The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on June 29, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1894
Page 1
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VOL. XVIII. NO. 10. CAUttOLL, IOWA, FRIDAY, JUNJB 2l>, KNOWLEDGE ' Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live bettor than others and enjoy life more, wltfc lese expenditure, by more promptly tdautlng the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the -value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. . Its excellence is due tofts 'preseirting In the form most acceptable an'd pleasant to the taste, the refreshing andtruly beneficial properties of a perfect lax* atlve; effectually cleansing the-system, dispelling cold*, headaches and fever* and permanently curing constipatioa It has given satisfaction to'millions and met with the approval of the medical profession, because it acts on-the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug- jfcts in 60c and f 1 bottles, bttt it is manufactured by the California'Fig Syrup Go. only, whose name n printed on every package, also the BMM, Syrup of Figs, and being well infonned/you will not accept any substitute if -offered. OBOBOB DIBBTTOBY SBNTBNdBD FOR LIFBJ. Special to the Sentinel. Dm Mounts, IOWA, June 39.— Jury finds Mrs. Betsey Smith guilty of murder and fixes the penalty at life imprisonment. f MtSi Smith was on trial for several days for poisoning her bceband early last spring. He had a life insurance pelipy of 98,000 and it was proven that she committed the murder in order , to gain possession of the money. Mr. Smith WBS blind and was considered as being greatly in Mrs. Smith's way The trial was one of the moat sensational that has been tried in the capital city for a long time. The court room was crowded with lady friends during the entire trial. —ED.] : _ RHPCBUOAN COHVJWTIOH. The Republican county convention met at the court bouse Tuesday afternoon and proceeded to select delegates to the state, congressional and judicial conventions. F. A. Charles was selected as chairman of the convention snd J. B. Hnngerford as secretary. The committee on credentials reported and the report was unanimously accepted. A committee of one from each township was appointed to select delegates to the' congressional convention and Qeo. W. Paine, candidate tor judge, was allowed to select the delegates to the judicial convention, as was B. I. Salinger, candidate for supreme court reporter, to the state convention. BaaMss •e. • •eavei Uasltse. Me. * Atlantis bstsss «?.i? Km* Hon. W.Gant J. B. HnngerfoM F. A. Beimett 0. A. Bteele 8. O. DiMkle A. T. Bennett A. C. Quint W. L. CulberUoo COIMBianOHAIi DBUEGATM. T. B. MflOJure D. H. Park Walter Simpson O. H. HoWdar W. L. Oulbertisn A. T. Bennett 8. D. meaty Oeo. Jeftiejw On motion ot'H. W. 1. Ekstrom J.A. taoNelll B.O. Kile C. D. oewln* DELAOATIS. H. E. Ruiiell B. I. Balmier F.A.Charles fleo. W. Brlgfl W. Haoombsr H. O. HAVEMEYER. ' TliT V^ who recently appeared before the senate _.