Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 7, 1933 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
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Tuesday, February 7, 1933
Page 4
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^iPA(JEPOUR lAY EVENING. PEBRUiOaY 7.1988. lOLA, KANSAS PIGSMApiNG AFFERENT TUNE IN THE VALLEY 1^0 Charges tf Queer Officiating Be Made Agains^ Quigley By Charles A. Gminlch ' (Associated PresslSportsWriter.) * The Denver 'pigfely WiggUes are Coming down to the, lowlands, and : their toiir, through the Missouri Val. ley A. A. U. area may put to rest tlic charges of roughing and '"home - ' town orriciating" and the alUtude alibi that followed their games in the mile-high city and Colorado Springs with the Wichita Heniys. Hutchinson Renos iind Kansas City Stage Liners. The last of three games between the Pigs, and the Henrys was played 'at ColSrado Springs in mid-Janu- i ON THE ALLEYS League Standings. ' W. L. Pla Mors i33 . 30 Colts 32 31 Recreations 28 32 Colts. Humes .147 Northrup WlUis .. Matney ., Denning . .......145 .......171 170 .......225 202 161 159 202 190 151 138 158 161 192 Pet. .524 .508 .466 500 444 488 533 607 Totals 866 923 809 2598 Pla Mom. Kcuther 174 Dnolitt'e 154 Fritchle -..163 Corr ...162 BlUbe 211 177 180 163 179 179 201 128 163 161 189 552 462 489 502 S79 NEWS OF COLONY Clarence Colti^ Extinguishes Fire BnminK In Roof of His House - Saturday Nlgtat. - - - By Latf er Totals 864 878 842 2584 EMERGENCY BILL NECESSARY No Hope for Mortgage Kelief Seen in Permanent Measure Washington. Feb. 7 (AP)—A de: . „ icLsion to draw up and push toward ary, and Colorado fans still are writ-1 enactment this session an emergen- ^ \ing to the Denver sports editors" i cy measure for farm mortgage relief about the quite apparent bofolng and was made today in a senate bank- ;hi.ssing aind the alleged roughness, ing sub-committee considering the •which has been explained away as < problem. :a corollary of fast.entertainlng bas- ; The sub-committee, headed by ketball. j Senator Fletcher (D.. Pla.) decided , The Pigs lost only one game to the it would be useless to seek enact- Missoiiri Valley teams, that to the Iment this session of any of the huge • Henrys in Colorado Springs. The j nermanent proposals Introduced • officiating in Denver had been sub- I for revising the whole agricultural jected to- consider^le criticism. 1 credit structure. All of which would make.'it -! pear that E. .C. Quigley. the only / official upon whom the two teams could agree, would be in for a tough evening at the Wichita Forum Thursday night but for the fact that Mr. Qiiigley seldom, if ever,, loses his aplomb, ho matter how trying the situation] iNohe ever got far with a charge that Quigley was a • "homer" while handling the whistle. >At times he !has penalized offen: ,slvely demonstrative " home-town ^ crowds by awarding free throws to '. the visitor^ to salve the [wounds in.! flictcd J}j booing. | Coa^ John Larice ofj the Pitts^.burg teachers wUi arbitrate the ; Pigs' game with the Hutchinson ' team Wednesday night and. accord: ing to Kenneth Simfans of the Pltts- ' burg Headlight & Sun, he may close ., a deal to become coach of the ; - creamery team at Ithe A. A. U. na; tional tournament in Kansas City. The group decided to meet tomor- ,p- 1 row in another executive session and 'without further hearings to formulate a bill designed to give a breathing space from the foreclosures that have brought disorder In the farm belt. : Nine games have been billed by the Pigs for their swing through Kansas. Missouri and Oklahoma. After Hutchinson and Wichita, they meet the Maryville teachers college, alma mater of Captain Pinley. Merrick, McCracken and Dowell of the -Pigs; then the Kansas City Stage Liners who wei^ easy victims In Denver, Kansas City Life, Tulsa -filers. Oklahoma City Boosters and Phillips university at Enid. February 20. Open dates are February il, 15, and 16, and they will select an