The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on June 22, 1894 · Page 12
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 22, 1894
Page 12
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Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report Baking Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE DAILY AMD WEEKLY. ALL HOME PRINT. THE SBNTINBL is tbe only newspaper in Carroll county that Is printed all at bone and It con- alns more local and county news tban any other two papers ID this county. POWERS & COLOLO, Props. FBIDAY, JONB 22, 1894, PEOPLE AND EVENTS Visit Moore's shoe store. Winter wheat flour at Eempker & Coolidge's. Patent photograph envelopes for sale at this office. Gall at Martin & Clovis' for Glidden barbed wire. Joe Linton, of Dedham, was in the city Tuesday. Mrs. W. R. Lee has returned from her visit at "DeWitt. Chas. Neu went to Mapleton yesterday on a business trip. Paints, Oils and Brushes at J. W. Button's. Vin Wadsworth is here from Fremont, Neb., visiting his parents. Mrs. John Guild is enjoying a visit with her sister from Omaha. J. J. Wieland left for NebreskaMonday to be absent for a short time. The thunder showers Tuesday were the first of tbe kind this season. Wire door mats with your name woven in, at Martin & Clovis'. Diseases of tbe eye, ear, throat and nose. Dr. 0. L. Wright. Carroll. Ths rain, while it has not been very heavy, hue done considerable good. J.B. Graham returned Wednesday from Chicago where he had been with stock. Diseases of women and children a specialty. Dn. B. C. EELLEY, Carroll, la. Late oabbagn and sweet potato plants home grown at the green bouse. The Northwestern band accompanied tbe picnic excursion to Lake View today. J. R. Whitney and C. D. Boynton left Tuesday for LeMara oa a business trip. M. W. Beach and C. E. Reynolds, were at Scranton yesterday on legal business. Jas. Black returned from Jefferson | Wednsday where ho had been visiting his parents. Choice new maple sugar. Fresh made, guaranteed pare. MCLAGAN & BOHC- 1IAOHIB. Mrs. E. G. Taylor and children re- tarned to their home at Council Bluffs yesterday. Music hall IB having lOme new scenery painted and will be supplied with.a new drop curtain. A bright little baby girl arrived at the home of Mt. and Mrs. C. L. Wattles Tuesday night. Try our canned goods, tbe price* and quality will enit yon. MOLAQAN & SCHTJMAOHBB. Mrs, Chas. Bucknam left for Manning yesterday to visit with her parents for a short time. O. R. Woodward was called to Bchal- ler Wednesday by tbe serious illness of bis father-in-law. JJorgood bargains in groceries and fruits and decorated ware, go to Kempker & Coolidge'n. * James Priestley isUvery low with|con- •umptlon and it is not thought possible for him to recover. Ubbo Albertsen and V. Binricbs ac' companied tbe fire laddiei to tbe tournament at Iowa City. The Green Bay Lumber company now bas on hand a supply ot Boone lower vein coal. D. L. Greene returned Tuesday. even • log from a vialt in Wisconsin with relative! and old friends. Mrs. W. K. Guild'! mother from Ida Grove, was in the city this week visiting with her daughter. f. L. Macomber arrived in tbe city Saturday to spend'Sunday with bis wife who to visiting with her parent*. Mrt.JJ. B. Griffith returned Tuesday from Des Moloei, where she bad been fot ftome time with her daughter. Sen Henry of the Coon Rapids Enter, prise WM in tbe city Monday talking politics with bis Republican friends, Clerk Kennebeek issued «license Mon. day for Adam Braich tod Miss Mary Tigges of Pleasant Vftlley township. Tfai« is tbe last time that Trowbridgo U going to request tbe people who are owing bin to settle the i*m« br note. Travelling Freight Agent O'Jtsera of tbe Milwaukee, was in the city yesterday OB business in the interest of bis road. Tbe state encampment of tbe Grand Army of tb» Jfepubiio at Council •fleet*) giiutou M tbe place for b«Win« I** nut wp*»pw*nt; **>i aw, A, man, of Cedar Falls, was selected commander for tbe ensuing year. Our prices on flour are right, suite everybody, give it a trial and yon will come bnok to tbe Yellow front for more Mrs. I. M. Gllley returned to her home nt Albion, Neb., after a very pleasant visit with relatives and friends in the city. Mrs. Wm. Bailey and daughter left yesterday for Lake View, where they will remain for a short time enjoying a short outing. Rev. J. C. Hendrickson, pastor of the Baptist church, retuined Saturday from his eastern trip after an absence of several •weeks. A good many people m this city formed a more intimate acquaintance with their cellars Wednesday night than they have for some time. Jud Woodring returned yesterday from Newell where he has been' for the past week looking after business interests in that part of the state. Henry Mittlemanjia confined to his bed again and was constdered in a critical condition for several days but is now thought to be some better. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Powers left Saturday afternoon for Harshalltown to spend Sunday with Mrs. Powers' parents, as it was her mother's birthday. Chase & Sanborn teas and ooffeeewere used exclusively on the World's fair grounds, selected for their superior quality. Sold only by Merchant. Maurice Bowler cleared f 1,035 on the land he sold to the railroad company in a little over a year. Mr. Bowler is one of the shrewdest speculators in the city. We see by "The Deaf Hawkeve," published at Council Bluffs, that Herman Pape is working in the printing department of the Iowa school for the deaf at that city. L.A.Pohlmann, of Pierce, Neb., was in the city on business and visiting old frilnds. This gentleman has many friends here who are always pleased to meet him. Miss Bertha Bangs returned Tuesday evening from Mt. Vernon. She was accompanied by a friend, Miss Birdina Gerhe«rt, who will visit in the city for some time. Sheriff Jeffrey was setting up the cigars to the boys Monday all because another ittle deputy sheriff arrived at bis home ast night. Both ^mother and eon are doing nicely. About twenty members of the G. A. R. post left Wednesday to attend the; state encampment of the Grand Army ot the Republic which was in session at Council Bluffs. Mrs. 8. E. Kail lost a pair of gold rimmed spectatcles Sunday evening between the M. B. church and her home. The finder will confer great favor by returning the same, Merchant wanta yon to call at his store and aee bow few goods yon can juy for five dollars. Leave your sacks and laeketa at home, bnt put a double box on yonr sled or wagon. Cards are out announcing the marriage of one of Carroll's former teachers, Miss Bertha Baker, to Rev. Jos. Steele, at this tiome of the bride's parents at Altoona, Iowa, June 27,1804. The next examination for city' certificates, will be held at tbe high school buildintfJune 80 and 80. Any teacher holding .'a county Inrst grade certificate may take this examination. JL_ Miller received a telegram Tuesday morning announcing the sad news of the death of his mother at her home in Dubuque county. Mr. Miller left the same evening to attend the funeral. Or. A. L. Wright and wife returned from Ban Franiiico, where they have been attending tbe midwinter fair and tbe doctor attended the National Medical association while in the city, The Turners of this city and Ida Grove have about completed arrangements for a picnic excursion to Lake View ebqut the 33d of July. A general invitation will be extended to all to Join with them. Eli Agoew, of Dedbam, was in the city Sunday and attended the Knights of PythlM memorial services, Mr. Agnew Is manager of several farms for W. T. Minohen of Carroll. Be alto informs us that he has lately opened up a coal bank on another tract of Mr. Mlncuen's land near Adsir, In., which is quite a paying affair.—Manning Free Press. J. B. Norkels returned Tuesday evening from Atin Arbor, Mich., where he has been during the post year atttmdl college. Jnke looks ns if the Wolverine state and the study of law agreed wilh him. It will soon be spring weather uod voi will need good footwear, as Ibis is i time whem money should not be wnstet in worthless goods, yon will find it best to take a little time and look at Moore's line before you bay. The three months' old daughter of Mrs Mary Kipley died at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kn.mer, the-parents of tbe child's mother, Monday at 1: The funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Mr. Laurenz Rogee and Miss C. ScbiUI- meiur, of Davenport, arrived in the city Sunday and are now the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hoeft. Miss Scballmeler is sister of Mrs. Uoeft and will remain with her for some time. County Superintendent McMahon and wife are the proud parents of a bouncing baby* boy which arrived at their home Tuesday. The child and mother are both doing nicely, and the proud father is as happy as a clam at high tide. No new developments have vet been made as to what the railroad company intends doing in thia city farther than M. Bowler has given it an option for 30 days on the block owned by him lying just north of the land purchased last Friday. Master Harry Miller was ten years old Tuesday and in honor of the event a number of his young friends were entertain ed at Terrace Lawn. A jolly good time was had by the little folks and all gave Harry hearty wishes for many bappv return of the day. Mrs. G. L. Sherman returned Sunday from Cincinnati where she has been visiting with her parents for several weeks. The doctor appears in better humor now than he did during her ab- scence. We presume he had grown tired of baching. A little German boy passed through the city Tuesday wearing a tag in his button hole telling that he was on tbe way to the home of his uncle at Hoi- stein. He had come all the way from Germany alone and was the center of a curious throng while stopping here. A couple of funnel