Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 2, 1928 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 2, 1928
Page 5
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R O G R A MONDAV, JAN. 2 Prnsram* In Cenlral Standard time.' •All tinw is P. M. unless otherwise In- -'dieated. Wave lencUia on left of call letters, kilocycles on richL 272.S-^WPG Atlantic City—1100 7:0n—Dinner Dance i»:l>0—McDonougK and McCtuker -- 9:3«—nance Onchcsfra 2S5.5—WBAL Baltimora—1050 e:3i*—Roxv'snd His UanB «:na—Musical Program • »:0u—Dance^ Orcbe.ilm 601.2—WEEI Boston—SM 7 :(l«->VanIilea i - ":.i0 ^yp8le8 «:30—Family Party ' S.M—Variety Program ; ' 461.8—WNAC Boston-^ 7:1)0— luttTumenlal Quartet ' «:nn— Miialcal Album • 9;00—Ca PI 1 valors S02J—WQR Buffalo—tW 7 :00— .Ji 'nny \Vrcn Hour S:00—Hawaiian Ensemble (:20—General Motors Party 64«.1^WMAK Buffalo—SW• X :i »0—Muslral Album ' 9:00—(Japilvalorn Orchestra : • 10:OE—Dance Music 53S.4—WTIC Hartford—5M 7 :3«—A. & P. Uypsirs ^:3l•—Oenpiral .Motors Parly. . 9:50—Kraco Play Boys : 422.3—WOR Newark—710 r..|i('—Comiijodorp Knjcmbje r ,;r .r.—S^f><i|on<< Chimes . 7 ;Cri— KrucRcr'p Lipders S;«0—Musical Album - n :Ofl—CaptlvatorB Orchestra; 1«:05—Henderson's Orchestra 491.6—WEAF New York—610 4:00—Mediterranean Dancn Band ~ .Sroo- Waldorr-ABtoria Orchestra _ <i:3ii—Vapabomlinc '•ntt- —Great ConipoKcrs 7 :3fl-A. & P. Gypslcp ,S:.10—Genpral Motors Party S:Sfl—Moon. Magic 10:00—D.tnce Music |454.3—WJZ New York—660 4:00—Mpdllcrr:iiic.-)n Dance -Hand - ri :Ofl—Holel MaiiRor Oi -chc .tira .Sorcnadlnir .'^lioeiii.ikcrs 6:30—Roxy and Hi.s Gang - S:<W—nise .nnd Shine »:00—String Quartet !>:3fl—.«5axopiion<> 10:00—Slumbor Mu.«Ic 348.6—WOO Philadelphia—680 «:30—Dinner Music 7:50—Orjjan RecitJtl S;00—Musical Prcigram 315.6—KOKA Pittsburgh-950 r.:3n—Llttlo Sympliony Orchestra ' 6 :30— Ro.xy arid His Gang - S:00 —Rise and Shine 9:00—Russian String Quartet . ; 483.6—WJAR Providence—820 6:.".r.—Mu !!jcBl Propram 7:30—A. & P. Gypsies - 8:30—General Motors Party 277.8—WHAM Rochester—1080 6:Sn—Roxy and His Gang 8:00—Studio Procram 37S.5—WGY Schenectady—7M 6:30—G. K. Rand 7:30— A. & p: Gypsies 8:30—General Motors Parly " »:30—Moon Magic 333.1—.WBZ Springfield—fOO 8:30—Rosy and His Gang 8:00—Rise and Siiino • '9:03—Concert '488.5—WRC Washington—840 r>:Oil—AValdorf-Astorla Orchestra 6:80—Rosy end His Gang 7 :30—A. t P. Gypsies 8:30—General Molorii Party «18.«—WTAO Worctster—880 *:>0—Theater Orchestra •7:00—Btudlo Program l:3«—QcneraJ MotOra Party I SOUTHERN 2t8.»-WWNC .Ashavill»-10!0 8:00—Dinner Musit - 7 :00—Varied Program 478.9—WSB Atlanta-630 tM —Roxy and His G.inis 8:00—Red Head CIuli 8:30—General Motors P.nlv .245.8—WDOO Chattanoog.i-1320 7:.".0—Snsemble 8:30—Classical ProR.-.nn 384.47-KTHS Hot Sprfngi-780 8:00—Ilarniony Kings 9:00—1!naemble -10:00—Soprano «8.»—WJAX Jacksonville-890 8:30—General Molnrs Paily 10:10—Organ Rrciiai ^ • 322,4—WHAS Louisville—930 7:30—Studio Conroit • • S:00—Dance Orchestra S:3U—Radio Party , 516.9—WMC Memphis—580 8:30—General .Motors Party S:30—Concert 8S6.«—WSM Nashville—«90 5:30—Roxy nnil ilis Uanc 7:J0—General .Moturs Party 8:30—KroUc 322.4—WSMB New Orleans—9:0 8:30—WSMB Pi.ciiiil - S49.ft—WCOA Pensxetfia'— 1200 S:Oo _Co8St Aitlllery Band! 9:45—Pursell and WflkvrMin 264 .1— WRVA Richm«n<— 1180 7:0<t-Quartel: Violin S:4«—Organ 10:00—Orchestra CENTRAL 526—KYW Chle«ao—570. 7:00—Roxy and His Gang 8:30—.String Quartet 9:30—Congress Carnival 38S .6— WE8H.WJJO Chicago— 820 7:0i—Great Composers 8 :00—Mooseheart Hour «:00.—Song .Recital 416.4-^WGN.WLI B | Chicago—720 6 :30- Dlnner Concert 7:30—A. t: P G.vpi.ies 8:30_Kaiiilly Pariv 8:29—Pliantom Violin 344 .6— WLS Chicago—870 (:0<i—Musical Program 7:00—Tony's Scrapbook 7:80—Special Produclloiia 447.«—WMAQ-WQJ Chicsgo-870 • 7:30—Musical Cslnndar 8:(Kj-i!ame aa iVOJl «2 hrs » 10:00—Daiico Music! tJ hi» » 42S.3—WLW Cincinnati—700 7:00—Home Firca Program ' 7:30—Minstrels 8:15—Studio Feature ' 381.2-WSAI Cincinnati—830 r,.iiii—Orchestra 7:30—A. & P. Gypsies 8:3u—General Motors Party 399.8—WTAM Cleveland— 760 7:00—iJaaqueradcrs 7:30—A. i P. Gypsies 8:30—General Motora Party . 282.8—WAIU Columbus—1060 8:00—.Musical Album ' 9:00—Captlvatora Orchestra 545.1—WFAA Dallas—550 5:311—.'iiory Hour: Cnstillana 7;0O—Musical Program .374.8— woe Davenport—800 7::'.o—Vacalmnrts K::(0—f:.-n.!ral Motors Party ;<;30—Tri-City Sympiiony Ordicslra 635.4—WHO Oes Moines—560 6:30—Roxy and His Gang V::iO—.