Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 3, 1928 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 3, 1928
Page 3
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THE r6LA JDAFLY REGISTER. I'UEfiDAY EVENING. JANUARY 3, 1928. Mrs: Henry Neighbor, of Kansas . City, is visiting h^r mother, Mrs; '^•O. P. Itnucan. o{ 301 South Buck- jtye street. , Attenfion O. K. S. —Members arc'requested to meet .at SJceper Service Room at .1:00 D'clocli. WeclnesOay for funeral of Sister Parkcning.—Jessie A. Bar- 4cls. Sec. >- • ^5corge" Fr.v, wfib-spent the holidays hwe with his fajnily. retnrifeil to bis H-ork in Baxter Springs this afternoon. i —For Real Estate Loans see the . ^niitjr BM?. & Loan AstiorlliUoii, lola, Ks. Office in First Natl. Bank. 1 Wm. .V M. Fegcly. of Allontown, Vs., -wtJo ciimo to spend the holi- tlays ^ilh her daughter, , Mrs. Kjugciid .Mopro and Mr.. Moore, and •to pa«t her household ;;ood9, preparatory to inovinR back to Allen- lown. cxprcts to Icare thef last of (he vcek. "Mr. and Mrs. Moore WriU •rptiirn; with her and will make itheir home tljere. lUph Sollle! Test Gasolini- for quick Mrs. Jennie (McNeeley. of 3US South Buckeye street, who has been quite ill, is reported improve ing nl(}ely. j,; —Try,onr drive in battery and lire serrice during this cold weather. Bollinger Service Station. - Diclv Weast, son of Mrs. 'Leila Wcast and grandson of Col. H. D. Smock, 'who has been ill of flu since the week before Christmas, is better and expects to be able to return to school nest week. —If ybn urant to tony or build, city or subui^ban property. The lola ! Bonding & Loan Association will make yon a lojin, low interest rate, no cominissioh. See 3. li. Pees Secretary, at bid Regis er building southwest corner of square. Mr. and Mr^. Marius Duncan, of KanMs Cit3". f»pcnt .Vew Year's* <Iay with his mother, Mrs. O. P. Duncau. —0. L. Cox, M. D.. Specialist, Eye, Ear, Nose and Thlroat Funeral of Jits. Ella Mo^rp. T|M! fnncral serrlces of Mrs. KUa Moore will be held at 2 d'clock tomorrow afternoon at the First .M<?(hodist church, with, the Rer. C. 1. Coldsmlth. pastor, officiating. Burial will jtake place in the Ida cemetery, llbe body will lie in state at the ([hurch from 1 until 2, an hour bcfo e* the funeral. Mrs. Calrii Coolldge Is 49 years old today; bat she doein't look it. .Mr. .inrt .^Irs. M. L. Laude and two children, Edwin and Alan, started this morning from Hnm- boldt for Las "Vegas, N. M.. where they will make their home. They went to Humboldt Sunday to visit Mr. Laude's piircnts, .Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Laiide. —"Van's Bread." good as "pver. Dr. O. L. Girlinghouse li-ft on the early morning train for Wichita, Kans.. to take the annual government examination for reserve officers. —Dr. A. B. Twadclt. Osteopath. .Vew Ujobe Blig. Vhope 191. ' I • ~* .Mrs. .Marie Blodgett and baby daughter. Nora Geraldinc. who have been visiting in the J. Q. Blodgett home, 9 West Campbell, returned today to their licme In Oswego. Kans. ttfe^MAN Afe&AmNM> AS iitjl .Mrs. .Ncal O. I)<>dge aud son. MiifS Helen (iammou' pnd .Miss Delore Gammon, stiideuis at ihe Empcria Teachers colldge, and Miss starting. -West. Slandanl. opposite j Faye Gammon, who is attending |.lack, and .Mr.f. Dodge's father, the i-**. O. Earl iMoore. manager. [K. 1'.. who have been spending thejRev; .