Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 3, 1965 · Page 11
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 11

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 3, 1965
Page 11
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STEER BEEF Round Steak 7Q lean, Tender.. Swiss It • ^^A or Iroil It! ™ ^^ C Ib Swift'* Premium CHUCK ROAST Moist, Lean, Red GROUND BEEF 59 ». 49 Chuck Stk. 69 Boneless Rib Steaks 89 Ib Ib FRESH MILK FED VEAL Fresh Killed, Corn Fed SPRINGERS Whole or Cut Up Ib. 39 uim VI 111 FULLOFFUN in Stokely's Coloring Camel 71 BIG PRIZES FIRST PRIZE A Sony Transislori/ed Portable T.V,, * Blt- becue Grill v.itti So- tuserie. a Bcrnr-0- Malic Portable Rp- tnjfrator, a Picnic Basket with Dinnerware *nd Utensils • 5 SECOND PRIZES Korfak Hiwktyt Injtjmitic Cim«n I • 5 THIRD PRIZES Ihttmoi Iniuliltil Picnic Cheit • 10 FOURTH FRIZES 2lbco Roil i RUl • SO FIFTH PRIZES Thermos Picnic JLIE Get Entry Blanks and Details in Store! Stokely's Fruit Cocktail Mb. 13-ci. can Stokely's Halves or Sliced Cling Peaches 4 ±100 cans Stokely's Cut Green 15'/2-oz. cans Beans 5 1.00 Stokely's Alaska 3 Sieve ^ Peas 5 ± LOO FRESH LAKE SUPERIOR TROUT MADE POTATO SALAD Gorton's Frozen g| AQ Shrimp Tidbits 2 P !, b9 I ,,49 C s ,'-99 Miracle Whip Salad Dressing Pictsweet Frozen Lemonade For Frying, Cooking MazolaOil q t PICNIC SUPPLY HEADQUARTERS We have a complete supply of Johnson's GRADE "A" LARGE RAID products Fresh, Crisp LEAF EGGS 39 C LETTUCE doz. 2 W« R«s«rr« th» Right to Limit Quantities large bunches Red Ripe TOMATOES 29 Ib PrieM effeetiv* through Saturday Only BLOCK ICE and ICE CUBES OPIN MON. THRU FRI ' • a.m. until • p.m. OPIN SATURDAY • a.m. until 6 p.m. OPEN EVERY SUNDAY 8 a.m.-l p.m. 188 L. I. Wright Seniors Will Get Diplomas Friday The Doctor Says By W. G. BRANDSTADT, M.D. i by a skin graft. If, regardless of A class of 188 Luther L. Wright School seniors will conclude its high school activities — I am a 14-year-old girl. A skin doctor said my mole would have to be cut out and that this would leave a large scar on my face. Is there any other treatment? A — There is no easy solution to your problem. If the mole is its size, it is removed it may return unless a wide margin o f healt.hy skin surrounding it is removed. If there is any evidence of malignancy (a possibility rather than a likelihood) the mole should be removed at once must livht learn to ignore It!you overcome it. yoursell — not an easy task! Q — r.iy taiiier has Hodg- but a rewarding one. Q — I am M and have glo- bus hysterlcus. My doctor me tranquillizers for What would you advise? A — Globus hystcricus is a feeling that there is a lump in kin's disease. la this a form of cancer? Is there any treat- ts ment lor It? it. j A — This 5s a form of cancer that chiefly involves the lymph nodes. Excellent results have been reported in victims the throat. It is always due to who were given massive X-ray muscular constrictions caused!doses other victims have been by emotional stress or fatigue | treated with vinblastine and but the victim often thinks heihave been greatly benefited. Rein this case the appearance of must have a tumor of t h e cent studies have shown that larger than a nickel, surgical re-1the sr:ar would be of