The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 21, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 21, 1948
Page 3
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MONDAY, JUNE 21,1948 ELYTHEVILLE (ARK,)' COURIER NRWS Greek Army Hits At Rebel Forces Initial Successes Reported in Showdown Drive on Guerrillas United Pri-s« Slaff Corrrsponrltmt ATHENS, June 21. (UP) _ Tlie Greek Army reported initial successes today in a showdown offensive by 60.030 crack troops agiunst some 1,000 Communist guerrilla in tlie Graminos mountain fastnesses ot Northwest Greece. This was the long heralded dine to wipe out the rebels under Gen. Mjirltos Vafiades. Americun obscrv- Ajers prote.isod confidence of success. ""•Responsible picdicUons wore made that the "Free Oreec-e" of the Communists would be erased from the map m 10 clays or two weeks. Bidding f or a c \ vna SWCfpi tjl<! army stepped up attacks on tlie guerrillas la the remainder nt Greece. Concerted with tlie gram- mas offensive, the six-aim by I'M Greek Army since it routeii tlu Italians in 1041, were attacks on guerrilla-controlled areas in tlie Peloponnesus, nnd in the North along the Yugoslave and Bulsarinn borders. The Elite Greek Second Corps, commanded by Lt. Gen. Gwre Kalogcropoulos from the Kozme headquarter.',, lashed out at the guerrillas late yesterday. Ridge Captured In the first hours of the. fightim; under a brilliant moon, the Greeks captured the 4,003-foot Alvism Hidge, a little over a mile from the Albanian frontier. Casualties admittedly were heavy a.s the shock troops charged the ruf,';;ed positions. Twenty-eight strong, machine Bim ncsls had survived a pounding with j^fombs and artillery shells, and took i heavy toll of tlie assault, force. After a heavy air and land bombardment ol rebel strongholds, six full divisions comprising tlie second Corps attacked around a great U-shaped front. One arm ran dov/n from, key stronghold of Northwest Greece, to Iqannina, the capital of Emms. The other ran from KiigUn-ia to Grevcna. Tha open end of the U was within some 40 miles ol Albanian frontier. The guerrillas admittedly were putting up fierce resistance amid the Grammes peaks which tower to more than 7,000 feet. More than 100 guns, many of Ihem American-made howitzers, thundered and flashed through tlie mountains in the softening up barrage. Under their lire n-cre the cream of Va'iatles' troops, wily veterans of -A (he hit-run warfare among tae ~' snow capped peaks. Many of them were iri the ranks which stood oil the Germans ir. the last war. Blytheviile Girl Leaves for New York; To Sail Thursday for Tour of Europe All Gubernatorial Candidates Agree On State's Road Problem Miss Nancy Ann Hushes. rtau K ht.- r of Mr. ai-rt Mrs How D H,,irli« left Blytheville today for New York City. ,,,ere she will ju'in a' E ro p « | friends who plan to spend the next three months touring Europe. M, ss Hughes ] cft oarl ,, tiljs " " x i,u; for Memphis , if mm he e s e ! , u oViri "' '" L °" dOn ""< 1 "^ ^' UlC "'" -jwas scheduled to flv to New York ' l l , ,' B c """"'!' si 'ie s Miss ! E. L. Mcllaney. - ' to join the other, „,««,,„ ,.1 ) ° > '!' Bll f s ' to scther will, five O f her Three candi, By Bob llrown United I'roiM! Slaff ('i>rresmm<l<>>tt UTTU.; ROCK, Ark., June 21. — (UP)-—Tin-re was no itouut (odny tlml all Kubernatorlal candidates as \vcll as 400,000 Arkansas motorists Ihlnk the slate's highways me (lip No. 1 problem Cueing tlie next ml- inlnlst ration. The latest lo openly