Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 3, 1928 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 3, 1928
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; Tfce R^GlSTEffS Cireuld- iion^ records jopen to public J , itispeetion at any tiiiie. H • • VOLUME XXXi: No, 60. iSui'cviutiir to Tti« luln I>all>' Revliter, Tha lula rSally lloconl and lola Dally Index. lOLA. KAN.. TUESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 3. 1928. CIRCULATION, is the only Commodity a Newspaper. Has to Sell its Advertisersi The Weekly. BeKtater, atobJUl^ 1« S T 7 Th>> lOlii Dally ReKlster. EBCabllxK^ lfi97. r EIGHT PAGES FOR YEAR IS SET IN lOLA Mtrcury Drops Down To Twelve Degrees ^ Below Zero WILL WARM UP SOON Dr, Cook Must POULTRY AND Serve Out His , -^nM m >»ii Setttence Now \ CORN PLANS DEVELOPING Washington, Jan. :!. (AFi—Dls- i approving Mobaiiunit. Krantcd Dr. i KrfdtTlck A. Cook in Texas.: and Glen Murray, in. Nebraska, the supreme court held today that federal courts have no authority to | place prisoners on probation' after I they have begun serviOB their; sentences, i ! • Dr. Cook, soldier of fortune and, explorer, must remain in Leavenworth prison, where he has ser^'- Southeast Kansas Show Opens in^ |oIa Jan. 18 Predictions Call for Ris[of 14 years and nine months im' ing Temperature for pos«"d for using •. Tl.:« G/v«*;xv« fraud, in connection with oil ImS beCtlOn 'i motion operations. i PRIZES ARE USTED FIRING MAYOR TAKES CONTROL OF CITY TO SHOW OFFICIALS HOW Newburyport. Ma.s.s., Jan. 3. (AP)—^A new city adminis-; '— " "bad boy" Andrew J. tration swung into action today with Gillis at il.s helm. The red I'laded former gasoline^ station proprietor who entered pol-1 present mayor was a boy. had told, itlcs when a mayor refu.sed him a | him to "run along home, puppy to conduct his business on | dog." Thbsie who were "out of luck his. tavorite site.-made public the ; for life.". lapt' of those who must walk the i There- was the man who "spent a Uniform Cooping: Will Be Furnished for All Exhibitors The government 'we.ithef bure .iu Ihermometer. in lola qet a new low .TRark for'the year at 7 o'clock this rnomlng, hittlns twelve degrees below zero. , ' The normal temperature tor lola i their sentences. oVer y«8lerday was low and the hlshi"^ 'he government mark was recorded at " oVlock j yi 'Sterday afternoon wheni It was' nine degrres ai>ove zero. i I'redi< lions lor today Indicate ^ "madmum teinperatur." of uhout, f!(te«u degrees. Today's low mark is the lowest I for several years. l.a .it year, records show, the highest tfijiiiera- lure WHS 62 degrees with !!,'> degrees as the low mark. There was . Prnminpnf .M> inches of snow here y..s(erday. * Pk-edUtion.s call for unsettlfd weather 'toniKbt. but fair Weather Wedncsd.'iy. Ilislni; lemperatiirew ay predicted. .'\lthough no accidents have been rt'ported' in lola because of the snow, lul.'l citizens who drove to _F6rt Scott y »'Mterday r<*porte<l a large number pi < ars in ditrhev. Plans are going splendidly for ,»»»rao- director and • men. There would .Murray was sentenced to three months in the Douglas county jail at Omaha pleading guilty to the ; the Southeast Kansas :Corn and charge of having violated the fed- ! Poultrv show; to be hcild in lola, feral prohibition law. i on January lS-31. The premium Both men were granted proba- ,, ^ . . », „• Itlon after they had begun serving ' "^^ '^"ich will be out by the middle plank. It included jus: about ev. erv otflce ho tier possible, tire chief, city solicitor, highways sup^ erintendent, as.