Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 8, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 8, 1933
Page 5
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lOJA. KANSAS THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENING. FEBRU THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) New York. Feb. 8. (AP)—A slow rally In the stock market was Inter- ruped only temporarily by a sag in the tobacco .Issues today, and net gains of fractions' to more than a point were numerous at the finish. The turnover was only about 700,000 shares. A midday sag, centering in the tobacco issues, wa:s checked by buying of the rsji.s. Firmness of wheat also helped the share market. Ordering of the regular quarterly div- idcht by Eastman Kodakwas a constructive factor In corporate news, j American Telephone held up well, even tlirough the midday sag, and closed about a point higher. Du- Poht and General Motors- were helped by the lacter's January sales report, closing up 1 point and 'i, respectively. Active buying of In- ternatibnal Nickel sent that issue up .a major fraction in the late dealings. Miscellaneous issues closing up major fractions to a point included Allied Chemical, Case, Eastman, Johns Mariville, Union Pacific, Chesai)eake & Ohio, Santa Pe,' Penney, United Fruit, and Colum- 'bia Gas. Liggett & Myers B lost about 2 points, and American Tobacco B more than a point. Standr ard of! N. J., eased for a time, then stiffened. High 20-", 58 ^i 102 56 "i 44 14'i 10--V. 43 12 «^ 52-s 36-i 37'•i 13'^ 13 21. lS>,i 2 «i 25''. . Sai 4^ 6-q 15K 26', 74•^. 12^4 27-'; 27 'x Hiere isRt An^ Mme! Cities Sen- . SO of Ind . Amn Con .. , Amn T&T . Amn Tob B : Anaconda .. Atchison ... Auburn : Beth Steel . ' Can Pac ... Case J I ... Chrysler..... Con Gas ... Con on .... , Drug Inc .. DuPont Gen Elec .. Gen Motors Int Harv .. Mont Ward Packard Penney J C • PhiUips Petr jRadio :Socony Vac •~Std Brands .SO of,-NJ .. ;Union Pac . Tex Corp .. U S Steel .. Wcstingh E Low 2-<; 20'i 57 ^ lOO'.i 55'; 43 42 13^i 10'-, 42'-i 12^4 • 51'< 3.M 36't­ is 12-« 20'-j 13 2^ 25 5'.4 4-4 6's 14-.i< 25's 73'., 12 •% 27 2G", Close 2'.i 20% 58 101% 55 s 7'i 43".; 43 14 '4 lO--.- 43 12-^ 52 36^ 37-s 13 "s 13-s. 21 13'4 2'i 25=^4 5-^ 4'.'. e\ 15 HELLO,GANG! HOW^ THE Twrixoovt«? BABf SOMETHINCr <JO0C riU- HEP UP M3*k\N,CtpUE'. VM ABOUT STWPVED.TPOM' POUNDtN' TME MAPD ^FVWEMEKTS ALL .DAVl" By Cowan, 74'4 12--i 27-r. 27 ^'N LOCAL PROnrCE Kggs, firsts ; Eggs, seconds Eggs, thirds Sggs, \mgr!idwl Hens, No. 1 -• Kens, No. 2 No. 1 SpriugR. 1 'j lbs. up . No. 2 Springs Capons, over 9 Ib.s Capon.s, over 8 lbs. .• Capons over 7 Ihs Capons, under 7 lbs. Capons, under 6 lbs Slips J., Bulierfut. lb. Slatrs, lb Cocks • • • • • • Geese, lb; Guineas, each ^hite 'Ducks, lb. ... ... Colored.Ducks, lb Hides. |pcr lb. jiixcd' Corn, bu. ..: Yellow Corn, bu \Vheat. bu. .......... .^ Knfir Corn . .i . . .1U• .. ...9c- .i ..7c ..'..9c . . . .8c ... 6c . .. GC ...' 4c ...lie ... 3c ... 7c ...6c ... ..'ic ... 5c . .14c ... 4e ... 3c ,.. 3c ... 10c ... 4c ...3c ... Ic ... 13c ... 14c . ..27c . . .13c Blansas City Produce. Kansas City. Feb. 8. lAP)— E2-E:S "12. Hens 8-12. Other produce un- chang<>d. Kansas City .Hay. Kansas City, Feb. 8. iAP>- hay. receipts too light-. -No Kansas City Grain. - Kansas City, Feb. 8. (AP)— Wlieat 34 cars; up to I'i; No. 2 dark m»rd, nom 43^i-52'L-: Vo. 3, nom 43 :'4 -51: No. 2 hard 43'>:-45'I; No. 3 45; No. 2 red. nom 43ii-49: No. 3. nom 42-''l-48. Close: May 42 '4; July 42iH; Sept. 43".;. , • Com, 4 cars; up ?4 to '-I-; No.