Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 3, 1928 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 3, 1928
Page 2
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i PAGE TWO St LYNM ji TJi? Story .ThMH Far ! |.!|1 )e stocv is laid in the Indian t^idfory and along the Kansas -^rffer in the 'SO 's, when a fight iVaa tbeiiig waged by the "Booni- ei**? foYi the Opening ot the tcr- litnry'tp'sottlcnient. Chief characters are: - iTONViHARRISON. orphaul-d at his father nyaa niur- ifiR«d in a poker game: i r PAWNEE ,Blt.U atl.venliircr. Ihdiau Interpreter and Hfiow- . . • JOT) CRAIG, who. -takes ToiiS' to the Bar K ranch to Itvc; 'TiTUa MOORE, '^PWlk •r of the Kir-K: - 'T, I jRiTA MOOHB, hts imie tiim- bjnr daughter. : I . ;Wh«n Tony 1 S!J 5 nitu and her ~; nother depart fur {Vfrginia and tie *oy learns for'tho first time hbir^mitch he cares for the Utile red>-haired, arrot:an< niiss. l^oore is one of the chief op- 'i^nants oi; the riiovenieut to open XAJahonia. Word Is riscelved ihat OAVID PAYNE,, leader of the iiioT«ment,-,is dead, and Tony, in bis loyalty to .Moore, is troubled •because of bis sympathy for Payne'a cause. He tries, to forget Rita >ioore a^d acoompanies Pawnee Bill and BUFFALO BILL ou a wild west «lipv tour, t • • * ,» OFCASCllf Kpndrfb I,«>agne Society Waicli Party. Jlo I'lNUxJi .Siw- dajr Onlngr to Shortage of Ua$4 , Mrs. A P. Holtea.) OAB CITY. Jan. 3.— Arthur Bet^ lag of Baxter Springs is vlsltteg J his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John- Ueed &ig. . ^.Owlng to til© bad weather which ctusrai a small attendance, the Ntw Year's watch parly, which vrasi io be held at. the cliurch by the ijpworth League was' held, at Hir/Hohcn liome. Tlie evenlug Was spent; in playing games and iia\|Qg '3 -jafty good time. At 12 u'clbck the. i tcagucrs weieonKd the New .Year In by having the <hurch ^cll f rung. Rerre ;shn {cnls wci-o serjred all FIB OE THE YCLE. Out of tempestuous wilderness ' You came, O fir—a. swamplaud drear With tumult of J9UOW and thu .. wind's stiresB, Where the lynx wall ciits u livid scar Through, blanching night to the . far-dim star; Out of a solitude where year 0» patient year, above the feud Of claslring elements that swirled About you In a desolate world. You hire yourself With fortitude. - •'(MIKUOKKK. CA.V Vol.- rNlJKRSTA.VU.v' AHKAIl OF CS! IS A PATHKR ASn I'lAlOGEl) .lOK CHAW.. RVS. HOY. RIX:" ior. Indians i-.i hoots, which ain't ; likely. Probably happened two or I thiioc days'afio. Couie on." d\ Thoy followed the plain trail of CHAPTER XXX. ; ; catt'c hoofs for several miles, to a TJie show cJosed in .Denver the : Poi'it,where they merged into thoii- 'ifoJiorwing spring and Tony Harri-|-''and^ of other prints Just like aoQ went back to the Bar K. Some thenvi There Craig shook his head, tlnaie later Pawnee Bill and his i ".-V'herd going IH » to Caldwell.'.' Indfans! went east; again to join • he pronounced. -.Might he a Texa-s He^ aiidBigelow and Tony heard 'outfit, but I doubt it: it's so late ' froib hjm from lime to time, his, In Uio year. I'll bet my last dollar .lett)ers ^ming first from Brooklyn I it wis the Half' .Moon X^ outfit: aa4 later, Philadelphia. they're mighty hamiy wjtb a hrnnd- j» September Tony got a fetter ins iroii. and it's not a hard job to • cias^aining real news. Pawnee Bill l^ork a Half .Moon X brand over a yatf married. !Rar K. I'm ridins to Caldwell. ."August 31, 18S6." he wrote. ^" "marks the turning, point in mv • They sot iuio. Caldwell in the Ilfel Despite the tact that I was l"te afternoon. Crai;; immediately aJiupst broke. May .Manning and I ' P '' "ic •^^-''y ^o the Santa Fe tra<k.