Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 2, 1928 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 2, 1928
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' :S TA T E H I S 7;C R i C AL- S 0 CIBTY • XOP, i The REGISTER'S Circulation records overt to public ivspection at any time. CIRCULATION is the only Commodity a Newspaper Has to^Sell Its Advertisers. VOLUME XXXi. N... 59. ; Huco-swir I .I Th.- I'ila Dnlly Kpfftiitvr. The Jolu Tiilly J(c<-nr<l unU loia Daily Iiidex. lOLA. KAN., MONDAY EVENING, JANUARY 2. 1928. CHORCHESOF GOODCROWDS Despite Weather,. Attendance Is Good at the Local Churches VESPER SERVICE ON Presbyterian Church Is Scene oif Feature Attraction PRESIDENT AND WIFE FOLIX)W OLD CUSTOM OF GREETING NATION WashinKtoij. Jan. 2. (AP)—A tradition handed down from the lime of John Adam.s was acknowledged once more at the White House today when President and Mr.s. CooHdge invited ofTK-ljil and dpilomatic Washington and the public, to exchange New Year'.s greeting .s. Sc'lptVlnK plaicM I d th" blue* i room where John and AblBall Art- 1 ''«-e8«d.inl and Mrs. JlnrdlnR shook urns first Htood 127 years a^o to vxtond n ilappy'.New Year to the liaudful of officials and foreisn The niornlnK hours were allot- jted to foreign diplomats and gov- I ernmi-nt .officials. First to be re- j envoys who made up the citizenry ,ceived were members of Mr. Cool- lof the young ciipital. -Mr. and .Mr.s. idge's cabinet, then the diplomatic Coolidge had before them many, corps, members of the [supreme hours of handshukinR.: court and otlicr Judicial officials. The weather man. who forecast t followed by members of congress a continuance of low temperatures,; and assistants lo heads of vari- gaye^'JIttle,' eiicouraKement to the ous departments and members of hundreds who desired lo wait in commissions, ' boards and other lint? outside lor the privHeR.- . of , R0v.>rnmental bureau.s. ed 1!»2.S in the proper way and at- passinR down tlie red carpeted; After luncheon, the president tf-nilance. at the local churche.s w-as | halls of the White House into the was prepared to take his place Happy New citizens who \ Wiih thu vesper .-iervtc* ai the rresb >T .erian church as the priiui- pal attraction, lola Icitizens start- TRAIN CRASH TOLLS UP AS CARS COLLIDE 1. The Weekly Resister. Eatablisht^ 18<7. The lola. Daily Kegiater, Established 18S7. SIX PAGES BE COLD IN KANSASNOW Four Killed in Georgia No Rise in Temperature ~ As Interurbans Is Predicted for the Crash State Toiiight CHICAGO HAS CRASH MANY COLDi DEATHS Three Blamed on Weather. Train Crashes Blamed on There—Smash-up In Illinois Fatal uiiusualU- good, considering cold ; n °°n» a Rreetli R irom he once more to a . ;.«d snowv weather. • president. The larRem number "iear to as many ci A ).ri.f ^nrnmnrv^f c^rvi,.«« :.i ^^er received was m 1922 when'cared to come. A brief summary of services at ;he. various chui%-hes follow.s: Sunday school and churi-h at_ t<-nd:iiief at the First Presb>ierian church wa.s cut dow'a ye-sterday by t.'^vy .snow but there was a i .nt-' sii.rit in the .seJ-vices . The cn<.lr .vanR. au anthem appropriate l.> Uif -Vi -^w Year. -Mrs. l>enevieve tinr-rt .Vi<IioIs: of Chiiago, played ; tin- offertory on ihe piauo in an I ' us^^iratlunul way. Tlie pastor, the' f\ .iir\: H. 0 .Matliis, 1) U., preached S^ ; on "(itjd's Wmh for His Own I'eb- %-\ i<le." talcing the text" from Deut. l-.i'.K "O that there were such a ln>art in thetii tliat th«y would lear in", and liei>p my toinrnandments . . uiua.v.--. Iliul it miRht be-well with thf<ii and uilh their children for- HRE DAMAGE IS miER DURING 1927; MORE RUNS SCHOONER CHIEF BEUEVES PLANE FELLINTOSEAS .Miirltfta. Ga.. Jan. 2. (.AJ'i Four perrons were kllleU and yveral Injured today when' IW3 Inl-ru'r- ban cars colUdtd on the Atlanta- Marietta electric line near Glover's Station, une-half mile from here. Tlie GeoiKia I'uw.r f.'o.. which operates the interurban line, reported (bat a north bound passen- gf r tpjlley :ip<l a .slKip o:ir crashed head-on. The passeng r car was te/ehcopid. i Atiaiiia (nedic-al aid wu.s cabled Cold As Many Die Of Exposure With a light snow this morning and thti thermometer