The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 21, 1948 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 21, 1948
Page 4
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TAGS FOUR BLVTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS WB OOUBUR NEWS CO. ft. W HA1MK8. PuOi*btr M1M L. VKRHOtlT tdltor PAUL D. HUMAN, Advtrtidn* •04* NtOMUU Advutiiiof BeprestnlstlVM: WtlUe* Wltmer Co. New Yom Chlc»«o, OtlroM, AUuta, MtrnphU CYVY AlUrnooa except sundAj M Mco-24 clu* matur »l Ui poM- it BlylhCTUi*, ArktnM*, under «t ol Oon•»«. Oetofer I, 1*17. Btrrid by the Unll«d Prm 8CB3CRJPTTON RATES: •f Mr/tor in the city of Blyttievlhe or toy •uburb»M town where cirrler icrv'.cc to maintained, Me per w«k, at tic per month By Bill, wlUUB a r»<ilu» of 60 tnilei, 14.00 p« ywr, tt.W (or m month*, »1.00 for thre* month*; by Bull ourdde SO mil* toot, 110.00 per r**r p»y»bl» to tdruie*. Meditation wnlnjt, '1 h« Tell men that God is love; Dial right Is right, and wrong, wrong; let thecn cease to admire philtnthrophy, and begin to Jove men; to pant for heaven, and begin to love God; then th* spirit ot liberty begins.— F. W. Robertson. Barbs It'» more pleasant when the lowdown on people A mia*inf bank teller WAS arre*ifd ihrnugh a woman. He must have forgotten no tCo t*ll '«•. * » • A Philadelphia wr.min willed J75.000 to her nine cat*, specilying they be fed beet, stewing lamb and canned salmon. Will ttiey please move over. * * * Inexperienced Invettora who dally around th* curb usually wind up out In (tie itreet. » V P Crime, says a scientist, la caused by glandi. with aecond-story men, maybe it's monkey glands. Booby-Prize Campaign Will Damage American Prestige A figlit between two boxers wlio' have no defensive skill is usually a rough affair. Each will take a punch to land one, slugging toe to toe without science or finesse. The result has the spectators in ?. howling fretny of excrement. But it is never a brilliant illustration of the manly art of self-defense. A political fisht of this nature seems to be shaping up between the President and Congress. Mi. Truman has culled the present Congress the worst; or maybe the second worst, in the country's history. Some congressmen and Republican presidential hopefuls have returned the compliment, without nny qualifications. Thus each it-directly admits the other is right. Mr. Truman doesn't claim that he has been the best President in our history, nor do the legislators boast that (lie 80th Congress has the proudest record. They have thiown defense, aside and are all out for attack. This does not promise to be un edifying spectacle. And when the President hints that there may be more of tho same "when things warm up and we get into politics," m «iy voters will feel a chill of apprehension. For it promises to rob the coming campaign of the vestige of sanity which usually survives the solemn quadrennial ceremony of choosing a new Chref Executive and body of lawmakers. The prospect <.f a debate on whether we really have hi-d the worst government in our history during the last two years is somewhat degrading. H also threatens to beckud certain important issues and deepen the normal partisan divisions of an election year by artificial means. Any such theme for a campaign debate would tend to degenerate into » Democratic-Republican argument. That, of course, j 3 not what it really i s [t is a White Housc-Cipitol Kill argument There are partisan aspects to the feud, but there are abo partisan activities that contradict them. If the present campaign theme is continued, however,, we may depend on a broadside of generalities that will blow the inconsistencico sky high, if it con . tinues, the voters will be offered what in effect is the choice of returning to office the nation's worst President or its i worst Congress. There WM « time, before this contest for the booby prize began, when it seemed that Congress would be wise to reconvene after the political conventions and giv«. some important and pressing legislation the deliberation that it deserves. But r,,w thai return would clearly b« disastrous. A booby-priie campaign would bt embarrassing enough without its becoming a ruling facttr in the acts of Cofi- mw. For the ihadow of world affairs and America's plare in them cannot be removed from the activities of a national Drinking Drivers According to /ecoids Kurnioied by llic National 6*(ely Council for 1941, tliuusancts ot motor c»r« wtr« piled up tlonc thi public highways; •,400 men women ind children were killed m- •Untly; W2.000 iu«er«J excruciating pain in non- I»H1 InJuriM. »nd thousand* ot homei were bereaved. Drinking dvivvi-s were said to n«v e been dlreclly responsible for moit of the iccldciHs. —SCOITtSH RITE NEWS BULLETIN. Sense of Security Tax figures for 19-17 show that Americans spent 20 per cent more for beer and 10 per cent less for distilled spirits than in the previous year. \Ve don't woiuler. The 10-cent beer and the '10-cent minimum hourly wage are about the omy two constant monetary factors in this world of zooming prices. VIEWS OF OTHERS !••«•¥• •••••••••••••••»••••••••••**•••••»•••••«•*••• American Honor at Stake H !• sobering lo Imagine what the plight o; foreign policy In th« SentU might be without. Senator VandenberR. HLi powerful voice has been raided front Uie Republican side against the House reduction of nearly 17 per cent In Marshall flid funds. His influence li expected to save the tlay. The matter that is al Issue Is hardly anything less than Unilccl Statts Internationalism. As the New York Times snys, "the maneuvers which led to the debacle present ... a revolt of Ihe suiviv- IPR isolationist coiiorl within the Hepllbllcan Jiarly . . ." The Communist* know what to cull this rc- ncBtiiR on the promise which Congress made to tlie world when It authorized the Marshall plan. "The natloni of Europe «re learning thai they cannot^krujt America," jay Ihi Red headlines on the continent. "This is the end of an Illusion." "Tlie price is too high for the bankers to pay." It U very, very well indeed that someone on our side ot the fence knows whM to call it too. while there is time lo prevent It. A "cynical reversal,'* says Senator Vandenberg. which "guts the enterprise." Tlie facls speak so plainly for themselves thai It would be impossible to make partisan politics out of them. Italian mid French democrats have' defied Russia, and the 16 European nations thnt entered Into Ihe ETRP, in Vandcnbcrg's words, have sought "imprccedfnled unities," in response to the United States' prollrr to aid and in reliance upon £he good faltn of this country. How can a member of House or Senate no«put it on his conscience to declare a voluntary bankruptcy uf his plcii;;crt word and Itave America's friends In Europe c\posed to Russian vcn- jeancc? If ever there IV.TS a time, and if ever (here w»s an Issue, which demanded that partisan politics stop at the watcr'r. ertge. the present Is that time and Marshall aid is that issue. The country shouhi be devouily grateful thai there are men of po)Hic.< who can Join hands a-s Senator \andenbtrg ai.d Senator Hartley did In appearing before Ihe Senate Appropriations Committee, and speak as Americans above parly. May their example move tile Senate, and shame the House lr:to rcversrig Us vcte. St. