Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 21, 1965 · Page 14
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 14

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 21, 1965
Page 14
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FOURTEEN IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN WEDNESDAY, JULY 21, 1965. Your Horoscope By Sydney Omarr Thursday, July 22 "The wise man controls his destiny . Astrology points the way." ARIF.& (Mai. 21-Apr. 19): Fine now for giving, receiving gift You are able to accurately size up possibilities. Favorable for balancing budget, reviewing finances. Important contribution by famH;. member indicated. TAURUS i Apr. -JO-May 20): Von car; nov-' promote personal interest Cycio high. Gin credit. for aco'rnp;is!;mer>ts. Be s u r c of appearance. lact.s. Speak and act wiUi confidence. OHiors want. to be -.mpressed. GEiM'NI (May 21-June 20-: No time to become involved in questionable schemes. Adhere to principles Obtain necessary privacy Think through plans. ideas. You could obtain answers to puzzling questions. Be receptive! CANCER (June 21-July 22 Make IIPW friends, influence peo ple. Obtain hint from Aries 1 BRIDGE BY JACOBY CROCHET , •'- 5116-N NORTH 4 A 9 2 V K J 8 4 4 A Q4 + K J 2 21 WEST KAST 4 Q 10 5 4 4J876 V None VQ1052 * 97 2 • 10 863 + 10987 64 * 5 SOUTH (I)) 4 K 3 V A 97 63 * K .7 5 + AQ3 South West North 1 N.T. Pass 6 N.T. Pass Pass Opening load—4b 10 Kast Pass were able to hold East to one heart I rick and make the slam ' Oswald: "Was this hand supposed '0 be an introduction to safety plays?" Jim: "It was." Oswald: "We might as well point out that the king of hearts play insured four heart | tricks against any adverse holcl- I ing in Hie suit. Since South only needed four heart tricks the play had to be correct. If he needed : five heart tricks the best play : would be to start with his ace." Quick Quiz By JACOBY & SON Jim .'acobv starts today's dis- Q—What is the oldest city in Uie Western Hemisphere? A—Santo Domingo, founded in 1496. Q—What, is the average speed of the jack rabbit? A—Between 35 and 45 miles an hour. Q—Who were the first reigning British monarchs to visit the United States? A—In 1939, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth crossed onto American soil from Canada Jim: "I have o couple of po- icntiai bridge scniuses in my. at Niagara Falls NY current intermediate class. Here ih ;i hand I cave the class to BL'N CASEY Ay Meal Q—What substance is famous ••LUFFY! — A kitten in the bid and every" Norlh-SoutrTpair for its unl Q" e property of chang- message. Find out where you bathroom that is so soil ;ind had no trouble reaching six no- i ing from a soncl directly into stand in special deal or relation-, fluffy—the ideal hiding place for trump after each South player ! gas? ship. Be frank. Share knowl- that extra roll of bathroom Us- opened one no-trump in spi'te' A ~ Dry icc ' edge. You learn much by teach-1 sue! Crochet this pet in easy of the five-card heart suit and ——— i»g- : stitches! each North counted 18 points Skateboards Set Off LEO (July 23-Aug. 22j; Take 1 Pattern No. 5116-N has full ' initiative Obtain hint f r o m : crochet directions; stitch illus- Taurus message. Cooperate in strations. Store Burglar Alarm community activity. Let others view your brilliant personality ! Prestige can now rise quite high VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Ac-, cent communications. Cem e n t '•• 'goo? biddin for any group but really difficult FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. if you h?vc taught standard no- ' AP)— Police raced to a cloth- trump bidding. Did anyone find in S store Sunday vvhen the bur- the safety play?" ' : glar alarm sounded, as it had Jim: "I helped the group a ; c 'o ne several times in recent little bv telling them to study i weeks. As before, everything