The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on June 22, 1894 · Page 9
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 22, 1894
Page 9
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LEO'S LSST EHCYCLICM. Appeals to Protestants to Re* turn to the Church. HE CONDEMNS THE FREE MASONS, A Bright Lad, Ten years of age, but who declines to give Ills name to the public, makes tbls authorized, confidential statement to us: "When I wns one year old, my mamma died of consumption. The doctor said that 1, too, would soon die, and all our neighbors thought that even M I did not die, I would never be able to walk, because I was So weak and puny. A gathering formed and broke under my arm. 1 hurt my finger and It gathered ana threw out pieces of bone. If I hurt myself so as to break the skin. It was sure to become a running sore. I had to take lots of medicine, btif nothing has done me so much good as Ayer'g Sarsapv 11 Md • tron8> AVER'S Sareaparllla Prepared by Or. J. O. Ayer k Co., Lowell, MSM. Cures others, will cure you. CALIFORNIA And all Pacific Coast and, Fagot Sound poiufcs are reached comfortably and quickly via Falaoe Drawing Boom Sleeping Onra and Tourist Sleepers leave Ohioiige daily and ran through to Ban Francisco without change.' Personally Concerted Excursions In Tourist Bleeping Oara leave Ohi(w»jo every Thursday. Bute for « oorapletelv equipped berth from Ohi<!(igo to Sao Fruuoisoo, Ijoa Anglos or Portland only 84.00. PttssengBrs from paints west and northwest of Chicago can join these excursions en route. Variable route exourjjtm tickets at greutly reduced rates. FOR DETAILED INrOKMATION APPLY TO AOENTa CHICAGO & NORTH-WERTERN R'Y OR ADDRESS, W. A. THIUL, Gen. Pass, an-t Ticket Agent CHICAGO. i itenu'and"now to ob- so acatalogueof owenan. lare brmisht widely before the P» b l |0 < cost to the Invontor, This splendid n SWeokly. eloKantly "faurtak 1 ""^ est circulation of anysolentiao work It BBOAOWAT , bsir. I Promotes s luxuriant frowlh. I Never Vstls to Bestoro Qray S»«ls».Dtu|gtils V«kT«T\gi,D&H!y, r - N S U M PT IV E It curw tlic wurvt ixiuga •iniiljjeftlon, r.ln,T»kel»Hiiio.SOcu. 8. Tht only.nijraujfor Conis. fixUU, or UUCOX k CO., N. V ure and lieultu to every maiuber fuuilly. A ino. naokafe nuikea lou», fie sara abd «»TUte «eot „_ Sold everywhere. Mud* only by < The CUM. B. Hires Co4 PHilada. •»«•«>. **mt fcf tsMIIM Mtlm Quit u4 loss BOOQE, PRAZEB • CO. 315 Msuibsrs of the JWciioBoirdolTfuJt IIUHOOD RESTORED Will fl>« W «p Hervluu know bolil ,v(U« a wrltu yuuriMUuo to ourott llvl vou» llUu*»u« SUV ' Kor 'ui"t» In Oarroll bv J. W. Hatton. L*UB BUIPTH to Foster Religions tJnlon, FniTiim« UnMtg of 1'lstyau Sabinorgcd. IShnutnlllst Lcnguo formed at Shanghai, Steamer Month Abbey Wrecked— land to Renounce Her African Claim, RoMB, June 21.— The following Is a orecast of the pope's jubilee or enoycli- al letter or political testament. The ncyclical has been approved by a committee of the college of cardinals and will shortly be promulgated. The letter eminences with' recalling the recent emonatration upon the occasion of the nbilee of his holiness as an evidence ot Catholic unity and says that imitating Christ, who, on the evening of his ascen- ion prayed that his disciples be united, 16, the pope, at the end of hts life de- ires all men, without distinction of race r color, to enter the church. The en- yclical expresses grief at the schisms nd animosities which have' tprn flour- shiug countries from the bottom of the hurch and the hope is expressed that ivine pity and omnipotence will bring hem back to the fold. The pope then addresses the eastern hurches, recalling the fact their ancestors recognized the Roman pontiff, admits that they are well disposed towards iatholics and promises that their rights and patriarchal privileges will be main- ained in the event of union with the lorn an Catholic church. Appeals to Protestants. His holiness then appeals to Protestants and points out that they haVe no fixed rule of faith nor authority and serting that many of them even deny be divinity of Christ, the inspiration of the scriptures and end by falling into naturalism and materialism. Ths pope names enlightened Protestants who ended by returning to