The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 17, 1933 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 17, 1933
Page 5
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, TUESDAY, JANUARY 17, 1933 INGM Valley Loses 4380 Barrels Allowable and 17,600 . Barrels Potential San Joaquln valley fields start 1933 with an aggregate dally allowable of 161,000 barrels, or 4380 barrels undef'January of 1932, and begin the year with a dally potential of 618,850 barrels, compared with 686,460 for the first month of last year—a decrease of 17,600 barrels,' , Figures for the various valley fields, showing the dally allowable for this month and January of 1982 are: Fields— ' Belrldge—North Siiuth Coallnoa—East West : Coffee Canyon Elk Hill Fruttvale Kern Front ... ' Kern River ... Kettleman Hills Lost Hills .. MoKlttriok ., Mldway-Marlcopa Mount Peso .. Wheeler Ridge Barrels 7,200 7,200 1,300 1,300 8,000 8,300 1,900 11,600 4,«30 «,700 2,600 66,000 860 1,900 48,000 2,491 6,509 2,400 12,000 3,700 7,000 2,600 60,000 936 1,800 60,000 8,000 548 7,700 600 Total. 165,380 161,000 Since the first month of last year the state's dally aggregate potentla production has fallen 61,807 barrels to J,016,760 barrels, and the dally allowable has dropped 36,300 barrels to 440.000 barrels. Journal Estimates State Oil Increase (Associated Prett Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 17.—The California Oil World estimated the state's production for last week at a dally average of 470,300 barrels—an Increase of 2360 barrels dally over the preceding week, and more than 6000 barrels. dally over the output of the last 19?2 week. Oil Agreements Shell Oil Company to Emily W. lardy, Katherlne Q. Shuman and Norma M. Duncan, who acquired In- erest of 3. P. Wlble In lease by Wlble o Shell Oil Company—Quitclaim to lame covering east half of northeast quarter and south half of southwest quarter of northeast quarter of sec- Ion 22, 2-28. ROYALTIES Ml BE 'REPARES TO TEST LILLISf LCH JOB Work of cementing the 7-Inch cas- ng at 9660 feet In tha 9983-foot Llllls- Weloh No. 1 well on section 24, 21-17, at Kottleman Hills, has been started by the North Kettleman Oil and Qas Company. Reaming to bottom has been completed. During the cleaning out job some gas and oil showings were discovered between 96CO feet and Bottom. The operator believes that :he well will show commercial production from that spot. The well Is the deepest yet drilled In the Kettleman Hills. (Atiociatet Pre»» Leated Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 17.—Secretary today called a meeting for February 1 to determine whether leases of government oil lands shall pay royalties on the full amount of oil produced or a deduction allowed for Impurities. Ari opportunity to give their views will be afforded lessees and operators of government oil lands, states receiving the benefit of royalties and all other Interested persons. The mineral leasing aot was Interpreted last August by Joseph M. Dlxon, then acting secretary of Interior, as requiring royalties to be paid on the full amount of oil produced. Previously, officials said, a deduction of two per cent had been allowed for Impurities. Wilbur said numerous appeals, pro- Idle Period Ends for Western Gulf in Kern District FRUITVALE, Jan. 1T.--After-a period of several months, the Western Quit Oil Company has resumed 'development activities here, and has started work on Its Simpson No. 1, looated 1276 feet north and 332 feet east from the southwest corner of the southeast quarter of section 21, 29-27. NEW BEDFORD SHAKEN NEW BEDFORD, Mftss, Jan. 17. (U. P.)—A alight earthquake shook -this section early today, but no damage was reported. Dartmouth and Matta- posott reported that tho tremor lasted about 4 seconds. Buildings In New Bedford were shaken. ITALO-PETE COURT CONTROVERSY ENDS LO3 ANGELES, Jan. 17.—A two- year controversy over tho claims of E. i W. and E. L, Pauley against the Italo-Potrolcum Corporation of America, which resulted In the company being thrown Into receivership, ended today when Federal Judge W. P. James approved settlement of tho $400,000 judgment obtained by tho Pc.uleys, for $115,000. Judge James approved the settlement after Receiver Clay Carpenter testified that tho agreement had tho approval of most of tho largo stockholders and representatives of minority groups. Regardless of the settlement, however, which reduced tho company's Indebtedness $405,000, the company will continue In equity receivership. Interior Department Urges Federal and State Compact (United Preii Leaned Wtre) WASHINGTON, Jan. 17.