% •were married on that dav and now Just f.nii" to .sic the car.s of Half I're got sense enough to know that ^'V"" ^ P"-I>i.'K out. Iln rabnet wasn't meant to be wastpd. cursid volublv and rode alongside Hcrpafter I'm going to make it my «ho train .for several hundred : buetness to pile it up and to make yanls. a good nam6 for myself at the some ; "I «aw a ftw fnosh brand.s." he time. : inffirmofi Yony: "misrhty su.spieious | -••We're sUyIng for the present on '"oking ones. The Uve Stock .\s- my lather's farm near Welliugloii. soeiation .nisht lo have ^<ime in- For Afternoon speclors- in Caldwell that cnuld be relied on." "Can't y<iii de., a.iyihiiij; alioiit }>rop in and see us .•:onie time." "jlMay LiUie was utterly bewil- iSered at the life around lier. Tony .iotniB Trtien he visited Uiein. «he "•" '^<"^y •<••'•'«•<' him. i ^KB8Ismail and vivacious and plain- "What i-:in I provi-.' I iltiii't lliiiiU • ly Yery much in lovp with her bus- l!e;:\or. tlir ov-her nS the ilalf Moon })aiMl. .X. kiiow.>! anyihiri.s' ahoiii it. Ili.s • "I'm going to keep him at home rid.M^s aint atmve ii. though. I'le jj,i\v- 'iiiO'Vii 'em to pull off a few deals lietc;" she declared, clutclung nee Bill's arm. .''I'm.not _goiii g. 1o wi;h nistlrrK lerlitni~gflrBal]l"!VMnttr "rg aroinid "ih(ri—llt!-le<r the )-.v.i?—nnsriu-jTo -n eoiatiy''WItll''r(buhtTf"6f'w-minii-ttorm. his face twisted In si s» before this." <iwl "Hello, f'raia what'.s isoiibflir you'" the hariciitiir ralli.'il to hiiicohfer- ily. CraifC r'-<c'!;iiiz<i| hi;:i as an oiil aeoiiaiiitaMcc. fomiiTly (.-iflplo.vii by Maic Wooii^. jirnl forn d a .tiiiilc. ".Oil. iiolliin'," lie .-innwercd. .."Did-you hear that Shal'iT wa.s out of jail"?" ••\o. Is h'-r -i ".Veah: ;:ot a year olT for ;;c)oil diMie.' are your plans'.'" Tony , askecj Pawnee Bill when they wer j Blond ; The •other gestured hopcles.sly 'With hla hands. "I don't know. Boon^ a« things get settled down •oaolru go back tothe show husi- seas;! Il reckon. She's homesick— thtngB are lonesome for her oiil in tola country. I think she's afraid I'H Idso^my scal'P.f ,H behavior, lie showed n|i in Cald-. He I added that Tie was lending .well three, lour months au<> aiid Us ntoral support'to the Boonier.«.| then lit out. I don't kiiow where.' •'YoUjheard whai happened last; "Well. I hoi;e he tnrns strait;hi. lJttll?"s ' i. Tony, here'.s to yoa." He Tp^y Harrison shook hi.s head. • swung around and rai.sed hi.s R 1;> S.'<. "Well, ^ big bunch''<if them went' lie set it down again - without in; last November, Ifltfjjby Couch, I drinking. L\ fusillade if shots had kellie^. They were wigi out by the sounded down the street. • inter- Ftfth;Cavalry, nndei^y, Li|||itenant mingled with shouts and| the thuii- >C(donel Sumner. They've' stayed dering of horses' hoofs. ; — — oat since then and some of them "Kind of early to start .shootin' his haii-ls and slij) sideways out of .ar? I^umb diacouraged. I've been things np. ain't if.'" Craic .said, and his saddle, to he drag;,'e<l hy his dplng;a little mlssioiiary work here ' started for the door. siii: ap-eniaitgloii loot ft>r a hun- fuid there, and if I can do any good! As ho swung jt open, ti^e horse- drcd feet and then-lie still in ihe Jfll jump in and help them. I guess i men, all«brandishing six-guns «nd roadway. Coolly he emptied the i Mr. and .Mrs.; Wi;l Woods- :;r/ent '.Saturday night with, .