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Monongahela Valley Republican from Monongahela, Pennsylvania • 3

Monongahela, Pennsylvania
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ALEXANDER Co, Frwil lump 8f.utlt Major W. S. Mel-linger, Major of Iho Tliirteoutd Jlogi- N. (i ll IM 1 lil't rl ii)1. ttngnr Immd, ft)l' nili' ljf lli i HNI'J UHlii ANJJ CUAIK8.

LOPFER CO. CHEAI'fclt hui'i-ul. oi lioirnhiMid. at WILLIAMS A aAVK now niim. nml nirr Ih ilin trmlti: Imuo nnil li-liiliil ol nnil UoUii'Htlt! DRY OODS, Vi liln, tlio only nKnnta for'Hi.

milt of 'MXl'HAI fh til MUM II lllOII '1'U TIUS.ANV OTIIKIl HOUSH IN TOWN. MONONQ AlHOIiA CTl'V, MOST reeicotft.lly Inform the public Unit they Imvu reculveU from ihu Kiiat their Block of Fall and Winter Goods for 1 SG 1. COMl'BlsINU tii a The Largest ami most Eclcgant SToOIl'dlf SAI.K -r tho brtiiP('1 orf.irinorn nnfl othiirlt In thli an-l tlio nilj -Iiiiiii! t-i t.i. 1 -1 iil.Vliili-yvlllii. IiihIoii i-ouiity.

on 7fli, 1HII1, at UKAiuat HIIMllHliHKIl FLANNELS AND WOOL IILVNKETd. wl" IhiuiiKlinut 111. Comer of l'enn on.I Wiiyuo troet, IMUflbiilKli. prlmnnrllrlnnf nl.AHK WALNUT PI.ANKS liliiiil.KiuliihU' lor I II ll.l IUIII11U, ur.U.',:ly A. M.i i-t I'-L-k Itll killiU.

lloM i 1 Iho vory nl.u tMilcli oaoti, hoa. nnil-ii, wnoim, anil a littu, of aliMo.t cioi vlhhn: yom- atn, ami it will bo ol f. on of, ll, Wioil Frjj I.ylla, B. M. Ilop-fl.

h.!.. l.litBtun; f). II. Coiitmtlr.

I'lllliiylllu, illli 2t. ft XVuod nfrcf, 1'HtslMiigli. ment, flen. Nogley's Hrigndc, arrived homo on last Saturday, in excellent health. He reports the Aitillcry Hoys all well nnd in fine spirits.

Marcus'Mellinger, poii of Iho Major, who is a "drummer boy" in the Neg-ley Zouaves, has also arrived. They will remain few days. Notice to ('lirmilctcSllllSl'TlllCrS, The publishers of the Pittsburg Kevening Chronicle have raised the price of their papers two cents a week, and we are coinpel-ed to make Ibis addition to the per week charge now made to our subscribers. B0'2 Uver 'PO PKIUSOVS OUT OR EMI'f-OV. .1 IDCIlt, JK''ltU WIIMtfil lr, UVPI-V fniirilv nl' Ilin (Jul- (I'll SllllHK, hi lllllNllll, '( I ofl'ored Fall Winter Clotl In thin nnir illtixri'Hh-il wrlH (r llnillonKHi-t, il" I liitcrdtiu clmvucln-, itilfiittL-d tWMBIilplMIIMiWWiiMlrtljMJJIiliaMjMlMIJWIi JaiHM, TiTfliile Kxiiimiiil.

'I'lie ijuilrr in tli 4,1 iluuriiig own id by Andrew 'Fil'ii, iitmitcd about Uvn niilr.u buck of the tmnmgli of Elizubulli, McW Hp on Monday last ut cloven o'clock, iluuliiis; in every William Young, gruntlunn of lite proprietor, win running the mill at tho lime of the accident, and a moment before tossed the wiiter in the boiler. The boiler was blown in two ieces, each of which wuh carried considerable distance from the scene. One portion of ij struck log house about fifty yards distant, tearing down three limbers. '1'ho engine building was literally torn let atoms, fiancly a slick of any considerable size remaining. William Young was standing in front of the boiler when the accident happened, and was sculded in a horrible manner, from head to foot, the.

skin falling from hisjinn.s, and other members of his body by its own weight. Prs. J. S. and J.

L. Penney were, called in and rendered him all the medical aid possible, lie died on Tuesday after IMprr! Wll I'nitsrr 1 THOMAS No. 'Jl, Wnml Strcnt. -fill 2nI iloor bal -w Hinmoinl Alloy, Alloy, I'illahiirh, Ifuikct, A.NVUODV WAN'I'tNQ A GOOD Sl'IT OF Purclmsett LW'CL VSl VEL lr FOR OA Sll DR. W.

L.S. WILSON, AGENT. Ilin-Jiwl iwulvol, iui'1 now olToiv fa- wain, an -axttntlr. at mii-liuc'iit of American; loruiun nml French Wall Houm nil thmo ilmlmaa iifl.ui-clinlll(! fl.w Pf lo call und tialulna auk. Ajiril nth, rarmcr, nicclianlc liunf thoy lire In I IjuhI hI.vIu anil hoiim! In "1 MllMimriiil iuiui llu w.irlhy iducu jii llu' l.lltrnry H.iiiMclioli i liiml.