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH. SO THEY SAY election. Th« United States h»» « big investment in world affairs and * big slake in tlieir outcome. America'* voice is one of the two strongest in »hii|>ini{ them. The authority of that voice will be lessened somewhat by our political wr-aiijjling this summer. That can't be helped. But both major part*, for Hieir own (food, should take care that the country'* dignity and prestige are not dangerously weakened by high-pitched outbursts of free speech. \V« hop* that the booby-prize campaign will be abandoned. If it is not, we should like to dovote another editorial to a few questions which we hope both »ide» will be asking themselves and an- •werinjr before they KO further. _ni,YT)IKVIl.l,E (AKK.) COCKIICR Some of Them Are Bound to Get Scorched Edson Finds Merit in Senator Lodge's Proposal For Recruiting o/ Aliens; Reds to Oppose Idea MONDAV, JUNK 21, Joe Martin Himself Arranges Television of GOP Convention THI DOCTOR SAYS The most common reason for needing glasses for close work Is because Ihe eyes are farsighted or hypcropic. Things in the distance may be seen well bul the lens In front of the eye does not focus point so thai the printed page, sewing or other close work look Indistinct and blurred. A hyperopic. or farslghled eye, needs n convex glass or Just the right strength to cause Ihe light rays to focus clearly at the back of the eye or retina. This corrects th« difficulty so lhat objects held closer lo Ihe eye become clear and sharp Instead of blurred and indistinct. Hyperopia Is often complicated by astigmatism, which is a condition Involving a difference In the eye. When the two are combined the lens in the classes has to correct for both conditions. By Harmon W. Nlcliolt United I'ret, staff Corre«pondrnt WASHINGTON, June 21 _,Jp, —Who do you reckon invited. tho«e doggone Democrats to spy by television on the Republican convention which started today ID Philadelphia? You never would guess, it wan Mr. Joseph William Martin, Jr Republican, of North Allleboro Ihe speaker of the House of Representatives. Joe. as you might know, wouldn't mind sitliiiK on Mr. Truman's While House balcony and picking un «. sun Inn. Officially. Anyhow, all this stuff happened his way: Hob Coar. affable coordinator of the joint Senate and House Recording Radio Studios, so-called sent J every member of Congress a fin, ' Htile letter. II began: "Through Ihe courtesy of Speaker of tlie House Joseph W. Martin and the loan of two large screen television receivers from O. E.. we shall be able to provltfe complete television showings of both national conventions. . . ." Okay. There you are. The silence glasses have used either for! n,, t (he esti mri , - : estimated that myopia is present in | about one of 15 children between S and 10 and 15 years old. .... N " Kxc " 5t to r " bli(1 Tw " scls ' 1; >ve been Installed In 10 and 15 years old. w " scls 1; >ve been Installed In Nearsightedness can also be ac- ' llie <-'«'i«'s room of the old house of- companied by astiBinatism. For] (U:I! building— on the third floor. ' e y astiBinatism. For : — on e trd flo these reasons many careful tests of ' Tllc public won't have to pay a the cy<M have to be made to be dimc in lnx(?;; fo1 »» ol this. But, sure that all possible defecis present are discovered and the glasses cor- lot having paid anything, the public „ „,. l^"' 1 - invited. This is an invitation reeled accordingly. In niosl cases | <1enl - exclusively, llu! defecls are not the same in both , The caucus room, where many i eyes so that correction of Ihe glasses j Democratic and Republican policy arc not just alike. has been settled, seals about 500. There is also