Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 31, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 31, 1927
Page 6
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mAl.CilN Y.C. Stockebra^nd ^ua^ Goes Good toi Take 30 to !23|rFray IS GOOD Defense teri't Half Bkd as ThellJocalsHit \ Stride Coach Ira ^to-.kcbrand seems to : have at la^t noulded hla squad of basketball tut n into a smooth running team. ^Ihis would seem to be the iftference from Ida's 30 to 23 i-ictory ovei't i6 YatcL Center tomi team there, list night. In the fifth game of the-season Vor lola junior , college. 'i The lola-tekm revealed a nicely • 1 unnlng offeuise and a strong de; •'lanae, w-hlch Tuade it hardi for the tpponents tp stop. Though Yatejj ( enter came near leading «t times, the lola team showed a: power that ^•aB bound to win eventually: Leo . Ifurger andlKroiik showed a good tplaylng .eombijnaiion which result- fd in 24 poiiit.s out of their team's 39 points. Hubbard and Clopine, "lola guardhave develojrod a good ' guarding game with Improvement still being made nipidly, ,The lola team penetrated the Ir'aies Center def<tn«o time after time, to score and the men were following in (heir shots,; a plat-e where: lola has been rathier weak prevlou-sly. .Sevenil times the lola leaTOTnLsse^l addUloual goals only' strengthened when it has Ita full fctrength with Iba, Lee, and Isaac all back in tbo lineup. Next week will find stiff practices on the college schedule in {^reparation for the game iiext Friday night, here, against tlie V. of K. reserves. > I O I B (30) .F(i FT 1' TP Fronk. rf. L .'i 1 0 II Phillips, rf. i) II 1 « Kemp.,If. 1 II 4| 2 Schlll-k. If. 1 0 3 2 fjeo Burger, c. .."i :i o i.T Clopine. rg. .0 1 4 1 .Woolery. rg. i '0 1 Hubbard. Ig. 0 0 0 0 Total 12 fi '12 • 30 Y't\ Cen. (23) Ft; FT P TP Johnson, rf. 1 : 1 4 Opperman. If.-, Ll 1 2 Kerr- If. " -<> <> Brace, c. 2 4 3 Swope. rg. II 10 rrf )rdon. rg. .....0 o 0 Solandcr, Ig. 3 1. 4 Total . 7 it 10 IN GOOD FRAY Elsmorites Edge Oujt Last Four Minutes Of Encounter in MILLER IS THE STAR DOUBL^TEStri^ROSE^WL GAME i Ueferee: Alvis. K. S. A. C. As .Seen By C. A. CLIFT - by a case of Inches. 1-e 'is iMibifcKy alionl lis stars nnd uiore^ about (he (pnnis. ThatV-TflTat i'<i<illinn nee«Is In the opinion of W. W. Jtoper, retemn Prlnrelon fnntliull nien^ tor. Roper rontends nnd doubt- le.s he Is iporret'li that the fellow who itets In (lie headllnps .^((Uirtinies ha- done Ie<.s than any other innn on the team to- ivard Minninu' the irame. The :rnards. tackles and enils do not fifi the proper reco.unKion, snjs •Ituper. Ki '-itball is not ;i i liins uanie \tftr lliat rcasrii it i.-i ;i preat oiK'. t; Chanute Forward Counts | "' Sixteen Points i *J In Game • 7 ! ICIsniore. Dec. "{1. The largest — .cro'wd at ii Sekan hatlle Illi.*; year -•^ ' pot its motley's worth Thursday ni?ht. Tilt' Clianule t.'ani ha.'