The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 16, 1933 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 16, 1933
Page 8
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, MONDAY, JANUARY 16. 1933 Amusement IN SINGLE FILM Paul Muni Slurred in Dnunn of Cliain Gang Escape al California "THE KID FROM SPAIN" Three tinu.Minl romances lend a glamour to HIP Warner Mros. picture, "I Am :i Fugitive From a Chain Gang," which IH now showing at the California theater. It is claimed that they ore actual love nffalijH of Robert ID. Bums, author of the autobiographical novel from which the screen play •was adapted by Sheridan Qlbney and Brown Holmes. * One romance depicted in the picture Is the wild affair of a love- starved prisoner .lust escaped from an Inhuman Chain gang camp; tlie second his marriage to a woman, who ultimately betrayed him 1/1 the police, because of .Her jealousy; and the third a beautiful loye he is- unable to consummate because he must, ever bo a fugitive from the grim hand of the law which seeks to return him to the chain gang. Besides the romance, there Is a grim, realistic story of life In a chain sang, with Its racking tortures and unutterable cruelties: spectacular and thrilling episodes of a man's flight from bloodhounds and armed guards in which he narrowly escapes death on several occasions. Paul Muni,, the famous stage and screen star, heads the cast, with Glenda Farrell, Helen VInson, Preston Foster, Edward J. McNamaro, Sheila Terry and many other notable players In support. Mervyn LeRoy directed. i. A. MUSIC TO LOSE • CLEVELAND, Jan. 16.—The Musical Arts Association announced today that Arthur Rodzlnskl, conductor ,of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, had been engaged as conductor of the Cleveland Symphony beginning with the sixteenth season next October. Rodzlnskl will succeed Nikolai Sokoloff, who did not renew his contract here. The Musical Arts Association declined to state the length of Rodzln- skl'B contract or his salary, but It was announced that hereafter occasional presentations of stage productions with orchestra music might be attempted. ,?;. - •>-•£<-> /*; ; ,:;~<•>, > ^,^r ;;;<^''^ ; :/> EDDIE CANTOR COMING TO NILE WEDNESDAY BUTTERFLY TO I). S. NEW TORTC. .Tnn. 16.—A man whose deft fingers have raced across piano keyboards before king and commoner alllte will Include a butterfly net In his equipment when he starts his seventh American concert tour this week. Walter Gleseklng Is a pianist, but he also is a naturalist. Ho has chased buUerflles ir> many lands and his collection of several thousand specimens Is described as imposing. Professionals speak of this highest form of Insect life as "Lepldoptera," but the pianist doesn't bother much about names. "Perhaps,',' he said today, "I should not be called a naturalist. To me they are just butterflies. It Is a beautiful name for the most beautiful of all Insects. They start as caterpillars and end their brief lives In a blaze of color. Lepldoptera? No, I don't care much for that. It spoils the romance." "There are about 80,000 kinds and I can't hope to find .them all," he said. "Nevertheless, I'm having a flue time looking." "PROMISED by Samuel Ooldwyn as *• the biggest as well as the funniest picture to como out of Hollywood this season, "The Kid From Spain" opens at tho Nllo Wednesday night. The production is said to out- whoopeo "Whoopee" and "Palmy Days" for sheer fun, magnificent sot- tings and gorgeous girls. "The Kid From Spain" Is the story of a button-eyed lad, who, .gettl kicked out of school with his room- mato for suspicious goings-on in girl's dormitory, gets involved in bank robbery and escapes to Mexico disguised as Don Sebastian, tho famous bullfighter. Ho accepts tho acclaim of. a great fete In his honor trying desperately to maintain his masquerade until tho minute ho is forced Into the arena to fight tho fou bulls In the thrilling climax of tho picture. Seventy-six of the most beautlfu