a condition called S Lights, camera. Let's have a pre- presbyopia. which is a loss of the j view: _ focusing ability with age. affecting 1 The i lncs sctlle down on „„ ,,p ~ Individ " ea ™f ltcci and '"''sighted ] by 24-inch screen and the Demos In lildiuduals. This requires a stronger I i he back of the room arch necks, glass for reading than for distance, somebody says "Harold Stassen!" If correction for distance is also | The cheer, that come through the necessary, bifocals after the, age of j img speaker are dealing. But (he 45 are usually necessary. \ boos lniU , wt , n in the CRUCU , - - -. " I room being local, lick 'cm NKA w'sbin^n 'iS'rcs,,,,,,,,^ ™f'"."H"" " """'"""""* '""^ ^"^ ^ k ' ^ " >° l °< "i.m '--- ^^l\^^ from \ Jmosf Sv''"^ ^ ^ WASHINGTON. (NBA.-When , Urai ' tllllls "' '-M'e»m«-nl have physical defects which bar readers. However, each day he will | T , c . "' " c " Army olficrr.s. ininiigraiirm olfi- tllc '» f '™i service. j answer one ol Ihe most frernienllv men along come* the Dewejr 1 • • ' - crowd before the screen. The ban- sacliusetts served oii^tlu' staff ''of "'* ; ""' Aln< ' ricalK °" <"K Inter- Up to 60.000 of these men of mil- i askccl questions hi his column. Gen. jncob L. Dovers (luring the ". au< J"". '^'"Bce Oiganii'.ntion ol itary age are unmarried. Whether last war. one of his jobs was li-il- !r unllcci Ni ltlol 's, which runs the °r not men with dependents could son with the French First Army ami ?,', ""I'"' lnnk °" "'!« experiment be taken into the Armv presents • Iher foreifiil coiill.wr.nU in ,hn wlt h mixed reactions. " another problem of v.'hnt migiit be ner.s shimmer on the screen and thft screams come out of the horn, aj they did for Stassen. Same performance in the back ol | the room, which is filled with Dem- THE DOCTOR ASKS By Kdtrln P. Jordan, .11. I). QUESTION: What is Ihe cause ot a heart block? ' --ANSWER: in most cases the cause 1 ocrats Vl ' no weren't inviled lo Phll- of a heart block is interference with I adelphia this lime, the circulation of blood in ihc heart coins who could speak foreign lati- KU.Tjes, he found the pickings slim. What he had to do was hunt for foreign soldiers who coulil alsn speak English. He found some exceptionally .good men, ami built up his slnff from them. tary Kenneth Roynll has told a en into the House Appropriations Committee expected probably due lo hardening of the the cause of teries is not too COUrSe ' ! ta ! fl(>ni "B ° f the «"• but not in a an AllK'ricm ill thinks Ihe • . . -- - -----.-.-. American employment of merccn-'.,. , " . . _ s,x-rial calcsory like arie.s to enforce Wall Street's im- j "A to Furnish Special pcrialism on the rest of Ihe world Home Bulldina ..,..,..., ....... „.,.,,,. ,,.,.,,,,, muma ihc- Army might Senator Ixxlge meets this obcclion i ~m«mn«f _°". °L ,!l s , pxr > c , rlc » l; <'. Senator Kcl, 10.000 lo 15.COO recruits from the with the statement that nobody has 1 „_ got his idea for lakin K for- !3!> cainps. Selinlor Lodge believes ever done anything that 11101' with elgners into the peaceli.'iic Aineri- that if the ranks are opened to Communist approval before so whv ciui Army. Ever since tlie end of "lien recruits, the Army can get " ' the war. the U. S. has hail trouble from 10 to .10 times tlie number keeping its tinned forces up (o of men it needs, strength. U)[|gs thought llie him- The Army has iilwuys ncrrnml WASHINGTON. June 21. (DPI — President Trumnn yesterday signed into law legislation | the Veleruns Administration to fur- Ditlo for Taft. Warrun. Martin [ (who senl out the invitatiotisl Vaii- denburg and the other Republican hopeful. 