at 3 degrees below zero at 10 o'clock last; night, the weather men com .'S. out with the an- nounceineiit. that it will snow tonight witii colder temperatures Tuesday. The highest temperature Sunday was 7 degrees at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. • LOIE FULLER, FAMOUS DANCER, IS FATALLY i STRICKEN IN FRANCE ^ • / , • Pari.s, Jan. 2. (AP)-^Loie Fuller, danc^ who became a center of controversy during Queen ^larie'-sltour of the United States in 1926, died today of pneumoniai ' ' Miss Fuller died early this morn-^ Ing at the Plaza Athenec hotel. y child partsi and later became a soubrette. rJnventlon of the "serpentine" dance won her fame asV jdanseuse. <. ^ Miss Fuller met Qiieen Marie in Paris a generation ago. In Pains she continiied her innovations |p spectacular; dancing with scoria of yards of billowing idraperies ai)d fantastic li^ts. She won for herself in France a reputation somK- ing. She moved to the hotel sev-, what like that .she had enjoyed Ip eral months ago from her own \ America. - • villa at Neuilly where Queen Ma- j I.,oie Fulliir 'will be cremated op after a ten days illness, Pneumonia was preceded by auto-intoxl-1 cation. f Half a dozen physicians worked in relays night and day administering oxygen, but her life ebbed out as the Xew Year came in. Miss Fiiller was active until stricken with her .school of danc- U. S. MARINES IN NICARAGUA OPEN BATTLE Five Killed and 23 Are Wounded in Fight Sunday REBELS MO\^E BACK rle' often visited her. Born ?iear CUcajro. The dancer, who was born on a farm near Chicago came to Paris after triumphs in America. She began her stage career In the academy of mu.sic, Chicago, in Wednesday -without religious cerj— mony in acVoi-dance with hVr request. Hundreds of friends called at.the Hotel today and pass^ through the^ room where the dan^:- er lay with:, a bunch of violets her breast.:. ' Topeiia. Jaii., 2. (.A.P)—Snow today and tonight with continued cold tvas the of the weather bureau this looming, foUowingthr for by local hospiiaj.s where 'the coldest .Vew Year's day on, record Injufcd wero takiu. Officials .said m nio.<t partaiof the state. ;the jiuinb .T of injured might reach After reacWng sub-zero markp , iweiity-iiv... .Some wi-rc- not v-t- Kfi^rally -Suhiiiiy morning, the T«*«i n^^-~_ tftOT ¥ Irf. * Vi ' m *• • pectidto recuv.r. mei-cury last night remained above lotal iJamage m 1927 Is Captain Comeau Tells ofi The shop car was proceeding thez.r.. 4. rk except m the «- INSANITY SEEN AS DEFENSE OF PARKERSLAYER LINDY.GETS WELCOME AT SAi $9,216—1926 Damage Total $39,234 Firt) l0KS <>N during 1037 witc far , lower than in .l!<2<i dospito the JT"", ""^ ""7"^''- • fait that ther.- were ni-arlv twice dial" Clin.-llan huileavor socli-ties , • h.-l.ig .M .a meetings. 'Ihe senior '"•"'>" runs made, during the tji)piL- was "Wliat an- the Values ] year. anordlnR. lo rigiires ronipiied, «.! Dally llevoiiui?" Owen Paul lodav bv i'reasoM. liilif of led 111.- meeting. !whirh was a dls-. ,„,„ ^j^,. ,j,,p:.,,„^.,„. iiut -^f^-*-^- rh.- wuerme.l.aie „„..j, ,5,.^, .un.s were biaruh began a n,-w series of Hi-j„ i„,„ , ,„„ .fi^,. ,,, .^^i. 1.1« sludles under the leadership. ,„„ ,„iai loss for the of their sponsor,;^'. A. Ii<iraoy, Th'- Jtltelidame ifl th« First f'hristian was dowa^ yesifrilay I'Wfiig lo the weather but those who (lid brave Ihe storm felt re- ph. li. Aljnost eveiy teacher w;as year was |r.;»,2;{l. This year, wiili 4'J: tuns in lola, ihti total loss was t !i :21C. . Damage in five.fireh out- sidii lola.- to which tho fire department was called, totaled jri.97ii. , ,, , ... : The monthly report of runs and out to receive his class, and those ,jy,.,„ r„„„^..,. who were not, made provision. A; M^nth wiin.i it'-w order Of "worship was intro- Month January February .March' April .May June July August SepteraJjer. October. November December 4 Xone 1 ..Vone ,1 :{ ti 1; 4 in I>>ss $ 74)0 .\one r.25 Xone : g!>0 -Vone 50 1,450 . ,720. 300. None 4,621 ; rtuced at the morning worship by • J h?