-wssor. building inspector, overseer of the poor, city messenger, health commissioner regLtrar of voters, harbor master four police- the O.H.PARKENING FINDS HIS WIFE DEAD AT HOME s ;• • ..: ninent lola Woman Became III Last Niffht Kansa^ to Be Warmer Today •When Mr.'O. II. Parken'nc returned home thi.s morning on an early train from a •business trip upon whiih he had been gbne for a week, his little daughter canif to • o|)en the door for him. He thoiight this strange as usually his wife hears hi.s sic\\ on the porch protest , ot this week, announces a complete and substantial list of prizes, which should interest many producers. The poultry prizes list. Is ac- coi-diTig to standard, and prem^unw wiil be given In all .standard breeds, to indlvldti^s and to pens. Ca&h prizes and ribbons will be givien in all classes, and in addi­ tion'a beautiful loving v-up will be awarded the best bird Jn .the show by the Orennan Protfuce company, lola. Uniform cooping will be furnished for all exhibitors, and every (ourlfsy will be extended them 'by the management. . i t im Prizes JUbieraL The exhibit of lorn will bo one oi the best ever gathered together j in Southeast Kansas, from present indications. The main feature.of the sliow will be the Judgiog the two bu.<!ht>I .samples In the Kive-Aci;e County Corn Growers contest. Thirty-four contestants will exhibit two bushels of cora each for the prizes offered. The special ? 100.00 lola Chamber of Commerce prizes for the best five acres of upland and of bottom land corn, thei two pure bred hogs which go to the first and second winners of the •'wbole lot of jack to beat the present mayor ft ho wji.t; always a friend of his." There were st -veial comparatively mild offenders: The man "who his name Irish . and pro- I nounces it French;" the man "j*ho bad his chance and mutt'Hd it;" the man "who haWn't made up his liiind yet whether he is with the present mayor or' against him." and the man "who can't play ball.',' . Bossy asserted that day ^ndnight I police captains would earn their pay. "yhey will be up on charges in a- minute if I ever hear of them get-l ting too high hat to send out word at night for a prisoner who. wantii ;to arrange ball," he promised as he irccollectefl the' time when he wai In the "jiig" for "bouncing ray fist i off a mayor's mug. have been others two, but unfortunately civil service Tequiremenis made charges necessary for removal in cert.iin cases. Mayor GIIUs Is better known locally as "" and once served In the navy. "We won, didn't we? I>on't the winners deserve the gravyT' He asked right after inatiguratlon. Turning to a doorway where a motley Jam of onlooker.-, was gath ered he roared: ".\.l rigl't you birds. Lfsien hart'j That wis in by-gone times wheii and get out and tell your friends; the gasoline station permit light why the axe fell." . First theie was the rasli person who hail "pinched" 'him for selling gasoline withntit. a pf-niiit. Then there w.ns the "guy' who. wlu-n lh< was at IIP height and , Gillis was given 60 days in jail forj an assault on Mayor Michael Cashma, predecessor of" the man the "bad boy':" ousted In the lust election. TO NEW POST Lee Noftzger Resigns As County Employe—To Do Other Work NO SUCCESSOR YET Be Action Probably Will Taken During Month To Fill Vacancy Leo N'o^tzger, county engineer for Allen c-ounty since December 1. French Have \ Two Choices} FikmAmeriai Washlngron. Jan. .•?. (AP)—'ibe French governnient has before it two American proposals offered "as a means of continuing peace between the'! two countries. They are outgrowths of the suggestion of several-;months ago by foreign minister Briattd that a treaty Jbe drawn up Ao outlaw war. The proposals, given the French in alternajive form but which might protjiiie one.or two sepanSte treaties, wotild supplant the present Root arbitration pact whi{:h expires late next month. If,they are found to hold the key to continued peaceful relations ' the proposals in all probability will serye as models for rewriting this cou'ii- try;s arbitration pacts with oth?r f natloiis as (he Root agreements eV the weight 5of much favorable senate opinloti, Secretary Kellogg ! discussed the step with all raenJ- Wave was. over. The lowest temperature in several • years was ' recorded at Km- poria when the temperaturr^ dropped to 17 below zero. Newton also suffered .17 below weather, powns leported 15 below zero; Hays and Ottawa, 11' below: Sallmi and lifUlevillo. 10 below, and f Wiiifield »' below. . 