shaped clouds appeared just southeast of the city Saturday evening and presented all tbe appearances of "twisters" but as we have lenrd of no damage being done it is not likely that they reached tbe ground for they appeared to be high when seen by observeis in the city. General Manager Whitman, General Superintendent Sanborn, Superintendent of Buildings Walden and Superintendent Qollenback were in the city Wednesday io consultation witb the mayor and several of our leading business men regarding the plans for the North western's improvements at Carroll this year. THE LADIES, rhe pleasant effect and perfect safety with which ladies may use ,ho California liquid laxative, Syrup of figs, under all conditions, makes it their favorite remedy. To get the true and genuine article, look for the name of the California Fig Syrup Co., printed near the bottom of the package. Pants. Onr Btook ia complete, goods first quality, popular prioee. The tariff or silver bill onta no figure with oe, Don't think beoanae we don't button bole you on tbe street and beg yon to trade witb us, we don't want yonr trade. We dc/out think you are wiee enough to choose tbe boat place to trade. Respectfully. E. N. MEBOHANT. Two tramps appeared at Father O'Connor's residence Tuesday and was given something to eat and about 0 o'clock they returned and demanded something more; on being refused they became abusive. Marshal Hamilton was notified and he and Ed Lucy succeeded in placing them under arrest. This morning they were arraigned before Mayor Parsons who gave them five days work in tbe Hwer ditch. Manning is making meat preparations for a big time on tbe Fourth. They will present an attractive program consisting of the usual tourth of July exercise* balloon ascension, speed ring attractions, and be prepared to better entertain their visitors than any other city in thia part of the country. Hon. E. M. Funk baa been selected as orator ot the day. The program at the speed ring will be eipeci- tlly attractive, for liberal purses have iwen offered and a one field of steppers has already been eatored. Monday morning Marshal Hamilton brought tour strong, hearty looking tramps before the mayor charged with vagrancy. Bla hontr gave three of them three days work; on tbe sewer Midi tbe other tan days. Tbe one who got ten day* Is a professional beggar, hiving visited this city several times before, Awarded Highest Honors World's Fair. D»PRICE'S taking 'owder T** only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder.—No Ammonia; No Alum. Uied ia MilUonjTof.Homeg—40 Year* tb« Standard. working the public Indiscriminately fo all be could Ret. All four of them were very aggressive In working their appeals for assistance and tbe mayor did right in placing them in a position to earn their living for a few days. Wednesday when the storm camo up Miss Bertha Bangs was in her carriage waiting for a lady friend of hers whc was in the postofflce. Her horse becanu frightened and O. M. Moore tried to hole' it but was unsuccessful in BO doing ant after being dragged the length of the block the horse got away. Fortunately no damage was done onl> to Mr. Moore who was bruised a little. Miss Bangs got out of the buggy all right and the horse was caught and put in the livery barn. The funeral services of T. W. Coolidge were held Monday evening at the Presbyterian church, Rev. Dr, Folsom preaching the sermon. The deceased was a member of tbe G. A. R, post of this city, having united with it a few days before be was taken sick and in respect of their dead comrade the post attended in a body. After the services were over at the church the remains were taken to the railroad station escorted by the members of the post. The relatives of the deceased accompanied the remains to Glenwood where they were laid at rest. RAIN MAKERS. Tbe local abowers which were quite general all over the state Saturday are claimed by the Book Island rain makers to be due to their work. These rain makers are atationed at Ferry, Stuart and Fella and the Dea Moinea Leader of Saturday gives the following interesting information regarding these mec: They were sent to Iowa by Assistant General Manager W. I. Allen three daya ago and went to work. Thursday evening three clouds were visible in the iky, one over Stuart, one over Perry and one fa tbe southeast. The rainmaker* say that their apid going up into the atmosphere causes the moisture there asaem- liled to be precipitated. If there ia a tiigh wind blowing their efforts are of less value. They say they have not bad B failure this year and can alwaya manufacture a, storm while yon wait, providing yon will tarry five days. From fifty to Jtty-two hours is the time they want for a good local shower. The railroad men who believe that their rainmakers caused tbe showers Bay that the three can were placed at Stuart, Ferry and Fella, the ibree points of a triangle, so that tbe storms would be certain to come. They