\lrs.i- Lucy i Ccrn«ll. . MI :, and .Mrs". WOO«H and liAUghter havo moved here from Oklahoma, and .Vlr. Woods will bc^ ciiiployed at the Welth farm..I .Mr.:<. Wilhite of'Humboldt and daughter from Arizona visited I<>l- day afternoon at the home of .Mr. and .Mrs. Ell Ellsworth. _ _ ' .__ i Tho Ladies' .\ld will not: meet - j Wednesday afternoon, they wouhl be bound to separate or Mrs. K. E. Wright ahd .Mrs. Isa- takc some unlikely trail. i bei Wright are on tho sick list this Reluttant;y he wheeled Cherokee ' week.; '- arou'id and took the backtrail. He Mr. and .Mrs. H. W. Chauey who patted (he stallion's big neck with have been on the sick list ar* Im- j.deep affection. "Old boy. yo»rgave j proving in health, me everything I a.sked for and iben : ^lise Dorothy Ciffin left Tuesday (u. 1928 and at an c.-irly hoUr ''vOn"accounl o: the shor:;ige| of ] Though all the raucous world shall gjts there were no servkej at the: knock i 1 M. K.:ihurcli Suniby Mary Glorc, Ruth Bishop. Pauline Zyskowski; T^ela Swaiuon. Iva Overmey^r; Edna Dupiiy. Irene Reddin. of; EmpOria: ma Leavell,. lrc):c Cori Thelma"Madpu.\. Margaret Holmes, Hazel Irvin. Ruth Swcngcr, Luolla; -McKarifln. Helen Rhodes, at Poiit Scott:,. Messrs. Tlios. Coleman, i Cb&s. t'line. of Huniboldtt'. Wm. Fickle. ^Joe Che- haslje, Newton Brlghatti, W. E. Knight, of; Independence^ Cordon Cannon, JphnCard, Cordon Penda r vis. Kcaneth Smith. CFaIr Dawson,- HowA-d Kronk, Bill .Matliis, Woody Perjiam, Mr'm. Achfor. Camby Malcom,< Geoi R. Peier!<on, Merle Bollinger, ^lorrls Lltwln^ Harold Troutman, Bernard Flann^ry. John Krnpp,'Herbert MrBvers^. T. S. Inelsteat knuckles on our door, Spurgeon. Me.-n Hmson. 3i. Hii.n- And fnqiblesnailing at the lock. niel. Doug ? •ho:;!otnis. Uit'>!i sii-r- YMeld us, O stoic visitor. Imaii, .lack :IIanson. Cvnijje 'l':o;:i- A measure of your unconcern; I bold, Harry Colcmau, Edw. I.«w- Yield us, who linger at your side luian, l^iiis? SniltJ), Merle;Hair, of Throughout this gentle Christ-1 Emporia: Lee Leavell. MA.V WHO MrRIJEIlEl). MY mastide. Your siHrit, calm and taciturn. A pncii>uj» moment of releasei^ Tho benediction of your peace. —Lew Sarett, in the Ladles' Home Journal. some." Ho foui d Joe Craig where he ha(l left l;ini. his shoulder bandaged and his ami in a sling. Craig isigl'.ed with relief as he entered. .":nil the barlonder called out: "The lioirt'M- ordered him to bet! but h'^ told the doe to RO plumlv to hell: I he -.'as gi.iiig ^to wait right here till he heard frbni y(ni. He's been ;-!ttii;p in that rh.iir ilrinking whis- Iky ever sfnio the doc put him to- igether again." ! All the color lia-1 drained out of morjiing for Lindsborg where she is attending Bethany college, after spending the' Christmas vadation with homo folks. ;.Mis^ Pern Holten, who spcrfl the Christmas vacation at the home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Holten. ieft.Tues<Uy for Pittsburg whcror she is a student at K. S. T. C. Vktin^hTwiiTBie Shields. Chas. Heart, Lester Dol- lisbn. Wacreii; Perham. | Russell Dugan. Paul Cbrtner. Bay5rd Twadell. of ForScott; Kennetli Drake, Royal Fetherlln, Dr. F. L. '5. Leavell and Dr. 