Catholicism and exhorts others to return to the church, n order that all may be of the same faith, hope and charity, based on the same gospel. The encyclical refers to the movement n certain countries against the church, enjoining Catholics to shake off sloth in view of this hostility and to submit entirely to the tutelage of the church, whose mission it is to teach and to legislate in regard to things falling under its jurisdiction without being subservient to any, and at the same time exciting the envy of none. The pope makes a veiled reference to the friction oetween the church and state in Italy by deploring the revival of acts of oppression, which animated ancient royalties against the church. Condemns the Free Mason* His holiness condems the Free Masons, claiming they are f the enemies of religious unity and especially denounces their so-called audacious activity in Rome. Further, he calls upon Italy and France to shake off the depotism of Free Masonry in order that religious concort may exorcise the evils of war, holding that Europe presents the appearanw rather than the reality of peace and thai education in husbandry, the arts and commerce is seriously menaced. The encyclical concludes with recalling the former encyclical on the soda question, declaring that liberty and ths people can be made to harmonize with power and the rulers whatever govern merit exists, as the right to commam and the duty of obedience proceed fron God, to whom the rulers must account for their stewardship. The pop* strongly Appeals to the latter to foster religious union in order that the close of the present century may not be the stormy end of the last century. Ilaths of Plstjrsra Submerged. VIENNA, Jnne Ml.— The floods have done the greatest damage at Pistyan The island in the river Waag on which the famous baths of Pistyan aro situate! is submerged, and tho line gardens in th vicinity of the baths aro covered with i foot of sand. The mineral springs are choked. Fifty people on crutches con firm tho story that tho Hood swept down so suddenly that wutor was soon knee deep iu tho rooms of tho houses. Th patieuta had to bo carried from the tops of the houses. _ Bnirlund to Iteuounoe Her Clftlin, PAKIH, June 21.— The Temps publishes a dispatch from Berlin declaring that iu order to uvoid tho holding of an inter national conference, which perforo would occupy itself with the Ggyptiai question, Great Britain has conceded th demands nmdo upon bar by Qermauy mid boa consented to renounce her claim to the strip of territory between th Congo state and the German aphero o luuuouoo iu Africa. Silver Fur llouuianla, BEIIUN, June 81.— The Dnosobe bank has obtained a contract to supply tho goverument of Koumauia with silver coins to thi) amount of 00,000,000 marks (118,1*00,000), _ Captain Maura Uouored bjr Oxford. OXFORD, Bng., June 81,--Tnsi honor- ury dcgroo of tUo D.C.L. was oouferrvd upon Captain Mabau of the onuser Obi cago by the University of Oxford* ItMIWwr N»»Ui At»U*7 Wrswlu* LONDON, Juue »l.~Tus»tuarn«r Ma«t! Abbey of Swansea has been wreok«4 ol Nasbnoiut, Thu captain Mid thw» Mil on were drowned. CONDON, Juuo Ul.— A BbaughalsDOoU nays an important mooting ba» ba»u twit in that city at which a bimetallic Isagn* was formed. Juno Bl.-A dlsuatob t'fuiu Oruu, Algerlu, says Ihut a saver ourthquakv ucounwl there. Alls* Wllliml lluiuu Ayitlu. Ntiw YUKK, June ^l.--Miiw Fruuuls G Wiilurd, svurlit'ci i!!\"--kli.ut of tbo tu'a Uhviutiuii Tuinpui'uucy uiUou, s/u tlio Tnutouio, A LONG SEARCH. The Bachelor—I'm waiting for the interesting woman of thirty that the novel- tota talk about. "Well, yon -won't find her in New York. All the women under sixty ate not over twenty-two,"—Life. DISCOVER THEIR PLOT. Dynamiters Planning to Blow Up the National Capitol. CLACK PLAGUE IN CHINA Deaths Averaged Five Hundred Daily In Canton. HEAVY BAINS PEOVE A BLESSING. TMM!I Arriving From Hong Kong Quarantined at Balgaon and Singapore—Pol lice Btsws With DUHonltlei In Inspecting Bouses—Flngae Spreading to the Conn- try District*—Cannibals Ate Three Hen. WASHINGTON, Jnne 19.