opponent for the sixteenth. Besides the Maryville alumni those on the bus trip are Roberts, Downs, Powers, and Juengllrig. the forpier Empbrian, Coach Glen Jacobs, and a business manager. Returning home the Pigs play the Pasadena Majors, who beat the Hcnrj's on the coast..on February 23 and 24. CVLIFORNIANS TAKE MONEY More Than $10,000 Between Cochran and Bozeman in Cue Cash. Chicago. Feb. 7. (AP)—Welker Cochran of San Francisco, and J. N. Bozeman Jr., of Vallejo, Calif., today went about their business, with more than $10,000 of the world three cushion billiard championship tournament between them. Cochran -won the title and about $8,000 last week. Last night Bozeman defeated Johnny Layton of Sc- dalla, Mo., in the playoff for second place; 50 to 34 In 51 innings, winning $2,200. Big Six Irackstcrs will hear from Don Gray of Vivian, La., the Nebraska i Comliusker broadjumper, again thl^ season. In the first trials of the 1933 campaign at Llncota he leaped 24 feet, 2 Indies. His second best was 23 feet, 9 inches. The hu-sker hopper from- Louisiana established a new Big Six record at th^ Big Six outdoor carnival at Lincoln In 1931 although hfe did not win the event. His record leap of 24 feet, 2% inches was made in tiie preliminaries on a Friday afternoon. In the finals the next day Cobc,. Tomson. also ai Nebraskan, sailed 25 feet 6'i inches from the take-off to win, and Gray's best that day was 25 feet, '.-i inch. The. jumpers were aided by a strong tail wind in the finals and no records were allowed. Thus. Gray was record- holder and Tomson w-as champion dgnln. It was the day that Bernard Qrldley of Wichita, then represent- ^|i'g Brutus Hamilton's Jayhawkers, <;tiualled the world 220-yard hurdle rticord by sijrintlng around one turn and dowfi the wind-swept stretch in 23 seconds flat. I. Chris Mathis, the little 'Nebraska halfback, turned in the fastest trial . time List week in the quarter, 54.5 I seconds. Heye Lambertus, the Big Six low hurdle champion, did' the 50 in 5.5 and topped the high timbers in 6.6. HEARTS ON HER FINGERS New Style for Valentine's Day Suggested by Beanticians. Chicago, Feb. 7. (AP)—Instead of wearing her heart oh her, sleeve, here's a new mahner of greeting St, Valentine's day the modern girl hois at hand—red hearts painted with nall-pdllsh on her ten finger tips. That's t^he latest fad introduced todoy bj[i the Chicago and Illinois hairdressers' association at lis semiannual, style, revue. Tlie heart is painted on the nails with the points outlined on the tip with platinum polish. The moon at the base of the noil forms the white background for the top of the heart. Finger nails lacquered In two colors to harmonize with the costume worn are expected to be popular this summer. Models exhibited jade (trcen nails tipped with platinum. Jade green and bronze is another coior combination. Juco Game Postponed. Coffeyville, Kas., Feb. 7. (AP)— The Arkansas City-Coffej-vUle-jun­ ior college basketball game scheduled for tonight 'was postponed indefinitely today because of the storm. ;, . - : Camden; N. J.—Fred Yarrow, ar. raigned before Judge John Bojrd Avis on a'charge of possession of liqiior, asked to' represent himself. "I'm a better lawyei; ihari the Unit- od States ; attorney(hp j declared.^ TTTcnty. liiinutes latier {he started feorViDg 8 ^0-day jail septeace. Dr. L. F. Abbott Dies. New York. Feb. 7. (AP)—Dr. LawTence F. Abbott, secretary of the New York Life Insurance company and orie-time publisher of The Outlook w-hen Theodore Roosevelt was a contributing editor, died today at his home. He was the son of the late Dr. LjTnan Abbott, noted clergyman. .' Saint John. N. B—Rising at 5 a. m., and working at farm chores all day is routine for this 93-year- pld farmer c/ the Belle Isle river district, but "shucks." says Warren Douglas, "a man who works hard all day needs a bit of recreation." So ho was glad for the cold snap that enabled him to resume his custom of skating two and a half miles up the,river for his mall. Senate Votes a Cut. Washtagton, Feb. 7. (AP)— The senate today voted a compulsory 5 per cent cut in all goveriiment expenditures during the Inext fiscal year. Columbus, O.