Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 2, 1928 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 2, 1928
Page 6
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TOLA DAILY REGISTER, MQNPAV E^NrfeS JJmrAfe 2.1028. THE AND WARNER CREW CLASH Stanford Team Favored To Lose Gridiron Fray Today . COA^H V§rSTUIj»ENT Sutlierland Was Givcin jHis Training By I Pop Warner Pasadena, CaJ.. Jan. 2. (AP)—A poweiTful and unbeaten Pittsburgh university footbaU t^eam, coached by 'Jock Sutherland and led and inspired by Captain t:ibby Welch, today squared oft against "Pop" ,Wttrner'a Stanford Cardina!«. tor , the annual tournament of roses, Rrldiron classic. It was to be -J. battle of many contest.s rolled into one. Pupil oi>- posed teacher; Kast arrayed itself against West, and Pittsburgh' KtooU l)efore Stanford in this thirteenth iumual tournament of roses gridiron content. lucidentall.v, it was to provide the fans with the spectacle of seeking Warner's system pitted against itsolf, Sutherland, ten years ano, was a pupil of Warner and still -ca;iN on the trices Jjnparted to. him by tlie "ma-ster ciMCh." The third attempt of Stanford to ^in a tourtuiment game, found many opUiioiw preiralenl. The bet- \tnn fraternity' salU It with dollars ;hat the Kisterm-rs would carry .may to the VMHI the trults of vi<- tiiry. The great record of the •panthers lu not losing a >;amf,, wMle .Stanford iosi iWo «.ontesl.'».- noiii to small college teams, was 1 (10 fresh In On' memory of tli" iJumblersi. (•ridlron e .\pi;rtK, the coaches of the southland, were- alraosl overwhelmingly for Stanford. Howard Jones, -the Unlversit>i of Southern .California mentor, ranked the two teams, even, while his assistant, Aubrey Devinc wa .'i one of the few Who thought tiu- Panther.-i would win. Slip MadiKan, whose St. Mary's team was one of the two to beat-the Cards, chose the Warner toam. Coach Bearg. of N'ebr.-uska, \*as^anolher who did not! pick ai favorite. • A "comparison, of the teams on their players' Tiierlis" showed little advantage for either in the kicking department. • The Cards were con- Fidered the i better generally with Wilton, Hylinri and Hoffman booting the l »;ather. Stanford followers also^aiv no 'Chance of the P'nnsylrania team coming out aleatl in^he passing battle. Here arain Hofftijian, a .star weightmun on his school's track and field teams, was due to shine. The big back c£ui throw the ball with re- markalble distaiice and accuracy. Fnliitlcalijr ^1 liia backficld team- siatee .alBO are I proficient at ing passes. ^ Hagan and Welch do ; the PIU'aerial stirft City Quintet Anddhanute Will Battle Chanute's town team will be inet for the second time this year liy the lola town team when Ida travels to Chanute. Wednesday night, to try and even counts for the decisive defeat received when it met the Chanute team on the local court several weeks ago. | Probably much the same teaim that has started in previous garnks will start Wednesday night. Henderson and Yowell, forwa/djj; Symmes, center: Slayton and Ctit- worth, guards. Yowell is a new man. but much is expected of h^m as he has starrt^ on other teams in previous years. I The team will - practice tonight and tomorrow night in all pi^ora- bility for the game, in an attempt to smooth out teamwork. PARSONS WILL BE FIRST FOE FORIOUFIVE Openihg Southeast Kansas Game to Be Played There VALLEY CAGE TEAMS START SEASON SOON Many Conference Teams Go Into ketion This Week' WASHINGTON COMING The; lirst southeast Kansas' high school basketball league giime will be