The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 10, 1958 · Page 11
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 11

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 10, 1958
Page 11
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Forming a dramatic background for the annual Austin High School Christmas festival, Sunday, will be an arrangement of HfeMie figures, designed and constructed by members of Mrs. lone Bell's Art tit class. The festival will be performed for the public In the auditorium at 3 p.m. Emphasis will be upon thp figure of the Christ Child, suspended in the center of the stage on a cloud of angel hair, and set under the dove of peace. Banking these central figures will be suspended angels, featured against a deep blue drapery background. Silver glitter stripgs, extending from the STRINGS OF GLITTER — Separating and anchoring strings of silver glitter for Christmas festival stage are Mrs. (one Bell, Jean Konz, Gary Harrison and David Wiedemann. COLD WINDS LOSE FORCE Cold winds sweeping across Minnesota from an Arctic deep freeze seem to have lost their force — for a day. Utilities Gets 3 Truck Bids Three bids on two trucks were received Tuesday by the Utilities Board and turned over to Harold Lamon, superintendent, for review and tabulation, Bids on the line and ladder trucks will be accepted at the next meeting. The board accepted a public service advertisement for the Christmas season to be shown on Kmmt Dec. 24, between 9:30 and 10 a.m. The $117.50 service advertisement will feature a movie, "Star in the Night." The board also accepted a Christmas advertisement for THE HERALD at a cost of $100. Central heating for the Moose Lodge requested at an earlier meeting was discussed but no action was taken. Approved was a water petition for Baldwin from 10th street to Plunkett. Payment of bills in the amount of $251,065.62 was approved and the board tabled lor future action possibility of Blue Cross-Blue Shield coverage for retired employes. Shaw Cub Scouts to Be Reorganized A meeting to reorganize the " i •-"•-—•"••"••«••••". i\i«un t ;n Shaw School Cub Scout pack will; Mrs. Marion Schmidt, Lyle, to review by the Federal Power Commission, (FPC), Northern Natural collects the higher rate under bond. Should FPC decide the hike is not justified, a refund would be made. ' Absorb 4 Increases Harold Lamon. utilities superintendent, told the board that at least four increases since lfl, r >2 have been absorbed by the department. Since the last hike in 1952, the price of demand gas has jumped from $1.65 to $3.50 per 1,000 feet, while commodity gas has jumped 20.3 cents to 22.9 cents. Lamon today explained that the department contracts for over 13 I million cubic feet of gas a day (and must pay the $3.50 demand rate regardless of whether it is jUsed. This is an availability charge,': jhe said. j ! 22.9 for Gas Used | _ ... r _, „_„ ^ ^ In addition, Utilities pays 22.9 The weatherman, himself chill-1Tuesday when she^was hit by a ' cents for tne ac t"al gas used, or ed to the marrow of the bone,;car driven by Zelmar Balinger, the comm °dity price. The commo- chattered as he predicted it ! 1006 S. River, at Division and Bry- dity P rice is unchanged at 22.9 would be warmer today a n d an. The girl did not require hos- cents but the demand price, or the Thursday. He sees highs of be- pital treatment. |$100,000 e:.;tra each year, jumped tween 15 and 20 above andi A ^iii-i™ „> *..,= .... „.„. ; f rom $2.87 per 1,000 feet per month $3.50 — a hike of 63 cents. Girl, 13, Hit by Dramatic Background Set for AHS Music Festival i nFatYlftH/t KArttf>tin#fU«M*9 fjfe*Mtl fi.*...«k*t* 1.1. .-^_i_ **_ * . ... focal figures througji the sphere of angels, will unite the entire celestial scene. ,' Steps taken Week* Agd „.„„.,, „,„„ „. M1B Mt The first step in the huge artis- been made of yarn. base on which tempera hues were brushed. Although the hair of the angels has been fashioned of spun for support. Wings and tail, braced|a new appreciation and perspec-[unity of the whole effect Without securely were next added as the | tive ,through their individual ef-the complete cooperation of thft Hi t*H « BVinnM ItHfVf .