express thai opinion ami promise R solmlou was former Attorney Oi-neral Jack- lloll. Opening his cntnpolRti In Soarey Batnrcliiy. Holt promised to build 1,000 miles of hard-surface roads without new taxes or bonds. He did 1 not explain liow he planned lo II- nauce the program, hut he "guaranteed" the construction. "I am willing to slake my pollll- •al future on that guarantee," he declared. Holt struck out at President Tru- iniin's eMl right* proposals and de- Kcribed them as the "burning Issue" of this campaign. Candidate Sid McMutli defended his proposal (o Issue additional hlRluvay Immis hi a speech at El Dorado. The Garland County prosecutor said he considered It Kiiod business lo borrow money lo protect I Ihe $260.000.000 Investment In the -slate's hlKlnvay system. Thompson lilts llimd Issue I Earlier. Horace E. Thompson had i denounced a new bniut issue nnd ' Indicated thai his solution would be nn additional lax upon the motorists. Other candidates have placed, highways the No. 1 issue on their' problem lists and have promised corrective measures. In other political action: Two dcaillinc-s loomed on the scene. Candidates have until Wednesday 110011 lo withdraw from tile July 17th preferential primary nnd remove Ihelr names from Ihe ballot. And candidates have until noon tomorrow to qualify as candidates for associate Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court to (III the vacancy left by the recent death of Justice are J. Fred Jones and Geoijjo Ros« Smith of Mtlle Koek und Arthur Adams of Joncsboio, Gubernatorial condldale James Merrill of McOehou ,wli» lias lx><rn actively camimlKnlni; for some time will open his [nrnmi campaign 8M- urday at Mrtnllcello. Merritt will be nt Halcsvllle tomorrow afternoon ami nt Newport lomorrow nl^ht. MrKrrll Hi-re Krlrtay James (Uncle Mae) MncKrell of Utlle nock planned lo Invade Eastern Arkansas Ihls week. He will lip In Lake City tomorrow nluhl, nt Marlon Wednesday and al Illyllic- vllle Krtday. In Kort Smith. Candidate l!oh Ed Loflon animnnced Dial, lit* favor.i two initiated proposals Involving schools. One would require consolidation of smaller districts within counties, and the second would remove, the in-mlll celling on locally coHceted school (axes. In Ills El Dorado speech Saturday. MrMnth promised to Inlllnto a revision of the slate's taxation system. He declared thai ninny laxes are so hlich that the state's total Income from the commodity tax Is less than it would be If the lax were lower. He promised an Immediate reduction ol the .sl.x-r.ent Arkansas cigarette lax to four cents. Elizabeth's Child to Be Born Saturday, Oct. 16 LONDON, June SI. —111!') Princess Elizabeth hns been (old by her physicians, accordlnt; to a published report today, dial lier baby probably will be born Saturday, Oct. 16. Cocfccr Spanltl Ketcued Aitir 21 Days on Roof Top in Vanport City Flood , Or., June 21. _ (UP)--A tan cocker »\nnM was recovering at the ]|u! ni<110 s"',.?y pomid today „«,.,. ,,, s nsm ^ ,y root' top." " Mt °" ' V! "" wt 0«, Tlio dog, nlxnil 4 or e ,, c , ir , . was saved by an Army •',&•• S it* crow. Soldiers fed him "O" ri.