\Jr. Pasley. haife returned ; - ' 'holidays with Uii?lr parents. .Mr.;from a visit wifh relatives in Gard- .Mr. pntl .Mrs. R. r. Fry and her j and -Mrs. C. S.' Gnmnion. of 'M mother. -Mirs. F. 1.. Hughes, left in f- 'their i-ar this morning for Ada, •;OkI-i. ,; .Ardon Finley avcompanied ,thein a.s far as Tuisa. ^kia., where •he is employed. Mr. and Mrs. Fry ,hini Mfs. Hughes spent the holi- ^day.=j here. .\>OTHE« OF orK JMIPILAU Ic .SALE.S r«>l : fa are cleaning two U 're.sses jr thp price- of one. p'.fis only ' Send iiliem in early—don't ' to _t.nke Jiilvantage of this' Cleanin-^ Bargain. lOLA LAtMIKV tO. South Bul'keye street, have resumed their school work. —Dr. ;J. T. Rcid, Surgery and X-ray. Phone 337. ner. Kans. .Mrs. L. S. Jackson, of Moran. went to Parsons twlay for a short visit. i^t]!'ii |rl 'rf''filff VfmatiHomtifnm .M (Mjcs, Op(i.( Mitch^tki.; When Edward Hickman was brought into ciiinilnul court at Ixis Atigeles to. be arraigned as the slayer of 12-year-old Marion Parker, he was heavily gua;-ded. He is shown here on the left, with his coiin.sel, Attor-; Jerome Walsh, of Kansas City. . „ . ... I JKme." Ewing.i a student at the Mr. Edwin Forrest, who had b-n.KanMs State Tfeachers college at handling tiie KegistiM's big pr.'f=s Pituburg. who has been spending for about a year, lias relinquished {„,e .chri«itmj.s vacation with his that job to becoiiie pressman on the Caldwell .Journal. His. > if taken in the KvKister office by I'ottrell ' :(it seems-a.s if that job can't ftei -away from the name Forrest: i who formerly v.iis (•mployed in this office and who is very glad to return to lola as the Register is siaU to have hini. •iveok Bar rrtririifi tlil .sj morning. parents. Mr. and .Mrs. R. \. Ewing and family, 501 East street, returned to school today. . .Mrs. Grace filore left this morning for Northeastern Missouri where she will cover a territory for the Bimorick compan.v. Her first town will be Gallatin. f„,i*„-a.„~i wi, . -1 -Mr. .Melvin Frrmk. having soldi CP'S FSS ; has not yet Wen chosci!. but .nn- nounccmeut will (ioirbtless be made after the next meeting of the Board of Directors of the bank which is to be held next Tuesday. We know Bakery Products • are good, But " Have ; You Tried Ours? VAN HOOZERS. Miss; .Mildred McWuney, who has ;;i>een Spending the holidays witJi home folks af ."SOS South Buckeye ,; Kiron'.;has returne<i to Piqua where y she tfaches school. ^\^y\. ¥. vRT.vf I'hyslclaii. and. .»Jufgeon Eye Ear. S'ose and Throat (Uasscs Fitted -l-i S. M 'ashington, ibia Mis.- Minnie Matthies, of Okla- oma Cit.v. has bought part Interest in ii larni near Erie. Kans. She left today for Oklahoma City to make preparations to move on the farm. . .M. C. I.^cey left this morning on the Santa Fe for Pomona. Calif., where he will make an indefiaitc stay with relatives. .Warren Perliaih. who has been spending the holiciays with home- folks, returned today to Manbat- —Dr. Lucy E. Poison, Chiropractor. Nortbrup Bldg. Phone 326. 0:d IMau Figiiie-it-Oui .sends in this contribution: '.\inctoen twen-'tau where he is a stiident at the ty-elght starts off fine .and it ought Kansas State .\grrciillural college, to be a godd year. Uy a simplf' , — stroke of the pen a. 7 can be made i .Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Lawrence, of into an S." \ St. {.^uis, who have been spending — - ! a few. days with .Mrs. Lawrence's —Dr. Montgomery. Chiropractor.' parents. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Wash- lola Laundry Bldg. Phone 138. buJ-n. of.709 South Washington . — avenue, left this afternoon in their Mr.x.: Tell EV.TIIS is repoifeil 111 car for Kansas City to spend a few at her home, M 'U South Walnut .days before goiug to th*ir:horhe In street.- I St. Louis. ' Ralph Sherman left this after- ilortn for Manhattan to resume hi.s studies at the Kahiias State .Agricultural college. He •pent the j Christmas vacation with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Sherman and family. Lee Leavell, of Allen, Kans.. is spending a few days here with his uncle.' Dr. P. L. B. Leavell, 31S East street. Mrs:.; James H. Campbell, accompanied by her son. Charle.*, came down from Kansas City last evening, called 1>y the death of Mrs. Captpbell's sister, Mrs. Ella Moore. Miss Helena Hotrhkiss. of Concordia, Kans.. who has tieen a gnest In the Clare Smith home, returned home this afternoon. Miss Helen Gates, who.has been spending the hcHida.vs with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. O; W. Gates, of 217 South Colbom street, will return to Lawrence toiborrow to resume her studies at K. U., Clair Dawron, a "tudent tt the university at Norman. Okla.. who has feeen visiting his parents, Mr. and ?Jrs. F E; Klltott; siiice Sunday, will return to Norman tomorrow. For a Jilngle-row pearl necklace of S3 graduated pearls the sum of $97,500 was paid In London the other day. With the ambition of becomltig the first Democratic committeewoman from the state of Nebras* ka. Mrs. C. E. Byers (above) of I Haatlags already bay won the aup* ; port of many leaders lu .hes; fight for election. Mrs. Byers, an active y.*W. C- A worker, favoia Al - smith lor presltteni. -J Powder Puff Beauty Shoppe Changes Hands -Mrs. J. D. .Arnett has purchased the equipment of the Powder Puff Beauty Sboppe and will take bvef Its management tomorjow, it wa.s announced toda.v. Thj- .shop formerly was operated by '.Mrs. Bonita Wynne, who will remain in. lola some time. She plans-later to go to t'aliforiija. .Mrs. -Arnett been employed at. AYoU's beauty slioij. The 1S.2 bal'kline game, a style of billianis favored' by the experts of the eiie. originated In the rnit- I'li SlaJes. It was In l .SftS, when Frank Ives, JacoT? Schaefer and George F. Slosson had become «> proficient at the 14.2 balkline game that the runs were long and mo- nctpnou.-? and the game classed as tpo eas>'. that the cry .went up for a new game. The 18.2 style Was the answer.-biit this did not come about.until four year.'? later. Estb^i; Twentieth home .^ednie ^dar -aneitj^oai t -l^. afternoon was';r;preasaiitl^: witii fancy work aadr mtia}e «k0^«: nice time all nr*.-^*'" The hostess asiriated by iM: , Sarah ^nd.. Paidlne. Rebigaii jhd Miss Elna neeves served dellrteua r^freBtaifiente ta the , foHowldg: Mrs. Otto Olfesti JJra: WaUer Wilr son, .Mrs. WllUala Oaughei^y. Mrs. dharles Pennington. . Mrs.' Raph Barker, Mrs. J.' A. Reev«s, .Mfi. Joe Burger. Mrsf. O. W.- CliewpO^Tf .\h -s .,Otte Barkert Mrs. H. 6. Stephenson, Mrs. O.' Clevengef, UVa. \Villlam Newman and Mrs; Fr^nk Barker.. The ; Biext liibetlng ^lU be Wednesday: -iJannat? . \y • with .Mrs. iRalph BarW aa ttestesai to n line party at file Cozy theater. Henry Wilsoni was able to leave St. John's hospital Saturday ^nd was able to be :in town toflay.