^ Iter.; J. -Lee Teleford. Thi-re -was a jtCTiod of silence, concen- ': tration on-,God. Hisi love, MLs light, '/ Ujs life; a time to think of our. un•. wurthines.s, a time of spiritual . uopiration and dedication. The "^<vening sermon was on "The Last ' i'lJay of tlie Old Year, and the First " • Jlay of the New." The text was .• from Jer. S:20, "The harvest is . ! past, the .suihmer is ended, and we uri; not saved." Tlie minister said tho harvest- .season was a period • - of opportiiDiiy. ' world is a tremendous hardest field with ail ' kind!? of grain ready, to be garnered. The most iinportant of all . the har^-est of the future. Shall' _The i?2S executive board for the .1 live tor the now or the hereaf er? } ^^,^£4 coiinty Farmi Hureau was 4:. the signifx^int que^lon before ^ ^1^^.^^^ Saturday afternoon at a any human iK ^.ng^ Today is tf\e ij,e Farm Bureau adx1s- harveh period. The king has no ory council. Five women and eight j Experience Near •Cape Cod I'oiUaiul. .Maine, jJan. 2. (AP)— ilelief that the missing plane, the Uawn, sank soon : after passing Cape Cod on the' night of December 2;! wiih .Mrs. Frances W. Gray- Kon and her three male tompanlons In an attVmpted flight to Harbor firace.'.N". F., from New York, was expressed today (by Captain K. V. Comeau. of the .N'oya Scoiii) schooner Kosi- Anne Jlciliveau. ; Capiaiii Comeau, whosf schooner lius Just arrived' in port with a cargo of salt after a hard trip from Ihe British West Indies, jiald ne felt certain the pawn came down between 7:30 aiid '7:4ri \i. m.. at a point l.S miles northwest olj Xauset , beach liuhl on Cap.- Cod. In the'Hf. I.oui.< mail train In the-Chl- niidst'of-;r howiliiR northwest galo oago .vards during a blinding land 'leavy se .i .s. I snow storm, resulting in the deaths 1 Captain Comeau belioves the pilot of two pa.ssenxers and the Injury 'of the plane. Lieut. Oskar Omdal,;oi tw;> s<ni •. Tli" mall train hart stopped while a Ins in ahead of it took on walir. soiirh d.-anng up . wieckag • jett Wme eastern; portion of the *tate along the tiuiks t.v hii5h winds of Kanna.s City ceported thy low of 2 two-days past. 'Ihe moforman of •"••ow. At Topeka the low was I vras ubo*'*-; Oohdland, 2; Wichita antj the. niintibuiind Liir. which rillwl with piL-stngers. evidently did not SI"' till- untoniing shop car because of a cuiv.-. oiiicers said. 'rill* reporteii ilead: .Mrs. C:itve- land White, Marietta: .MJrs. W. A. r;VicIntyre. .Marietta; Lutii|-r Hames, inotor^mu of (he north bound car: .Mr.. Hudson, of (iilmor.- Ulation. Chiraico Hits tVreeks Chicago. Jan. 2. <APi Tliree railroad wri.cks. ail attributed to Concoidla, 4:' I>odRe City, 6. Snliiia, WicMia, Concordia and Topeka reporjed snow falling early this morning, and the weather bureau reporI>;d prospects wen- foi more snow over the . entire state with generali}- sched-^ uled to follow tomorrow. .Snow Cowsi Vif*U Kancas City, Jan. 2. (AP>- I-'reer- Ing temperatures today continued Prosecution Believes It j Crowd Roars 'Viva Lindy', Will Have to Combat As American Lands i j Such a Plea \ >At City i\ • - San.Saiva'dor, Jan. 2. (•Al'>—ThJ>| inhabitants *<Qf the smallest central ^lea of insanity in American i^-public. turned todaV 1 -\I"na«":'- .N'icaragiia. .li.ii. 2. I . ii.iiii c , 1 5- L - J - * i.-\Pl —I niK 'i .States .\ :irini's-were .onvici >\illiam E.[from welcoji^mg Ihe advent of Sj^ng^^,.,, j,, ,, ,^„,^. — —.> 1 'New"Year Ut> acclaiming the corny ' . . . ing of an a^bussador of good wiir, Tola! 44 J»,216 made. an unsuccessful attempt to alight alongside the schooner. The roar of the powerful motors, muffled by the gale wSre heard'by the schooner, ending aiiruptly with au audible splash, be! Said, bnt'lt was not until Hours afterward that the radio receiver ^n board the schooner picked up announcements from (I'onlinaed on Page ft, No. ft) Farm Bureau Names Its 1928 Executive Board inoro than has the tramp. Each will have twenty-four hour's a day, now a. year of days Is giv^n us. I men are on the new board.' The new executive , board follows: .Mrs. Sylvan Miller, Hum- City Licenses Have Expired, Says Clerk All city licenses expired at midnight Saturday night and a.s a result! tho force of B. L. McNeil, city clerk, Ls very busy today. Persons the weather, n-.