1 ;. Til-Rets Good for "Duration" ' A couple of Republicans in thn room probably—fellows who didn't. happen to be delegates to their own convention are not loo happy about the boos. "Wait 'till July." one of em says. "Just wait. We still got our tickets dreds of thousands of idle m-n in Ihe displaced person camps of Wes- alien lern Europe might be u BOCK| source of recruits- Last December lodge mnttc S5IS IH"£"» i ~ srvx SJSTLS K - - ~»- - • - " ; commiclioii because of service . lo this thing. We'll be back. This your show, you Democrats. We'll recruits or draftees nil quulified set hold of the Eastern Kuropea'n in tlie Thp ilckels. of course, are • - — r> ... ..- ^— In the DP cani].\s—hiipcly) , "/"': ~ lv ' l ^ v '-' Unitrd States The Army hns not iion-Coinmunist Ucrinans, Poles, I lntcntlcd chiefly lo help paraple«- worked nut regulations under winch Halis. Slavs and Ukrainians- -for, Kf " il mi::lit nccepl alien recruits lor forced labor behind Ihe Iron Cur- j connected disabilities. Tlie act is i Ior lhe duration. The television .....,„ i/i tLiii.ji.i t,vu;;i: innue a " ini:;ju ULL'(.'|ll alien leclllHS [O! lorct speech stout it In January he in- service overseas, before their ad- lain. .M'.i-cn BUUIIO it in January lie in- .^-rvu-c overseas, before their ad- lain. on todav> hand <wmp of th» e™, Armv Cr ,o rcr,r ^T^ ^ ""uT '" "? "' S ' - 1IC ' e al ^ "»* " f »" "^' P'^'* ™«e 'hfTiM^'of ^ I Army to ,-eci lilt aliens lor service If he so alien recruits are. put in lions to taking foreign nationals ling into a lour spade contract -r^' i , Regular Army units, they would into the U. S. Army Is that it would which was defeated. We arrived at the fcenalc has now approved an presumably have to meet lhe Ar- he an nni-n cnnf^ccim, iv,.,» n,. ,..>,„. r .1 1.. The Senate has now approved an presumably have to meet lhe Ar- be an open confession lhat the amendment to the new draft bill, my's present hlqh standards of O. S government can't get enough authorizing the Army lo take 25,- education nnd physical Americans to bark up the country's 000 of these DP's and other aliens Inlmi-.iiioiial Refugee Grganizn- foreign policy and obligations Pol- . audience here nest week will be all lor almost alb Democratic. Wlien the Republicans come home and the Democrats move Into the same hall in Philadelphia- Then, the tables turn. into the Army. The idea is that tion. which has sc . after [ive vein's of .''ervice, these men tlie nically. the itiea of rccnliting aliens . g s .sn\-s lliut of the is vulnerable to Ihe charge that It would become legible for U. S. cil- G6C.OOO men and women now iu the is an allcmpt by Congress to "buv Izciishlp. The House conr-urruig. camps. M4.000 .ire mon. and 215.- its uavoiit" of'a draft or Univer- this Lodge amendment will become ODD are between lhe ascs of 18 and SB] Military Training In an election law and the United States will be and 45. They are all oi «ood slrom; vear. IN HOLLYWOOD" RY KKSKINt JOHNSON Ni;A Stnff Corrcspanflent '•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••i RCLLVVVO3D ( \r-CA «—Slop me if you've hrnvrt thix Sam OakhvynisiU. Ono ot Sum'.s nicies said he \v;i s taking the afternoon off to sec n psychiairist. S'.ini v.a\e him n suur l*>ok aiui ! CurLi/ snici: "A'umo wlio pcc.s lo .scr A r.irly : rsyrmrtiri>i sliould hsu-o his head vvili; Yvu.i f.-iz ti'l>\,-3^n[:ft brackc'. "Scrrnndf" Cleared Thfi him vci.s.on ol Jaint-.s CainV: "£ccci-,fic(e" tinnlly snoiikcd pM IMC obnsio:i otlii-c cen.sovs RncJ Mihv McKENNEY ON BRIDGE *i,*l>!*!>*/.*»X.*^*;>]>!> !+,j*"*"*!.!*i.L*I;»^*I!.»l f'.y William K. MrKcnnry America's Card Authority Wrillcn for NliA Service i.\cry man has a njhi t» his own opinion, bul no man has a right ;o bt wrong in his lacls.