„ OTtwe, u at the lead* of tbe so called Sugar Trust. He U SO yean of times a nuUionaira and the powmor of a mansion on Fifth avenue, New •a-awnmer home -at Greenwich, Conn. tlt« com- could btit witbnot avail. The sickness was due the child having eaten some ajreen Apples which produced inflammation of the bowels and was followed b/ look jaw. The parents are almost frantic with grief at the Iocs of tbeir HMle son to whom they were dearly aUnched and have the sympathy of the community in the loss of tbeir little eon who was so dear to them. WHOLE NO. 899. CARROLT, Classified Business Directory. MILLINERY. the delegates were instrnotdd to vote for J. P. Dollwrer tor congress, Geo. W.' Paine for judge and B.IL Salinger for supreme court reporter. The following township chairman were selected: Jasper, auilua Lane. Sheridan. 0. W. Sanderson. Aresdla, 0. A. Beltennann. Carroll, Jno. Oettr. > 14 Mt ward, J. A. MeNellL " 8d'ward,F. L. Blaelalr. " sthnwrd. Pater Youn«. Grant, Wm.RMnelte. OlkMen,W. P. Potter. Btenlana, at. p. Wilson. Ples«antVaUe>, J. J. times. Boselle.P, Thela. WaAlaiton,tfas. Wills. Warren, O, L. Patton, EdenW.t.Boott. Meirten,4no.8awvsl. Dnlou, A.C. ateeie. bility, so unfailing in their application, to tbe many afford litile security for the few and less tor the single individual. The majority of men reoogoiza the improvements of life insurance aad insure to some extent, but olsims for lasses prove conclusively that tbe sums insured are in most oases , inadequate. Man? whose enroinge are all that stand between their families and dependence upon charity, leave more liabilities than lite insurance. In many other oases mortgagee upon tbe homes of men of moderate means eueed the amount of insurance upon their lives. The man wb« is earning 99000 a year' and who expects to earn at tenet IStyOOO In 20 years is too apt to think tbat he ia doing his whole duty in the matter of life insurance whan be is in- His O'Neal wae considerably injured by the fall, so mnob that be was confined to bis room for some time. The horse after >nn- ning through all the principal streets of the city was canght and taken oars of and the owner did not find it until about noon the next day. Professional Cwd$, GKO, W. KOKTE, LAWYER "'** tot(wto * ut ** ** a A WOBO TO TU WISH. Although general business is jmost nn- MsfMtor* and shows M yet no trustworthy signs of improvement and although the great falilioal straggle going op at Washington is quieting many and satisfying Dene, nevertheless life insbr. snos eompanie* ere reported to be doing a good (Kuioess. Reference is often made to tbe marveieus growth -of Jife Jnsnr. eiioe, "but to it marvelous f Most man nave lneBri*d«bUgetlonsiamiarriagssnd faiherihmd wbtob Itmv oanBot i«oooent ly ignore, ao4 in the id >-M iak* the pres- rat when tbe wings t be > rii*H» take to ar<- »>»t»rlug away the pos- efi-eione of •ots.tuy mso, it .would be indeed mtmiuM if dependent families *«* not given MM proieetioaerf lite in. wnrance, la thews*** oases it to 4U only Immediate pioteetioa available, Whether m*w twlieve it oraot most of shem ars trustees j tbeir lives, tbeir oaf snred for $6;<HU or $10.000. tesaMy would not be likely to thjuk so should his earning* and bis life termin- ste suddenly. It is in just snob ooaee ae tbese~w.hen business is sluggish and on- certain and no one can look far into the More, that tbe duty of providing for his family by means of insurance should be impressed npon tbe average ottfcen. The low rate, absolute security plan of life insurance offered-by the Southwest- en Volnal Life association of Harebell town meets exactly the wants of all the people in these times of business ds. preeeion and ooascqusnt scarcity of money. It gins tbe Individual an op- portanity whereby be not only would protect those dependent upon him. but