—The steamer Belgic arrived Monday With fuller de- talli of the black plague, now raging at Bong Kong. When the vessel cleared, the Bcare, the result of the first disclosures of the epidemic's progress, had sab- sided considerably and it was vainly hoped the disease would soon be stamped ont. The mortality statistics, however, revealed the terrible character of the disease. Despite the operations of the sanitary staff and the police, assisted by the army medical staff corps and soldiers from the Sharpehire regiment, about 500 new cases had been reported within a week and there bad been 400 deaths. Heavy rains about the middle of May were hailed as a great blessing. The water supply had been nearly exhausted. The drains of Hong Kong were filled with poisonous gases, the plague had been spreading in tho most densely populated part of the city and, to cap the climax, an outbreak of smallpox was dreaded. DOOM to Home Visitation. ' For B day or two the people thought the epidemic was losing its virulence. Another favorable indication appeared to bs the co-operation of the Chinese who wen said to be assisting in the detection of cases and the removal of patients to the nospltal. The rate of mortality dropped temporarily. Tho sanitary authorities famed encouragement and whiU the rainwater washed out some public and house drains, disinfectants were Mattered about and infected houses were cleaned and whitewashed. The Chinese supplemented the sanitary precautions with a vast amount of cracker firing, which they calculated would have a salutary effect by driving out the evil spirits, whom they regarded as responsible for the visitation of the plague. Bouse to house visitation in search of victims of the plague were kept up by the police, but they were unable 19 get through the crowded houses of the in- fectod district with sufficient celerity to overtake all the oases. Soldiers were consequently detailed to assist in the unpleasant task. Increased vigilance revealed a greater number of patients. I VwMls From Hong Kong Quarantined. j The prevalence of the disease created • good deal of alarm in the different •hipping quarters in communication with the port. Buignon and other ports of the French colonies quarantined all vessels arriving from Hun^ Kong. Singapore followed suit and the aspect for the shipping, interests were becoming serious, The Increased virulence and the discovery of a greater number of oases aroused the enmity of the Chinese, who had for a short time appeared will- lag to co-operate with the authorities on the bringing to. light all known oases of the plugun. This willingness diiuishod, probably on account of the heavy proportion of mortality which accompanies ttie stijTrTr Attempts wen wade to •tad* the inspection, Slok persons were removed from house to houss at the ap- poach of the police, bouses were borrt coded and in a few cases th* officers w«re stoned by the infuriated Chinese, Owing to th«se difficulties the epidemic gained renewed vioUno*. The rumors tuat to* plague had appeared in Japan l» unfounded. | PIT* MwUlMd ItaaMw Pally. Hews from Canton, where the plague •torUd, •tetw that the deaths now aver•I* 800 a day. During March and April (to »vwag*d MO daily. Although the fact that MM "blaok death" was raging in OftBtoa bwsuutt known only about a mouth •§•, It appears tfcat tUe dUoiwe started a* long ago as last February, and haa bwu •pldiiulg ever since. The play w is u>re*diBg to the country districts afcut Canton and to neighboring cities, About the only measures taken in Canton to slay In* progress of tin* disease are tuouo adopted by the priests, who march wrough (ho streets uhauting incantations awl sprinkling holy water. A huge KIMS, rsurasoutiuK a dragon's head, itt ulao uari'lod about the city, uooouipu fry u prodigious boating of gongs and ; EATEN BY CANNIBALS. VMe of Three Men Who landed on Mew Ireland to Trade. SAN FRANCISCO, June 19.