played ntxt Friday night when the lola high sclmol basketball team meets tin? Parsons high school hasketlKill team at Pars<ms The lola team has eleven confef- ence games this, season wlih onr non -conference guiiie aire a d y scheduled,' .'ind one open datt wliic hmaybe filled .fome timi KDon. Humboldt is the only non- c<mference school with whom arrangements have already been made tor a game. A game may b( arranged with Ottawa high schoid If present plans work.out. Six' of the conference games will be in lola while live will be played on strange courts. With the entrance uf Columbus into the former Hig Seven league the name Southeast Kansas league was taken and the c:olumbus team was put on the schedule of the other league teams, lola will meet Columbus here, (February 23. lii this way lola win play ev«r}- one of the other seven teams at least oner with Pittsburg, • Parson.s, Chanute and Fort Scott, being played twice The Parsons game will probably be one of the hard games of the season for lola so Coach Smith is going to give his men some good stiff workouts this week in preparation for the game. The first three nights of the week will find the high .•<chooI .scrimmagiag for p long while to get in shape for the large court to be played on. St. Louis Team Will Meet Both Kansas U and Aggie Crews Kansas City, Jan. 2. (AP)—Bas- ketb.tll headed the Mifisotiri VaKey conference sports slate again today with all ten teams facing bai-d practice preparatory ;to titiblar games the latter part of the week. The program called for an iiiva- sion of the northern end of the circuit by southern valley quint^s which were generally successful in the opening series tltree weeks ago. The week's schedule: Thtirsday—At .Ames: Oklahoma vs. Iowa State. .\t Griunell: Oklahoma Aggies vs. Orinnell. Friday—At (irlunell: Oklahoma vs. Orinnell. At Des .Moines: Oklahoma Aggies vs. Drake: At Lawrence: Kansas vs. Washington. Saturday: At Des Aloines: Drake vs. Uklahoma. At .Ames: Iowa .S;ato vs. Oklahoma Aggies. At IJncoln: .Missouri vs. .Nebraska. At .Maiiliattan: Washington vs. Kansas Aggies. TRADE WINDS BLOW SWIFT CHANGES IN BASEBALL RANKS; OTHEI^Si^OOM s LAHARPEAND ITSCITIZ'ENS .MIsK .Mndenu Porter Honored With Dinner. Miss .Marie .Mciilnnis F.ntertalns for -Miss Helen Idicy. 3 (CouUnued from Vagti One) ferlog from mental disease, died in i u hospital of exposure.. A coal i .miner afld a railroader were froz-, en to death Sunday. [ Snows in Kansils. i ' Sallna, Kan., Jan. 2. !(AP)-A: light snow w'hich began ifalllne after' midnight, increased this morning. The temperature rose duj-ing the night and at .S o'clock t'lie mer- fjiry registered 8 degrtn-s aljovc ztro. ;. ' . „ j I Telephone reiw^rts here indicated siboyr was falling generally over -n-esfern and northwestern Kansas this morning. ! . Snow Hits Ottawa. [Ottawa. Kan;, -Jan. 2. (A^)— Light snow began falling hero at 10 o'clock this morning. The jiea- pon's low temperature was "record •ed yesterday morning when the mercury sunk to nine degrees below zero. Tho minimum . this morning was 3 below. A novel which is holding the'at­ tention <rf tho reading public! in Japan ha.s. been running serially for 12 years, and is not yet com- j>leted.' • ; PLEASANT PRAIRIE (Mrs. Ella Ponsieil)^ Dec. 30.