\. & P. Gypsies i S:30—General Motors Party 4<0.9—WCX.WJR Detroit—680 6:30—Roxy and Itis Gang S:00—Same as W.IZ lo:uO—Along Tin Pan Alley 10:30—Good .•Ul Trio 352.7—WWJ Detroit—850 7:00—Studio Program 7 :.''.0—Gypsies 8:30—General Motors Party '499.7—W8AP Fort Worth—600 '8:00-Sunllower Girl S:30—Dance Orchestra 10:30—Flreh.-ill String Band 370.2—WDAF; Kansas City—810 7:00—String Quintet 7:30—Gypsies S:30—Riniiiy Parly , 11:45—Nlghthawlis 293.9—WTMJ Milwaukee-1020 8:30—General Motors Party •.1:30—Frolic ! 405.2-WCCO Mlnneapplia-6t. Paul— 740 7:30—Vagabonds Orchestra 8:3»— General Motors Party 9:30—Musical Program . 499.7—WOAI San Antonio— 600 7:00—Hotel Orchestra 645 .1—KSD St. Louis—950 7:00—Great Composera 7:30—A. & P. Gypsies S 30—Oe|ieral Motors Party 348.6— KVOO Tulpa— 860 7:30—HujiklnB Bee 8:30—Oeileral Motors Parly 9:30—Ba lid WESTERN 325.9—KOA Denv«i^20 7:30—Dinner "Concert )i:3u—Appreciation Program 9:00—Instrumental Program 4«|.»r-KFI LosAngtlts—840 9:00—Music Box Hour Iii:lS—Philharmonic Orchestra 13:00-Metropolitaki I>ancs Oicli,eslra 416.4—KHJ Los Anattai—720 10:00—Diversity Hour 11:00—Concert Hour SS8.9—KNX Lo* -Angelet—no »:30^One Act Play 10:00—Feature Program 384.4—KGO Oakland—780 11:00—The Pilgrims , 13:00—SpotllBht Hour . S0B.2—KLX Oakland—CM S.30—Dinner Concert ' 11:00—Lake Mcrrilt Ducks 454.3—KFRC San Francisco—660 »:ti0—Haw.niians 10:00—Blue Monday Jamborea 13:00—Dance Music (2 hri) 422 .8—KPO'San Francisco—710 lfl:MO—NBC Propram i 1:00—Musical Program I3:00—Variety Hour 370.2—KHQ Spokane—810 n:«o—Maxwell Hour 13:30a—Coyote Frolic NEWS EVENTS OF HUMBOLDT iltilil KiiiteraJ Sertit'i' t'or l.utc II. II. .Stewart. Mr. mill .Mrs. -TnicbltHid Ketum from SI. I .unls. JCLMHOl.UT. Kans.. Jan. 1 — Kuncral sorvicijs for 11. H. Stow- iir! wi'vc- lu-kt Friday afU;niot>ii at th<> I'resb.vtcriaij cliurcU. Uev. (J. W. Horn, D. I)., coniluttcd the- sor- "vhf. In ."piif of iln' snow slonn thai oe-iiinvd Dial aftfrnooii,' the »liiMvh ivaH filled wltlilho friciulft I 'f tho Slcwiirt family. -Nearly 40 1 i-lalivt-.s. most of -whoni wcri? from <nit of lowu. Ill .attt -ndancf. -Mr. .Stewart wa.s .ll year.s of age .'iiid has Ifvcd in iiilinboldl for many .vi'ars. UP IS survived by hl.s "'ii'o and fiVi- eliildriMi. A i)ar;y was given al iht- .1. H. Mamm rc^idonct lust, nlph in'lion- <ir of -Mr. and .Mrs. A. Trni: lj|<M>d. .Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Tri: blood, wlio were weildt*<i hrre las Tuesday afternoon, returned .ve^ •-•rday from a trip to St. Louis. .Mo. They will soon bo settled in the .1. H. Andrews homo oil .Vorlii' 12th street. , Mr?. Anudia Works eiili-rtainod Chapter A. .M. of I'. K. O. Thursday night' at a party at her home. This affair was the Christiiia.s party, sivon annually hy the elub. A good attciidaiR -e •was present. .Mr. and :Mrs. H. H. .MtCKllanO who spent their Christmiis vacation in .Manhattan, Kansas, as guests of Mr. .MiClellandV mother. .Mns. M. C. :McClelland, rt-turned here yesterday. Missj-Stella Hot;cn .-{i 'in of Winfield, Kansas, is here this wc-i-k at the H. II. Stiwart home. I .Mrs. .\. jL. OooKitis and two sons I of .Icffcrsoii nty. .Mo., wfio have I spiMit the la,st ten da.vs with rcla- livrs here, returned to their home Friday night. I Huinlioldt students at K. V. have I retiirtied to continne their work there. T^ie Teaehers College students are also returning at this time. .Students of the Slate Agri- eultuial .College -will hfit return until the middle of the wi'eli. THE JOLA DAILY REGiSTOR. MONPAYj F.VEN!NG, JTANUARY 2. 1928.^ MOM'N POP LET W OCT SA/GVCSIERH NOTTHE 68VICKAT ALL,BO.T MeR ^VAN IMPD?rOR WH0MME5 WON THE RIECE'EM OOrOT , THEIR COW^ THEIGUNMS, STUJLTHlNwi ISONOFPOf^ FORMER TM' jft-*™ OP JUIX CM&i TUftT lOO BttD^S 1 MftDE FDR YtOO OH A %S00 \IWESfMENT--mCf3E STOCK TiRS OMiy UBT \Ol> CHICKEN T=EED— iM GD»|UaA G^)E VOD A i?lOE O-l JOSTt&S«RT «UHtT TlHE KID'S CLEVER. WN(»»0V'HA$) THOOSAMDSOWm' <3«ew=:^ju?r ^iT -nsHTiAviHiLe; AKi' tUi. I^t: YOO »M OM 'SOME ; CHILE MIM«>*6 ISTOCX TOPTTU-. V XEEP VOOiec^ ——-^i PAGE FIVE ^ f„ HCM OOST ^ALL^OR MOTOR- 3- ANOTHER HuiiCH FOR YOli KICK i ^BOUT EXPe^4SES' 3EIM' HUSH IM TH' OfWC$-V /HY?