The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on June 22, 1894 · Page 6
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 22, 1894
Page 6
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DAILY AND WEEKLY. By POWEKS & COLOLO. SUBSCRIPTIONS. Single copy, HHJ address, pet jest, .... |!i Oti It paid in mlvtttice. 1 50 THI BBNTINRL IB a straight-out Democratic ewsjmper working for the ndvancement of the terestn of the cause In Northwestern town. Theolroulntlon of THK SBNTINIL exceeds that Of an) paper on the C. & N. W. Rallwa; west of riwahalltown. OurHlsts are open to an> aUver- ttter, We bare good lists in ever? town on all brancb roads, Hats reaching tbe best farmers •nd business men In every comnumltr. Bates on •11 classes ot advertising reasonable. Schedule of rates furnished on application to the offlot. Correspondence desired on all topics of general interest. Be brief, write proper names plainly, •nd have your letter reach us earlr us Wednei- day evening. Address, TUB SENTINEL, Carroll. Iowa. Kntere at tbe Carroll, Iowa, postofflce. as ae end class matter. Published weekly. FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 1894. [See preceding page for late telegraphic news.] Demooratio County Convention. ' Tbe Democrats of Carroll county will meet In convention at tbe court house In Carroll, Thursday, July 2ti, 1891. at 10 o'clock a. in., sharp, for the purpose of selecting delegates to attend the state, judicial and congressional conventions. Also to nominate the following county officers: One candidate for county auditor. One candidate for clerk of the district court. One candidate for county recorder. One candidate for county attorney. One candidate for supervisor. The, ratio of representation will be one delegate from eacb ward or township and one additional delegate for each 20 votes and fraction over 10 cast for Horace Boles for governor at tbe general election of 1893. Based thereon townships and wards will be entitled to delegates as follows: have no obe to blame bat themselves if he should reverse the friendly policy of Germany and return to Prince Bisrrmrk's dislike of everything English. England claims to be the most stable government in tbe world as it has not had B change in rulers for fitty-eeven years. The Family Journal has been overworked ot late scheming on how to disorganize the Demooratio party, It is in for boodle arid as the Republicans are better contributors than the Democrats it ia in favor of a change in local nffiuirs Tbe ooal strike has quite' generally been settled and the miners with the exception of those ID Illinois have abpnt all returned to work. The Iowa mines are running at fall capacity. The miners were successful in a measure in having the old rates restored. Toere is one redeeming quality about tbe sugar trust magnates wbo are engineering the sugar trust tariff bill through the senate: they are not hypocrites. They do not claim that they want tbe protection to benefit the laboring man, as the other protected monopolies do. invited There was a time when Jon drew from $200 to $300 from the county every time the board met as justice fees, but tuttt time IJHB pRSSed. We little thought in those palmy days that you Would get down to trying to rob the county ot a few dollars by swearing to false printing bills as yon have done every time tbe board has met this year. Are you so incompetent that you cab not make oat a bill according to a written contract which yon have with tbe board, or are you predisposed from force of habit to swear to accounts that the board ia compelled to correct. If these mistakes were due to ignorance we would thiuk that some time yon would make them against yourself, but they are invariably against the county, and we can draw but one conclusion. For proof of what we sty look in the proceedings of the board BP published in today's paper and see tbe over charge made agaiu by the Family Journal. hands. Use your power wisely . and there can be no doubt of the success of our party at the polls. Jasper Sheridan".".".".".".".".".'."..' 6 Knlett. Areadla Carroll, outside.. " 1st ward... " Zdward.... " Sdward.... " 4thward.... Grant 5 Glldden 6 RIchland 8 Pleasant Valley.... C Roselle 10 Washington 8 Warren 12 Bden 7 Newton..... 4 Union ., 6 Gladstone has again been invited to vieit America and will accept the invitation should he regain hie eight and sufficient strength to warrant him in undertaking the voyage. Should he ever visit this country he will be given the greatest ovation ever tendered any one in recent times. Total 129 Necessary for choice 66 Unless otherwise designated by township or ward commltteeruen caucuses to select delegates to the county convention Will be beld Saturday, July 21, at such places and time as the committeemen may order. Carroll, Iowa, June 12,1891. JAS. THOMPSON, JOHN T. JAY, Secretary. Chairman. ANNOUNCEMENTS. FOB COUNT! AUDITOR. I hereby announce my name BBS candidate for nomination for the office ot county auditor before the Democratic county convention and