have had the beat reenlto with thia arrangement, "The weather men were not anywhere near aa sure of rain yesterday aa tbe railroad men were. In fact the former Baid that there was not enough moisture n the atmosphere and that rain oould not be produced. But the rain came, and for today thunder storms are predicted. The rainmakere are still at work." _ e WIND STOBM. Wednesday bad been an exceedingly hot and sultry day, tbe wind bad blown from tbe south B perfect gale and all were hoping (or rain. About 7:80 in tbe evening a black angry olond appeared in he western and eoatbero sky. So rapidly did it Approach that it ' waa almost impossible for those who were away from borne bnt a short distuoe to return before tbe storm was upon them. When tbe storm first arrived tbe air waa filled with dust and for a moment it waa as dark as night. In the storm tbe electric lights bad just been tnrned on bnt the wires were disconnected by tbe heavy wind and in an instant everything waa enveloped in inky darkneee. Tke wind wae very destructive to treee and many outbuildings were demolished. Tbe bell tower at the engine bouse need by tbe fire companies wae blown down and the heavy structure broke in tbe roof of tbe livery barn near by.bnt fortunately did oot go on through where the hoiSM were. Tbe feed mill etood between U and the baro and acted ae si protection to tbe bam. Tbe tower WM irokenintwob? falling onto tbe mill and greatly broke ite force. Tbe old city jail etude new by the tower and M it wae fall of traape they became pretty well frightened at tbe noiae made by the falling tower and being unable to eeoepe sought proteotkw iu praying. It U eaid that that they prayed well then U they never did bef ON. itveral oooeei end barae were blown off tbeir foundation! end UM Urge btru owned by Robert Odendabl north- l of the oity wae unroofed Mtd badly damaged. W.F,8*»igerwalt UdjMtb»4 B new windmill pat op and not • eiogle ton WM left in tbe wheel. A gre*| amount of damage wae done to tbia ole** of propartj til over tbe earroandiug oouutry. ......................... ......................... W» *tt» At* Quwswa. ItaaMttly oar oitixene bave bwa bueUy eogitgad in building • aew depot, roaitd boaae, stock yardj and freight depot.aud BOOB. lufcot »e have assumed fall charge of the topwewnte tbat we would bave the oowpwy make •* tbit point AfilbMbeen r*i»i»g owe* of be ttM tttit WM HWto tin tor W to *• &ONT ACCEPT IMITATIONS. THE PKJCTSrt G QAMCLE CO.. OINTI. but to watch the ruin full und feel happy. The cause of nil this speculation is due to the f<*t tbat Friday agents were in the oity and purchased the land owned by Maurice Bowler laving along the north side of the railroad truck just west of the Btook yards. It is generally believed that during this season the company will make quite extensive improvements and all of our business men are oh tbe qni eiva to know just what they will be and where the new depot will be looated for this ia quite an important question and especially to those who are desirous ot erecting new buildings. The way the larger portion of na bave the plans arranged, is for the company to build B new depot just east of the east water tank and to move tbe freight depot to the west part ot the oity. A new round house is to be placed where the sloe k yarda are now and the yarda are to be moved on farther west onto tbe ground pnrobaaed of Mr. Bowler. If tbe company will only carry out our plans all will be well, bnt they bave a disposition to manage their own affairs and it ia altogether problematical aa to what will be done. Tbe only thing we are sure ot is that the ground weat of the oity has in purchased, which is quite strong evidence that the company intends to do something. . YOC'RB RIGHT, FA! Scranton Journal. Hnngerford, of tbe Carroll Herald, is ordinarily a pretty good and fair man, jut when he is about to commit some low tammany political work he gets down off from a manly platform and mixes with tbe lowest ward politioians. At such times be becomes an entire stranger to the truth. Onr brother, measured by his bigoted and diseased brain, ia a Gladstone, bnt, meaanred in tbe scale of justice, is an oterior quality of sandstone. Hnnger- ford does tbe dirty work for tbe Carroll Dammany ring. Yon are at liberty to fling all the mud you see fit at the editor of this paper, but yon are earnestly requested to spare the Republican party. BTBOOK THE GOAL. Boone News. The Zimbelman Bros, bave occasion to lighly congratulate themselves. Their new shaft baa brought to them the real- zation of tbeir fondest bopee. About 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon, at a depth of 205 feet, a vein of coal 80 inches in biokneae waa reached. Tbe coal is said o be an excellent quality et tbe lower vein variety. Jnat before reaching tbe coal a vein of 11 inches thiokneae was encountered. Passing through this a flinty cap rook eeveral inches in thickness wae