< bccii much strengtluMu-d and if- Koins to wifi a .lol of {.'anus before the stea- siin is over. They i-anie loaded for bear .liid a\'iiiist fCrt it. Chanute took th^' U'ail at the start of the frame iintl licld it until only 4'i mhuili 's of time refuained when K. Jpliuscjfi tossi^d a frc <i> throw to tie t|ie score at 2.1 all. He inimediale- ly sank aiiothei- to take the lead /it 26-2 .V. Chi'nute tii-d at 28 all iiul a fJiir of field goals soou i<d-j lowed for KIsmorc. w !;en the timer's whistle ended the most c.v<-illnK liiiivh soon lure this year. :\li)lcr. Chaniite fDrward. wa^; hish ;ioiiit man witli IC r.oi;:ls. The iiox score; Tola leant had IS jjolnts to Yates j of the Center'.s .Natioi'.ai' .\miitour .Mlilelii the lola scoring having made nine points while l-'ronk had made four ^ field ^goalH foi eight points, >wUh <'lnplne tnaklng ih>' ono remaliiing point for lola. _-The .scoring, up to the half, for Vates Center had been - done largely by Solapder, Yat(|.4 ^ Center guard Mho it was said wtis one of the best guards that lola .. has met this season. Uruce, ceii- t<>r. was contributing his . sharoof points. , In the second- half both te-.ims • were held down on the .scoring •part with Yates • Center m 'Sking three of their seven pmiuts on free ' t!irow;s. The Ida scaring was well . divided amoiig the men. I Burger was high point man of • tlie game with l:! points wliile -Fronk was second with II. Brace hcided the-Yaus O^nierlram wiih eight points, four of which were gained on lola fouI.«. : Hue to the absence of I.*e. of Neosho Palls, Coach StockebranB ag.ain used Leo Burger at es : New York liintiuet. Crlffith says to develop. It has iiot_ peak, he cont'-n<ls. 7likc Ahern. <'<inch of Kansas Stnte AsrrlcNitiiriil colleL'e. Juis been n:inied iis one of the (en members oi' (ho rules fom- nil((ee for I'ootluill. .Ihern nf.'I represent (he .Missouri Valley seetlnn nnd probably will'do much toward brlnglncr more recoirnldon to this, section of tlie country. KIsmore FT^ F TP K. Io;ilisr)ii. f •» .'. 12 Moo '.-f. i (1 " w l» li. .loliiisiiri. f o (t II c. n .-Miieis. I- : II tl ill \V. Daniels c _ 1 1,1 1 2 n. Cox. V. I II 1\ ; •» I.. Cox. i; II •1 • •» 1) Ludltlill. ^• . (1 II 1 II 'i'oljils ir. •> 10 32 4'h;\nul« KC, FT !• TP (iccruc. 1 ••.-;i 1 II .Martin, f (1 |i I II Miller, f fi 1 II ii; jT.ui.l. ( 2 2 .s .Vcpliinc t; . II II •t ' 0 Ifaines. s .. n 1 1 1 Totals 111 ,s 0 2S ICefci—c- Floyd Smith. ' <Hy the A».>!'ociated Bress) Nc»)t York—Tony Canzonerl. X'ew- i York." dofoatci! Hud Taylor. T(irr,> I Haute. Iiid.. llni. Dominick Ri;-| loue. 'New York, won from'" larn:ij'io Foruuadoz. Philippines UO). ASdy. .MartilK Busron. outpuinted Ceoi'gie j iSivtr.sV California. I ill I. .Im' Schljik-! ker. California, d.-feaied Chailey • Ilahn.