The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on October 10, 1939 · Page 3
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 3

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 10, 1939
Page 3
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TUESDAY, OCT. 10,1939. THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. PAGE THREE NEWS BRIEFS The nicest courtesy that you can show your guests (s to have their visits mentioned ori this page. The nicest courtesy you can show your friends is to let them learn of your visits through this page. Please call the society editor, telephone 106. In Lansing—Rev. and Mrs. Cecil E. Pollock spent Monday in Lansing on a business trip. I.O.O.F.—Crystal lodge No. 169, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, will meet at 7:30 o'clock this evening at I.O.O.F. hall. Rcbckahs—Ludington Rebekah lodge No. 87 will meet at 7:30 o'clock Wednesday evening in I.O.OjF. hall. Canton—Canton Excelsior No. 10 and Ladies' Auxiliary will meet at 6:30 p. m. Thursday in I.O.O.F. hall for a potluck supper and regular meeting. To Wisconsin—Clifford Marble, Ludington, Route 4, left Sunday for Woods Wis., where he will enter the Veterans' hospital in that city. Surgery—Mrs. Louise Danielson, 808 East Danaher street, underwent minor surgery in Paulina Stearns hospital this morning. Study Club—The Junior Child Study club of. Ludindgton will meet at 8 o'clock Wednesday evening at the home of Mrs. Delbert Filer, 928 East Ludington avenue. Grace Women—The women of .Grace Episcopal church will meet Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Leslie Spoor, 303 West Haight street. ' Returned. Home — Mrs. E. George Gray, 509 East Ludington avenue, returned to Ludington Monday from Grand Rapids where she underwent major surgery at the Blodgett hospital two weeks ago. Announce Birth—Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Anderson, Ludington, Route 2. announce the birth of a six and one-half pound daughter born Monday at home. She has been named Betty Jane Marie. Senior Club—The Senior Chjld Study club of Ludington will meet on Wednesday evening at the home of Mrs. Albert Johnson, 809 Brother street. The leader for the evening will be Mrs. Dan V. Dewey, who will speak on the topic "Threshold Years." Postponed—The meeting of the Parent-Teacher association of Longfellow school, scheduled to be held at 8 p. m. Oct. 13, will be postponed until 8 p. m. Oct. 20, due to the conflict in time with the Ludington high school- Petoskey football game. To Sandusky—Mr. and Mrs. Turkey in Strategic Spot in Europe Today Old fortifications on the Dardanelles I Turkey's place on map Standard Oil Ind 27% , Stand OH N J 47 3 ,i Studebaker o 3 ,'\ Underwood El .'. 42 Union Carbide 89% United Corp Z*\ U S Steel 75% Yellow T & C 19','n DETROIT STOCKS (1:30 Prices) American Tel & Tel 102% Baldwin Rubber 6% Commonwealth &. Southern 1','z Detroit & Cleveland Nuv 72c Detroit Paper Prod 1% Oocbcl Brewlni; 2',.i Hnll Lamp 3V a Hudson Motor 6',i Kingston Prochicts 2','n McCIanahan Oil Co 28c Micromatlc Hone Corp 4',i Motor Wheel CP 16'iii Murray Corp 6% New York Central 21>ii Packard Motors 4 Tlmken-netrolt A 18% Warner Alrcralt Corp 1% Yelloweye beans .................. $2.75 Poultry Leghorn hens, 3 Ibs. and up ......... 9c Heavy hens ......................... 14o Plymouth Rock springers, under 4 Itas ....................... 17c Plymouth Rock springers, Colored springers .................. 15e 4 Ibs. and up ...................... 17o Grain Shcll&J com, cwt ................. $1.05 Rye, cwt ....... . .................... 85o Oats, cwt ......................... $1.00 Wheat, cwt ........................ $1.00 Produce Eggs ................................ 