at tfae«ame lime be provides an estate v. noww ATTORNEY A i LAW. HBAOH * SOFT LAWYERS. M* Mf swteMl.sseH*. gsje» «.. OT*r HUw'tayr'idrVttiMiUsio* fr, M, DAVENPORT,;" i «*#r M4rfc'« dry vtoAt «(or«, u«mit opportuuiMes art a«4 wholly UMSHU M»y Mrs Md and s«M*f«4 «r ahoold ks) tot -'ilwr M well as for *aws»s»lves, an4 it is i| IMS*, • ex**** of Imt « by wfctob he can realize on himself in later years when his earning capacity has bean brought to an end. NBW IIUK CARD. 4 SMW time card went into effect 8no. day, then being only two ohsogat in it. One was the addition of another freight train vhleh goes west about a o'oloak a. m. e«d tbe other was a change in tbe " igipisssnger. It leaves here sow OABROI.I, OroLiKO Otcs. The wheelman of this city bave organized a cycling club and elected permanent officers*, the following officers have been selected: Greo.E. Neotle, president. £. P. Olovis, vice-president. B. T. Jeffrey, treasurer. ArthurBeaoh, aeoretary. O. M. Perrine, oapraio. M. E. Patterson, first lientenaot. Frank Nookels, sejood lieutenant. Board of ooutrol—B. T. Jeffrey, J. B Uzgerald^F..!!. Bobbys, Qeo. Dooms, Jno. Qaum. . • s Tue membsmbip of thu o*nS i g thirty- three. The colors are OI-IU.KB and black, by-lawe aad rules were adtiplod and the club is fully organiuzod. The membership will soon be increased to at least forty which will ooni>titnte a good strong club for a city ot Ibis ai». Wednveday nine of tbe members took their first olnb rid^goiug to Jefferson on toeir wheels to attend tbe cycling tournament at tbat place. DMTBOYED BT FIBB. EDFTORS SBNTIKEL: Lmt night between 10 and 11 o'clock tbe barn on the Gilley (arm occupied by Wm. J. Barley WBB bnroed to the ground, contents a totnl loss. Mr. Burley loses three work bones, one yonog colt, one calf, about 200 bnshele of corn, all of his hay and part of hie farm machinery and tools. Cause of the fire unknown. This is a most serious loss to Mr. B. who is an boneat, hard working man. We trust our generous hearted people will respond liberally to this call npon their generosity. More in detail later. OXO. W. BABCnaY. June 26, 1894. OABBOI.I, BEADING OIBOI.B. Tbe teachers will meet at the superintendent's offlos June 30. Tbe following is the program: Dealre for «ood standing ....... Misa anna Yegge Desire for approbation ........... .W. A. Dewing Desire for knowledge .......... K J. Rettenmater Desire for eBlnlenoy .................. Mae Wolfe Desire lor self control .............. Katie Zerwas Desire for future good ................ Nettle Fox Folk Love-Guinevere. OBA QUINT, Loader. Advertised Letters. The following letters remain uncalled fi>r at the postnfflcp, June 24, 1K«4, Unless delivered within thirty days Jn-m dat«thi»y will be forwarded to the «h-ail luttpr office at \Vanliln K ton,D. C.: MM. Mnttle Stoel jfrg. Alice C. Scott Mrs. Ed Salmnera Mrs. Nellie Fatten Ed Odea S.B. Olner B. M. Malm J.N. Lirnce K. H. Forest The law provides tbat one cent shall be paid for all letters advertiyed. When calling for same please state date of ad- vertiaeinent. JKQ. L. POWBUS, P, Si. MRS. M. SHADLE, Fashionable Millinery. M133 BtLA TODD. Mllllwrjr and Kanof Goods FINANCIAL. BANK. Cor. Main and Klfttt Streets. NORTHWESTERN BU[NDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, Fifth Street. FEED MILLS. I. J. A .1. B. MATLOCK, fifth Street HARNESS. ETC. L. T. ANDEK3ON, Harness and Hone Clothing, Trunks, Vallaes and