-N'ew York 111. i Chii'ago—I .i 's AFarriner. Cniter- sity of ir -iuois. knocked out MicSey | Smith,' Ct.icairo |2». Geiirra Pino, j i Cuba, and Sonny I.Ioyil. ('hi!:;i;o,' drew rli K. o'. Whit.-. Ni-,v «^)r- VICTORY OVEIl. WTAYLOr Brookhn Featherweight Now Is New York; Champion BASS IS CONTENDER j leaifs. outpointed T=m O'Kectc. Wi :-J \ capo (I). Jwk Silver. San Fi-nn-j i Cisco -wi?! from Jimmy DeeriP,:;. j Sorfriliti, .\!o.. Ml. Bins Kodrigii ^*7.. : Mexico, defeated Davf>^\-'Adelinjin,; .Pliiladelpliia I'D. . | lOCK SUTHEALAMO POP*'WARMER Creek luei'ts Greik when the l.iiiversity of Pittsburgh bailies l.eliind Standfonl in tin T.)urna!ueiit oi Koscs football gana- Jan. Coach po-k Sutlierland of Pitt loariu^d thi "Pop" Waiii 'T i>i Stanford wlu-n the latter was coachini? at Pittsburgh nnd has tutored his team in the ...ari!" ivpi' of K.uiie. \Velch of the Panthers and Holt nan of the Cardinals are the rival backtii.Id threats. •1 11 Buffalo. V. Y,-"CIii(k Sir-".rs. 'S/'W j P.edford. Mass.,'won from Johtiny, t II»-Isteiii. .St. l^oiiis iliii. ! !' i:ric. Pa. "Hi-iivx" .\iidreVs. • Kri.'. . knccki'i! olil .liiiiiiiy Carscr. ,To'l.>(lo..O.. ilu). 'Al Rackow. Syra-, ,<i;sf. X. v.. defeated .hdmnv V.".-l)-i I ;ti'r. N 'l'W Haven; Conn., (fii.* Miik- ! ey Dii'^an. Cleveland; wo!i ft^ni ' Jinii.iy Rod. Krip (fii. \ \ VI "ranipa. Fla • fiis; Ben I'uu'id. i jj New Yori; KiU):ki-(l out Kddje Curl.! :'Ashl;-.n.!. Cy.. i4). (aarlcs ^V!l.i!.I-; Her. .Vorth Carolir.a. kiiuikr^! o'u ' .lark I>c'ii*:Ias. New \or-U. ili. ! KiTahti):i. P;i.— A 'ikt' '•Iiaiiiii: of. ijScraiiton. and .liniiiiy (".ooihi:;!!., 'Kufiald d:e\« ilu.'. I Hi )Il.v\vr"il»_Cal. —Tommy o'Bri-;'n.; ; Santa .;M«!!ica. sinvi'il a l.-rhni'.ali j knockout over Jimmy Cottrell. Son-,; kan" (&I.' Joliiiny Lamar. .Moxiio.; won over I.oiii-. .Andrews, .Mempi;!';,! game .under Coach'T(:in.. n'"-. Fiasli llastiii:;s. .Vojifh ; Piatt". • N'-!i. anil: Clavt.m Coiti'l.' .Srioi;ane. divw li>». ' < SI-aiVTord PasadtM'ii. Cal.. Cheeker Tournament T<^ Be Here Tuesday; I - i Coivs The fifteenth ansnal lo-irnam.-nt U'win jOf alie .-Mlc-n County Cliess and Caiiaf^ey M'heeker association will lie held Bcut'""r. 1. at '7-:;;u "fuesday evening of next Kcuiiur .1. iwcik. January ::. at the City Hall. ! Haiulicap Recreation Ten Pm Crew Takes Real Estate 5! Tin- Kicreatloii bowllng'crew de-' f'ati'd the Real Kstates ' throi j straight gaiiifs op. the U«-rc:ition ' alleys l:ist niglit. t'laudi- Cletnen- was high iitaii with the tine scon of ,"i7ii pin'; while Joe Crollier bail,' the hi^'h In frame with i:::!. i Total Pl'v • Us 1.-.4 Ifil Ifir-r VM, i:l4 P24—393i 142 124 i:;!i-40r 171 12!) lil.N -10 IBl BIG FOOTBALL aASK TODAY AT BERKELEY Totals . This is the liii: event of the year januin;: the fans of this particular I I sport in this viitinit'y and it will .\j ,,(i>rson ;iu-ol)al>ly he largely allended. Fv-j (.],.,„„„j^ .1.