The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 5, 1997 · Page 13
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 13

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 5, 1997
Page 13
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THE SALINA JOURNAL Fun MONDAY, MAY 5, 1997 B7 Dilbert Jumble Crossword I CALCULATED THE TOTAL TIME THM HUfAAMS HAVE WMTED FOR WEB PAGES TO LOAD... IT CANCELS OUT ALL THE PRODUCTIVITY GAINS OF THE AGE. SONETIIAES I THINK THE WEB 15 A BIG PLOT TO KEEP PEOPLE LIKE ME AWAV FROfA NORMAL SOCIETY. BY HENRI ARNOLD & MIKE ARGIRION BY EUGENE SHEFFER Unscramble Ihese tour Jumbles, one letter lo each square, to form lour ordinary words. Peanuts MY LIFE 15 LIKE A COLORING BOOK ! EACH PAY I HAVE A NEW PA6E WITH NEW PICTURES TO COLOR.. BEIN6 VERY CAREFUL, OF COURSE,TO STAY INSIDE TME LINES.. MY LIFE 15 LIKE A MESSY COLORING 600K.. CAMKS f > ^ .J C1997 Tnhjrtt Media Survtcfll. 1« M Righli R«t«rv«d ZYZID /" ~S S^ CALPEA •* "S ROUPAR r ^s > v J^ J ? ~X "^ </ \ This Is the fourth now account WHAT THE GARBAGE MAN HOPED HIS BUSINE55 WOULD DO. Now arrange the circled letters lo form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon. Print answer hero: .. A. A. A- A k. ^ ; Saturday's (Answers tomorrow) Jumbles: SILKY IGLOO FIERCE TYPHUS Answer: A tactic the mattress salesman used THE 'SOFT SELL Cryptoquip Beetle Bailey SAR6E, I NEEP SOME WINPOW 6LASS, PUTTY, SOME NAILS, CLAPBOARP SIPINS, TAR PAPER, A BUNPLE OF SHIM6LES, SOME WALL INSULATION, ANP NO QUESTIONS ASKEP Hi and Lois XT JVOU ATIUL LDZP ZYP DMTSVXDMUP NU1SMPO MPQDIGP YP ADG GIQY D MVJ LOVN. Saturday's Cryptoquip: THE MARINE CAPTAIN WAS DISMISSED; 1 HEARD HE WAS ROTTEN TO THE CORPS. Today's Cryptoquip clue: N equals P The Cryptoquip is a substitution cipher in which one letter stands for another. If you think that X equals O, it will equal O throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words and words using an apostrophe give you clues to locating vowels. Solution is by trial and error. ACROSS 1 Dandy 4 Thighbone 9 Lay down the lawn 12 Copper head? 13 Singer Baker 14 Mamie's man 15 Bistro 17 Card- table cry 18 "Caught ya!" 19 Affluence 21 Cad 24 Undiluted 25 Actress MacGraw 26 D.C. denizen 28 Greek consonant 31 Unexpressed "alas!" 33 Piglet's parent 35 Catch red- handed 36 Boring 38 Vivacity 40 Econ. statistic 41 Jog 43 Obeys the cock's crow 45 Tailor, humorously 47 Sleuth, for short 48 Past 49 About 5.88 trillion miles 54 Bush league? 