- "oiw «nn took him to the pound. Jhe cocker spurned « pan ot water PAGE THHEB Rhod» Island To Vott for Truman ,,MM ' T • Ju »« H. - (ul 1 )— ['resident, Truman was M- smed tcxlny of 12 more votes at the Dcinoemllc Nntlonnl Conventton rifler lihodc Island pledged Us dele- KUtlon to his cundtdncy. A stale [im-l.y ccmvcntlon ye«ter- duy chose [our (Weenies with n full vole each »nd 10 with a hull-vote each. More Until 700 fires occur in homes daily, »veriinlii(! alxnit »350 loss per lire. POISON OAK SUMAC .... to New York the. others making the tour. Ihe party, chaperoned by M r s John Hammond, college director at the Biltmorc Hotel in New York City, will sail June 24 on Cunard's If.M.S. Queen Mary and will dock ! at cherbovirg. Prance, less than a week later. From there tlie party ' will go to Paris for several davs i ., continuing to Nice on the French ! Hughes plans (o leave Liver- Riviera and Rome. i I>O01 for ' While In Europe Miss Hughes will • visit .Mrs. Robert. Htirtignn, d.iiK'li- i 1 ..„.._ 1 ler of Mr. and Mrs. c. W. Afflick ! The group of girls, all , leilr tllc , lor im-thevjJle who has been living • same age. will take only two still-' near Brussels since last Scptem- ', cnses each for their entire toiir of ' The tour will Include Northern Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, England and Fiance. Miss Hughes will fly from Amsterdam Hushes, together with five of her friends, will sail from Harwich England, on the Stellar Polaris .said to be one of the most luxurious of all Swedish Liners. The cruise will be through the Bailie and North '£eas.^wUh slops scheduled for Bcr- „_,_ Stockholm, and Copen- her return voyage August , I 24 on Cunard's Medea and will : arrive back in the state Aii"ust '!) Three candidates fillnK to date Mamaye Licenses The following couples obtained man-luge licenses yesterday In the olllce ol Miss Ellwiljciii Dlythe county clerk: Donald Hamilton and Miss Oratfl Masck of St. l.onts. Mo. Charles Kdward Stewart and Miss Mary Catharine Lane of lil.vlhovllie. Bodies ot Sweethearts Found Drowned in Lake ELY, VI,. June 21. — lUPi— The I bodies of two married sweethearts! Knrope, as Ijeavier luggage would not be shipped quickly enough to accomodate the travelers. Miss Hughes has jusl complc-led -.,.„.....,,,.., ... v llum Amsterdam ! her study at Katharine Olbbs to London on the "Royal Dm el, i School i n New York City h , v ,K Airlines-, where she will attend | previously attended Go cl'.er rol- iX ^TLSir which open |L? eM '^r c " " d soul1 "-'-1 Confederate 'General' Dies at 102; Last Survivor of Longsfrreet's Corps found roped lo ecl her in Lake Vah- Sheriff Larry T We ^in ' l° r ° f cmltcticrat e Gen. James A. rp then leapei rowbont 25' into the water from n 1 Jaw feet from shore. i old ' Officials said the couple iiad con- j Th c llti with his mfe. son-ln- "'so. He was 10'> vears u - Jravs Howell's physician attributed children. 1n A |» f ''J he i rni f an d ' 5coveret] thc bodies | death to a heart" ailment which "be- in i» leetot water directly opposite I pan to bother him about six week tne spot where Taplln's automobile I ago. Until then he had walked t: was found abandoned last Monday, his insurance office dailv with th two days after the pair disappeared aid of his cane. Oen. Howell celebrate his 102nd birthday. Oov. William M Tuck attended, as riirl Ocn. Lotigstreet's WldO'.r and Howcll's favorite act-, Mary Pickford. Howell was actually discharged ; a corporal alter the war between the stales, but thc high rank was bestowed on him in later years by comrades in the fast-thinning ranks ; of Hie bine and gray. He enlisted al the age of 15 and served as an Army courier throughout Ihe war. He was wounded once Recently he had served twice as commander in chief of the United Confcclerale Veterans. He- is survived COOL-RAY AVIATION 3 -fff^F'fTII-i; «UtttvC-l,r U j. Mrr.l llmiTus . . . Wrar Iliiiiumiil. 