^3 7."> S24 (Continued from INige One> ;ory one has a coriljal invitation Knock all ! with the result that possibly •""jm n V -e.xcoptionally good center nas been j 10 Ijet Aey found for the lola team. Burger ;'T"0 Panama Citv played center against tho aluiiinl i * and in that igame and last night's scored a total of 2S point-s •which is ;to enter atui lluise wl'.o have stan-: c ,,v,„„„,. up to Belize river in the govcr- dsfnl size boards and men arei yi.'^ojp^ " 1 Handidip this yearns Waller WHson-of I,a- j Harive and the sei-retar.v is tlfirpe nors launch and a baseball game 1 ,,-ini,' them. cenVer. !•'>• teams, from St. Joinis college. , The, inesident or the assm-iation li;:: 1 IS i.-.i; -17S :233 nr.! 22! IRsi 14.-! 163 ir.s -47;' 75-22- 76.-. -:!3i;'' • 1.-.2 tftr Football Needs Less Publicity About Its Stars New York. Dec. ;!1. (.\Pi -AVIiat 'fouthall ii .fi 's Ic '.-i |ii.ijici;y I'-i;; its '^tar'- ami more alnr-il it--. •ia;:>.-. ,j , ' \T, _ as a w!;ole; in the t.pie .loM o;' W. VV Pennsylvania Eleven To lio .Hr. n.uivek.t.ii 7,esi,!.nt Meet California in 'the Ame:i.-an footiirui co.-uiie.^' Grpnt Tilf .jociation. ' Princeton's foot.'n.Il nientoE. ATTENDANCE LARGE r-oii:..,i..n iJx ..iL-ht. .i.-iure,! California Has Weight'f'"'" ^V'""' ,'''''". • , r\ • loll'.; iiirili'Ms n! -.|i:'ie .to ;h' a.- Advantage Over • ^oniplishm-n'-- or o:.,,' . ),:,.-KtwM ei'.^ati'iii ami liism'ss the rvn',.iiii- i :M- or tl'.e I-. n: wi:h rare menrioii. (Ciinfiuued from Page due) .<;no>',- ixi nilin^ eastward frijm the .vli.'!sisst;).)i valley. !',;erij.>; t""'.iy. • . : ^ ; Match Between Two May Be Arranged Soon, Is Indication New York. Ue.. :U. (AP)-Tony Canzoneri. of Brooklyn, hail estab- li'-hed liims.'h' .is tiie prevailing feaiherwi'islit clianipion ol" the New- York State Atlilotii eomniissicn today !)y virtne <>f a hard-earued vic- tor.v over the slas!i;!i;; Taylor, of T< rre i!;>.\ite. inil. •Meotinir for the third tiiiif in a roped square, the hattiers ensaged', iu a furious ten-round comhal before I.!.Ill") spectators in .\l;idison Siinarc f^an!-n l:ist niplil. Althm;gh 'I'jiylor wa!;"d a stiff offeni-ive. riii^'sirle ex[ierts cretiit- . it Canzou'ri with tl'ic- edge . in seven roniuls. gave Taylor two w!:ile on.' WIS evei;. Canzoneri neiqhed 12:;^. poiuuls. four pounds more than liis riviil. .. This wa-^ Tayl .irs d.-Imj iu the p.ew Ciiriien. In previous tussles between the ii .Tir. Taylor took-thet^ verilirf once v.hile-ilif ollirr resultj^ 1 il in a. liraw. ' -•• ' -/ The ii «tlo!i or the state athletic 1 onuai.-^sioii in rei oii'iizinir Ciin- zoiieii as i!ic fi -.itli rwefcht cham- pina dexelopeil aimilur tiile dis- :iti; • as the I 'l 'imsjUania coinmi.s- -ioii \':\:'^< t!ie title .'aiin ef Benny of riiilalelphi;!. wl'.o defeated Red . Chaimian. of Boston. A .'i;U< li !itw;en. ("air/.oneri and Bas« to s "itlt'ihe loinlii tini; claims is no'.V ill J)loS|ielI. !.:.