— Bernard M. Baiuth. The American peop.r and the Congn-ss never Intended thai American lunds should be used (o help Arab armies wage war agaimi the only democratic stale in the Middle Ka»i._Rep. A. Stbtth ID) of llltnoii The United N»tion> a ill be the force in tins world which U w»s expected to be when the -dinner »«s signed .1 San n»ncisi:o.-Tryg*« Lie, UN Secretary OenerAl Unless the rtdera) Government comes to (he >id of the Stales M.ere ,., danger of bre.kdown In our syslems of dent Truman. a sen,,,,., oducaiion.-Presi- t .m th. best friend hberal «piulu m ever h«d. I h.« prospered under ,t. but the uncrni- Irolled corporsiion Is the gieato.M rnrmy of old- f»jhk>n«d Americanlsir..—Henry A. W«!iac« "Hrtmrcomiiii;" is rlitkinj lu^ a( llie IKIX ofiicc. rutting L.:i,i Turner up Ihcrr as M-C.-.ll's X>>. 1 money-making >tar fur Ihe lait yc;ir. tV'hlch proves. 1 guess, thai If your'rc a good little girl you'll Rcl to Ihr lop, Aiuly Riusell heads lor a week :if uubhc appearances In Honolulu if a sub can be found for hi.s air.-how with Marion Hutloii. . . , In- tcrcsling to .see Marjorie Roynoliis in str.iigr.t dramalic.s opixisite Barry Sullivan In "L.isl of the H:ul- uirn." Siie got her bi^geM break ;is Astalrc'. 1 ! dancing partner. Babe Rath and ins nun shiido\v. Dill Bcmlix. will go em a long personal appt'ar.ince tour to ballyhoo "Jhc Babe Htiiii Story." Veteran's Kclurn There is a ^oocl biick:iia.:e drama ;o Ixi.-.s Wilson's film comeback, a,'- tei 11 years, as Virginia Mayo.s mother in "The Girl From Jours Beach." Pr.uiucei Alex Go:ik.t> iirrdfci a one-time glamor doll to plai .\ia>o> m,i ,^o he could phcioprain;.s of l:cr as she look- -A 20 yo.irs :it:o. He thoushl ol L'ji-^. wlio has been appearing re.;u!iir':.' on the N. Y. st.irr. He got in IOU.MI with her. "Would she consider a mour role?" 'Of cour.-iV .-..lio l/iis. "l'\c bt 1 -a riiiiis; to make a incturc tor U M-IVI.-. nut uo one evr; askvd me." Irene Dunne is convinced now ih,,i nor ru-M bis; role .should b'3 in a mu.-icsl a la her IJIR hit in Roborla." She lipilrrs a nuisi.'al *nuld be a stxid antidote for he:' two m.Tina roles Ui "I.ile With P^''•'." and "I Rcini-nilvr >.:.ini.i." nclihcr of wi.ich »cnt over veiy Is H beToie the caiucri'. fall Jane Wynip.n, 1 lir.n. ,".'•"^ri'i^'mme' 8 ' ''" pi " y ^ K ^ ( >'t>' Hearts Proves Itcsi Contract Here 15 Years Ago In Blytheville— what I thought was a normal /our- i heart contract. | Anne trumped the opening lea-1 of tlie king of clubs. She realized, that she had to guard against a ' lour-one break in trumps, so she cashed the ace ol spades, then led a small spade to dummy's queen. When txnh opponents followed. .sh> led the three of spades from dummy, E ^ hearts, and llien made the mistake of leading back the queen of clubs. Anne trumped wilh llie eight of iieaits. cashed the heart ace, went ovt-r to dummy by playing the nine of 'hearts, then led the oilier Iilgii (rump, picking tip East's hearr. She returned to her hand with H riiamonri. cashed the two gooil .spaucs and ruffed a diamond :n ' dummy, making five-odd. ( A diamond return by East, alter ,,i h U uc ycMrraay wlien lie turned i trick four might haie jivcn decla:- I back Jack Pinley Robinson, local ] rr more trouble w.ih the hand. 1 ace. 0-2. 6-1. 3-6. 1-6. 6-3. The marriage of Miss Eva Baikovitz. daughter of Mr. Morris Barko,. , v i"- of Porlageville. Mo., and Mr. East trumped with the four of Sil -'Ebert Jicdel, of this city, will Iw ... • • . solemnized at the Hotel Pcabody. Meni))his, Sunday afternoon. il Excerpts from the Courier file* of June. I!i2:i. ".Saturday night and day the mayor had two new traffic policemen on duty, who walt/.ert around in the business dislricl regaled in straw hals and a broad smile, looking for offenders." EJkins Crawford of Nfarion cap- lured lhe Northeast Arkansas tennis title yesterday when he turned New pro'cloni for night club co- mcd::.'