will cbenrfnlly abide the result. W. F. HOMBACH. FOR cocurr ATTORNJU. I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the nomination for tlio office of county attorney, (subjected to tbe pleasure of tbe Democratic county convention. GBO. w. KORTB, FOB SUPERVISOR. I hereby announce my self as a candidate for the nomination to tbe office of county supervisor before tbe Democratic county convention C. H. FLBNKKR. I hereby announce myself as xcandldate for the nomination of county supervisor before tbe Democratic county convention. EODALB. FOB BBCOJIDBK. I hereby place my announcement before the Democrats of Carroll county aa a candidate for the nomination for county recorder subject to the plaeiure of the Democratic county convention. C. W. BBUHIB- I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the nomination for county recorder before tbe Democratic county convention,and will cheef nlly accept the remit, , JOK KKMI>KKH. I hereby announce my name -before tbe Democratic county convention for nomination for tbe office of county recorder, subject to tbe - pleasure of the delegate* when In convention assembled. On AS. BOCUUM. I hereby announce my name as ft candidate for nomination to the office of count? recorder subject to tbe will of tbe Democratic county convention. GBO. A. HOFFMAN. FOB COUNT!' CLEBK. I hereby announce my name as a candidate for tbe nomination ot county cleric before tke Democratic county convention. . J.,H, SOBBOKDKB, I hereby announce myself at a candidate for the office of county clerk before tbe • Democratic county convention. ' Wednesday all England celebrated tbe 57th anniversary of Queen Victoria's succession to tbe throne. Her majesty has reigned longer than any other rnler in the world and is now in her seventy- fifth year, and is the fifth oldest monarchical ruler. Her 'health is good and from every indication she will live to rule over her subjects for a number of years to come. It is claimed that for tbe first time in the history of onr country the balance of immigration is in favor of European countries. The bard times have greatly reduced the number of foreigners coming into Ibis country and tbe number of those returning is much larger than ever before. Tbe Inter Ocean jestingly remarks that tbe Demooratio party bos solved the immigration problem. Toe Rothschilds of .England are very angry at this country because an increased duty has been placed on diamonds and are threatening to withdraw all their securities from this country in retaliation. They are largely interested in the diamond fields ot South Afrha and art heavy owners in the stock of the diamond trust.^This high tariff will produce • great (all in the immense stock of diamonds on hand and greatly decrease the profits and the value of tbe slock of the trust. Bro. Cook, ot tbe Denison Bulletin, Boone is rejoicing over the new find of ooal which was made last Saturday. President Cleveland returned Tuesday to tbe capital from bis outing much Improved in health. Local showers all over tbe state bave been quite frequent this week end tbe long drawn out drouth appears to be broken. ^ ; Governor MoKinley will attend the meeting of the National League of Republican clubs which will meet in Denver next week., Tbe Republicans scored tbeir only victory in their twelve weeks' fight on tbe tariff bill by having the duty raited ou quicksilver. Hill and Irby were tbe only two Demo- oratio senators who voted for tree ooal, Two Republicans and tbe three Populists voted with them, Tbe bankers of New York city bave arranged to furnish all the gold tbat will be required for exportation, Urns protecting kb*s national treasury, Quicksilver was the oniylum ia tbe tariff bill that the Republicans succeeded in ob*0|iof MM duty on without the oouMot of to* finance committee. flold oontinuM to go abroad as it always doM *HbJ* season of tlw year but it is thought tbat it is about tints for lb*baUujo*Qftr*4* to turn this way. No uneasiness is felt in floaucial circles thinks that tbe Democrats of this county made a mistake in calling tbe convention so early and believes tbat a late convention would be preferable from a party standpoint to an early one. This lor tb* batiks ytllow metal. are over • tuoJnd witb William ia r*pir|*4 as bang in a bud frame 0L inind at tb* firitieb. Ha claims tb»t tbs Eogliib Cabinet baa taken advantage of tii* airtight forwardness tb*W. Hs *»ys that io dealing witb may be true but when Mr. Cook attempts to tell tbe Democracy of Carroll county what is best for it, be is biting off more than be can chew. Other* f bave undertaken tbat little game but have bad to give it up. We are a peculiar people down tbis way and the Lord only knows what is beet for ua. Tbe two term rule stands supreme. So far no one has formally declared bis intention of testing it in its "entirety" or any other way. Tbe silence of tbe Family Journal on this rule is painfully ominous. Why does it not assume' its old time aggressiveness or has it become moss covered already f No list of available