girls In Hollywood wera chosen fo 1 the song and dance numbers. Other? In the cast Include Ifyda Robertl Ruth Hall, John Mlljan. Noah Beery Sidney Franklin, incidentally the world's greatest bullfighter; J. Carroll Nash, Ben Hondricks, Jr., Pau Porcasl and Robert Young. ORIENTAL STORY IS ABtlD Iclen Hayes, Ramon Novurro Head Splendid Gust in "Son-Daughter" The mazes bf San Francisco's ililiuttown, Its plots, IntrlKiicH, und OUR battles, and .the romance of a ^hlnoHo girl who soils herself al auc- lon to ' aid licr countrymen, furnish lie dramatic background of "The ton-Daughter," In which ilelon Jayos, heroine of "The Sin of Made- oil Claudot," and Uanion Novarro ttro entned at the Fox theater today and oniotTow. * tlwH Hayes appears an Lien Wha, he Chinese heroine who sells herself t the marriage altar for the sake of mtrlotlsm, und Novarro Is the Chlo lovor who extricates her from ler prcdlvmnont. Miss Hayes' la very beautiful In Chinese garb, and enacts role that rises to the heights of dramatic power with the deft artls- ry that raised her to stardom as 'Madelon Cliuiifet." Novarro, as the oung Chinese prince, does a number of dramatic scenes with force and power. He also sings a Chinese song delightfully. Clarence Brown directed the dlffl- .:ult «tory with the skill that marks ils work In "Letty Ijynton" and other pictures. LewlH Stone appears as the stern but kindly Chinese father, Warner Oland plays the sinister highbinder Fen Sha with skill, and Ralph Morgan, Louise dosser Hale, H. B. Warner and the rest of the elaborate cast arc all Ideally oast. The costumes and Chinese settings are spectacular. The great feast, the march of the Chinese Dragon, and other details mark the picture as one of the year's major productions. Bargain Matinees nix i HI;AI in Evenings Balcony : CONTINUOUS, 2:30 TO 11:00: TODAY AND TOMORROW A Love Story to Challenge the Great Romances of All Time! 285.5 M.—KNX—1050 K. 6—News. 6:16—Bill, Mac and Jimmy. 6:30—Si and Elmer. 6:45—Currier's Seronnders. 7—Frank Watanabe and Honorable Archie. 7:15—"Pieces of Eight." 7:30—Musical program. S—Light concert music. 8:30—Playlet 9—News. 9:15—Calmon Lubovlskl and Claire Mellonlno. 10—KNX Dance band. 10:30—Organ recital. 11 to 12 midnight—New Paris Inn, KERN—1200 K. AMEOItXIA CO NT IN U OU S» 1130 TO 11 lOO P, TODAY and TOMORROW IT'S TRUE! 1 AM A FUGITIVE MUM* A CHAIN GANG PAUL MUNI FATTY ARBUQKLE In .Pop!" IT'S SCREEN DYNAMITE! SIDNEY FOX and E*RIC LINDEN in AFRAI -TOLTALK 6—Ruth Ettlng, "Chesterfield."' (i:15—Howard Ely at the organ. 0:30—Dancing at the Bellrlve. 7—Morton Downey. 7:15—"Tarzan of the Apes." 7:30—Columbia Revue. 7:45—Myrt and Marge. 8—Blue Monday Jamboree. 10—"Cross Cuts." 10:05—All-request hour. 10:40—Frank Orenough orchestra. 11—Hal Orayson's orchestra. ' "SON-I)AiJGHTER" OPENS JANUARY CLEARANCE SALES! —-in the Basement , i "i HOUSBWARES HELEN HAYES AND RAMON NOVARRO ARE CO-STARS NATURE TRICKED GRANTS PASS, Ore., Jan. 16. (A, P.)—P. E. Jorden needs only one tree to make nn orchard. And on that one tree he'll grow everything from an apple to a rose. On one tree— a blight-resisting pear tree—he has grafted 90 apple, 14 pear and 4 quince varieties. One of his peach trees Is bearing peaches, plums, prunes, apricots, plumcots and nectarines. ODD ACCIDENT, RECOVERY . EVANSVILLE, Jan. 16. (A. P.) — Raymond Woods, 21, tossed 'popcorn grains Into the air, caught them In his mouth and suddenly fell unconscious. When revived, hte right side was paralyzed and his power of speech gone. Examination disclosed a dislocate^ vertebra In the neck. When It was put back In place.Woods returned to normal. FOR DEAD DAUGHTER (United Fret* Leased Wire) ISTANBUL, Turkey, Jan. 16.