Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 2, 1928 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 2, 1928
Page 3
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Rev. .Perry.'O. Hanson, who has been spendinB 'ilie holiOajs with hla^ family, started this afternoon oh the return trip to ^'ew York City. Mr. Hanson hopes' he will be-able to finish the work that ha^ been keeping him inJNew, York thin the next.month qr two and aln make lola his headquarters. —The Tola- Ice, Cold [Storage & Tucl Compan>-i sells Coal of best qnality. Phone 116. ' , . The editor"of the Regi: ter re. celred a few AAYS ago j s\ lettor elKued "E. "Wiggins" whi^i 'seemed to be genuine and while! it did not particularly call for an answer the . editor replied I to It as a matter of CQurtesyi.; But the letter was returned uncalled for. It this should reach the eye of Mr. AVig- glna and he will send his present address the letter will be forwarded to Wm: • Current Topics does nbt meet tonight. haviUK taken a. vacation over the holiday season. It will be in full force and effect on Monday night of next wreek. according to present expectatfonl >olJce Odd Feilons. —Special County meeting Independent Order' of Ocld Fellows, Tuesday-night. Januarj- 3." Degree work. Grand .Master W. I. Crum will be present. Wives and Re- bekahs. A. D. YOUNG. N6bl« Grand. Nliss Theta Brewer, who has been visiting her mother. Mrs. Dan Brewer, and sister. Mrs. Hugh McConachie and family, in Wichita, has returned home. She will start T>ack to •work at the postoffli'e tomorrow. THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, i^ONDAY KVEyI^G. JAyUARyJ2. 1928. ! —Good Coal makes warm friends. The lola loe. Cold ti^toraKC and Fuel Co. : Ciiil lie fi.r prices. ' Denth of 3frs. Inio Knin<ie... ^Iri». Alta Inio Krause passed away at 12:4.'; o'clock Sunday morning at her homo. 12 North Sycamore, street. The funeral sf-rvice will h" held at! the First Metho<list fhnrrh Tuesday .afternoon at 2:<i'i o 'cUkk. couduc-tod by the - Rev. C. I. Coldsmith. Burial will take place ill the I>one Klni ceraeter.v. —Try our drive ;in battery and tire service during this cold weather, Bollinger Service Station. Mriand Mrs.' Roy Sleeper and sons. John Lyman andi Allen, have reiiirned home from Kansas City >vhere they spent last week. i—If .von want to hny or build, ;ity or suburban property. The lola Building & Loan Assdciatlon will make you a loan, low ihterest rate: no commission. See p. U. Pees Secretary, at old Register building southwest corner "of square. The baby of Mr. and Mrs. Otto, Krannich, of 423 Kast Lincoln street, is reported .ill of pneumonia^ .—O. L. Cox. .M. D. Specialist, Kye. Ear, Nose and Throat. PAGE THREE Prosecutors of Harry Hill ((.'oiiliniii'd From Itiee 1.) _ i tie evening the preBident gave a it^nquel in;the flyer's lienor. iLlndbergli expressed satisfaction at the reception and the facilities .accorded him for rhe care of Uis plane. 'He said he wa.s enchanted by pf Salvador's noticed that a the beauty and grai-e s^noritas—but it was npne of them gaine(f glance from him. ? LIndv's .Mother J Waits. Edwardsburg, Mich.. Jan. 2. (AP) Determined to complete her hotne- \fard trip from Me.xico City by a^r, .Mrs. Evangeline L. L. Lindbergh awaited this morning the (Continued. fron> I'aire One) to be a happy out> it niUKt be ;i year of thought ah)ng the line cf our rolatioii to theiworld in- whicA v.