| BECAOSE VOli MKO A BOIXafeT- S«ME THINS IS TRUE AT THE HOUSE - JUST T=DR Trf REASON THAT VOO HANJE np ' SOSH! X NEVER THOUSffT CfF TiW ' .: BY TAYLOK OF COOPiSE ^OO DIDN'T*-C'NAOM IN ^ TSTE'S QT^TICE AN' VU- SHOW VOO DObES IHAT >fOOR V/AV O? CONDUCTlN(i| B\iSUi£S^; »S UKE FOOWt^G YlfffER IN ' A SIEVE ^- &or wv svsTEhA POT5 ^ SOUt)EPSC*VTW rtOUES AH' STOPS J| *m '"LEAKS — ' TUESDAY. JAN. 8 • iBp The' AB»ociateil Prmx] . Vrognm* In C«ntml 6tandnr<1 time All time Is P. M. unletw otherwirc Indicated. Wave lenmhn on left of call letters, kllocyclea on risht. 272.6—WPG Atlantic City—1100 7:15—Bo.tril of Kducatlon Concert S:4.'i—Studio :Program !i:00—Brldso I^oseon 285.5—WBAL^Baltimore-1050 r,:nn— Dinner .Mu.vic T:00—.siromborR-Carl.^on Hour 9:00—D .T lice Orchestra 506.2—WEEI Boston-590 7:00—Singers 7:r>0—Pilcrim.-i .\:liO—Kvei;eady Hour a:00—.\uctiOTi Bridge.tiamc.^ «1.3—WNAC Boaton—650 r,:On_Dolc and Ills Slnfonlans 7::!0—Op'r.v House Toniebt a:UO—Dance Slu.«ic 302.8r-WGR Buffalo—990 7:00—Spiberllng .Singers S:Oit—l.;vcrcady Hour »:0U—.\ucti(in Bridge C. TMICS E45.1—WMAK Buffalo—5S0 ,7:00—I'opular rrograin P:::n_01il Kasliinned Dance y:13—I'.adio Movie Ciuli 535.4—WTIC Hjrtford-560 6:00—.N'ational l.eagup Women Voters 7:<Mi—Sf^iberliME Singers .S:i)0—Concert U:00—Auction Bridge Games 422.3—WOR : Nswark-710 ."•. i ."•—Sliolton .Kiisenible <;::'.ii—Dinner Dance 7:00—Si'Rsions Chimes ' 7:30—"IJcvoIt «f the.Toys' S :00—Clioir Invisible S:00—I.IsterInc Hour 4913—WEAF New York—610 4:00i—Winegar'B Orclicstra &: 00—Waldorf-Astoria Oicb'-slr.i <;:<)«—National League Women Voters 7:«o^SeiJ)erIlng .i ^lngcrs 7:.10—Air Weavers , »:00—i:verea(>y Hour n:00—.\uction nridge Uaincs 11:30—Dance .Music 454.3—WJZ New York-660 r. :00—Ilolil Mnngcr Orcfiestra ' S;(iO—Frank Dole (;:ir.—I'rlsillla I'arkrr 6:30—Maxoplionc KntertBln»rs 7:00—StHimbcrg Cuilaou Urcliestia X:0«—Ct.ntlnenlnls 9:00—.Muted Band 10:00-Slulnber Wusio 405.2-WF'l-WLIT PhllaiJelphla-740 ' 7:00—SrIbf'rIlnB Singers 7:30—.Mr Weavers fc:uu—Kveready llo'jr 9:30—I'alnU D'Or Oroliesira 348.6—WOO Phitadtlphia-G60 6:30—Dinner Muflc 315.6—KDKA Pittsburgh—960 (:30—Little .Symphony Orchestra 7:<'«—.Slromlwrg Carlson Hour 8:00—(.'ontinenlals 9:00—Alexander's Oagtlmt Band .483.6—WJAS Providence—620 7:00—Selbcrling .Singers 8:00—Kvcre.idy Hour t:OD—Auction Bridge Games 277.6—WHAM Rochester—1080 7:00—Ptromberg Carlson Hour 8^00—Continentals S :00—Studio Prograrn 379.5—WGY Schenectady-t790 7:00—Selbcrling Stngcra 7:J0—.Sealy Air Weavers 8:00—Kvcrcady Houi*' S:00—Auction Bridge Games 333.1—'WBZ Springfield—900 7:00—Orchestra 8:00—Trio •:30—Musical Program t:05-iBostonians S56.9—CKCL •Toronto—840 6:00—PopuliJ.r Music 7:00—Symplionic Dance Orchestra 9:00—Instrumental jTrlo 468.5—WRC Washington—640 5:00—Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra 7:00—f?eil)erling Singers S:00—Kvrieady Hour 9:00—Auction Bridge Games 616 .»f -WTAG Worcester-580 6:00—.Vational L.e.iguc \Vomcn Voters 7:00—.Sclberiiiig Singers 9:00—Auction Bridge Games Dorsett Produce Co. liitt East Street, lola Phoae TIKI Cash for Ponltrr and Esgs Call Is Any Time. >Ve will coine alter ponltry. GRENNAN'S MARKET Comer East Jlonroe and Elm Sts. I • lOLA, KAXS. W« Wanl Yoar Poultry, Eggs and Hides A>D OUiR PHOXE SUMBEB IS 576 \«\if% l>r «iKMt kft «M> mar*) iMl C. 0. COGniLL, Manager Kuhsis City Lhesloek. KansiLS City. .Mo.. .Ian. 2. <AI'». (V. S. .iJept. of AgrieillturPr— Hogs: 4.uflO: at -tivp. lOo to iuc iilahcr: mostly. 15c to 20i' higher than Saturday'! .iverage: stock pigs steady: top JS.TO on choice 210 to 250 lbs., bulg ISO to 260 lbs. $8.55?iS."0: HO to ISO lbs.. $7.90 @8,50: weight:!' butchers , scarce: packing sows $6.75 ffi 7.75; stock pigs -J7.50(S 8.25!: 170 to 230 lbs.. $8.40^8.70. ' Cattle:- S.OOo: calves 1.000: fed steers slow, fully steady; she stock steady to. strong: spots high-•• oa desirable heifers: bulls, vealers and calvPK steady: .^torkcrs and •n -ders fairly active, fully steady: li^avv steers, early. $13.15: some held higher: bulk fed steers $11.00 .gi:<.00; practical veal top $11.50. Sheep: 6.080. Lambs generally strong to 10c higl^er: sheep steady to strong: top Iambs, $12.85; others 80 to 90 lb.| kind.! $12.40® 12.75: ahorn yearling wetiiers. $p.60@ 9.7R: Kent pwe.<< offrr^A h> lft!ifl-1dt« jff..r>l>: odd hunches ijpnnrd to $7. SOUTHERN 296.9—WVVNC Aihevllle-1010 7:00—Business Review 9:00—Auction Bridge Games 475.9—WSB Atlanta—630 7:00—Seiberling Singers 8:00—i;veri>ady J lour 9:00-.