The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on June 22, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 22, 1894
Page 7
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UAlLt AND WEEKtt. ALL HOME PRINT. Inn SXKT1NEL is the only newspaper In Cat- Mil county that la printed All at home and It cob- atns tnorslocal atid counW news than any other two papers lu this county. • PoWimd * CoLoto, Props. FRIDAY, JtjMB 22, 1804. PEOPLE AND EVENtS. Pants. Slippers at Moore a. Fine Bhoes repaired at Moore's. Best shoe blacUin p at Moore's. t The best 11.00 work shoes at Moore's. Pants. Pabst's Hotbrau beer always on tap at Henry Theirs'. Window screens and screen doors at Martin & Claris'. ' A. W. Bwender. returned from his Nebraska trip today. Inquire prices on screen doors and windows and Hocking Valley coal at Joyce's.' ff Pants. • Thousands of new patrons have taken Hood's Sarsaparllla this season and realize Its benefit In Wood purified and strength restored. Carroll's streets have a sort of deserted look today, so many of our citizens being at the picnic at Wall Lake. The peace of the community depends entirely upon Marshal Hamilton today, the mayor and night police being at the picnic. . , tfeverlshness of the scalp won causes baldness. Ayer's Hair Vigor cools and cleanses the scalp and clothes It with beauty. .. ,'. Do not spoil your shoes with inferior dressings, but if you would like something good and nice, you will - find it at Moore's. Pants. • Mr. and Mrs. B. Leasure, of Clinton, were in the city last .evening, for a visit with their old friends, Mr. and Mrs. 8. A. Easterly. , . . Sieg Simon and family came down from Ida Grove last evening and joined the crowd this morning to take in the picnic at Wall Lake. Geo. Watts, .the new manager of the Standard Oil company it this place, has moved bin' family here and they have taken rooms at Mrs. M. B. Wetherlll's. John Bucbholz »nd John Kopplemann, of Auburn, were in the city yesterday on business and report the wind storm very heavy in that locality but no great dam- Age done. Alex Guegel was before the mayor's court yesterday afternoon charged with disorderly conduct. He w,as found guilty and the mavor assessed the 'damages at |80 and costs. Mr. and Mrs. Lyman, of Dunlap, have moved to this city and now occupy the Munscn property on Carroll etreet. • Mr. Lyman has taken a position at the Letts, Fletcher wholesale house. Chas, Ludwig baa about finished the work he has been doing on bis house this spring. He hat enlarged and remodeled it and now has one of the most commodious and 'comfortable homes in the city. It blowed a hurricane day before yesterday and the next day it seemed as if something equally as unexpected happened. Carroll defeated Glldden at a game of ball and Chas. declares that It was easy. Happy days and restful nights result ' from ustug Ayer's Sarsuparlllu. it so regulates all the bodily functions and strengthens the nervous system that worry •nd fatigue are comparatively unknown and life Is truly enjoyed. It is certainly a moat wonderful medicine. . . W. E. Guild has bought the Bohapman property, corner Eighth and Adami streets, paving therefor f 9,050. He secured one of the best corners in Carroll at a low price. Mr. apd Mw. Guild will commence housekeeping in their new home. "Many, of the oltl/.ens of HalnsvUle, Indiana, nro never without a bolt'nof ,Cbnmborl.tin's", cough ,;r«n»".dy In th e •house," nays Jaoob Brown, tlie loa.dl.iu nioreluwt ot the place, This ri'mudy hu» prnv«»of so iliuoli value for colds, crow mid whooping cough In children Mat few mothers who know lt» worth nn- Hlllm? to be wllliout it. For iwle by J ton, druggist. Miss Bdlih Maoqrober returned homo yesterday aud Bv arrived lUls morning, c the Macombor family are holding a son of reunion, all thu. children being to Collier once worn under the parental roof. Miss Edith has boon attending the Beuiluarv alBookford, III., while By Just nulshed hts Urit year at the university, 1 have two little grand oblUlrwii wlio aro teething thlv hut «juiu|»er weather.aud ere troubled with bowel eomplalut, 1 glv* '«iu otiauiberlitlu'i cello, obolete and dlar- ' rfioea remedy f»Vd It wte like • ebacm. I earnestly reeonimend