-e live and our relation to God i?i the light ofGod's revelation to u>'. The Rlv. Perry 0. Hanson spol^j at the First Melhi)>list church yesterday morning, ije made a' short report of his recent activities in second I New York both inj relation to tl^ie ' endowment campaign .for Dreiv Seminary'and also; to the contacte with the .Methodist Board of .Miv- sions. Referring th present conditions in China hei urged patieu(i; on the part of Anlericans because it really means t^e rebirth of a great nation, changing from old To J. B. Cornish and , Enolo, CIreen. organ and piano accompanf ists. So the evening worship at ttte Presbyterian church with this con-i- cert was the climax to the Christinas season'in the churches, witlt the Rev. C. I. Coldsmith making: an iippropriale talk on "Jesus in' Prophecy." which was a fitting in- trodiKtioii to the concert. Jjreaklng of a path through snow- I Ifound roads from this village to-, new. The great jiopulalSpn and- the field one mile north where the huge"-size of Chinafmake it a S I OA". liig Ford monoplane was forced | process to change^ ideas and life i^^own yesterday enroute from Chi-! oyer there, but it ifill not be lonfe, cago to Detroit. .Mr. Hanson said, "before a really \ The second forced landing was great aud unlfiril- nation Wijl ihade yej-tert^ay morning about an | emerge. . Conditions were neve^r hour after the take-off from Chi- more favorable for missionary wortc i.-ago. when a heavy sleet and snow j in China, he said, and it is a time Mir. F. IKEW I'hyslflan and SurKeim Eye Ear. -N'l'se :iiid Thront Glasses Fitted 2^ S. Wa^ibington, lola Mi«s liortlia Price, of Sioux Cit>.i Ta.. was ihf gue.-i of her si<=ler,, Tliefle-ttyo men. States Attorney Russell «J. .Mniison f left) and Spc I — Mrti. A.' F. Ch3 .-.tain, arriving Sat- j elal Trosecutor Andrew J. O'Corior. ar>^ iiroscci/tors in fha trial of 1 Miss .Dora Adams re'.urned yes- unlay iw>n aud leaving today, for ; Harry HiSi ot !'!.. t'.<- iiiiiidcr .)( bis ffloiber'. TUa : (••r<lny :ut«rn 'i <)!i (o her work at .Sioiiv I'ity. .Mi.-^s Price is cn the' • trial i* btiaif couducicU *l CltLavii,; Ul, I the KansMS State Teadicrs" ,<ollego. faculty of .Maruliii^side college at i .s.)orm made progress impossible. • I.. .H. Allen, Edivardsijurg drug- when the churches: should support thi! work over .thc -re more geneK- FIU>K .VILLF.K DEAD. Frank Miller, aged 5.". years,^ a tourist priiUer and a member ot the Internationa} Typographical! ruion. died-rthis morning at If) o'clock at the county larmL Mr. .Miller wm first stricken with paral- ly^is' several weeks ago whilja working for the- Moran Herald and had partiaiiy recovered while a(t the county hdme where he wa!a awai ing a permit to enter thi© Prini-ers Home at - Colorado Sprii gs. ,He suffered the second stroke this morning. The body te at the Sleeper chapel awaiting ai-' vice, from relatives for burial. ' ilrj. Miller i*:weli known in all tho printing offices in Kansas and Oklah^a .and has probably -worked in every one'in the two states.. A CORRECTIOX; was out- of the first to .-c-acli jously than ever b^ore. The. Chii the plane when it landed iu a ' riese are anxious to have missiop- .'^iiia!! field near nt .rc ycsieriiay. ' arie.s return to cot-operate in tia> t^i.-i o;"iir of hpsiiitality was great work of building better coii-; at KniporJa after spendiiig the va- Sioux City and spent the Christ- j cation here with luiiuc- folks. ,mn» vacation at Wellington, Kans.. land lola. P,i'omptIy accepted. OUL- of. .Mr.