Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 3, 1955 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
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Thursday, November 3, 1955
Page 2
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TWO EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MO* THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1955 Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker Keeping 'Classified 9 Data From Public Said Costly Report Cites Annual Cost Million )ug Tot's Grave: ••: WASHINGTON — (INS) - Government agencies spend more than two aijd one-half million dollars a year to keep restricted information from the public. Subjects -of such "classified" data range from top defense secrets to information on private busi ness operations. A congressional report, based on replies from 63 federal departments'-and agencies to a questionnaire on handling of secret papers, cited such authority as the constitution and a long series of laws for curbs on information. Hearings Open Monday The report was released yesterday by the House Government Information subcommittee as a prelude to public hearings on the issue of freedom of information, which open next Monday. The subcommittee is headed by Rep. John E. Moss (D-Calif.). The compilation of replies from agencies :also revealed that the Office of Defense Mobilization, in cooperation with other departments of government, is now drafting plans for a "wartime office of censorship" to function in any new major emergency. Tabulation of the questionnaires revealed that 25 departments and • agencies spend a total of $2,791,870 a year on their individual security programs. . This figure does not include the ' super-secret Central Intelligence Agency which said it could not disclose its costs on classification of documents because this work , "is an integral part of the overall security control of the agency." Barred By Law The CIA added that it is barred by law from giving even titles or salaries of its officials. Biggest spender on work to classify information or reports as secret or confidential, according to the congressional study, is the Atomic Energy Commission. It listed its annual expenses for "document control" as $1,700;000. AEC said the figure does not include "costs of secretarial handling of documents, record-keeping systems, transportation of lop secret documents by courier, and physical protection for classified .material." The National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, which handles secret aviation research, reported spending $250,000 annually for security controls. The Defense Department was next in line, with $157,000. Next came Civil Defense. $157,000; the Agriculture Department, $126,194; the State Department, $82,000; and the Justice Department, $80,000. •" '"' : The Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commerce Department both told the 'Moss subcommittee that they withhold information obtained from private j individuals and corporations on a confidential basis. But they said they try -to make ther findings marizing data received. GOP Women Set Fund Campaign 11I& iJJCCU VL -IV JV*IUtO VII mv. WASHINGTON W—A doorbell- f ac e and 7 knots submerged. ringing appeal by women for GOP rector. It will be expanded on a Didn't Ask Favors national scope early next year, she said, under general direction Mrs. Julie B. Kirlm of Boston. Winter Is Here To Stay Chicago's first snowfall of the season left a white coat on these autos last night. . Blowing snow and slippery streets were blamed by police for a record of five traffic deaths in seven hours. Snow measured two inches in the city and up to three in the suburbs. (AP Photofax) Gary Crosby Scores 'Hit' At Night Club HOLLYWOOD Wl — Gary Crosby made a 'smash night club debut last night at Giro's. The husky, eldest son of Bing played the small role of "Darryl Hump," Hollywood musical comedy star, in a revue. The show spoofs the recent Qoris Day-James Cagney movie, "Love Me or Leave Me," the. story of singer Ruth Etling. . Any similarity between the MGM movie and the' night club revue was intended to be (hilarious. Crosby's brief comedy appearance with Huntz (dead end kid) Hall was easily' the show's standout The two also duelled on a rock 'N' roll number called "The Samurai Sword Blues." ,The Crosby debut was before a hard-to-plcase show-business audience, most of whom paid Giro's going price of $28 per fifth of scotch. Ringsiders included Milton Berle, Sammy Davis Jr., Sheree North and Ray Bolger, all'of whom joined in the crowd's lusly applause for Crosby's performance. Bing was not there. A friend explained the father was afraid he'd make his 22-year-old son too nervous on opening night; Owner Launches Homemade' Sub »«, », «, — «.