—The China mail gives detiate of the fate of three men who were killed by cannibals of New Ireland. A Japanese trading schooner went to the island and the Qer man captain, a Japanese assistant and a native of the island went ashore to trade. They could not barter to their satisfaction and the natives, enraged at not receiving the wares, killed the three men. All were eaten by the islanders in true cannibal style, though one account says the two Japanese were not eaten, their flesh being deemed too sour. The revolution in Corea has assumed a serious aspect. The number of rebels is said to be over H.OUO and they have been 'drilled, in modern style. The, government troops have been routed in two encounters on May 10, losing 300 killed. This defeat completely demoralized the government forces. Two-thirds of the population of the country are in sympathy with the rebels. Hugh Frazer, British minister to Japan, is very ifi and is not expected to recover. ' Terrible Floods In Hungary. LONDON. Jnne 10.—A dispatch from Vienna says that the reports from Galicia and Silesia show that the Wear valley, in Hungary, from Trenziu north to Pressburg-, has bees inundated. Portions of thr towns and dozens of prosperous villages m. the volley are submerged. Railway traffic is suspended Bridges bave been swept away and crops destroyed in every direction. The darn age amounts to many millions of florins Tho rivers wo full of carcasses of cattle and household property of every description is floating down stream. Severa watchmen have been drowned in the floods. Many dams have been under mined. • Knighted an American. PARIS, June !)>.—Alfred Andre, director of the Bank of France and a con spiououa member of the Y. M. C. A. gave a dinnor in honor of James Stoke; of New York. More than 100 persons, al members of the Y. M. O. A., wer* present. M. Andre, in behalf of the French government, presented to Mr. Stokes the official declaration of his Appointment a knight of the Legion of Honor o Franca and sajd that Mr. Stokes was the seconn American 'who had received end a recognition of distinguished services in the line of philantrophy, benevolent anc religious work, Rnllroail Contractor* Fall. NEW YORK, Juno !».— The firm of Goodwin & Swift, railroad contractors and promoters', made an assignment to the benefit of creditors. The cause o the failure was the general hard times and the inability to meet obligations as they became duo. The liabilities are plnoed at from $500,000 to $7f>0,<>00. Mr Goodwill is tho vice president of th Brooklyn baseball club. Suing Vat Coufl.cHteil Tassels. BAN FIUNCISCO, Juno ill.— The owuen of tho sealing schooners Alexander anc St. Ptwl, which were recently connsoatec by an admiralty court for violating th Curing sea sealing regulations, hava op plied to the United States court of appeals to set aside the order of the oour iiml ruturn tho vessels to their owners on thu ground that the confiscation was illegal. _ Carpenters Want a Short U«y, ST. JOSEPH, June 10.— Work on tw of the largest buildings in this city is suspended on account of differences between the contractors and the Oarpeu ten* union. The union asked for » •enta an hour for eight hours a day, Al contractors signed uw scale except threw the latter want tt» man to work I 1 ' boon a dajr. _ •ml 0» for «»• Yean. HKUCNA, Mont., June l».~In the Unit- od States court, H. F. Batoholloi, th mtttidsut of the failed Stock Growers National bank of Milos City, was sent to the penitentiary for five years. patch ellor was convicted for misapplying tu f uuds of the bank, Hay. I>r. ftituu lt»y* a Fin* NKW YottK, Juiw itt.— Rev. Dr. Joou 11. Paxtott ualil a nun of $10 for lug to record tbe oortlHouU of marring of Cougressumn W. U. P. BnokinHdgt and Mm, Wiug. of <teu*r»l l Hl'BlNUU, MO., JUUO 19.— Uuuurul W. F. UutterfiolJ ul' Kutwu City died at ttivoluor Biu'lug* of uhroul dluboWi, .EADER IS A HALFBEED INDIAN, He Was One of Louis Roll's Uentctinntu, Police Are Informed of Every Stove — Not Bufflotent Evidence Co! looted on Which to Base a Charge of Conspiracy— No Overt Act Committed. NEW YORK, June 18. — A Washington dispatch to a paper here says: A news- >aper here will publish a plot for the destruction of the Capitol and perhaps other government buildings which have been slowly developing for several weeks. The secret service and police authorities, however, have been kept informed of the movements of the plotters and would have been enabled to thwarl hem had their machinations approached actual violence. Only once, says the newspaper, about three weeks ago, when the channel of information was unexpectedly interrupted, were the federal and district authorities really