!.-. Roiicr Price, playing i lloli.vv:oi:d 1 ;U' >i\n. gr\;a:isi "It's cimlH -in :. Hal! tin 1 people thin'.: I ni teioi ision Lawre.irc Tibbrlt, Jr. and n?tn':<s , Mr.rjiric W..lktr are :'ti ilem. . .^. The l^o;. 1 . Aiidrc\v.s-.Stcve Brodv le- conriliiilion difin't work out. The ".1 call it quits fm ttood after til ;.' t:oii:|>le'c their loie SCMIC? in ' Our- law valley." . . . llarbara Whiting. [radio's Junior Miss." will imclej- ;;o n tlnoa' o;)ci','tion. . . . Ethrl Uarryninre ;> a year older ami cel- ebiatinc her oi'h yeivr an iu:- lres. r ,. j -M-Ci-M's iins\icr In lhe hux- nflicc sluni(i "ill bo five bis trcll- ^ niLolor musirals iclcasiMl iu sue- cosimi Itiis siiuimcr. "'Mir rir.ile" Is in Ihi- leail-oir sp«>l. tn lie l<il- lo\\cd by "Easier 1'araile." "Summer Hiiiiilav."'On .in Islam] Wilh You" and 'A Dillc With Judy." Add i>x>p'f who haven't forgo*ten to tv.ncmrj":: Jo Stafford goes on an Army ln'spila! lour this sum- uii r. . . 'I'iie tirs; jirmt ot Laar- ein-e O.ner's "Hamlet" is slated lor t litf..s .^liotticips m Hollywood late i ihi.v ii'.nnth. Tlie film, opening ''.i ' the U. P. in Sepioniber. runs tlirce hot;rs. 56 Jap Miners Killed TOKYO, June !1. < UP)---Repo: I . rMclni'.g Tokyo fr.iri lhat S3 miners weie killed and two still are niivs- ins tndiiy in an explnmon in fh> Katsnta co;il mine near F\ikuoka. F.hht niiiicis were injtireri. live s?- r:'u;.-'v. A'ir-r: ,i;i ;r.xi|>.s':^'- ing in rescue wyik. Fur the past 20 years the Ohio State championships tournament in Cleveland has liecn one of Ihi and o'Hstandlng brid-re events of the country. Hen Creel, president of tlie Cleveland Whi.s'- Clllb. and his a.t,i>aates maintained linn reputation for the tournament thi.s vcar. former Ball Player 4. a r, I* 1(1? =. i» 1 in A K 1 n • C I 2 W I S Dealer A.' I ¥.110" \ » K QJ 2 A Q .! 5 A A K ? T fi v A n fi :i » A s i :> A Nrn,- Tourn:i--icnl Nc.t'icr vul Sonlh \\ffl Norlli i * : * r.<.< .1 j. .•?» r,,.s, i y r.if, Opomnc— A !< ^i It was especially pleasing to m", because ol the fuct Uiai I won suf- ticieul iKiint.s at the tournament to become a Life M.istcr. My oflicial duties in Ihe p.tM liaci preveiilc.l me from participalirif; in impoitart events. However I hart arcumuliu- cd 207 inns'.er pomt.s and needr-.l '-Hireo more (01 the coveted litle of Life Master. These I won in the Ohio Srate mixed pair event wi'.n Anne rV'Scnlelrl of Cle\riann. when \vp finis -rd llnir). 1 Miss Roscnfclcl was llie declarer I'OSJXONTAL 1 7 F'iclurecl former ball liayer for riltsburgh Pirates U Kitchen tool I-T Set free IfiTrec 1^ Mimics '.9 Labor M Caress 23 Observe 23 Court (ab.) ?.G Higher 2S Regijterert nurse (ab.) 20 Storehouse 31 Seashore 33 Anger 3< Folding bed 35 Verdant 37 Choose 40 Artificial language •41 South Dakola (ab.) 42 Steamship (ab.) 43 Ancnt 44 Follower 46 Sticks 51 Large cask 52 Spice 54 Notion 55 Great Lake 56 Bunling 58 Disturb fin Infers 61 ExciLci VERTICAL 1 Leaped 2 Each 3 Lease 4 Unit 5 F'rench articl 6 Haul 7 Woody plant 8 Repoic 9 Uoy's nickname lOSlill • 11 Cella £ ~' 12 Victory 2.T Centers 27 Ponds 3(1 Pastry 32 Consumer! -If) Soiled 30 Turn M Voyage 3fl Doctrines 4.5 Habitat plant fonn 47 Prong 43Fn:i l drinks ,„,., 4:i Iron (symbol) 5D Chemical 50 He iccently suffix uas admitlecj to the Basebal Hnll of 51 Waste allowance 53 Anslralian bird 55 rVolc of Gnido's scale MLikc (suffix)

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