Tr To ili ot'i'ittiTiH'lM, Hinl lilu.4trloim 1ml, IIh. Iliii, liiisiiiiv, orllTii in i itjiporniuity lot m-iilitiiMe cinnlov till-Ill to 1 1 Willi. ivmnim iti'HliInf; tn act nt iiRfntu will' ri'colv. irniiiitlv li.v mull I'llll lial'ticnlill'i', tnrillH, hv ml-nmnt I.KAHV. (IWiy.

Inlilliihvni. Nn. liJI Nollli mi-cot, I'liiludiiliililii. CLOTHING, would do well by getting them at t'NDKH TIIK.M08T Favorable Circumstances, ttiid willabo soUl at Uniformly Low Prices, The price will Ihereloro be cents lfereaflcr. Those, who do not desire lo continue at Ihut price, will please give notice to the carrier.

Single copies Thueb cents. or AIUBICI I WiVTED AT SC.IITER WUUlKSAli AND It A i I. JItI fatal. IllUiWN'fi ULIIJJJNU, ClTV, Pa. VyOLILD UKSPTiOTFUJ.Ly AN- m.uiiw to (lie i-itlnumf City nml vf-' iiilt.v.

tiiiit In Iihh now fieompteie hhji fluent ofeverv r-tiele In liiH liiKMtr hutine-H. am), iiImj, miiiuthuried iijrent (r thn jKipnliu- f.uuily lueilMmw now in UMt. Among which may be lunud The following Medicines i and ,5 Genuine 1'rcimratloiiH. 1 Dm-tor KoiiinJiI.v'n MerllnU lln-iliiivti llulliunl Hitter, llwil UiihVh (til turn. To meet competition herq orclscwJicro.

firS? Tbo public are MivtteJ to cull anil IMIli Nilisrrlbnr would annoiiuco to tlio puhlle that h. ll'W at l-oi-noi- of m.l exnniiue tliia stock of goods. I JV Whulesale and Retail Dealer in Paper and Stationery, BLANK, LAW SCHOOL BOOKS AND Mantiftictitrcr of Rlnnli IIooUn, Ara. Wood leticccn 3d and ilh, 1'ITTRBUHOII The BUllt SI'irit. The Borough Council of Uiiinntown has appropriated and a subscription amounting to A3, 000 has been made up by the citi u-ly,.

IVilsju In-'ug (jiorn, of Uotobcr ltiif leuu. M. 13 A'S msikcn all in, own Cloin-Ingr aim m-li li II MATR BY STKAM, CHKAPEU THAN evtir wfirvuntfid noriMU, whntever, in Frciili Family -occi-ieN. I'leiVISlOXS, OVi A nv. smornt risn.TuViii cnil, Colloo, ToIj.m-i Halt, MoIomm, Sowira, ltyunwiuvl IlKnuul-al UHUilrtmolit nsud hr liuiiMilumimn.

A fow soloct mnkiKW 'fl 6 O'D 3j zens, for the soldiers of the "Fayette Guards" having families. Each family is to receive twenty-five dollars per month, during the. time of the Stcnmboat and every other description of Printing executed with neatness ami dispatch. Printing Ink always on hand, old hook re bound CashpaiJ lor Itars. jylU II li A jyio.

sull'eiing the most intense pain. Two small lads named Cooly and were in the mill when the explosion occurred both of whom were severely scilded. It is feared the former'cannot recover. The mill caught fire by reason of the cxplcsion, but was quickly Mibdued. 1'be.

loss will not fall short of two thoiisaii dollars. AV licesjiort FOR CASH, M. BOWMAN. obtaining a good serviceable sot of teeth. We have the.mnny late improvements in Dentistry, new teeth, new materials, new instruments and new' office.

Opposite "Shepler's Hotel," Monpugahela City, Pa. We can de, Htroy the ucrve or cxtruot the teeth without puin. B. WILUAMS, Dentist. Mon.

city, Oct. 4, 1 800-tf. JAMES publi- tocitll and nnkc iinoxaminatiniiof thlt Block rc.dninHsuredlhit ho one will fall tu so thai thonricoaiim,K. Kolceu-d vitiipuiulua.iptjiesstotlKiWAntsoftbifi loclii.r. Seized.

Wctundcrstand that on Tues" day cargo of flour was seized al Greeiisborou'rh, on the Monongahela Monongahela Ci.y, April V' 11. HEED NO. 08 Fifth Street, IMllsl.ui Pa. ANU Ji'ACTUUERS OP Survejor'a Compasej, 'JMiooiiolitos, Leveling anil Qrailing Instruments i Kiuiiti'r'rt Hya ItlttorH. Wllnnn'H lldutlmiho Tillu, -5 Fi'Hzm-'H ili-mliwdfl Vrijrlit nLivci- PIMs.

J3 MfLiinu'B I'iliw. H.H..i;l' I'ilN. 7 Ayuv'a I'iiN. Il.trkH I'illi. Pfll-r'ri I'ilN.

lVuili- Pila. link 8 I'flls. ItJt.lway'H Kiiniil.v iihfi'if'H Fiuiiily -MiiHcinrH. Kumll'inrw jivcr.liivinri(tri-, yri''liririv i'ccturnl ami fcurnannrilla.