-2 white, nom 22'~-23: No. 3, nom 21''.,-22,'.i; No. 2 yellow, nom 22'^i- 23^i; No. 3 23: No. 2 mixed, nom 22h\-22M ; No. 3. nom 21ii-22. Close: May 28: July 24%-. OatsJ 6 cars; imchanged to' Vi up; No. 2 white, nom" 18-18i-..: No. 3 17*4. r MiloJmaize, nom 40-52. . Kafh:, nom 40-44. Rye, nom 34-35. Bariey,- nom 21 -23H. K. C. Livestock Close, battle: Fed steers and yearlings steady to ;15c higher. Choice .1533 lb. steers $5.90. Sheep: Lambs around lOc higher. Sheep steady to strong. ',Top fed lambs to sljippers $5.70. Hogs; unchanged. Estimated livestock recolpts for toniorrow-: Cattle 2.500; hogs 3.000: shesp-5,000. Kan-sas City Livestock. Kansas Citv, Feb. 8. (AP)— (U. S. Dept. Agr.)—Hogs: ' 3.000: 140,' direct; generally steady to 10 higher ithan Tuesday's ;average; spots 1525 iip early; early, top ^3.75 on 190240 lbs., late top $3.60 on 180-2-20 lbs. .trood and choice, 140-350 lbs.. $3.0060; packing sows. 275-550 lbs.. $2.1565:' stock pigs, good and-choice. 70130 lbs.. $2.25-50. . Cattle: J.500: calves: 300: killing classes strong to 15 higher; stockers and feeders slow, steady: good light weight'fed steers $6.00; steers, good and choice. 550-1500 lbs.. $4.25-7.00; common and mediiim. 550 lbs. up. S3.Q0-5.00; heifers, good and choice. 550-900 lbs., $4.00-6.00; cows. good. S2.50-75; vealelrs. (milkfed). medium to choice, $3.50-6.50; stocker and feeder steers, good and choice $4.005.75. Sheep: 5.000; a few opening sales lambs to shippers arowniJ 10 higher;'.sheep steady to strong; early (First published in The lola Daily Reeister, Februarj- 1, 1933.) SHERIFF'S SALE The State of Kansas, Allen County. • In the District Court. Thirty-Seventh .Tudicial District, Sitting in and for Allen County, State of Kansas, Case No. 17190. W. H. Lewis, plaintiff, vs. Jennie C. Leidig, and W. E. Leidig, her hiLsband; WUliam J. Klaas and Klaas, his wife, first name unknown, defMidants. By virtue of an brder of Sale issued by the Clerk of the Thirty- Seventh Judicial District Court, in and for Allen County. State of Kansas, in the above entitled cause, and to. me directed and delivered, I will on the 6th day of March. A. D., 1933. at 10 o'clock, a. m. of .said day. at the south front door of tlie court house in the City of lola. Allen County. State of Kansas, offer for sale and sell to the highest bidder, for cash in hand, the following described real estate, to-wit: The South West Quarter f,SW',> of Section 33, Township 23, Range 20. containing 160 acres more or less, situated in Allen County,^ Said lands and tenements will be sold without appraisement to .satisfy said Ovder of Sale.'. BUD HURLEY. Sheriff of Allen Coimty. Kmisas. By Oiis^ Lambeth. Undersherlff. "Sheriff's Offioe, Tola, Kaasas. Feb- ruai->- 1933. Apt & Enfield. Attorneys . for Plaintiff. ,21-1-8-15-22 (3)-l 1 First jpublislied in the lola Dailv Ro'jistcr; Januai->- 18. 1933.) SHERIFF'S SALE T!IC .Stale of Allen County, s;:; , In the District Court. Thirty- Srvinull Judicial District. Sitlinu in and for Alien County. St .UL of K .U:.'-!!.'--. Case No. 17180 C!;.i::. \\ . Bowhis. pliilntin. , vs. G'^or'jc W. nnker. defcndani. Bv viMue ol an Order ol S.ih ^uiTl by the Clerk of the Melvina Goodman, above, holds clubs and picces'of rope whicli site charges were left behind by 25 alleged Ku Klux Klan raiders who invaded the Long Beach, Calif., liome of Da^-id Milder and beat his family and guests. The—regalia" will be introduced as evidence in the- pending trial of the alleged Klan raiders. LEGAL NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT The State of Kansas. Allen Coimly. .s.s. ; In the Prol)iUr .Court in and lor .''aid eouni .T. In the Mutter of the Estnle ot Jam?:; Miirion Brdwii. dcceascil. Crrdltors and all other i)oi-sons in- Tliirty- I in the ;iforeSiiid Estate are (First published in The lola Daily Register. Februarj- 1. 