It for children with bowel troUblua. I WM uiyiolf takeu will it severe attack or bloody llux.wltheraiops and p»|u« lu my sloiuaoh, one-third of a bottle of thin remedy cured iu», |PUU|n twenty-four hour* I *M out of bed doing wy house work, Mr*. W. L. g4H,Uou-tou», lllukui»nCo.,Tt)uu. mle by J. IF. Uattoii, druggist, Pt»oU, A IMJP crowd of C»rioll'8 belt cltlieni tnd falreit daughters left thU mornlog to VftJoy an outing »t Wall Like, the occa- •lon being » celebration by the MM°M of B|. John'* day. though U»e picnickers •ere not conUueU to tbe M«*onlt> frater nity, la f Mfc w)»»t «»e t ieemed fts i! efetybody and etefy- body's best eltl Wag on hand to take i ;he fun. Three coaches, a baggage car and a way car comprised the tfnin as it wiled out of the city and the eitciirsioti- sts were accompanied by the band.' The day was an ideal one and if that crowd doesn't have a good time we don't know of one that could. The full text of a recent decision of the Iowa supreme court, which appears n the current Northwestern', Reporter, ndicates that Frank HageD will be the winner In the Arcadia election contest. Frank Nockels. Bert Mast, Geo. Do- clus, Chas. Perrlne and Geo. Nestle started for Lake View on their wheel' his morning. They did not leave until after the train, but expect to beat it up there. The long drawn out postofflce fight at Afarshalltown has nt last been settled and Mr. H, L. Gatz has received the appointment. The appointee was a member of Governor Boles' stall and is one of the leading Democrats of that city. . ' • A party of bicyclists got caught in the wind storm out at Eentner as they Were returning from Lake City. Clovis and Fish got under shelter and about midnight hired a team to bring them to the city while Geo. Neotle and Frank Nockels took refuge under a bridge until the worst of the wind was over When they walked to the city carrying their wheels. It was a bad night for wheelmen. .The annual hose races have been run and won and the Carroll boya were not n it. The class 44 race was won by Corninp In 422-5, JNo. 8 making the run n 47 44 N In the amateur race Grinnell won Itn44 1-5, while our boys got no time. In this race one of the' Carroll's fell and was dragged several yards, but was not seriously injured. In view of the fact that our base ball team finally succeeded in doing up Glldden we, can stand considerable grief in other directions just now and the hose team will be treated well, though they need not expect us to meet them at the train with the band. There Is more Catarrh In this section of the country than all other disease* put together, and until the last few yean was be Incurable. Vor a great many years doctors pronounced It a local dlKaae, and prescribed local remedies, and by constantly falling to cure with local treatment, pronounced It Incurable. Science b as proven catarrh to be a constltualonal disease and therefore requires constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured bj F. J. Chenej4gjCo., Toledo,Ohio, Is the only constitutional cure on the market. It Is taken Inteanally. In dose* from 10 drops to o teaapoon- f ul. It acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. They offer one hundred dollars for any case It falls to cure. Send for circulars and testimonials. Address t. J. CHENEY 4 CO., Toledo, O. rSold by druggists. 76o. . • lOK. Rich & Todd are now t ready to deliver ice. They desire the patronage of their old customers and all others who are in need of first class ice and prompt delivery. We guarantee satisfaction. Leave orders at Todd & McAllister's lunchroom. RICH & TODD. Carroll Market Report WHEAT-42cto~«c~ OOKN-28 OATS-SOc HOGS-8425 POTATOES- 76 BUTTEK-lOc EGGS—7o CATTLE-S8.00 to8,50 AT LAST. CABBOU. wnra A QAIIB FBOMCILIDDBN AMD IBM BUM BALL BTOOK TAKB9 AH OP. WAHD IiBAF.