- - «,- LONG BEACH, Calif. (fl — A available, to the public by sum- homemade submarine was chris tened with champagne and aunched yesterday. Tlie three-man, 41-foot Cetacean — cherished dream of diving shell designer Edmund Marline — has a 150-horscpowcr motor and a cruising speed of 10 knots on the sur- Wilh Hie submcrsiblc's powerful campaign contributions was an- searchlights and cameras Marline nounced today by the Republican hopes to explore hidden ocean national committee. valjcys and caves never seen be- A pilot program already set up fore by man. Specially designed in Maryland will be launched i cgs enable the sub lo stand on formally in Baltimore Nov. 15, said the ocean floor. Miss Bertha Adkins, 'women's di- WASHINGTON Ml—Sen. Chavez (D-NM) returned today from a six . -i r i-> v- v t r> i if-niu' .^.....^. *»< — j ..„ ..... — cm m. , rs. Julie B. Kirlm of Boston. wceks Europcnn tour declaring "I tov - s op p os iti on ( 0 reunification o The campaign will sock small ncvcr askcd for a(]y spccial fa . . ds no lo . 3 contributions from women to help ,. Jn conncction wilh the trip. vnlid the West contends. finance next year's election drive. Grain'Trade Quiet . CHICAGO 1/B — In a very quite trade grains showed only minor price changes at the opening on the Board of Trade today. Dog Fouls lip 'Novel Attempt 9 To Settle Suit NEW YORK— (INS)— Myra Click and Alfred Dpnofrio both claimed the little fox terrier as their own. So Brooklyn Munici-'- pal Justice Murray Feiden let the dog decide for himself. The dog, known either as 'King Boots or Heshy, trotted into court, licked the hand of Mrs. Click, Donofrio, a few total strangers and then started for Justice Feiden. The judge awarded the dog "to Mrs. Click on the basis of other evidence. Man Wanted To Kill Child, Shot By Wife SAN ANTONIO, Tex.—(INS)—An nvestigation was made today into ic confession of a 43-year-old /oman who said she killed "her usband and buried him on an sland in the Gulf of Mexico be- ause he was going to make her ill her daughter. The confession was made yes- erday to Texas Rangers at King- ille/Tex., by Sally Canales Waren or Worden,' who surrendered fter learning her husband's body ad been recovered on Padre sland, 15 miles off Corpus Christ!. Rangers identified the victim as 45-year-old San Antonio real state man who went under two ames—Buford. Warden or Don Vorden. His body was recovered ast Saturday. The woman, who was broughttto an Antonio after her confession, ave this account of the slaying. She had gone to Padre Island n a fishing trip Oct. 22 with her aisband and her five-year-old laughter by a previous marriage, ifter finding a secluded spot, her lusband forced her to dig a grave or the girl and told her. that he vanted the girl shot, covered with ill, burned and buried. After a struggle, she grabbed the gun from her husband's belt and hot him twice. Then she buried lim and returned to Corpus Christi. The woman said she married Vorden or Warden after divorcing a millionaire oil man from Fremont, Tex., three months ago. Labor Board Probe Urged WASHINGTON Wl — Sen. Me Jarlhy (R-Wis) wants the Senati Investigations subcommittee h once headed to undertake an im mediate probe of the National La bor Relations Board, already un dcr study by a House group. "I have succeeded in uncovcrin; facts which, if true, establish th existence of a currently functior ing Communist cell" in Ihe.NLRB McCarthy ...-wrote .'Sen. McClella (D-Ark),--present head of the sub committee. McCarthy made his letter publi late yesterday. McClellan was ou of the City, and there was no in dication what stand he woul take. Concessions ' (Continued from Page 1) unified but neutralized German (either one of which would su Russia), or a reunified German allied with the West. The Western pressure on Molo tov for concessions on German grows out of apparent conccssior which Dulles said yesterday Mol< tov had made on- security. The Western argument is: Ru sia's opposition to a unified Ger many allied wilh the West ha been based on the fear that sue a Germany would . be a threat t Soviet security, but now it turn out that Molotov's 'ideas on Eu ropcan security are not so fa apart from the ideas of the Wes ministers. Therefore, Mo Molotov. however, gave no in dication yesterday of weakenin MU v v-i druvv-i* .»v/i "'.'j M j* *, s. •-. • ... ^yULll 11V J^l UUllUo liu iu vors" in conncction with the trip. Vli \\d, the West contends. GI Insurance Dividends WASHINGTON MT—Nearly 514 under this argument. He redicule million World War T and World the idea a reunified Germany a War 11 veterans will split about lied with the West would provic 219 million dollars in government any "security guarantees to th life insurance dividends next year. Soviet Union." Policeman Shoots Estranged Wife .Im v To Decide Whether Wife To lleenact Woodward Slaying M1NEOLA, N. Y. Wl — Nassau County Dist. Ally. Frank A. Gulotta says the November grand jury must decide whether Mrs. William Woodward Jr. should be required to reenact the sholgim killing of her husband. Woodward, 35-year-old socialite and turfman, was shot to death early Sunday in the dark hallway of his Oyster Bay home by a blast from a shotgun wielded by lis blonde wife, Ann, 39. Mrs. Woodward has told police she fired in panic outside her bedroom door after being awakened )y what might have been the bark- ng of the family dog. Reports of a prowler'in the fashionable neigh- Church Did Not'Pressure 9 Meg To Give Up Townsend Snow, Cold, Rain Harass Most Of U.S. By The Associated Press There was a touch of wintry veather, snow jroad areas of and cold, over the midcontinenl borhood caused the couple, who occupied separate bedrooms, to keep their beds for protection. Police said a young, man, arrested and charged with burglarizing a home in the area, has admitted breaking into the Woodward's six- car garage and a cabana beside their swimming pool last Friday night. He'.is 22-year-old Paul W. Wirths, a German refugee bricklayer. Wirths has denied, however, being on the Woodward property at the time of the shooting. Wirths," arrested Tuesday, is being held in lieu of $5,000 bail in Nassau County Jail pending grand jury action. After Woodward was buried yeslerday, Gulotta — asked if Mrs. Woodward would be required to appear before the grand jury — said he would "do anything the grand jury requests" .in the way of reconstructing the fatal- shooting. . . The November grand jury is to be sworn in next Wednesday at Mineola. The district attorney said thai if Mrs. Woodward volunteers to go before the panel the request must be granted and she must waive immunity. On the other hand, Gulotta said, should she be ordered before the fore the grand jury she automatically would be granted immunity — that is, anything she told the jury could\not be used against her. and Northwest areas today. '• The first snow of the season fell n many, parts of the Midwest,' with :hree inches reported in northern Illinois, and from one to two inches in Chicago. The blowing snow and slippery streets were blamed police for five deaths in traffic- accidents in Chicago in seven lours last night. Temperatures edged to near zero n some northern Midwest areas. Readings in the 'teens extended wouthward over the-Dakotas..into Nebraska. The freezing line covered sections from the eastern part of Lake Superior southward :o northwest Indiana and southwest into central Oklahoma, across the Rockies, over most of Nevada and riortheaslward inlo cenlral Montana; Brisk -northerly winds were, .r eported in many areas; The wet belt during the night extended from the central Gulf Coast up the Mississippi Valley and over Ihe eastern Great Lakes region. Snow fell southward lo Indianapolis and. rain mixed with snow fell in Michigan. The snow was reported as far south as Springfield, 111. A new slorm from the Pacific spread rain and snow .over the Northwest Stales. Two lo four inches of snow fell in Ihe mountain regions of Washington. Wet and cooler weather was in prospect for wide sections in the Northeastern part of the country. LONDON l/fl — The archbishop of Canterbury denied last night :hat the Church of England had brought pressure on Princess Margaret to give up Peter Townsend. The archbishop, Dr. Geoffrey Fisher, ranking prelate of the An- gelican -Church,''made his statement on a television program of Lhe government-sponsored British Broadcasting Corp. He broke his silence on the Margaret-Townsend romance, terminated by the Princess because of the Anglican ban on the remarriage of divorced persons, after some sections of the press had called for disestablishing the state church. As the archbishop spoke,'audiences' at London movie theaters were hissing newsreel scenes showing him at a.recent opera performance. Townsend, a Royal Air Force group captain, divorced his wife in 1952 on grounds of adultery. Commentator Richard Dimbleby commented during the TV show that some people regard- the church as timid in its attitude toward divorce. "Timid?" asked the archbishop. "We are fighting against a great popular wave of stupid emotion, and. we are winning the batlle." The Princess made her firsl mblic appearance since her. deci- :ion. when she allended a special service at St. Paul's Cathedral last ;ht. .'..