Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 8, 1933 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 8, 1933
Page 2
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TOE TWO: THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. WfeDNESDAY EVENING. PEBRUAI^Y 8. 1983 Methodist. Forclen MiKsi6naj>- Society Meets lihe Women's PoreiRn Missionary soctety of the Flrsti Methodist church met yesterday at (.he home of Mrs. J. 5, Bmtth with eight members nnei one Kuest prc^nt. The meeting : wag opened with slhsing and prayer nntj Mrs. Don Burtnett led the dc- votjonals. Mrs. O. P. Duncan gave a fetory entitled. "Tlio Rnlt Marsh of Ignorance," from the .';tudy book. Th^ closlnp number was a demonstration, "The Voice," by Miss Virr ginia Pinley, Mrs. J. C. Smith. Mrs. Lena Brown, and Mrs. Robert Warner.: Mrs. W. P. Wharton closed with prayer. : • • • •> Country Clubi Party Frl4ay Tile regular CountiT club card party will be held this Friday at -the 'Club house at the usual time, 8 o'clock, with Mrs. Fred Apt hostess chairman. '"Light refreshrnents will be ^rved. Those planning to at• ten<? are requested to call Mrs. Apt. • <- <• Mrs; Goes, Hostess to Briti^ Club ' TAfs. Gerald Goes was hostess lasf night to her bridge club. After bridge refreshments were served to thosi) present: Misses Grace Pet- •ersoft, Joan Hendei-son, Ruth Bishop, l^oberta Frohk, and Mesdames "Edward Courter and Buford Anderson. . Mrs. 'Goes made the high ficore. • • • !\Tr». Kessinger Entertains Brid^re Club Mrs. L. O. Kessinger entertained yesterday the members iof her afternoon contract bridge club and one isuesfc, Mrs. Charles F. Scott Jr. The club prize was won by Mi's. L. O. Northrup and the guest also was given a prize. The members present, were: Mesdames Victor Kirk. Horace Miller. A. R. Enfield. R. L. Thompson Jr.; Sam Sifers. L.. O. Northrup, and Lloyd Brown. .;• <• .Camiriie Gray Guild Meets , The Cammie Gray Guild of the First- Christian church met last night-ih the liome ot Mi-s. J. Lee Relefprd. "Teach Me Thy Ways" was the woi'slilp theme. Tlie study oh ciilnn was conducted by Miss Oladyp Wentwortli. Seven members und throe yuests were present. Guarding Orphans of Poisoner's Deed GAS CITY EVENTS These three orphaned daclishund puppies are being closely guarded by Walter von-Neudeck against any sucli terr'ble fate as came to twelve pedigreed dogs at a boarding kennel in Hackensack. N. J. Scraps of meat sprinkled with sti-ychnine were thrown into the yard, and caused the deatiis of .some of the fincu dachshunds in the United States, two of ilvem cliamplons. Professional Jealousy: of dog-show rivals was blamed for the outrage. One of llic victims. Adc Linda von Knypc*. left the three foundlings sliown here. RISING STAR 3.--Mr. ftifd Mrs. Warren Slsson and Pally visited at the Nate Ki'tchuin home Sunday evening. Mr«. McCoy .sijcnt Moiiday with her d.auBlit('r. Mrs. Loiian Frame. Mvi. Harley Snyder. Lee. Loren. and B'lorencf. .siK -ntSuiiday with A. J. Springston and Fred. Arlene Hopkins was ri Sunday night .guest of Mr. and Mrs. Nate Ketciium. Chsrley Sanders. Allie and Irrtn . Sanders were lola visitors Wednesday. < Quite a number enjoyed Satur" day evening at the Willard Smith ; home; Dancing and playing cards were .the diversions of the evening. . Refref;hmenis were served to Don' aid and Iva Mower. Joe Wilson. Rolliri Hutton. Reva and Lucille Rosebrook, Lucille and'Pauline Dozier. • Herbert Rosebrook. RoUin Pyles. John Young, Mi*; and Mrs. Van Buren and family near Redfield. IjOgan Fi-ame and family, Mr. asxd |ilrs. Clare Wilson and children and Hubert Caldwell of Mo. mi. Cyril Hill and the Smith family. • ' Mr.- and Mrs. Logan Frame and Dee spent Wednesday evening at CJlarc Wilson's. Mrs. Harlcy Snyder,and Florence and Mrs. Clare Wilson.and children wei-C lola visitors Saturday. Report of Rising Star school for the fifth month ending January 27. 1933. Pupils enrolled 17. girls 10, boys '7; average dally attendance 16.5 per cent. Rosalie Smith made the highest average in the last bi- montlily examination. Puiiils mak­ ing.100 in spelling for the montli are, Laiu-o Jaiie and Leola Zornes, Delbert Mann. LouLse Stumbo. Florence Snyder and Ai-leiie Hopkins. Tliose huving perfect altendiuice arc Helen. Vehna. Fred, and LouLse Stumbo, Maxine Mnnn, Leola, Laura Jane and Ronald ^orncs. Rex Helnls, Arlene Hopkins, and Florence Snyder. Visitors this month were Mrs. McCoy. Mrs. Hopkins. Mr. and Mrs. Merle Mann and Kenneth, Miss Allie Sandere and Dee Frame. Visitors are always welcome—Miss Anna Leah Calloway, teacher. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hardy and family siJent Sunday at the parental Daugherty home. Lee and Loren Snj'der and Bill Hite attended the basketball game at Mildred Tuesday night. Ml-, and Mi-s. Arlo Hopkins and Arline spent Wednesday evening at Willard Smith's. Gene Sinclair and Walter Clirie called at Clare Williams's Friday. Mr. Cline bought two calves. Mrs. Hopkins and Arlene spent Thursday evening at the Scobee home while Mr. Hopkins called on A. J. Springston. Clare Wilson called at Sider's Friday. CommBiUty- Sniper to Be Held Thursda}! ^v^ninr in Melhodlsti Chm^h'; Election of orriceni. GAS CITY, Feb. 7.—Arthur Beeding spent Thursday in Kansas City. - ' Mr. and Mrs. A. ,T. Cundy mid children. John Joseph and Mabel Ruth, spent Thursday afternoon in Savonburg. Mr. artd Mi-s. Thurman Morris of Diamond district visited over the week-end at the home of the latter's parents. Mr. and Mi-s. M. S. iSkecn. Mrs. Frank Frase .spent Thui-sday I afternoon at the home of Mrs. Leha i Perkins. Mrs. Frank Frock and four children were week-end visitors In Tola at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gregg.' Mr. M. D. Harbour, who has been 111 at the home of his daughtcE; Mrs. Charles 'Peres, in lola. is muefa.; Improved. • Mr. and Mrs. Ai'thur Beeding aqdji so'n. Clyde, were Sunday dlnn€']rjl' guests at the home of Mi', ahd MraV" Roy Banks. Perl Erhart and Miss Opal Woa *t, of Shenandoah. Iowa, visited ItfBt week at the home of Mie formei'i sister, Mrs. Glen Harvey and farttA ily. A. B. Shaughnessy of LaHarpa. spent Sunday visiting with Clvdc Miller. ^ Margaret West ha.s been 111 for the past few days. •« Mr. and Mis. Leshe Beeding and daughter, Arvada, spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mi's. Nelson Wallace, of south of LaHarpe. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. MuUins and daughter, Goldie. and Mrs. Josephine Wolford and children visited Sunday at the William Mullins home. The community, supper will be held Thursday evening at the M. K. church. The ejection of Sunday school officei-s v/ill also bo held at Ihis time. , George and Dorothy Wall iuid John Heeding were guests at a birthday dinner Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.' T .. Cundy wWch was given-in honor of the sixth birthday anuiversarv of iheir son. John ^losejih Cundy. Mr. and Mi-s. Veni Pctcnion and daughter, Kathi-yn Louise, of Humboldt, were visitors last, wiek at thi- liome of Mi-s. Lena Porkln.s. Mrs. Artie Smith of Colony, siient Saturday at the hom*? of her mother. Mrs. M. S. Skeen. Mrs. Edmon Kidd and son. Edmon Bradford, visited last week in Tola, at the home of Mrs. Nicholas. Mr. and Mre. Will Zerba and daughter. Cleone. of GJi.s .sjient Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Moore. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Weist and son. Douglas Eugene, of Kansa.s City, visited Sunday at the home of Mr. I and Mrs. Charles Dougherty, j Jcht%ie Lee Belle Barnes, little ! daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.'h. ! Barnes, of LaHai-pe. is quite ill of I imeumonia. i Mr. and Mrs. Rov Lane and chil- (Answers will be found on Page 3) j jjren have mo%'ed from lola to the iiTOiierty which was recently vacated by Mr. and Mrs. J. i H. Searcy. Miss Kathi-j'n Thomab and Harold Jones, of east of. LaHariJe. spent IVBss • IN WHAT COUNTRr IS THE GRFAT BUDDHA ? WHAT TMKEE NATIONS SET ; riEiC NATIONAL ANTHEMS TO THE SAME MELODY ? V/HAT F'OK?E)GN COUNTRY SE^DG THE MOST STUDENTS TO Af/ERiCAN UNIVERSITIES ? SPRING VALLEY (Mrs. B. F. Low.) Feb. 4.