I'iin Kill. r. iuliiiiil tl Oil, 3 llulIuwuy'H I'ilN mi' 1 nn (Vainly. 'lllltti'Mt(H'k'H Vl't'llliriltfU. 11 Keywi-'b I'tmli Syrup.

fulti.n's Symp. Kyrup. Avit'h Jyriij. Klo n1 Si-airhcr. Hurlev HIihiiIktiIm Wiltuii BC mpuund Syrup ors-8ij arllla.

Great Inducements! TO coiwrnr DEALERS. J. W. BARKER 9HJai kct street, slli IMPOUTEKS AND JOBBERS IN DRY GOODS. Gout tojmit purchasers.

THE SUMMER OF 1801. MAIX ST BEET, lfoNo.OAHEr.A Cirr, Pa. xwl uow (luiitk-iiH-iia Fm-nibUing Uyodu; Shirts, An assortment of the above nnuieil instruments and also of fine Watches, Clocks, Jewelry. con DARTVEllSHIP Tin- purl nor 1 Hllip IU'l'titdfolV tiXisItlltf ImtlVl-t'lt Vol) ft A llilltliltii Viillw Inn, Iiiij ln-'cu iliwolv'il liv itintiuil ciiiwi'iit. I river, on its way to Mcrgantown, on suspicion that it waslesigned for the rebels at Richmond, Va.

Esprcitll William Lynn advertises his law office in to-day's paper. Ho is every way qualified to take charge of any legal business that may be entrusted to his care. Energetic, intelligent, trustworthy, and having had considerable practice in this county, we. know his friends will not be disappointed if they entrust him with business. for Standard.

Accident- James Thomas, aged nine years, son of T. Thomas, living at Mr. Thrap's coal works, four miles above this place, as kicked on the head by a mule on Wednesday last, fracturing the skull in a frTghtful manner. The mule had a rail tied, to its neck, to prevent it from jumping fences, and while the boy was playing with it, he by some mbans' or other became entangled, and the mule taking fright, ran some distance, carrying the boy, and kickHigniim as stated. Drs.

King were called and removed six large pieces of his skull stantly on hand, and for salo at low prices. Repairing of Watches and Clocks done on the shortest notice and the most reasonable terms. Tim l.iiim!s will bi! at the uUl hv It. I. HAMILTON, whulK hilly pivpui-yl ilunll kitirln orio-piiiriii-iid Uiitin imililintr on tin- slmrtmt fj-utu tin: h.i-tt nml lit ttij KfllU-lMluT tilt' l.l HttUKl.

"tttt Vulley Inn, May lintl. IHtll. It. 1). HAMILTON.

so boabal al- for sale at "tore, and WILLIAMS II OHPHttEV'8 IIOMffiPATIIIO MEDICINES Clocks Clocks, CLOCK, CLOCKS, X21W VI UM. Colhirs, Cravats, Suspenders, Silk, Merino and Cotton Undershirt, Drawers, (b( Spring and SumniRr. efl.Hiyoly enroll. which ho curdiall. uiviim Inn rni.uds ami tliu i.uljlic to examine.

Man. City, April Kth, ISM. ons 3. wn.r.r.Ms, WILLIAMS BEWTT.ip.xr Can be find with rsv. Rosewood, or without Afnhogany, New pnttcnt alarms Xgf or Cflst 'ron discs.

fii" Itemember, we won't bo undersold at the establishment of 11 REED Co. Jewelers, 68, i'ifth utreet, rittsbuKgh, April 1, 18S8. A N-T S. LT3," onofthe Urgent st groceries in tl.isl.oro at the old leaiiat tela'; 6 jPaintjcuif. Have Just Received their GOOIDS! next Monongahela City, April 25, 1801.

A complete assortment of Lina-nicnts of all kinds all kinds of Ifuii Dye and Restoratives. In fact, all kinds of Patent Medicines now in use. Pure Liquors for medical pur tc iti No. 17 Fifth Street, PITTS BUIIO II. i A I L.

jSJKVV WALL PAPER STORE, 107 MAIIKHT STKHET, between Fifth and Liberty streets, Pittsburgh. The suliiM-Hici- is now opening a new and largo Mock of A II A Jf GISGS, IMURACIXO A COMPLETE ASSOIipitXI FOR Stores, OOIccs, T't nrr nnthfM'izrMl to (iiiiK'iinrv P. MAHTIN ns ofinrliiluio Ci unity Tii-iiiin-r; uhjoi't to tin- di-cisloii i if the iH'iiiofTiitir ciiunty t'uiivmil inii. TlirAfVUKli. We aro tiiilhoriznl toaiytntinfr Hit1 nam nf Siiniu' V.

IIokui's. ofWcwt I'ikti Hun lnwiiNhip ih a ciimlKliiti' ii tho Hupuhlicun iitiiiiiua-tin; i Tr.rA.l'tMif,. PA8 annouM'-'ii'tlio namo nf Whxiam lln'K. ul Wahtiitiiii, fa fVuiity Treasurer. Hiil'jrrt tho 'f 1 ln I)''iiiii- pr iniiu cUiCtinn, iiiiiloblinu 1M(i-iaT(J.