—The "weaker sex" stole a march on man in the Ohio State bar examination. MLss Edith Elizabeth Johnson of Cincinnati bested 237 others with a grade of 89.8. Eleven other women and 160 men won the right to practice before the Ohio bar. Sixty-six failed. COLONY. Kas., Feb.j 7.—Walt Hull and John Martin were business visitors in Chanute Saturday. Mrs. Marvin Ott. Kansas City, spent Saturday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. KeUy. They drove to Mfedison, Sunday, to visit other relatives and friends. Mrs. C. N. Tonkin and son John spent Saturday in Kansas City. Miss Lois Barron went to Wichita Satiurday, to visit friends. A. F. Huskey."R. M. O'Hara, C. W. Kelly, and J. V. Schafges were business visitors in <3amett Saturday. Ira Ressel was taken to Independence last week-end for medical aid to his arm which was broken while Mr. Ressel was cranking a tractor Friday. The Longstreth house, occupied by the Clarence Colton family, was set afire Skturday night, b>- sparks sent out from the chimney, it is thought. Mr. Colton succeeded in extinguishing the blaze before considerable damage was done. Miss Beula Wells, who has been working in the beauty shop owiied by Ruth Dean, in lola. has returned to her home in Colony. Miss Frances Goodell spent the week-end in lola visiting Miss Ruth Dean. Miss Betty Holzapfel, Lawrence, Is spending the inter-semester vacation with her father, John Holzapfel, and other relatires. W. A. Argo and Miss Alta Argo, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. William WiUetts, of Mound City, spent Saturday -night and Sunday near Chetopa visiting relatives. Malcolm Mac Laren, Lawrence, is visiting at the Holzapfel home. Miss Frances Swickard spent Saturday night and Sunday in Chetopa -visiting Mrs. Blanche Manson and family. Miss Velma Sliumard, Pittsburg, and Miss Eva Hurley, Kansas City. spent the week-end at the home of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Shumard. J. H. Burnettwas a busine'ss vis- Itoi; in Kansas-City. Friday. J. M. Nolan made a business trip to Gridlcy. Saturday. F. C. Knapp, Moran, was a Ctol- ony visitor, Saturday. E. J. Pease visited with Dr. C. W. Jackson, Saturday morning. Mrs. Gussie Wilson and Capitola have moved into the house they recently purchased from Mrs. Girlie Turner, and which Uiey are having remodeled. G. B. Martin took a load of stock to lola Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lincback and family, Gamett. spent Satiu-- day with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Scott and famify. The re^-ival meetings which have been conducted in the theater by Evangelists Newcomb and Long, have been discontinued, after a month's duration. . Richard Porter, Emporia, .spent the week-end with his mother Mrs. Jack Jolinson and family. "The Haldcman sale Saturday, was well attended.and the articles were sold for high prices. ' , Ml-, and Mrs.'HanV Rhodes made a business trip to Garnett Monday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Hany Ewen, Omer E^yen and son Joe, of Chanute. spent Sunday at the home of George Ew-en. Mrs. J. H. Culler, who lias been in j Pittsburg for two months caring for her daughter, Mrs. D. S. Worrell, returned to Colony Sunday Miss Lowana Sherer, Pomono. spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Sherer. Fred Scheldt spent Sunday at the Dr. J. R. Crawford home. Mr. and Mrs. ,R. P. Owens drove to Topeka Sunday, and their daugh- TfiEFipgrHc«>a)&- \ That All-Star Cast . IRulh recofrod 2!) votes for loft CO.MEot the baseball writers "'^'^Gs his total i of outfield choices 92. Looking back to the world .se- who votrti for an all-slirr major IcaKiin liascbiiU team in the recent poll 6i the Sporting News must have had an intere.sting eVe- niuK before marking their ballots;. I-J-specially