1933.) SHERIFF'S SALE The State of Kansas. Allen County, .ss. • . In the District pourt. Thirty-Seventh Judicial Disti-ict. Sitting in and •for Allen County, State of Kansias. Case No. 17219. E. C. Lembach. plaintiff. %'S. . C. E. Johnson and Agnes Johnsoh, his wife: Alfred H. Bamett Jr. and Nellie G. Bkfnett. his wife; and the Neosho Valley State Bank of Chanute. Kansas, a corporation, defendants. By virtue of an Order of Sale issued toy the Clerk of the Thirty- Seventh Judicial District Court, in and for Allen County. State of Kansas, in the above entitled cause, and to nie directed and delivered, I will on the 6th day of Msirch, A. D., 19.33. at 10 o'clock, a. m. of said day, lit the south front door of the court house in the City of lola, Allen County. State bf Kansas, offer for sale and sell to the higliest bidder; •for cash in hand, the following de- .s«rjbed real estate, to-wit: Lot Three i3), containing 31.89 acix-s and Lot Seven i7i containing 51.83 acres ,all in Sec: tion Twenty-six (261, Township Twenty-six i26). Range tin I East, Allen County, Kansas. Said lands and tenements will b2 sold without appraisement to satisfy said Order of Sale; I • BUD HURLEY. Sheriff of Allen County. Kansas. By Otis Lambeth, Undersheriff, Sheriffs Office. lola. Kansas. January 31st. 1933. J. M. Humphrey. Attorney for Plaintiff. (2»-l-C-15-22 (3»-l . HUNT CLUE TO SLAYER OP 15-YEAR-OLD GIRL STUDENT IS- .Sevinth Judicial District Coiul. ni ; hereby notified that I rnd for Allen County, State of Kan!^rw: in the alx)ve entitled cause, and to me directed and delivered. I will. .shall apply to tl:e Probate Court in and for said County, sitting at the Couit House in lola. County of Allen. nn thr- :!Oin day of February. A. D.. ! State of Kans.ns. on the 21st da; 1933. at 10 o'clock, a.m. of Lid d.-iy. Februajy. A. D.. 1933. for a full at the south iront door of the rouvl and final settlement of .said Estate. hoiif,c in the Citv of lola: Alien i ' i'<"' orfUn- finding «nd ad- County, State ol Kansas, offer for j J'>d«i_ng who a:-e the heirs, devisees | .sale and sell to the high.est bidder, for cash in hand, the foUowine de- ind legatees of said deceased. L. E. -WIGHT. Administz-ator of the Estate James Marion Brown, deceased. Kenneth H. Foust. Attornev. January 25th. A. D.. 1S33. (l)-25 (2)-l-8-15 of scriljod real estate, to-wit: _ Thr South West Quarter of Section Thirteen 1 13). Town.ship Twenty-five (25). Range Eighteen (I81. containine 16f acres more 01 less. Also the Northwest Quarter of the North West Quarter, and the East' Half of the North West Quarter of Section Twenty-two (22). Township T-.venty-five i25). Range Eighteen '181. one hundred twenty acres, less ter find the Northeast Quarter of p^'" coimiv. 1 the South West Quarter of Section | Tw-enty-one (21), Township Twen- (First published in The lola Daily Register Februai-y 1. 1933.) NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT The State of Kansas. .Allen County, ss. ty-fl"e (25). Range Eighteen <18i- containing 120 acres. Allen County. Kansas. Snld lands and tenements will bt sold without appraisement lo satis- tv said Order of Sale. BOD HURLEY. Sheriff of .Allen County, Kausas- By Otis Lambeth, Undersheriff. Sheriff's office, loin, Kansas, Jan- tiarv 16th, 1933. Apt &: Enfield. Allornev.=; for Plaintiff. (l)-18-25 (2)-1-8-1.'". (i=^iTst published hi the lola Dailv Hep|ister, January- 18. 1933.) ' SHERIFTS SALE The State of Kansas, Allen County. £S. In the District Court, Thirty- Seventh Judicial District, Sitting In and for Allen County. State of Kan .'^.'