S'43 1 ENPLOYMEXTI 73: AGKNTS WANTED will pay from $25 per month, nml nl hi native Atji'iiK or ivir a ei.mnilsiniijn. Part iritlar sent fi'f. A di trees Krio Sewing Murliino Company, Agent Milan, Ohio. (April Oth, 1301. 'j IVUTICT.

William II. Jtny, In the Court of Common Pleaa of vs. till county. No. 'Z 17; Ariiust KHza llay.

term. lstH). Libel in divorce, Andiiow. Fehntm -Mltli ISi'd. due ppxjf having been and he is now in a fair way to recover.

Tht Normal School. A. Huffington, the new County Superintendent, will open a Normal School in this place on the 2Sth day of May. Vic need say nothing of the well known ability of this accomplised educator. He has been at the head of our L'nion School for several years, until the school has attained as great an excellence as any in the State.

He is affable, courteous, and obliging, and we think is every way well qualified to givejnstruction in the bran-! L.1 Iluuntlt'ta. Huclli'a ItiiilionB. Klowora anil No poses. Also, si complete and fine as 50,000 Copies all cady sold. Everybody's Lawyer COUVSELLOllTx BUSINES3.

HV FRANK CROSIiy, Of the PliilaJelpl.ia Bar rt Tells yu uw t0 dmw up partnergh. tupcrs, and gives general lorms tor Agreeaients of all kinc.s Bills of Sale, Leases made to tin; dnti-factioii the noiirt bv the return of In- her ill' upon tin- nuhp'i-na and ulias mihpu-im that HALLS, CHURCHES, Til Wllii-I llO WOUl.I riL.nnrirlTlU.inl-I.A,k lifes- f.oiirt tin iion-leiit is led lobe fniml in the said county: tli at wholcsalo. A full linn of wonh-n Ilood and llatK, Wooli-u aack), unit CoatH. Woolun anil Italians, tVuok-ii slccrosaml ArmH'ts, Wnolcn fJnilcra a. mittens, also of llohton llihlieil Hosiery, ami liitiry woolen yarns.

sortment of Taint, Scrub, Hand, orili'i" and dircetH to ransr? notice hi! published iuc H'd i to i eipiii iiiti the riaid respond- piililm. Iavins an entirely now stock oigoods, rocontlv pur niKl lion- arriving, tlioao in wnntuf goods will find looking tlii-oujili our ussoi-tnioiit. ih to nuanu iiiinc tr in me said on in: urnr uav lutewasli, ana -iiair lirusiies; a wiiuiesiiiu UL-tiiei-B siippiioo ai lowi-sr. jii ii-hh, JSATON, CUKU li MACIIt'M, 17 I-'iftii JOSJil'U K. HD0UES.

'Miu-cu a 1st, lsot'O mon. i Ti5- Wlinli'snlc DepnrtuiQuts, second tloors -17 nnd general assortment of Xotions, Cat- rt Tells i'ou tu 1' llth street. oc. 2o, ISOO-Um. j.

auviutia. How to draw np Bonds and 'AIM) TO Tin: May term, isin third and an.wor tho cttid li-bollant. Attest H. UUl'LK, 1'rotiry. Tu illiza I'altt rnon Hay In puraimnnc of tli above urder of Court, ynti nrn hereby commanded to appear at our Court of Common Pleas ti be holdi-n at mi third Mondav of Mav nojst.

to aiiHwi-r the libel of William ll.ltav. vonr husband. NOItTOX April 10, Mierirf. At WALL PAPER-NEW STYLES. Attidavits, Nntes and Receipts and Releases, lie Laws for Collection of3 Uebts, wltli tl1B dies usually taught in the schools in this section of the country.

Kverv teacher is fully awaic of the advantages of a certificate from the County Superinten cry, Jewelry, Perfumery and Hail Oils, Colonic. L. 8. WJLSOX. I as a liiis-ioiiaiy in wa.cnri!.I of (Vmsilliij-lioii.

when oathiir nicaa-i h.i-l ft.ili.,1. a rpi'ipf ulitaim-il fmui If arliPil phrsiuian ill Hie city of Tbo r-i)ic lias i-nri'il iroat nunilu'rn wlin wen- from Ilrolirliiti-S; t-'oip Throat, Conplm ami Colils. A. 8. YOIIB.

R. D. HAMILTON lOIIK II A 1W TO IV WAGON-MAKERS, Valley Inn. T70ULD inform the com.uunity that, hav Tt Tjlls Van SPRING SUPPLY NOW OPENED OF ENTIRE NEW PATTERNS FOR PARLORS, HALLS, Chambers, Dining HERS A li II GROCERS, and in cLorn, oiiai.v, bacon, laiiii BUTTER, EGOS, 10TAT0ES; dent, from such a school. We ing associated themselves iu the Wagon IQ.jr.

I tl'l tho liability nn.l norvou, l.y llloso 1 .1 1.1.:., nriHking business, ut the Valley Inn Wagon inc. acnom win do a decided succes wliirh I liavo Uronirlit llollli. with mo. tn nil ill. Shop, they are prepared to do all kinds oi It Teila Vua We hear of a goodly number nlroadv, Rv.

wm. rwamvii. 4 work entrusted to their charge promptly and n-lia ovl XV ,...1.1:.. 1. 1 Avcmio, niooklyn, Cm AVc will publi.sli tho best manner poasiblo, out or good materials.