—Mr. and .Mrs. Harley McV'ey and children spent Christmas ;with Mr. and -Mrs. W. .McVey. .Mr. and Mrs. JRoy Huss of Ft. Scott, t^lr. and Mrs. Dewey Smith of lola, spent Christmas with H. Ponsler and family. Mr. and Mrs. Htrschel Smith and, family spent Monday at 1. O. Morrison's. .Mr. and Mrs. •ft'illic LMOSS. .Nola and Tommy and 'MISA Helen Hat- tenj Mrs. Jennie Moss, Mr. and .Mrs. I>oyd Anderson and baby attended a Christmas dinner given by Mr. and (Mrs. Nolan, south of Moran. Miss Miller and pupils gave a program and Christnun* tree Friday afternoon at the school. The program was good and was cn« joyed by every otie present. •Mrs Dora Statley and'Miss Josle Sherwin of lola, spent Thursday with Mrs. Bessie Ensminger. • ^Ilss lone Smith cnteruined a few of her friend i Thursday night with a rook party. Those present were Mildred Tredway, Fern Lucas, JyOi.'? Hart, ^laora Edwards, Jaunita Stevenson. Nigel MacDonald, Wesley Tcmpleman Ralph Hart and RajTnond Price. The blue or sulphur bottom whale is not only the largest animal which lives today, but is also so far as is kiiown. the largest animal which has ever existed on the earth or in its waters. (By the Associated Press.) i B\SEB.4LL— Overwhelming • Victory, of New York- Yapkeeti in American League pennant race and over Pllt.sburgh I'irates in, four straight [ games in World Series; Babe Ruth's new honie run lecord, 60: Award of most valuable player prizes to Lou- Gehrig, and i'aiil Waner, National League liattins king; Passing or trading ol such famous figures as Walter Johnson, Ty Cobb,* Oeorgft SLsler, Kikl. Cuy- ley and Ken Williams. B0X1>'(>— (Jene Tunnel's successful defense oT title against .Ia/;k Demp^ey. in' spite of taking riong count" in .seventh round, in record-breaking battle at Chicago, attracting liWMO (am and $2,6."i0,- (iUO. "gate;" Three new champions crojwned—^llud Taylor among ban- taiAs, Joe Dundee In welter ranks and Tommy . Loughran a-s light heav>-welght litlebolder, FOOTBALI ^Record crowd of 113.000 at Southern Californla-No- tro Dame game In Chicago; General upset of champions; Ineligibility of Yale backrield ace, Bruce Caldwell; Rift in relations betweeri Army and Nax-y. (tOLF —Bobby Jones triumph In British Open for tho second straight time with "record score of 285. and victory in American amateur tournament for third time In four years;' Walter ! Hagen.'s triumph for fourth stralglTt year In P. (',. A. tourney; Tommy Armour's winning of both American and Canadian Open tltlea, POLO— Triumph of American •Ilig Four." with Tommy HiU-h- lofk as star, over liritlsh challengers for classic International Cup. ; ItOWIVC - Columbia 's victory over Washington, California and .N'jivy in Poughkeep.sio blue ribbon r.-vc"; Harvard's first victory over Yale ill seven years; Joe WTigjIit, jr.. sculling triumphs. SWI M.MI .\(; -.liihuny Welssm il- lei's supremacy In short distance events for seventh straight year; clean sweep of women's free-fliyle events by .Martha- Norellus. who won five national titles and broke 29 records during year: iCieorge Young's victory lii Cataliiia Channel marathon. TEXMS— End of America's seven-year pa \is Cup reign as :French overthrow Tllden and Johnston; Bene iJroBle wins Ameriijan sln- ' gh-s Illle for second straight year niid earii* crown a.< world's .V". 1 player: |?ome-bai k of Helen Wills to woman's heights, wlnpfiig both Wimbledon ahd American titles. TKA( K AND KIKLD — Sabin Carr'.s record -Hmashlng poie vault feats, including outdoor world's mark <if 14 feet: Lloyd Halin 's uni beaten record Indoors. inii-Iuding victory; over Edvin Wide: Stanford's victory in Inter-coHeglate championships. ," ' : (Mrs. Opal Mitchell.) LAHARPE, Kans.. Jan. 2.