'P. W. Waugh. '-. •:• • • \ lliy Federation Annnal < Luncheon apd Erectioir i The City .Federation of Women's clubs held U» annual luncheoa and election of ^officers yesterday afternoon in tfie main dining ^-oom of eik <t HoM >cw leafs Ball The twenty-seventh anduarNew Year's ball of the lola Lodge No. 569, B. P. O. E. was held last night In the clttb rooms. The rooms were decorated'in the purple aiul white, ^ of the order. Youngberg's scvew- , the Hotel Kelley. piece orchestra of Ottawa. Kans., I "nie luncheon, which' waj cxcel- furnished exceptionally good music. I lently appointed, was' AX. one At eleven o'clock, the lights ex- j o'clock. The tables were ftceorat- ceptlng one. w-ere. turned low andjcd poiiKettias and redxandles the exalted ruler, Frank McCarthy., and the holiday atmosphere was according to the usual custom of enhanced b >7 the red electrij lights the lodge, gave the toast to tlie de- I which were -strung overhead. Eigh- parted brothers. Buffet service.; ty club wonien participated in the was in charge of the steward. Mr. limchfon. Sohn Young. Messrs. L. N. Cish.,! .p,,p pre.>.-iicii:. Mrs. Clws. F. [Frank McCarthy and Mel Fronk., j.^.^,, presided over the b'asiheSs comprising the executive commit-' — —>• • 1 «T J J guests at the door. On'Display Wednesday a-he dancers included: Messrs. and Mesdamca Leo N. Gish. Mel The ^first, public showing of the i Fronk, Frank .McCarthy; D. R. mittea was appointed with nii ^ss Alice Hendricks temporary cliiair- mao. the Jc^mittee cpDsisting of .Mrs. Richard Ewing. jMrsl. C. E; Kietzman, Mrs. Erik Jenben, .Mrs. W. Ft. Anderson. Mrs. Herbert Martin. .Mrs. J. H. Sowerby. Mrs^T. E. Xordgrei^and .Mrs. G. M. Lamer. Mrs. J. .A_ Milham was appointed chairman of the community ,wel- . fare committee to ta'Ke,the place of .Mrs. p. B. .McCarty who had resigned. -\ ; . Reports of the various committees were given. Mrs. C. Bi. Spencer, chairman of the child w^tarc committee, reported t\YenJ.y.-iIoii* rs being spent on fitting glasges to school children who were not able to have them otherwise. In tlic absence of the parjfamen- tarla«.'Mrs. T. W. WiUte. tlib election of officers was prf^-ided over by .Mrs. J. H. Sowerby and the f«I- lowftiK officers were etetted to- take their places ihe first of AL-ty: :Mr''. Ceorgi-' Vossf. prfsident; Mrs. \V. H. Auilfi-son. vice-presidenti ^Irs. . W. V. Scnekci'. secretary ;• and-.MrH. Floreace oi .soii. treasurer, (ri- electedV The ncxi iiii-itiiig will he February C. - .V .> •:• STILI, TIIIY « 0.1IK I^re^^e>•I I>ri".-c-I I>res |C >4l , nOWAr.UlT YOURS? . I'litil .Ian. 7 v.. cle:ikiin.!: • twc dresses lor lUi- ji; jcn otlone. \ plus Ic. Only a tew nujre days. 101,A LAIXDRV Phone 102- to. meeting directly after the'lunch­ eon. A scliolarship loan fui^ coni- plug you sure, any hetier'.'" Didn't you know Ci-ai';'.'< II'.' clutched at Tony's ..".rill and whispered fiercely: "Boy. „„„. r,A.i„, vt or_ ..i . yen Khouldht have done it. I ".^^n^^,*!^" ,1 "^n.^'^^ 7".