Repairing will also bo dutie in a manner that is warranted to cive satisfac r-i So a lUt 01 me 1 roies.sors as sofin as wi; Offices, Lodges and Churches, Public Buildings, OF EVERY nESCIilPTIOS. Jllnck Marblo antl plnhiOnks, Cir paimollinjr t-odcrM, CmnwilIW, and Piihlie lluilflin. (i-lcctod with tho" gi-oiitost tin, -ioloctod stork of l'lijior llruiiiiB ovt-r brought to IMttslmriih. Il'lll lie wild LOW CASK or KAIIS! Tho liavln-honse-i ti fchntild bol'ore piiri-liasinK elsuivbero AI.Sl.. iHolclienp rlt lo and rental.

lll.UOll piocon nl" shades. piece plain pajier of every h.ide. Call and examine, at J. smnr.ii'S, .19 Sinitlificld street, i'ittubureh. PitUburgh, April lllh, 1S01-1 y.

1ST OP LETTERS -Remainiii' tion, nnd in every job that is turned ut we It Tells Vou can learn who tliry aro. anu amount and kind of property Exempt from Execution in every State. How to make an Assignment properly, with forms Com position with Creditois, and the Insolvent Laws of evei-v State. lie legal relations existing bn! twecn Guardian and Warr Master and Apprentice, ant Landlord and Tenant. What constitutes Libel and blander, and the Law as to Marimge IJoweri tho Wif lv PrPerty.

Divorce I inj: in Pos-t onii'o in Citv. March I A pptrMitt e. A. Ilaldwin Nathaniel." A.M. -I'lin PHI II.

Cooper Mrs. fad.v YiKiUlmnks Mem. Luijiaii.lanic.H. Jtavii duly. Haly t'aro iin.

I l.v:tiii llncli. tirahain (i.tila-' )nr Jtaiiiol. iritnt Tlmn.iLH, Hull Ahritham. Hnnton Kli.a. I Hart-rd MimT.

Il. William. M'Cruni Dr. W. Milh-n tip Klia.

Pai tinirtoii Wil will endeavor to please those who favor us with a share of patronage which we respectfully aolicit. YOTIK HAMILTON. Valley Inn, August 30, CllEKSK, DUKDAX) I2EX FR L'lT, FISH, TAltJsALT, NAILS, Carbon, Sperm nnd Whale Oil. WITH AS ASOllTSIEST OF I'offce, Teas, Sugars, SyrupMoTasscs. TOBACCO, SXUFF.

SEtiAllS, Confectionaries Notions, 4t53- give nn invitation to nil ami Itotail lni.v,,t-a to o.tll alnl oxamiuo om- stocli liol'oro pun loisiny olosowliorc-. Its Wl! will try to rivo leili-ct atisf.n.-tion; unit aoll cin-aii for cash or country Aluorc'a JSuilding, Mononjahehi Clli. KERN SAWYER. Mon. city, oct 18, 180.

Tells You 1 3 liam. 'Z; Pi't-itlcKjuhn. HnpfLJohn. IIoI.pi ts ft UKiii-v hiiiniifl. Riiimi'ins into Mhs Ann WilHi.ii JiunoH.

VM. .1. MAKKLLL, P. tt Teh. You The Law for T.i NEW FIRM NEW GOODS every estate, and the Naturalization Laws nf BCERH AVE HOLLAND BITTERS FOR YSPKPSIA, try, and how to comply with tue same.

live nnd Judicial Powers of WILSON. ARR CO. so nFAr.nns in DRY GOODS, Ko. Il Wood 81 reel, "ia it Ola. i HA loasnri-of aniioiiiirinK to thrir frii-nil nn.l tniiloKollor.lly.

that tlo-ir STiM will be mail up by tlip lmh ivn.l will hpollercil vory low to ml pai tii-p. An i.i aoliciloil. 51m i-h 7, lSijl. t3 PRICE St W. L.

S. WILSOX. ALSO, a full assortment of all kinds of Paints, Oils and Varnishes, Falmcstock's pure AVhito Lead, at Pittsburgh retail prices all sizes of AVJXDOIV (odd sizes it cot to order,) said at Pittsburg pri uuu. me ueuoral and State Governments. How to keep out of Law, by It Telia You Liver Comp'aint, Fever and Ague, The siii-eessful introIurtitni tmil use of this celebrntot teini'tly htu-i bt-in the Nitil forn literal ftootl of uoniponudj ttUed ofTeru'l In various fin-ma, frura a iuar Hittle to a li vi trillion ke, until thiai wonl Hitters" is bu" mother llama fur "giug," or dome villaiuiim whikoy mix ur.

lint tlio really great lifrlvod from the minnto dosa me luaspuuutul, ul'utir uiedieiue, BCERHAVE'S HOLLAND BITTERS, ind the entire absenec of aflrr prostration, lias estrtblinhoi law t0 Uo yoal. mess legally, nla3 saving a vast amount of property, and vexatious litigation, by it timely consultation, enmea win hQ rccs For Sale Single A Vi't raa. Ocn." Jonopli Marklc, Wcstinoreland county, now over eiglitv years old. is commander of the pref-cnt Home Guard organized at West Newton. The brave old general is eager and anxious to take an active part in fij'htinp; the Southern traitors.