-;-Mr. ahd 'M^s. J. H. CullMirtson were host and hostess at a chop-suey dinner given last Tursilay evening in honor of .Miss Modena Porter of Wathena. Kans. Miss Porter gradiiated from the .LaHarpe schools and the guests were young people of her classes. Including .Miss'Ruby Pennington of lola. .Mrs. Culbertson created a great deal of mirth by her amusing mimic cry of the Chinese hostess and the evening proved? an altogether delighttui; affair. Miss -.Marie McGinnis entertained at iier home Thurs«lay afternoon in honor of JIlss Helen Lacy ! of (Jarnett. Those present were: ' .Misses Ilelen, Marcella Wood. Elva Yancy, Fern Calrk. Emma Shaughnessy. Mildred : Robinson and Marie McGinnis. ; i .Mrs. Etta Porter and'daughter, Modena left Saturday for their home in Wathena, Kans.. afer a week's visit with friends here and In Tola. . Mrs. Flora McCambly has received an announcement of the arrival of a new baby girl at the home ot her son, Mr. H. L. Hargls and -wife at ^lissoula, Mont. ; Mildred Moore is spending the week-end as a guest of Mlas Faye Kelley at Colony. ^ Mrs. Dorothy Snider has returned | to her home in South Dakota after a few days vlidt with her mother, Mrs. G C. Parlasca and sister. Miss Clara Parlasca. .Mrs; i Virginia Childress arrived here Friday from Chicago for a visit with her parents. 'Mr. and Mrs. R. W, Hocker and her sis- ( ter. Mrs. Malggio Smith. She is enrouto to Tulsa. Okla., where she han'a position. Miss Catherine Mitchell who has been visiting at the home of her aunt. Mrs. James Moore and family went to Erie Saturday, for a short vi.-dt with telatlvs before returning to her home in Pittsburg. Mr. and Mi:s. Mote Robinson and famil:(^ Ixad ag'their Christmas dinner guests. Mr. and ^Irs. Willis Lilly. .Mr. and .Mrs. Henry Porter of lola. Mri ahd Mrs. Sherman Ashley and Mr. and Mrs. Marlon Edwards of Leroy, Mr. and Mfs. Olvtn Ashley of Effingham, 111., and Mrs. Amanda Croley; , A community sale will be held. Wednesday afternoon at the sale"; yard here. These sales are becoming tiu'iie a featuf'e and are atr tended by ^people from all over the oountr.v. School begins today after a weok'i vacation and the students of other,schools and colleges, also several teachers, are returniiig,to tiieir studies and duties at various places. The Odd Feliow.i and Rebekahs still plan to hold joint Installation at tho hall tonight. A ml.sslonary who has returned from Africa recently will speak at the Holiness church tomorrow! night. January 3. Everybody Is Invited to lie present. (Contlnned from Page Qne): BIG TEN HAS CAGEOPENING DURING WEEK until sohie hours after receiptjofi press, dispatches. 'Whetber the iao j Marines will Serve asi replacements | or reinforcements also was V.C)i | clear. ; I The five Marine deaths briiislhc corps' total since last May '"^PJ™ _ i proximately 20, with about as ni;iny! TwO TcamS Will Clash Ijl woundeti ip clashes with Nicrfra- Tntpr«p<»tihnnl namA« gi>ans variously identifie<l as mem- j iniCrseiCllOnai UameS hers of the Liberal party army And j Tonight as.'bamUts and .rebels since p»;.a«'; Was decilared as between the l^ib- j p 4 M F" S eral 'ianil the Conservative forces. I : •'^ On the (jther side of thi*'reilutr'tlie j „ ' T>, i,-v I ' Marines- and the NicaraKaaii iia-! LonierenCC Play tO UDen accounted fori That Time Among SATURpAY tional guard have the death of several hundred '«a-, fives in-scores of minor and major j" clashes.i !» Quintets C.OHE.RESERVE t CAGERS COMING i Chicago. Jan. 2. r.\P)—With "li e jnl'iiciai opening of the Big Ten ba|- ' keibali championship race set Saturday, dule.l lor two teams were' sch interseetional contes] Visiting Squad Will Test -for Local College and a third for a non-conference tilt T .