candidates, no talk about tbe sacred duty of the party in sustaining tbe vanerable rule which bus been suob a blessing to the party, barely the Family Journal bas become dull and insipid. Our present secret n ry of state seems to think the depurinu-ut COB do nothing to secure tbe release ot Kizemiuiski who was recently sent to theSiberiau mines by tbe Russian government. That is not tbe war former Democratic administration* bave looked at these matters. When Franklin Fierce was president and Wm. L. Mercy secretary of state Austria arrested an American citizen upon some snob flimsy pretense as Russia ha* don* and an American naval officer demanded tb* man's release within a car- tain time, and gave notice that it it was not don* b* would open <lr* upon tb* warship where tbe man wo* confined. Tbe mau WM released and tb* officer was given a gold medal by our government. Forty years ago w* found means to compel tb* relMW* of an American citizen imprisoned by * foreign government and we believe Ibe prewtit administration will Ilkewia* do all in its pawer to pro- loot our citizens wb»n traveling abroad. Obi Jo*I why WM it you again attempt•d to boodle tb* county f W* presumed you bad learned that this bu*i»»«s of robbing Ibe oouuty WM pl*y«4 out. Loral Politics. Aspirants for various places to be filled on the county ticket arena numerous this year lie-usual and so fnr a strong list from which to name the county ticket has been presented to .those who will be intrusted with this responsibility. It might not be out of place to call attention to the fact that for the last two years the tickets nominated by tbe Democratic county convention have not been supported as they should have been at the polls by the party. This may be due to several causes, all of which have combined to greatly reduce the vote on local candidates. While the state ticket last year received a good round majority in the county tbe local officials, were lucky if they got a bare plurality. We are inclined to believe that the greater part of the dissatisfaction which appears on election days grows out of the convention and is due largely to strife and ill feeling engen- strife between tbe aspirants for office before these conventions. If this be true then it behooves us as party men to thoroughly study the conditions ae they exist and BO conduct the approaching campaign as far as possible in such a way ae to obviate a repetition of the past two years 7 Experience. The question may well be asked, how is this to be done?. Others are far better versed in these affaire than we, but to our minds a great deal of this friction uould be done away with if those who are to be delegates would come to the convention as free men, ready to lay aside personal interests and everything else for the time and cast their votes for the men who are the best and most competent for the offices, and recognizing that every man who presents .his name before the convention is entitled, to fair treatment and due consideration at the hands of his party. Just BO long as tickets are named in this county by cliques and combinations just that long dissatisfaction will prevail in our ranks and will be felt on election day. When candidates are equally deserving of recognition at the Previous. An exchange saye: "Hon. Ed. H. Hunter of Des Moiees, tbe lord hi$ h executioner of the Democratic party, fl'iding he cannot get tbe Dee Moines postoffice, is trying to knock out Col. Eiboeok, the prominent German editor. Tbe Hunter sort ot bossUm has been one of the causes that disintegrated tbat party in Iowa. The Democratic [party has been boosed to death." This is good, a Republican paper in this state talking about the Democratic party being bossed, when its own is sway backed and saddle-marked from be- in g ridden by bosses ot tbe Jim Blytbe Siripe. So completely is it bossed that even the right of the delegates to select temporary or permanent presiding officers for their state conventions has been taken from the delegates. The above is also good as a sample of the kind of false statements that papers make, for in fact there has never been any rivalry or ill feeling between Co). Eiboeck and Ed. Hunter. Tbe reports tbat charges have been made against tbe Colonel are untrue SB stated by the postmaster general himself last week. He said that "tbe reports that charges have been preferred against Col. Eiboeok were untrue, as is sUo all talk regarding wbo had been selected for the appointment for the case has not been called up for consideration and will not until the president returns from his vacation." Calamity. The U. 3. treasury is down near the 879.000,003 point. Carlisle says he will not issue bonds but what else CM> he do? For Auditor. We present to our renders toddy the announcement of W. P. Hotnbach ns a candidate for renornination to the office of county auditor, subject to the wishes of the Democratic county convention. The Democrats of Cnrroll county have for a number of years been firm 'adherents to the theory thnt two terms in office were enough for imy man; thnt if a county office is a good thing there ore plenty of good Democrats in the county capable of fil]ing thorn nnd they should be passed around. This theory carries with; it the proposition, though] not directly affirmed by the conventions, that if n man*is a good and competent official he is entitled to hold office four years.