^ Symmes. Fred Schmidt. S. A Bixby. thoimht voii'.i catch em and thev'd ^ •'ctwe^n, George Sherwood, J. D. Mittelbach, i • 2. "i. •« • ^J":- J*** !«• ^ ^"l*"-, W. L. Burnside, A. R. ! Ellis Motor to In their "how | Enfield, C. W. Gilbert. D. C. DuUea. j ...Vn„ ... rooms at 214 North Washington.;f. M. Stocker. of Yates Center: had 11 't pot to tl'o haiiendcr foi- a stimulant ,:„,,;„ ^.rogram'contributed td byj) P Vorthrun H H How-,,-,1 ,".lust what hiippeiied'r' he a.«:keil will Rocers Fred Stone Paul i Jn i r -'^' , "o"^'"- <" Crai.. ••..omobodv sai.l something wliHelSan and AJ .lolson.- h ? ' Kt^r L^nt ^^w' C ^ S;rclosed- «^s^^:f!^^^;^•^rT•Z^ .New Year's Dinner' i A .Vew Year's diiiiKM- was helid in the home of .Mr. and .Mrs. Georj;>- Talbert with the following oat<*f: town guests pciesent: .Mr. and -Mrs. ('.. K. Steelti of Parsons, Kansas, who relurnisd hoim' yesterday: Mr. and Mrfe. Ch.iu Denton, of Colony; antf .Mjss; Paul Denton, who teaches muste iu the Wichita schools and who returueii to Wichita Alonday, One English photographer tises as his specialty the malin&^f photographs of widows weeping beside their husbands' graves. 1 would have too. it itiKnween these hours, also, will be ;c. A. Swiggett. W .L. Cox. L Carol dark so soon " He called given the Dodge • "Victory Hbur" 1 ter.W*. H. King. h. B. Chevalier. adver- (TO i!E CO .vri.N 'rKDi Pawnee Kill Is arresled but e>en |H»< from his captor. In the next ln»i(all«ient. ostllest program ever broadcast ,Breckenridge,. T. R. Wynne. H. R. but will be the greatest achieve-j Barker, Leo Noftzger. W. . I. Hatten. ^ ment I'D combined .radio and tele-.Fred A. Taylor, of Chanute: Victor . i phony'jever attempted. • {.pringle. of Mar.shalfield. Wis., It li^ not possible at this time, Horace CWiller. Victor Kirk. K. B. Cook, s: 1. Sifers; R. U. Fry, of \d:i. ; to reveal the details of the; car Itself, but It has many unique engineering features which-conlblne ito (jive the Victory Six long, low. Okla.: Paul Reed. L. O. .Vorthruii. Geo. Fry. J. L. Hair. .M. B. Brown-; Held. Lloyd N. Brown. S. A Mc-i .nnier llurli'il in tVlnilcld. „. The body of Frar.k II. .Miller; th''i sweeping lines, dashing speed, and ! Cool! Avery Sherman." HertLaw- lourist iHlnii 1- who died at . the |exceptional riding qualities. -• rence, St. Louis. Mp.: Fred Denton. County Homo y.stcniay. was , Glenlledge. Chanute: L. bioughi to the sleeper (liapel ,ind Decern l>eir Weather. . Logan Reynolds, Nefisho' Falls: today at riooii it sent to Win- 'phe Monthly .Meterological Sum- field, whfie om- of the brothers | „,ary which comes today front tho Would !you say tliat Hollywood It following the lorig-dress vogue Paris is trying to establish? Thu lives and wJiiVe int -rnieiit will be' " ^, „ ^ ,„ MM the wluroabouts of the other ; i\""M'%f"'' ^"S* /'y' '"^^^^^ is not known. Funeral arrange-1?^™""*'L^, ^J^'J.^^ ... I mean for the month was 30 deffrees which is 3.9 : degrees, below 'the normal. The; record has now Seen ments weri>^- made by the local' chapel of Ihe Ty|)OKraphical Union, of which Mr. Roy Varnei:. ol.