-. There are 20 types of poisonous snakes in Ihe United States, divided into four kinds: coral snakes, copperheads, water moccasins and rattlesnakes. , Took 44 Lives: Explosives Expert Will Probe Crash ; LONGMONT. Colo, tf) — United Air Lines has hired an explosives expert to delve into circumstances ,. surrounding the crash of one of its . . DC6Bs near here Tuesday night '• wilh the loss of 44 lives. .' : The announcement from UAL's ^ Chicago office yesterday quoted Q President W. A. Patterson as say- „ ing "all indicates evidence now this accident strongly resulted from an explosion in the air." Patterson's statement said: "Determination of responsibility for the accident is beyond the authorily of United Air Lines alone. Federal and local officials-are now. working at the scene." Prior to Patterson's statement, a United spokesman in Chicago had said: "Sabotage is not considered." Mercury is the. smallest planel in our solar system. The Manhattan HAS OVER 40 SMART AND COLORS IN FAMOUS Windy Cily? MEXICO CITY Wl — Sign in a .eather shop: English spoken wholesale. Australia Labor Party Will Recognize Reds CANBERRA Ml — Australia wil withdraw her troops from Malay; and recognize Communist China i the Labor parly is returned at the Dec. 12 elections, Labor leaders said today. They said this policy was decided on at a party meeting Steel worker (Continued /ro?n Page 1) The man recovered and is back at work. The lung is helping polio victims, people with injured chests patients in breathing troubles after surgery oV for other causes. Dr. Morch's lung did the breathing for a month day and night for the crushed man. It blew air gently into his lungs, then let it es cape. The man's own breathing muscles stopped working, his motionless ribs could knit. The new lung is a transparent plastic box, two feet wide, three feet long, a foot high. It can be shoved under a bed. ;. Herman Baker, 37, a one-lcggcd policeman, covers his face as he is led from Brooklyn, N. Y.. Domestic Relations Court yesterday after'shooting his estranged wife, Sandra, 38, shown receiving •tlention at right,-The shooting occurred in the crowded court waiting room. Police sitid Baker walked up behind his wife and slid htr in the neck, wounding her critically, as she waited for a hearing «ri domestic difficulties. Baker lost a leg in a motorcycle accident several years ngo. {AP Slocks Move Up NEW YORK MV-A good forward push today look the Stock Market up substantially in several key areas in early dealings. Gains ran to around 2 points al the outside. Losses were fractional Seeks Nomination RIVERSIDE. Calif. MV-Aviatri: Jacqueline Cochran Odium, wife o financier Floyd Odium, will seel the Republican nomination for Congress from the 29th District next year. Hoftfery Special! 51 Gouge — 15 Denier NYLONS | IUXURT SHEER • DARK SEAM 67c,, 3 poirs . . . $1.99 GUARANTEED PERFECT KINNEY'S 11» iALTIMORE ST. SOCKS These famous Interwovens fit you like a glove . . . and one size fits all! They just glide on and adjust naturally, smooth, perfectly to YOUR FOOT. They never droop, wrinkle, never twist and pull ... And so many handsome new-patterns, designs, clocks and solid colors, you'll want one of each. THE MEN'S CORNER BALTIMORE STREET AT LIBERTY THE MANHATTAN I T COMES upon the heels of the most successful Buick in history—and beats it on every score. In shimmering steel and solid sinew, it's Buick for 1956—and there's never been any tiling like it for pure automobile. . You "et a cood hint of what we mean when you take • O O s in its sweep-ahead styling—from the air-splitting prow of its V-front grille to the robust rake of its canted rear profile. You get an even belter hint when you open the doors and see the dazzle there. But it's when you put this beauty to the city streets and the open highways that you learn the best of it. For here is performance without parallel. A new advance in Variable Pitch Dynaflow* goes airplanes one better-steps up your getaway in normal driving without switching the pitch. But when you do need that When better automobiles are built Buick will build them extra surge, it's there instantly— and in extra abundance. The might of big 322-cubic-inch V8 engines in every Series brings new record high power to all Buicks — ROADM^.STEB, SUPER, CENTURY, and the bedrock-priced SPECIAL. And to handle such dynamic driving power, the whole rear end has been endowed with extra brawn and-heft and solidity. We could spread before you an acre of blueprints on the engineering gems that spark the spectacular performance and ride and handling and readability of these great Buicks for 1956. But you can get the full and magnificent story right now, at our showroom, in a facc-to-face meeting with the best Buick yet —now on display, and setting a dazzling new pattern for 1956. *jVeiu Advanced \ 7 ariablc Pitch Dynaflow is the only Dynaftoio Buick builds today. It is standard on Roadmastcr, Super and Century—optional at modest extra cost on the Special. SEE JACKIE GLEASON ON TV Every Saturday £v«nmg Thompson Buick Corporation 429 N. Mechanic Strut Cumberland, M4. Phone FA 24400 St. Cloud Motors 102 last Main Street Froitbiirf, Ml. t>hana 441

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