Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 9, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 9, 1933
Page 5
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TOLA. KANSAS THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 9, 1933. PAGE FIVE & WHERE TO MARKET (Recipes Selected By Rutfc Lynn."! LOW COST MENUS FOR ENTIRE WEEK (Continued from Page 4.) Bread Butter Tapioca Pudding ; Milk Coflce Baked Stuffed Ilean. 1 pork heart ; 1 cup bread crumbs '-onion, finely chopped 3 tablcisiMons bacon drippln-s Stock or water 'i teasiwon celery salt 1 teaspoon ;;alt 'i toasijoon jiepper Season the bread crumbs witli _ onion, sail, jx^ppcr, and csjlery salt. -Moisten with slock or water In which' bacon drippings have Ix'cn melted. Cut out any hard parl.s of the Jieart and wa .';h; It thorouKhly. Dry and; stuff with drcKsln:<. Place 11 In II casserole with, a Utile wa- ' ter, cover elo.seiy. and bnltc In a slow oven F.,1 until It Ls lender, about three hours. miDAY Breakfast Tomato Juice Fried CornmealMush Brown Sugar Svrup - ^Ulk' . • Coriec Lunch Baked Beans with Salt Pork Creamed Potatoes ^^^holc wheat Bread Duller Milk Dinner .Lamb Stew with Vegetables Ai>ple. Salad •Bread • MUk Lamb Stew. 2 pounds Jamb 4 tablespoons lard C> small caiTots 6 potatoes 6 small onions 1 teaspoon salt ^ teaspoon pepper Have meat cut into pieces suitable for stewing. Brow-n the pieces on all sides in a kettle' containing hot lard. Add boiling water and simmer until the riicat is tender. Cut the j carrots into lengthwise pieces and !add them, together with ihe pota- i toes and onions, about forty-five ; minutes before serving. Ser\'e at- I tractively arranged on a hot platter, with the meat in the center and the vegetables in attractive .groups around It. ' Butter Coflee ' SATURDAY Breakfast Sliced Bananas Toast Milk Coffee Luneh | Macaroni wilJi Tomato Sauce i Broad Butter I Baked Apple Milk • Dinner ; Braised P6rk' Liver Mashed Potatocsj i Gravj: Shredded Cabbage 'and Carrot Salad '. Whole Wlieat Bread Butter Milk ' Coflee ! . Brai.sed Liver. I 2 pounds iwrk liver • . 4 or 5 bacon slices j 4 tablespoons flour : i 1 teaspoon salt, ; ! 's teaspoon pepper 1 Wipe the liver with a damp cloth and remove any membrane. Place in' a baking dish, sprinkle with salt and pepper and flour. Pour 1 cup i boiling water over the meat, cover, ; and bake in a moderate oven (350d ! P.) until it is tender, about two hours. During the last tw^enty minutes of cooking, remove the cover and lay several thin slices of bacon over the; liver and continue cooking without cover until thfe bacon is crisp ani the liver is browiiea. Butter Coffee 'SUNDAY Breakfast Sliced Oranges French Toast with Browii Sugar Syrup Milk . Coffee Dinner Roast Pork Shoulider Browned Potatoes with Gravy Cole Slaw Whole Wlieat Bread Baked Apple Milk , Supp<'r Scalloped Potatoc.-i Mi'ut Salad Sandwiches Milk Tea Roast Pork Shoulcler. Have a fresh picnic shoulder trim- riled and skiiuied at the market. Wipe it with a damp cloth,..sprinkle it with salt and pepper and dredge with flour. Place the roast fat side up on a rack] 'in an open rousting pan without rjdding any water. Put it in a hot oven (480d P.) and sear for thirty minutes, or until lightly browned. Then reduce the temperature verj- quickly to. a moderate heat (300-325d F.) and continue cooking until the meat is done, allowing