-iilted in Ihe di-nlhw Protect the snow blanket "COver- ot four peiHcms and Ihe Injury of 1«»K tb*" w*"" aa the mercury slowly three score others over Ihe week-. n '*"*"*! climb from zero or be- end. • low. Saturday the Hummer, fast Chi- i While points east of the contl- cago & Alton train from Kansas in*'"**!^*^*'^. Renerally reported City, crashed Into the rear of abitter icold experl- Ijenced over the week end. snow- sleet and rain moved along th« western slope. .Montana, clalminp Ih» record with 54 below, still waF tunfronted with s^ub-zero readings jMthough numerous traffic acci- dfuw occurred, casualty lists werr Sunday's .^ourh Shore .-lectric romparaiively Miiall. fff*^ n^"«^' train e„ro..te to Gan- Ind.. fie- »ere injured when a ^ P^-jA^ scoped a South Bend expr.'ss near I>»'^n«7 "^'O ^ , ,h,l.»h^ the Chicago cfty limits, killing the rocV. si de as U e^'h'°"f»».? motorman of one train and Injur- •"izzard r.O miles east Ing more than a score of pussen- Ore. One of the wo locomotives gek The Sou.h Bend irn n bad ^ ^.lo been stopp^d h' a local train "^^l"*' "^h" ahead which had developed frozen, •-•"ach"' '^K^^}^^- . brakes, and the accirteni wa,s simi- Snow and sleet was K-npral in lar to the Chicago & Alton wreck! Wa-shington. Oregon and parts of rose slowly In northern |Texas Iwas left without .Avt.'^ anip'.v warm ami ilio d;iy was \u>rih while! Those who were •jrulihfnl ahd r«ine I ry Boeken, .Moran; Itobert Town- isehd. Humboldt; John Furncaux I and daring enough to.ljiornn; A. L. Colony, o ehunh wi:.. nifi with ti ,^ igoR membership campaign :<'<.mforiab!<- surrniinrtlngs an<l a .-^.^^ discus.sed. Officers of the Farm iqlj-ndid servi .-M The ch'.ii '^as ;Hureau. chosen at tht-annual meet}n nitendanri. wlilioni rhr- ab«piireij„g ^re: Charles Jphnson, Savon- Tf one memh .T ai:d tlie mw^U- was president; MrK.,Johri Frank- j^xr.-IIrut. Th." i>:'sior. Dr. Sower-. !)„_ Humboldt, vice-president; yir hart nr.par.'.l hU work ••Mrcfiil- Ui .;,„y nay. Join, .secietaiy-treas- Cv and Ihi- ^«'nni'iis with (lelivep'd ' ('.Tn'riillv ;i-iu| failliliil'v as lf| ; which pur^-ha-so licenses for the, year are listed th<y folibwing:: taxi companies, taxi drivers, dog owners, e.xpress companies, telephone company, railroads, plunvbers, electricians, billiard halls, recreation parlors, peddlers and fortune tellers. Bart Thayer Gets His Water Pipes Plenty Hot Today near .Mt. Vernoii. III., the engineer of a Loui.s%-Ille & Nash-; Thermometers vllle train was killed when his 1 0'''*'"'™* train collided head-on with anoth-I-S^niinole, Okla.. er L. & N. train when he was un- «h»n a Valv{ blew out yester- plpe line with the at l.S "above to repair the able to take, a siding of day on the main already are applving for 102S II-! frozen braki ^t). mercury-standlm: censes. In addition.the storm resulted workmen ; expert* d Atnong concerns which In the serious injury of one person ""^ today. „. ,^ and slight injury to otiii-rs Satur- «Infer Grips .Uld-We^f, day when two elevated trains Chicago. Jan. 2. (AP) -King crashed in Chicago. The motor- Winter said "Happy -New ^ear man of one. of tha trains said he:*'"» the heavy-snow .storm and be was unable to .see of the •weather - which grippet snow storm. I the entire middle-west, cause* One Dead In DUnolH. • scores of deaths from exposure and Mt. Vernon. III.. Jan. 2 (AP)— accidents and:left many, sections One engineer, was killed and the still snowbound, with a forecast of other slightly Injured here about i continued sub.-zero weather today. 5 a. m. today when the eastbound The weather man predicted passenger train No. 56 of the L. & : slUthtly rising temperatures 1 late . IN. railroad collided with .No. 55. . today or tomorrow, however. When Bart - Thayer. local fanother passenger train, about fiv... Chlcago'.t highest temperature gioceryman. parked the water miles east of here. I yesterday was;seven degrees above pipes at his homo 322 South :<(reet, : Ed Clark, Evansvlllc, Ind.. was nightfall the mer- yej-tfri-ay afternoon, he was fig-I killed when his locomotive over-)'^"O* hurtled down toward a pre- lx)S Angeles. Jan. 2. (AP)-^ Prosecuting officers, believing they must combat a plea «if insanity in their efforts to conv Hickipan, kidnaper smr murderer