^' —Reserved ^jeats for ' 'lectjire course on 'sale Wednesday mcurn- ing. \ Charles Reno iof Yates Center Is spending a few days irlth ^his sister. '.Mrs. Ide' Helm, and jMr. Helm. i ; ; Clark w^io recently nniier- we|it an operation at a Kansas ^'ity hospital is at tKe home of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Jantes dirk- He will remain here until li« is stronger. V Victor Hurlock "of Kansas ^ity has been spentfing the .Chrtstt ^s holiday.- with ^ibts grandpareists; .Mri and Mrs. L.:D. Y'ates. j Mr. and -Mrs.j W. S. Ford' v^ere New Year's diiiner guests of ^Ir. am! .Mrs. DTck Shorter. • 3 • "MiEs Emily Wilson left toilay^for Kansas City enroute to Chi<§iSO and Stevens Point, Wiaconsin, :»ft-j er a vi.»it during the holidays ^tb her father. C. L. \\nison. and pth- t>r relative-s. ' . Mr. and Mrs^ Lester Knepii |ina j baby Eok, irent t6 Wldlltia. yesterday. «rl»re- tier will, vlilt Mr. aod Mri!; rttrtonrd plivta. TJiey will retflni'WS^esdit^. Te»«t» Is 6U th^ Bfcfc Hsl mfferlnrifniiB a» attack: ctf tlM fin. cecn:^tflt t«t iod^ for Nor- mMi,:-vOkla..; where atteofc schdol.i* - • • ' . e)*« An- Ppas- eir ^n- lifrt Johk- ^^;€l«9», at fVfiliy . . p?i: was' 2j,Te4l3eat ;i •t»«8- bad- rtefrfeih- iElplse- antt idr&icB and. their coiia^ik, ,ci9 ;fi!j«i4r.'eatet ^iA^ WIU. and-)|iesrit^r8.of: ' .i^e'Jr ryibrav, i the jfafe' ejeifiag. iJ3%tloa .0 ;n#hi':W fnilo^s:^) i^-i iT&ifiiut' •. .BAick.,, • ^. 'nubyvlMaCainlbty. a; " urei-. :A'goSP«KaJ. -and. the .)«pd^iie» '* ments.^ TboitP prtse^r-ljftTfc:'Mrs. BStt Jotats^, itatfc/IJIJSns,: t^ila Laab, Tbeli^ «i >ociti7 #^rf«er^ kins, RutK 'FredlNr. M$tdiiit,<ff^dve end «fh^iii»*f «tcheirflj»;|1 »J (iurgt and Mabel ioba ^iHi ytrif Mt*P9^ .The PMlathea. Siti4db9' ^nool class of in« M.' B. cbufai laet at: the h «(me of Mlaa *ffl« ateTenSbti:. Tjitlriidar erenlnc.' jEHMtittii of itf fleers j^as'heM and the ea)lowlag *tn elected: Mrs. jB. W. Itaglaaa. president: Clara t^arlasc4; rfcepresident: Elsie Kerr; aecreOuTr trtstnrtr: Mr . HaCteiMi. tefttlMfr: and. Mn. Awfa-eivs,. aabsUtnte teaclier, Ltgbt Heffeshmeiits <rere [.served and a so^Ia) 'good time uUr Joyen. ^ ) ilie Mg rabbit Hnnt wl|lcb vra? L postponed last week will be held ^btthiday. The hmtiers in gcMng , in fine shape. Captain f^>wler and Ed Daitfort have befiii ha-rtilS iSr- get practice. Mr. afl<fMn. Reabei^ Remaberg aoaomKe tto Mrtb <!r a •wom.SH- day, DeeennM* 39. Mra. iReaOberg «as fonnerly MHA P<aU|iei .Ea«^.| , Mrs. Sarah Adams ptseiA aiin»y Snndar at 11 o'clock: at .the home of her daughter, 'lira. KaH The' fnneral serrlcci will be held at the. First CbriMian chtir «n lii lola to- mrirow afternoon. Burial *iH te In Highland Ciemeterjr. So far as tlie-records eiiow only six men of tbe.tbon«anda vt^oiySl- nnteered for serrice tuuier: the Amerlcaii (lajlr:cin.the 'Mklnst Thirty-four dual meets are included in the'wres;l!ng t-^hedulc oj the Western Intercollegiate Conference for the coming s2ason..aud in addition a play-otf for team championships will be held as well as the regular annual individual title tournament. The Persians of old gave eggs to their friends in obsen-ante of the New Year. ' THE ' The 'ones loho c}u^8e;and adjusimeiits use, . WiU. soon be''6imr.ilteirFtu'; Justirtf it and^sed;hoiv quJctc yau're free; Sick' friend,-7'm\talktng to_yiau! 1 DR. C. Z. jiltofec^^^ ITHE PALjiER biiJi ^piuchiiR lola Launflry Bnilding ^ Phoii« 138 • Miss LMy'Thorpo. a new town councillor of Bootle, England, is a dcmestlc servant. Her mistress i.s allowing her time off to, attend to her municipal duties. e J-:vanRelist James A. Rayburn, of 1 - Newton, who held a successful re* vival meeting