21c Hides Beef ................................. 6c Horse Sngin.iw Beans (Quotations in Dollars and Cents) SAC5INAW. Mich., Oct. 10.— (/T)— Michigan Bean Shippers' Association Tuesday prices: Handpiekcd pea beans, per cwt., 2:45; handplcked red kidneys, light. 4; dark, 4; handplcked yclloweyes, 2.75; handpickecl choice reclcancd cranberries, light, 2.35; dark, 1.85. r !rl"rr-.-.MIrh. bunches dozens large, .25; mammoth, .35-.40. >rr»c * i x<! qt. climax baskets Concords, .20-.25. i-tiu'b—Mich. ou. boxes U. S. No. 1 Bnrtletts, 1.15. Onions—50 Ib. sacks U. S. No 1: Mich. yr"owF. medium size, .50-.65: whites, .60. Potatoes—100 Ib. sacks U. S. No. 1: Ida. n,uss«t Buroanks, 1.75-1.95; Mich. Russet Rurals, 1.25-1.40; Chippewas, I 13f (-1.40: Ka.tahd.lnil, l'.25-1.4!0; Maine Chippewas, 1.75-1.85; Ida. 10 Ib. sacks Russet Burbanks, .21-.23; Maine 15 Ib. sacks Chipptwas, .35. Detroit Livestock (Quotations in Dollars and Cents) DETROIT, Oct. 10.—(/I 1 )—Cattle—Receipts 600; market steady; good to choice yearlings, 9.75-10.75; lair to good heavy steers, H.25-9.25; common butcher cattle, 5-6; canncr and cutter cows, 3.50-5.50; best butcher and heavy bo- i rh ,J n i, PC i ' L "'"'= LU - Chicago Potatoes (Quotations In Dollars and Cents) CHICAGO, 111., Oct. 10.—OT—(United Stntts Department ot Agriculture.)— Potatoes—Receipts 124, on track 439, total U. S. shipments 483; marKet about steady, supplies heavy, demand rather slow;'aacked per cwt. Idaho Russet Burbanks U. S. No. 1, 1.50-.67',i; mostly around, 1 60; Nebraska Bliss Triumphs 85 to 90 percent U. S. Np. 1, 1.35; Colorado Red McClures tT. 8. No. 1, washed, burlap sacks fair color, very few Bales. 1.55-.60; North Dakota Red River Valley section Cobblers 80 percent U. 8. No. 1, few sales, 1.12'/a-.15; Bliss Triumphs 00 pcicent U. S. No. 1, few sales, 1.15; Early Ohios, DO percent U. S. No. 1, 1.15. Chicago Dairy (Quotations In Cents) CHICAGO, Oct. 10.—(.1*)—Butter—Receipts 725,871; market firmer, prices un- Stock AveriiKCS, Oct. 10 (Compiled By The Associated Press) 30 15 15 GO Indust Rails Utll Stocks Net change ... A.7 A.4 A.2 A.5 i Today 74.3 22.5 38.8 Previous day .. 73.6 22.1 38.G Month ago 76.2 22.0 37.9 Year ago 75.9 21.2 35.2 1939 High 77.0 23.8 40.G 1939 Low 58.8 15.7 33.7 1933 High 79.5 23.5 37.8 1938 Low 49.2 12.1 24.9 Movement in Recent Years 1932 Low 17.5 8.7 23.9 1929 High 146.9 153.9 184.3 1927 Low 51.6 95.3 61.8 Bt'nton Harbor Produce (Quotations in Cents) i BENTON HARBOR, Mich., Oct. 10.— .)—Prices paid on the fruit market 52.3 here Monday for 44,700 packages were: Ovapi"—umicords, four quarts, fancy table, 12'/ 2 -14; 12 quarts No. 1, 19-25; No. 1, 15-21. 1'cars—Bushels. No. 1, Kicffcrs, .40-.60. Apples—Bushels, No. 1, 2V- Inch, Jonathans. .65-.7S; Delicious, 51.8 52.9 51.8 53.5 41.6 54.7 33.7 1G.9 157.7 61.8 THE WIARK.ETS .$4.00 $4.00 Light red kidney beans Dark red kidney beans Dark cranberry beans $1.75 Light cranberry beans $2.25 .__, .._.. . .._ _... _.. White pea beans $2.45 Jonathans, .60-.85; Snows. 00-.65. bulls, 0.50-7; milkers and spring- ers, 50-75. Calves — Receipts 600; market steady; best calves, 12; fair to good. 10-11; seconds, 8-9.50; culls and common, 4-8. Sheep and lambs — Receipts 2,500; market steady; best lambs, 9.50; heavy lat sheep, 2-2.50; culls and common, 1.50-2. Hogs — Market not established. Previous, 7.2o lor 2(10-220 Ib. hogs downward to 5.75-G for roughs. market firm. Detroit Poultry (Quotations In Cents) DETROIT, Oct. 10.—(/!>>—Poultry— Golden Delicious, .50; Baldwins, .40. mi's 'mnitiv 7S i Market steady. Hens, 5 Ibs. over, 15; me- GO- R, I Green- ' rt """ bfl " s 14; Ic"'" 11 "" h cns. ri ibs. \M). T snv* ' v\ fiv ' Hi cocks, 8 and 10; Rock springers, 15; .1 ouyo, ..ju .uj, , _ ._.. _. .., , — . Eggs— Receipts 4,489: prices unchanged. Chicago Poultry (Quotations In Cents) CHICAGO. Oct. 10.