—Tho Interior department todny appealed for upoedy establishment of an Interstate body and , federal-stato compacts to protnot tho domestic oil Industry and conserve dwindling petroleum resources. Tho department's program, drawn up after aeveral years' Rtudy, calls for: 1. Agreements between oil producing states, to bo ratified'by Congress, which would limit each state's production to an amount to be decided upon by a Joint Interstate agency representing both state and federal governments. 2. Control of Imports by federal legislation, limiting them by tariffs or quotas so na to guarantee that the American oil Industry would bo able to maintain fair Northcutt Ely, iietroleum expert and assistant to Secretary of Interior Wilbur, la laying tho program before tho mineral section of the American Bar Association In session at Tampa, Pla., today. According to the department's plan, the oil producing states desiring to join In the policy would draw up compacts agreeing to limit their production to tho amounts decreed by tho Interstate oil conservation board. The board would be composed of representatives of each of the producing states and the national government. Following ratification of tho agree- FOR KETTLEMAN WORK KetUeman Hills North Dome Royalty Syndicate, a new firm, organized by R. Herbert Jackson of Long Beach, has obtained a lease of the 30-acre Harbour lease on section 36, 21-17, at Kettleman Hills, and will drill a tost well there, It has been reported here. Closest developed production Is at tho North American Oil Consolldatcd's Elslnore No. l well, three-quarters of a mile away. ments by Congress, the states would limit production to the quota amount In any manner they wished. The Interstate .board would have no admlntstra- tlva powers. , tests and endorsements of terpretatlon were received, ruling has been suspended the hearing. the In- Dlxon's pending Washington Whispers W; (United Preti Leaned Wire) ASHINGTON, Jan. 17.—The newest tale about Senator Huey Long Is a fantastic but true story of how he gave the German embassy the scare of It's life—merely to manufacture a good yarn for a college journalism student. Long telephoned the embassy and In n thunderous voice Informed Counsellor Rudolph Leltncr that the German government had "Insulted" the United States. The diplomat only after several anxious moments learned that the "Insult" was Long had not been treated to beer when he called at the embassy. But to go back to the beginning: Herlcaton R. Wood, Princeton Unl- verstly student, was anxious to get a story and thus enhance his chances of winning a good place on the college paper. He came to Washington and Any telephone employee will take your order It Will mean a lot, during the remaining weeks of winter, to have a telephone of your own. It costs but a few cents a day. Tta PACIFIC TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY Business Office: 1520 Twentieth Street Telephone 86 Co. No.l—Corner of Twenty-first and Chester Aye. No. 2—Corner of Nineteenth Street and N. No. 3—Two Doors East of Nile Theater. Prices Effective Wednesday and Thursday, Jan. 18-19 Turkeys Small Averages Very Choice Corn-Fed Birds Ib.ISc Pork Steaks Ib.lOc Pork Roast Shoulder Cuts—Lean Firm Pork lb.6c Bacon Whole or Half Slab Lard Purt Snow White Bulk Pack 4 Ibs. 2Sc Steaks Sirloin and Rib Stsaks—Tender and Juicy Ib. 14e put the matter straight up to tho klngfiah. Long decided In an Instant that he would help the young man. Ho grabbed the telephone. Wood In ar. article In the Dally Prlncetonlan told what followed: "The Loulslanan picked up a tele- phono on which he called the German embassy and the following conversation was heard from his end of the wire: " 'If the German ambassador Isn't In, give me tho highest man there. " 'Who am 1? This Is Huey P. Long, United States senator and former governor of Louisiana, national com- mltteeman and klngflsh. What more do you want? " 'Hello I Are you sure you are the highest man there? Well, I've got a little matter to settle with your government. " 'Back in 1S30 I had to borrow a dress suit, listen to a 17-gun salute and then apologize to your government because I happened to have on a pair of green striped pajamas when one of your naval officers came to call. " 'Now my government has been In- _ulted. I called on your ambassador. We had a nice quiet little talk and I eft. Now I read in the paper that .eople of lesser rank than I, when hey called, got a couple of steins of hat good frothy German beer before they left. What I want to know Is low are you going to fix it up? " 'Fine, but when shall I call? " 'Don't worry. I'll be there.' " Both the German embassy and Long said Wood's account of the convere'a- .ion was correct. Since Huey began his filibuster, they're saying In the congressional obblcs that this Is the short session of the House and long session of tha Senate. $30,000,000 Radio Suit Is Dismissed (United Preit Leased Wire) KANSAS CITY, Mo., Jan.' 17.