£ Mr. Hombnchfstands in this relation to the Demooratio party of Carroll county. Two years ago he was nominated by the convention and elected to the office of county auditor. That he has been a good Official everybody that has hod any business to do with the auditor's office is ready and willing to testify. Careful, painstaking and obliging, so soon as he entered upon his official duties he set at once earnestly to work to master the details of this, one of the most important offices in Carroll county, and he has succeeded beyond the most sanguine expectations ot his friends. Mr. Hotnbach brought to the auditor's office the natural aptitude and ability for host of friends in that locality who be pleased to do all they can to ngfttat him in tbe the work and he has made the 'most of bis opportunities, so that he has made one of the best auditors Carroll county ever had. Knowing this to be true, we feel sure that the next Democratic county convention will make no mistake if it honors Mr. Hombach with a re- nomination to tbe office he has filled so well during the past year and a half. His nomination would odd strength to the ticket and his election would be Vot.Counts Recorder. Joe Kempker, of this oily, has entered ; the canvass tor the nomtm.ton fbr.| county H'oorder before the Democratic | oouuty convention, While the aspirant) is a new man in county politics, nsver before buying aspired to an office, be in well and favorably known in this locality and the northwestern part ot the oonnty. Thirteen years ago he located in this city and was one of Lonie Kocke- voet's faithfnl clerks for several year*. From here he moved to Breda and after clerking in one of the leading business houses of tbat oitv for some yean engaged in business for himself. Two years ago he removed to our city and in this time by close application and fair business dealings has built up a good business. He ia now considered one of our successful business men, honest, competent and obliging, ready at all times to please those who have business relations with him. Should be be successful in being elect-, ed to the office of county recorder will carry tbe same business principles into that office that have made him fit C b fc ave he b£° n ! asauredbecaueehe has during his term of and there is no prospect for anything j office manifested a disposition to treat a question of Mine will be bankrupt- else, it will only be when the tieasury Glldden Graphic. The above is a fair sample of the reliability of the average Republican papers when it concerns any question regarding the Democratic administration. They ore doing all they can by false misrepresentations to embarrass tbe country and would rejoice in nothing so much as seeing our country bankrupt, our credit destroyed and financial ruin in all business circles. In order to more clearly show the injustice of their calamity howl and give you an idea * of the gross misrepresentations these papers are sowing broadcast iwe quote the statement sent out from Washington by the American Press association for the day previous to the one when the Graphic was published: HOPEFUL TBEABURY SIGNS. Washington? June 15.—Thursday's cash balance was $115,886,570, of which 969,021, 288 was gold reserve. Tbe fact tbat there were no gold engagements and that 8500,000 of tbe amount engaged Wednesday baa been returned to the treasury is regarded as a very hopeful sfgn and it is believed Indicates tbat the outflow has about run its course and will soon cease, ' hands of the delegates then locality should be considered. While we would never allow geographical lines to induce us to vote for a lees deserving candidate we would be largely controlled by it, other things being equal. Rings., combinations, trades and adjustable rules worked to the advantage ot one and against others, bringing discord into our ranks which cannot do otherwise than to ultimately disrupture our party organization. Every voter owes it to his party that he attends the primaries and sees that good men are selected for delegates, who will attend the convention and respect the wiBhes r of,tho people who have placed them in the position to speak for them iu tho councils of the party. A grout reform could bo made, we believe, should the voters of tho •various precincts take it upon themselves to say who the delegates shall bo instead of allowing outside candidates to numo their delegates for them urn) then «sk tho voters to go to tho OUUCUB and ratify their Holeotions. When this is done and the representative men of tho party are selected agreutdeal of tho dickering and trading indulged iu by former conventions will bo done uway with, Tboro is another thing we will