>.K. Case No. 17142 Allen County State Bank, u cor-; p.arritinn. plnlntllf. vs. Io!n Lodge No. 43. Kniuhts of Pythias, et al., defendants. By virtue of an Oi-der of Sale Is- siie(i bv the Clerk of the Tliirty- Seventh Judicial District Court, in and for Allen County, State of Kansas in the ab (3ve entitled cause, and to me directed and dehvered, -J will en the 20th d.ay of February. A. D., 1933. at '10 o'clock, a. m. of said day, the sotTth front door of the court hotise in'the City of lola. Allen County, State of Kunsas, offer for sale and sell to the highest bidder, lor cash in hand, the foUow-ing described real estate, to-wit: AH that part of the property which is located above the second joist of the brick and stone building situpted on Lots One and the South Hal! of Lots Two In Block 59-, in the City of lola, Allen County, Kan- S-1S, together with the stairwaj-s, and seven feet of grotmd for back stairway on south side of said building i located in the rear of said building j on the south side thereof, known ' and heretofore described as A. O. U. j W. Hall. Allen County, Kansas. i •Said larids and tenements will bi In the Matter of the Estate of i Frank M. Twineham. deCea.sed. i Creditors and all other persons | interested in tlie aforesaid Estate are hereby notified that I shall ap- lily to the Probate Court in and for said CoUnty. sitting at the Court House in lola. County . of Allen, State of Kansas, on the 28th day of Pebi-tia;ry, A. D.. 1933. for a full and final settlement of said, Estate, and for an order, finding and adjudging who are the heirs, devisees and legatees of .said deceased. HAKRIETTl T^WINEHAM. Administratrix of the Estate of Fi-ank M. Tw-ineham. deceased. Kenneth H. Foust. Attorney. Januarj- 27. A. D.. 1933. (2)-l-8-15-22 (First publislied in the lola Daily Register. January 18, .1933.) SHERIFFS SALE In the District Court of Allen County, Kansu.s. H.Eari Elliott, plaint Iff. \-S. George Broualuoir and Rose Brouginpn. his wife. defundant.-<. By virtue of an Order of Sale. *lthoui appraisement to me directed and delievered, issued out of. the Thirty-Seventh j-adicial District of the State of Kansas, sitting in and for Allen County' in said state, wherein the parties above namsd w-ere respectively .plaintiff and I defendants, I will on the 20th dai- of February. 1933. at the hoiu- of I ten o'clock a. m. of said day, at , the south front, door of the Court house in lola in said County and State aforesaid, offer at public sale and sell to the highest and best bidder, for cash in hand the following described real property situated in Allen County, Kansas, to-wit: All that part of the Northw-est Quarter-(NW. ) of Section Twenty-one (21) Township Twenty-five (25).'Range Twenty-one (21) l>-ing West of the Middle Hedge running North and 'South through said Quarter Section: containing ninety acres more or less, said property to be sold as commanded by the Order of Sale with- (Flvst published in The loin Daily Recister. Pebnuir>- 1. 1933.) SHERIFF'S SALT The State of Kansas. Allen County, rs. • In the Di.-^trict. Court. Thirty-Seventh Judicial District, Sitting in and ft)! Allen Coutity. State of Kansas. Case No. 17237. M;-.';- Anna Good, plaintiff, vs. A. L. Maloney. Bessie A. Maloney. ^is wife, and W. H. Lewis, defendants. By virttie of an Order of Sale issued bv the Clerk of the Thirty- Seventh Judicial District Court, in and for Allen County. State of Kansas, in the above entitled cause, and to me directed and dehvered. I will on the 6th day of March. A. D:, 1933. at 10 o'clock, a. m. of .said day. at the south front door of the court house in the City of lola. Allen County. State of Kansas, offer for sTle and sell to the highest bidder, for cash in hand, the following de- .scribed real estate, torwit: Lot Slight (8 )1 in Block Num- \ ber Three (3) in Orchard Place J Addition to the City of lola, • Allen County. Kansas. Said larids and itenements will b? sold without aporaisement to satisfy said Order of Sale. BUD ; HURLEY. Sheriff of Allen County. Bv Otis Lambeth. Undersheriff. Sheriff's Office. lola. Kansas. Feb- r;ian- 1st. 1933. • A:)t ,<c Enfield. Attonievs for Plaintiff. f2)-l-8-15-22 (3)-l Stanford University. Calif.