lie is hale and vigorous notwithstanding his advanced age, and is as full of patriotic srdor as ever. Six o'clnrk. We have advocated the closing of all business, as far as practicable, at six o'clock in the evening, until this storm of war has blown over and feel glad that a great number of our merchants have agreed to il. Is It Right? Cm. Winficia Scott vent into ilie pervico of his country when a mere hoy.

lie has fought Indians, Mexicans and every other enemy of his ntitivc land, and now will) hsary locks upon his brow he is threatened with shots from the hands of his countrymen Is it riIitr If one drop of blood (lows from the veins of our old chief, at the hands of these arch trs Irwin Ch. Stump A small ht nf Fruit Trees, eniistMinp: nf one hundred choice apple tives. a few rlntieu pe ir tree and crab apple Ireitfl. Kor turnifftjipl at thin oltlco itimiriliittt'ly. Mon.

City, Mureh 14th. If hery of Lusioess, (ind JivervhmK. in Every State, on mi. 7 IS CD tn oo 8 -a 3S ISO WW'S, It LOCK, style ol binding at jis. iU 000 A YEAR oan be by en '-UJ lJJr terpusing men eyerywhere, in ab0Te work- inducements to all such are very liberal -nis For single copies of the Book, or for term? JOHN E.

POTTlm or a reputation whit-h the host of inrltatinna aud eouo erfciti liiivt- Tailed to umlfrniiua. It in pt.sitiv(ly a Vega able preparation, with barely sufficient pare, trpirita ta ireservu it. Hut one ii.e of the gouuiue, ll.Uf Pint Bottles,) prto It is a medicine of long tried efficacy fur Purifying he Jttood, so essential for the foundation of gooi lealth and for correcting disorders of the stomacl wid bowola. Two of throo doses will convince tho afllietcd ol ts salutary effects. The stomach will speedily regaii ts strong th, healthy action of tho liver, boweh I IDEA D.

OlTH KOF Tim WlLLtAM-TotlTlIltllMIErnsirASV.) March llth. Lsf.l. THK ManaKor- of the WilHampoit Bridge CMiuKiny hnvc thl day d'-elared Il VIIlKNLl piyahlc the Imld-vra ontlu-ir h-nl o'ouunnl oin'-half per the capital tnrk paid on each share, pavalih-on demand. Wl LSOX, TuiiAf Llitieu. Mouons'ihela City, March 14, ISIil-lit.

ces, and many other articles too tedious to enumerate. In fact, every article which is usually kept in a first class Drug Store. X-fl- Orilurs from pliyplclnnK put up Willi care. Pi iiscriptioiis cnrofulty compnundoil. AVIXDOAN' GLASS, AM PREPARED TO SUPPLY ALL A- who ma nifl Window (ilaw of tin heft finality nt Nn.

1117 -ARE RECEIVING THEIR SPIUN'O STOCK Pa. TO rMlE ITNDERSIGXKD havfn2 Mid kidneys will soon fake place, and renew lealib. be the quick result. Ior In. on, BUY GOODS.

oil tlip Eolcotic ofmi-ilicino. nnd I kl 1 I'lin-i's: alo liavintr the- mainifactiircr'f I'iV. Winhintti Im-fully lip tit the nant Mlopathic ami llotnoopathir nvi.ti-mt; nun. an In. only r.l...

u-loi nrartiroil tliU aonrnvml itf thf community. liav- Miipplifd mysifm itli a am prop.ucd lornt pin to any desired from otjL'incli Ai'iare tofourfoct s-iiiare. clmrc furrutthitr any vlL W. ti. WILSUN.

"traitors, a fearful retribution awaits i imviug iin iiiaro, thoi woni.i rci-h, ro in- FP I CO rr ex, CO f- tllCm. 1 i. far as I may bo alilo to llioiie who have itliocoil tin- whieh thev are gelline oft at exeoodimrlt- 1w oflbo HVstom anil pri'li-r it. ilovi-loitin-nt. inn! ll imol.

of roliirin: 1 will bo to priwlibo iin.l is. in nti-iiioinr. to all who call, aiululn-n l'oiiiiri ll. ti stock oi Berago, Silt NTITria T)triic. patiotits in the city or ronntry.

Oltk-o, oppo.ite Try Bixrhave's Holland Bitters For 1 1 oarl Ion Try Uiiilinvc's Holland Bitters For Aciclit Try Birrhave's Holland Eittcrs For Try litrrliuvc's Holland Eittcrs For I Ieadach Try Barliavc's Holland Bitters For Loss or A iieti Try Burliove's Holland Bitters Call at the Sign of the Buck's Horns for Wilson's Pills W.L. AV1LS3N. Moll. City. 1S1.

ll'il J. II. 1 1.1.1 A Mi. Mononsahla City, Dec 7th, 1S00. 1 tfstiniinihir I'lul fn nn iaii.i ntui-iy vwi in thi Showing thilt it CO ,1 I 1 -'in "ttit-r of "nul, AM lirilJK" r'" LfMns, Shetland Wool Yarns, Chintz.

Crochet Braid. Prints, Jun Bonnets, 'c. Monongaliela City. April Oth, IS6J NIX ST PREMIUMS by tin- OILWCLLS. rOW manuf leturinir.

and can fnrtii-di at rdirt notice I FI.CSII nliptM f.rOil Wdts. Al. an I Drilling Marhtn-. ll.rrrickfi. Puinpn nipoi Cvliii Jfec.