-i. l .iiuibt-rK 's ....... liisap- . -v-... - . 1.5 >:iiini<-i!ts will bt- her failure to | byierian and First'- Methodi:^t ilt-liver to Mrs. Henry Ford a box tluirches and the tittle .Symphony ot ripe; strawberries from .Mexit-o'orchestra repeatefl the <oncctt which they Kave CSiristmas da.v ;tt (litioiis. The combined clu'drs .<jf the Pre.<;- I • Death of 3lrs. Kiln M^oore. Mr«. Ella .Moore passed away at '1 o'clock this afternoon at home-. • I'll) Si .!it!i Hurkcyc —Sludf^nts can rent typewriters,! fuiy make, at r'-.-i«oiiablo rales, from I Dr J T Held Sureerv and 'v'-""" ' "', ""• Tho death is reported fnau Em- WilUam. Typewriter r.,.. IKi'West X-raV^ VuJ. 2 ^1 ' ' ' [^J ^'llv^r^^^tZr"^ her DaWd .\. Illnfon . Dead. David .\. lliniou. 7:1 yi-ar.s of age. died at ;; ci'cluck % esr .-rilav berrieji ;'.ire.l we|[ rfiiriyg reel. : arteriioDii :it;tl»' lii.nie (,i lii's'-'"^!^; had been |dain.'bt r, .Mr*-] CI |{ .Mii-ii.-.el ..; /' , . , , i . . , , ... , ifternoon. KaM h^vin stn e, The l,' will ,'."r". I'"^^•'"•'k '"«'' n>Bbt on the lAn.vor .e •wishing to iiKjuire a.'x.ui be t.ik. r- Cj. s,-,.r,-. K .-i: I'.iumr- ''/"''* t""';'- ^'i'! -';iibie- l)r. llerschel Hendricks, ot Cli-ithe funeral may call 72. .Slee;,e:-. low :•„•,,., ,'H';,- ;w„ ,!av:s <n •.i:::f.y i.l;,;,-s poria of Willis if. (••^tioiher .s v.-.'io .Madi.-oti. loUt. Kuiin. passed aWay siiiMeiijy wliil.- vi-ilt-.^ . . • - | ing-'at the liKnie «r iiis wilV's par- j .\Ii-:s Hiiili .S«(M I.:I r. ' wl.u re- ji;ai. Kans.. who was here last Xtiis at Holtoii la-,t I-'riil,iy Prof-, MI: tied to In-r SC I IIM,; V.<I"-'K ai K:!ii-• u.ejj for a vlKift with his HIS - —We pay 6*^' on Full Paid and; (ie '-u-- ; : i!-. ' , i, i- :!>; nn 7essor Cari'thers was we',; kiii >wn ; was unl> i -r.-'M V ye ..;tei ilav .-iter a tcj-. .Misi; Alice Hendricks, went !o ; Installment Stock, The best invest-• ii.g K'_ 1'.,' w iU in- hei-.- ;i, atiei.,| iind nii;<h admired In li'l-i "A here ' chii^tmn i s-.i'tiU'in a: hoiiie, i e- .(•),,.,-ryvale Fridav, calli^l by thi'|niewt, the best method to save, the .\e-,i- Viarrf l-all "iaU-.-ii .iU lie Was |irl.n<ipal of liie !)i«li. siMmol ,iiiri .e <1 ihi-i aftt'inuciii to atleiid I he ' .;,.i-i(nn illness of his little niei.'e. | .Sppurlfjr llldit. ic Loan AsNui'lattoni will return lo i.clKJol isi li .Diii- '• .^lie « 111 Alii'e. the daunUler of Mr. ami .Mts.: lola, Knnsa<i. iug. ' ic -riiini,'. ' HoiiUT IlctulliCns. who U-.a Ix-eji teriaii churcii • li'iirs iM.ifie a II', )Ori lh<- irtiii. for: several year- ami all vvlm re- tnepiber him wiM / M . j;rlcved i</ I "-arn of his; d< w -efit from i .il.i r >h -the faculty • •-r .s* ColleK.. ii: . w*as holilJi*: liiai tiniir t)i ]'.'!<• liearli. • li. .\I4' Cifotiicr-, . !o 1,1 ke a p(i-iii(ir.•' •i:,- Sr.iie 'l -.-ai li Kiii:'<ir!a and ie- New Vi;.|- liall . LM I I K I I I reliirii til l.;i;vt<'ii e III the •: ill lli.e.. week-; or iiiore. Ur. lli.ii- '. l<l^ilk^; reported .-Vllci as sli;:hily .Mr^. Sarah I. Adnuis jM-ad. :)r :\lr.^. Sarah E. .\dams. aged 7'v; '"li <ii !iie i, —For E.'-f.i.te Ixians sen the Security lUdi:. A l.«an A^^()cIatlull. lola, Ks. Offl'-e in First Natl. Bank. V. U IS. I.KAVFM,. .n. D. Special .Ttiention given Dls- e, iif ('(ilmi .md Rei-tiim. Electro-I'll vsiotherapy Office Ir >J ;i .^"tnte Bank Bldg. Phones—147 and 70.'. - 1 .v:.<) at ; 'fa: 1 .•;.•-'> i( !f:e r.llll' firsr cat.her' •in • '..rli,' • i;l .. .::!i^-a:. .V.v. i-c- - better wh.