diaoovered. Tbie will makes an excellent roof to work under ae the coal tea just beneath it. Tbe mine ia looated directly west ot be end of Third street and ia three- quarters ot B mile weat of tbe oourt house. [t ia oteaay access to tbe oity, there be- ng no bille to climb. A* spur will be built into the mine from tbe North- for operating thia mine in on tbe grot nil except the dngea. Work willf beglif rit once with as large n force ,'BB the dl- ( round will warrant nnd will be increased as the occasion requires. The' owueti are to be congratulated on the success) , of their undertaking. ! . Piles I Piles I Itching Piles. Symptoms moisture; Intense Itching and sting Ing, most at night; worse by scratching. U at lowed to cnntlnue tumors form, which otten bleed and ulcerate, becoming verf sore. 8w»y< no's ointment stops the Itching and bleeding, heals ulcerntlon and In most esses removes the tumors. At druggists, or by mall, for SO cent* Dr. Swayne* Son, Philadelphia. --™ WAKTED. An actiyo agent in each county in the United States, to solicit subscriptions for the Twice-a-Week Republic. A liberal commission will be paid to hustlers. Ac- dress, superintendent circulation, The Republic, St. Louie. Mo. For Sale. I offer my farm situated in section 9, Washington township, for sale. For further particulars address 88 6m ERNEST DBAHHIU, Arcadia, Carroll County, Iowa. WANTED. To buy some potatoes at McLagan & Schumacher's. LesBThan Half Bates to Colorado. On June 28 and 24 the Northwestern line will sell excursion tickets to Denver, Pueblo and Colorads Springs and return at less than one fare t'>r the round trip- good for return passage until July 27, inclusive. For ticketM and till 1 information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern The New York Wiirld never waits to be driven along the path of progress by sharp competition, but keeps so far in the Jead that competition is an impossibility. The reputation of The Weekly JForld as the RreatestDemooratic paper published is fully established It is Democratic in principle Democratic in policy, Democratic in its sympathies. Zt is not blindly or dishonestly partisan. It will not suport bad men or bad measures. ITS WORK IS FOR THE PEOPLE, THE WHOLK PEOPLE, and not for any class or faction. It will be found at all times fighting for the great cardinal principles of the Democratic party, but never for the selfish ends of any ring or Individual. Its miscellaneous articles are fresh, well selected and interesting. Its pages devoted to Home, Fashion and Agriculture are replete with articles of valuable: >aud Interesting information to all. The "Tariff JMule'"arti- cles now running In The Weekly JForld have become celebrated on account of the plain, practical way in .which the tariff uestion is presented. It Is a large 12-paire, -column paper for only 81.00 a year. We have succeeded in making special arrangements by which we can furnish THE WEEKLY SENTINEL and The Weekly World one year both for only $2.00. Address THE SENTINEL, Carroll, Iowa. S BMD twelve cent* In postage stamps to 80 Corcoran Building, Washington, D. C.. and you will receive four copies of KATB FIELD'S WASB- moron, containing matter of special interest, give name and adoreM, and say whan ion MW tbto advertisement. Sheriff's Bale. Notice Is horebr given Hurt br virtu* of a special execution, to me directed by the clerk ot tbe district court of Carroll county, Iowa, agalnit the good*, chattel*, land*, tenement*, etc., of Henrietta Barbee and Thos. If. Barbee, defendant*, In favor of D. Joyce, plaintiff, I will offer at public lale to the highest MUI beit bidder for eub, at the door of the oourt house, In tbe town of Carroll, county of Carroll, Iowa, on tbe lath day of July, IBM, between the hoars of 9 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. m. on mid <tsy, all of Mid defendant*' right, title and Interest In and to UM following; described real e»tate, Htuated In Carroll county, to-wlt: Lot* numbered four and five. In block seven, In Wattle*' second addition to the town of Carroll, la Carroll county, low*. Sale to commence at ' tbe hour of 10 o'clock a, m, of *ald dar. WttnoM mi bandthti 14th day of June, IBOI. B4t Sheriff Cart'ou'county, Iowa. W D ID YOU EVER SEE THE SEA? PERHAPS NOT, but you can aee the best and most complete stock of furniture in Carroll county by calling on tbe new furniture dealers, BOOB & Laughlin, opposite oourt bouse, Carroll, Iowa They have CHAIRS ROCKERS CURTAINS WARDROBES PARLOR SUITS BEDROOM SUITS UPHOLSTERED GOODS UNDERTAKING GOODS CURTAIN FIXTURES, ETC,, ETC., In endless variety, and new goods coining in every day. In fact, they are prepared to furnish a house in the best of style from cellar to garret. They also do all work in the cabinet line and i repairing. t3P*Don t forget the place. \-BOOS 4 LAUGHLIN FURNITURE DEALERS, Opposite Court House, Carroll, Iowa,

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