Kw f.dl inf inn iti-tn nn I li ta MO.tlilS. TASK II A VO. I'ASCAt March Mh. lS'Jl-3m I'hiladdphia. fairs.

i all th For Costivenoss, Try Btrrliave's Ilulland Bitters For a.i.J iini.iii,,. a-riliiix. P-a-Mttinin. SSHU-mIZ? mr The Zouaves. A new company was organized on last Friday evening, to be called the Monongahela Zouaves.

The uniform will consist of a red cap with gold band around the tassel, blue shirts, red Turkish trowsers a regular Zouave costume throughout. They will be officered as follows i'liplnia, R. D. First Lieutenant, Alvin King. Se-ontl Lieut.

Thomas Muiht. Junior Second Lieut. Chill Haz.ard. First Sergant, Samuel Hughes. After the election a meeting was organized, rnd patriotic, toasts and somjs made up tl.e programme of the evening.

The t.ompany will parade in full uniform sonic day next week. Ili.ilililig. oj atamp -nut cuei-aviiiK the Iron tnii-t bi- aililriisl to Dl Vr' SON, 1'MMir iLS. February So Clap-trap Renardii! UNION SHOP. Opposite Borland' store, MONONGAHELA CITY.

UAVK jiitopnod a frw riwM of mfem Iwta nnfl boiif. whirh we tiiilu-itatiiijil declare to ho tli evt-r biou)bt to thin rity. or iirw In ntark: aiii wirb -f will fw-Hrliwiitfr tlin Irndy clue in town. VfofTti no clap lap but boutntly mi examiiiAtion of and prir. t-rl Kcllin lasting (iaiters af 75 cent pair wbo.

Ieat Jtm All kiiiik of I work Iow at Tt' i prices. M'llltlltK. Monoiigalu City, my 17 Foklmas. TATIES DICKKY. IHU Gs, I DVK STUFF, PATENT MEDICINES, II A It A It 21, 1ROX AAD MAILS, GROCERIES, SiaeQ 5's, 'Teas, AT FBAZER'S, IN FAYETTE CITT.

Slock fall and compete Prices low. CABINET AND Clialr Factory! jVonomjahela Vitim Try Birrliare's Holland Bitters In all Ner-ons, Ulrcumatic and Neuralgic Afloe-ions, it has in numerous instances proved hihlt leneficial, and in others effected a decided cure BEAD IM ftEFUHY! TIi frennino high ri Irtisve'a tMIand WttTK ts put np in t-lf-p ut lHtIt onlv, and ret.tiled at lIUr nt bottle. Tl ciwit demand for Uiis tral hbrntHl Meilirine indu.reil mauv ric'tatians, which ih puldic ltiM aarl atiust purcbising. Ammt nf frttjrwi'f See ut our name is on the lakm if crcry btiiUr buy. BENJAMIN PAGE, JR.

CO. BOLE PROPRIETORS, PITTSBURGH PA Sold at Dr. Wilson's Drug Store. 1 r.0UKCy tl, barrel and by the oa Lvery nualitr. on WILLIAMS BEXTLEY.

BROWNSVILLE BREWERY. iu titi loi Yiti LATETEKCE i k.ItT; kam-l and,1 SIJti OF 1SGI. WALLIPAPERrWALL PAPER! rATiEST IiiWvf prices in jC'ome ami w. WALTER P. MAKfllALI N.

-Wtiml (iwir ut old St nrLi (r ile FrtHicli. Ciniiai Miid Amrniait Wl! a eloe lo halls. Clir.tnbw. roll, at V-i ao.i.aj rolls at fi. ami In ce iialow in tiling Ci-iiinp" Fir.E IBIAr.D PRINTS.

TKSTKR COVEKS. Ac 7j- I.O. fa- tho Strii-d rr-mt. ManhJ, ISUI. puMir tlmt they keep kerp constantly on hand, and will loonier, a i kiuim ok A Hi.

Mir llMTL-HE and The Xoxt Time you Wanl a Pair of BOOTS SHOE lit lmnkftil f.w the lilral of tTi pt. In t-variin ilfpn rnvntn nf nr tra.le. we shall rndcavor rciKh-r sati-larti'itt in the fntnra hy welling our cutnI it rm Wo liares.t tlwitavnoy f-r MStOl srilixil, 1kmK3, anl will dell, l'y AntU.ritT. nt intro t'UAIKS srOH ASSKCKKTAKltASD Hook-Cases an.l Common Bur-ena. Hivane, Ward rolx-s.

Work and Mafcli ftniids; Center, Side, Card, Uhin ond IlREAKFAtT; every Tarittv ClI IBS, PhTTEES, Iir.DSTK.iD3 CnlM. CrndKx. Sidas. Itonntfps. c.

cottage bedstead a beautiful article, cain will. anil "nT.T!.""1 ltH-try pri. W. E. HiAAEKt Jn.

avtcbiwt is, lUige ei Lfcsoi MONONGAHELA CITY. PA. THE SEASON' IS ADVAXCIXG A- lwv.i. R-MTS and SULKS AND Ol'MH ran rar mnne. Ir bnyin? l-'al.

an.l Win.r ho. sndjialr bottom chairs, and nil the ware usually kept in eity Hari'liouH. We will warrant all our wtrk to bd well nvule if material, as we ill employ none bt 'xiierieuced workmen, and have made COOKING STOVES. Ilnill' Guards. The Home Guards of Carrol township held a meeting cn las! Saturday.