hero several years ago. 1>rgan a union revival service which will continue throughout the • month, of January at Bartlesville, Okla. .He. has a new corps of %cork- ~ ers since '^is campaign here. Mrs. •:;Stovpr. of Lns'Angeles. Calif., being hi.s assistant, and G. W. Otter•: ^on. oT Chicago, his music director , |-;aiiU ajlvance man. ' • XoHre .Odd Fellows. : I Special: County meeting Inde- Order [of O-.ld Fellows. ~ Tucsdjiy night, Jantiary :!. Degree ; worlf.: Grand Ma-stor W. I. Cruni : ""wilt 'he present. Wives and Re-; ; bckahH. ' i •'-'•'•]•: A. D. YOUNG. : .1 Noble Grand.. ~ Mis^, t >al4 ?ie McDowell left this morning for Alinneapolis. Minn..; where she will resume her work for ffi' JJiitterick Puhlishing coni-, ~pany.^ ifter spending theChri.straas lioliila s with her i'isler. .Miss llu- clnda McDowell. ' i F. I- B. LEAVELL, D. Special attentioii. given Dis. eases of Colon and Rectum. ; Electro-Physiotherapy Offlce lola State Baiik Bldg. • Phones—147i and 705 DRY COODS-WOMIEN'S WEAR-f4iLLINEAY lOLA - - - 7 KANSAS / lOLA'S rOPXTLAR STORE JANUARY SALE OF .\npfher road leailing to Erie is to 1)0 gravelled. "The new project; is in the three and a half miles i west of Fourth street out ot Erie | to itie west river ibrtdge. Funds to jijy for the bridge, will be through popular subscription and jissi.slance from the county, clfyj ami towni^hip. ; j —We pay 6% on' Full Paid and Installment Stock.. The best invest-! racnf, the beat method to save. | Seoi'rM .T Wdsr. & Loan Association,, lola,- Kansas. ' i-0 ."Fnther Mississippi" by Lyle Saxon is now at the Ida Public i Library.. From a lifetime spent; along its shores • Mr. Saxon has j become steeped in the spirit of ro-! mauce and tragedy which flow) through the .'sistory of the "Father of Waters," si tale more than a century long of man's struggles to ox- | plore. to utilize, and to harness' this 'raging, yellow flood—the Mississippi. "The beginnings of the levees, the wave-crests that have time; and ag^in swept them away, the .enormous ^losses of life and property, the dee<ls of heroism, the renewal of the fight to keep lands .and homes from Inundation, the' high- lighu of the steam-packet Bays, the growth of great .cities. fUdOie vast Hood of 1927.—all tbese tfie atuihtu- tells -with a isym- j|«tbBUc^ ia^mfat-sMi . d^aUc Buy Blankets Npw At These Savings 31.98 DouMe BfaiiRet, Size 64x76 .. , .$1.69 $2.48 Dbiible Blahkets, s\z& 66x80 $1.98 $2.75 Fancy PTard Bfeitkelis, size 66x80 . . .$2.25 $3.95 Wool Finish Blankets, Size 66x80 ... $3.25 $4.75 Wool Finish Blankets, Size 70x80 ... $3.98 $5.00 Part Wool BlaTikefSize 7ax80 ..... $4.25 . Si6.95 50 Per Cent Wool Blatikets, Size 66x80 $5.50 $10.00 All WooTBlartkets, Si7^ 68x80 .. ., $7.95 $12.50 An Wool Blanliets, Size 72x80 $9.95 T li May your pleasuries be MMf 'SiVi^ golden ... What Aoci;'Hat>Py New Year" mean? Just this: Getting rid of old discomforts and finding new- pleasures. In the matter of cigarettes, that job is easy for the pian who makes his first discovery of Ou> Goiios. For an investment of a trifling sum, he'll ring out the old, and ring' in the new. throat-ser^tcb aAd ;tfi ^ho *<"C* bum. . 1 cigarette 6iii<ifyin<nt. number, dty and nifbi, ^&Sk Aaad' mnm plesiure and iiio p)^a^. By resolving to ^tviMA • VjH• An riew-typejtiipirettc>; TSitii iprir anevr'Ieaf... .: lyy ^^hifDra^ n^tiie^lieit ii^ that ever ivent tJato.a dif^ettc'.

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