Truck $665 $715 $375 $495 All prices f. o. b. Flint. Michipin Check Chevrolet Delivered jPrices They include the lov^est hknJlins and financi .;s char!;c,-i avaJlabU Shelll^ Motor Co. 118 W. lackson. Phone 60

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