—Leon Trofzky was withdrawn to his seaside villa on Prlnklpo island and has had nothing to do with the outside world since his daughter, Mrs. Volkoff, committed suicide In Berlin several days ago. Since receiving news of his daughter's death he has not responded to telegrams or received visitors. A police patrol Is on duty in Trotzky's garden. His. secretary has gone to Europe, with the completed manuscript of a book on which Trotzky worked during his recent voyage to Copenhagen. Nothing was known here of reports that Trotzky had asked, permission of the Uruguayan government to live in Uruguay. Fares cut to Seattle •Tacoma • Spokane Censorship in Cuba Softened Somewhat (United Prets Leatcd Wire) HAVANA, Jan. 16.—Censorship of American newspapers and periodicals was eased today under orders of the war department after American correspondents, publishers, and news- dealers had protested to officials. It will not be necessary henceforth to submit American periodicals to the censors before they are placed on sale, but dealers will be held responsible, for sale of any publication containing an article "Inimical" to the government. «8.5 M.—KFI—640 K. G RANAD 618 Kentucky Street Talking Pieturei Evtry D»y A ANY SEAT. ANY TIME, 15c Children Always 10c TODAY AND TUESDAY TWO FEATURES LEW AYRES In "OKAY AMERICA" With Maureen O'Sulllvan, Allen Dinehart and Star Cast—Also ZANE GREY'S "Heritage of the Desert" With Randolph Scott, Sally Blane and J. Farrell MacDonald News. Comedy, Cartoon OPEN 12-11 P. M. Any Silt t« I) r. m. 15c 300 Seats, Any Time.. .15c RIALTO S TO 0 P. M., I5c: ACTED b, I6c, 23c Today and Tuesday TWO FEATURES Richard Barthelmess In "The Cabin in the Cotton" With Dorothy Jordan and Bette Davis—Also "Divorce in the Family" With Jackie Cooper, Conrad Naael, Lewis Stone and Lois Wilson News and Cartoon TODAY and TOMORROW Trouble in Paradise With MIRIAM HOPKINS, Kay Francis, Herbert Marshall Added Specials "Island of Pearls" "Kid Glove Kisses" (Comedy) and News VIRGINIA Continuous 12 m. to 11 p. in. 300 SEATS—Any Time. 15c Last Times Today BOB STEELE in "YOUNG BLOOD" Harrowing Thrills In Horsemanship Also Laurel and Hardy Comedy, a Nick Harris Detective Story, Fox News and Krazy Kat Cartoon. 6—"Makers of History." 8:30—The Buick program. 7—Male octet. 7:15—Orchestra. 7:30—NBC-KC!O programs to 8:16. 8:15—Transcription program. 8:30—NBC-KGO program. !)—1CKT Kun Factory, Unlimited. 10—NBC-KGO program. 10:15—Phil Harris' orchestra. 11:30 to 12 midnight—Organ concert. S33.1 M—KHJ—900 K. 6 — OBS programs to 7:15. 7:lf> — Juanitii Tennyson. 7:30 — CBS programs to 8. 8 — Blue Monday Jamboree. 10 — News Items; Blsqulck bund. 10:15 — Frank Ureenough's orchestra. 11 — Danojfig with the Stars. 12 to 1 a. in. — Marshall Grunt, organist. Intelligence Tests Bring Odd, Answers (.inundated /'ress Leased Wire) DALLAS, Toxus, Jan. 10. — Some people think: Hutabnga. IB a species of snake or lizard. \ plrcnlo Is .used either In farming or photography. A cymbal IH used In stenography. A rerebrul hemorrhage Is helpful to thinking. , < Ijirct'iiy IH a medical term. At lertst, those w«re some of the answers Chiof Kxanilncr 10. At. Powell has received to an Intelligence test given applicants for city Jobs in Dallas. WANT TO LOOK YOUNG? The secret of keeping young is to feel young — to do this you must watch your liver and bowels — there's no need of having a sallow complexion — dark rings under your eyes — pimples — a bilious look in your face— dull eyes with no sparkle. Your doctor will tell you ninety per cent of all sickness cornea from inactive bowels and liver. Dr. Edwards, a well-known physician in Ohio, perfected a vegetable compound as a substitute for calomel to act on 'the liver and bowels, which he gave to his patients for years. Dr. Edwards- Ollye Tablets are gentle in their action yet always effective. They help bring about that -natural buoyancy which nil should enjoy by toning un the liver and clearing' the system of impurities. Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets are known by their olive color. 15c, KOc. 60c.— Adv. HEADMASTER RESIGNS ANDOVEn, Mans., Jan. 10. (A. P.)