— (A')— Poultry- Receipts live, 41 trucks; market, hens llrmirr. chickens rnfv hr-n<- 4', 2 Ids! up, 15; other prices unchanged. PENTWATER THEATRE TONIGHT Detroit. Produce (Quotations in Dollars and Cents) DETROIT, Mich., Oct. 10.—(/!')— (United States Department of Agriculture. )—Apples—Mich. bu. baskets and bu. boxes U. S. No. 1, 2',-> in. mln. Delicious. .75-1.25; Kings, .50-. 60; Mcln- tosli, .60-.85; Spys, .85-1; Wealthys, .25.50; Wolf Rivers, .40-.45; 2V,\ in, mlu. MEDITERRANEAN SEA By virtue of her control of the vitally strategic Dardanelles, Turkey's position in Europe today is considered of paramount Importance. Turkey has been the focal point of a diplomatic struggle for weeks, apparently with little success. Turkey's foreign minister, Sukru Saracoglu, went to Moscow where he conferred with Premier-Foreign Commissar V. M. Molotov. At the same time a Turkish- military mission went to London to discuss.the question of financial assistance to Turkev' Sun- be designed unless certain dc- English services at Danish scriptive adjectives are used. 5. Eggs containing more than 20 percent of a quality equal to U. S. trades must be designated as grade C. There are also numerous other mandatory provisions. If certain eggs are represented as "strictly" fresh, they must quality to U. Lutheran Trinity church day morning. Noted Lecturer to Speak at G. R. , .. .then be equal in Charles Butler and daughters, | s Extras. All eggs represent- Joanne Lou and Alice, and son, i e{ | as fresh must be equal to I announcement Olyn. have moved from _ their •, y. S. .Standards and marked Gilbert White, residence at 319 North Robert j "F r esh, Grade B." If eggs are I known traveler lecturer street to Sandusky, O., where designated as eggs, only 80 | autnor wi n be speaker in they will ' omc. make their future ..Theodore Thcbout. 607 South Delia street, i patient at the Veterans' hos- percent of them have to be better than U. S. trade. If a grocer birys—rrts SDrpply of eggs from a wholesaler, it is up to the wholesaler to specify the size and quality of eggs that he is selling to the retailer. Of interest to Mason county members of the Michigan Hor- 1 lake, ticultural society and others interested in horticulture, is the that Dr. Julius internationally and! the family of Freesoil have been occupying the Wolf cottage at Gunn lake during the past week. Mr. and -Mrs. Rupert Stephens Jr. and daughter, Suzanne, of Manistee were Sunday evening supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Rupert Stephens of Scottville at the Kum-an-go cottage, Gunn MARKETS AND FINANCE ntal in Wood, Wis., for the past in months, was discharged re- ;eiUly and has returned to his home in Ludington. Mr. Thc- bout's condition is described as much improved. Word Received—Word was received recently by Mrs. Anna Nelson of 301 "^ East Melcndy street to the effect that her little granddaughter, Anna Mae Gagnon, of Springfield, 111., is! Miss Hilda Mortensen. were cn- a patient in St. John's hospital j tertained at the Nels Jensen at Springfield, following a major I home Sunday, operation. The child's condition Algot Kolberg of Two Rivers, is described as favorable. The NEW YORK STOCKS (1:30 P. M. E.U.T. Prices) Adams Express Am Can .114',2 54T' B Chamber School Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Anderson and son, Edward. Mr. and | Mrs. Richard Sadosty and son,] Walter Lee, of Ludington and | Mrs. Mortensen and daughter, in this presentation constitute a . .. .... .... . ' voritnlilo "Vlmvpr Snow m m- first of a series of regional lee- turcs sponsored by the Michi- i Am smcit & ' Rcf ............. gan HorticultifraT"~'^ocle r ty ' a't p^™ 1 "?