^nJKht. j Tlie Oregon Apgies were at IWik I lonsin. while Ohio State journeyed jio I'hiladelphia to play the UnlveW sity of I'ennsylvania. Purdue lacW Ro^^^"^""'' '"^ Crawfordsvllle in their JJC . •iiHiuiil Hoosier: game. i 'I'.wo othe.- ••practice" games in > j whi'h .Michigan entertains Bradley " Wciiiu'saay and Princeton' comes \ -r- . west to en.sage Ohio State Thurs- Coach ; Srock.eljrand's junior j'ol- day preiHil.d tlie opening games or lege bas^etbtUi: squad i.s Koiiij; to j 'be l !is Ten , ompetiliou. nnd practices- ?tiff lor the next, few ' nT<lTRfrT ^7Q nights aii it is; being whipped into ,^ A" Shape M tbe g«me the Vol- j '^I^I ^M 't :wc'^;;!;^':'^resh-. lege of Emporia reserves on;the|,.,i weilne.sday for A. W. Roberts, [high .s-cheolcoiirt next Friday efeii-j „„,! Thursday he threshed for (Seo.. I Ing. 'and'Henry .Vltord. Kliner Whiti. I I This game will probably be>onc u,,,.. m .ijprts and Uav Bogg.s.. I of the stjffest that the college Avill -(1,. ^,,,1 .M,..S. .M. J. Roberts ami lhave forj some time and •j 'uael', Ralph. Mr. and .Mr .s. A. \V. Roberts Stockebrjind wants his memo IK - in ;,„-,| i,,.Hter and (Ilaily.s spent Sun- Tearing down and rebuilding from the gr<Aind^up. theSt. Louis Browns inade drastic shifts, selliiig Sisler to the Senators and Williams, another slugger, to the Bed Sox. .Muuush came ;to thiin In a deal with the Tigers. New Pontiac Six to Hpve More Power and Many Improvements gon'l coiiditloii. /'The .work of preparing a strong defense Will'be one of the rnain things 'siheduled this week ^vith practice.-:also, on working tl)e>all through a. set of live man defense The guards have been doing gocxl ; day with \V. .\. Itoberts of. Chanute. Virnil liolierts and Mr. and Mr.s. Hoy Roheris started P'riday morii- int; to the latter's parents. .Mr. and .Mrs. J. W. Floyd, of Anson, Kan^ Virgil White of .N'ebraska is vis- The Oakland Motor Car company is planning to present .soon a new and iihproved Poiitiac Six series at I'o advance over the pi'esei.i base price, it is staled by an executive of the Company. Although declining to discuss details or specifications of the new car, the Oakland official authorized the following statement: "The Oakland .Motor Car company will offer on or shortly before January 7. the date of the New York automobile show, a New Series i Pontiac Six that will establish even more firmly Pontiac's position in the low-priced six class. The new series is emphatically 'more car' and the base price has not been Increased." .• It is also stated on excellent .'tu- tKority that the New Pontiac Six will carry a more powerful engi le, and that the increased power I Ss been obtained without change in piston displaceineht. The car is said tolhave been improved by the adoption of several features whicli have piroved their value on . the Oakland .Vll-.\raerican Six. Four- wheel brakes are only one of many improvements. The new Pontiac Six,is slated to offer something radically different in the matter of heat radiiition. J V totally 'new meihoil of cooling the warm, water received from the engine passages is asiierted to Juive eliminated evnpor.ation even of "such volatile' anti-freeze fluids a.s al<o- hol. :' The .car is said to retain the same wheelbase but to 'le slightlyi heavier due principally to a heavier frame. : Two of the present body types, It is believed, -will be replaced by other and even more attractive models. • • ' As .Seen By C. A. CLIFT defensive w.ork but they t>av< | mnj, ,-,.