relation? with those at a dis- j for each pattern. Print name, tance Write and call. Give of, address with zip code, style No. yourself—through creative en- and size. deavors Don't be backward Send 50c now for your new '65 where self-expression is c o n -: Fall and Winter Album! Regular eernecl features: custom collection: LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Im-, items to crochet, knit, stitch! portant you get accounts in order. Check expenses with mate tj me f 0r creative pnde°vors or partner. Be aware of hidden, AQUARIUS Uan 20-Feb"l8r factors. Strive for knowledge: y ou CO uld meet stubborn resist- where money is concerned. Get; a nce if you over try. Means in- what you pay for. Be percep-1 direct route is best Utilize di- tiv « e ,;~v, ' plomacy. Be unique in approach. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 2li:(Have facts at hand in case you Obtain hint from today's Libra; are called on to explain, message. Go out to public plac-! PISCES (Feb 13-Mar ''Or es. Cooperate with mate or part-S stimulating discussion w i t h ner. Check legal quest i o n s .| friend and neighbor indicated Show that you aie not afraidiMake known your views. Item of the unknown. I y OU possess may prove invalu- SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-D e c.j able asset. Good time for corres- 21): Some change may be re-;pondence in connection with To order, send 35c in coins to: Anne Cabot, Ironwood Daily Globe, 407 S. Wacker Drive Chicago. 111. 60607 For Ist-class mailing add lOc : thc hanc ' carefully and to plan! w as serene, even to the young- their whole play from the very i sters skateboarding by. beginning " " Then police found "the vibraOswald: "I would be afra i cl! tions of tne skateboards on the that you- little speech would encourage most of the players to lay down thc ace of hearts:" Jim- "Most of them did, but two worked out the safety play in hearts and played the king from dummy whereupon they Q — The bidding has been: ! sidewalk set off the sensitive alarm. East South Dble. Dble. West 2 • 3 • North Pass Pass quired in work routine Be alert to new ideas, streamlined methods. Get sufficient rest tonight. Avoid home or hobby. 'ft O ft If today is,your birtr.dav carelessness w h e r e j you are "independent in your diet, general health are con-i views, and have the ability to cerned. i make important decisions. " CAPRICORN (Pec. 22-Jan.i « o o 19i: Fine opportunity to m a k e| General tendencies- Cycle constructive domestic adjust-, high for Taurus, Gemini, Cancer ments. Display affec t i o n.'- Special word to Capricorn- Emerge from emotional shell ! Avoid quarrels with friends who . . . express yourself. Excellent 1 could be overly emotional Pass Pass You, South, hold: AAQ76 VKJ86 43 *K94Z What do you do? A — Pass. You have doubled twice and your partner has not seen fit to bid. TODAY'S QUESTION West passes over your double and your partner bids two no- trump. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow 2 Railroads Ordered To Install Signals i LANSING (AP) -The Public I Service Commission has or- |dered the Chesapeake and Ohio j and Grand Trunk railroads to I install flashing lirht signals at their crossing with 10th Street in Port Huron. The commission said the new safety protection is needed because the street is a main crossing providing access to the Blue Water Bridge. Flint Youth Is Killed FLINT CAP)—James R. Dye, 19. of Flint, died Tuesday when the car in which he was a passenger missed a curve on a Genesee County road and rolled over several times. SIDE GLANCES—By Gill Fox BUGS BUNNY THIS PEW IS Of-JLY A DO'-LAE? A\' IT WRITES UNDER WATES! HOW ABOUT SELL1N VA A PEN, ELMER? I'LLTWV r...ICA\' USE A LAUGr,; EH,TRY T.