of Marian Parker; Uiday began laying new plans for tho trial. .Meanwhile they continued to dig into Uie unexplained phases of th^ case, one of which they say is the discover.v that Hickman entertained a woman in his apartment on (he day ine little girl was killed. The mystery of the visit to Hfck- man's <-eiI yesterday of three strangers, accompanied by his counsel. Jerome Walsh of Kansas City, was regarded, by tho prosecutors as showing that further moves -were being made toward constructing & defense basis of insanity. Although Walsh declared the trio were making a private>i Invostigatlon of Hickman's activities and the three other men insisted on concealii)g their idetiti- ties. it was learned that one was a physician. Walsh insisted none of them were alienists. ' The strangers and Walsh 'with Joseph Ryan, resigned member of the district attorney's office who admitted he was considering aiding in the defense of the youthful criminal were clo.seted for nearly an hour In jailer Frank Dakar's office They conferred with Hickman there. Spirited Attack br U. S. Forces Send Them Running .Managua. Nicaragua. Jan. 2. (AP) — One American marine was killed and five wounded In a fight with the rebel forces of.-G-eneral Sandino yesterday afternoon while marching to reinforce the marine garrison at Quilali near which a .sanguinary battle was liinght on Friday. After; a sharp skirmish, the rebels were delVa(.-<l and fled to the mouutains. Tlieir losses could not be determined. . First Sfrgeant Thos. Bruce' of .the ITniteil States marine corps who also was a lieuieii- • aot'in the .NicaraKu'aB National -Guaid. was killed -in .yester- • day's fighting. His home was . in Philadelphia. Meut. Mt-rton .\. Keichal. I'nited Stat.-s marim- corps, of Wisconsin, was seriously hurl. Four other marines were' wounileil hut their names had not been reported hi're ttxiav. New" Year Ui acclaiming the corny ; palgn against r.'hels lid hi- Ci'it- ing of an antba«sador of good wiir, Col. Charlei^iA. Lindbergh. . I sanguinary l.atf.- i;i whi. Ii five i-ral Augnstiiio Sandiiin alter a After spenjling today here Lindj''j .Mai^iii<s were killeil and 2:: wouml- bergh Is expetted^ to fiy 140 mile^ <>(t. to TeucigalRd, HondurilS. less, than i -,i„. m ;,,-!.,..-. .„,tratiuK with Nii- 30 niiles north of tlJe section o1'.,^.^^„^„ national guanlsnien. .l.o^e .Vfcaragua . |s?hcre l-i ited States (,.„„, ,1 ,0 Sai.dino head- nxarlnes ar«riengaged.Mn a sever,.', ,„jari,.,s near (Juilali. a lew miles campaign against rebels. Froi^j; „o,„,, <,,•„„. Il,„„l„r;,„ l,„r,l^r. Fri- Tegucigalpa,-;to M^liataa, Nicara'-, ,,ay. The rebels, informed l.y^s . gha, his route by airlliie passes di.'s' .j. ,5,^ .M:,riii<- advance, fuHv * rectlyovert|»isdistri|itandhehacl' j^red to me.i the attack ki .nudiioriiim Jeader- of Ihe had b .-eii flll.-.l. The ; ( Co. Keeps Up Pressure jJ^U^^-.S'Sr^'' 'Southern Kansas das .<.(,.(%• <ame thn-r iniU.s from ih" ' jjonnir.v and "the an.'ticlain 'i- w.ts • . '•in\\y fifty ner re^j; of th- uslial j with wells frozen up. thn South- %;jiumber.. evidence of intertVi and ,.ni KansiLs (Jas company was able i jfntnicleiilipus mf-'iiim ,ir Ksponsi-, m give lola a good pressure yes-! I =i )I\ny ~ •', terday. Despite below zero tem-; ? •••I New Year's day wa.s nl).s«T\'ed ^f ^Jfsterda.v at . Trinity Methodift in a very tx'pprn- • prI.Tte way. While llie' wijather . keIK a good many away, espwiajlly • .those in (he country, yet therip-, Was n .surpri.singly large number' jires- ' ent. At the morning .ser%ice the • jiasfor.the Rev. .T. C. Wilson, used •41s iiU "text .'"Speak to the C'nildren iof Israel that they go forward"! j. w. Unn, extension dairyrfan ; from K.\odus 14;1."». The pastor, of State Agricultural col-' ' kild that CK )d is an enterprising lege, will be the principal speak- •fiod; His every movement and. er at the annual meeting of the uring on Kiting things wai^in-but hot ,too warm. Tho packing around tho pipes caught fire when he was healing the pipes at 2 o'clock yestenlay afternoon and a run. peratnres. employes of the company were Tiusy in (he fields yesterday keeping the lines in condition in order that lola might have heat. Ivan M. Hart Starts Serving Tim^ Today Lansing. Kans., Jan. 2. (A^)— Ivan iM. Hart, convicted at Eureka, Kans., recently for slaying jiis hride of a few weeks, was brought to the state penitentiary here Ixst night lo begin serving his .lO-year term imposed for the slaying. turned, ^o paflHengers were ^e- j dieted Hve dj -grees . be'ow The Dorfed iniured lowest reading was from tdmon- ""•^he passenger, order- j 'on Alberta with 30 ^-^^^^^-.