thirty' minutes per pound. Do not cover the roaster nor add any water during the cooking process. Swiss Steak. Any cheaper cut of beef, as for pot roast. In deep pan put two or thi'ee heaping tablespoons of fat. the meat, pepper and salt it. and place over the fat. Cover tightly a'nd place over a low flame.. Cook about one hour. Turn meat and KANSAS CONGRESSWOMAN WEDS Kansas voters last November elected Katharine O'Laughlln as their first v.oman congressman, but Mrs. Daniel M. McCarthy will be their representative when the new congress convenes., For Miss O'Laughlln has married Slate Senator McCarthy, who assisted her congressional campaign,, after supporting her opjxinent in the primary-. The couple is shown after Che wedding ceremony at Hays, Kan., the .bride's home. slice three onions on top of meat. Cover tightly and cook another hour or until brown. GROCERY MARKET CASH SOUTHEAST CORNER OK SQUARE CASH WE DELIVER ?1.00 GROCERY ORDERS OR $1.00 MEAT ORDERS! WE DO NOT DELIVER SMALLER ORDERS. COFFE Pound Can Special 52© E Lb. can Sensation, speciaL . .32c 3 lbs. M & M Spec. Peaberry 55c 2 1b. bag Rio 23c Daisv .85c £P AOtSJT 48 lb. bag Jersey Cream eSc Pprk & Beans^ ^^J^^^' 25C Light House Cleanser, 3 Cans 10c MACARONI 1 large packages Fig Bars ''•'t^oS^t'' Fine for Ihe Children's Lunches TOMATOES "'tranffor'"" 25e MAGIC WASHER Makes work delightful—A modern Soap Powder Large 27 Oz. Package, Special 19c — ^ 10 Bars Magic Washer Soap 21c .5 Pounds Small IPl ^UVfi^^ I I'ounds Medium * ;j Pounds UirRC ffii <!«tlipS««c!« Thompson Setdless MdllMOi^ -1 Pound Bags mn 1 A CHERRIES Pitted 49c rail I If BLACKBERRIES 39c 11V. IV sLiOED PEACHES 35c ^a^^—^^Michigan Navies 5 lbs. 14c JD^BcAna .daho Large White .5 lbs. 19c RICE ^"K „"ds™19© CRACKERS It::^"'''^':' 17c PEPPER Black, Lb. Package 19e Pancake Flour 3y2Lb .Bag 15c Syrup '"''t^S 27© Sweet Potatoes ^^o "p^u"ds'' 13c GRAPE FRUIT ^fiL^' 10c ORANGES ''""'rsi ^e'^""* 29c APPLES ."^KSr" 6 Lbs. 25c BABY BEEF Corn Fed Extra Quality Boils, Rib or Brisket, lb. . .6c Roasts, Tender Chuck, lb. . . ... I21/2C Prime Ribs, boned, rolled and tiedi lb; .18c Fancy Baby Beef Liver, ib .18c CREAMERY BUTTER Special lb. 19c OLEO Special Price lb. . 9c SLbs.25e PORK Corn Fed Home Killed Half or Whole Heads, ib .2c Fresh Side, half or whole, lb :.. 6c Pork Liver, per lb. 5c Shoulder Pork Roasts, leap, lb : 7c Pig Hams, whole, trimmed lb. .. 8c Sholuders, whole, rough, lb. ..........5c Fresh Ham Roasts, young hogs, lb. ... 10c Pure Pork Sausage, lb. 8c; 4 lbs 25c Prices of Pork have advanced 25'; the past few days. Our prices are remarkably low for this week-end. • CHEESE No. 1 Wisconsin lb. 15c CORNED BEEF Extra Fine Ib. nV2C Corned from choice cuts of beef—no waste. Heavy Beet CORN FED Boils, Per lb. .. .4c Roasts, Tender Chuck, lb. 7c Steaks, Round or Sirloin, lb. 15c; 2 lbs. 25c Hamburger, pure meat, no cereal, 4 lbs. for .. - 25c ' We slaughter your Hogs an^ Cattle and cure your Pork. Very nominal charges. STODDARD McFADDEN MENZIE I REAL ESTATE TEANSFERS | 1 (tYom the Office of The Xola i I Abstract Co., 108 W. Jackson) | * -r—_ —• « February 8, 1933. : J. L.Cardin and Hazel Bell Cordin, his Wife to Security Bldg. & Loan Association, lots 1. 2, 3, 4. 9, 10, 11 and 12, block 3, Wakefield's Second Addition to the City of\ Humboldt;, $1. Elmer 3. Hayden and Anna E. Hayden, ^ his wife to MatUda T. Brewer, of SEVi of 20-25-20, $1. Max Brinnon and Ethel Brlnnon, his wife to Security Bldg. & Loan Assn., 81 -1 of lot 9 and N',-.