Hewing Machines. WINES AND LIQUORS. VICTOR H. BTBPPOHN, "Tbe Dlnmond," Fourth Street PLUMBERS AND STEAM FITTERS. SHEFFIELD ft PATTERSON. Wind Mills, Tanki and Pomps. JOB PRINTING. DAILY SENTINEL, Adame r Best Kqulppeil Printing offlco In Western Iowa. T?IRE H BELUBLE INSURANCE In the beat companies at the lowest rates. It pays tp bare the beat. Better hiive no Insurance than t« be Insured In an unreliable company. The best companies can be teuured of H. W. MACOMBER OFFICE IN THE BANK OF CABBOM,. TKACIUHU' MKKTIMS. The teachers' meotlnj! of northeast Carroll county will meet at East Liberty school buusa July 7, 1604. All teachers are earnestly requested to attend. The program will be as follows: *>« ..................................... Sotleov Beadlug and Spelling. ............. UUtsnUoUbs **»"* ........... • ................. NeUek1«art Arlll "»- ll « ........................ L, A. Jennlngn K * •' ........... • .................. fraairixert iir,nuinar ................... .. Ueorve UemiburK b«ien««of KaucatloD ........ FtndlerBoberUon * lestond b> i he uae ol that matehKas tonte »r S to W 1? " >or " e Proserlption which set to >n n * «"• purt " Uobertio W. F. ROUBHTSOK, Corresponrtlug SeoreUry, a. m. and leaves at 4.^0 and ardves ej Oarroll 9:10 tana giving four boon tad thirty minutes i»iba>«t7. This makes a very — SMTIKICL: We hereby chil ISOK« the Carroll Htars to ulay a return game, or n series of two or three Kaut«» within next three weeks, either for a per cent or all of gate reoelpu, or for apune of from f 25 to |M« a ildu. player* «!!• >at have resided in each town , ,— _ —, , We uiclbrstaod the Stars claim ws are for those at this point D0 ' entitled to but o.e R ame each se«. . it .^ ,._. .. r- .i t-OB (roa| tbe fact 4hatGlidden never played but o«o game each year. wbioU wo ihiok a very slim mouse, for w« bavo many times challenged Carroll to play more than tlie one g»me spoken o(. and as our challenges were never ' - - wefo who desire to visit the oepital e4ty return the seme day *^ ' Uappy «»>» ai»d restful ul«bU resnlt from using Ayer'a Harsaparllla. It »o regulate* all 4fco bodily functions and and fatigue and life In truly ttnjoyed a most wonderful wedlelne. . unknown It ls oortalnly '••w**w«s »»•*«« *HV WBQ i Guooui CofcLKa* BASH BALI, TKAM. . - entire certainty of being restored bj ita tonic and nervine DronertiM t« «l>e mme perfect health andI regal teaity wDlcb men adore and tbe goda miiy envy. y The New York World never watts to be driven along the path of progress by bharp competition, but keeps so far In the lead that competition Is an Impossibility. The reputation of the Weekly World as tbe weuttuttDuuiooratle puper publishi'dis fully established U is Democratic In principle Duuiociallc In policy, Democratic in Ita sympathies, it ia not blindly or dlhhonwt- y partisan. It will not Hupcri bad u""n or bad nmaHures. 1 Tb W OllK is fOll-fllV I'KOPLE, THE WHOL" HKOHLK/and not for aur class or /uotlon, it wAl to (uuud at all times Hgntlng for the areiat cardinal principles of the Utiuiocrattc party, butnovel tor the sottish ends ofany ring or. Individual, its inlseullaneoua articles nre frush, well seluctrd and In- t«re»tlj>R. Its pa S es dovoiwl to Home. Fashlnn and Agriculture ere replete with articles of valuable and Interest/no•Information to all. The "Terlfl' Mule"arU- oJos now running In The Weekly• World have become celebrated on account of the