The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 10, 1958 · Page 13
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 13

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 10, 1958
Page 13
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r™ 0 ^ P-'t and Moore fo British^ m Title Clash Tonight LONDON (AP) - Middleweight! contender Spider Webb today of- Durelle, a dock-fighting type •» v*i wu i !%•«•» U}/IUV4 ff CUU ItUUHy OI" •*••»• i • •*&«••*« \tm* / —«dVn W1ICI1 Ifc" fered British champion Terry c ? *1H referefc the Archie Moore- umeue, a aocK-ngniing type Downes a return bout "any time Yvo « Durelle light heavyweight with a minimum of finesse, said the money's right" and said he «U« fight tonight and the general "one of us will go by the llth or -..— *...,.. vrf „ * tQtiU C&UM OaiU 11C ""•*' • •O"" VWlIJfJUV *«Ivt MJO gelid CU was ready to take on any other feeling here is that his main job middleweight who wants to get will be to count ten. into the ring with him. There is hardly a soul in this The offer, made after the 27- zero weather French-Canadian year-old Chicago fighter had stop- metropolis who believes it will end ped Downes in eight rounds of a in anything but a knockout. rugged, bloody battle, pointedly i • »• "•*•-., moiuc, uianiug tue Btrveiiui ue- excluded world champion Ray fense of his 175-pound division Robinson. Webb, third-ranked con- crown, remained a solid '14-5 fa- ^ e L f !^J"T!" te '. C J a . ims ^e to whip the 29-year-old that Ray doesn't want to get into the ring. Referee Eugene Webb stopped Tuesday night's bout after eight rounds of action that had 10,000 fans roaring in excitement all the way. Blood was pouring from cuts above both of 22-year-old Downes' eyes and they were puffed, almost j *"* »•••*• "»«vj rrwiw £JUticUt MllllV/ktL •»•»*»*••***»»( .& V.AI \*»* / —— \^aa\^j :!osed. Downes, who learned his Stengel took time out from a hunt"' ' style of ing trip Tuesday .to snipe at the --„ c, — —». bouts in National League and to predict America, immediately demanded Chicago will run his Yankees a » return bout. close second in the American "I'm ready to come back and League in 1959. give you a return any time — if "We have a great chance to win the money's right," Webb told tne pennant again because we have very good age," Stengel told newsmen at this east Texas resort. "I mean we don't have many real old men, unless you want to call (catcher Yogi) Berra and (outfielder Hank) Bauer old. And we've got some promising youngsters coming up." But of the National League he sniffed, it "had a reputation of being a stronger league until last year. Now a lot of their stars are him. Carl Nelson, the Am e r i c a n's trainer, added: "Webb will fight any middleweight who wants to go into the ring against him, if a purse is waiting, and that includes a return against Downes — if Downes really wants another go." Webb weighed Downes 159 ',-i. pounds and BOWLING AUSTIN BOWL getting oldnr and have lost much of their skill." Casey, for a change, didn't ex plain. He said Chicago, Cleveland, De- ^S EA "°. N .^&-2548 tr ° U 3nd BOSt ° n ' ln «»» <"&**> Sun Life or Canada ..902 831 848—2581 ur.ein ch«v ses 930 829—2624 American League. No - 6 M< M7 910-2001 Then, roaming through the Yan «SS«-bar.::::::58 SS 8!3SS j! eri roster ', h ? hsald L he T " alw , ays had more faith in Don Larsen than Pabat Blue Ribbon ..852 863 786—2501 .),„ .„.. „, „ „ ... . V " • - "ie front office." He said he might Marigold Dairies ,. Unknown K of c Tomahawk. ,, Chateau Racing •«• .