- of lot 10, block 102. City of lola, $1. John A.j Williams and Ella E. Williams, hlsi wife to Security Bldg. & Loan Assh.. lot 17. block 21. Highland Plack an addition to the City of lola, $i LIBERTY . (Florent J. Heiman.) Feb. 6.—Mr. Gifford, who has been making his home with Mr. A. L, Townsend, has been spending a few days with lils son Harry Gifford and family at Buffalo, Kas. .Those on the sick list tM past week or more are Mrs. A. L. Townsend. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd McDaniel and baby, and Elmer Wilson. Ray Wilson has been breaking one of his colts for the spring work the past week. pinner gueste at the parental yr. V. Wilson homo Sunday were ; Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ballah of Fulton, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. CoUins and family of sovith of Plqua, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Townsend, and Herahcl and Elmer Wilson. W Ison Heath was an afternoon caller; We are. sorry to report the automobile accident of Mr. A. L. Townsend lost Tuesday evening which happened on the highway west of lola. The cause was a broken cross- rod on the steering device. Mrs. W. V. Wilson visited with Miss "borothy Hillbrant at St. John's hospital Satxirday afternoon. Miss Hillbrant is rapidly Improving. Mr. and Mrs. Art Townsend and baby of LeRoy visited at the parental George Wilson home Simday. William Heiman and son Florent made a business trip to Westphalia and-Oamett Thursday evening. Mrs. Ray Townsend, Mrs. Douglas Ballah, and Mrs. J. M. CoUins were afternoon callers at the George Wilson home Sunday. Lloyd Searcy overhauled Wilson I Heath's car last Monday. Mrs. Rebecpa Finch visited at the home of her son, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd McDaniel Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. W. C Johnson and family visited Sunday afternoon at the P. S. Heath home. Mrs. George Wilson and daughter Ruby visited with their daughter and sister, Mrs. Art Townsend at LeRoy Thursday. David Lee Collins is spending this week with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Wllsoh. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Flsk and Homer Cox visited at the Frank Hendricks home east of Carlyle Sunday nftcmoon. Mr. and Mrs. Glon pioud arid family enjoyed an oyster puppcr ^t the iiarental P. S. Heath home Saturday evening. ' ' Mrs. P. S. Heath who has been staying with her daughters. Mrs. John Hillbrant and Mrs. Bltll McClanahan In lola for the' pi^st ten days, returned home Tuesday.. Her daughters accompanied her home for a day's visit. Mr." arid Mrs. George Wilson and daughter Ruby visited at the John Harris home Friday evening. Mr.'and Mrs. W. V. Wilson nnd Nate, and Mr. and Mrs. RayTov.'n- send enjoyed an oyster supper at the J. M. Collins home " stnith of Piqua in honor of Mrs. ColUnS's birthday. Mr.and Mrs. WiUinm Helnian ani family formed part of a largi' Rath- ering of relatives at the; H- B. Bruggeinan home Sundny as a surprise party in honor of Mrs. Bn::;se- man's birthday. Mr. and Mrs, Gene FlKk ;'vi .sltPrt at the Charles Klvctt homo .west of Carlyle Wedne.sday aftcrnooH. Topeka—To finance comiilctlon of state lake projects now undAr construction or