-iiS ONE... MAYBE IT DOESN'T CARNIVAlr-By Dick Turner she Donna has the soul of a romantic. She can listen to a sea- '11 and hear Lawrence Welk!" Exotic Viands Answer to Previous Punle earT'" ** disapp ° inted ' The cdl ° does »'l «-omc back, 'Yes Dear ACROSS 1 Salted roc 7 Alligator ipU 12 Feminine name 13 Lawful 14 Delicacy from Kurope 15 Rugged crest 16 Lime tree 17 Downpour 19 Gloomy 20 Rascals idial.l 23 Hot spring 25 Jellied • 26 Pueblo Indian 30 Readied, as veal for eating 32 Funereal composition 33 Spirited horse 34 soup 35 Communists '!6 On the ocean 18 Noun suffix '•0 Coloring in Indian curry 12 Wooden pin 4 5 Trim 46 La in h cut 49 Possessed ftl Injuries 53 Throw, as J javelin 54 Trifle, as small gem 55 Flower M Oklahoma Indians DOWN 1 Preserve, as country ham 2 Made active 3 Stringed instrument t Sick 5 Agitated 6 Repin, as a plank 8 Always icontr.i 9 Lifetimes 10 Proportion iLatim 11 Winter vehicle 12 Abraham's nephew iBib.t 18 Those in office 21 birds 22 Mix 23 Soviet republics i ah.) 21 dc foie gras 27 hearts 2S Kye amorously 2!) Prophet 31 Analyse 32 Submontane tract i India i 34 Seesaws .16 Kxisl 37 Italian colored qlass •10 Below 41 Topping, as on French pastry 42 Hawaiian jam 4,1 Female sheep ipl.l 44 Insect 47 Individuals 45 Sibilant sound oO Night before an event 52 New Mexico Indian THE BLESSING OF ANOTHER\ TWO YEARS OF PRODUCTIVE ] LIFE, WM/K GIFT TOA\E, DR. CASEY! CAN/^v ^ ANYONE,A\ORETHAN 1,APPRECIATE •-<'• ' -''-'< •> THIS MIRACLE? 17/T ns,>*j YOU PAREP,YOU RISKED, YOU WERE STROWG, ANP ?URE. PERHAPS MY WORK IN THE. FUTURE WILL BE WORTH/ OF VOUR EFFORT, I HOPE SO. PR.BEN CASE/ TONGUE-TIED? BLUSHING? ANP SLIGHTLY MOI9T AROUND THE ' EVES? 0 IMS t> NEA. Inc. T.M. »« f U.S. f.t. Oil FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blosser ME DOESN'T MY FATMER, WONT \ UK^ THEIR LET ME HAVE ANY 91 MS IMG/ RECORDS BY THE v EH? * BOOTIES v MO, ME SAYS ITS A MATFER OP PPIHCIPLE — PRISCILLA'S POP By AI Venneer EEEK! ANOTHER WHY DO WE WAVE THE ONLY HOUSE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD WITH MICE?-' MORTY MEEKLE By Dick C»raIU WE (5eCM'5 HAD A Vi52y HAPPy UNTIL. M c PAfZTLANO CAMBALON6. CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Tuner MY PR6AM, / HEY', LOOK'. KOOMTZ WAITEP Of A FA8ULOU5I pOK TH' KALUIRAKS OUT51PE... ART BARGAIN V AW SEEVi^ TO 66 CHOOSlM' SHATT6REP >— a OAIIITIII' ' —, BV KOCUTZ VES 1 . MY COUblM OUWi WHOM YOU MEAM I I LOATHE, HA^ A BIRTHDAY AFTER AIL I SOOU. THIS HORROR 15 PEM IN5ULTS\ JUST THE GIFT HE DESERVES YOU'LL PAY»6 FOR DIS'M ? I'LL DROP IN OFTEWi UNEKPECTEDLV, GO HE'LL HAVE TO KEEP IT HUW&l IT SHOULD PR1VE HW WAD 1M BUVIM'^ ^WHV. THE SNEAK! MWliEE HI5GAME! THE BORN LOSER By Art Sansm ALLEY OOP By V. T. ...SO RELAX AN' TAKE IT EASY FOR A WHILE '. PEOPLE WHAT THEIR PLANET BE LIKE 4O MILLION! YEARS FROM MOW.' n~-"*u < V-~- ON YOU ANY/ TIME ENOUGH TIME NOW.' / THEN TGETTHE POPE ON WHAT MARINER FOUR FOUNP OUT.' I i i mnrmj|fi I • w >, m>: w. T.M. «« u.s. >«. BOARDING HOUSE—with Major Hoople ^•ii^^^^^^^^H t-iipi T Ut^AC? V/^r \ £A\/ OCd/^OT 1 OUT OUR WAY—By J. R. Williams THAT'S A PICTURE OF GREAT EXPECTATIONS' fiONE SOUR.' AFTER CDW&TAMT COACHIM6 FROM HIS OLD MAW,THE KIP FK02E DM THE BALL FIELP FOR. FEAR HE WOULDN'T MAKE A <3OOD.SHOWING — AU 1 THERE AIWT A/ILJCH REFLECTEP <3LORY FOR. YOU TO BASK IW WHEU YOUR PRIPE AW'Joy STRIKES OUT TWICE PKOPS A FLY BALL, AM' 6ETS CAUGHT OFF BASE.' •^^^^I^B-DlDI HEAR Y<5D SAY RS5OBT, ^^^ ASHES AND T» 8AWSK ? c^AP, WrtATA Pd.EA5AMT AWsTrsm^ SURPRISE FOR ASHE-S.'RETOLD . LSAME ON VACWIOM W° L N TA^ T S UFE^JB ^*ul°^T/£*00^ 4AVl(sJ/o^ flf\T tT*^C \A/OflTl4 *^ ****** ^rtC llNHfVlM(C.W iC->U CVciN IT'fC« TWO WHOL& 2/\ HER CASH N HEP T RADINS lr ^\ xi.TAAylC'^ "T^l t7A"V CV^D "fLtg WEEKS i WONT8E I—J\™^ TO ? AY PQgjrug^ WfcEt^5> I WONT BE '— LOOKIM& OVER THE FENCE AT THE CO,' >sYlV WJICTP- . AT THE COUNTY" \,-mn 'LOW-X UHi W'J^'BUDGET 1 !.U^...JJl^MBA^TE^ •^•^•^^•^^^'^••^•••'•••••^•••^^^^^•piiM

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