The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 10, 1958 · Page 20
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 20

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 10, 1958
Page 20
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IN NEW CQNGRES Heavy Wheat Output Expected to Make Price Supports Major Issue j WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. area in the recent election, Sec-, made price supports available to Milton R. Young (R-ND) said to- retary Benson now claims that the j corn farmers who refused to even doy continued heavy wheat pro- corn referendum just held indi - \ comply with allotments. Actually, ductlon along with a record s»r- cates farmer approval of his pro- j as a result of the referendum, the plus means wheat price supports posals to lower price supports and j Rfl per cent, of the corn farmers will be a major farm issue in the eliminate production controls," who did not comply with allot- rcw Congress. Young said. I ments will now receive higher Young disagreed with Secretary "This is a far-fetched ronclu •;'price supports." of Agriculture Benson who, thesion. Production quotas never ap- senator said, is advocating lower plied to corn. Only 12 per cent of price supports as a cure for the the farmers in the commercial problem. com producing area abided by al"Largely responsible for Repub- lotments. lican losses in the Midwest farm "Unlike with wheat, Benson Young said the surplus wheat situation could be even worse in the future. The Agriculture De: partment estimates the carryover I in wheat next July 1 will be 1,300,; 000,000 bushels, an all-time record. j Young said it is not unusual for (him to disagree with Bensop. But jat the present time, Young said, he is in disagreement not only with nenson but with the North Dakota Farmers Union and the Farm Bureau as well. Abandon Support "As I understand the proposal of the recent North Dakota Farm Bureau convention," Young said, "they would abandon price supports and production control for wheat. "Believing as I do that such action would result in drastically reduced prices, I just cannot support this proposal." Young said the Farmers Union program would raise price sup ports for all commodities to 100 per cent of parity with marketing quotas on all the products a farmer markets and with stiff penalties for violations. He said he believes this is too drastic. Find Better Congress, better way FIERY DEATH FOR SIX — This Navy tanker plane, attempting an emergency landing, smashed into two houses Tues- SHEARS TRUCK day, killing its four crewmen and two babies in one of the houses. (AP Photo- fax) 6 Are Killed in Bus, Truck Crash Fatal to 2 ^*ruction of Cult 6 Die as Plane Hits Homes NORFOLK, Va. (AP)—A crip-' The nose section of the tanker:completely as the tanker made a pled Navy tanker plane loaded 'ripped into the Tondora home. The left turn in the landing pattern. he said, must find aiwith tons of fuel went out of con- infants burned to death. Mrs. Ton- The plane went into a spin. j living and promised a to assure fair wheat jtrol just short of its home airstrip dora was burned. i Charles Sheppard Jr., driver ofi" a " wh o want to live SURVIVES MYSTERY BLAST—Linda Lee, 9, is comforted by her grandmother Ruth Lewis, 59, in a Chatworth, Calif., hospital early today after she suffered injuries in an explosion destroyinq a Religious Cult building. Linda was one of two girls hurt in the blast in which nine persons are missing or dead. (AP Photo- fax) 436 Members-elect Get Congress Primer prices. The domestic parity or two-ihere Tuesday and plowed with a The dead crewmen were Lt. the trailer truck, also price system, he said, should bejflaming roar through two homes. ,Cmdr. George Wilson, 38, of Nor- burns. given more consideration. There,The four crewmen and two infants folk, pilot; Ens. Fred M. Clancy!... . other proposals which have in one of the homes perished. ;III, 20, co-pilot, son of Mr. and CHATSWORTH, Calif, (AP)—A :iomb demolished the main build- Ins of a religious cult in a mountain cnnyon today. Six persons were killed and four are missing and believed- dead. Among those missing is Krishna Venta, bearded, barefoot mystic and founder of the cult. A demolition expert from the Los Angeles police department said a bomb wrecked the .sprawling building and touched off a raging fire. The five bodies recovered were burned beyond recognition. Investigators learned that a stranger carrying a large suitcase was seen in a violent argument with Venta shortly before 2 a.m. Twenty minutes after the stranger left a tremendous explosion blew the building apart. More than 30 persons were sleeping in the building at the time, 14 of them children. An 8- year-old girl is among those reported missing. The remote canyon retreat which is tucked away in mountains at the head of the San Fernando Valley, about 30 miles from Los Angeles. Venta, a former San Francisco shipyard worker, founded the cult about 10 years ago. He called himself a Messiah and attracted a following of about 100 men, worn- as the tanker made a!en and children. The group practiced communal home to the Ten BRIDGEWATER TOWNSHIP,!a tractor-trailer, failed to stop nft- N.J. (AP-Two persons were i*r thfe accident. They are trying killed and 11 others injured flues-! 