—Good looks and kitchen talent are chief recjulsltes for the ."perfect mate" at Stanford university. A survey published by the Stanford Daily Indicated students wanted beauty first, cooking second, intellect third. One girl wanted a man who can cook. Another asked for "an angel with a devil's ismlle." While hundreds of police scoured the \'icinity. about Massapaqula. N. Y., for the murder of Mary Helen O'Connor (right) the girl's ferief- jstrlcker. family (below): reiSeived mysterious letters and j telephone calls which indicated thait thej as- jsailant might have been a maniac. iMiss O'Ctonnor, a Rockalway Park Ihigh school honor stucient and beatity cont€!st winner, was 15 years old. Her body, foimd in a wooded section of Long Island, indicated that she had been brutaJUy slain while resisting a would-be attasjker. Her parents, Mr. iand Mrs. James O'Connor, are shown fn theif hbme with their son. Jack, 10. < SILVER LEAF Feb: 6.—Quite a spell of winter at this writing., guess the ground hog saw his shadow- all right and went right back and ordered some more winter. R. D . Smith was brought home from the Fort Scott hospital lAst Sunday. He Is getting along nicely and his many friends hope for a speedy recovery. The H. & N. club met with Mi-s. Ben Grieve Thursday, Februar>' 2.. with eight members and three visitors present. After devotlonals, roll call was answered by giving something about Kansas Day. A kit(:hen shower was given to Mrs. Ivan Grieve, several nice g:ifts were leoeived; The afternoon was spent m piecing quilt blocks for Mrs. Ivan Orieve. Th^ next meeting will be with jiSTs. C. C. Eastwood in two weeks. Ivlr. and Airs. Fred Duffey and Homer spent Sunday with Mr. jjnd Mrs. Robert Jackson of Neosho Falls, and Mrs. Jackson came home with them to spend several days. Last Wednesday evening Mr. C. C. Eastwood's smokehouse caught fire while smoking • meat, and it looked for a while as though their home would burn'also, and haij it not been for the help of twenty some neightwrs who came to the rescue it could not have been saved. Most all the fiu-nishings were moved out of the house, and Mr. and Mrs. Eastwood and family take this means of thanking one and all who assisted in any way in helping to save their home. The neighbors arid friends of Mi-s. Bell; and son Charley, gave them a suri^rise farewell party Friday evening. They will move about the first of March to their property down by Gas City. Games were played aind refreshments \^'ere served and at a late hour all departed declaring they had a pleasant evening. ' We are indeed sorry to lose them from our conmmnlty, but they w-ill not be far away and we wish them well in their new home. You,probably have something you want to sell and the best way to let the people know about it Is through Register Classified Ads. OUT OUR WAY By Williams top • fed lambs to shippers $5.70; j sold witliout appraisement .10 s-atis- cut Appraisement arid in pur.suarit* \ lambs, good and choice (X) 90 lbs. ' down, $5.00-70; good and.choice (X) 90-98 lbs.. S4.85-5.60; ewes, good and choice, 90-150 lbs.. $1.50-2.75. (50— Quotations based on ew-cs Have, you a house for rent? Or for-^ sale? Want to buy anything' Use the Classified columns I fy said Order of Sale. of the judgment in the above enti- : BUD HURLEY. tied cause. Sheriff of .Allen County. Kansas, i Given under my hand and seal Bv Otis Lamlxth, Underslieriff. • this 18th day of January. 