might those members of the honorable association l-c suspected of a headache when they expressed a preference for having Lefty O'Doul in center field. Here's tlie team as it finally was. decided. Loft field—Kriiiik O'UouI,[ Contor I field—Karl Avcrill, CU'volnnd KiKht IMilllie.t. Virst Adilctlr.x. •Scrond Yiinkco.s. .Short .s( torn. Third hi ViltCS, Cnttliorf—Iim •• Dickey, kocs, fKcherft — Tub.s, and IcHcs. field—Churk Klein, tmso—-Jimmy Foxx, biise—Tony Lazzcri, 1^—Joe Croiiln, .Sena-— I'Ici Traynor, Pi- Yan- Ijon Warnckdi Lcfly Grove Ath- Bats Don' Catch Flies •"HK reason for O'Doul's selec- - tion in jleft field was, of course, the tact that he led the National League in batting, and that's something that can't be laughed off. Isut there are half a dozen outfielders who rate ahead of O'Doul, according to this corner of the press box. I'd rather have Simmons,. Vosmik, Manush, Cuyler or Goslin in left field than Mister O'Doul. My reason is that a bat isn't much good to . catch flies with. Babe Ruth, by "reason of his hoary age. Is discounted, but he's still a better ball hawk than O'Doul, which is by way of being faint praise, even for an old man. Chuck Klein received 111 votes,. ^ for riirht -fielil, againijt Baht's.Cg.j ries—cvon to just one game of the series, -when Babe called his shots in Chicago—92 votes seem hardly enough. « » • Where Are the Waners? T LOYD and Paul Waner ran -L* close behind AveriU for tho center field spot. It's just my guess that both are not only better outfielders than the Snohomish slugger, but are more dependable, hitters as well. Foxx received 13S votes for first base to 40 for Lou Gehrig, Neither ot these lads .ever will bo 'stuffed and mounted' lu tho Smithsonian I istitution as outstanding exam-: P OS of splendid fielders. But both ata terrific hitters. And, as a hitter, I'd rather have Gehrig, If offered my choice. It la hard to forget Foxx's slumps, such as that of 1931 when for weeks ho was a setup for every pitcher in tho league, a year in which ho amassed a batting average of .291. Pie vs. Pinkey , piE TRAYNOR may still bo tho best third baseman in the game, but I tjilnk Pinkey Whitney rates closer to him than Pinkey 's 2G votes to ^Pie 's 129 Indicates. Pinkey is 27 years old; Pie -will be 34 in November. And Pie is not the same ball player he was five years ago, whereas Whitney has been steadily improving. • In the poll, Lazzerl, (lehringer, Herman and Cucinello were rated ah^ad of Bill Cissell for second base. Herman and Cucinello have iio business in front of Clasell, who really has begun to play ball at Cleveand after years of dissatisfaction with the White Sox, And, while Lon Warneke may be a very nice young man, he hardly rates as the superior of General Alvln Crowder or Wesley ^Ferrell. i Otherwise, the team's okay.;. ter. Miss' Madge, returned to her work, after a few weeks' visit her». Robert. Kent and a friend, o£ Lawrence, spent the week-end wllB his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lew Kent and family. Miss Beula Moore spent tho ladb of the week in Neodesha with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Moore and family. Mr. and Mrs. Hervey Bell aad family, Tonganoxie, spent Simday with, her daughter. Mrs. Gcorg« Ewen and other reUttives. ^Ir. and Mrs. A. C. Wallar, who witii their son Richard spent the week-end In Kansas City, retunusl to Colony Sunday. Rlohard, ..a student In the Emporia teachers college, was especially Interested Hi viewing the Mid-Western Art E5t- liiblt held in the Kanslas City Art Institute. Mrs. E. P. Hchdrix, who has been in Cherryvale the past three weeks visiting her daughter, Mrs. Charle«,| Myers, and family, returned to her home south of Colon>', Sunday. The Myers family and Mr. and Mrs.. Dennis Haines accompanied her and spent the day. Other relatives who were dinner guests at her home were: Mr. and Mrs. Gay Hendrix and son BUly, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Smith and family, Mr. and Mrs. Charles South of LcRoy, Miss Nola Strickler and Miss Hazel Lockart. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Willey, wh() have been in Garnett the past two weeks, returned to their home Sunday. Mrs. O. W. Schell, Mrs. Herbert Henderson, and Miss Margaret Lawrence drove to Cherokee Friday, lb spend the day with Mrs. Henderson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Lawrence and fanxilj-. Margaret had spent the week with her sister and returned home with them. Mrs. J. I. Henderson was a Sunday dinner guest of her son, Herbert Henderson, and Mrs. Henderson. . Mr. and Mrs. i L. Mogel accompanied t}ie Rev. and Mrs. L. L. Hanthome to the latter's farm near Chetopa Saturday. Mrs. Keith, saleslady for the Bargain store, spent the week-end in Moran. , Mr. and Mrs. F. A. iHerrick spent Sunday aftemoori ln"*aola visiting Mr. and Mrs. Harry flkiriner. . Mrs. Florence McCoy ^and Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Eastwood, Moran, were "shopping in Colony Friday, NEW FARM RELIEF BILL SEEN Re-Draft of Aid Measnr^ Submitted to the Senate. , Washington, Feb. 7.; (AP)—Described as embodying points set forth by Franklin D. Roosevelt in a pre-election speech, a re-draft of the "domestic allotment" farm relief bill passed by the house was submitted to the senate agriculture committee at its request today by W. R. Ronald, South Dakota newspaper man. In an accompanying statement. Ronald, editor of theiEveiilng Republican, Mitchell, S. D., sold hlB bill had been drawn In strict regard for principles agreed upon by the farm organizations and in accord BABE RUTH IS 39 TODAY So Contract Signed Yet by Baseball's King of Slnggers. HUMBOLDT NEWS James Boggs Eleo^ Presid[eht of New Sunday School Class to Be Tanght by Mrf. H.H. Rhodes. New York, Feb. 7. (AP)— Babe Ruth reached his thirty-ninth birth- dav today in excellent physical trim hut no closer to a solution of his salaiy differences with the New York Yankees. The home-run king, although busily engaged getting organized for his annual' jaunt to Florida tomorrow, said he's found time for a small party. "I'm going to have a cake too," be added. with Mr. Roosevelt's Topeka speech on agriculture. One feature of the Ronald blU is that it wqUId confine the application of the plan to wheat, cotton, hogs, tobacco and rice, eliminating two commodities which were put in on thi floor of the hoose—peanots and dairy products. Senator's Wife Dies. Topeka, Feb. 7. (AP)—Word was received here of the death last night in Onaga of Mrs. Charles L. Krouse, wife of Senator Krouse (D) of the 18th district. BAYARD Feb. 1.—Mrs. C. A. Trimble and son Merlyn were Wednesday afternoon visitors at George Stout's. The Bt<»ut family have many friends In thw community who regret that teey.wlU be thhly miles farther iSWy .S'hen they move to the farm for which they have traded. The basketball games at Mildred iFriday evening were extra interesting OS the fh^t team boys played the .older team, now designated as the Kincaid town team. It was a close giune and the high school boys lost to the older players by one point. The second team and gh-ls gomes were InterestUig too. Mrs. Oscar Mills visited Mrs. Trimble Saturday afternoon. Mildred Dunlap and Vielma Gillham spent Friday and Saturday in Idla. n A. P. Rlggs who has been quite isick Is now able to be:up most of the tlnie. Je.sse Riggs, Fort Scott, visited his parents Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. John Vlckers of Diamond community were afternoon callers at the Riggs h<Hne. Vera GUlham was abie to retuni to her work in Mildred high school this week. She was orily in school ooe day last week owing to a badly inflamed eye. She was also recovering from tonsilitis. Kenneth Trimble sijeni Friday and Saturday in lola. Mrs. Anna Hardy spent Saturday afternoon with Mrs. Kate Vandeveer, Moran. Mrs. J. A, McCoy visited Simday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Clarence Klggs. Howard Hardy and family spent Sunday