^L ^vTkT"'' : r ~ r: ' r ~' : ' r -~ G rand Rapids. The lecture will | Anaconda ...'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 33% be held at the art gallery at 2:30 ! Armour oi in 6% p. m. Thursday, Oct. 12. j ™%$? CorpovaUon ..;;;;; •;;;;;;; 2^ The lecture is free of charge J caiumu &'k'ccia Bv a to all members of the society with a small admission charge for the general public. Dr. White's lecture will be on "Gardens and Flowers of America," illustrated with over color pictures. The pictures EN IN SPIDS 4oo rooms with shower, tul> at Tkree Convenient Dininq Rooms : Main Dining Room, Grill, Cafeteria described as favorable. Gagnon.s arc former residents of Ludington. Improving—Mrs. J. J. Peterson, 309 North Washington avenue, who left a week ago to be -with her son. Leonard Peterson, who is critically ill in the Veterans' hospital at Dearborn, reports that his condition i.s improving satisfactorily. Mrs. Peterson has been staying at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Howard Teeter, at Detroit, and expects to return to her home in Ludington in about a week. Details of New Egg Law Is Explained Provisions of the new retail ;gg law which went into effect Friday, Oct. 6, were explained by Lawrence Moberg of the state department of agriculture, who visited in Ludington Monday. Five mandatory provisions of the law that should be complied with, he said, are: 1. Size must always be designated. 2. All inedible eggs should be removed and destroyed. 3. All dirty and cracked eggs must be sold separately and so marked. 4. All eggs that grade above a U. S, trade do not have to Wis., and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Close and son, Richard, of Muskegon were called home by the serious illness and death of their mother and grandmother, Mrs. Sclma Kolberg . Miss Elizabeth Anderson of Ludington spent the week-end at the H. Anderson and Charles Kolberg homes. >Mr. and Mrs. William Whitaker and daughter spent Thursday evening at the Charles Kolberg home. Rev. L. E. Jones, pastor of the German Lutheran church of Pelton's Corners, conducted veritable "Flower Show" of in dividual flowers and both rare and common, their natural gorgeous coloring and D'r. White has lectured in 38 states and 13 foreign countries. dies &. Ohio 43', H Chrysler 92 3 ,'i Colum G & El 7'. 2 Oom'wlth South 1'j furtiss WrlBlH 7 Detroit Edison 116>i Elec P & L fV', General Elec 40 7 /a Gen Foods 3U • n General Mot 54 7 h Hudson Mot fi',2 | Int- Harvest 64 I Int Nick Can 39% ... | Int Tel & Tel 5U Wltll Kennccott Corp 4CM 0 & Myers 13 97 \vrt\\ nl'inn'ori ^iirrnimri in nx I Marshall Field 15Tn wcll-puinnta suiiounamgb. M ., Mmlu , Corp 36 Montgomery Ward 54 '4 Motor Wheel 16 5 ii N':u-h-K'-,lvinator He is associated with Madison National Biscuit 22',a college, Tcnn., and is president Nati rower & Light of the Associated Lecturers, Inc. Gunn Lake A number of the cottages at Gunn lake are being reserved for the deer hunting season beginning Novcmer 15. Representative Rupert Ste- phcn.s of Scottville spent Wed- New York Central 21 : ! n North American 22^ i'iickard 4 Penney (J C) 90',.'i Phelps Dodge 43Ti) Philips Pett 45',:, Pullman 38M| Radio .-. 