•,-lii^V a^:;regaleil .flll.llni. at Middle West Coveretl With Snow Ch.rai-o. l)e.-. I.M't .N'utiiiVs' • N'. w Ye:ys KTit lo the .Middle \V.-.-t iKis eon'" tiiiii'hUii;: out or t^jie i .Weather i hnte wrapii-'il in snov. ' .' ! VV A I I ' v.i'tli iiirle:-.. ; ; Mvi N '-AV Year's n-o: ni!i;r. f aid Hi- ive !i. i^Jli nip • r Penn Berkeley. Cai.; Dec. 31 i VP ''. The reign of Kiits Football \n efju- II), -;Mr jral California jollepiate einle.s 4il Numbers 154—5r.< (Continued irom Pajie <ln<") Totals t)3:; S2.". .-. .'i.-i— Pi." and C«I"ornia'f.Tced each other ill j f„r the ne.xt ten .". S64-2721|an intersectiouat contest. ,^ • ; i ^.i.<t year Scouts ; Btisley. Panama. Dec. 31. f.APi -A g'dd- ^Sifers Salesmen Hold Number2 i. ^f'(.; l-.elow ZeT'l I'KiV ,11' •• :•'. Thi' thernioni-:)-: w::s s(,;,,i,''i "y laUilii,' ea:.'-.' t.-'Y' altiioir:!; liie III',". est ;'.>r la •.v; s 1" ^'.•.•^e<•s al-o'.e Srow ";. il -r aiii'.o ^t ihe i.nti^e ni;dd!e'."e^'. iiein;^: wliiiip'il ii .'nMi ^iv l'i .M-"i :;;!;;rii; \v;nils i .iil -d' ll^e'' iionli.juil v.tu-. Teni:>er ;;ii !r> ,ir >.,.|,,.^= ..,,,„ 1,,,.,. i,,.,... - ,.,.•',"! ^ i'.i. \ru ;i.'.'><i!a»;tnd the r >:i'.ot:'..-i. a^d ' ;!i' v,-i:.i;ii :• l.iu-eii-,; re::orted s]i rf'!"" prosper I for rtlii -r rroni the iri^jd ; ivii| Tne^day. \ 'I'hree ChieaKO il':atiis wi re itj- triiniie',1 to t'u' sr.ov.-storni •.liijt ; more tb.n h. .cored tlie three |.re. "••,>">: " 'S .-i. Li "unM^ i Annual Meeting Here Charles A Lindbergh when Tlie annual business meeting of be;salesmen of the Sifers Candv though not, tall enough to get the j ^'^'^\ tipoff from .sonie centers has been , „,.„,.ii .-of • • . • i i- ^ •showing some-real jumping power !'''"'''•^ ""7' I''^ r'^ .M '"-''l ' "ftt'r- ' ' ed to go to the landin« field and nnon at the company offiie.s here. ^^o^^^^.&lr^e'S. T -eive'the flyer In tno nante .f, At noon a • But what h© may lack In gain- '"'^J'• • Jhg the lipoff. he makes up in It will be Lindberglis second floorwork and shooting abilitv j visit here, as he i -auie with his - from his cenler position. limotlier in 1913 when there was no T Fronk, who is coining back next water in the canal. Congressman _Bemester, has bit his old' s<>oring Lindbergh came to ;i»vesiigate ia- _Ktrlde. having /made 29 iKiinU in bor conditions among rhe canal the last three'games in which he coustvuction gangs. Mrs. Lmd- Fronkhas played. \Vlth Burger bergh assisted in the,- investigation. She and her four-course luncheon was served those present at Sife'-s eonlei'tioi;ery. Those present were:. W. .M. Ire- l.'iil -4 .1 j-,„. in ;i7 n.a<heiF its dosin? floiii;- jfl 'ish here today as sriil te .