spook of in-line connection and that ,1s, thoeo solf-oonstitutod "boBBos" who take it upon themselves to s»y wlinl the convention shall and what it shall not do. A Domouratiu convention iu no pluoo for bosses, Kiioh delegate is a free Amori- oiiii citixoi), entitled to all tho righto of uuyouo clue, and he who attempts to dictate is u dangerous man to tho welfare of the party uiul should bo But down ujton. Above ull, give us fair play uud the initn who trios to secure u nomination by unfair meauti should bo repudiated by the delegates. Lot eyery one stand ou bis own merits and whou ho is nominated it is our duty to support him ut the jx))Js, What wo want is it fair ticket, one which recoguiees every fuulioa and locality, when nuuh can be dono and at the sume time secure « good man. Jf thin is done we believe tho jmrty will be HtrougUieuodj but disregard it and u rojHititioo of ibe last two twmpuigas will be upon us. Mo wo nay tuut tho dUwttlis- tuoUou Unit bus urieea iu our ruuks bos been largely due to tbe work of the con. Pelegatat, the success of tbe No Revival ot McKinleylam. New York World. It is rather astonishing to find • Republican indulging in/ snob wholesome plain speaking as that witb which Col. A. L. Conger, of Ohio, ex-menber ot tbe Republican National committee, has phased the MoKinley enthusiasm. He ie quoted as saying and itsonnde like a quotation from a recent World editorial: rich and poor alike, giving all the benefit of his knowledge and experience when they visited the court house for information. This is what the people like and we repeat that the convention could make no mistake should it give Mr. Hombach a renotnination by acclamation. ' For Recorder. , Obas. Bnoknam the efficient clerk in Hatton'a drug store in (bis city bos concluded to allow bis name to be used before tbe Democratic county convention for the nomination for county recorder. Mr. Buoknam's long residence in tbis city bas enabled him to form an extensive acquaintance all over tbe county' and especially witb tha voters of the party which he has been affiliated witb all of bis life. He is of the younger element of tbe party to which we must look for our recruits and with them he is especially strong. It would be a recognition of this class of voters should tbe party think best to honor him witb this nomination tbat would be highly appreciated Buooessful f n private affairs. No one wbo is acquainted witb Mr. Kempker questions his ability to successfully conduct the affairs of tbe office to which he is aspiring, and his manly worth and integrity of character' stands without a blemish. Where Mr. Kemp, ker ia best known is where bis warmest •npporteis reside, which is all the recommendation a man can a^k, and should he be nominated tbey will «* tbat be will prove one of tbe strongest men on tbe ticket, for the shafts of tbe enemy must tall powerless against such a man «e be. He says be has entered tbe race for the nomination witb the intention of so conducting bis canvass that when it ia over no one will bave reason to think less of him than before be declared bia intention of being a csudid«t». He believes not carry a single upou tbe MoKiuleyv MoKinley could state in tbe union law in 189G, and 1 believe tbat nine tenths of the business men of the country will concur witb me in the view tbat the MoKinley tariff is not only inconsistent, but not in line witb tbe business sentiments of our people. We lost tbe campaign of 1892 on the McKioley law, and we will lose tbat of 1806 if that law be tbe prominent issue." Tbis is not only true but a very moderate statement of tbe truth. It is a fact commonly ignored by tbe MoKinleyites that MoKinley iem w<is not only voted down overwhelmingly by tbe people but bus never been indorsed by a Republican National convention. Tbe conventions of 1888 eat] 1802 promised lower dutiae instead of higher, and tbe MoKinley law ia on tbe statute booke only because/ the liapuhliuuu uiHJurity Iu congress weakly or corruptly surreuderad to tbe trusts tbe privilege of wriliug their demands into the bill. Col. Conger's plain talk id not tb* only evidence tbat tbe Republicans are aware tbttt it will be folly to fight tbe battle of 1800 ou tbe issue of a revival ut MoKiuleyism. Tbe Lodge-Reed ell- ver diversion is an attempt to And a' by them all. We feel sat* in aaanring the delegates that should Mr. Bnoknam be selected for the office be baa allowed bis name to be used for, tbat be will fill tbe position io a satisfactory manner to all. No more competent or worthy person could be selected than be. For five years, Mr. Bnoknam baa been in the employ of J. W. flatten and baa proven himself to be courteous and obliging and baa filled bis position satisfactorily to bis employer. Should he be selected aa one of tbe'standard bearers for tbis fall's campaign be will prove on enthusiastic and bard working advocate of tbe party, and will do all be COD for tbe triumph of Democracy. No better man than be can be named foi this position and no mis. take will be made in placing