-u he left <'lierryv;U.. years, .'led at 11 o'clock Sui 'dav at''tui"'d last .-.,.11,111.' tii-,,-.iv.-,- •jlJ.fore <..mins to lola Dr. Hen-|,i„, |„,„„. ,„• j,, ,. da»;:hler, Mr.-. ''-''I'i^H"-''^ n ip to Sh .-lhvviil. . Ke:i-; \v, j,,-.,. •drickH spent .'-ev.-ral days in the jjall in Lallaip.', The li;:urarWy. |,. re i!,.,,y v.. ,.; f,>:- a V.MI ..„;,-"'n,'-t.-.l • i of hi.-^. daughter. .Mrs. Jolui-.jrerv ice will be held at th- Ki, .-i . with .M •. I.anib -th-., j .ai .tit- T:-v -v, • : U iiippl.-. Ill Kai^siu-, City, Mo. jChristian cliiinh .in lola Tiie-ia;- 'I'"-' do-Mi iu their aid a .j .-n, r a^' :i :e !. 'afternoon itt 2 <j '<-i <.ck. with i.'a-.'-ery ;il.-asant' trip. ii ••;<„;•),;,n v.- H , —Dr. Lucy E. P(dson, Chlroprac-I Kev. Lee Releford olficiating. Itur- ''vas a d.ffer.iU story .-omiiiL- bafk.J .vi; •,tor. .Norrhrup BIdg. Phone 326. Ijai win take place in Highland jJiJe}' left Shelbyville Frid.iy morn- i ' ;:<i -eirii .-i ;d vil SeiidinR a check for tin.- renewal of the Register, -Mrs. Carlotte , P. Jones, now living with one of her daughters in Pasadena. California, j return to Iii.lepen but for many years a country cor- resii,-:'.' lier work respondent of the. Register with ' ence high school, her home first in the country and.lstru.ior in pfiim; later in Lallarpe, writes: "Youjlish. . ; can" scarcely realize what the Old 1 Home Paper means to tho -^e of us *w-ay from .-Mien county. How} eagerly we search for the county j •itejns and call tfi mind the per. sOB .ality of the writers as we knew them. — Mrs. C.ulletf. Mr. .\rnoId. Mr, rerkihiser, Mrs. Hardy. Wii! 1 ilorrisoDj and writers from l)ia- ; moid. Colonv. Lone Elm and other j •points too numerous to mention. 1 • Mr~. —End tlK! society items through |:;i the Mi<--s Peryl Holiinsnn. who spent! j.Mi-:s Lutie Evans, who spent tli.'" i the Cliristnias vacation with lit^r!hi'>; sf.ster. Mis-: ^ed: ! cenu-ierv. i,i..i-ii 1 :i.e T;>•• .'' 'I'• i iiv (;.-C!:;i •;i...:.;t.,i, !:•> in?". • il:;;i- 1 iioalli- ; wa- ii.-e.l ! .-li y iilf-ii the • ,1.-; 1 olJ.-tJ'lICt- I the .\l(-thndist clturch. at 7:.'U> resbv^- aiid!*orium. Tli)? t;.teiidiii and wefl j laa-. e ! (I'oi-js liiil the s.-IectiosiU I .[-. y\" . tli'i n :0 '-t beaiUifiJ ; • i v.; oil 'tile Ciiiistmat-| T):-. --iit.MC program i^loo^l . -^vwi-r ever giv.-^i ^ •• ;i i-r-lilt i.s (!i:e rj | K. \V. !i:.-!'jri :. dir.-. to:- cf • A. '-'i-- '.t •,'::>• I'l :• .'. \' Iti-'-'/i'-;, i'.,:-, -I 1 (11- i^f L:Uie Sviii-phorv: :ii:d to .".tr:-. • ' • • _i : .i<-:i;e. 1 ''.-I .• . I ho; ti;.- Wo endeavored to phonC an Item to the Register- that we jecelved Saturday morning, and have It joined to our Neosho Valley notes that we sent irr the'd^y (Jrerlous, but on account iof poor phone aer- vico til(? item got badly mixed, BO was misleading.: We herewith give the item as intended: The school board of Union District No. 0 has issued a call for a special nieetiijg to be held on Friday. .January tJ. at 2 ;.'!i). at the school hijuse. The purpose of tho meeting is to consider tho matter of buildinK a barn for th.? coirvenr ience of scholars who live too far awav to walk to .school'. '•. L. ARNOLD. Cor.' —r >r. A. n. Twadell. Osteopath:: Nf-,v (;lo;.<; lU.lg. Phone 191. ,'ing and .g..t ;aIon^' all ttKkt tli; - — jday. ISut th.v r.ext dav tin- sioiia' , •''•'•'1 Edwin Steele.' ation with hi-r hAMd.iys here with her parent.s. Mr. j Mrs. Herman Tliolen. sr.. of :u:! 1 was oh them ind thev foisglu it all <'f Par.-ons. w.