\v duvs with his parents, proved weak in scoring tiehl.goals .M,. :,nd .Mrs. E. White and Ber- I Coach Sfockebrand Is going icf try , j andget his guard.<< to a place wjieiei y,.. and .Mrs. (). C. Cunningham iWI h/?^ A , Highway Commission l\U77lU0r U Members in Meeti As the newi jear makes its debujl tti the i world, so doex Mi-isonrl A'nlle.v bnsketbiiU. Mne fftjines are scheduled for this i\'eek among «!onference teams with ten teairi«i preparincr for ininieK ibe latter part of tJie week. '.KansasJ dei'r:tted earlier In the >ea<ion. pints its one aame mnilnst AV«>hlnpton Frl- da.v. The ffdlowln:; nt^ht tbe .St. Louis team journeys to Kansas Acrlcnltural college for Its second coriferenre iniyl .they will be good scoring threats ctinstmas dinner for all of as well as Burger and Fronk. When I, ,.,,iijren and grandchildren, this IS dune opponents will tmd it ' .\i ,-s. .\rtie Hoggs and children much harder to stop th.' lola tvaili :.,„.„t Thursd.-tv evening with ^Irs.-.' Burger> who has at last hie'his j ( „.j stride in scoring, will probably>stiII j .y,.. .^nj -Mrs. Charles Bacon, .Mr. see service at center where he; has 1 .,,,,1 .M ,..S . Ernest Srnart and babv revealed playing ability.. Ffonkjs-ent Sundav with D. S. Wing land will he in Friday night's gai'no.^as a i:.niily. 1 non-conference battle and if; th. 'rhe' Loanna school had their conibii'.atlon of Fionk and Uifrg.-r-pr .iiir .Tni Fridav afternoon. Most {gets started .scoring, ^Uiinks m-.ty- K < of the parents were there. I bad for vhe visitors. 1 Coach Slock-\ vircil Roberts hauled fla.v tc jehrand i? also hoping ihat> Iba I KIsnior<- lor A. W. Roberts Wed- center and guard, will be biK^k in : nesd;o'- (ronllnued from 'I'age One; that taje Roman gladiators often wore brass rings so heavy that a blow from the fist was s.imetlmes known to kill an adyersar.Vi broadcasting stations plane was missing. The Rose Anne Belllvcau was battling her way up pje coast tn- der shortened sail after havi ag been .forced to anchor at 'Vineyajrd Haven for eight days. .\fter a wet watch on deck, v/ wind and sea increasing, Capti^ Comeau went 'below 10 dry o Mate I..0UIS Thibodeau, who had relieved him, sent a hurry call between 7:3i> and:T :4ri —they were not sure of the exact time—and be rushed on deck. "Come up forward, captain." the mate shouted through cupped hands. "There's a submarine or something ou^ there." The master! joined Thibodeau at tlfe rail. They heard faint sounds which the captain said he was sure wore made by airplane motors. The sounds ended abriiptly, accom'pan- led by a splash of a heavy body dropping /Into the 'water from a height I Captain Comeau said that nothing but a statinch vessel could live In the sea at thjat time, but he made an attempt tq "hang around" In the vicinity, knowing a plane had been there. I Later plotting the course the Dawn took, as indicated by radio reports, and making allowances for probable drift due to the wind.: Captain Comeau concluded the missing plane must have been close .to the point where they heard j the motors. Captain Comeau '3 story apparently :checks with a report brought^ here! last Friday by Joseph Knowles. j radio V operator on the steamer I Oakey L. Alexanddr, that at 7;.30: night, wlille pdsslng Cape Cod, j he heard a message requesting the | Chatham station . tp furnish compass bearing. After a silence of a few imlniites; Know es said he heard iome. ^through the air the words "plane down." • Meeting Topeka, Jan. 2. (AP)—Thr«e of the six inemberS' of the state highway commission met In an infor- ihal conference here today to make further, attempts to arrange the distribution of the $3,600,000 state and federal aid fund available for road bitilding in Kansas In 192S. Member? attending today's conference were Commissioners James A. Allen, j. V. Abrah.