^17 B&J 013—2363 fr " Hockefa 776 782 833—2391 Kopp By MURRAY ROSE MONTREAL (AP)-Jack Shark- Ann, N.B, Archie, making the seventh de- Yanks to Win Says Stengel KARNACK, Tex. (AP) - Casey fighting fisherman from Baie Ste. 12th round. I'm going to win or they're going to carry me out." If they don't lug him out on his shield, it will go down as one of the great upsets in fistic annals. Moore, who will celebrate his 42nd, 43th or 49th birthday anniversary three days from now, has a big edge in everything but the calendar. Ancient Archie can box, punch and absorb a punch far better than the crude, awkward and strong callenger who holds the Canadian and British Empire light heavyweight crowns. Durelle knows he has to close in on Archie from the opening bell in an attempt to wear down his venerable rival. Moore, a sharp shooter with either hand, likes nothing better than for an opponent to come to him. Right now he and the late Young Stribling are tied for the all-time kayo mark at 126. If the fight should go the 15- round limit, the scoring will be handled by three judges. Promoter Eddie Quinn predicts some 11,000 to 13,000 fans will pay from $100,000 to $125,000. The bout, starting at 10 p.m., (EST) will be telecast nationally in the United States by the ABC network. Moore, unbeaten in his last 15 fights, has a 174-24-6 record. Durelle's record is 76-19-2 included 39 kayos. Quarterbacks in Pass Duel PHILADELPHIA (AP) —A pair of the National Football Leagues veteran quarterbacks are in a close race for seasonal passing honors. Eddie Lebaron of the Washington Redskins leads Bobby Layne of the Pittsburgh Steelers with a per pass average of 9.23 to 8.58. Lebaron didn't throw a pass while playing about half of last Sunday's game against Pittsburgh and his record for 1958 remained at 72 completions far 128 attempts, 1,181 yards gained and 10 touchdowns. Layne, who has piloted the Pittsburgh Steelers into third place in the NFL's Eastern Division, has tried 245, completed 122 of 2,101 and 12 TDs. The former Detroit Lions' ace, traded to the Steelers early in the season, has passed his team to 5 victories and a tie. In the ground gaining department, Cleveland's record breaking Jimmy Brown snapped out of a two-gam* slump to roll for 13S yards against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Browns' Brown now has a total 1,379 yards on 231 carries. Baltimore's Alan \meche is a distant second with ."77 for 62. . In scoring, Brown leads with 102 points — 17 TDs — but for the third straight week failed to top the old record of 18 touchdowns in a season held by Steve Van Buren, former star of the Philadelphia Eagles. Celts' Marching Song by Symphony BALTIMORE (AP)-The marching song of the Baltimore Colts, a familiar tune in these parts, will be played in an unfamiliar setting Saturday night. The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra has included the Hong on its "Music for the Theater" program in the Lyric Theater.. Skitch Henderson, who will appear as guest conductor, agreed with the orchestra's suggestion to honor the Colts, Western Conference champions of the National Football League. FOR HEN ONLY Give Her the Gift the wants the "Most" — • Genuine Neechi or Elite Sewing Machine from GORDON ELECTRIC, INC. , - Prices end Term* to Fit Any Purse Call Sam or Esther at HE 3-2363 THERE ARE ONLY 12 SHOPPING DAYS LEFT UNTIL CHRISTMAS! .777 815 729—2321 a " cw Jw "x«y a«er quittm .717 833 813-3363 Bri i ham Young University. .776 782 833—2391 Kopp wouldn't say which s< Kiunm'a Beer 1004 902 930—2836 „-. UCT NO. i 788 927 913—2628 * et ^ e P^cher, who hurled a per scheJd numbing ...930 885 906—2721 feet game in a world series have W. C 11 .. 