55 Red as — 56 Distorted 57 Improve, as wine 58 Two of his wives went topless 59 — out a living DOWN 1 Enthusiast 2 Sapporo sash 3 Throw forcefully 4 June honoree 5 Concert follow-ups 6 Wire measure 7 Reversal 8 Hydrophobia 9 Sine qua non of silent comedies 10 "Grapes of Wrath" persona 11 Hide- Solution time: 27 mln. E E KHP|E|NHH| UDfETS •I Q U E SlT I O N MlA|R|K|S N T DIG P\Q\N i!T| I I am Saturday's answer aways 16 Scorching 20 "Mildred Pierce" author 21 Impetuous 22 Hodgepodge 23 Wallenda's walkway 27 Champagne- opening sound 29 Seven Dwarfs' workplace 30 Matter- horn et al. 32 Injured 34 Rain or shine? 37 "Bread" 39 Attractive 42 Crow or Cree 44 Gelid 45 It's a long story 46 Very eager 50 Army rank: abbr. 51 Ram's ma'am 52 Early "love boat" 53 Catcher's place . . . _ YoU*X SEE, THAT'S FAVORITE I A TOUSM ONE, P/TTO I LIKE SOUR fr V l^IP<li7j ^^" C BASEBALL, WRESTUN© Born Loser USreU TO THIS, GLADYS: THKT ONG6 M5LXJHOODKKb ^ >N &E£N KACH£D... "TKE ONLY wsrs OF TKC HUPAMeoc?r r in£Y 05VIOOSLY HKveNT seen The Lockhorns "LEROY DOESN'T COMB ... HE SCOUPTS." OT1 IK /IDCPY) For answers to today's crossword, call O I UIVll CL/ f 1-900-454-6873 (99 cents a minute) on touch-tone or rotary phones. You must be 18 or older. A King Features Service. 1 I YOUK.STWKCH 1 . TH/sTCDKTINUeTO NOW STAY TUNED FOR CHOCK SPR»N<3ER IN WiTM For Better or For Worse FOP. THE. EWW I AM A WALKING- ZOMBIE. MY &RAIN CANNOT ON& MOf^E FACT OR PO ONE- MORE FUNCTION. i-AM TOTALLY BORNEO OUt I CflN'T REAP ANOTHER TH IMG---I CANT WRITE ANOTHER THING-. "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of the mall?" Garlield CH6WOOR. VOUVE NEVER BCEN THIS LATE BEFORE .' THE CARFOOi, IS ©OlNS TO LEA/E WirHOLTT ! - NAM UPSET; BUT THEVWOUUPNEViR LEAVE WfTKOUT ME THEN AGAIN, MAVBE WOULD WELCOME TO PARNING FOR POLLAR5"/ ALL Hi THINK RIGHT/ I'LL GO PUST Off THE RAPIO IT'S TH£ Z» -HOUR SOCK PRAWER CHANNEL.' • LOOK, GARR6LP.' Pickles Cathy WHEW IKVlNfr /1RRIUE&, SUE WILL BE IN-CORNER "fl," PRETENOW& TO BE f ILIN& SOmETHlNfr... ROBERT rtNO Kim WILL ee IN CORMER "&•; PRFTENDIN& TO BE DISCUS&IN& SOmeTHINGr... A SIX-/Viem8ER SUPERUIbOR CLUSTER WILL BE IN POSITION "C* PRETENOINfr TO BE STRflTE&IZINO FOR SOfflE- THlN<T...flND I'CL BE PL/WTED IN SPOT "D; PRETeNOIMfr TO BE 60IN& SOftlETHIIMCr '.'. I'VE BEEK) TRVINCr TO GtT FOUR PEOPLE TO&ETHER FOR CUEfJT WEETIM& FOR fl HflLF THE ST/SFF C00RDI- NAT6D TO SPV OM C/HWS NONE OF OUR CLIENTS IS THIS INTERESTING. THE OTHER HflLF WILL BE RIOIN& UP flND DOWN THE ELE\JflTOR PRETENOIMfr TO BE &OING- . SOMEWHERE. V Rex Morgan, M.D. Sylvia UDELLS BECOMES EKM546EP WHEN CELESTE REV£/US THAT HIS BOSS CAILEP HEgTO CHECK OM Hl/l^ - —-— ~--"*~~ /5 OUTKAGEOUS.'/'jusT n, 0 ««/ep ABO^IT ^ yOU. WELL5...AKID SO A/HI •' JTfe AH INVASION OF MV ( JUST CALM POWN, WELLS. PRIVACy...AUD 1 WON'T A PONT PO ANVTHING

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