^ms and 'Richard M. Gray. To the making of a telephone receiver there go aluminum, sllkj copper, :rubber. zinc. ria.\. nickel; mica, shellac, lead, cotton, silver. Iron. wdol. platinum anti gold. With five games under their felt, basketball players of. lola junior college vshould be in fine shape for the opeifing of the conference basketball Reason. [The lola crew has learned that it ii far from.unbeat­ able. . For- that reason, it will not 1 )0 a bit surprisiiit; to see the^squad tumble over the opposition, Tojich Floyd .Smith this week pits his. high school cage squad acainst Parsons • high, school, one of tile stn)mrer teams of tlie I Blir Se<en coni'iprence. Smith Is Mnrtinir his I team against Strom; opposition earty in the seu.son. A vlpforj oter Parsons would raise high the colors of the .lnral school In the league. ! lola in tnne to get into tliis u*-ek'-. i game. • The team 'will ha\;e some stiff scrimmages thi;f week to get iiycou dition f(>| the game and to dt'xeloi ' more teatnwork and gt t everything ' to runnifig smoother. ? ! Coach i Grant of C. of E. (sas : I large^qitad'out and is expected tt isehd a good team lA lola. st/ that I the gam^ will probably be-, .^tilT throughout. I.caniin Sunday .school gave their ;>rosrain Saturday night. Tho first woman/ to be legally p^it to death in (.'an.;i^la in the pa.-(t ] 2 .'i years" was Mrs.' Florence Las- sandra -^vho was hanged at bjlmnn- ton in W2:} for complicity Jn the murder of a police officer. . I : .The golf s<'a.son at St. .Vngu.itiiie will opeti January H! with the vertisers ..Winter Coif I^a nament. -. - ' I.,eagup tour- Wiilter Rich, former Fort Scott heavyweight, has been matched against Fred Reese of Fort Scott in a ten-round bqut billed for January 17 In the Bourbon county town. Rich has been improving since he jleft Fort Scott. Three other bouts 'are being planned for the card.. I Nfash Garage il4 North Jefferson OPEN ALL NIGHT i NIGHT MECHANIC—SERVICE ANY CAR PLENTY OF STORAGE PHONE 720 NASH MOTOR SALES CO. E L I T E Matinee, Pictures Only inc-20c; Night 10c-40c ^ Held Over for iMon(Ia> and Tuesday The Reed Elton Players •' This Good Company W II Present Two More Fijilure Bills - TONIGHT i ; "The Sweetest Girl in Dixie" FeaturinR Geori»e and Caroline, the two inimitable ne­ groes in a southern comedy—four acts of j real drama and comedy. Vaudevile between iicts. Tuesday night Keed Klton Plajers present '^hf Hills of jCali- fomia," witli VaudeTllIp specialties liietween acts. | Today., Tuesday and ; Wed^e^ay JAMES AVilh Olive Ralph It makes OLIVER CURWOOD'S "COUjNTRY BEYOND" Borden and Graves no difference ing whether your Country: Beyond is in the great - • N'orthwe .st or on Flam -i Broadway/ It is tliere. j Coming Wednesday, [Thursday and Friday ^ "THE TWO TROUBLESOME TRAMPS" : Two reel comedy niadle on the street!! of lola by 150 of Iola''.s I 'Oiiii^ People lOr-and •&'>c KilleY 2.1c and rtOc i: T0D.4Y FOR .3 DAYS ^eau-Geste ait g'.s « road sJioir for an entire /year at $2 prices. A mysltery that ijurigiio.^r: Adyegttires that thrill: i T)c\pti^m that grip.s the lie^rt! ' Romance that is (liffei;ent:- It l.s Jt daniatic epic tliat on th(» l^s of Kansans: I i See this from the staft, Shows i ^ ADDEI>—CbMEDY AND 7.and 9 NEWS

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