*% I ft *t«. Au .__. f_ _,_ I r L _«»*•* <i . * M_ .... .. ,.* - »• -r Me operation was taken weeks ago, Mrs. Bell explained, when her students discussed and decided up- * angels has been fashioned of spun bird's shape began to emerge from'forts, Mrs. Bell said. David Wiede glass, that of fee Christ Child has its initial basic form. Papier Imann, who designed and construe* jmache strips, used to conceal the jted the figure of the Christ Chii'd, 'framework,- wen.- then applied and expresses the attitude of the en Trumpet and harp instruments, carried by the angels, have ber.n devised of wood and cardboard, construe Ion Spl>ayed With gilt and glitter ' Construction Problem painted. Art students who have been car, 'ying out the festival, background i project are Ronald Beck. Judith tir<- group, with, "We havrj not only gained the value of three-dimensional figures, but have become acquainted with new problems en- * ec. u acquainted with new proble a LE WOrk ,', A UniqUe Pr ° H * m in c ™ sl ™<HB e eman, Diane Frederick. Dar- ' countered through our use .of^pr wsbaB with jlion was posed by the dove of rell Gates, Knren Haldorson, Garv mache. not previously met in our f "--•-- *- - ......... - ! - - Hiev ' UU8iy met '" our Harrison, Keith Helfritz, Jeanjuse of other media." Konz, Marlene Ronquist, Richard Thompson, David Wiedemann anrl Ronald Yocom. Complete Cooperation Needed "This staging has been a cooperative project." said Mrs. Bell, "in which each student of this small group has shown a definite Will Consider Gas Rate Hike A special meeting to consider a the shaping of chicken wife to form!peace, designed by Darrell Gates a base for each figure, to which'and Richard Thompson. To obtaiji strips of newsprint soaked In paste j the desired effect, the two boys were applied to build up the tie-;first cut a profile of fiber board, n,u,, niu i OUOm . sired contour. Paper fowling was;to which were fastened "ribs," Although tedious hours of pain- jtben molded in strips on the papier compartments of which were re-:staking work have been expended small group has shown a definite Imache figures to form a painting enforced with wads of newsprint [by the students, they have gained | feeling of responsibility for-tie Haven Lee Continues With Injury Testimony custodial staff,'* she pointed out, "this stage construction OWuld 6* Haven Lee, the most seriously 1 Osmundson and testimony by El- injured of four men involved injmer Spear, a farmer adjacent to a car mishap east of LeRoy last j the intersection who came to the hike in the gas rate will be sched-i year continued °" the stand '.his j scene right after the mishap. Rob t.led soon by the Austin Utilities > ™ or " ing j na cl »" B oarc l County District Coi Board members Tuesday noted; Lawrence Streif. Harold Smith in Mower Jert Leighton and William Baudler are representing the plaintiffs. that the department is paying an; and Lee are suin S Osmundson additional $100,000 a year for gas' Bros> and driver J °hn Wildman purchased from its supplier. The! for P ersonal injuries allegedly suf- additional hike went into effect • fered whe " Wildma " drove his Nov. 27 and is the seventh increase i car throu e h the " T " intersection asked by the supplier, Northern' 01 H 'S mVa y 5« and Highway 63 Natural Gas Co., in recent years. Sept ' 25t 1957 ' Although the increase is subject Lee took lne stand Tuesday after medical testimony by Earl BERT HARWELL Carole Parr, 13. 