'i >3terday 's snow was light. Con- • cordla reporting ul>out an Jnchi ' Goodland,' . inch;' Wichita* ana Topeka, about hi . inch, and Dodge City a light.flurry. i T>--mpei:atures tonight, Mr. Floi^a | during the past two predicted, will range from about.3,,^ tinally went 15 iabove- In Western Kansas to Id ' ajVyre in-the eastern counties. Last night's low marks were below zero i'or the fourth successive night. Topeka, Wichita and Concordia POULTRY MEETS PLANNED DURING WEEK IN COUNTY PLEA EXPECTED OF ED HICKMAN BY COURT TODAY 1 — aiid come.s to let him in. and ."o he Topeka. Kan.. Jan. 3 (An^-Rs-^^ , p,^,. ..^vh^re is in& temtieratur..'s with genf-rally f^lfu wSr was predicted for !--Mami.?" .She reidied that she w.-.s Kansas this morning by S.; D. in bed a.slecp. LMr. Parkening wi-nt Flora. nueteoroIogiKt. who .said'Jhc. ,„ ^jp^. where the little pirl worst of the seasons severest cold , sleepinp with her mother,! contest, aind the cash prizes to be , , ^ ^, . J „ . I paid to the high fen men in the and found his wile de.nd. He contp.^i. will all be dtx^ided in the once called a physician who upon show. examination eNpressed the opinion opi-n .lassos for 10 U-ar and 7(i that she probably had been dead ear samples are provided for, in three or four hourp. In the absence of Dr. Garlinghouse. the county coroner. Judge Lamer was; ribbons will be given to the o«m- ^ps called. *ut he decided that an In-jors of the champion bushel, and Quest was unnecessary since it was champion ten ears of the show. obvldns that Mrs. ParRenlng had j jn connection with the show. a. 'died from naltural causes, doubtless j prropram will ,be given along the ' from lieart fuilure. Although she j hnes of poultry and corn growing had not been ill she had been suf- ; and kindred lines. Both Judge."* are Poultry Specialist To Be Confessed Slayer: of Par- In Allen County To ker Girl Up for Bearing Take Charge j ^ Fri,h.y and Saturday • this , ^^VT d-^rSl; SchS^fpS! week, January 6-7. C. T. DePuy, | ment of William Edward Hickman poulto' ^ecialist. vill \islt All«n for his confessed kidnaping and county in connection with the slaying of little Marian Parker Is ^^^^^^ \r,. rv„n.,.. i_ •>« determined today awaited the p .M,!t.> program. .Mr. DePuy Is pie« of the yotithfai desperado, rai wKiiHe.N are prorinen lor. ,„ , "'mporsrlly trlhng the place of J. ^ Court attachfes pointed out that; j which the competition i is open to ' H. .Mi-Adams, rpslgnfd. who" is well'barring aiMttfier postponeipent of : the world. Heautlful championship j known to many lofal rt>uliry P'*"- '«ekman had thr.e alterna- 'ivt-u 111 hiv arr^lEninnnt in suneTlol- ha^ resigned his position, he an-ipjrj. , I • uounced today. The, project goes to France wi|h ' As soon a's an appointment Is the made by the county commissioners to fill the vacancy. Mr. Noftz­ ger said, he will act as construe- 1 bers of the senate foreign relation engineer for a Kansas'(iityj tlons comnpttee.^ construction company with his; headquarters In lola. Mr. Noftzger. disclosed today! that he turned In his resignation! November 1, effective as soon as! an appointment is made; by the commissioners. ' In July, 1922, Mr. .N'oftzger came to lola as resident engineer for the. state highway department In.I .•Mien counly. He held that posi- i tion until his appointment as j county engiiieer. Although no appointment has been made by the commissioners^ It is understood that several men.i have applied for (he post. Action" probably will be, taken by the county commi.4si6ners some time this month to fill .Mr. .N'oftzger's positlou. U. S. MARINES BOMBATTAGlf Reinforcements A r e on liieir Way For Nicaragua WHEELER^ATTACKS Senator Hits Coolidge's Administration ifi- R^Iution UMRGHWINS OVEI^ Am TODAY IN ilanagua. Nicaragua, Jan. 3. (AP)—The United States Ma-^ rlne air forces are preparing! to bomb the^ Sandino i rebels, ' Who were driven iiito tie forests by Marines and National guardsmen in the . recent engagements around OuIIali. Five •bomT)ing planes in commandjiof^ .Major R. EL Rowell will under^ Uke')thi» &!vk. Other plaqes' have already dropped bonibs' on- groups of rebels, but the casualties have not >been ascertained, as "the planes returned f immediately to the i . WEATHER and ROADS thpught went to Goodland,' 2 above. t liidepejjdenco 'reportPrt 12 below zer^ and.' Chanute 11 below. Cpff;*yvJlIe hail itfc coldi-st wea- th<-l" in >everal years when the mercury went to 7 b-rlow -i ^ero this morning.. ferlhg a good deal from, headache comTietent authotifies In their lines vo '.r three w-eeks j and will give lectures and demon- t to a physician : strations during the week, who gave her a prescription. I>ast. > Commnnlty Dhinrr. night when her son, Uoyd, 14 years . The climax of the showVlll be of age. came home (it about 11a community dinner to be given o'clock, his mother complamed 01. sat„rjav noon, where exhibitors, f„.n„., ,v„-i nnH «„....o=f»H ; ,^,.:,„ri,. farmers. • business men, I and others will meet and lunch to- it was unnecessary and 1 gpther. bed. Lloyd waited until' sl<e liecame quiet and hb thought she was asleep and then went to bed hfmself. The little girl slept with her mother who must have paissed away without a struggle as the daughter w-as not awakened. .r. C. Mohler. secretary of the Kansas state boardfof agriculture, will^bo the m.Tfn stieaker. and will tell'something of Kansas and her importance as a producer of poul- tr>' and (corn. After the dinner, all prizes will be 'presented, and Pgheii Marks Throughout U. S. an their I The suddenness of the death is th^ winners introduced. As a grand ! a terrible shock to the husband and ; climax, the 6.S bushels ofi seed ' clilldren and they will have the, ,,.om. contributed by the contest, . .. -• " '- ants in the com will be sold at auction to the highest bidder. All Indications point to a goo4 show which will be -worth the.time and attention of eyerv farmer In Allen county. The show and all programs exc<«pt the dinner will be held In Memorial hall. loLi. sincerest. .sympathy of Chicago. .Ian. ::. MIM_^ With sub-;^''i;:;;^'^ , , ntflinul weath.r p. .•>..!line in vlr- „^ .^e Sl»eper Chapel tomorrow tualy ev^ry S.-C ,<-,. the I nited .^vedneHday) , attortloon at .1:30 States. tl».,wvahel h5MV.,u otflc- .p, ,^ „ ^ ^, , , ^ „ pred,< .-d slightly h.«h.-. i-n-,„, .^^ Preshvterian church 5.,TatureK. in mOM !„., ud- o-fficiating. after willch the bodjl flliional m oth<r. for today. ^.|„ ,„ j,^^, ^.^brasUa. ., .snow , un ...s w.-r.. promised for ,„,prmont In the family lot. if\i' Oieat I-ak«-» si-<tl(in wnli rls-• • joK lempi/raturi'ti i-l.-.i-wJierc. The (ine oi; r.erq i«-ni|"'riitiin- lasi iiiglit ^••.vtended sonfhw.ird 11 Central jlllnnis. whii.' the lowest t<'iii|n>r- • iture In 'tin- Cnileil Staii-s wiis r.>- jthrleil afr Havre. Mont,, wliei" It .Wft« 2" (iJ-Krees Ill-low, ''Mild w'oalh>T pii-vnil.-ri in Cali- If-rnii. NevrnH. I'tnli. .Arizona and principal purpose of this v;.s;t l-i ti) plan and outline the .poulfiv pifVrSni far thp Y-'Tir. and to start <(>n\" wnrk mi ii^ultry im- pmvem<-nf. Friday aficnunii inn'iT-nof 01' leaders from the v.irious r iniiiiuni- ties will 1 >e held, the miin pur- being to develope' a definite plan for poultry Improvement in the county covering some time. livtB at hiii arraignment in superlol- court toilay,: on the indictments which chatTgfd him with kid­ naping and murder. One was a plea of,guilty with an ailded plea that thi- court t -xaniine Hickman's .n«'nlal coniiition bi'lore passing sentence. A .second was a plea of niii euilty l.v i-fn-on insanity." The third was a simple guilty plea. Sttitean 'Uts niuiu- by the young Kansas City attorney. Jerome : Walsh, who will defend Hickman I indicated, that the tirst might be : chosen In the fight to save ' his ','cHent from the death penalty. The FOR K\>S.\.S: Mostl> fair to- nlgfif and Wedne^dBy except soroe- Mhat unsettled in.east portion to. nlsht: rlsintr tem'jwmtnre. ¥or lohi and '^felhltT: Unsettled weather tonitrht; fair Wednesday: rMntr teniperature.. Temperature—Highest yesterday 9. at 3 pr. ni.: lowest last night, —12. at 7 a. m.; normal for today. 