— The resignation of Doctor Alfred E. Stearns, for ao years headmaster of Phillips Acudumy at Andovt-r, waa announced {oday by Doctor Charles H. Forbes, net Ing headmaster. Doctor Stearns nuked to be-relloved of his office because of his continued ill health. He has been staying at Nice, Franco. HEIRLOOM OLYMPiA, Wash., Jan. 16. (A. P.)— Claronco n. Martin, now governor of Washington, thinks a iut of his dress suit a ml so dues his eldest son. The governor was married In It mid when his son, William, wan wed 'recently, ho also woru It, Night Coughs Nothing stops a night cough as quickly as Plso's. For Plso's does tho needed things. Swallowed slowly it clings to tho throat, soothes Inflamed tissues, and loosens the mucus. Working Internally Plso's destroys the cold germs and breaks up Infection. Contains no opiates. Safe for children. 3Bo and COc sizes, all druggists. DIC A ' C * or Coughs LTI3U 3 and Colds Makes You Forget You Have False Teeth Don't worry about your false teeth rocking, slipping or wabbling. Fas- teeth, a new Improved powder holds them firm and comfortable nil day. No eooey, pasty taste or feeling. Eat, laugh and talk with comfort. Get Pus- teeth from your druggist.—Adv. PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY Now Carries SHEET MUSIC ANY WATCH REPAIRED Material* Und at Cost . Reader's Jewelers 1523 Nineteenth Street $32.70 $32.70 $42.70 $28.70 Our low "tourist" fares to Seattle, Tacoma and Spokane have been cut to new low levels." Here are the new fares : , Tt On»\**y SEATTLE ........................ .... .$24.00 TACOMA ......... • ...................... $24.00 SPOKANE ............................. $29.50 PORTLAND ------- ..... ............. ...$21.50 (21 d*y return limit on the roundtript) These popular fares are good in warm, roomy coaches or reclining chair cars on fast trains. Also in tourist sleeping cars as far as. Portland. A comfortable tourist berth for the night costs as little as $1.80, and two may occupy a berth at no additional cost. Southern Pacific H. D. JOHNSTON, Agent. Phone 2800. G. N. SHACKBUFORD, Traveling Passenger Agent Finest Cast Aluminum 1 ' Lowest Prices in Years 1^ 10-IN. ROUND ROASTERS With self-basting covers. Ideal-for vegetable and roasts to be cooked without the use of water. NOW.... 10-IN. CHICKEN FRYERS These also have the self-basting cover and need no water. Chicken Is "done to ^ a turn." Every home. 0L4 9Q should have one ^i»«^ BACON AND EGG FRYERS A 10-IN. SQUARE fryer, made with cast compartments which separate the bacon from eggs when frying. -C'Of* NOW. 9^ %f 10-IN. ROUND GRIDDLES Of the highest quality cast aluminum, finished with greatest skill andjust tho sfze for general use. NOW ON SALE IN BASEMENT BEGINNING TUESDAY SEE WINDOW- ON ENTIRE,LINE OF 1-4 OFF Open-Stock Dinnerware If You're Looking for Bargains -—You'll find them in The Bakersfield Call- fornian Want-Ads .,.. .EVERY DAY. There are bargains of every kind and description . . furniture, radios, cars, homes, farm lands, business . . . bargains in everything' that anybody has or wants. And every Want-Ad is a bargain in itself . . . for it is the most economical means of telling the greatest number of people Nwhat you want or what you have for sale. REPLACE YOUR MISSING PIECES AT THE JANUARY REDUCTION 32-Pc. "Vellum" Pattern Reg. Price $10.00. q»"» 1-4 OFF PRICE NOW 9 • > I 32-Pc. Hollywood Pattern Reg. Price. $10.95 ttO O A 1-4 OFF PRICE NOW....9OBMW 32-Pc. Princess Pattern Reg. Price $16.30. 1-4 OFF PRICE NOW $13.23 32-Pc. Gleneden Pattern Reg. Price $18.60. 1-4 OFF PRICE NOW STEMWARE HALF-PRICE! Clearance of Finest 'Lotus" and "Fostoria" Stemware • OUT ON THE SALE TABLES READY FOR TUESDAY SHOPPERS ' ^" Extra! Specials in Home Needs for Tuesday Rubber Drain-Board Mats—for.. 29c , 16x27 Colored Coco Door Mats $1.49 4-oz. Handy Can Home Lubricant 15C "True Blue" Famous Dust Mops.. 39c IN THE BASEMENT — TUESDAY Housewives—Attention Do Not Overlook the January Prices on BLANKETS on the Main,Floor WANT-AD SECTION FIRST C GREEN STAMPS GIVEN WITH EVERY PURCHASE-fl/

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