bis name on tbe ticket. • infa fair, open canvass and will not stoop to any underhanded work to, advance bia interest. This ia the kind of a man Mr. Kempker is in bis business and social relations, and be sees 'no reason why he should be otherwise in politics. For County Recorder. O. A. Hoffman, one ot Carroll's oldest citizens, has consented to enter the can- vase for the nomination for the office ot ooaoly recorder before the county convention which will assembled this city on tha 26th day of July, aspirant to political favor baa resided I this city for 24 years and bas a wide < ole of friends who are personally iot est'ed in advancing the interests of Hoffman, for no more worthy man b* baa ever twpired to an office. For t years be attended collage et Dubnqn and graduated in tbe classical coo with the degre* A.B. Afterwards be] completed psychology witb the degree of| A. M. During bis college course b* completed tb* work of tb* commercial departmeat and was one penmen in that ieetitatioo and taught » class for two yean tested bis ability. which thoroughly We believe tbat be Ed, For Dale, of Coon Rnpids, be* en- eubatitiute, Other made by shrewder attempts will be men than either ticket on election day is largely la your lor tbe piogreM Lodge or Reed before tbe oouventiou meats. It no other issue ia (ouud wd HIM Republicans go to tbe country witi< « demand Mutt tbey be allowed to r*o|*u tbe tariff agitation and re-enact tbe Ho. Kinley bill, tbey will be bmten in 1806 aa badly as iu 1800 and 1802. Democratic bluodedug ( n«y produce • temporary set-back, but MoKiuleyliu ia doom**. Against it «re arrayed the aettivd oou- vidliouofa majority of tba people, tbe earnest craving of iutereetv/or a period of repose, ajod all tbe invisible bat patent toroe» tb»| make tered the race for the nomination for tbe office ot supervisor before tbe Demooratio county convention. Mr. Dale's many friends iu tbe south and eastern part ol tbe county will be pleased to learn tbat be has concluded to make tbe oanvase tor this oilioe. It is generally considered 'tbat this purt of tbe county ie entitled to representation ou tbu board and Mr. Dale's wide ncquuiutuuoa throughout the county makes him one of tbe" strongest candidates tbat tbey oould pitted before tba oouveutiop. For BOwm years Ibis section has without representation and ustroug demand ie being mode for recognition and it will be good politics fur tbs deb)- gittea to recognize the claims. Situated as Coon Rapids, ia in tbe .very eitreme corner of tb* pou«ty,and one of the largest cities in tbe oouuty it ia highly eeseutial tbut it should be represent** op tbe board and aa a question of laoaUty Mr, Dale's oaudidaoy becomes one of vital importance not only to tbe voter* of tbaj locality but to Uw Pemoo.ra.li0 party generally tbrougbout tba oouDty. For • number of years |{r. Dale baa been engaged iu tbe grain bnsioeas at Coon Rtpidt, but tbis year Is working bia f*rm in Union towuabjp. Should tb* convention bonor bin witb tbe nomination be is eeekiua; be will prove on* of tb* •IrougMt men ou tb* ti«k»t and will bring etMngtb Io it in a locality where it weak if or b* i* on* of tb* voikMi iu tit* natty »nd fas* a bae no superior in tbis ooaoly as a penman and is eminently fitted for the work required of a man for tbis office. Of all wbo bave known Mr., Hoffman there i* no one wbo will not vouch for bis honest* of character and manly worth, for be U a citizen against whom not tbe alightest word of reproach could be asid. He is en honest, conscientious man alwaya mindful of tha rights of others and would make Carroll county a ideal official, Tbis ia tbe flret time that be baa SB-,' laired to political preferment though having often been urged to do so by those 'V ku*w bis worth, and should be at tbia lim* besQooeasfal io securing (he nomination .ue b seeking there Is no mau ip tbe oouuty that would give ua more pleasure iu supporting at tba pulls. Boys who way show criminal teiiuim oies, but who huve not yet become criminate, are offered a good homo at tbe Burnhani Industrial Pawn at Canaan Four Corner*, N, Y,, near the old Quaker eettlttnent. Tbe Ian4 that makes up the farm wa* given by Mr. Frederick G. Bnrnhwn, and the boys wbo ore received are put to work, taught trade* and bpw to take sensible, pleasant recreation. Baudot his food, clothing «nd instruction each boy may earn 10 will* a day, tbp#utiro *uiu Urn* earned being placed ,w bl» credit, being redeemable Ut cash at the end of hi* sojourn there. But bad behavior forfeit* M good behavior win*, according to » graduated scale, and tbe boy's standing generally is based on what i* placed to bis credit, May a government violate its own law*? The ei* fawtUei of Laplander* who lauded In New York on their way to Alajka wore under contract witb the United BtuUn government to remain hi Al««Jcu three yean ana touoh the native* bow to break ttttd train reiudeer, How about tbat law IB regard to contract tor- «iga labor? PitohtrtOMtorla.

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