711 Division, suffered a bruised hip at 3:43 p.mJ Coastal Birds, Squirrels in Wildman is also suing Osmundson Bros, for personal injury dam age in a separate suit. The jury hearing the case consists of six women and six men. They are: Mrs. Fern Bilker, Austin clerk; Joseph Buland, Geo. A. Hormel & Co. employe from Red Rock Township; Mrs. Clifford S. Christiansen, Udolpho Towns h i p housewife; Victor Croes, Austin Hormel employe; Marlyn Dewall, Bennington Township farmer; Mrs. Ed Eckhardt, Austin- housewife; Mrs. Ralph Grant, Red Rock Township housewife; Corey Hanson, Lansing Township farmer; Norman Hovde, LeRoy Township farmer; Mrs. Loren Krueger, LeRoy housewife: Chester A. Reistad, Austin Hormel employe, and Mrs. Lock Seidel, Lodi Township housewife. Flight Training Chances Good WED., DEC. 10, 1958 PAGE 11 SALVATION ARMY KETTLES RECALL GROUNDED SHIP Those bright red Salvation Army (little to feed the survivors, but an) kettles on Main street and in the j ingenious lassie picked up an Sterling Shopping Center have an empty soup kettle, stepped out in- interesting history. jto the cold and set up a sign The tradition dates back to 1094,'"Keep the Kettle Boiling." just before Christmas, when aj The idea spread and the idea large ship went aground on the J was used by 30 Salvation Army rocky waters near San Francisco.'posts along the West Coast the i Survivors, both passengers and!very next year. The idea was car- crew, were helped to shelter in a'vied to Boston in 1897. I [nearby Salvation Army building.! with the kettles, boiling, the: iWith the country in the grip of a;Salvation Army is able to provide! depression there was refuge but|Christmas dinners for the homeless, clothing for the needy, Christ- f I C *' i maS gifts for hos P' taIized child- wierCJy 361S ren, rememberances for the lonely and the aged and Christmas checks so that parents may plan their own Christmas and buy gifts for their children. Five billboards appealing for support for the kettles have been impossible. Handling the special lighting effects for the festival presentation will be James Wegner, art Instructor, while staging duties will be performed by the high school custodial staff. Program folders, ordered and purchased by the Student Council, are being printed in the high school print shop by Jack Kentta. Ushers for the presentation will be pro vided by the AHS Ushers Club. Elton Lehrko, adviser. Oalkand Mail Route Longer OAKLAND, Minn. — With the addition of 1P6 miles to Oakland ! Rural Route 1, nearly all mail I patrons in Oakland and Moscow ; townships will be getting drive;way service, Postmaster Meredity Cole announced today. The route, the only dne out of here, will be 40 miles in Isngth. : Driveway service will be extend- led to 32 patrons, for a total of 148. j William Kirkpatrick has been |the carrier for nearly 42 years. ,He is on vacation at present, and ihis substitute, George Me Farland, .is carrying the Christmas mail. Sets Workshop on Mental Health Opportunities for high school graduates to receive Air Force flight training as pilots and navigators are greater now than at any time in recent years, according to Austin Recruiter Sgt. Wendell Kizer. Ci|&%»' Single high school graduates be- rl I Ml: tween the age of 19 and 26li.are j eligible for cadet training. A collision at 3-45 n m Tues- : ""° m **'"' per L ' W() leet per month • Kaibab and Albert sc l uirrels ': Training periods vary from 13 lows between zero and eight : day at Main and Oakland'caused i' 0 $3-5 ° ~" a Wke of G3 cents ' | Sage hens ' painted bunti "S s > Gam-1 months for navigators to 15 months 8Dove - |$125 damage to the car of Lor-! The 1952 gas hike was the °"ly' bel>S quail> Arizona M* and man y|for pilots with all instruction and And after the second straight jraine Grothe, 502 S. Main and ione in tne last 22 vears an d board l other ammals inhabiting the vast:flight training conducted in the damage to the car df Ernest i mem °e« • agreed increasing costs iarea between the Rockies and the; south and southwestern Un i t e d 3warsch. ism n P m>«n ! Justify a gas hike in order to main-: Pacific Coast and the Mexican. states. . tain present facilities and Canadian border will be shown Jf Upon successful completion of Acting Chairman Robert Bab- '" ^V"?^ **» "^ ^H Dining, aviation cadets are com- ats by Bert Harwell at Thursday's missioned secom} lieutenants and awakening to subzero tempera tures, this is welcome news. But take the bitter with the from northern Minnesota, and it will be cold again The extended forecast for Austin area foresees tempera-i^ 3 ' tures from zero to 22, with thej n ° na cold spell Friday and Saturday! ending the first part of the; week, : For the record, the downtown low was 12 below and it warm- { ed up to a penetrating eight; above Tuesday. i$50 JD. Bwarsch, 1810 Deneen. 