^^^^^ 23 years in lola arid the low- new afternoon fr^ck. worn by i the Register office, is secretary. |,,st December temperature record- lively. Craig'wouldn't like that if he knew Jtt" • The autumn passed and Tony ';once--m6re arose one morning to find ice on the cr^ek. A few morn- inga later he and Crais. riding over to the west fence, discovered a spot "Where it had beeii torn idown iSKa^g's face clouded. Rapidly, he i him an instant and then sprang to wheeled his horse and roile over ; the street,' Other men had rushed all with their hats pulled down weapon and then ran to Joe Craig, over their ever, thundered; The cowpuncher was snilling. bent low in their .saddle.:. - -Should have known better than to Craig emitted a startled cry. jiist, g„ to the door without drawing my B.s the nearest horseman ^ fired. gi,„ fji-st," he grinned."I'm drilled ;'Bent6n:" he gaspe(l.-an<l half spun through the shoulder. Where you around ami fei:. going'.'" hcrcried'as he saw the Tony. Ihunder.'itriick. bent over youth head out of the door. "I'm going after them." printer and a man of real ability, i T.t,„ ™' ' .K but with an Incurable wanderlust •.„J!',^ ,^1" f^f t„"..„^^' "i.,^.^^ In his blood. When his two IKJVS 1 .nV""'':,,:^''^/'^;^J "<^he^^^^ wore mere infants, his wife tu'^rt ,^1-^^^^ burning some in the yard, ^"/"'^^.i^^. at lola was 63.29 onp day When her clothing caught l,"^^*^.^; ,,'^^'"^^'^1 N^ wondeT we fire and sho was so severely burn- h,^ n„V^«? wonder we ed that she died. It was irapossi- ,ilt,"^ „ ^ i« ,„ r.« M, vciii... .„ r .There were 13 creap days in- De- bio for Mr. M.ller to take care ofi^^^^eP, ,2 cloudy and 6 partly Ronald Finney, Neosho Falls; EdL. j Sullivan. "Ora Dunoan. Dr. and Mrs. ; rt. S. Albaugh of LaHarpe; Dr. and • Mrs. F. Lensfki, Dr. and Mrs. W. F. Crew^. Dr. and Mrs. L. W. Simmons. Misses Marv'elle Clark. Marie Martin. Helen Hennessey. Dorothy Gard. Betty Howard, of Topeka: Helen Hotchklss. Nellie Twadell. O. Beasley, Roberta Fronk. Helen Gates.. Reba Harvey.' Helen Hubbard. Beatrice McMurray, Christine Henrichs. Frances Wlibite. Ruth Russell, Louise McDonald, of Humboldt; Helen Almond, of Lawrence: Lilian •.McDaniel.s. Ruth Roberts, Vivian Barker. Claribel Grove?-. Carrol Grovcr. Margaret Smith.! If yoti have anytHing to sell let a Classified Ad turji the trick « 1-1 . TE5.EPH0NE 118 to the main henl. "X{^r as I can from buildings and a few were figure," • he announced, "about a! scramh'liug into their .saddies whiU; "Ct me a doctor ^ hundiied of them are missing. Let's |others fired after the fleeing rid- af'^r them. "You come back here. Tony, and doctor—there's plenty ^et b$ck |o that fence." ThCTe he dismountei! and he?an examining the ground. rien,!' he said tersely, pointing to | and leveled it. Bomoifrozeji print.f. "White men. ;saw one of th< eiR. "But none of] them's i?ot a, horse Tony, a coUi. deadly calm settling like Cherokee.'^ Tony retorted, anil the two boys so he placed them in the Orphan Asylum at • Atchison, where he bore the expense of their maintenance until they were taken jinto private homes. He lost track of the younger one but has always kept in. touch with the older and made him the beneficiary 'of the small life insurHUce policy he carried in the Typographical Union. TONIGHT AND TOMORROW AT THE KELLEY., fashionable night clubs in I .,ondon Colored lights glow beneath tjhe floor, and as these revolve th|ey prodiice a motion like sea waves! •Wliitc over him. pulled out his revolver loaped to Cherokee's back. Craig's, ,\ glass dancing floor declared to At the third shot he .profane e.xhortatioiis to return