-re , New Years R-.hiiisoii. wilPan.l Mrs, H. T. Evans. 401 South i E;i.„t street, is in the Wichita hos-jday to •,'..-f. to Fiiitou. Sundav »iit.-srs in the home ot: .Mr. and .Vrs. ^ mm KONEY^'tARi COMPOUND [ieii'" to! iuht tolWulnut street, returned today to • n the Indi>peiid-|Topeka when' she is a stuilent atj S !ie. is an in- 1 Waslibiirii r.oUege. | Wichita. Kans. for treat- nsliip and En.i We kiiow Bakery Prodiicta are good. But Have You Tried I Ours? VAN HOOZER'S. >'i •71i; morniiifr they^ Jitarted t.tit 'and ;;ot Talhert and family, along fairly well until tlicv cii-. f"'"^' -•'ireet. ; j I countered ihQ heavy snow drift.-;. • - .[ I .Mr .-indi.Mrs. W. W. Holmes, of | near Booneville. There five hi:: •' ', , , • ,. , • ' ••- - busses were stallf-d and the driv.-rs /-^-^k'-.w.-ki ret„ni .<i to [ :.r ..l pas.-^enpers were suffering se- j V^^"^': < '"•?>' ^^•f"'';:: verely from the cold. Thev i,o:-.rd "'^"^f '?' / r,/^""'^"? ^ ^ :Crn Dental College after siiending —Dr. Montgomery. Chiropractor.! i,iS .South AValnut street, who have lola Laundry PIdg. PhoneC 13S. jbeen sp.-nding the iiolidays in To"~ ' ' ipeka. returned home vesterday. ^ Mr. and Mro. EIvin.TniSsIer. of! _ ' • ' ! later"th::t on,-, of the drivers tvi./e '-""I't'^t ^r^^^ iTulsn. Okla.. arc guests of Mr. and I White, of the Hudson-Es-: to death. With tl-.e help ..f aho -it ''"'"'''y^ ^^"'"1 wltfch we keep in'toiicli with the frfends of other days." to her .lessie JtiUvden. a saipslady Seneker jstore. is cortiiied home, fi2^ North Kentucky str.-et. on act-ouijt of illness. Mrs. Paul street. Reed. 217 South Oak sex .Motor Co.. went today on business. —"Viin's Bread." good as ever. Miss 'Nina Balzer. who has been spending her Christmas" vacation with home fo.lks. returned to Lib- „ .,,„..,...,„.„.., „.... .„ ral. Kans.. Saturday, where .she ing the holidays, with her parents, i wiili relatives^ther. to Madison i fifty men tli.j Lambetlis managed, I to get their i-fir throimh the drifts • — .".nd were able, to make K:insa.'= Miss -Mary Wishard sp-nt part^City. lun tlioy luid li:id of i of today in CJianute on her way • winter motorjii:: and so they Jeff 1 to Independence to resume heritheir c:ir aii.f came down on the | , work-in the kindergarten depart-. Plu;;.. Ceor.ce; Taliierl.' who accojn-•' meat of schools there, aft>.-r spend- ! panied them tt. Kemuckv for a visit pUTS-SORES • ^ . Cleanse thortjuighly—then, • w:tho-,;t rubbirtft apply— J^or All Coughs^ \ Safe and > I Reliable < Cliiildren like? ; it:^ Mother^ en>5orse it. All u^rjs recom- mt ^nd. it. tejiches school. •; 1 I -Mr. and -Mrs. L. H. Wishard. 'with them.: returiU'i! home When the air passages of the Throat and Nose are ioflamed fv-nm- & Coldf tho inSsToxas^oB will remain until the Cold is gone. To work off the Cold and tofortJfr the system against Grip and Influenza. Take'' laxatin \Bromg mninei iabhh litiii'i'l'f**^ It is easy tQ get rid of a Cold if yondon'tneglectittoo long. Get a boxofBROMO QUININE. 30c. The box bears thin signature ^Proven Merit since J8M?^ if DettveHes BEGIN Today, Chevrolet presents the crowning triumph of ^sixteen years' continuous progress—a great new aut €;ino- bile so impressive in appearance, performance l^nd staunchness that it marks the opening of a new eru? of luxurious transportation at low cost : Beauty, l^i^tichness and You're 118 West Jackson MOTOR Open Evenings Until 9:30 p. Phone 60 i .

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