7:45 p.m. Monday, Mill near Chatham, Burnette 1 Brandt, St. Ansgar, none; Lorraine Janning, 608 N. Third, $25. « F *' $50. 1H7 1517 cock on a motion by members in structed the temporary secretary, William Keefe, to call as ' '' at an early of the rate situation. Screen Tour Auditorium. A workshop on Mental Health for Mower County clergymen of all faiths will be held Jan. 27. The workshop will be sponsored by the following planning committee: Msgr. R. E. Jennings, The Rev. Gordon Wendland, the Rev. John Kerr, the Rev. M. E. Hauge representing the Mower County Mental Health Clinic, and the Rev. j David Kachel representing the Mower County Association of Mental Health. The committee met Tuesday with j Miss Genevieve Damkroger, men| tal health consultant with the Min nesota Department of Health and Thomas 0. Olson, director of community service of the Minnesota Association of Mental Health. The workshop will be held at Nelson's Hospitality Room from 9:15 to 4 p.m. There will be a noon lunch- Con. Program details and final arrangements will be provided at a later date. All clergymen are en New Books at City Library be held at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at the school, Mrs. Gordon Albers, Shaw PTA, said today. Boys from 8 to 10 and parents invited to attend the meet- are ir.g. SERVICEMEN A2-c Donald R. Peterson, son cf. - • re ' I turned from 13 months' service in; the Air Force, stationed in Okina FICTION Heckelmann, Trumpets in the Dawn, Lofts, Heaven in Your Hand. Miller, After the Glory. Potts, Lightning Strikes Twice. Quinlan, Merger. NON-FICTION Rush. Complete Book of Subma- wa, and has been assigned to theirines Waverly, Iowa, Air Force base. I Bolton. Dried Flowers With His address is AF 17-J922-JO, 728— French Look. AC&AW Sq., AFB. Waverly, Iowa. Punils Work on Operetta SPRING VALLEY, Minn. The operetta "The Toy Doll" will be given by Spring Valley elementary pupils at 7:30 p.m. D'ec. 18 at the school's Christmas i party and program. j . ;-* *»"- wuw* auu aiau are uuiain- ! The primary grades will present able at Wold's Drug Store and at j the operetta and the school choir the Austin Junior College office (QnH Oil-en Ml-inl All <-.•.»« I..111 I — .' i I _i ° ENTRY BLANK CHRISTMAS LIGHTING CONTEST Box 100 Austin, Minn. Please enter the following dome in youi Christmas Lighting Contest. Name Address Directions: (Suburban Area) Minnesota Home Assn., Encore. Morrison, Life With Par. Alexander, Decorating With You. - — •• i «*•». ««u.3i.4ii uuiiiui i*uucgc on] and all-school chorus will join the:The program is co-sponsored . upper grades in presenting the 1 the Junior College and the Economics' Natlvit y storv ' whlch Karen Cop-;tional Audubon Society ham will read. j A community sing by indents J4-H Slate Named Begins and audience will follow, Paul;. ... isaid. in Mitchell County Harwell will lecture on the films [training, ._ „.„_ .he took himself at the program'^ key aircrew positions with op- jwhich is scheduled for 7:30. erational Air Force units, graduate of the University of 1 State Police Group Elects City Officers Two Austin police officials were re-elected as officials of the Minnesota Police Pension Council at a meeting of the 26 member departments in Minneapolis. Re-elected for a two-year term as president was Sgt. Robert Ry- .,,... . ., . ««•« uouc. nu clergymen are en- receive their silver wings as pilots couraged to note the date now to or navigators. After additional' avo j d con flicts. donated in Austin to the Salvation Army post. Last year the Salvation Army across the United States provided holiday dinners and other assistance for more than one million persons and distributed more than 600,000 toys to needy youngsters. Adams Club Splits Into 2 Age Groups ADAMS, Minn. — Adams Full 0-Pep 4-H Club decided to divide into two age groups starting with the January meeting. The division will be in effect through the Mower County Fair. The groups will be sixth graders and younger and seventh graders and older. This decision was made Monday at a business meeting held during the Christmas party. A gift exchange was held, games played and carols sung. Mrs. Franz Arvold and Mrs. Conrad Schissel served lunch. 