\ucti.oii Bridge Games , 245.8—WOOD Chattanooga-1220 7: no—studio ProBraiti 8:00—Classical Period 3*4.4—KTHS Hot Springi—780 8:00—Bridg« Lesson 8— Varied Program 9:30—Daftce Frolic 336.»:rWJAX Jecksonvlile—890 6:00—Theater Program 8:00—Dance Music 322.4—WHAS Louisville—930 6:04—League of Women Voters 7:00—.Singers 8:00—Kvcready Hour 9:00—Auction Bridge Gatmcs 616.9—WMC Memphis—580 7:30—Tiicatrlcal T*I<nt • 8:00—Evercady Hour 9:00—Auctioj) Bridge' Ckmcs 338.9—WSM Na8hville-890 7:00—Seiberling Singers' 8:00—BTrready (lour 9:00—Auction Bridge Garnet CENTRAL B26-KYW Chicago—57IJ 7:0n-i-Oecrsc Olson's Orchestra S:nii—Continentals y:mi—Al slid Peie 9:30—Congress Carnival 366.6—WEBH-WJJD Chicago—820 7:01)—Seiberling Stingers 7:.''.0—Air Weavers !»:00—Presentation 416 .4— WGN-WLIB Chicago—720 7:S0—Dinner Conr.rt < >i:nO—Kveready Hour / !i:no—.\uction Bridge Games .» 9:30—SaleruoR , d44 .6—WLS Chicago—870 r.;(tn—Pupperbell: PioKrn.n) : » r,:;;u—Spurls Club: Orc)j"slr.T 7 :311— Personalities iii Jlu .Hli: 447 .S -WMAQ.WQJ Chicago-fiTO «:0«—Organ ' (!;.10—Dinner Conceit S:»0—Musical ProKiam 10:00—Dance Music c; iir.--.) 428.3—WLV/ Cincinnati—700 7:15—Crosloy i;il.senit>Ie *:0'i—Concert Orclietstra y.00—Studio Feauue 361.2—WSAI cfneinnati—830 i:"!!—.mudio Procram •Slid—ICveready Hour •J:00—Auction BridKe names 399.8—WTAM Cleyeland—750 7:01-."^eliierling' Singers ,S:nii—Kveready Hour a:00—Auction Bridge Games 282,8—WAIU Columbus—1060 E:00—Orchestra 548 .1— <VFAA Dallae—650 ;1 7:00—Seiberlins Singers 7-.10—Air Weavers 10:00—Bridge Lesson S74.8— woe Davenport-800 ' fi;nn— .VationaH-eague Women Voters 7:00—.<»e|berllnc Silvers .S:00—I'veready Hour : :i;00—Auction Bridge Gnmes 535.4—WHO :Oes Moines—S60 . 7:30—Organ I !>:00—Auction Bridge Games / 11:30—Dance Orchestras 440.9—WCX.WJR Detroit—680 6:30—The Dreamers > 7:00—Hiroml.erg Carlson Orclicstra .S:flu—General Motors Party ; 9:00—Bed Apple tjlub 13 hrs.) SS3 .7-;WWJ Detroit—850 T , 7:00—.Seiberling Singers XrSO— r <:v«r»«dy Hour 'j:00—Auction Bridge Ganiei ' 499 .7-W»AP Pert Worthj -eOO I ;00—Varied Pi^ograni 361.2— WOS Jtfferson City—830 7:110—Studio Prograhi • 7:.10—Address S:IS—Vocational Radio School 370.2—WDAF. Kansas City—810 7:011—Singers N :00—Kveready Hour :i:iiO—Auction Bridge Games , icao—Serenade • 293.9—WTMJ Mitwauke^ioao S:.10—Musical Program '.l:<IO—Auction Bridge Games lrt:nO—JYoIic 406.2-WCCO Minneapolis-St. Paul—740 C:.''.0—F. end R,- Family 7:"0—Southern Sunshine N:00—Evereudy iHour , •j:00—Auction Bridge Games 508.2—WOW Omaha—590 7 :f»i—Singers . 8:110—Popular. Old Time Music :i:00—Auction Bridge Games 499.7—WOAI; San Antonio—60' 3:00—Mexican Players 545.1— KSp St. Louis—550 7:00—Seiberling; Singers .S:>ie—Kveready Hour •»:no—Auction. Bridge Gaiaca 'J:.';0—Dance Orchestras 346.6—KVOO Tulsa—«60 7:00—Seiberling Singers /T:.1»—Air Weavers S;:0—Studio Program 344.8—WCBD Zion-870 S.OO—Studio Cnsemblo _ • WESTERN 325.9—KOA Denver—920 S:r.O—Farm Question Bus 9:00—Bridge I.rf:ssons 9.30—Dance |rrograin 468.6—KlfI Los Angeles—640 lii:r .Q— Auction Bridge Games 1 i :flO—Kveready Hour .J :;:00—Keloid Tales I 416.4—KHJ Los Angelei—720 )il./)0—Cavaliers l:;;fl0—Dance Orclicstra 336.9—KNX Lot, Angelet—890 11 :011— riiineso Tlreater 11:30—Feature Program • , 384.4—KGO Oakland—780 11:0"—Retold Tales ll::;o—NBC Program 506.2—KLX Oakland—690 10:00—Special Program / 11 :00—Dance Program 454.3—KFRC San Francisco 11:00—Concert Music ' l-':00—Dance Music (2 hrs) 422.3—KPO San Francisco—710 10:30—.Auction Bridge Games 11:00—.\BC Program t2 hrs.) 370.2—KHO Spokane—810 ]0 :0e— Kveready Program 10 .-3O—Auction Bridara Gamea Tlie Slorr Thn;. Far The storv laid in the iiidiaii terrllory and ' along the Kansas border in (he 'SO's, When a fight Wits b'eiiig wagetl hy tlie "Booiii- ers" for the opening of the ter- "ritiiry to seltlcnient. ; Clifcf characters are: '• TO.vy IIARIIISON, drphi.nud tit i:! wlion liis father was iiiiir- dered in a luiker ganu-: PAWXKK UILU. advciiluror, Inilian iiitci-pretcr and aliow- niaii:: .IDK CU.MC, who takes Toiiy to ihe liar K ranch to live; TITUS AlOORK. owner of the Har K: UITA MOOUK. his little tomboy, ijauphter. When Tony is "l.'i, llita and her luothf r j depart for Virginia and the l)oyrIeai'n8 for the first lime how mtfch he cares for the little leit-haired, arrogant niiss. Wopl is received that DAVID I'.AV.XK. leader ot the "nooiii- er»,".iand chief agitator tor uie openiii!; of Uklahouia,' is dead. I'awnce Ilill is one of Payne's sympathizers, and so is Tony, ai- thoiigh his. benefactor, Tiiils .