secondary! throat A tranquilizer should small doses of this drug com- at the commencement exercises 1 movol may leave a disfiguring j importance. give some temporary relief and bined with small doses of chlor- to be held Friday evening start-: ing at 8 in the Luther L Wright | gymnasum. ' Following is a list of the 19651 graduating class: Aho. Sandra J. Ahonen. Curtis Albert. Dnvid A. Allen. Claudia M. Anderson, Alan R. Anderson. Douglas J. Anderson. Susan C. Asunto, Rodney C. Avery. Gary A. Badouski. Karen F'. Bahun. Kathleen A. Balyeat, Patricia A. Baross, Christine M. Bodnar, Mary E. Bolmns, Paul J. Bennett, Burna L. BerR. Daarlcne S. Bianchi. Barbara A. Bjork. Dwlght A. Bosanac. Joseph A. Brnff, Suzanne Brown, Sandra J. Rrozzo. Corrine Brunette. Allcr n. Buzzi), Carol L. Carlson, Paul B. Carlson. Paul R. ChlnntcllH, Thomas L. Cricks, Sandra L. Dahlbacka, Arlcnc K. Dahlin, Margaret O. Davey, Judith DeSonia, Sybellc C. i Drnzbn. Kathryn M. Pauline Eifolla. Emilie M. English, .hu-k B. Erin. Carol B. i Estola. Richard A. i Fontccchio, William Friedloy Robert K. Gallo, Patricia A. Gradlsher, Jerome J. Frank A. Gustafson. James E. Ilaap.ila. Kay Ann Haustrom, John D. , Haknrt. Adrian M. Mallberg. Ann M. Ileczko. Suzanne Hill, Carolyn J. Hill. David B. Holm, Sherry I.. Holmes. Dale G. Hoist, Donald D. Hulstrom, David W. Ihlcnfcldt, Gooi-gami Jackson, Bryan Jackson, Gary R. Javvcla, Bonnie L. Jivcry. Dean Johnson, Linda L. Johnson, Lois Jokipii. Janet M. Jordan, Geraldin* Juntilla, Mary Jane Kalata. Ellen M. Kennedy, Jon D. Kilponen. Gloria B. Kins. James A. Kinnunen, Carol L. Kivi Connie A. Kivi, Judith A. Kivi, Lois M. Kivi. Myla J. KloHmola, Carol Koivisto. Clifford D. Kolson, Florence C. Koski. Gary J. Koykar, Dennis C. Koykar, Donna L. Krmiso, James R. Kravet?.. Joseph J. Lnakonen, Robert W. Lahti, Sharon M. I.alne, Sandra L. LaPore. Darla R. Lehto, Verlyn M. Lcvijoki, John H. Leviioki, Wayne A. Lindbcre. Dnvid W. Little. Judy M. Longhini. John A. Lucas. Arlana M. Luduck, Tanya J. Lumsden. James M. McDonald, William B. McDonald, William P. Maki, David A. Manchester, Linda M. MnrRctla James M. Mark, Betsy Y. Martell, JoAnn Martinson, Edwin E. Matiska, Nancy A. Miklesh, Robert L. Mizgala, Jane A. Moron, Judy A. Morin, Dennis J. Moselle, Mary Lou Munari, Arthur 5. Nelson, John E. Nolcox, Gerald R. Nordling. George R. Novak (.Pisco). Sharon j Nurml, Neal Obcrlandcr, Susan B. I O'Leary. Kathleen E. I Olson, Walter E. ! Pachmayer, Jnnice H. Parrlsh, Karln K. Pawlak, Carol L. Pcremsky. Carolyne Pluto, Sharon A. Pogllano, James Q. • Prebish, Mnryann Pryor. Dale G. Quiram, Arclen R. Qulram. Donald M. Rahikainen, Aino M. Rajkovich, John A. Rakai, Christine N. Ray, Janice H. Raymond, Steven M. Reid, Katherine A. Reynolds, Alfred N. Richards, Thelma D. Richards, Connie M. Rintala, Lee Marc.v Rundell, Cynthia M. Rundquist, John P. Rundquist, Jon D. Ruppe, Claire J. Ruppe, Donald J. Ruschmeyer, Larry H. Ryskewccz, Gary L. Saari, Gary D. Saart, Roger J. Salo, Dennit G. Sargent, RaeJo.v Semenak, Bonnit L. Semo, Renec M. Sheridan, Stephen E. Simmondi, Patrirck K. Sisko. Beverly A. Skoviera, Linda M. Skowronskl. Anne Smil.iantch, George M. Smith, Gary B. Solln. John J. SpeU. Barbara J. Stone. Patricia Swanbeck, Cheryl