30: 'deficiency yesterday, 32; deficiency since January 92 degrees: this date last year, highest, 62: lowest, Pr»*Ipitatlon for the 24 liours ending, at-7 a. m. today. .02: total Ambassador Of Air Coc^ To ^Tegucigalpa In Plane Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Jan. > 3. (APj—t'oloiiel Charles A. I ' Lindbergh. . completed fourth' ' lap of his Central American | tour to landing safely at the ^ aviation field here from San j Salvador ^t 1:55 p. ni; central ; standard time; i Washington, Jan. .1 fAP)— Two; battalions of Marines under the command of a .Vlarlne .gpncral have beeti ordered to Nicaragua to participate in a drive against the .bandit Sandino In the province of Nueva |. Secovia. The order was sent out today after Secretary Wilbur had conferred with. President Coalidge at the^ AVhlte Hous,e.. .San Salvailor. Jan. 3. (AP)—Af flight almost within earshot of th^. battle being J^bitterly waged betweefl ^ rebels undei} General AugustiiijD' Sandino and"' United States marinev ' was the task of Colonel Charles I Lindbergh today. . ' A few miles south of Tegucigal-; pa Honduras, his objective today! six marines -have given their lives to capture t}ie rebel stroughold ^t Quilali, nearithe Honduran border Over the actual fighting terrain Lindbergh .vfill fly when he leaves Tegucigalpa; for Managua, Nicaragua, probably Thursday. He ijus Washington. Jan. 3 (API- Speculation over the safety of , American Marines whp have captured Quilali. stronghold of . the Nlcaraguan bandit leader. , Gfneral Sandino. gripped offi- ! ••.iais here today following re- " ceipt of a radiogram plea for reinforcments and hospital supplies. for this year to date. .02: deficiency I been advise^ to fly high because since Januarv 1st. .10 inch. . ; the rebels armed with machine KeJative humidity at 12 noon! guns and anti-aircrafi guns are yesterday. 92 per cent: 7 a. m. to-1 considered likely to take a day. 89 per cent; barometer re- j at any plane passing over their .reduced to sea level. 30.75 inches. j treats, since mai^ne Sun rises. 7:39 a m.: sun sets, I corps planes bombed them jester- 5:15 p. m. .<Ja>:- Friday night, at the office of the ' prosecution, through District At- police Judge in Humboldt a grur-torney Asa Keyes. frequently has eral poultry me<.ti„g will be he'd " ''"S^"?'^ '".^ J.' • , extreme penalty, if Hickman s to plans for gettlnK out a ^y,,, j.s pU-aded or proved and his good exhibit at the Corn and Poul-" .canity shown. try show to be held in lola. Janu- '''he be let that Walsh would en- ar>- l.S-21 A gen.''ral <t.* ussiou '"''• '"'•wijty plea for his client ... was strengthened further by the of poultry problems will he held;, report of jail officials that threb especially as to breeding and ex- j physicians have called upon the hibltlng. 1 prisoner within the last few days Familiar Broadway Star i Dies in New York City Domestic Slaves Are Set Free By English Freetown. Sierra Leone, Africa. Jan. ti. (API—A quarter of a million domestic slaves free today New York. Jan. 3. (AP)—Broadway today mourned the passing of _ _ _ a familiar .star in Its theatrical • and on a ba.sls of political equaT- firmament. in the death of Miss their former masters owe Kmily Steven.s. cousin of Mrs. Mln- ,hpir emancipation to a woman. Sputhern Idaho the ni.. Maddern Fiske. i l^dy Kathleen Simon, wife of tvmperatur<- 01 7S at I.ns Angeles.' M U The e.vtn'nif 'sout PARTY PRIMARY UWQUESTIONED Frank J. Ryari Asks Fori Decision on Branding Iron Statute SAFEH TROPHY WON BY PLANT Lehigh Portland Is One Of Few To Receive Such Award Miss Stevens died yesterday In 1 sir John Simon, an English Lib, ^ .!'.""'';" >^-<^^tions ot her mid-town apartment, of pneu- eral party leader. His credited with :l'londa and Calltoinia w.-i.- the, monia after an overdose of a seda- 1 informing the world that slavery only places enjo.vlnp normal wei-jtivg her doctors stated. She had j -• • / ;iher. .still existed in the British protec- I Topeka, Jan. 3. (AP)—Possible compilations In the operation of the "brhndlnjt Iron" i measmre passed'-by the 1927 legislature which will require voters; to Vote the same primary ballot 1 In <jach primary notice of a change In party affiliation Isigir^ en, were referred today by Ffank J. Ryan, secretary of state to" At- •hern unconscious since noon Sun-|torate. The slaves were owned by! tomey General, William A. Smhh. Sudden Cold =Wave Strikes N. Y. •day; when a servant found her ill. ihatives not by Europeans. .Neai-ly 'An autopsy was ordered to^deter-j one-fifth of the people were In mine the exact cause of death. I bondapb under domestic slavery. —'• r I After^ these conditions had been