\Ioor6. opiHises lite openiil.:; withal! his might. Wt)en Pawnee Bill goes uiij the following; year with a wild west", show he takes Tiyiy along, iiiid when the boy returns, Hita (s back. to ntarv;-! at the otlicr's Conipli'te iiiitliority over the I'awin-e Indians. .\t the slightest .suggestion of Irou- jle wi;lii>i tlicir rank's, a won! from Pawnee Bill was sitfficient to restore order, except: when a a of- feiider had ben indulging in too much fire-water and was inipervir ^ . ious to rcasoninf;. ai:d on those or-' , i casions iheir white leader handled But these failed to • l:.inpede»tlir the situation likjc a seiieial. I I"''"": anybody els.-. waiit^j a Tonv learn.sli that the Indians '" ">-''ni"'rs.' Pawnee ,1.ill regarded Pawnee Biir as a white j l"""""""""'' <almly, "wen tr>> lo chief. "Oih.r .showmen ha'..- gone! :"-'cominodale.' I 'own to Pawn.r and tried lo gen' There wa.s no turlher trouble: them," he toht voniig iiarrisi.ii ''L'-"'" "•'.'!. I.'-'-'*^ prondlv. "but Ihev wouldn't 7nove <""•'>• l-**-" ^^'^'^ •^ulficiOnt- an inch. Thevve even offered ,'V ''•-'^ived to set up and wa k .lut. ; fhem'lwice as iunch as 1 .u<?t f,,,-!Tonv insi.sted on finishing whaf he t tliem." s:ome <l4v. 1 guess. I'll had started: When lie and 1 awjiiee • getting in wrong with Jlie govern- left the place he had won 5wo . meui tor takingUhem -without ,,or-!''"'"'"«'• <I"lIars at roulette. ' mi.ssicn from Washington, but un-' But later that night Pawnee l$il til ,\, do I'll k.e|> right on. Wash- ;>'••"' a word of admonitio-.i d jingtoif:thinks the ied men .shouldn't belter-:slow down a lit Ic «m: j I he exploited in jibe show business, w*'"-!? l""'' nioving r. trilieJlo:.| but the I>awiie<is like it and thov fa-"'- l^ei'eaftcr I m g(,iUR to be :i | can pick uj) soiinc niouev :it it.- si, 1 regular model of propriety uxy\ j start saving niv money. (TO BI-: CO.NTl.NL'KDi Tony's'grasp. "Sure," he said.^ud swutigrltis;heavy fist. • The youth ducked, ".iiist foi- iliat you gox it." he cried betrt'cen; his clenched teeth, and sent the o{her eriishing lo the floor with a Wow lo the>.iaw. ' The "ill-manncred one ilid 'noli move. "Several men bent over 4iim i .ind ';:ie dashed cohl \vater inpii.ij far-e. "Some "who app'-ared t</ be | his frii?nds turned hosiili- starei on \ Tony, and his long-haired frW-inj and llterc were a feiv mutlCired 102'; STVDKBAKKU SKDA.V--^ Clirysler "CO" coupe: ClrrysUr "Gu"''coach: l!f-'-'. Ford tiidor sedan. .\iraie in good .sha>>e. "iVe trade. Ross Ai'huckle's <;arai«J. Clirvsler de:ilers. Phone 56. Anto^ Accessories. Tires. Fiirta IS fSKD ACTf) PARTS—Tires,, tubes, b.'itleries. starters and generators., lola .Auto \Vreeking Co. Pho. TSii. ; BUSINESS SERVi MoTlnp. Truckint', Sfohtire : CJMX DEA.N TRA.VSFKR — Phone .S.S.-,' will move you by-lloiir or COD- tracf. with cvpeiieneed men. _. WHEN YO1! MOVET-^Or K ore your goods call Cqrr's Transfjir. OW TA HO., residence 140. CE EMPLOYMENT Help—Male and Female .M.V.NTVN'D WIFK. Wanted to work on dairy farm: honie and every tiling finnislied. Wm. Stafford. Phone !I46--J1. - - to I 'awnee : CHAPTER XXIX. Thev sang together. Rita's rU-ar Hupratio simnding above the rest, her nin:ble fingers iiliiikinj; faiiey little run .s on the-guitar. Tiinv Harrison felt the old liiii-- liness jereopiiig on him. They all looked, .so happy, so eaie-frbe, thei;e lienealh the moon. | .\iiil he was diisojale. Tomorrow she wuiild be gone, ;and he worse off liian before, the brief fight of her having been "like ihe learilir; of an ol.l wound; ".\way out west where 'IIM grass growM. (ioMlii.v, my li>ver. goodhy: 1 ine't my lillle' prairie rose. (Jowd'hy, my lover, goodby." Phialdelpaia post ! as "to the serious- • I 's love affair h;ul on.v's mind;, yet h-.-. (lis friend could be | arria:.;e in the nea;- :e lie was spending' If oijly the others, would gi-i and leave hJni and Rita ulone. Bui thert? tliey sat. without a lare llf.he: world, and .Mrs. Moore, a satisfied smile on liOr lips, doubtless cojuemplHting with reliet their return !to the!ciist. He fancied that .Mrs. .Moore htid iij) soijic mouev wln-.e's the iKirin'/" I-eilers i;ept iomiii Bill, bearing a mark. .All doul>i[ ness of' the nni vanished from T i wondered how contemplating n future at the la his moiuK 'i For •bothjof them were spending. H as fast as ihe.v got it. Tliey had found much' to do with their <inie in .Vew Vork aiid had got >n the habit of r'-staiiraiiis where the food! was notable and t.he wine even iM -tler. There were long stretches ini the journey the .