1933. Sheriff's office, lola. Kansas. Jan- _ BUD HURLEY, uan 16th., 1S33. Sheriff of Allen County. Ant & Enfield, Attorneys for' By Otis Lambeth. Underslieriff. Plaintiff. L. H. Cable. Attorney for Plaintiff. (l'rM-25 i2)-l-8-15 (l)-18 -25 (2>-l-8-15 \T€. BAt> PER •TvA\«, ICE. KtEV-TiKl' AKJ' MAWtSj' \T eo "SLOPCW. MOT SO SAO VSj\T»-4 A GOOD- LiWfE woo APOOMO, MOPPiM' VT OP THt NA ;0 P?R^ WART. IMI MU sklMCC. WC MB.«.«. PAT.Ort. Farm Bureau ...News... i CALENDAR Thursday, February 9—Je(ido unit meets .with Dorothy Netzke. Friday, February. 10—Rock Criek unit regular meeting, all day with Mrs. Bustard. Saturday, February 11—Offi(ie. Monday, Februai-y 13—Office. Tuesday, February' 14—Better Home's unit (Humboldt) meets with Mrs. Guy Bales, 2 o'clock]. Wednesday, February 15—Diamond unit meets with Mrs. Diijk- ens, 2 o'clock. Correction. Pairlawn meeting will be held fourth Pridaj' instead of the as was stated: last week. The m mg will be w-ith Mrs. Love on day afternoon, February 24. the secjond et- 'ri- Due to the storm whicli came upon us Monday the agents did no; go to Manhattan for Farm and Home Week. They plan to go Thursjday if the weather permits. : Notice. Reporters for the unit meetings be sure to report your meeting on the day following your meeting, llelpful Thought. Each of us cari-ies a book of juldg- ment and dishing in his own bosjm to be opened and read by the merciful eyes of God.—Joseph Fort Nfiw- .ton. Household Hint. To thaw frozen pipes, turn faucet up and fill with salt, warm water over ^ and into faucet. The salt water thaws ice and draws.out the cold. the Pour the the Combination Si^lad Dresslntr. If you don't like the flavor of I oil m mayonnnlse ti-y this recipe: A cup flour; 1 cup cold water: 2 tablesi)oons butter Mix water and flour and cook 10" minutes. Add butter (paste pn-ti. yolks of two eggs or 1 whole egg '4 teaspoori pepper 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon mustard 4 this, vinegar or lemon juice 1 cup cooking oil—make as for Then add the mayonnaise to he cooked part—best. Oklahoma CMty—An Enoch Arc en case reversed puzzled district CO irt officials today. -Coy Stone asked £ n- nulment of his marriage in 1932 to Delia Mae Stone because his first wife. Opal Williams, who he mir- ried in 1927 and had believed dead, has reappeared after "a long apd mysterious" absence. Dort*t Let Tiie COLD SPELL Pick Your Podcet Let us check your Vadi- atoi for anti-freezo, your battery, etc. ' A cold weather tune-up will save you won'y, tfou- ble, time and expense. , ALCOHOi; I EVERBABY PRESTON E ROSS ARBUCKLE PARAGE CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH Sales—Service—Parts AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles For Sale '26 DODGE 4-door sedan; "27 Chevrolet coach; used part^. lola Auto Wrecking. Phone 782. - . SALES I Plymouth Dependable Used Cars Snd Trucks ELLIS MOTOR CO. L Phone 30! Cash—Trade—Terms 6 Ante AeoeSBories, TIries, Parts BATrERIE&=-13 -plate. Factory guaranteed, '$3 .'2i5 up. .• George 'R. jliser. 224 N. Jefferson, Phone 631 EMPLOYMENT 14 Help Wanted—Male MAN WITH CAR wanted to supply customers with famoiis Watldn.<J Products In lolb. Business estab-| liShed, earnings average $25 week-i ly. pay starts-Immediately. Write! THE J. R. WATKINS CO., D-63 Winoria. Minn. 16' SituaU 10ns Wanted—Male EXPERIIENCED FARiM HAND want^ job with room and board, small wages. Prank '<;arter, 505 South Washington. ^ LIVE STOCK 21 Horset, Cattle. Vehieles BRED GILTS and young male hog. H. W.jChaney. 2 -TEAMS BAY MARES. 6 years old, weigh 12600; team black'horses, 6- years old, weigh 2900; gray horse, 7 yejlrs old, weigh 1550; bay marci 6 years old, weigh 1200; team black horses, 7 years <ad, weigh 2600; 8 other mares and:horsei; 3: sets harness: 2 wagons; all kinds: farming machinery; 2 bulls:! 