alarmed. They did not know at whal moment an attempt might be made to explode bombs in the Capitol, the treasury building, the White House and the wai and navy buildings. But as the days passed and nothing was done, the authorities, who had redoubled their vigilance, restored the line of communication with tfio nest of anarchists and were able again to shadow every conspirator and to keep fully informed of anarchistic movements, both here and elsewhere. According to the story, the plot was formed at the time the Coxeyite army was marching to the Capitol, and reports of its existence came from various points, Omaha, Chicago and Pitteburg among them. The prime mover hi the anarch' istic plot— that is the Washington end ot it — was Honore Jackson. He came from Chicago and is still in the city. He is a professional Indian. In Chicago he has been a disturber. At the time of the Haymarket riot he narrowly escaped being arrested as a principal conspirator and was shadowed by detectives for a long- time. Jackson is a half -breed, of unknown tribal origin. He was one ol Louis Bell's lieutenants in the Canadian rebellion some years ago; The inform ant in the case was kept in touch with the conspirators and has given the police the names of those engaged in the plot, together with other facts. These have been communicated to the officers ol other cities and they will probably act upon the information. The fact that the anarchists have committed no act in Washington upon which they couU have been convicted has prevented their arrest. Their meetings have been small and secret. Their expert ments with the chemicals bave been such that it could hardly be proven they intended to resort to extreme measures. They bave written no letters. In fact all along they have waited for something to happen — something which would give them opportunity to carry out their scheme of violence. Jackson's head* quarters was the residence of a Frenchman named Savant. The conspirators met there and at other places, and aboul three weeks ago the meetings became so frequent and so many strange men came and went that the officers felt they were losing their grasp of the situation. There was danger the climax might come at any time and great alarm was felt. The capitol officers, including tho speaker of the house, and the treasury people, including Secretary Carlisle, fell very uneasy. The detection of the formula for making the explosive which tho conspirators propose to use, says the article in conclusion, is probably the beet piece of work done by the detectives. Several chemicals are used and the proportions make high explosive of a new and most dangerous kind, Illinois Miners' Conference. SPniNQFiKLD, Ills., Juno 18,— Tho miners' conference adjourned after a 8-days' session. A scale of wages for mining opal and for day laborers in and around tho coal mines was adopted, which is about the same as for 1803. In some districts tho demanded price is a fraction higher and in others lower, averagiugjthe some as paid last year. Resolutions were adopted calling for pay every two weeks; check weighmen and an arbitration committee of throe persons, to bo chosen, ono by the minors, who tako Lieutenant Governor Gill, ouo by the operators and tbo third to be chosen by these two. An operator granting tho demanded scale can resnino work by Juno 30. Consulted With JUcKlulor. COUJMUUB, O., June 18.— Adjutant General Howe, who has been in com uiand of tbo militia in eastern Ohio, had a consultation with Governor MoKluley relative to the withdrawal of the troops. The result of the conference was that the military now in th« field m Stark, Carrol and Tuauurawus oountios will remain. Tho governor and attorney gun eral bellevo from the present outlook thoro will be no occasion for the troop* later than Thursday. ftuldlur* All Ou UUIIM. BKLLAIHK, O., ' Jnne lb.— Belraont oouuty u without a soldier, the last regi- pout breaking camp Sunday, The big voal mines along thu Baltimore and Ohio, Iho Cleveland, Lorraine and v7ueeliu(j and the Wheeling and Lake Erie are in lull operation. HosuuKd Work on BOIUNTON, Pa., Juuo 18,— Orders have Uxm issued for the minors of the Dola- wuro aiul Hudson Canal company to ro- aunuxl work tit full time for an indefinite period. The onlur ajfuoto 1,000 won at thu wines and will greatly help thu rail road Ur«iuuuu«l tiavo Way. , O. T., Juw» to.