—apOBB: OABBOLL, B1VBN OUDDKMi I'OOTI* • Forouoetba fatea were againat our frienda at Glidden, who bare often defeated oar play ere, and tbe heretofore iu vincible viaitore were clearly outplayed "tor yeara we haveJteeiTtryUig to* get nine bell pleyere together to defeat then and tbe honor remained for the colored captain to lend hie men to victory The fact that tbe game wae won by lue Uornu team wae more of a eurpriae to na tbau it wae to Uu> visiting olub. Walurou bud charge of il>« iMt-atVd club a'ttl it was dullard (o dougbuuu ihut be wuu'd wio Hi-gsaui, While our boya 4 good bull ever?thing appeared to them and tbe visitors were iu hard .urk, Waldron wae well aupported be biud the bat and did «ome very effective work, but bis •field wae not M he baa of>MI brought here, but atill tbey did good work, atid for tbe amount of practice they have had did remarkably well Luug and Qobarnweber were in great biihjje aud worked the pojutp tor ail there wmiV the game. &*»* •^ tt <* »»> W teen of the tweuly-eeven, which ie a re markabif record for a boy of hie yean UoOlnre held down dnl b«ee In a pay that pleated all and everytbwf |hat c»me hie way wae proftvly mured for* UHU>I|| did the heel work M eud with the etlck that we ew Olure. Bradfurd wae all fMila*, dawn uu »ulrd. from the time the game until it oloaed, He did not hart MHO!) to do for wry few of the etrevgare *i»|t •d hie eawp, ao he we* not kept vary touey I but when IMP held a ^hfUMd hjatl and allowed that wan to rnv 4own to third the atnwfphere vaj aflisjwbat e«l pburiow J« that reflou. WiUdton, Kyl», Orill, Offie 104 fig, flu did go«4 work owl h§»* w> rfMOD to fee) dJMouraied »w Wn L. P. SHELDON. J. B. MORGAN. POUR OP W. O. HICKOK. B. H. OADY. mer TALE'S CHAMPIONS. Poor Tale athletes who an to compete against Oxford, July 16, are Hickok, ham- 1 thrower; Cady, •printer; Morgan, mile runner; and Sheldon, broad jumper. jility of a like state of affairs in Amer- can cities more than suggests the na- ionalistio tendency of the time. He liys: 'The supreme court of the United States long ago decided that the regula- ion by the community through its leg- slatlve and executive agents of all in- iustries which to any large extent affected its well being is one of its coii- titutioual tights. In .the celebrated Granger cases it is held that any state might, to prevent extortion, limit the rates of storage for grain which ware- lousemen should be allowed to exact as it limits the rates of interest for the use of money, and the principle thus es- ablished has since been applied to other subjects. Thus the legislature of hia state in 1880 limited by law the trice of gaa in this city whether it waa 'urnished by corporations or by individuals, and it has since then on several occtrftens extended the limitation o smaller cities. Its intervention has also lately been sought to reduce tele- ihono charges, and though it has not yet made the reduction its right to do so- is conceded. "If, therefore, it should happen to 'the course of events that the comfort and well being of our citizens generally should ba impaired either by quarrels between coal mine owners anrl their miners which cut off the supply of coal or by combinations between the two involving the exaction of on exorbitant price for it, the precedent has been made both Tiy custom and by law for regulating the business by legislation. Whether this shall be done by fixing miners' wages and hours of labor and as a consequence the price of coal, or whether the people shall take possession of the mines by what lawyers call the. right of eminent domain and carry them on as they carry on in this city the business of supplying water and in. many other cities that of supplying gas, is one of those knotty questions which, remain to^e answered." J. H. Ferguson, a grocer of Buy City;. Mich., was struck by lightninK and instantly killed. they made and had fortune favored them, we have often tbunght it did when they were walloping the ground with us, they would have turned defeat into victory, aa we were afraid tbey would until tbe laat man waa out. The following ie the eoore: Carroll— • PO IB so Hamlil 2221 fccharnweb'r 1 2' 8 McClur-3...., 224 Li Erler. Hart. Shales.. 0 812 0821 0218 Glidden- )rrle Peggies.. 0 1 no schuiti ".'.'.'. i J l _o Total.... 7 24 14 8 Peggli :rill.. Kyle. Waldron.. Potter..... Hood Hudion .. Taylor... i— R PO In so ..08 2 2 ..2 1 41 ..1220 .0308 ..0402 ...0413 ... 0418 ..1380 ..0 312 Total.... 4271416 0100-7 200 0-4 Carroll 8 0301 Glldden... 