President's Wrist Is ;expo.sed Ifgl-slatlve action was . TroublingiHim' Again ;;f:,V '^tst, vesuge- The law requires 30 days' no- All employes of the Lehigh 3'ort-i land cement plant, regardless ot Ww^fhe i *btther or'not they have "beeti ' working steady recently, will get a full day's work and a free dln^ ner tomorrow to celebrate winj ning of a safety trop/hy byxhe local plant for 1927, it was announced today by the safety committee. ^ By virtue o( the fact that noi one "Isos time" accident occurred at the plant during the last year, the local plant soon will receive very. : .Vew York: Jan. 3. tAP)—A sud- i<lon cold wave, which arrived with 1hf» New Year and sent the temper- -ature In many parts of the east well I •vvastiini'ifm i-.n 1 /AI V I D..,,- i• ~ .^wo, and f... •''^•UZ'fSC-.Zi', ^r,","': KM^ell Claims He •^£!^'""°'-''''y''Z:t^:.^:;;!!^ftj^J'^, . ^^"^ Forced t.Talk i»"rl""^.,''r''-n.S •"•"« "••"»•' found frbzen In a parked automo- ;blle. Ad Wilkes-Barre. Pa,, a man . {was^Jrozen on a porch of i^is hoine. • Rockt(fn. in Western ^vania, l?d eastern' ,cities was hint some difficultyia year aeo.lThe present inflammation is believed bv the president to have been cau.sed by the many hours,of handshaking charge that he had been threaten;ed with prosecution If he dfd not tp.stify as the goveriiment wished In the criminal contempt proceedings against Harry F. Sinclair, W. J. Burns, and their associates, was ^ ^^fH^^J", ^"l^^^' ^sa^^ty '•'oPby from the Portland K.? ''•^^^ * Cement assbciation. .n .tl '•*°*J-°*3^ j N-ot more than six of the 15Q Vh -Tf^'"^.?^'"'"^' cement plakts affiliated with thl TrJ» ^h^, P/'niafy »bls year will j associaitioa Will receive such recogl IM. required to vole the same party (muon it will be the first trophy for the Ioca,l plant. ; DecemT)er 20 there were si? plants eligible for trophies. Local ticket In 19.'?0 unless the prescribed notice is given to the county clerk. ^ ^ ^ In addition to asking for an! officials tkir not know whether oj- opinion as to changes In the form I iiot there ^ere "loss time" accl'- : jin which he was i^equlred to par-]made today hv Edward J. Kldwell, s.vl-riticipate yvsterday at the White j jr.. a juror in the Fall-Sinclair oil Penusy with: 10 j House New Year's] recertion: •'aegfees below zero.. The low point' in .Vew i'ork city was 11 .-ibove.; '^effield arid Lane to Appear Before Senate trial. ~ Washington.; Jan. .T (AP)— Jas. R. Sheffield, 'former ambastador ;to Mexico, and Arthur Bliss Lanci iof .the' Latin American division of • the state department, were Invited "today to appear tomorrow' befoi^^ ,tlie pperlal senate committee In- rvvstikating documents published In U^e ,Heitrat newspapers and pur- ,.Itbrtih«'to. have come frohi ihi- iMexIcflBi official archlvcD. Cify Records Show More Births Thak Deaths in City for 1927 The stork outdistanced the grim In addition to the 170 deaths reaper In lola during 1927. accord- recorded during the .vear, .15 bidles i!;fri:^';s%s"'"'" ^''^^•^":>'^" r.^"^ Records show that there Wer|.»»"rial. \ Irtually all of these were 170 deaths In lola during 1927.'; the bodies of former residents of while 204 births were reported. tho city. • Eighteen persons died In lola 'During j December, eight bodies dtirln]^ DccemlM'r, while sixteen were Khiiiped froth .lolaj while one biibieaiwero born, Iwas nbipped iu. ? ot poll books, Mr. Ryan asked: "What about the independent voter—Tvho cannot or will not declare a particular party affiliation —will he be prevented from voting at the general election?" Alfred Jella Is On Way Back to Kansas Twin Falls. .Tan. X (API-Alfred KIrby Jella. alias Albert L. Pettibone, 28. self confessed bank r<A- ber and murderer, today was speed- im; toward Leavenworth,. Kas.. In the custody 6f Kansas officers to answer to charges of robbing the Linwood, ] Cas.. state bank and flaying Glenn Curtiss, deputy sheriff. The roW lery and slaying occurred three yeat» ago. Jella -was identified foIlo4 ing his arrest here; by finger prints, and confessed. He waived extradictlon and lett for Kansas with the offlceri wlio ar- riveil here Suodar. ^; dents in any/ of these plants. Loss Ume? accidents are