-ms -'f the Pnlversilics of IVnnsylvaniji en years at least, troni this tio:! A fast field was assured, due tni],;,,) to usL»thc Joplin I'r. ,;the iranvas covet^lni; that has kept I j -Yantz believes this can-.i) will -'x the turf dry during the past weelt, and with both elevens wide open passing (Condnued from Page Onei ; scoring game w-a» • - sport followers was in iroulde and fi <ed .Mr .tlo .v i ^„ ,^Q „ tickets have _ ,.,,„-, ., who was iinliurt. the game and the tickets that wilr,1.^. are::. ' il"'".' < "I "f""' . Karlv in the operations before , he disposed of at the gate arc ex-' " , jj Kwr/ s:,owplo.v o < I;'' the last six members of the crew I pouted to raise 4he attemUince tlj. The man who takes most inter-,'''" '•>• [-.J"'- '~ ' were known to bo dead. Kadie per-150,000. s ' ; ! est in his work is the inoneyleniler. Iii'-h'-^^ ^'|'' -i'^""' 500 Rooms •ATI* I : i (2J0Wl» M«rMeCbffMS :: :t »v«S formed a similar deed for diver L. 1 The game alsof was the occasion i C. Michaels. j for 'he dedication of a memorial, The divers*hoped today tu enter . bench to Audrey "Andy " Smitli.; the I California's grid.'nientor from l!»16j' ire- : to i02.'> and coach of the famed I in ('liiea'-;n tiiree in:!:!'s witli iju and Fronk t* do • lola's scoring 5«m ate at from, the forward and center po-| laborers' messes and were guided eltlons. ; ' • . I hy IxMiyd K. CM key.'' who is now The team- w ;in probably be j iiisiKctor of canal hilior. ETLTYE AdtniKsion 10c and 20c! JACK PERRIN in "A RIDIN'.GENT" A roving cowboy aiid his two pals. Starlight the and Rex tfie dog, all working to .saVe a girl from a bunch of (brooks. Comedy "Three of a Kind" ' ind Episode "The CrIm«iOn Flash" -, 1 Knuy Kat Kar (i >ou knmedy ' START THE NEW YEAR RIGHT BIG MIDNIGHT FROLIC With Vaudeville Specialties and Motion Pictures REED ELTON PLAYERS in • "WHERE'S YOUR SISTER" .1 funr>ar( modern play of life In llie underworld. GEORGE WAI-SH in "HIS RISE TO FA.ME" • Some say there is no rom ;)iice around the prize light ring. See how one man won the world's championship by ihi^ ,tir*' of Ills attack, inspired by his burning love for the one and only girl. I»oor« Open Snnda) :A( .XidnIgM—Show S(ttrtK .U li-M Admission lUc and 50c .HOXII.W. TI'K.SIUV \M» MKI».\KSI ».\Y . -Mndhw lOr.SOr; Mirhl Hk-^-Mh- ' James Oliver Curwood's "The Country IJeyond" . With Olive Borden and Kiilph "(iraves H doesn't miike.auy difference wlu'llur ymir "Coiintry lleyiiinr' Is vfUh the .N'oilliweMt .Mounlcil Police, or on the Cay Wlille \Vay Therj- it is! You have ^ead the-hook and iiow's your ihiinceio s'ee the picture. • ('omedy. ^.Sutlin^ Mnntf" .Vr»iip'» Pilbles and Tiiplc- of the J»«} Life i.-* full of trials, and the law-'^'-iis "f .^''atement liefoi-e tonichr. ! U-ers are glad of it. .'.he weather bufcau said. : land. Ottawa: U. A. Wl.^on. Fort, the sh.-lttered hull and start the » i Scott; S. 6. Bobbins. Bartlesvllle. j work of sealing compartments pre-' to 102.'; and co»ch of the famed i Manv a pen.