L. Swanbeck, Randy E. • Swansot), Kenneth D. Syrjala. Louie? I. Talo. Frank J. Talo. Kathleen M. Tankka, Gary G. Tczak, Thomas G. Thomas. Cheryl Tiitu. Mavis K. Tirpe, Richard L. Tremain, Larry D. Vandine, James E. : Verbos, Frank H. Vizanko, John Wainio, David A. , Waurio, Dale F. I Wernham,. Bonnie J. i Wilchek. Dnvid J. j Williams, Sally A. I Willing, Donna Mi I Wisneski, Linda A. , Yonkosky. Reena A. Zawlocki, James K. Zcgoski, James J. scar although some plastic surgeons are able to leave scars that are almost invisible. I f your mole Is even larger, r e - movaJ would have to be followed Masking cosmetics may help you. Another help is to develop so pleasing a personality that no one will pay any attention to your mole. To do this you demonstrate to the victim that no tumor Is present. For lasting amtaucil give better results than either drug used alone. This relief however, your doctor Is probably the treatment o f would have to determine thpjchoice. cause of your anxiety and help 1 Q — What would cause a rur,..:cc it jf iov Would ten. 3ion hi* t anything to do Witt it? Cou« It cause the arteriei to break? A — The hcmatocrit Is t h * per cent of packed blood cells in whole blood. The norma range for women is 37 to 47 ant for men 40 to 54. A very hlgl hernatocrlt (70 or 801 may bt i seen Ir. conditions associates jwith a high red blood eel. j count. This may occur at hig! altitudes, following a hemorrh age or in persons with emphy sema and some forms of hear disease. Nervous tension woul< not be a cause. A high hemato crit reading would not cause thi arteries to rupture but harden ing of the arteries would. FINER f flIR W fl Y FOODS We Reserve the Right to Limit Quantities PICK 0'THE PORK SALE! LOIN ROASTS Rib portion. Lean and meaty. Try the change of pace meal — tender pork roast! PEACHES Fairway Sliced or Halves, Freestone CORN Fairway Whole Kernel or Cream Style TOM. PASTE Hunt's, for Better Italian Foods, 6-oz. cans SALT 29-oz. cans 16-oz. cans for Fairway Plain or Iodized 26-oz. carton KREEMIX Q Golden Vegetable Shortening can QUIK Mb. pkg. Nestle's Instant Chocolate Drink Mix TISSUES Fairway White or Colored Facial Tissues, 200-ct. pkg. CHARCOAL ;° Cliffchar Briquets 10 69 39 49 RIB CHOPS C Ib. Center Cut, Thick and Chunkyl c Ib 69 SPARE RIBS 49 Ideal for Outdoor Barbecuing for C Ib Swift's Sliced 59 State's Holiday Toll Is Lower Than 1964 EAST LANSING (AP)—Michigan's 22 traffic deaths over the 78-hour Memorial Day weekend averaged one every three hours and 33 minutes, state Police say. In'tUf i*mt ftftttt) Me Day tt&lfMd Idsf'year were &'I*ratonf Klled, an age of one'every three hours and 15 minutes. ... USE DAILY GLOBE WANT-ADS FROZEN FOODS APPLE JUICE C 6.., 100 Tree Top BACON »49 ROUND STEAK Ring Bologna Hanneman's Grocery Mercer Kelto-Velin Bessemer Trolla's Food Market Hurley Jack's Food Shop Ramsay Frozen Food Locker; E\ven ' Ravey's Fairway Irnnwood Swift's PROTEN c Ib Walter fc lo-ox. Meyer's^ rin o« 99 FR. FRIES Ida fell frown, Crisp and Tastyl U-lb. pkg. 29 SWEET CORN Fancy Florida Fancy Tender Leaf U. S. No. 1 Rome Beauty LETTUCE 2 Hea. 29 C APPLES 3 U.S. NO. 1 RED POTATOES 10 ^. £. 49" 99 C FLAVOR KIST FIG BARS '•'^."•^Se

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