accidents which keep, employes from return'^ Ing to -work the «iay foliowiiig,the accident. ofHcIals explained. Th^ day the accident occurs does not count. This spring at the annual meeting of the cenfent association twb employes of the local- plant will be present and will receive the award. J , Thtf trophy, a large marble monument, standing about six fee't high, has on it the caption. "Safety Follows Wisdom." A worker fs shown with the protecting arm o'f "Wisdom,'* kboQt him. Tomorrow's feed will inclu4.e hot.dogs, cheese sandwiches, apples^ tloagltnnts, cigars, coffee an4 other things irlilch go to males u}> a lanch LoMl officials are ett- tbused pvef the record of the lofe plant during 19?7j and pointed oiit that lots win receive national ad- reitislni; M a result of the awari Road fondltlon-v. ' Hutchiiison. partly cloudy, roads snow covered. Sallna. cloudy roads open. Arkansas City, clear- roads good. Coffey ville. clear roads snow covered. Wichita, clear. roads fair. .Manhattan clear, roads good. Topeka. clear , roads open. Empdria,' cloudy, roads 'o see^ much of good. Pittsburg, clear, roads frozen. Dodge City, partly cloudy light, snow on roads. Lindbergh: has under | consideration extending' his present g(»od will tour to: include Colombia'^d Venezuela. -He"will make a detjls- ion after reitching Panaina, whj^re he Is expe.cted sometime after J^- uary 8. . Fog robbed the flyer of a chaiice to see"^ much of the \ beautUul mountain scenery on his way tere from Belize, British Honduras. Me hoped that today better conditions would prevail on bis MO-igne flight into ttee Honduran capiat, the route of.which also was oyer a . mountali^usi country wb^re places suitahie for a forced laSd- ing are few.? I^indbergh belieites however, tha't .atmospheric coi^l- tions are f&vorable to a Central Anierlcan ale.niBH service and^he urged its Ina'ugttration. Some 10.069 itersons flocked the streets here WU^n the flyer pas^d on his way to 4 reception at \ the national paliKeV A thousand o^h-: ers congregated at the Ilopatigo alrdome to %^ew the Spirit of ,^t Louis. Extra police were cal'jed oitt«to keep fjie^fcrowd at a 8*fe distance- frot% the plane. ' v President Bosque pinned a goXA medal upon the-flyer at the recijp- tlon. He sai4 tSiat ^ Salvador ^.e- Chamber of Commerce To Resume Meetings After a holiday vacation of two weeks, the regular noon luncheons of the Chamber of Commeirce will be liesumed tomorrow at the Kelley hotel. This being the first luncheon of the new year, the program will be In harmony with what Is being done by business men at thl.-j' season.-v-closlng the books' for thej last year and planning for the year ahead. The principal spealter will be Charles F. Scott, who will present what he believes to be one of the greatest needs of lola for a really prosperous and satisfying 1928. If time permits, other speakers will be heard on the general topic of. "Boosting lola in 1928." Reservations can be made by calling • 'phone 75 before 10 o'clock tomorrow j morning and It is ex- — .„,-.„ pected thdt a good crowd will be symbol of the: love which Salva.?or means " bore hlm.5 Washington. Jan. .*?. (API— Charging the administration had failed to keep sufflclent ' Marines in Nicaragua-to pro^ ' tect the whole force there,' Sepator Wheeler. Democrat. 'Montana, announced today that he would reintroduce his resc-f- lutlon calling for an invesU-i: gation of the government's^"-; policy with reference to that , Latln-i^merican republic. . \:[; Managua. Nicaragua. Jan. 3. (AP) —A reinforced garrison of United States marines today held Quilali | after fierce fishting in which 8& | marines were killed and twenty-^ eight wounded. General Augiistlmi Sandino. rebel leader, had boast^ he never would be driven from Quilali. The reinforcing Sunday of tlM patrol which captured QuilairPrf- day cost one American life anil five marines were wounded as they ptished their way through ther rebels and joined their comrades, .ih the capture of Quilali, five marin.ei6 were killed and 23 wounded. The rebel casualties in the two encounters w^ere not determined _ because dead and wounded wero.' f.ulckly removed to save them