2 AHS Inlist in Air Force Two 1958 Austin High School graduates were enlisted into the Air Force this week by Sgt. Wendell Kizer, Austin recruiter. Both Kenneth D. Highet, son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Highet. 517 E. Allegheney, and H a r o 1 d Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. George A. Johnson, 611 Lyndale, are taking basic training at Lackland AFB, Texas. Attend Ordination Rite in Indianapolis Stanley Melton was ordained at the' Christian Church, Indianapolis, Monday. Those attending the service in- eluded Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Lagervall and Nancy, 1109 N. Fourth, and Roger Plath. Lagervall, elder of the Church of Christ, participated with elders of the Indianapolis church in the service for his son-in-law and extended greetings from the Austin church. Melton Is youth minister at the Christian Church, Brownsberg, Ind., and is a post - graduate student at Butler University," Indianapolis. Mrs. Melton (Sara Lagervall) I is a church secretary for Brownsberg Christian Church. The Lagervalls and Plath re- ,urned to Austin Monday. A graduate of the University of' California and holder of a master's degree, Harwell has taken many films which have been used by Walt Disney, in his true life adventure series. [ He has been park naturalist for the National Park Service at Yose- jmite and since 1940 has been on ithe staff of the National Audubon Society. i Single admissions will be sold at the door and also are obtain- I Reads Paper on Pre-Christ Church i \ ROSE CREEK, Minn. — A paper on the church before the com- ; ing of Christ was given by Richard Schnorenberg at the Catholic Youth Organization of Rose Creek j meeting Monday. j The school is conducting a , clothing drive for the William Ham- mersmas who lost their home in a fire last week. Three of the children were students in the elementary school. Reformed Church i Elects Official Slate ST. ANSGAR, Iowa — William JNeely has been elected president of the Mitchell County 4-H Foundation, succeeding Merrill Hackbarth, Osage. Other officers are Carl Rasmussen, Riceville, vice president; and Dr. R. D. Loften, Osage, secretary-treasurer. Directors are Norman Leinenkugal, New Haven, and The Rev. Leon Hazinski, pastor! St. Peter's Church spoke on the 1 — meaning of Christmas, Christmas and deacons wcre ele <^d by the: Other retiring officers are Har songs were sung and a gift ex- , Holland ale Reformed Church I'and Libersky, St. Ansgar, change was h e 1 d. A candy sale. , Monday - j Kenneth Knapp, Little Cedar, with proceeds for the mission! Elected elders were Henry Rey funds, was held. HOLLANDALE, Minn. — Elders Ralph Mayer, Stacyville. returned for two years as secretary, i Rysavy was formerly president! of the Austin Police Assn. in ad- ! dition to his post as secretary of j the state group. I The Minnesota Police Council 1 was formed in 1950 and now in-1 eludes all police pension funds in• the state. ; Doctor Attends Hypertension Clinic Dr. F. H. Rosenthal, of the Aus-' tin Clinic is attending a five dayj Here's Baldy Talkin Spent the day in Minneapolis listening to a League of Minnesota municipalities committee discuss pensions and pension plans for municipal employes. It is amazing to me to tind the problems we have here in Austin are identical with just about every city in the state only modified in exact proportion to population. I know that any proposal to change the existing laws in regard to pensions meets tremendous resistance on the part of the affected employes. However when some pension plans are going to need an assessment equal to about 30°c, of salaries paid, then I am afraid the taxpayers are going to call a halt and