-^ive girl turns out Okla.; Floyd Cninnain. Arkansas I pai'utoi^- to un watering the draft • Bear "wonder trams." who died : to bo expensive. City: Charles Uoehl. A . Hub- and attaching the big pontoons j during the latter part of iy2^. i '__i ' -lianl, hot hoi" lola: .1. .1. lU^nnes- which 'will support it ou its trip Smith was an albmuus of Pennsyl-' ]„ j^p^i Hfe the be.-l niaiunever 5oy. superintendent of the plant: |ti> dry dock at Boston. I vanfa and former football coach iof, „pt., ,ii,>l,ri,ie , It was thoucbt possible that:"'e I-iislernci'.'-. '• '|— .1..:. : ' ^— - | relatives. ..Mrs.. LeValley also I UK. some of the bodies of the victims, California tohk 'be field with .T. ;'.t:a.^k of the Quakers hinged upon ' ' --• might be recovered In tlf course ; ^^Wi-'bt advantage of .-ippioximately .speed and decfption i;athrr tlian to II iiotinds to the man but the fast : wei;;Iit. i . S. .M. Sifers. S. I. Siferis. II. .1. Byrne. .Mrs. .Maude Love. .Mrs. Ilorothy Keyscr and .Miss Catherine Cannon. . of today's operations. .lames heValiey ritnni'd to loi;i j j last ni.uht M"ri)lii Hes .Moitu s. IoWi$. ] where he 5|ient, (.'inistnias witii his mother, Mrs. .M. H. I.'-V'alley. \vlfj> is siiendiiig Hu' winter lliere \vii;i be'.'u vi.siting in Minneapolis. .Min(i. < .Mr. l ,i |ValIey is siiperinlembnl of i j ^=k«» the.comer ms HARDWARE & IMPLEMENTS.! lOLA-k'ANJ'AX Once /<59Z- the schdoi.s at St. Paul. Kan. W^KELLEY %'IGUT UK- and 20c TODAY ONLY r /^09 / ' CARL LAEM M LE ^ ^ — - presents RG. WOOEHOUSE' UNIVERSAL' PICTURE. ,\ couple of crooks, a jealous suitor, and a belligerent mother can make things hnih for a beautiful girl and a small bachelor who has decided to stop bacheling. P. G. Wodehouse sure steps on the laughing gas. If his Liberty .story was a wow. this is a wow-wow'. ; .INo Comedy - .\ens hist rhap(pr of "Hluke vf Srodund Vard" Monday For 3 Big Days Plan to lie |ii .tour srat at the linrinnlnv! See Iteau (ir«lp (mm ' i 1 Uie SinrI! i\IONDAY For 3 Days ca HERBERT BRENON Qroductitin NOTK—The dislrlbiifnrs ef;."Be;iu (iesle" specliy (hat nn (heiitre shiilli ehiirge a b-^ lirhrf than those listed below. -Matinees. Children 10c: .\dHl!s .'J.'.c; Mghl. ( hildren -J.-.r; AduKv^.'iOc The Gr4itest Love X )f All \ .c'dnri'iil riMua^ce.lliat sweejiv along nilh the l-oHer and theiiiagiiiliceiice of ii cavalry rliargc. Mild Uirills, N {lrri»'.r aclion-'iind. lo knit the ubsorbhiirrplot togefher. a (Irrobbing fcfory III hue and annizing'seli-sacrilice. cumaii U'sfu .Man's T'iclure That "Every Woman ;iWill Uve! Sec it; From the First I Shows;' 2:IMI. 7:(H» andliiiUO iTbi'. is iujporlanl—Vmi 'll see «liyi i ALI^ JOYCE'NOAH BEEIVY WILUAMPDWEU (|ALPH FORBES N«LHAMaTON MAfWR^^^^ ADoiiD-^WIU) WAUX)PS;'TWO REEL C(»IEPY AND NEwi Rfe^^^^^

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