The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 10, 1958 · Page 17
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 17

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 10, 1958
Page 17
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AMNII NOWHIWN we THBLUCK'*' WILLWU eivs TO TH6 CIVILIAN FIELD I'M NOT LfTONd VDU OUT OP MY 06HT/ MM* AN AUCUNfift, VtXI ANP1 WILL NEVCR 5L6EP A9AINI MAMMA* ftXC6 WONT «.6B(» r BUT III. 60 BUT IP 1 (W ITtL M CO*r,NOr OU.MATB/ AINtl •"WHEN YOU'RE A BIO STAR, YOU CAN-PAY BACK THE PERSON WHO 105T THATC-NOTE! MARY WORTH HERtt APlANE SCHEDULE—AND THE ADDREJJ OF A NICE HOTEL FOR GIRLS!-.-PHONE. MEW THIS NUMBER WHEN 1 SET OUT THERE DAY AFTER TOMORROW! IU SEE THAT YOU IANO A BIT WRT WIWRCTURt • •• AND NEXT THIN6 VOU KNOW, YOUR FACE WtlL BE ON FAN MAGAZINE COVERS! PRISCILIA'S POP-By AlVertnw DID YOU ASK FOLKS To READ THEM PIRST OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With Major HoepU / SOMETIMES I THINK SHE'S EVEN SMARTER THAN WE THINK ~t SHE IS. 1 JOVE, WHAT A O5A/ A —MY,\\IITH THE PfiWPEf? ' CAPITALIZATION—' SET THE PATENT FIRST?—yes (DBA FOR A RBVOWlNO UlJUSH THAT SV1E8P$ PARTI C.LES |NTO A WHEELED ffOX — I'M THINKIN3 Of CALLIMS rr A A CIGAR AMD 3TAK.T MARTHA HAS 4 W*«P5?Sx W^MflffiSB c ™» «u t...<. i-,. i««., v^ f« en../ vsss;-^^^^K_l__L_ CARNIVAt-By Dick Turntr OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. William* l.|f HEE-HEE.' I BET PA'S SORRV HE , .,, OFFEREP TO PRV PISHES TONI6HT/ |/ HE'S STEWIW OUT THERE BECAUSE / WE'RE PAV/PLIW AT TH' TABLE • • HE WAMTS TO HURRV UP AW' GET THROU6H SO HE CAM WATCH A TV WELL.TAKE WURTIMB.' MAVBE WOW HE'LL SEE HOW IT IS WITH US WHEN WE'RE ON TH'PISHES P6TAIL AWP WAWT TO 6ET THROUGH IW A HURRY TO CO TO A SHOW OR. SOMETHIMG.' ; TIZZY-By Katt Osann "I know him wall anough not to call him by hit fir»t name—Percy!" M'ttThattksf Put on open box of Wriglvy's Sptarmfnt Chewing Gum under the tree Let family and friends help themselves to this satisfying treat. • They'll appreciate yourthoughtfulness. Want Ads Have Bargains and Good Buys! NOTE: Wrlgley't Spearmint Gum comes in bright Christmas colors. red and green on white. WHOOP-DE-HOOP ! PINEVILLE, Ky. w - Officers' decided most everyone was going lor the hula hoop fad when they raided a moonshine whiskey still near here. ~ Beside the still they found two IT PAYS TO RiAD THi CLASSIFIED ADS f **?»*• ^ther operators of the still or hoops were around. "I'm getting my family practical gifts—stuff I can k/xrmui rtr ii«fi>l" borrow user HURT IN SKID CLINTON, Iowa (* — Hugh Wie- bei, 38, of Davenport, trucker, suffered back injuries and exposure when his station wagon skidded ou a patch of snow and overturned in » ditch on U. S. 67 between here and Davenport. HE WORLD H NEED THAT SlRuTO THt TOODLiS TH AT LAfttVJ WHAT'S IN5ULTCP HOW nMti you INSULT HIM HE CAN us ATA f^ v/A5 PLANNING WITH MK ?