0 ?:.:::^ 8 ^ SS^SSS a r ry at lfhe regular left field p<> - suion next year. WaWr-MaUo 866 904 870—2040 4i H( , L Q _ „!„,=„. i.. i j ciiwner's 915916844—2675. " e " as always been plauged Mike's Bar 877 948 958—2784 - - — „ wocfei'a 949 927 926—2802 a great runner, a good hitter and MERCHANTS LEAGUE when in good form a sensational Austin stale Bank ..783 902 888—2573 hitter " Ncnu-here'a 805846785—2436 " ulel< Turf Bur 781 808 828—2415 rL~:r,:s:r»: f Y v.G»<« coach Jordan Bldrs 739777738-2254 Seeking NCW Job Plggly Wiggly No. 2 782 74J 833—2360 Uury Haltom'a ... .886753701-2340 PROVO, Utah (AP) - Football MS •« ?St^JS C ° aCh Har ° ld W> K °PP was dick ' '™ !" 78& ~ 2W8 "ing with a major university for .'777 si? 72&I2321 * new J ob toda y afte r quitting at But NUnit wax wa»h ...742 829 7»i—2252 is trying to hire him. u " w ' K8ly 788784872-2444 .. We ' re just in the process of ECHO LANES talking it over, I think I ought to ECHO FLYERS consider all offers," Kopp said. ftob b tnT' ™ 7 7 ' 88 !n?£~2^ to a terse stat e">ent released Ank« Diat"co <v-™n Tuesday by BYU President Krn- vui *e°/stage Bar !i; 7 68 718 eitaw est °- Wilkinson, Kopp said he Nicoi» aa»se 680747715—2142 felt he had accomplished what Kopet Accordion ....662716772—2150 he set out to do at BYU—build Tapager* 706809837—2352 the school into a football power. Ankenya Cleaners ...823767854-2440 H e came to the Latter - Day KB^-\\\\\"^9^SStSS? 01 S te ;M™n> University in Fordtown 956 889 852-2697 ^..^ "T^ & ^ ^^ QraH Conoco 900 915787—2602 Tnis y ear Kopp S team WBS {&• METBOPOLITAN LKAGUE vored to win the Skyline Confer-, SSr***" 8 * 35 s "&&" "h."^ 1 Johuaou casnway".'.'.799 758 795H2352 game of the se&son and finished Austin Drug 723 739 737—2196' third< K °PP >S over-all record here Sterling State Bank .822 857 913—2592 WHS 13-14-3, KttUS Radio 719745764—2228 Miller Keal Estate ..768 713 808—2289 AMVETS LEAGUE Korea 746700785—2231 Uuinu 755 850 777—2296 Unknown 830721807—2378 Germany 784 819788—2391 J'nuama 747 814770—2331 AfrU'it 778 689 702—2169 Batuau 835 772 754—23S1 Juptiu 835 753 770—2358 Belgium 059 724 095—2078 Prance 642 658732—1932 - SUNBEAM - FRIGIDAIRE - NECCHI-ELNA - LEWYT - MAYTAG Give Her A Gift Thai Will Give Her A Lift. 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Tabor 507 j HECHKATION LtAGUE c. Husemoller 694. L. Sellers 607, B. Schmidt 59i ! B. Bedtiar 591 B. O'Shaugbn«s»y 565 1 Hoop Band, who began the season in Florida with a victory at' Tropical Park, last summer won the Balmoral Turf Handicap and the Continental Turf Handicap at' Chicago. 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Top Service Department i • Reconditioned and guar- AUSTIN an '** ( ' u ** d appliances INC FIGHT RESULTS SAN JOSE, Calif — Baby Brown, i22, Manila, outpointed Klldo Marines, 120, Mexacalt, Mexico, 10. HOUSTON, Tex. — Cleveland Wll- ams, 805, Houston, outpointed Howie Furner. 21S, Brooklyn. 10. STOCKTON, Oil.'. .- Tcrtriv D,v. l« 140, Sun Josft, Calif, outpointed Kid Javellftna, HO, Philippine, 10. PHOENIX — Jimmy Martinez, 157>/a. Olendale. Ariz, outpointed Mllo Say- ag«, 160, Salt Ufce City. 10. LONDON — 8pld«r Webb, 158'i, Chicago'»topp*d Terry Dowries, 1591!,, London, 10. Percy Lewi*. 12754, Trin- Brooklyn, 10. TYLER, T«*. — Pan] Jorf?«nson, 132. Port Arthur, Tex. knocked out Kid Aztequltt, 130, Mata-moroB, Mexico, 3. DETROIT —. Gene Oreaham, 1SM4, Detroit, outpointed Bobby Rogers, 134»i, Chicago. 10. AUSTIN (Minn.) 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