^f-^^ ed to take the sidetrack at the! wh'Ie Wllli.ston. .V D.^ record^^^^^ point a 'lowlng No. 66 to pass, fall-j«>««est in the Ctilted S ai„ with 24 ed to .stop at the switch and crash- degrees below .at . p. m ed head -in at a slow rate of speed ' Train service 'uffiT -d •'^f"'' with No. 58. .standing on the main , frojn snow .drifts <^nd frozen line waiting for the other train «w'tch«s and to It was believed that the were from «>°'^'.M'l'''«« hours late brakes were frozen on the mov- Two triple train crashes o^^^^^ ing train, w^lch made it Impo.ssI-. holiday period Were charged indi- WEATHER and ROADS arcely end<^d^wheh the crowd be-n its tre^ to Lopango flyin|; fi^d, to w^Scome Lindbergh. A* 6:30 a. m. tb°re« cannons announce ed that the|'>Lone Eagle had l«t. B« llze. BritUli Honduras, 260 mile^ av ay. Some twcf! hours later a smaB sp eck appeaj^d over the moutitaln;t aild a' few piinutes later this be^ came recogn^ble as the Spirit otj St. Ivouls wlaging its way to thi;^ city set on.-v.he hills. -Jfra Ilndy.** •There heSiomea," "Vhra Lindy,? "He did it «Ceain," nwere the shout-f that asceiid^^ from the crowd tih he approac^i^. They turned to wild acclaii^?as the flyer broughi his plane ov^ the field, circling li two or thre«^ea to get the "feel of :it" t>efoi|i| attentptlntr to land. He landed al6 9:15 &. m. He was Reeled by Presidenic FOR KANSAS—Snow tonight; .Mosque and :t^en taken into th« Cow Testing Group to _ Hold Amiual Meeting j QJ,' B „-~Xr7Used .i At Power Plant Today ble for Engineer Clark to stop. Engineer Rolla Crowder,-also of Evansvllle. was slightly injured. No other injuries were reported. Firemen Try to Forget New Year, But Can't i each 7eport7d -om i Snow<rin be worried about the In order/to give citizens of lola: rag^ kingj the Red sea: a wilder- 'ttesii; a swollen Jordan; and a well r- fortified giant to .suhdne. God did not prepare a smooth unhindered .*ath—all difficulties were to be jAtbdued: as theV.were reached. All aife is faced with difficulties, hut ihey develop heroes. Determlna- Hon and faith In God spells success. We face.problems but-they 'only make us strong. The church iloes and always-has faced prob- ^. ;%wnB, but out of tKese have come .the greatest triumphs, were fome Universal ^eek of Prayer Will Open At United Brethren Church Tonight This Is the Unii-ersal Week of Prayer and every church member in .Tola is urged to attend each Speaker Rev. J. C. Wilson: topic "Church Responsibility in Evan- gelish." the united chijrche.s. The meeting 'liiK evening will be held at the )*f the high points of h's sermon. J Cnited Brethren church and , the r 'The Rev. preached on E. N. Montgomerv Self Examination" at , .the. United Brethren churrJi.' He ^T^\fi It was easy to see the other •^raoTL's faults and mfstakeA but W» are slhw lo examine our own WrjnknesBes. If the New Year Ui / j(C «Bttnned on Page 8 ,.^o ..2) "T, Jl" ^^^^ipss sponsorfd by Tuesday—Trinity M. E. church. Rev. E. .V. Jfontgomery, ".My Responsibility in Evangellsh. Rev. .1. C. Wll.son of the Trinltv church will he the speaker.- The topics are evangelistic in tope and planned to lead up to the: meetings in March by Rev. Wm. A Ruitday, D. n. *rhe program: .WoBdajr—United Brethren church, Wednesday—Christian church. Rev. • .V. L. Vezle, "Prayer and Evange- "llsm." Thdnidar—First M. E church. Rev. ' J. Lee Releford. "Personal Work in £\-ange]lRm." Frldflj-—Baptist temple. Rev. Carrie M. Flower, "The Bible In • EvaDKellam." "I can'l new year." Such was the remark miade by at least one Tola fireman Saturday night ss he tucked himself Into bed abo It 10 o'clock. But he was billed to be bother- led,'and not ly the noise from rev- ,elers. j At .11:40 O'clock Saturday night he department received a call to extinguish a fine tire at 111 South Second street. Before they returned to their beds from the fire.