•onijiii"nt •wlien- bidl; iii lliem ate sparingly ami at i-heap lunch 'counter places, (hat they mighl be able to live ini style whtji they struck the nexi ;bi:: city. In .San Fi-ancij«o tliiy were tioth lii their .glory. Along the bay they tali found restaurants that wi;re better than .New York's, and at niglit 'many «>f these were lively with 'music and wonien. Tony threw himself into the new life with a grim'recklessness. They wet<• :ii "''San J-"rancisco two weeks, and more • • than once duritig their stay ho cashed cheeks tlrawn on the little bjink in Caldwell. HP fell into the habit «d" gambling. It begaii with little pok<'r games between I member.s of tin- FINANCIAL All: old eiieiu.v. Tom Iteiitau. appenrs in the ne.\t inslallnieiif. and »feN Hie worsl of il^ Money lo Loan—.Morigagesj AM ! FARM "LO.A.NS—Quick service anti reasonable rale.s. A. D. Hawthorne. l.'-'L- West ^l.idison. F.\RM"AND CITY LOANS—Bas^ rale on farnis, city 6'.'t. I^ong or short time. R. M. Cunnuigham FAR.M A.ND CITY l.OA.VS—At,cur­ rent rates. I.ilieral terni.s. Prompt service. Y'oiir b'usinesK appreciiit- ed. C'll on The Allen Cnnnty' Investment Co., Kelley Hotel Bldg., lola. Kiinsas. LO.A.N'—On' : MO.VKY TO farms or Lowest rate; Stew.irt COUNTY LINE \ • , uDora I.. Ogle.i Di-c.': :;7.'~Will ByfiV-'.it :ind f:,iii- ily sin-nt Cliristnin.s day ai.,Krii;e Deiintiy's near Kim. • Frank Bohni spent Chi'h^liiuirc in To|)ekn with ii lative.s. .Merfe ISettlem.ver weiiN to Ifon- iier Springs Tuesday moi niiig; to i "iVii'v n-n.ierlv visit his sis'tei'. Mrs. Harold Kellcy. | V'''''- and fa'inil.v. " I . . U. li. Barnelt enleriain-cl at.MO.M-n' TO LOA.V -On real C8tt\te, Ciiristrnias dinner. L.slie Barnelt repa.vable in small monthly.par- and fabil.v. Will Barnni and fam-i ipents. These loans never comedno ily of Linn Kershiier and Kans. } "Miw.'Ollle • Vetelo and cliilijren sponi Thursday with licr inot'lu r. .^frs.: Kya' Wilson. '.Maxiiie, i'c.'iuiii- in< foi^- a fejv day.s- visit. • ThosSf entertained a'.tiio will naiiH-ii. .11111 laii:- ! -J • - iounly Mr fjjjipii | - betteriliecausc cheaper and more d 'famil'v or MadiSon.; convenient. Seei.rity llnlldinB A: Loan_A?sn . 1st N;itL. BanJ; Bblg. ~ LIVE STOCK ^ Horses, Cattle, Yehklc.* 48 troupe, to pass the time away !•»•-, >t„,,,iov ..ft,.riinnn been jrither suspicious of him lMp;liwecn Jumps; bjit oi,ee he eanght ' "l^^^'^j^. y,/;, '^^^^^^^^ ly. CpuUl it ibc that 8be guesseil Ills secret? were so,; what mimt iiig as' sjie sat there listening to ttio sinlging? .' Crai^ *us improvising: "I ki^ow ''8<1 I-he fever the stakes in these games And if thatjijciame too small for him and in .she be think-J San Francisco hi- sought N^am'blins .i^riiiVeteto: home t'liris!mai were: , .Mrs. I-iva WI!-:OM. MVY: I'e.irl Cul- \ ler ii:id son. Harold. .Mr .H. .MabiM ! lleiiije|n. Bud I Ct-orge i .SlierwQotl. Jim Klierwoiid and their! ra;:iillr*. ' . • .\rrs.';Kriiie I'ov.e;! is v( ry .ilt ' Warjjeii Hrliz was a iallei| ;ii I Mr. l!}jfield's and Fra.';k Ogle's. KersJiiuT of' flC WILL BCY .\iiy goat in our -herd: 17 head lo select from. i :n.-it;.i boimlit, sold or exchanged. ('iii:)i:iey Sv.-ei -|i ^rsf'ijones : store. jMi:; : resiilcni-e. :'.:•."•. ' 49 i'otiltry and .*<itp|>nes halls where the limit -.vayf iir-ar "tlie roof. He playeil policr. '.oiitette. faro. chuck-a-lu<k. spending mosl, . , , „.. ,of .his time at the wlieel. i gnl named Jtiln Moore. | ^.^^ ^, f^,., .Madisoip. are spending tlie Week with itHeir grandparents. Mr. -jiiid ."Mrs. it^; l?arnelt. n.\F;V cnxKS ll<; Ui>: 12 leading breeds: . iiatclies every Tuesday: ciistoni liateliiiig a siiecialty. Siinriower F;irnis llateliery. Branson, Kans. ' CLASSIFIKD KATBS . Ki{«« a g... uamcu v. jj, |,„oked lik.- a full OorKljiy. my lover, good!... , '^rownman. He jkept himself .-en. And-she'll bave sweethearts by IJ;^,^^,^,^. ^.,^„„J .,,,;,,.p„ ;„ „ . the score, I wliec most meii favored a inus- Lopdby. my lover, goodb.x. -. ^ut bencatli the tan his chin B.ABY CHICKS I'laie your orders beforr- .Ian. I 't and get a di.scount. thick:; iii;i> b-- delivered any time Ii'l-er. f;.ustoin liatVliinp, 2c per egg ;-ii(l .ie per eliiek. Sturdy Chick II rilierv. 220 West street. ^•i .'.ssii -iKn l «iil>- -jfl -:ile p.jr line InJiertier.s: i:.\-ii :s fur C->11: ClMIgu" There was loud applause, ospe-!'showed blue fioijj the heavy beard cially fi^om Tilus Moore. wlioj«nder the skin. ! beamed happily ami commandtJ-J . i:i:t:ve 0. ..He u- .I'JC II''-, on :iiiy ; M1. each of tie men in turn to try lilsl hand at paraphrasing. ly.s diifi ('r«ig eoiifessed. needed ' "" '.Sotjif^ pi^omplii T<)n.