stillJ.jje the largest of its kind in the tho horsemen throw" iii>ringin.:j in his ears. (world is a feature-of one of the One by <iiie he passed the posse in pursuit of Heuton and his men. Seveial.of these urged iiim on with a wave of the arm. "They robbed the bank." he heard one of them shout. ".Man. 1 saw that shooting of yours; go on'" liiit he tolil himself that It was' not to be a raw between Cherokee! aufl Ihe horsc|4 of the bank rob-• hers, but a race between Cherokee^ and th'f onrushing darkness. Tho i .•'lallioiii leaped lieueath him like a; splendid piece of machli'icry and j ln'i h^nt forward to speak in his : f»r. just as he had formerly done jwitli Cherokee'.s mother. " i ;• ''Cherokee, can you understand? .\head of us is a man wiio mur- it'.ered my father and'pluggeil Joe Crais. Run. boy. nin'" | H'.' h;id pa.ssed the last of the I ptirsiiit party half a mile back, and I ahead of him in the gathering twi- 1 light, flying dust had e\-olved into the tigures of mounted men; tiny ; specks of men. growing larger and ;at the same time more indistinct as ;the night fell. j Two minutes more and they had faded frbm sight altogether. Tony half Fobhed iu his rage. "Half an hour. Clierokee.aud we'H have had them r • He did not stop to con-^icjer what the conseouences might have been had he been able to overtake them. His own revolver, being of smaller caliber, had a shorter range, most i likely, than theirs; besides which, one or more of the fugitives almost certainly carried rifles.. He considered only th£it the gpld- en. opportunity to bring Beiiton tP an" acconnting" had passed with h- futile race against idarkness. Useless now lo jHirsuJ! tbein farther; cloudy." Precipitation occurred on only 5 days. : So It was a pretty decent. December-after all. Instruction in advertising iS: given-In no fewer than 122 educational institutions in America. Siif r erer .s Gefthfsl, remadyi PILES OIK PAREXT.S ({RATES; Do not allow- yourself to feel humiliated by the knowledge Chat mother's or father's ^t resting place is yet unmarkibd When 'you approach the fanifly burial plot let it be with the consciousness that it is dedg- natod by an appropriate m«Au- ment. iWe have a number of designs from which you- can make the right selection. If you will do this now we wilt do the Ijet- terlngand erecting right aiiiay 3<HLS0yTH._jcJ V/v/ O FR S I OLA. KANS.' r PAYCASH, PAY LESS NO BiLLS 'TO DISTRESS tMsrrnmofh A HELPFUL STORE, PAY LESS, GET MORE I where saidr^ZS are gteaiest SOUTH SIDE SQU-4RE lOLA, KANSAS Women Who Have Shopped Around Find Our Coats Smari Easpressing the Latest Style Tendencies fai Pbpular Fftbrics[ At Tempting Low JPrices- Time nor space permits us to describe tliese coat« as enthusiastically as they deserve—^but \Te urg? you to sec them soon. They repi'esent the best of the season's styles^the icoats that , modishly dressed wonjeii' ai*e wearing the fcountry ov^jr. • i • - < Fine Quality Velour Boliva—Sports Lustrous Suedes Variety ;enough for the satisfaction 6? every need-jfluxurious triromias^ of fur add to the desirability of these coat^ Ever>'one is worth much, more than these low ftriccs that otar immense buying power makes possible. -j i • 1 Fashion-Right Coats for Women-- Mis4es-«Jun^s

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