the pendulum will swing in the other direction and pensions may be cut oo far. If I were a city employe eligible to receive a pension, I believe I would want a plan that could be depended upon to furnish me with security in my golden years. I don't think I would want a plan that promises pensions that cannot be lived up to. After all what good is insurance if the insurance company can't pay its bills? I think we are better off to formulate a pension system we will be able to live with and that is on an economically strong basis C. R. H. Sell Unused Rural School Buildings SPRING VALLEY, Minn. :m,y ney; nen, Gen-it Mondeel and Robert VOll to Germany : Meed. Retiring elders are William ! | e Cf,, J-,,1.'.. flit. JBlocker, E. K. Miller and Bert, 15 ir ""®"* $ <3ltt jH. Draayer. ' SPRING VALLEY, Minn. I Deacons elected were William Guenther Heiderich, Spring Val_'Wiersma and H. A. J. Ravenhorst. i le y' s exchange student will talk Sale of rural school buildings no They succeed Robert Alvery and witn nis parents in Germany at longer used by the Spring Valley Harold Pepperling. . Christmas, a gift from the Spring district were completed last week, i The Rev. William Wolbrink. Min- Purchasers were James Kent,;neapolis, presided in the absence session on "Hypertension" in Phil adelphia. This symposium is the and first in a series of clinical lectures to be sponsored by the Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital of Philadelphia and is accredited by : the American Academy of General Practice. ' 1 Valley Kiwanians. Christmas Concert at Spring Valley SPRING VALLEY, Minn. - A jfree concert of Christmas music Lfist. 114. S.50; Frank'of Hummer, former Dist. 178, $43U: ; gation has called the Rev. Ben Cherry Grove Community Group, Ijamin Ver Steeg whose reply former Dist. liSi, $1,130 and Wil- expected Sunday. !i;nn Brekke, former Dist. 143, i $525. ; Furnishings were not included | Yd! OUflHt tO Kl10W in the sales. In other business at their meet- >will be preserted by the Spring ing Monday, the club approved Valley High School music groups regular pastor. The congre- : " g M ,°' may ' , the( club "PP 1 ™* i has rallpH ihp RPV L. , P lans Ior a Christmas party Dec. . 16 at Our Saviour's Lutheran •Church, with a travel consultant Thursday night. Taking part will be the high . ( school chorus, Madrigal Group, ; as speaker. Thomas Differt, Spring |Girl's Ensemble and the concert j Valley attorney, spoke on the Bill [band. Directors are Vernon Mort; of Rights. irud and Miss Sheila Buckingham. Three legal publications of the 2nd Student Stamp j Austin ci 'V Council appear today <*nlo R0 A ~U A .. CCnC Tc' on other P a = es of THE HERALD. >0l6 KeOCheS $805.75, They include: Resolution 4100 U. S. Savings Stamps sales j n 'which official sets the Council's Austin Public Schools Tuesday budget for the year beginning next readied $805.70 compared w i t h April 1. Resolution 4101, an agree- StiO^.50 when the first stamp sale 'ne«t between the city and '- ; ate was held two weeks ago, Post- highway department on mainten- master Elmer Requa disclosed to-'auce of trunk highways within the da - v - city. Resolution 4100 authorizing The first sale excluded Au-stin the mayor and city recorder to High School, but stamps were cm enter into a contract with Maple- sale there Tuesday. view on sewage treatment service. HELP!! We must reduce em large (rock of Famous Moke Elgin and Bulovo Wgtthej! 100 Watches Offered at V 3 Off Roger's Credit Jewelers 125 A. NORTH MAIN J-O-I-N The CHRISTMAS CLUB At The AUSTIN STATE BANK Next year you too can join the happy throngs of shoppers who enjoy the holiday more because they have prepared for it all through the previous year. JOIN OUR CHRISTMAS CLUB NOW! Save Weekly For 50 Weeks $ .25 $ .50 $ 1.00 $ 2.00 $ 5.00 $10.00 And Get ... For Christmas ... $ 12.50 ... $ 25.00 . . . $ 50.00 . . . $100.00 . . . $250.00 . . . $500.00 AT OU* SIDEWALK TELLER WINDOW AUSTIN STATE BANK F D.I C "The ChfhdHUi Bank" 3% Guaranteed Interest on Savings Certificates

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