^ It was a new year. The fire caused no damage. lola Man Only Living Origanizer of Meeting Carrollton. Mo., Jan. 2. (AP)— Carrollton 's annual layman 's new year prayer me«tlng met last ntgtit in its fifry-ninth session. Organ- .Ized by eleven laymen from Protestant churches of the city it Is believed the only similar organization of Its kind In the world. ,and has never failed to hold a meeting. Only one of the eleven organizers, Frank V. Crouch, of lola. Kaos., la allVe. . . ?ectly to the Weather. With the addition of six deaths In the Chicaglo district yesterday the total for the present cold snap , was brought to 21. ; St. I»uis reported six dtaiths from the cold Montrose. lii., land AVausau. ^Vis. lone. the Kast. New Y-ork, Jan. 2. (AP)—Heavy snows and a : cold snap which threatened the lowest temperatures of the -season, today had northern Peni^ylvania and New- York state In its frigid grasp. In Erie, Pa., from four to five feet of snow-; paralyzed traffic. In Wilkes-Ba.rre, one death was attributed to the cold .weather,-a resident being' found dead on the porch of his home. In the southern portions of New Y'or kstate. including New Y'ork City, biting winds and cold'clear weather prevailed, but northern counties ha d(he added complication of blizzard-conditions in se\-- eral sections. .In New Y'orlf City, the municipal lodging housei and havens maintained by philanthropic organizations, were besieged by those seek- Mir shelter. A child was killed when struck 6y a heavy scalTold- Ing plank looa^ by a gale. PfUalwiTii Toll Three. Plttabnrgh, Pa.i Jan. 2. (AP)— The cold ware whith struck this region Saturday night and continued today had:taken a toll of tbree lives In Pltts|)urgh: A man, suf- (CoatlOHeti on Fafe 6, .\o. S) mostly fair-Tuesday; colder to- nljrht except in extreme M)nthea.*it portion; co!der Tuesday In south portion. FOB IOLA AXI» TICfMTY— Snow tonight; f&lr T1lesdaJ^ cold er Tuesday. Weather outlook for the week beginning Monday: The Northern and Central Great Plains—Abnormally cold at the beginning, followed by. rising temperatures the middle of week: generally fair the first half, probably followed by precipitation period. , Temperature—Highest yesterday 7, at 3 p. m.; lowest last night :.1 'below at 10 p. m.; normal for today 30: deficiency yesterday. 28; 'deficiency since January 1st, BO' de- igree."»: thl.-j dale last year—highest 54; lowest 29. Precipitation for the 24 hours ;ending at 7 a. m. today. 00: total ;for this year to date, 00; deficiency .since January 1st .OS inches. ' Relative humidity at 12 noon city, where i^il shops and placel of buslnesis wrerfi closed beyond thu new year holiday, a govenuneni: proclamatlozi .i mado the occaslo^ extraordinarjfl^; 4 At a receplkin In the' presldenw tial mansloit,' liindbergh was pre^- sen ted to meii^rs. ot tho cabinet; the diplomattc^^rps, milltry offia clalfl and pt^dilnent citizens. It. (Contlnueil i»i Paire 8, No. 5) • lola Plui^bers Enjoy \ Theii^Kush Season It is rei ;arded nTtaiii that Sandino is receiving (lulside aid be- caus»r lifs men are better e<iuipped and armeil than heretofore. Marine headquarters were informed that the conduct of the rebels in battle • was greatly improved aiitf ;h;u;iie; men, carri';d both mai-hine guns and Tifles. It was e.sti^nned that for every Marine casuaTiy-there, wen- ..teri among the rebels, which would put the rebel dead around aO ami the wounded near 230. Sinie Sandino's men removed their dead • and wrounded lo save tliem from vul- . tures the exact number of rebel casualties will never be learned.' The Marines suffered the heav-; iest casualties since .