—Harold Low surprised his , gundav at the Morgan i home. folks by coming in on them Wednes- I Donnis ' Thorpe; of north of Gas day morning from Port Snel'lmg,: was also an afternoon visitor. Minn. He came down from [Kansas All that is literature seeks to communicate power: all that it- not literature, to communicate knowledge. -De Quinccy. Wni.t's gone, and wliut's past help. Should be past grief. —Shakespeare „ ;City on the truck with Lee Bacon, ijcorge will go o„ to western Kansas I m a few days to the home of his I father-in-law. O. S. Holeman where his wife is visiting. Miss Lucertia Fisher I is at the home of her aunt. Mrs. Daper. helping; in the care of her Grandmother Penderson who is quite poorly. Alva Jackson helped his brother- in-law. Lawrence Schalck. haul hay Mr. and Mi's. Gene Humberd. Mis.'; t Aldola Toedman. and Leland Toed- mau. of lola. visited Sunday at thi; p Charles Dougherty home. Mrs. Silas Morgan and son. Leroy. motored to LaHarpe Monday-! afternoon to visit at the home of their• daughter and sister, Mrs. A. L. Barnes and family. Mrs. Lena Perkins visited Friday at the home of her son, Ralph Per- ! kui.s and family. Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Ellsworth League of Nations I last Monday: ' Goorge Kastl and son Owen wer3 i '^'f ^nn Mrs. Maurice Rose' baugli and family drove ,to Yates 13 HORIZOKTAL 1 Region In northern Africa, next to Egypt: Atrocious. Ojftlition. HFiTmale sheep. l !c Stripe or J.grain. IVGiuicludes. iSTo plunder. 39 Fresh-water • li&li.: 20 Bprn. 21 Dangers. 113 Minor note. 24 DomoBtlc bovine auad- rupecl. 2.^ Coiiiiedes. •.;6 Jewel weight. :;,s Flat surfaces. 29"VVhorl of a ajiiral shell, no Postponed. :U To separate. Male goose. Calm. .15 Ijicited. Answer to Previous Puzzle BUS • aSIlHIl ^^IlBIl i: 'SHaii mm- mms si 'M Laughter sound. ."iS Northeast. 39 Foot lever;^. 40 To cut off. •11 To make a mistake. 4:i Consolation. •14 Bee's home. 45 Lode. 47 Mark. 4SStream. 49 Excites. , 50 Hangings. VERTICAJi 1 AiresJ city of ArgeU' tUia? 2 Sub.sldiary building. 3 Drive. 4 Genus of cattle. 5 Form of "a", e LKjnged. 7 Cures. S Celtic deity. 9 Northwest. 10 Paddle. 11 To wail. 12 Decorous. 15 Written documents. IS Baser. *• 21 Chattered. 22 Salty. 25 Slid. 2CLlda.- 27 Uncouth. 28 Throe. . 29 Ferrule. 30. One who l )et8. :!1 Disfigured. 32 Where does the League of Nations meet? 33 Auto body. :!4 Table linen. :)C Genus or trees. 37 To flit. . 39 Measuring stick. 40 To dwell. 42 River. 44 Side bone. 4G Chaos. • 4SS»n\Bod. T1" 2 •3 5 7 8 10 ij fr 14 IS '7 le go i .-• i 86 27 * - 1 31 33 i 37 - m 41 44 46 •47 46 49 1 50- 8 in this vicinity Monday evening for .slnviJiHg stock. MI:« Ensminper is substitutin(r lor rur teacher. Miss Bonnie Hick- ."•cjn. wlio is ill v.'ith the flu. 1 As Mrs. Ton Fisher's birlhrlay ! wa.f during wce!i before last her ! c/xildren invited in some of the rcla- i 'liveF Sunday, January 29, as a sur; prise to their mother. ; 1?he house on the! old Booth place j wh^re Jim Laslle ilives burned to ; the ground last Tuesday evening. I They saved most everything except j a £ew things upstairs. They thhik it feaught from a spark from the flu as the wind was blowing a gale. We understand there was Insurance on I everythhig. The house will be rebuilt. Mrs. Laalie and children are! staying witli her parents. Dick' Stiitler's, at present. Miss, Bonnie Hlckson was able to return to her school work Wednes- dlay after having a siege of flU; Mrs. Robert Morris and son Scott took dinner last AVednesday wltli Mr: and Mrs. Ed Young. Miss Anna Jackson spent last week with her sister, Mrs. Ed Eastwood and family so|uth of Bronson. Lloyd LasUc: is helping Ai-thur Jackson and J. E. Rdj-nolds cut wood and shuck com. ! Ml-, and MrsJ Rdlph Larue and Davy of south pf Moran were entertained at the home of their uncle. Ben Low. Sunday. Mrs. Sidel is laid, up with rheumatism and suffers:a good deal. As John Hoffman and family will move soon. Their neighbors and friends went in last Friday with well filled baskets and surprised them. They were surprised, too. It was a fine day and all enjoyed themselves to the fullest extent, es- ])ecially the dinner. The guests were: Mr. and Mrs. John Hoffman and Frank. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Russell and Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Brown. Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Willits. Blanch and Howard. Mr. and Mrs. George Sisson. ZeJma and Etta Lavon. Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Youngs, Mr. and Mrs. J.: F. Ross and Ralph, Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Low and Harold, Mre. Lizzie Vanatta.