from • vultures. ; f p Once the marines had established themselves in Quilali their planes under Maj. R. E. Rowell bombed the Sandino forces. Major Rowell advised Col. Louis. Mason Gullqk, commander of the marines in Nicaragua, that several direct bits were made,.undoubtedly caus-. leg numerous casualties. : Preparations were, under way today to concentrate American rol^ umns at the former Sandino stronghold to crush the insurgeuts whp are hidden in the almost In- , accjjssible points of the region. After losing (Quilali, Sandino shifted his headquarters to El Cbl- on hand for the year. the first meeting of Remus Is Denied New Hearing on Sanity Cincinnati. O.. Jan. .r (.\P)—A new .sanity • hearing for George Remus.,wife-slayer, was denied today by Judge William H. Lueders of .probalte court, who last week found Remus insane and ordered him committed to the state hospital for the criminal insane at Lima. Judge Lueders also denied bond for the former "king of bootleggers." In the court of common pleas Judge Charles S. Bell heard long arguments on a petition for a writ of ha'beas COITJUS t^ free Remus end announced he hoped he might be able to give his decision at 10 o'clock next Thursday morning. lighted to honor "the greatest cyn- pote, 18 miles away. The new oueVor of the '^ir and jcruiser of Uie headquarters are near., the Coco blue vault of-heaven." He asfed river, which, flpwlnr through an the flyer to aicept the medal a^ a , unexplored wilderness,. offers a w „f »t,«^ irtvA which Salvaeor means of escape should the rebel leader be hard pressed. First Sergeant Thomas G. Bruce, j of the marines, lately a lieutenant j in the Nlcaraguan national guard.^| was killed In a rebel counter-at- F tack S'unday while a combat patrol • was enroute from Telpaneca to ' reinforce Quilali. Bruce, whose home was in Philadelphia, display- ' ed great heroism at Ocotal last LeavenwoHh Fire . i Damage To Be Hi|h Leavenworth Kans., Jan. 3. (itiP) A stubborn fire of undetermioed origin, discovered last night in the Ripley sport ;sBwp. In the center, of Leavenworih's principal birai- July when a baddful-of marines ness block, tojiay had virtually fe-land guardsmen administered d i- stroved the interior of the btil^d- feat to: Sandlno's forces, ing and caused - unestimated. dajn- Lleuieixant Merton A. Richal iif ase to adjoining; buildings. Wafer Wisconsin was seriously woundad damage extended to the basemeitsjin Sunday's encounter. Four other of the Donovaai Knight cigar stdre i marines were also wounded. • and the 'Manufacturers' Natiotjal; TThe combat patrol, which inclndr bank, east to the- corner. The dajn-jed members of the Nicaragiian ns:- roHghlv estimated 'at;(IonaI irimrd. encountered part of age was $50,000. , _ ..^ George Stevenson, fire chief. s%id that controlling the smoke and fjfre in the Ripley Imilding would be >n all day task., i More Licenses for Cars AreSold 1 In County for1927, Sa^Record^ Allen cojinty citizeiis owned more. two were for. trailers, 620 |ior cars during 1927 than the previous '™cks, 5543 fpr ;autos, 31 for dtsd- year, records at the cou.,ty t.;eas-, - -^r^^^gl-^-^I-^ urers office disclosed toilay. Dur- rushing busin ^A this week. §ar In? 1926. S .me licenses were sold,'owners are keeidng the treasure 's while 6,203 were Is.sucd during force buny applying for 1928 311927. • ccns°s. \ largcj number were sold Of the licenses Lsstied last year, i today, r i ? , | S?!idino's forces near Sapotilla ridge, four miles from Qnilali. There were 400 men in the Insijire- ent force. ' j ' The 'f.bels were defeated affec desperate fighting and fled Into the thick forests of the mountainous region near the Honduran border. Mariiie planes, which batr^ been playiiig an active part in the fighting, assisted the patrol. They were fired upon by rebel anti-airplane guns. • ' Marine headquarters today had scant detaild, from the scen'e of hrttle. The fleld radio is not is working condition yet and the pews that reaches here Is from n->!S8age8 picked up by planes., The marines at Jicaro were toid try. a rebel desieeter that he' had {CenUraed on Page «, >'o. 1)

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