00 Oil CORRESPONDENCE. I Correspondents, to Insure the publication of tbelr letters in tbe weekly, must mall them so they will reach our office Wednesday.! BAST LIDEKTT AND BUCK BUN. The blessed tain came on the 16tb and more fell yesterday . We must all be truly thankrul. Rev. C. A. Carlson has gpnn to Grand Junction to attend district conference. Rev. Hughes of Mt. Vernon will conduct the tabernacle meeting. Tree agents representing a Wisconsin nursery -were soliciting orders here last week. John Ulnkley drilled a well for Fred Lusher last week. It U 112 feet deep and rises within 12 feet of tbe surface. Potato bugs are here,useless and numerous as Ooxey's army, and Paris green Is In great demand. Nathan Farmer was buried in Mt. Hope cemetery on the Uth.' lie died suddenly of some throat trouble. There was no funeral service. Bro. Santa wrote that a petition bad been offered to the chief rain maker. It recalled to our mind a poem by the late B. P. Shlllabar, of New Hampshire, who was generally known as Mrs. Partlngton. IFe copy a verse: Then man and vegetation prayed for i rain; The withered Hocks like famished hands But day by day was man's petition vain, Tbe clouds arose and vaolshed as be gued. UNION TOWNSHIP. Walter Rutbraufl started to school 'at Carroll Monday. Children's day at tbe Star was very good, collection being 86.48. Jim Daily was taken quite sick Saturday but has since recovered. A now baby girl Is reported at Madison Daughters'. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Foxworthy visited at Mr. I. Thomas' Sunday. Quite a number attended tbe U. B. sociable at Mr, Vaughn's last week. Miss Alice lleald is at present visiting her brother Elba. The young people of the neighborhood enjoyed a pleasant party at Mr. Fox worthy's Friday night. Cyrus Rhodes-does not Improve much Miss Anuetir was thrown out of a wagon lust week and wan qulto badly hurt. Goo. MorrU sold eomo of his hay to parties near Yale, they are having It baled aud will ship H- ^ II, li.fjqulrob' new houaals about finished Mrs. T. if. Uable is taking ear treat men t at Carroll. A blub raour snake about three find one- half feat long WHS shut lu our vlolnlty. "Uro."Touiul«iou you are rlgfit lu §11 ting down ouUio"J"rof."lf he Is too nosey. Unolw Cyrus Klmdas waa not so well Itttt wui'k. Ills daughter, Mrs. 0. A. liar- pur, Is nt home now, Thu twavtiUKor of old rubber boots and •bnus waa In out vicinity last week . Mesari. Swalu aud Campbell of Sioux City ware al C»rrclllon tail week leotur- log ou temperance. The bicycle fever I)M itruek lu among ui. We can roll on the sidewalk yet. Tl»e change lu the rnall service U just what we weed. The manager has our IbankHfor thU. The well (trill working for (7, ». Orlt- teudeu li dawa W (eel nud no tatlifao tory How of water. PrepwatlQiw are being made to have « very lutere»»lug program r»i»4ewd «t tbe pjeuio. neatOarrpllum. Miw Uaferlaua wan vl»lilng it home iMt week. A yeuug ton h»i arrived at the home of #r.au4 UN. Roberts, and the family of JM. Kiou hip alwjbew* wol«e«ed. Mr. eAdNr».Ua|erl«udQelebrated their ill ver weaaiuK IMt Friday. Abouj thirty wet* pieaeikt «l)d ewjoyed the W- casion. The young folks danced until late at night. Some beautiful silver presents were Riven. • The parochial school will give delightful entertainments on'the evenings of the 2d and 3d of July. All who attend aro assured of a pleasing program. Entertainment commences at 7:30. Notice—Highway—Proof of Claims. To T. Davis. D. Davis, O. W. Carpenter and 3. Callanan and all whom It may concern: The commissioner appointed to vacatn and locate a highway commencing nt northwest corner of northeast southeast 2S-R2-94 and running thenee east to the northeast corner of eald northeast southeast 23-82-84 and terminating at said northeast corner ot the northeast! southeast 23-82-34, be located, and one highway beginning nt the northwest corner of the said northeast southeast 23-82-84 and running thence In a southeasterly direction across the said northeast southeast 23-82 84 and terminate near the southeast corner of tbe said northeast southets 2842-34 be vacated, has reported tn favor of vacating and locating thei e if, and all objections thereto or claims for damage must be fl'ed In tbe auditor's offloe nn or before noon v of the 24th day of May A. D. 1894. or such highway will