- Dorothy, Mary and Tom, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hadlock. Beniue and Ethel, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hoggatt, Prances and Mary Evalyn, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Alumbaugh. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Guffy. Carol,. Claudine, and Pauline, Mrs, Elmer Mariow.. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie HcAeman, Elva, Pauline. Lester, 1 Dorothy, BilUe, and Prances, Mr. Center Suniay afternoon to sec Mi.• A. R. Wiihite, who has been quite ill. They: found him greatly im- \ proved. Mr. Wiihite is a brother i of Mrs. Ellsworth. U. H. R'jsebaugh of Bush City, spent Monday with his son. Maurice Rosebaugh and family. St. Paul—Three Minnesota legislators, eager to hold down mmeces- sary expense, found It costly to be numbered among the "noes" as an appropriation measure was voted down yesterday. Representatives Hitchcock, Quinlivan, and Kern, voted "No" on a measure to appropriate $75 to pay expenses of three members to attend a conference on grassliopper control at Crookston Thursday. i Speaker Munn then named the j trio to make the Crookston trip "at their own expense." and Mrs. Walter GlUham, Pat; Goodsell. E. E. McCJoud, Howard and Junior, Miss Bonnie Hlckson, Harley, iGretta, Inna and Dean Laslle. Joaii Heaton. Walter Stafford, Mrs M. M. CubblsonJ i SAME PRHX AS42YeARS 25«iii<«fcr2K Wll IONS or POUNDS UStD BV O0f< COVtRNMlM SKELLY OIL COMPANY KANSAS CITY, MO. W. T. Atkhis^ Vice-President The lola D aily Re^'i.'^lt'r. Marketing Department 2.534 MadLsm Ave. Jiinnai'y 25, 193!? lis. lola,, Knn.s Gentlemen Ourusale? records from Tola,'i, .show an 11.51 per cent gjil- lonage, increase for December over November on our new high test, high hnti-knock, Tailor-Made foi- Gaf<oline. Thi.H i.s all the more remarkable when we consider ' hat at thi.s tirtje of the year, gasoline gallonage normally shows | a steady decline because of unfavorable weather conditions. We consider this a .splendid testimonial to the exceptional reader interest The Register hold for its readers. We know tl'^at The Regi.sljer deserves a lot of credit for helping us make ihis splendid sales [ j We believe our success in putting this hew ga.soline on the market should instill more coniidence in merchants and other business men,'liecause, in our minds, it prjoves that a good product properly merchandised can and will sell, even under jjresent conditions. Everyone of your readers can assured that the high quality and perfoi'mance of this new gasoline will be maintained, anti that they can always drive into a Skelly s^tation feeling .sure that they are getting the best product and service that it is possible for anyone to give them. I ' Very truly yours. SKEIJ.Y OIL COMPANY. : W. T. Atkins, A'ice-President. Shades of Mark Twain! He it Was who said there was a lot of talk about the ^^•eather, but nobody over did anything about it. Nowadays the "talk" is about business or lack of it, about the depression aijid about whatrcon­ gress is going to do for u.s. "We look to everybody but ouj-selves for relief. 'We talk about the de- majority Let's get certain facisi straight. The oi" iieople are working. [ They are making money and spending it. If their business is woHh while then advertising is woi l)ression but we do very little to put it to rout. th while. h[jt air. It, is fatt. Read Ijt tells in simple tej-ms of in The The example of the Skelly Opl company is a welcome exception to the rule. It got back to first jH -inciples and put on a really [constructive selling campaign. It did something a|30ut the depres-sion. That isn't theory or the above letter again, the results of a series pf advertisement.s Register. Our troubles are more than imaginary and it retiuires more than conversation to dispjell them. Aggre.ssive merchandising backed by intelligent advertising will help your business as it has; helped the Skelly Oil C(j)mpany and manj/ others who hhve decided to d<? something abouf; the depression. We/believe Register advertising: of the old sort will increase your bnsiness. If you think it might we will be firlad to discuss it with you.

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