plain, practical way in whloli th« option Isprmntod. ItlNa ar«e a- fcnluiuo paper for only tl.OO a year. li»v«i SHoceeded In msklne sppclal an »»ents by which we can P nraIs" i n WKKKLV HKHTINKI. and The Week! y°rto lone year both foronlv "- " dress TUB SENTimti,, Carroll, OF CARROLL, IOWA. Capital, $100,000.00. Surplus, $5,OOO.OO« Opened business Feb. f, isss, OniCKRM AJID JUBXoroiM ;'" C. A. MAST, - - - president U. W. WATTLES, - - vice President o. L. WATTLES, - - cashier. J. E. Hrunth, v. Hinricbi, M. t. Stones, Chan. Waltetteaeld. Bumner Wallace, > loan laterect paid on time depodta. Uon«i to on good i^curlty. Drafta tor aale on all parts~ot thei»orld. Steamship tickets to and from all paitoof lurope. Insurance written In the b5t We will Sell Until JULY 4, J894 We TOLD IN A FEW WORDS. W L. ft*, Uwg OsTAKQB. HTIES S tewitt^ „, „ ovifljousaiid B- Ot Co., iegsi«b«H »b)e to Mlis, Tbs huiibMidoifamr who h«s th*r ides of <ltti of iBoreMiug b.1* ui>»u4iu| them for >.*iU«iMli«4lMwd'Hialbto w»b*d nU IheA be is* (MMtpaf |H spirit, if not ii w Mow often it b»pp*w thai «M« «wlv Uw resj lomabii of W», iU op- Iw, (to duUM and ittf«Mtal sJokoM* or years , iudiMtoiUcJuwi. buoynuoy, ito Bin ito««f«oitjifor to «bt ww The chillenge two of for C ,,M. °" ro "' •"">•»»• Captain. «hedu»* ihal •piri ilf DMtiouattoe wA \» •Mr Ipof «#/, kHi |hj tfaTfflf fsMlsV y«wj| Balph will bav* paraonaj oharge of tMI "-""•• »»»«eni *»»». bwiMei aad as be hw a great Jealot«, 0bwjM ••" «»• »*n are .ilUng to perleno* IB pbologrspJiy MS MimM of dW * od lb * Jf ^W OB land or m •! any •Wa Arm may nMt Msnred tkat they will l|wt Md BU(lM ^f ^WHM^-— »••- gvttbs test «ork ponlbto, TlMn«w0rai f«»» ••" andoubtodly to a •iUMkfwaateM«fito Mi^ift «f I for both clubs |WM good iSULtat!&" B * ^l^^-Jllj^-P^ball. The |Md OM , , not » ffw:t «> Pltt«bu w . I)*nv»rnorClnolnn»tl »ou«ld. a urakomau. and Henry M0y*rs, a negro, were killed Iu a fretuu' wreck near Sunlow, W. Vm, MlM Alice Babbitt, daughter of ex -Con 8rea«mat . UabbUv. was nurrlod at Delolt Is . to F. E. Lurteii of NorUifl«ld, M lutt A Vatidella freight train ww wrecks Kemp. Us., by the breaking of ths frout ruck of the eu v lu«. No one was.killed Qovwnor Flsbyck spoke at Brlukley Ark., auU dvfondMl ulotsttlf against slatt d«rous attaoka being made outlm. A c«w of black smallpox ha* been at.. covered In the MllwauSie h"se of wr- rwtton, where MT ejnviots •reooifluej Indiana mine operators liav« yielded to tbsd«»u«udpf tbeir nsii tor tuwaUa P«jr aud work bus OMU rwmued w **" tt Ba-QoVeruor Huastll was tbs oblef " 1 " W " n **"* lmnita K«*Jud««Johq 0. Fiuuey.a w«U known goue .-., -_, w ^ — „*, ,r m,w *f, T««f Iwitt haoauw (rigtteued M * .Urted to werthtlJatibe an**)* of 8t Patrluk, tllud at St. Uula. Olii«f Artliur, of Ui« I^ouoiuotl uwn. wyH bis oraaulution has to du wltb ths r-uTlwau strike, TJM> trlttl of Klmer SatUay. i«te of ««• Spring and Summer Clothing at actual 'cost, gents' furnishing goods, hats and caps. We c a n sell cheaper than anyone in Oarroll county. MINOHEN & 00. First Door Gaat of PoBtofflce. DAIIillNG I JAMES CAIN has his paint shop located over Billy Smith's wholesale liquor Bt<mJ on Main St., where orders can be left for all kinds of House and Sign Painting and Interior Decorations, Prices moderated to suit the olass of work desired. WUUtttu M. 8pWuu«r w»»' r ni ? COUtfft^ti bf *—* »» ' »

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