5 7 ,ii Radio Ktith-Orp 1% Rt o Motor 1 % Republic Steel 26',b St. L-San Fran % 78',';; 'i nesday at the Stephens Kum-an-1 south cai Edison 25':, mi fnfl'UTr- nt• Oiinh Inkp SUuidard Brands 6\' H go COlla^C at UUnn laKC. stnndurd Gas & El 3'/o Members oi the Floyd Wolf standard on cni 29 Now Every Family Can Own A Home! Make Monthly Payments On a Home Instead of Paying Rent! i To Correct Constipation Don't Get It! Why let yourself in for nil .the discomfort of constipation^and then have to take an emergency medlcine-if you can avoid 'both by getting at the cause of the trouble? If your difficulty, like that of millions, is due to lack of "bulk" In the diet, the "better way" is to eat Kellogg's All-Bran. This crunchy toasted cereal-a natural food, not a medicine-has just the "bulk" you need. If you eat it every day, it will help you not only to get regular but to keep regular, month after month, by the pleasantest means you ever knew I Eat All-Bran daily, drink plenty of water, and "Join the Regulars." Made by Kellogg's in Battle Creek. Sold by every grocer. The Bedford—4 Rooms, Bath and Dinette WE HAVE COUNTLESS BUILDING PLANS FROM WHICH TO CHOOSE. . . PLANS THAT WE KNOW WILL PLEASE YOU, BUT BEST OF ALL, OUR FINANCIAL PLANS ARE SUITED DIRECTLY TO YOUR PURSE. YOU MAY TAKE FROM 10 TO 20 YEARS TO PAY $25 To $38 Monthly Buys A Modern Home SEE US FOR FREE BUILDING ADVICE AND'ESTIMATES AT ONCE! Abrohamsou-Nerheim Co EVERYTHING TO BUILD ANYTHING.! PHONE 130. 12; hen turkeys, 10 Ibs. up, 19; torn turkeys, 15 Ibs. up, 18; ducks, white, 5 Ibs. up, 12; rabbits, 9. Detroit Dairy "">'in f n,tlons In Cents) DETROIT, Oct. 10.—(/I')—Butter—Best cri.-uaii.ry m tubs, 26-27. " TF '"• --re*-' receipts, 17; dirties, 14ii; checks, 13','z. READ THE ADS Your Progressive Merchants Show You Where to Shop and How You Can Save Money. LOOK THE ADS OVER . . . YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO OVERLOOK THEM! ...To refund to any pa- Iron who does not agree that "The Under-Pup" Is Grand Entertainment! * Robert *Nan CUMMINGS • GREY *GLORIA JEAN one in ev«ry family { ALEMITE OIL AND LUBRICANTS DECREASE Auto Repair Bills LUDINGTON AUTO SALES Phone 600 W. Loomls Street * BEULAH BONDI it VIRGINIA WEIDUR + MARGARET LINDSAY + C. AUBREY SMITH A BILLY GILBERT *ANNGILLIS A JOE PASTERNAK PRODUCTION WDENESDAY and THURSDAY, Oct. 11 and 12 The New-Seasons Outstanding Hit. Norma Shearer,'Joan Crawford, - i Rosalind Russell, Mary Boland, Paillette Goddard. Virginia Weidler and a total cast of 135 Women in ., "THE WOMEN" It's All About Men. . OLDSMOBILE goes FOR I94O BJE*ggi^areq«myfc^^»ysgM HYDRA-HIirir BIGCERand BETTER in^y/^^/ I SS^" C \ BIGGER AND BETTER APPEARANCE!..BIGGER AND BETTER SIZEI.. BIGGER AND BETTER BODIES BY FISHERI.. BIGGER AND BETTER "RHYTHMIC-RIDE" CHASSIS !.. BIGGER AND BETTER ENGINE IN "6O" . WITH BIGGER AND BETTER SAVINGS IN GAS, OIL AND UPKEEP! BIG NEWS for 1940 is the big ger and better Oldsmobile . .. three stunning new cars . . . each a bigger and better value! Buyers of low-priced cars will find the new Sixty longer and roomier,witha95H.P. Econo - Master Engine that saves still more on AMERICA'S BIGGEST fuel. In the popular-price field, the new Seventy is larger and finer than ever. While for its eight-cylinder clientele, Oldsmobile introduces the new Custom 8 Cruiser, a longer,, wider Eight that's deluxe throughout. See the new Oldsmobiles today! WORTH f PRICED FOR EVERYBODY! Coupes, $807 and up. Sedans, $853 and up. Delivered at Lansing, Mich. Car shown^in large picture above: "Sixty" 4- Door Touring Sedan, $899. Prices include Safety Glass, Chrome Window Reveals, Bumpers, Spare Wheel, Tire, Tube, Dual Trumpet Horns, 2 Windshield Wipers, Vacuum Booster Pump, 3 Sun Visors. Transportation based on rail rates, state and local taxes (if any), optional equipment and accessories — extra. Prices subject to change without nof/ce. Hquid coupling and f u It reduces driving to ot d » models for 19401 A GENERAL MOTORS VALUE GAMES EACH SATURDAY AFTERNOON MICHIGAN RADIO NETWORK" WILLOUGHBY MOTOR CO. LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. .ft ' 1 fltt.), 1 >•}.-- , , -' ' „ Jf ,4Vw; j ;iJa>* >J . '.," .fcSj

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