at the parental Daugherty home. They spent Siuiday evening with Mrs. Anna Hardy and Dennis Isaac and family. ' Doris and Harlan; Riggs spent Sunday at the Goodner home west of Mildred. I Mrs. C. A.Trimble suffered several days from a severe pahi in her shouldfer. ' A. M. Dunlap and -B-ife, Carlyle, were Tuesday afternoon callers at the O. J. Dunlap home. The Mildred high! school boys fhst, second, and thi -d teams played the Klncald teams a|, Mildred Tuesday evening. Mildred won all three games. J. W. Bariey attended the burial .wrvice of F. C. Trigg at Garnett. Mrs. Barley had been In Gamett since Tuesday. HUMBOLDT, Feb. 6.—Mr. and Mrs. S. A; Rogers and son have returned from a few days' visit with relatives in lola. The ladles of the Fourth division of the Methodist church served a fine dinner Thursday noon which was attended by ia large and appreciative crowd. A felw members of the local American Legion attended the eighth annual ex-service men's banquet given by the Miami Post No. 156. the American Legion, at Paola Monday eventag. Many persons here have expressed appreciation of the fine Epworth lertguc program recently given at tlie M/;thodlst church, consisting of group songs and Instrumental num- ht-TS on the pipe organ, piano, flute, »nd harmonica. The program was <Iedlcated to the work of the Emporia district league. Members of the Rebekah sewing circle will hold their regular meetr ing Friday, February 10. This meeting will take the form of a valentine and box party. A newly-organized class for middle aged folks has been established at the local Christian church, the following officers bein^ elected: James Boggs, president; Mrs. H. H. Rhodes, teacher. Some 34 persons were in attendance, "Kumjolnus" being voted as the nan^ of the new class. A three act play. "All a Mistake." was given at the Owl Creek school- houae west of Humboldt Friday evening, and was well patronized. Mrs. George W. Wing,, east of Hi^mboldt, who sustained a most painful injury recently due to a fall, is reported to be making satisfactory prtjgress. HoUls Flint, -who'sustained se- %'erely torn ligaments in his left foot recently. Is steadily improving. Mrs. R. Burrows of Coffeyville is here for an extended visit with her mother.. Mrs. W. T. Gerrall who is feohvalescing from a serious illness of several weeks' duration. Mrs. Eugene Lebo of Chanute is ill with pneiunonla In the Johnson hospital. Her sister, Mrs. J. P. Sinclair of Humboldt, who has been with her the past week, reports rather slow Improvement. Mrs. Lebo will be remembered here as Miss lilWan Hartwig, prior to her marriage. Mr. Fred H. Rhodes, secretary- treasurer of the Monarch cement company, has returned from a trip to Texas in the interest of his company. Mrs.i Jennie Dooley has returned to Neodesha following a several weeks' \isit with Mrs. Lizzie Holt- scbnelder of Humboldt. Rev.; E. A. Pauli, pastor of the Hymboldt Evangelical church, wishes to announce that the observancQ of theJDav of Prayer scheduled for j 'I NSWERS WL cam KANSAS. BRIEFS (By the' Associated Press^ I Olympic: .siinirs wero ro- -'• viv.ul ;it-AT1II':.\"S ill IJiut;. 'I'h.- bti.liif i.-^ :in KQIK.STIM- AX. 'I'IMNCK K 11 \V .\ i; 1) i.-^i-.wn. NKW . nuixswicK' :ui.l XOV.\ SCDTI.V lorni Ih.- M.AUITI.MK rilOVIXCKS. elating. Interment will be in the Catholic cemetery. We regret to report that Mrs. F. B. Bailey of Bridge street, who has been ill more or less for about a year now., sustahied a slight stroke this morning, her condition being regarded as quite serious. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Hume were guests Sunday at a one o'clock dinner served in honor of the birthday anniversary of F. A. Midcap of Chanute. ' William Studebaker, 73, died Friday at the^home of his son Harvey near Maple Grove schoolhouse, southeast of Humboldt, following an illness of several months. Mr; Studebaker came to make his home with his son last November following the death of his wife in Arkansas. Funeral services were held at Star schoolhouse Sunday afternoon, conducted by J. K. DeMoss of Thayer. Music was furnished by E. G. pry- den. Fred Barnes, Mrs:. C. A. !Perkins, Mrs. Walter Toomey, and JMrs. Eart Parsons at the piano. Interment was held in the Star q^me- tery. The friends of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Barnes of Maple Grove, southeast of Humboldt, gave them a farewell party Saturday evening, as they are moving on to a farm near Neodesha in the near futute. . The 2-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Delvar Brown, near Humboldt, is reported to be seriously ill. The Rotary club met at the Hotel Monroe Monday evening, and-f despite the inclement weather prevailing a good attendance was recorded. : It was an informal meeting, and proved to be one of marked interest. Elmer Harclerode, president, presided, and after a few introduc- torj': words turned the meeting over to C. H. Schaffner, who in turn announced • the following persons: County Commissioners Hess and McKinley. and J. J. Amas, all. of whom gave short but interesting speeches, dealing with matters of public interest. The county engineer and hLs assistant, also T. A. Railsback, mayor of Humboldt, were present and made a brief contribution to tlie regular program.' Mrs. Emma Owens, LaHarpc. ac- Topcka—Retiu-nlhg' \o the senate yesterday following his marriage to Miss Kathryn O'Loughlin, Representative-elect from the Sixth district. Son. Daniel M. McCarthy of Mankato found himself subject to penalties for "putting one over" on his colleagues. Sen. HaiTy Warren nioved the newlywed be fined a barrel of apples, and Sen. Simon Fishman suggested a can of peaches lor .each member of the senate. Without arguing the relative merits of the two fruits, the other senators decided that he should pay the fine With both peaches and apples. I Osborne — CJeorgc R. Parker. 8S. jformcr Gaylord banker, died here jvcsterday of apoplexy. For many venr.s he was considered one of tlij' ablest financiers in this part of tho Mate. He had made his home here kince 1920. Tnpoka—Roland Boynton. state's attorney general, yesterday, said hi- had asked 'for a transcript of evidence gathered by Montgomery fcounty authorities into the admittance of an alleged bank robber ib I Coffeyville hospital without a re- lort being made to police. The pa> -lent, later removed to the county iail at Independence, was said b .V Kilice to be J-. O. Coleman, wanted, jy Clay County, Missouri, officer^ ri connection with the. $15,500 rob.r xry ot the North Kansas City Na- ipnal Bank cfc Trust Co. WYKOFF OFF TO A GOOD ST.ARf California Track Star Downs E<1 Siegel in Two Races. i • Newark. N. J.. Feb. 7. (AP)-^ Frank Wykoff, one of the wpijd's fastest humans on .the cinder-path. is' ready to go places on the hard boards served up to Indoor trbck hthletes. ! The Southern California speedster ran off with two first.s and a second .n the three-event sprint series oj Scton Hall college's annual games 1a,st niriit. .Ed Siegcl, New York A. C. drew ru-st blood by outstepping Wykoff jln the 40-yard race,'but the wcsf- ,j?mcr registered his first Indoor triumph a bit later by scooting off ivith the 50-yarder and he added his second first in the 60. Siegol was second by inches both times. "THEATRE OF THE STARS" _ . , , . I companied by her grand.son, Clyde Sunday, February 5, is postponed | Owens, and Miss Martha Bulk, until, next Sunday, February 12, i Humboldt, were week-end guests in The Rev. G. W. Horn, pastor of ; Topeka. the Hijmboldt Presbyterian church.' returned Saturday morning fi-om Indianapolis, Ind., where ho had .Supcr-Poultrymcn C' Manhattan, ICns., Feb, 7 ' (AP) — BTHCATI Last Times Today! RONALD ' A small ad m the Classified coU vofaa often puts over a big deal. men" chosen ann.uiilly in connocti^n with poultry da.v at the Farm and Home week at Kansas .state college were announced today as Mrs. Gro- vcr C. Poole of Manhattan; John Frindorich, Clay.Center and Martin