-Vnierican forces were landed in Nicaragua more than a year ago. Reinforcements on IVay. A Marine reinforcement njmber- ing 200 men with a pai-k train of 200 muleK carrying supplies and ammtinition was on its way today from Ocolal and Telpaiii-i-a to Quil­ ali. Sanillno, who has been repudiated by leaders of the Liberal party, the official opposition to the government, had known for several weeks that the -Marines were preparing to make a drive on Quilali. He made extensive preparations to resist them with a pl<-ked force of 500 men. General -Sandino fiiniried his forces on the outskirt:^ of Quilali. ^ on the only trail leading into tlie town. This trail is mountainous, rocky and heavily tiiubeieil. Tlie Marines knew that in urd'-r to capture the town the reln-i.s would e to bt* driven out frniu the The plumb^rjj In lola are enjoyv Ing a rush seAwin. Failure to turi^ w^ater off at-jtlie proper time has- resulted In jgjpes freezing up af many lola htimes. As a result ths. j plumhers are ;a ,&ing a "land office ^^^J .•\s the Marines were asc-ending f^T . i • T I .'the mountainous trail. .Samlino's JNOt Une AfreSt in lola ^^men opened nre on them from- As i92|[Makes Debuf ^i;;!^j;;-^,:'^;;,^;^ Tola pro *ahir?was the only towt ^j ^^caS'LSs -on. who was in command, fell seriously wounded. Lieutenant Could, who was later -yesterday, 92 per cent; 7 a. m. today 65 per cent: barometer re- of its size inJthe. state of Kansas, educed to sea level, 30.63 inches. (o see 1928 -feeFcbmed in without»[ Sun rises 7:39 a. m.: sets .5:14-! the arrest of^.at Jeast one reveler* ^7 ,^^^,^;:";t ;,/-7'i„;-^^ p. m. . * for some reastm or other. , nmmnn i Road Conditions. i lola was onleriy at the opening:' : Hutchinson, cloudy, roads cover-1 of tho new yiar'and not one-arr ed with light sno'w. i rest was madf^over the week-end^ j' Salina, snowing', roads open. i -r*^—'• Emporia, cloudy, roads good. iCoUrt HoU^e* Bauks and r. Arkansas City, cloudy, are frozen. • Topeka, cloudy, roads open. .' 'Wichita, cloudy, roads fair. •; Coffeyvllle. partly cloudy, ijoads frozen, snow co \'ered. By desptrate and hard fighting the Marines dislodged the ri'bels. -Airplanes aided them but were not effective as previously s:ince Sandino had scattered liis men instead Penney Store Cloised ""^^ grouping them. 1 i;,. j .\ftfr dispersing flu- rt-bels. the • The court b' ail the banki.'' ^""'"7, pushnd on to -A .ard Quilali. and the J. C. fennev storeiin lola-, „. ^^^'T'"*''' V*""''"', '"/o"' are clT>.=ed todftv. These concern.s.' ^^ .hin. i. lAPi .N^ore^ Dodge Citv. partly cloudv. roads | are celehratinif a late arrival iood; " 11328. of, I 'New Chevrolet Is Called Bigger And Better—Shipment Is inlola ^ today tor Nicarapna. a hat ;le- ground that for years has clairied the blood of Americans imd natives v.-ho have; <lashed in pitched battle. Orders for five officers and ^150 Surpassing all its former achieve-!of Chevrolet's jrreatest year when .ments as a leader in the building its volume of pae million units M low cost transportation; the made It the world's largest builder Chevrolet Motor company announc- of automobllesi- and pressages ai ^s the mAst distinctive low priced year of ,iinexan^ed activity for the' automobile of all time. Shelly organization th«<t has been the pio-.j Motor company has a coupe, cab- neer volume frrodiicer ' of gear. |4alet and coach on display; An-:shift motor ca^t. • : Other carload is expectedi,tpday. i Known as tht^ "Bigger and Bet: By. actual count. . 1.500'1 people ter" Chevrolct.jifhe new car not have seen the Now Chevrolet at only succeeds fhe "Most Beautiful* the Shelly sales rooms. ,Chevrolet" but Incorporates allthe^ The announcement of a' complete, new line of Chevrolet cars Idllows Immediately on the close advantages thatjjnade the latter sod popular and . in;'addition embodies (tontlnned oW Page 2, Xo. 1) .Marines were tinder sailins: orders -Marines to sail from -New Y brk .soon on tlie Chateau Thierry. Evidently issued some days- ago. m ere made public late last niL'lit at Marine headquarters on the h< els oC news that the corps had iuf- fered the most serious battle losjses • of its long. Nicaraguan campaign— five dead and 23 womidetl -in an engagement Friday with rebels commanded hy General Sa:;dino. |' The Marine headiiuartcrs^ anj- nonncement said the nciv sailing had been ordered "rfi-fnily"/and!, there was hrt indication that it wa^i bispired by the latest battle. TTie^ navy department itself was withj-j out an offl(flaI report of the fighti (fontlnneil on Page 8, .So. 4)

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