10 loc f tc »; ™* *«<* «PP««nUy day night when a New Vork-bound WM trflvelin * Wlthout llghtS bus crashed headon with a small truck on icy Route 28. The eaatbound royal blue coach lines bus, carrying 17 passengers, swerved to avoid hitting an tin- lighted eastbound truck in front of it. The bus and the small westbound truck collided in the westbound lane. Police said the enstbround truck, POW» GUESTS VILLtSCA, Iowa W) — Twentythree former prisoners of war were'among the 175 guests here Monday night at the 12th annual POW Party sponsored by the Villisca American Legion. 20 AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD Wednesday, Dec. 10, '58 suffered i Commandments, irace or creed." regardless of are merit, he said. He said he believes the new Congress will block any effort to lower the present 75 per cent of parity minimum level for wheat. in one of the homes perished. The twin-engine North Ameri-JMrs. Fred M. Clancy Jr., Kissim- can AJ2, just seconds away from;niee, Fla.; Airman Patrick F. the runway at the Norfolk Naval'Toomey, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. Air Station, clipped tree tops andjFrancis J. Toomey, Durham, N. possible Timothy Tne Navy said preliminary in- Chelsea, Mass. mar ' instigation indicated the pilot tried : Refueled One Jet Delaney, By MARTHA COLE WASHINGTON (AP)-The primer for representative! right down to business—it new gets says they get paid $22,500 per year at monthly rates beginning Jan. 3, 1959. That's the third paragraph. The first one says they will assembly .«t noon Wednesday, Jan. 7, 1959. The second one says they will file their credentials with the clerk of the House before Deo. 15, 1958. The primer, entitled "Informa- Sober-Faced Reds Smile to Hear Songs SALT LAKE CITT (AP) — The sober faces of nine Russian educators broke into wide grins Tuesday when the group visited one classroom |t the local Bonneville grade school. The 10 boys and girls greeted the visitors in Russian, then sang a few Russian songs In the origi nal language. The Russians are on a tour to Inspect American schools and edu cations! practices. ANDUP Sprue* • ••!••• • Scottish Ptee • Norway Pino PAPENFUS 106 South Greenwich STATE tlon for Representatives-elect," is I the roof of a house and sheared 1C., and Aviation Mechanic e.c. said it should also bejthrough a trailer truck before it : John E. Delaney, 20, son of Mr. to repeal a provision 'smashed into the two homes. .and Mrs. Timothy J. which permits any farmer to plant up to 15 acres of wheat ket it without penalty. , to wreck in a gwamp - near the ; The Navy said ^ p , ane nad ^ All fL. • /•» ltw ° homes> fueled one jet over Chesapeake All Christmas Cards ! -James H. Miller, who works ati Ba y and was refueling another the air station, said: ! when it developed engine trouble Normal Approach l ess than half an hour after take- WASHINGTON (AP) — It costs "I saw the plane when it was at off - Canada 4 Centc 5 prepared for each new Congress, four cents to mail a Christmas least a nalf a mil e away. At that It was cleared for an emergency by the clerk. The edition for the j card to Canada this year, wheth- time it; was between 150 and 250 landing. Its left engine lost power upcoming Congress has just gone out to all 436 members-elect. It tells a congressman how er it is sealed or not sealed. feet high and making a normal! __- , The Post Office Department ^approach...1 noticed as it came emphasized this today, because in closer that the degree of bank of Now on Sale! The Ideal Christmas Gift' YULETIDE FOLDERS OF THEATRE TICKETS. . . SHOWS TONIGHT at 7:15 9:00 P. M. and THE FLOOD THAT DESTROYED THE WORLD! Pius—"SHADOW PRAIRIE" and COLOR CARTOON SEE THIS PICTURE FROM THE START "NOAH'S ARK" STARTS AT 7:45 P.M. AND 9:30 P.M. Tonight and Thursday AT 7-9 P.M. THE CORONATION OF HIS HOLINESS, POPE JOHN XXIII —PLUS— Outlaw Tinned Kilter-Hunter! much he can expect on Capitol Ipast years unsealed cards to