20 fresh cows, giving 4 to*6 cnllon.s 1 per day; 10 cows frcshdn from i , days to 2 weeks. Will sell on Umo, J. C. Butcher. I 22 Poultry and Supplies BABY CHICKS—All leading breeds.! Custom Hatching, I'-ic per egg.: Taylor's Hatcherj-, 201 Soutlf Jef- : feirson,: lola. ' i I CLASSIFIED RATES (Effective Jan. 1,1933.) For one insertion. I'-jc per word. For three or more insertions. Ic per word per insertion. Minimum, 25c per order, cash in advance. For special low rates by the month, call this offioe. SWAPPER'S COLUMN JOHN DEERE riding lister, Cantin double-row lister cultivator for brooder house or young stock, w H. Morrison. LaHarpe R. .2.' ANNOUNCEMENTS Auctions NOTICE OF SALE—Notice is hereby given that on February 2S, 1933, at three o'clock P. M.. at the Mfc- Carthy Motor Company Garage, on South Washington Street, lom, Kansas, one 1927 Oakland Coupe, Serial No. 158363-54, Engine No. L162461 win be sold at public aut- tion to pay the storage and repair charges thereon.—M(!Carthy Motpr Company, by Frank!McCarthy. PUBLIC SALE—Pbstponed, north 6f Carlyle, until Monday, February 13. O. W. Ramey. Oliver & Li tier. Auctiorieers. Strayedi Lost, Foaad LOST—Brown kid glove, lined, 8' Saturday evening; right hand, near Kresses. Phone 1187J. AUTOMOTIVE Antomobiles For Sale THE CHEVROLET DEALER HAS THE BEST USED CAR VALUES IN TOWN 1929 V:> ton Chev. Truck 1929 Cliev. Panel Dehvery 1927 Cnrysler Sedan 1927 Chrysler Roadster ' 1929 Dodge Sedan 1929 Essex Coupe 1930 Ford Sedan 1931 Ford Truck, long wheelbaSe 1930 Ford Coupe 1928 Hup 8 Coupe 1929 Whippet Coach Plenty of Other Bargains BUD WHITE MOTOR CO. I BABY CHICKS 100';;- ^rom flocks blood tested and certified by Judge Harris, poultry; expert. Ask about our 90% guarantee on Cu.stom Hatchhig. • All heavy breeds -^.5'.-:c ' Ass't jHeavies .5c Cust(jmiHatching IV^c or,$5 case WlLLsdN FARM HATCHERIES' (Formerly Cantrell) 2 miles south on 73W or L. E. Steele Supply Co. "Talk: Chicks with Wllison" INCUBATOR —Successful,, 175-egg capacity, slightly used, $10; brooder stoves.from $11 to $21.50. Allen County j Implement Co. SUNFLOWER CHlCKS — Hatches weekly. See us before you get chicks ior hatching. Sunfic-VTL. Hatchepy, Bronson. TWO QUEEN 1000 -egg incubator bargains. Curtis'. 10 N. Wash. MERCHANDI^ 27, Feed. Fuel, Fertilizers WOOD— Green or dry/ $1.50 j^r rank, delivered. Brownie'c. Phoha 88. ;' 'Household Goodi STOVES! STOVES! Conjjinatlon ranges, coal BHA' wood; -heaters, and circulators. Curtis' pumiture, 10 North Washington. USED STOVES and Furnldure. Store packed. jHennlnger's Pttrrt. Store. 2 SLIGHTnLY USED Bedroom Suites at bargain prices. W. Hi Wood,Fine Furniture, 202 3. J(;fferson. v 29 MwMnenr and To«Ui CULTIVATOR atod disc harrow, like new; tractor pla^. 2 bottom, 14-; inch, good shape. EmmcttDragoo. Shelly Motor Co. ' - SO Hnsical. Badib SEVERAL good lised radios. Terins. Henninger's Furniture Store. . BOOMS FOR RENT 34 Apartments and Flats FOR RENT—6-ro6m apartment or office rooms, 108% W. Jackson. Clyde Thompson, at Tola Abstract Company. Real Estate For Rent 36 Famu and Land For lient 44 ACRES—Also field of bottom land; some Improvements on each. C. L. Am<rid,'520 N. Walnut, lola. PONTIAC-BUICK Sales and Service Guaranteed Used Cars SHELLY MOTOR CO. 214 N, Jefferson Phone BQ 80 ACRES~Impn>ved, on hard surfaced road. 315 West Madison. MIS, J. F. Knock. 37 Hooses For Best FOR RENT—Houses, good location. See G. E. Pgea. , : Real Estate For Sale 43 To Exchance—Beal Estate BARGAIN —Modem home, 2 lots, eortier, basement, hot water heat. Take toall house or good \iSBd Ught car. 519 East Lincoln.

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