Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 9, 1933 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 9, 1933
Page 2
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^AaF: TWO THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 9, 1933. THE CROWN OF SPRING Country Club Party Postponed • Because of the' cold weather and • i . because of the Legion banquet, the J country, club party scheduled for-tomorrow night has been postponed two weeks. • • <• P. E. O. Entertained by Mrs. Nelson Qhnpter L of P. E. O. was enter- tJiined Ttiesday afternoon in the home of Mrs. Maude Nelson with Miss Elizabeth Nelson and Mrs. drscc Wniigli assisting hostcwis, Mrs. D. P. Northnip, wlio htvd chur^ro of the proKram, reviewed the Ixjok "Stdtc Fiilr" by Phil SUniK. riefrt'Shmeiits wctV Borvcd to the '-• members prencnt: MnsdamcH ttcx _ Howliw.i Florence K. BeltllnK. R. O. ; bhrlstfnn. RiipsoU Hnrry. Carol ^ Hoyt, D. P. Northnip. J. M. Powell, J. T. Rcid, C. B. Spencer, J. O. .SLadler. Clyde Tliompson, R. M. VVorthlOKlon, nnd Miss Ji ;.s.sie Fry. I •> •;• • sirs. Reed lEntertains Bridge Club t Mrs. Paul Reed entert,alned last .night at seven o'clock dinner the members cff her Wednesday evening contract dinner club. At bridge the high score was won by Mrs. Fred L. Denton. The other mem- " bers present were: Mesdames George Pry, Leo Gish, George Peterson, Prank McCarthy, Mel Fronk, and Mi^s Margaret Smith. . • •> .Aloments Musical Program At .lunior Collcire Tlie Moments Musical club, im- der the, direction of Mrs. A. R. En- I field, presented a program Wednes- ' day morning as the entertainment, at the junior college assembly. The ijrogram was as ' follows: Clarinet • .solos. "On' the. Mountain." Godard, : ' "Smiling Thru," Penn. by T. O. Caiiatsev accompanied. by Miss ! Luci.lle Canatsey; vocal solos. -Summer Wind." Bischoff. "My Laddie," Thayer, by Mis. R. M. Worthington ucconipanicd by Miss Canatsey, piano .solo. "E Mii.ior Polonaise," Liszt, by Mrs. \\rilbfr Elder;.quartet, "Brown Bird Singing." ''5Vord. bv Mrs. A. R. Enfield, Mre. R. M. Wor- ihlngton. Otis Arbuckle, and R. M. Wonhinglon, accompanied bv Mi-s. • Eider. . ' : NEWS OF COLONY Mrs. N. T. Strickier Reported Mncli Better as 'diffoat Infection Subsides. It's how heads wear their crowns this spring that gives v^men the royal touch of i chic that they all crave. With this new tailored suit in the season's smart gray, this hat siwnsors the new siUiouette, showing a crown hjgh in back, lower in front, with a brim that slants jii4t right for the ujoman who wears it. The hat is of stitcliod silk, Ugiiter than the suit in itli gray color and banded simply with gi-ay to match the suit. COLONY, Feb. 9 — The weather still coniinues cold and the roads are piled with siiow drifts. The,Greyhound bus, which was towed into town, Tuesday, was not repaired until ye.sterday. The passengers continued on to Kansas City on another bus which was called here. Mrsi Alta OourtrlFht.' will leave i next week for Wichita to work for I Dr. Sutton os. n special nurse. Miss Nellie Schalnost and Jim Boylos.-Topekn, visited the former's inirents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schian- ost, one day thlK week. Nellie, who ihiw boon working In Topckn, was out of a Job on, account of the failure of the firm. Mr. and Mfs. A. W. Paine, Cnrlyle, vLsltod nt the Prank Dcnney home Sunday evening.: , 1 Miss Irene Burnett, City, I is spending thisv week with her par- I ents. Mr. and Mrs. James H.-Bumett. i Miss Lois. BaiTon returned T\ies-. day from a visit with friends; Harry Ewen, Chanute, is working ! in. Colony this week. Mr, and Mrs. Jack John-son and : family spent Simday afternoon in i Kincaid with Mrs. Will Paradise and family. Richard Porter left last night for I Emporia after a few days' visit with i his mother, Mrs. Bessie Johnson and 1 family. i Mrs. N. T. Strickier. who has been suffering from an abscess in her throat, is much better. Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Hill attended the funeral of a friend in Gamett Monday. H. D. Swickard hurt his left arm and shoulder and left cheek when he fell on some coal yesterday morning. Although the injuries were painful he continued working in his barber .shop. PRAIRIE DELL Ych. 8.—Two wec-ks afio we almost had the farly ijardort fever, but all Kuch ideas arc far from our mind nov.-. All our i-iicrgics an; e .Kerciiied to keep the wood box filled. Twelve tU'grci."!; l :olow i.s plenty cold to our v .ay (if thinking. But spring is nearer now ihun in Docomber— thllisrs could be worse. L. R. Siiodtirass wishes me to say that all lurmer .s in Alien and ad.joiniim: coiintir .s arc requested to be 111 Inlii.' S.-U.urday; February 11 at .Momorlirl hall at 1:30 p. m. for the l)Uri)ost; of ortjuliizlng a Farmers Proiectlyf a.s .sociation. Siieakers wUl be .on the prbgr-am. Henry Schallhorn who took a . linitl cold last Wednesday while biilchering. is still quite poorly. At present he is confined to bed. Prank Barth and the boys havv in^- MIS. .Schallhom with >he chores. The writer has-been in lola the past two weeks cai-ing for her mother who has been quite ill with ti heavy cold, Rosemary Shclton is siwnding these cold nights in town witli Mrs. • Steele. Mr. and. Mrs. Cliester WUcoxin and Herman Oscar spent Sunday, Januai-y 29 near Geneva at the . home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith. The occasion was her father's birthday. All the children were present to help lillm cele- •'brate. ' PRAIRI? UNION Feb. 8—Mr. and Mrs. Harry Seaman. Mrs. Pearl Reynolds, Miss Martha Weddle, John'Reynolds and Charles Saint, of Kansas City, spent a I week ago Sunday at the C. Hein- kiin home. • I Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Martin and girls, Mr. and Mi-s. O. W. Ramey ciid Dudley spent Tuesday evening with Mr. and Mrs. A. W, Paine. IN. T . Strickier and Mrs. C. O. Bplvoir were Callers at C. Heinleln's Monday. - i Mr. and Mrs. O, W. Ramey and Ejudley were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. C. McCoy and family.- Mr. and Mrs.. Earl Camp were business visitors; at O. W. Ramey's Tliursday. j Mr. and , Mrs: John Tlppic and girls and Fogleman and family were Sunday guests at the C. Heinleih home. Mr. and Mrs.E. H. Corbin and A. W. Paine spent Monday at O. W. Ramey's helping them get ready for their, sale Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Martin and' .ris were dinner guests of Mi-, and' Mr. and Mrs. S. C. McCoy and boys. Ml", and Mrs. Pi-ank Chambens and; family, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Mur- pliy and Warren had a farewell surprise party on Mr. and Mrs. Ramey and Dudley .Saturday evening. The Ramey's expect to leave the last of the week for their home In Missouri. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie' Martin and girls .spent Monday evening with Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Paine. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Boone, Mrs. John Tiijpie and Mrs. Clarence Murphy were Friday callers at the C. Helnlein home. Mr. and Mrs. John Heinlein were Friday evenlrig callers. Mrs. Charlie Martin will entertain the Golden Link club today, (Wednesday). ' ;MDbel Irene Dunlap spent the week-end with her grandparents, Mr. and. Mrs. Thompson. We want to take this time to thank all who have been .so kind in handing news items to us the past two years, as it is greatly appre-; elated. - ' Mr. and Mrs. Russ Hand, Leslie' King and sons spent Saturday even- : ing with Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Paine. Mr. and Mrs. John Tippie spent Mrs. Lloyd Weatherman and family [priday evening at the Scott McCoy Sunda'y. -home. Mrs. A, W. Paine attended a sur- | Q Ramev's .sale has been post- ptise party for Mrs. Harry Denton Thursday. • Mrs. Daisy Fogleman and Miss Mary ,Helnlein spent one day last week* with Mrs. Lee Tippie. ! Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dunlap, Mr. and Mrs. John Tippie and girls, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Martin and girls. HORIZONTAIi . 1 Series of events ot epical; dignity. •» E Type of- orange tree. 10 Having natural : luster as geras. •li Desert in . Mongolia. 15 Orbed or s crescent. 16 On any • occasion. 17 Profit. JS Pound (ubbr.). 19 Canal se m- ' rating Abia and Africa. 20 Rusalun mouiUaius. .£2Palry. ' ;24 Procccdoil. ;27Ans;er. L'O Eiilraiiccs. ';:)3 Downward slope. ;340riglnating within tlie body. i37 Farewell! .38 Ba in Egyptian religion. .139 Within. [3Qis !@taQaiiSBii^^mg iuansiiH-. araas ^casHa sua: aaioniigi m-ms: •[!!lBnii[l[»] ^ [i }liraDg [i« •anisi anosa .oiiQais 40 Lawyers* charge. il Walking about. 4G Sea cngle. 47 Craft. '4S Prophet. 49 Stallion. 51 Mocked. 53 Gem. 55 Turf. 5S Northeast. 59 Ana. G3To redact. 64 Luster. C7 Pitcher. OS Periods. 69 Cares for. 0 To lease. " VERTICAl, 1 Embryo bird. 2 Blue grass. 3 Sash. 4 Skull cavity. 5 Bulging pot. 6 Refined. 7 Form of "a". S gold Coast Negro, ISTIurklsh cap. 21 thing. 22 Entreated. 23 Tatter. 24 To adjust. 25 Stream. 26 Music drama. 28 Sun god. 30 To deduce. 31 Rows upon rows. 32 Landscape. 35 Turkish weiglit. 36Porm o£ "auy" (Blbl.). 42 Structural units., 43 Energy. 44 Deity, 45 Tea. 50 Not younger 52 Orient. 54 Sties. 55 Guided. 56 Stir. 57 Humor. poned until next Monday. Feb. 13. . Cornwall, Ont.—In 55 years of practice in this district. Dr. C. J. Hamilton has officiated at more than 6750 births. He is 77 years old arid medical officer of health for Cornwall. A Kansas doctor was reported recently to have brought 4500 children into the world. 'Then Dr. C. B. Oliver of Chatham' looked into his recoM and found 5300 infants on his list. In 1929 Dr. Hamilton celebrated the golden anniversary of his graduation and since then he has brought 1150 more children into the World, an average of one a day. lOLA, KANSAS WmCHiSTHEGKEATEE ' DiSTANCE-THE KILOMETER OC THE MiLE? How MAtlY QUAP'J NEWS OF LAHARPE Homer Troxell Goes to Kansas City on a Bntdness Trip on Wednesday Evening. Om: THE FIJI ISLANDS.? (Answers will be found on Page 3) MONTEVALE Feb. 8.—Rollin Hutton and Lyle Smith vLsited with' Donald Mowrer Sunday. Dorothy Stinnett, LaHarpe, spent the week-end with Iva Mowrer. John Yoimg spent Sunday.morn­ ing visiting at the Charles Isaac home. ^ . Joe Wilson, Donald Mowrer. lone Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dozier spent aiV evening last week with Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Dickenson. Miss Ira Mowrer mis.sed Friday at high school on account of illness. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Rosebrook sjbent Sunday at the parental Smith home. C. L. Isaac helped E. T.'WlLson butcher Thursday. Miss Dorothy Stinnett and Iva Mowrer spent Sunday afternoon at the Charles Isaac home. The Rev. Mr. Stickney and Mrs." Stlckney of Bronaon. arid daughter Mrs, Ray Clark and children of St. Louis, Mo., and Mrs. Nornia Stickney, Bron.son, called on the C. L. Isaac family Sunday. Mr. Leo Hill and wife came to spend the week-end and bring lils father home who had been visiting his son and daughter in Kansas City a few days. Mr. Elbert Templeman .has been hauling his farm implements to