authorlz'pd. tlif. .stain forestry, fish and game comrnlssioh yesterday voted to flln nuptlc.atlon for a $250,000 loan with the Reconstruction Finance corpor.allon. The state legl.slaturc will be a^kcd to .sanction a plan whereby i'evcnuo from the sale of hunting . IH ^ fishing licenses would be pledged for retirement of the l6an. You probably have something you want to sell and the best way to let the people know about It Is through Reei.ster Clas.sifled Ads Come over to tfte SUNNY SIDE OF LIFE Do YOU want to feel always at j'our best? To meet each day wrth fresh vitality? You can. For v.'hen you're healthy, you're happy. . A delicious cereal provides ihe "bullc" that is so important in overcomingcommon constipation. : Tests show Kellopg's ALL- BR.\N also supplies vitamin B to further aid regular habits. In addition, ALL-BR.*N is tv.-ice as rich in iron as an equal weiglit of beef liver. The "bulk"-in ALL^BKAN is much like that in leafy vegetables. What a relief to enjoy an appetizing cereal instead of taking patent medicines. Serve as a cerejil or use in cooking. Directions on the rcd- and-green package. Sold by all grocers. il^Iade by Kellogg in Battle Creek. of Flayprx. , '••-\< The fine June-butter flavor and pleasing aroma of Fairmont's Better Butter is repeated every day in every pound; there's a meadow fresh- 'ness,too. You will like it. Made in lola. PHONES 4Q1 402 403 B E WIS E: ^ B U Y WISE -AM P ECOMOMIZE AT BETTER FOOD STORE <^r-J D B>X r>IX TH C Ol F"FrEREIMCG WE DELIVE31 PREl 2 Mb. Rol ^lUM BACON Is 35c No. 10 FRUIT Peaches. Plums or Blackberries Per Can ...............32c LA oi 1 Ib. 4c; 1( RD JR O ) lb. PURE WS MAKE 38c Prattlow or All Gold Peaches SLICED OR H.ALVES ^ 2 No. 21 /2 Cans ...31c FREE POTATOES — Friday & Saturday : With each sale of either Baby Beef, Veal, or Heavy Beef Roast of 3 pounds or more, we will give FREE 2 serving size Baking Potatoes with each pound. Sausage or Fresh Side •i 4 lbs. or itiore, lb. ...4c Dried Apricots, 3 lbs 25c Prunes, 5 lbs. 25c SMALL MEATY \ Chipso Quick Suds or Crys­ Full Cream Cheese, lb. . ..12c tal White Chips- Large Package .... 15c Sugar, 20 lbs. ........ ..88c Otoe or Van Camp Pumpkin 3 No. 2V2 Cans 25c GOLD VALUE COFFEE — lLb,19c — 3Lbs.49G AND SON Market-We Deliver-Phone 227-Grocery POTATOES, No. IPeck 19c CELERY—Large bunch, well bleached 10c HEAD LETTUCE, large, solid, 6c ONIONS, Red or Yellow, 10 lb. 19c COFFEE, Folger's, Ib^ Oranges .2 Doz. 29c Sweet Potatoes .10 lbs. 12c Grape-Fruit,"Tx. Seedless, 7|for 25c Sugar, lOlbs. 44c Pineapple, No. 2ican .10c Peaches, No. 2^ can ......... lOc Tomatoes, Com, 4 No. 2 cans. .25c CORN, 303 dns, 5 for 25c Oats, large boxes; 2 for 25c Ketchup, large bottle ... .2 for 25c Dried Peaches 3 lbs. 25c BEANS, Navy, 10 lbs... 24c Lava or Big 4 Soap 7 bars 25c Quick Naptha Soap... .10 bars 19c Salted Peanuts, fresh... .2 lbs. 15c Bananas;lb... 3c PorkRoastv60 FANCY BABY BEEF Roast, Ib. .12c ;Steak, lb. 18c iBoils, lb .6c 01eo ,2lbs ....l76 Cheese, No. 1 14c lb. Dry Salt Meat .. 8c Ilj. Lard .. 5c lb. Chm ,2lbs ....lSc Beef Steak, lb 12c Beef Boil, per lb 5p Chunk Bacon, lb 8b BUTTER, Creamery, lb. 18^ Pork Chops, lb. ... lOc Pork Steak, lb. Si: Ribs, lb 7c BACK BONES, lb.... .5 G ii Frankf'ts or Minced Ham, 2 lb. 15c Fresh Cat Fish Link or Smoked Sausage ICc SUCEDMC0N,31bs..23e

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