\ lay acaih hisl slitrs. -W Kix rfa.vs 'riirer. fl.iys One gay ' He was tall |and straight and' .Minimum,e;,s),. ::'>.-. 'broad of slioiildei: and walked with I ''onntTftVe wnrds t., -i line. _ 'the free, swinging gait of the K>>'''i»f. i-.<tes r ..r y. H . >y :i.|y.-rii^i ,,K .j l always did want lo he a poet.'|.!>la«nsnian. oil re gelling to look ,\ss ,„.i;,(i^„ .,f .v, »<,.;,,,< r e'i.ss5-,<i, "I reckon all .l'. more and niorej like vour daiUlv .vdveriisUu: .Mimaciis. wiii.ii in .-ji ^.i.i «>s the inspiration." : i ^very day." Pawnee Biii told him. ^;;7i:;i:i"v;: .'I":"?^"M^.W' Qf tlie attempts at im-l"'' 'ou weie am inch shorter 'ind , tli- . iiniiTn .rf ..n ..c fn.n.lnr. nt nn .i uiis-' K( PSTj-:i{S -And cockerels. Rhode l -!:iii 'l Reds. .Mrs. Homer Teats. Phone fiSI-ll. I MERCHANDISE Articles For Sale Si WIC ARK l.'.VLOADl.VfJ A car of wire Jiiid « r;ir of farm implements. Sp.ecijil prices for .^rly buyers. .Mien County Implement Company. f'crse were ludicrous, hdtl'en jears older .I'd back with his" hand.s be- i -leff Harri.son." head and gazed at the I-iki- his ihen.liis lurii came aiid pa.ssive at Tilus llotire catled to him. lie j accepted begged oil". The «oloneI, knowing Jity and his hia shyiiesJi. did not iiisist. : j difference. When' Rita left the next morning; she askix| • ' • •- '-—• ' me swear it was ' father, too. he. vas the gaming tables. ! Bu-siuess and Office Enuipment &1 U-iuVxuii Vl'l;i.---sili'-'l .\<lv«.rtisi,iK, 'I'ti" j' I:«-(;isl<-r.*iiSi well ..\,.i-y ollwr niyni- i ' I MT i»f tjie ,\s >,M ;j;(|l'»n. eli(l,.;i \-,n's^ Ii, - - - ' - . m -.i.iiiii i.iify trtiilifiil I'lissiiin.i .Nrtv -r -TYPi-iWRlTKRS For sale, rent or 11,. tisiiig :i;§l .will i:it- li;iviti ;;;L'" 1 trade. WiIIi :iiiiH Tvpewritcr ~Co, his los^ies wi .h ...iiiunim-'j^lV';^;;;;!!;,;;!;:^ n :t west Madiso,,. winnings with t:,ool in-; :iriis ..r jioncsiy. But "moslly they were "Anil tell Tony." Ifer a moineni. losses: his luck ^^as good at poker ! him to write to her.'and poor at roulette and he stuck' all uljont Cherokee,!stubbornly to llij- wheel. AUCTIONS Gmtd Things to Eat Auctions hand lingi red in jiis . A <-heck came jidvice back from with ! PUBLIC^UCTIO.V - Public auctfon ' it from, .lohii .\'yc-e. ".Are .ve.u going with j bank in Caldwe^. and another show ilils laliT she a.skcii. I "f ' n- thought .so. : fl'* , • 1 • , < I "-Well; be sure to Kdl m.- if you: wot- lo .loe (ring, ordering ^ him j meet your tale." .she said inischiev-; I" transfer his siivings. for whnhl r>i=ii API'LKS .SI.7.-. per liaskel. >All«u Y\K-\ ''onmy '"reain Co. Phone Sg. llonsehold Uoods refuseil to aiiknowledge it;. Irtit every ^tiirday at 1:00 o'clock;;at Hishnp's Sales Pavilion. t '\ AUTOMOTIVE ously. [."Are is a gti -660 vou sure i 'awnee Bill'f-raig was fnisK'e. to an. open. |,d chilM-ron-.'" : / becking aecouiiti _ He Hiiiiled. "H.- n.vds one him- 1 t-raig, when lie read the letter, self. He's sure in love at least I>ls head but wisely obeyed he was-'when I left him." 1 orders ^ and said nothing to Pijus ; A few! weeks later-lie eiuounlereii MfM)re. "Having |iis lling. I guess. , Automobile Agencies COOK .STOVKS- 21) used cook stoves. guaraiitei;'d to givi.- good sr-rvite. Real bargains. Curtis Furniture Store. L:iltarpe. Pawnee Bill in Caldwell and was, l>e mused, informed that arian.gemenJ.< been completed lor the tour Buffalo: Bii:. "The; show opens In -N'ew OLD CARLYLE .Vonon'^i' condition as jradnally (Ida E Kelley) worse. .There is little hope enter- Dec. 29.-A Happy New Ylar to I her recovery. Her sons, one and all. Today seems more i ""^J •^''"''"' like the holfday season than the Wi II. I haven't set : had him what you'd Valla thrifty exj with'ample. Sergeaiifj." he' saiit lo his i horse. "\on and il are t.etting ihat ' I ^ York jbe has sense (.-noiigh tri kni.jw when • and is booked right acros.s t!ie' con- ,'o stop." But hisj heart was a little tinent to San Francisco. lj.lke to heavv. j go along? Ifa not an ordinary! Two nights before they left San Jwild West: it's a dramatic, show, j Francisco. Pawnee Bill saw Tonv! if .von want! Harrison knock .-i man into uncon- scionsness with lone punch. Theyl BUD WIIITK-MOTOR CO. Hudst^n-' Kssex dealers. , Everything in-hi^h i class iiSerl cars. You will fiiid j what ytjli want: here. .AH pri(;ed ; worth 0ie money. We trafle or i give liberal terms. 