Weaver. Goddard. The awards are made on a basis of management, egg production and financial returns from flocks. been in conference Thursday with!The three Ransa.s ",siipcr-ppultry- tho Indiana Synodical .executive. The iRev, R. E. Gordon, district .superintendent, delivered the sermon at the evening service at the Humboldt Methodist church Sunday, and afier the service presided over the fotuth quarterly conference at which time reports from the heads of departments, leaders of special groups and chairman. of finance committee were submitted' for approval. The pastor, the Rev. C. V. Shnlenberger, reported favorable progress for the quarter closing. .The third death occurring within ft week from pneumonia In Humboldt was that of Joyce Rae Ostrander, 5-month-old baby of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ostrander; three miles west of Humboldt, who died this morning at 7 o'clock, after only about 12 hours illness. Others who died here last week with this disease were ' Bobby Gene Scott, ir month-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Scott, and the 2-week-old son of Mr. and Mrs. George Eggers. Another baby In Humboldt, Joyce Joan Miller, U-month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Miller, is critically ill with pneumonia. Tlie Ostrander baby is survived by her, parents; a twin brother. Jackie Fay i Phoenix. Ariz.—Robert Harrison s Ostrander: another brother. Homer i pleasimt smile revealed four glitter^ Eugene Ostrander, and her, grand-! ing front teeth of gold Today he parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Hartwig .1 is sorrowful and ^pained because a Indolence is the sleep of the spirit. Proverbs are short sentences drawn from long experience. Haupiness is in the enjoyment, not in the possession. Apropos of the dying -words of famou-s men. the words of the famous Pitt arc said to have l^n. "Oh. my countrj"! how I leave mv country!" Another version reads,"! think I could eat one of Bellamy's moat pies!" Then there is the story of the old-time \-illage doctor, who. called in to prescribe for a child, the nature of complaint was not clear to liim, .said, "I'll give the little onp a powder; then it'll liave a fit, and fm good at fits." i COLMAN in CYNARA '.th KAY FRANCIS Tomorrow! One of the Big Ones! ADMISSION lOc TO ALL! Don't Miss It; . and Frank Ostrander, all of Humboldt. Funeral services will be held Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Catholic church In. Humboldt, robber, disgruntled oyer obtaining opiy $5 from his filling station, noticed his victim's gleaming bridge work. Grabbing a pair of pliers the with the Rev. Father Monriier offi- : intruder pulled the teeth; THE J. F. GRENNAN PRODUCE CO. C. O. COQHILIi, Mana;ger" POULTRY AND EQGS Egg Cases and Supplies Old and Reliables-Established l&ll Comer Monroe and Elm West of the Water TQKerl Do You Know That in 1850 railways had hardly penetrated the middJe- 'west; by 1860 their network covered it -and- That our .Havollne oils carrj* a cold test second to none. Just the oil for your car in both extremes of weather. CITY OIL CO. D. C. DnUea, Mgr. WasbOngton and Broadway FIRfeSTONE-TEXACO io ^KELLEYfio Showing the Greater Pictures TODAY AND WEDNESDAY Chester Mclifris Reckless Ko- munce I^oadcd with Lauffhs -IN- ''COCK of the Am A parachute full of laughs and howls fume. in this gay comedy of per- pyjamas and Paris!/ PLUS—MAGIC CARPET, CARTOON, NEWS THURSDAY AND FRIDAY- George Raft, Nancy Carroll, Lew Cody, Roscoe Kames,' in "THE UNDER-COVER MAN 5> CQMI^NG—Edmund Lowe, Vic McLaglen; Lnpe Valez, Ei Bre^del In • . "HOT PEPPER" 1 IT MIGHT HAVE PEN YOU An Innocent Victim of Crooked Politics Framed Into I'rison for .Murder! Here's a picture that will fflve ynu an hour of errat entertainment! ERIC LINDEN SIDNEY FOX In the Sensational Melodrama— mm WTAIK •They've Stobd the Test of Time Established 1906 , Williaopfs Moniiment JSVorks 301 So. Wi lola,. Kas.

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