be vacated and located without reference thereto 9-|t W. P. HOHB.tOH, County Auditor DR. DOWNING, THE MOST SUCCESSFUL SPECIALIST AND SDnOBON.WILL VISIT CARROLL SATUR DAY, JUNE 30. HE CCUE8 AFTER OTHERS FAIL Dr. Downing is undoubtedly the mos successful specialist in the treatment o chronic and nervous diseases in this country. He devotes bis entire time to tbe treatment of all forms ot chronic or wasting blood and nervous diseases and the complications which result from these diseases. Dr. Downir.? has treated many thousands of cases of :uis charac ter, and b;s success has been a subject o remark, both in the medical profession and by the non-professional public. H has made many cures in cases of long sta nding diseases which have been re garded as incurable by local physicians lie has also cured thousands of cases o disease! of a delicate nature which otbe specialists have failed to cure. Dr Downing will not undertake to cure case which he is not • confident of reliev lug. Neither does he trifle with uufor tunate victims of disease month afte month ae do some pretenders, Dr.Down lug's aysttm brings him in contact witl bia patients regularly, enabling him l watch tbe progress of cases and to pro scribe intelllueutly and tieatsuccessfully lie cures nil forms of wasting diseases Kidiiuy uud liver trouble, catarrh, dys pupUu, diseases of men, young or mid die aged, drains upon tbe system, losse of vitality, aud the results of weakens umTdebllitated nervous conditions. Dr Dowoing's rapidly growing practice anc (he hearty commendations all his patient iu this vicinity are evidence of his re uiarkable success. Be has earuod th distinction of curing after all others fail If our readers require the services of . specialist wo will call your attention t Ilia doctor's visit to Currbll, Saturday June 80, at Burke's hotel. Kemeiuhe the date. Call aud ceo him early; hi utlice is often crowded. Bids will be reoeiveii by the iudnpeudeut die triot of OerVolli lowu, fur the removal o boiler from uortb to noutb sid« soboo bouee, buildiug boiler bouse, uuit boiler, aud putting iu tbe atenm beat Plane and epeoittuutiooa will to iu Ib Hjoretury's otlloe after July 4,1804 Bide to be opened July 23,1804. Tbe boar reaeivee the right to reject nuv or al bide. 0. H, BCIKIT, President. Carroll, Iowa, June 21.1894. JOS. Ice aewon'bas now begun aud the wag on Is now out. Leave your orders at th otlloe Q! A. U. Quint or Id. 81 won'»store PWMltollMe* of th* Ooul Strike. Mftttbw Muralittll diuousaoa iu the Kew Yotlc Mm wbut would happen i the oaol »triko should liwt till it ouU off the Hupply of gaa aud water from oltioi. WUetitUiswtw throntouod iu Euglnu last year, prouiiuout oitieoiis aud mem ben of pajrliainout took A btwd art tlwltUeuiftttorbywrbitratlou. >tr. Mar sliall telU us tUat eowo yean ago t> gu strike iu Mftuobuitor left tUftt town durkues* Tbeu tUo liritlsh govwutoew ordoNd n detail of luw uittjo»ty'« sol diors to taJco ohargo of Ute worlu and make g«A which they did until workmen could be fouad. otpoluiiaus to which eveu Mr, couio* iu rofo^uoo to tUo po#si GREAT SIII-AIIOAL CLEARING SALE Largest discount ever offered on MEN'S, BOYS' -: AND : CHILDREN'S SUITS. Steam ship tickets to and from all parts of the world at lowest rates. . cms SINE ALWAYS THE CHEAPEST You Will Save Money by Taking Note of the Following Prices on Piece Goods For This Week: Good Challies, new designs ., Fine New Lawns Good Domestic Gingham Best Domestic Gingham O Good Calicos 3i Standard Prints.. '.. -6 Full Yard Wide Fine Muslin 5 Good Bleached Muslin 44 Pure Linen Towling. »5 Large Turkish Towels 10 Fine all linen HuckTowol, 18x82,184 54 in. Fast Turkey lied ) Table Damask. | Fine Check Nainsook Fine Shore Madras Cloth 6* Yard Wide Percales(dark colors).. Best Bhang Tong Pongees .... Honey Comb Bed Spread 59 See our Flue Dress Gingham See our French Jucoonetta See our French Organdies ...... 5cts. 74 " 6 " 8 " 5 " 74 " 74 " 74 " 15 " 20 " 40 " 10 " 10 " 124 ", 20 " 75 " 124 " t \K a 25 " Remember is is a Mm Qo»>PrioeI We don't make the good nuy for* tbe they do iu credit atorea. For tuU i*ea*H>u you win ttlwtiytj fluduur Pi'U'.ua uw»y below ftllour

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