Mr. John Rogers while the roads are good. Mr. Templeman expects to move to the Tr?dway farm this spring that he has rented for the coming year. B,. F. Dover's gave a party Saturday evening. Those present: Mr. and Mrs. Leo Hill, Kansas City; Ml-, and Mrs. Lloyd Dickerson and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dozier and little son. Miss Hope Williams. Arho Smith. Delbert and Lyle Smith, Dorothy Stinnett of LaHarpe, Dbnald and Ira Mowrer. Refreshments of cocoa and sandwiches were sen'ed. An enjoyable evening was^^ by all. Mrs. Ida Roger s))ent Saturday afternoon with Mrs. C. L. Isaac and Mi-s. Mr. and Mrs. Donnis Isaac and Mclvin spent Sunday afternoon with home folk.s. (Beverly Mallory;) ' LAHARPE, Feb. 9.— The meeting to bfr held at-the Christian church last evening to welcome the new members of the church has been: postponed indefinitely, M. L. Bartley,,Kansas City, was in town Wednesday morning calling on business friends, MLss Tlielma Litteer, employee of the 8, H. Kreiw store in lola, spent Tuesday afternoon visiting friends In LftHiirpe, Ben Pennington, Moran. was In I own Tuesday afternoon attending to business and culling on friends. The LHHari)e alumni girls and boys basketball teams will play the high school teams In the HlKh school gym Friday evening, P. M. Hosack has sold his property In the southwest part of town to Mr. Boyles of Buffalo,. Kas. Mr. Boyles Is having the house redecorated on the inside and painted and repaired on the outside in preparation of making his home here. -Mr. Hosack will.leave abbut the first of March for his; farm near the Roaring River resort in Missouri to make his home. Mr. Siler, i-epresentative of the John Deere Implement Kansas City, Kas., was in town calif ink on business friends Wednesdaj^ afternoon and spent the night in lola. -•• • Tlie LaHarpe town basketball team defeated the Krause team In lola Tuesday evening, 19-13. Ed Ewlng, Cherryvale, was calling on business friends in Moran and j LaHarpe Wednesday afternoon. Bill Cory droVe to the Limes drilling rig Wednesday morning to steam up. • Mrs, M. C. Wheeler, Moran, was in town on business Wednesday afternoon and- visited friends. . Homer Troxell made a. business trip to City Wednesday evening. . . F. J. Horton, lola. was a business Visitor In town Wednesday., Dr, A. N, Ransom, who l« visiting Indefinitely at the homo of-; Mr, and Mrs, Hiiber Rannom, is quite ill with heart trouble. Make Your Skin Lovely New. wonderful MELLO-GLO face powder reproduces the tempting bloom of youth. Spreads smootliiy, stays on longer, hides tiny lines and wrinkles, prevents large pores. 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S. 9 Lake emptying 60 Reverence, into Niagara 61X. Falls. 62 Work of skill- OEnd of game. G5 Masculine 1 Sky god. 2 To frost. pronoun. 66 Half an em. lodges. "My stomach had been out of order for years, bloated badly, the excruciating gas pains were so, severe they, almost killed me. had such misery and pains in fhe back of my head I would almost pitch forward when arising. Kidneys and bladder caused me to get up many times at night, a good sleep and rest was Imjwsslble, very nervous. Everjthing I tried failed to help me except Gly-Cas and it was wonderful. Now I have just finished my third box and I am enjojingi good health again. Stomach, kidneys regulated, nerves quieted, sleep and rest well, feeling fine." ' i Gly-Cas is sold by Scarborough Bros. Drug Store. lola, and by all leading drug stores in surrounding towns. RICHARDSON'S c For Friday and Saturday SPECIAL TOMORROW 25c Colored Sateens 7!ic yard. Yard wide outings 5v'ic yard. S.\TLIRDAY .'SPECIAL Yard wide Prints 4!ic yard. 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