1 ; *fO«U M itTTMfVrLU. IMUVMtS AMD Tt !•!•!•» 50c a Week his wife Wesfinghouse Electric Grants Wage Increase PITTSEiURGH, .Tune 21. —(UP) — Westinghonse Electric Corporation ye.sterd.iy granted an eight per cent wage increase to 70,000 production and salaried employes represented by the CIO United Electrical Radio and Machine Workers Union' The ne\v agreement, which is retroactive to June u. was announced in a joint slntement issued bv W o Lippmnn, vice-president of the company, and James J. Matles UE ' director or organization. The agreement provided for a nine to ie cent hourly pay boost and i grants employes an additional paid holiday, Washington's birthday i bringing to seven the number or paid holidays. A company spokesman said thnt the new pay boosts "ultimately will affect prices." ARE YOU DISCOURAGED because you suffer distress from FEMALE CCMPW you NERVOUS, HIGH-STRUNG on such days? Arc you trembled by distress ot fc- iniilc fuuciioiml niomlily disturh- titicrs which m^Vf.i you suffer from pain, Icel so nerroiii, cT:mk>-, rrst- U-ss. weak~At surh times? Thoa no try LyclLa E. PinKliftru'n Vc«e- tfibic Compound to relieve such symptoms! Ill a recent mcdtcdl test It proved rcmarknbly hplplul to womrn. trdiihJcfl this Way. Why tlnri't you get smart Mid try u Yourself? i'lnkiiani's Compound Is what Doctors cnM R uterine f=<'(latH-e. It hns a ftrnnd sooth in c; r"cct on one of iceman's most important orpar^. regularly—Plnkham's Com pound helps build up ruUsu-mc RK^lnst such dlstrefis. It's nlso Sirnt stoinnchlc tonlct E. Pinkham's VEGETABLE COMPOUND f\ • '• ' •;•-•• ;•"•!._•"* -•^~ar-'»^4J9»*»t*«9i«8»-' Guaranteed Watch Repairing All Work Dona By Factory-Trained Experts )S Reasonable Prices IS Prompt Service V Satisfaction Assured Regardless of mo l«j OI . condilion, bring In your wotch or clotk now for expert cleaning, rspoiring or odjustirg. All work guaranteed. SLHEIFUS Sterling Inlaid Qiiality OUR VERY FINEST SILVERPLATE 52 piece set for 8 °« LY $1050 1 J ISII (rw Federal 7*x) • Every line of Ihent lovely patteinfl apcak* of candlelight ind fine crystal. And they kcejy ihcir beauty far J«/igrr (h^n Otticr Vin ill of lilvcrplile . . . because ihe liacka of bowl* and IiarulSes of nioai-uscd fntls ami Bpooni have been intaitl with Mockj \fstcrluij5 iilver. $7.00 Down HO' DREIFUS IVY-DRY Value of This Big Saving NOW ONLY Replace that old lumpy with one of these soft, comfortable Inner springs «t this remarkable sa Is a regular ?29.75 mattress. See thl.i mattress today. Purchnu on Wade's «as/ credH terms. Open An Account WOOD AND METAL! TWIN AND FULL SIZES! Wood Beds. $22.50 up Metal Bed* .......... $9.95 up Beds, Beds, Beds. Yes, we've really got them. A style to nt any need, colonials, moderns, posters, .fenny Llntts and many others. See this large selection today at Wade's. ... .$89.50 up . . $44.50 up 2 PC. Suites Odd Sofas . Odds and ends, some are floor samples, but In perfect shape, ami nt rcnl money saving prices. On display you'll nnd tapestries, velours, plaids and many others, Purchase on Wade's easy credit terms. 21.50 WALNUT CHESTS . 19.50 np> 29.95 WARDROBES 24.95 up 2fl.!)5 WALNUT DRESSERS 24.95 «p 21.95 VANITY DKESSERS 19.50 op 15.00 HOLLA WAY REDS . 12.95 up 11.95 KKDSrRINGS ..... 12.95 up 5.00 VANITY BENCHES . 2.95 up WADE FURNITURE CO: Mora for Tour Money All the Stores in Rlylhevilie, Ark., Union City & Martin, Tenn.

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