/-- PAPOV WOULD - — IWANTTDHAVBA' MAN-TO-MAN TALK ARCHIE *" _^ "^i OM» iTc»»» AtfCWIE, I LIXE A JUST A •HOUR RAINTING» ,> PICTURE WHAff'Srj Jx> OP A CALLED* If MOUNTAIN.' YES. BUT WHAT PO VOU CALL , THE POINTING? CALL IT? OH....ER NOTWlNa JUOD SAXON-By K«n Bald and Jerry Brendfltld OF COURSE. I'LL SEND SOMEONE RISHT UP... JUPtt STEVE WRWHT MAS DISAPPEARED/ ALL VERY STffANSB. <58T BACK UP, ID THE IAB ANP SK.. WHAT ITS All ABOUT/ MORTY MEEKLE OERSTAND " IT. THAT'S THE THIRD TIME THI6AONTH THE 6UOGE5TION BOX HAS CAUGHT FIRE T GET THE INGU6HER/ THERE.'IT'S OUTNOW UMWSTftKIM'TH/rDaAY "^.BUTONBTHINSS LOSS OF HER ^RIGHT OFF fT \ CLEAR...IT HUSBANP / LOOXS LIKE YES, \ MEANS BIS BUT A THING LIKE j TROUBLE FOR THAT IS JUST A /ALLUSHER& GUESS.. YEH.FOOZX I'M AFRAIP EH? WHATtt THAT ABOUTATfiN- /OH...POC A FEW THOUSAND CENTURIES AWAY MILLION-YEAR- OLD GRAND FATHER? •KINPA BAP. AINT6HES WASH TUBBS SUT MY NAUMS* OUT FfVWT PIPWT 5HB LOOK ME UP? IT'* HER. VOURfr A STAR WOW AL HWWAOW5 BEST PRIBKJO. X HCMl SHE'S NOT OOtKW 50 600P I WANT TO 586 HER PALI FIND RIGHT; MOTHER. uua»T i SIB. CM NBD HWE*^6 l . ICAWTftTAy AWWMO Xl* THBK& ANY LONdBRl IPWrAlT TtHJ DOMM, (MUD LWINO IN HOTBL*, 1C J/TOO, BLUMi I. , t CAN PE WITH YOU! M £M NOT THfr .»URE IT W*4 foift HAKW>OM WHO PA$*EP its AGO: BUGS BUNNY SURE THINS'. ALLUS GLAD T'HELP KIP THA'S WILLIN' T' WOKlf.' WHAT A SOLP <VMNE AT TEN CENTS A PAIR / rwasvs USED ,|-CLOTHlM<5- TRYIN 1 EABN SOME CHRISTMAS 'MONEVl WILL VOU HELP MC, BUGS? FRECKLES OH, F*ea>-->txfee TWWP MA/1 aenee. / ADD ANOTHER. BARREL. lb UNB -UP, THE WISE 0(jy? we wtwr spectfY ANT PosmoJ FOR THAT usr AUSTIN (Minn.) HfHAlB Wedn«»day, D«t. 10, '51 jj—-^^^_»—.^-^—j.-^-^—.—-^-i.^-.^ .. ^.^Jf, ,^..... I SHORT RIBS JACOBY'S BRIDGE By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NBA ««rtlc« One of the great partnership! of Ml time WM Out of th« perennially youthful Slgney L«n> and t&e late Commander Wmfleld Liggett, Jr. Their partnership »t»rted »t Whist and continued through auction »nd contract with defensive play being perhaps their strongest point. Mr. Leni sitting Weft WM tempted to open his singleton dlsmond. but wisely chose the king of clubs. The Commander overtook with the *c« and returned the suit. Sidney won South'* Jack with th« queen and carefully led the nine spot, it was up to the Commander to ruff and he did ruff with the queen. This play constituted the so-called "Upperout." The queen was no use In tig's hand. Flayed on that trick It <o) ¥•792 • AQJfZ + 732 WEST CAST *9«2 4107S43 V108I «/Q4 • 5 •K7II *KQ10854 80CTB 4KQJT* 1014 No ont vulnertbtt Nortk BaM Cmslk We«4 1 •> P«M 1 4 ft« 2* Pan 3V Paw 4V Pan Pan Paw •ffeottTcly,doomed the oontraot. South overruffed, but this made Sidney's ten-spot a sure trump trlok and South also had to low the diamond finesse. Simple enough, but most food play U simple when you see how it u dotfe. Smart School Set One bright ttt for •ohool, one flow- er-crimm«d for date* with Dad I pun. thrifty to make. Whip up oocy cap •&' mltt«n ten lu wool, cotton, felt. FttUra SM: dl- reaiions; pattern for amsll, madium. Urge included: transfer of latjr»4*lsy Send TWrty . m* e«at* (coin*) for this pattern — add I easts for each pattern for Ut • clsst mailing. to th. Austin pajQy HeralS. for a copy of 185S l*uta Wheeler Ne«dleoraft Book. U hw love's; d «»»8W> to order: embroidery, crochet, knitting, wwrtag, quilting, toy* iu the book, a specUl aunirtM a Utue girl b»epy -T

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