—The suit for 130,000,000 damages brought jy the Grlgsby-Grunow Company of Chicago, radio manufacturers, against the Radio Corporation of America and four other companies, was dismissed .n Federal Court here today. It was said there had been "an amicable settlement." Others named by tho Grlgsby-Gru- now Company In the suit were tho General Electric Company, ^the West- Inghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company, the R. C. A.-Vlctor Company and the R. C. A.-Radlotron Company. 64 Pet. Increase in Aerial Passengers (Associated Preii Leased Wire) ChlCAGO, Jan. 17.— An Increase of 64.1 per cent in passengers carried and a 448 per cent Increase In air express made 1932 the best year for American Airways, Inc. 'Revenue miles flown during the year increased 34.2 per cent over 1931. ' Transamerlcan Air Lines Corporation reported a 40 per cent increase in traffic for tho year, but its figures were not included In American Airways report, since the company was acquired by the latter In December. - *-»-* GOLDEN RESIGNS SAN FRANCISCO; Jan. 17. (U. P.) Isidore M. Golden, prosecutor In the trials of Frank J. Egnn and Albert Tlnnin, Roscoe Arbuckle and other famous criminal cases, resigned today as chief deputy district attorney. He will devote his time to private practice. - 4 •» — ABLE TO PAY »5,000,000 SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 17. (IT. P.) The bondholders committee of tho Merced Irrigation District have notified bondholders that funds are available to enable the committee to pay owners of coupons due January 1. The committee represents $5,000,000 of the outstanding bonds. FORMER KAISER BETTER DOORN, Holland, Jan. 17. (U. P.)— Former Kaiser Wllhelm worked in his garden In fine weather today for tho first time in several weeks. He was almost rid of a cold from which ho suffered during the holidays. SPECIAL 7-DAY SALE OP PAINTS / Houie Paint oat. $1.35 Decorative Enamel, quick drying qt. 79o Lrad and Zinc Paita 100 Ibi. Si.75 Floor Enamel aal.92.2B Floor Varnlfh gal. 91.96 4-Hour Interior Varnish gal. 12.49 BolUd United Oil gal. 79o Bring Your Own Container Fraa City Delivery United Iron & Metal Co. 2B10 Cheater Ave. Phone 1441 JOIN THE YOSEMITE PUN—take the All-Year Highway to the bright winter carnival now in full swing. Trade sidewalks for ski-joring, skating, or tobogganning. Find accommodations galore—cabins from $2.25, rooms at the beautiful Ahwahnee, $10.00 per day with meals—ftut lit any price you want to pay. Better go in your car—and of course go better with Standard Freeze-Tested Gasoline. A BEAR AT YOSEMITE en awrwfiene! It's a great idea! Speed up to the* snow-country anfll join the fun! Put a tankful of Standard Gasoline to a freeze-test of your own—anywhere! Read the American Automobile Association's official, report—load up with "Standard" and feel 'er step! STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA STANDARD *Hfa&t Jteeze-fated, GASOLINE "Was It Cold—and Did It Start"! Read the "AAA" Freeze-Test Report: Litten Thurtdayg — STANDARD OIL SYMPHONY HOUR-Broadcaating the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestras, 8:15 to 9:15 P. M. over NBC. STANDARD STATIONS, 11VC. November 22,1932 This it to certify that a Freeze Starting Test on Standard Gasoline, purchased by us in the open market, resulted as follows: The test was conducted in a stock Model A Ford Engine at the following temperatures: Combustion Chamber ....... 10* F Below Zero Atmospheric Temperature ..... 10" F " " Zerolene Motor Oil in Crankcase . . . 6° F " " Zerolene Gear Grease, Winter .... 7° F " " Standard Gasoline 7.5° F " The engine started and continued to run in 2.11 seconds after first pressure on starting button. This test is officially sanctioned by the AAA and conforms in all respects to the regulations of that body; the engine and all products being of the grade and consistency regularly purchasable. Temperatures given are Fahrenheit. CONTEST BOARD, AMERICAN AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION AAA ZONE SUPERVISOR MEMBER NATIONAL ' AAA ENGINEERING APPOINTEE TECHNICAL COMMITTEE OF AAA RED WHITE &> BLUE DEALERS

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