Can-; the wings became greater. Hill—41,200 per session for sta-'ada went at the same rate as| "Before the degree reached 9ft tionery, 6,000 minutes per 2-year i those to cities in this country. j degrees, I knew a crash was im- iminent. The plane was not smok-! DELAYED CONSCIENCE ing and the engine didn't sput- : SHAWNEE, Okla. «1 - In 1942, 'ter." term over the long distance tele-J phone at government expense; 40,- j 000 words by telegram. I Thi« coming year a representa- i Kenneth Barrett thought he had! One of the two homes smashed; tive gets $400 instead of $300 a| lost * lis automatic pencil in ajby the plane was unoccupied. In'j year for air mail and special de- hign school typing class. jthe other were Mrs. Joseph E.j livery stamps. That's because Con- Recently, the Shawnee News-;Tondora, wife of a Navy lieu- 1 gress raised the postal rate's last Star rec erved a letter containing tenant, and two children, Joseph! summer. On regular letter, they "" ' get free mail privileges on official correspondence not exceeding 4 ounces in weight. Allowances also include: Twenty cents a mile for one round trip home each session. Up to $1,200 a year for office space back home. Up to $2,500 for electrical and mechanical equipment in the office the government furnishes him in Washington. A basic rate of $17,500 for office hire. the pencil. A note explained the'Jr., 14 months, and Michalene, 1 sender was repenting after taking,two weeks old. Barbara, 10, was! the pencil. ji n school. 5 Vanish After Leaving to Buy Christmas Tree pictures of his colleagues Coons and Skunks Saved From Hunters PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A ion Larch Mountain Sunday after» year j Portland family of five vanished 1 , noon. And . ,W*M «!,. Hirp^wv «Mi,! 8fter4 * etttag ° Ut 4 ° hunt a Christ -| The 4,000-foot-high mountain, at And a pocket size directory with mas tree Sunday. jthe west end of the Columbia Sheriff's deputies say their best;River gorge, was searched inten- lead placed Mr. and Mrs. Ken'sively Tuesday Martin and their three daughters M rs. Frederick Holm told authorities she saw a family answering the description of the SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (AP) - Whacks Conductor ! Martins a ' « mountain farm where Marin County's abundant rac- "UMfciur , a number o{ persons were buying coons and skunks can thank sharp- SAN FRANCISCO (AP)—Police- ! an d chopping their own Christmas shooting smtll fry for saving their-'man Thomas Childs watched lastj trees - tall »- night as a cable car gripmanj The search began when Martin, The board of supervisors decid- carefully set his brakes at the top 54 i an employe of an electric corned Tuesday young hunters were of Nol) H 'N an ^ then swung on his P an y here, failed to report to work shattering too many windows with;'conductor. > Monday. The daughters are Bar- small bore rifle fire. The board 1 Cni Ws said that passengers told,' bara . 14 J Virginia, 13; and Sue, cancelled a $1 bounty offered i llim 8 ri Pman Leon Stimler, 27, i 1 three weeks ago for the animals'i was angry because conductor Per- FURNISH LIVING 10-Piece LIVING ROOM OUTFIT Cable Car Gripman Whacks Conductor tail*. cy Lackner, 29, had called him a birdbrain. Reid The Classified Ads. About 65 per cent of Wyom„ . ,, | ing's population gains its living No charge was filed immediate- directly or indirectly from farms ly. Lackner suffered a black eye. and ranches. Tonfte and Thurs.l 20c. 45c . 60c Horror and Terror! You've Seen The Others - Now See The Greatest! AT 7:00 -PIUS- AT 8:30 EAl. COLON IIH IWKCTITOIflf MWBBS tun tkn UNITED ARTISTS YULETIDE SPECIALS RENT THEM and SAVE Folding Chairs Rollaway Beds Baby Cribs Card Tables Punch Bowls ot y«ur "Rent 'N Save" Rent-All Lefse Grills Day $2.00 Tom & Jerry Sets Bowl A 9 Cupt CA HA Per Day 'fceVV Get Your Reservations in Early for Tables & Chairs Per Day Each IUC As Low At $1iUU p'oy At Low At $liOO Doy P«r Day 75(J Por Day Sll&O Assorted Dinnerware, Glassware & Flatware Also mony other items to mok* your Christmas entertaininj mere enjoyable, such as Floor Polishers, Rug Shampoo Machines and • '«" I""* o* Polishes, Waxes and Cleoneu. "RENT 'H SAVE" RENT-ALL 1000 E. Water Austin, Minn. "The Big Red Houte on Hi 3-9172 fas) Water $»." A REG. $299*0 VALUE 10 PIECE OUTFIT INCLUDES: e Davenport and Chair (or 2-pc. tionol) „ . . • 2 end tables • coffee table • occasional chair * 2 table lamps • smoker * magazine rack ON EASY TERNS! EAST SIDE FURNITURE STORE 1017 E. Water 'Shop & Sai'e nt the Farmer's & Workiugman's Store" Dial Hi 3-6300

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