— During a of Imsabull MWIHIII ail luttUn niuci jiiul u uiiiki luiiv, the grumbUud gav vvtty mult-!- tt heavy lotul and QUO ptxipl Wi>iil Jmvit in H lu-ap. Many were in- itiml, u littlv auutfhk-r ui A. C. Utally. TAK.I THt •MT CURE f* THAT COUGH f~ WITH SHILOHS CURE ZSote., „ 6Qcts.Midf tl.00 Bottle." , One cent a doge. GBBAT £ete all others fall, Coughs, Croup, tote /hroat, Hoarseness, Whooping Cough and iithma, for Consumption it naa no rlvalt IBS cured thousand!, and will CURB Ton If Ak«nln time. Bold by "'" " _ JRVV. -ou uatarrh ? Thlg remedy la guanuv teed to cure you. Price, GOota, InjecForfre*, Sold by.C, H. Westbrook. DR, DOWNING This wall known and successful specialist In Jhroolc and Nervous diseases and diseases of he Eye and Ear, by request of many friend* Mid patlenti, will visit CARROLL, IOWA, Saturday, June 30 Burke's Hotel One day only every month. Consultation free DR. DOWNING author ot "Nervous Debility," "Sensn Exausilon, Ita Cause and Cure," etc. Tula Skillful and Reliable SPECIALIST Well and favorably known throughout tba northwest for Ibo many wonderful cares ot ail forms of CHRONIC AND NERVOUS DISEASES blob he has effected tbat had baffled tbe skill of ether physicians and specialists. He Cures When Others Fail. Diseases of Eyes and Ears, Granulated Lids, Cataract, Cross Eyes straightened without pain or danger, Discharging Ears, Oeafnessv etc., Diseases of Nose and throat, Catarrh, Bronchitis, Asthma, etc. Diseases ol stomach aodlilver, Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn, Bllllonsness, Jaundice, etc. Kidney and Bladder Troubles, Blood and Skin Discuses, Scrofula, Pimples, Blotches, £czema, Uloors, eta. Nervous Diseases, Headache, Hysteria, Insomnia, Lack of Vitality, Langor, Nervousness. Rheumatism, Neuralgia, etc. Dlsesses or Women, Deformities Surgical operations of all kinds successfully performed. Voiing and Middle Aged Men goffering from Lost Manhood, Nervous or Physical Debility, Seinlnul Weakness, Lost Vigor, Decline ot Manly Powers, Drains, Discharges) or Losses, Varlcooele, and all tbo train of evils resulting from Excesses, Errors In Youth, etc. producing some of the following etfecU, aa Nervousness. Emissions, Pimples, lilotones. Debility. Dizziness.Defectlvo Memory,Abseno* of Will Power, Oodfuslon of Ideas, Aversion to society, Sexual Exhaustion, Pain In tho Hack, do., blighting tho most radiant hopes, render- derlng marriage unhappy anil business a failure i sweeping thousands to an untimely grava Xo matter who has failed, consult Ibo Doctor. He has cured thousands who huvo given up in despair. A perfect restoration. OonBUltnttoas sacredly oontldontlal. Dalnj-s aro dauKerous. MARRIAGE. Thosecontemplating ( mar. rlage who aro nworo of physical defects ot weakness which would render marriage a disappointment would do well to call on us. r REE examination ot tlio Urine, ohomloal and microscopical In all ousoa of ludnoj Disease, lirlghl's U!s#itso, l)lul>4itos, ahi* Sparm*- torihooa. Urlng Bpecltnaii. REMARKABLE Cures tierfeolad m old eases wnlohnnvu oeun nt'glooloil or uuskllfnuy treated. No experiments or failure. Partlea treated by mall or oxpruss: but whoropoialbte personal consultation iirotorroJ, Cases and oorrosponuunco tlrlotly oonfldoa- (lal and uiudlclne sent to an} port ot ths) United Stales. List of Questions tree. A4- TIMS with uostSKO. fill. DOVVXINU, 114West Madison Street, Chicago, Ills. TAKRMO OTHBK. It Is the BEST. Thtre Is nothing- JUST AS OOOU. • 15.OO to W» iiuko a Urni jj-tour of Utww cUfW-mMWiMS for Uiotv «bo 0*11 UM . JSonf lo tuu Uiu UKBT. tlur SM> uol *u lUwljr Ottwuiuiu- c*r\-<uUj- IUMII M Uiu you cwi g»t liulriiclluw, unilKv ur r tfrtto fur Our .%>«' J'rldtf J.U )t'c icl/l nut Im W« w ant ruuroMvr. If u«t Ana U i>rln4. UU<ial HMI. Ana U i>rln4 villl win uw uvi it. VVBWIU, *>EUV If u«t f-ir Itto Uwt. for Wnu* aiul »>) VKH « iu ut. wfotAi iturvUKiM. uucv. tfvw I'rtet i,l*t int. Mhl«««,t jriiurUuuui t<y o Utf. fww of olrnivt.'- \Vrtttf4 m NEW NONE SUflW NAQNINE 60, LUDWIQ BROS., Currull, luwu.

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