215 S. Wat h- { fncton. -Phone IS'". ^ FCRMTCRi; .N'e-.v and fecond hand. IIS East ,Iackson.< Plitine :!:;. .Mel W. Fill ler.. Aqtomnblle<< For Sal# OVERSTCFFEI) P.XRLOR SCITE 5. Walnui Dining and . Beilroo n Siliie.;. E .Mhange your .old t >r ne'.v. Easy payments. Curtis Fu - nil.ire f'o . Lalfanie. _____ Christmas with her. Mr. and .Mrs. Walter Ketile and Shirley Ann spent Christmas in lola at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Clark. Mr. and .Mrs. Ed^in Kelly spent Chrislm^ at the parental Kelly warm spring da>-s -we h^ve been having. Howard Cpshaw. who is attending busine *6 college in Lawrence, spent his two weeks vacation with home folks. .Mr. and .Mrs; C. E.Sawyer were Jho™*" guests at the .1. R. Brainard home Little Virginia Cpshaw is to be Chrlsitnas day. romplimented on -the flne way In •Mr. and Mrs. John Peters en-. which she recited im Christmas tertained their children. .Mr. and,i story taken" from th<> second chap^ .Mrs. Tyogan Hunsaker and Mr. and liter ol "Luke at Sunday school Mrs Ix)yd Peters on jChrlstmas. .Mr.Christmas morning. and -Mrs. Loyd Pefers s|>ent the evening with Mrs. -Peters's parents. Mr. and ^Irs. Upshaw and family. Mr. and .>lrs. Ed^n Kelly were Nearly every one from this community enjoyed thfe Christmas program Saturday night and the pageant Sunday night. dloner ^este ol »Ir. aad Mm. Roy j Cn^ininghani. WwUiesday evening. 1 —Wanleil to Buy: Clean light rppdrt Mrs. i colored rags at the He|gister. We, are sorry jo 1 can it." get you a • part if .vou "I don't care much what I do: it's iust the idea of going somi?- where."-" Pawnee ' Bill nodded. "'iSure: that's the way it struck me at first, but noiw I'm trying to learo the business. In a couple 'more years, if. 1 have any own oijtfit,'" ihad gone into one of the numerous gambling halls stepped up to the roulette wheel | to lay a bet. A gathered around the young mjjn man stepped in luck. I'll have, mv'elbowed him out I A week later Tony left the Bar It. golrtg ivith the young shofwhian to Pawnee to round up his In'dTaris. The show had two names:J"Btir- falo Bflfs Dutchman" and "Buffa'o BIIFs Prairie Waif." Colonel Cody himself was with ^ it onl.v a sh.o.rt time, an actor named Matt Snyder playing the part of Buffalo BUI after the first few weeks. Tony'a admiration for bia lop^- haired'frienil increased a."* tpe weeks • aped ;by. Ho' never ceased Harrison's ger. Without the offender and Tony had large crowd •was {the layout and moved np another front Of. "him and of lie way. eyet blazed with an- a word he grabbed bv the arm and O. K. l.'gED C^V.S i:t2.'. Chevrolet .tourtng; 1924 Chevrolet touring: isi'l Ford roadster; 1K4 J'ord touring;" lfi26 F"ord touring; 192.'i Stmlcbaker l-pa-ss. coufjc; 1922 Ford coupe; 132:; Ford eoinje; 1927 Cljeviolet ton truck with 'tab; Figerless "8" touring: 1821 Dodge -foadster:. 1924 Chevrolet ton truirk with grain body: 1521 Overland touring; nearl.v new Jn- ternatioh-d^l grain body for trai:^: 192.5 Ford roadster: 192C F«'d t- roadstep Shelly Motor Co.. M.S West J^cjcson. Phone 60. Wanted—To RUT WA.VTED TO BUY—All kinds of eatllc and hogs. -L C. Butcher. REAlTESTATfi FOB RENT Farms and Jjind For Kent 76 swung him aroUnd. Pawnee Bill. trie<l to take the "If yon haven't teach you some. Htepne'l between But TOny was ••I'm aiming to dp lhat myself." he Step V)tit of thej Ihe roan who had I said nnielly. way," he" ordered elbowed him.' The man jerked ight off his hands, any manners I'll • he cr^ed the "two.; not to be denied. I LMPROVED SO ACRES-^Located 6 miles west and 2 north of lola. A. W. Reynolds. ' Houses For Kent 77 OAKU\.N*C '26 Oakland coach: fine s: j BUNGALOW—Five room modem, j with garage. Call Farrell at S65 : between 7, a. m. and 6 p. m. Dealers--PONTI .pC I j,gj,_. modern, furnished.. ^- n V 619 -^orU. Oak. inquire Drive-It-- ih&fFS^ ^O.^"'1 . Vonrself O^ag. :Pbone 1394. his arm i ' REAL ESj:ATgLFO« SAXE crank sHaft, all extras; '26 Fqrd! Yarms and land For .Sale Kl roadster; 25 Chevrolet '.ourini:: '24 Dod^e 'touring; brand njjw Chevrolet coach. Several other cheaper, u.sed r:irs. C.i.<ib. lerfiis or trade. Hobnrt .Motor to. from WELL IMPROVED 80 ACRB6;- And well established filling »ta- lion on main trail north and poiith. Price |«;G00 for both. M. A. Sehlicki- : '\ MiteBy<r--Ttii'i-1ir.rMiaaagi

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