Josiali Taylor was called to th chair A constitution was reported and adopted. Wm. Gaiihraith presented several patriotic and Cnion resolutions, which were adopted. Ciril Officers. President, Wm.

Gil-braith; Secretary, B. Allen Treasurer, ames Stockdale. supplietl all time with pood dry lumber. 1'NOEKTAKIXrt We fnhr kbm at tb rhep a-h a I Hoi li In-, fmirhwil I--T rn, aal havio the Ml.ant s. "1 -nt I lHl Mic will, mm mut Y3" Paper.

FOUR TIIOrSAXD TIECES, jnrrreiTrnoi Vi.t and oprned lliuihr, Marrh l-ijol, Ity AI.FXAXr.ER Cn. C.fflna in tlte rfireat notice, and hare a pa rol titnsja rebnes to itteul Fauj Honongalicla I lly JVST RECEIVED, AMIOPEXED AT TIIE STOKE Of JOSEPH WILSON, of the largest aud best tucka of DKY GOODS Jan. 31 at, l-Hii. A iFV PI MP. Mal(lifW, Patfntce.

IHfiO.) rilHB oo'lcrsined hmvin purchaseJ tht right of Wats--igtoii, Allegheny Fy-ttic cunntics for the nanafjetura an 1 righ to sell this iuTaJible Pump, will dispose ol indiTidiiiil, tccaship, or county rights or ile terms. A model pump ani one in actual use can be seen at the residence of the at Lack No. 3, on the Mon MAXVFACIX'BKB COtlK as SnVFJ? and kef-m ltatIe (lie ttvl- 4 i-i. una i.mij per etui tltaa aaj 4b mamsm ia Toa-n. Mex's Calf.

Kii. an.l Stojry Buots. Woman's Citat, Kid, Morocco, anil Shanghai loh li Ifairtl I'atmt H)f tnA rHMiiii r. n-ith nb' top: tbrr VHTtthV. wliwlt exx-n liht th- r'stinmm of Monnsnhala eftrand Bov's-Waterproof stov, coppor- JOSEPH A.

P. MORRIS) ATTORNEYS AT LAW Ojrire Ab. 160 Fourth Sfrertf Between SmitlilleM and Granf. Dsel2-5G-lj. 1'iTTSBt I GH -inity.

It w-wld le hvIm form to to rnam-rate nr Work, tmt nlttt- it to say bar teryUiii.g I -Military Ofii ers. Captain, George 1 17'" rf J' I i-t- will finri to call aJia Cowan; 1st Lieutenant, Joseph Wil-, w-hi -uu- rf.p-r tw 1 Hi! -n ti ill uan-tr, orat -i--, a ImniF! -Init I.iellteilCnt. T. S. irvi-l UMrL th.

or lb. oagabel rirrr. These pa tups are takins tht- i hmiI SEW latOI CRf THE Sl TiSCRIBnR TAKES THIS thd --finf Tmintr hisfriciffat that new and o-mphrte II I ii ll ERIE -f -uant Mjir- I ai of ail others in Ohio They are dura iMrf ttvam i i -3mSJi IN HI I1T linr. i HOOTS AND FHOES I in fV- t-rVlT. WVnvMw" IWted B-mt.

fr ni 51. no 4I.7-.;.t" iir ralf I.n4 ai-l sfaf- will Mbewndcr irrt. A op 0. 1" -O: it ancc. I 4.

k- tT rri -nnta sHm ensine tu cse oi a nrr, vita ait tues I (bat orilrrr-l. Im' mujm-rtnr aJT is as caeo as any ether eootl 1 1 brt l.h'.iilll!vm PA.H rrH v. i MERIC.IX nOTEL. ANTED 7000 l.a-hrts Oats. A AND CAPS ruv i F.

r.l tliat V. J. A. -KXSHiN. Cleveland, p.

I aavnT-i- MI.M.llir.L.l( 111 lltA.KtL KiJ. I ily, X. IMA. 3. TSNEI.T g23 Elizabeth, Allegheny 1 Karrelror Sale.

On niOtion, it was rrsoK ed that all the citizens of Carroll he requested to FtiPt with this cotitpany at the Fatr (Grounds near Mononsrahfla rity. on Sat- nrdav Mav llth. at 1 o'cloric, for tin-. lOOO Potatm, DnhH9 lleans. 10 fniO barrels freh I'M t.B' ni n.

MN M.CECTIN.-. l.l-..tir:s. ni tm i. sTt-I ti.nt.T eititi- iwa mll.a 1 k-p iihjti, b.u...i..h-M4rTihmriB, nrli antl f'locK if m-m and The Prr'- Aimt Orit.J of al' HAKDWAUB AXD I-iI IbH nSr mi.Kivs. i nr n.

ii. ni iti i. is oO f-ouad. roll Butter, 1 bi- tin- in at tl wtt -b nr-kinr at i-w --T QI'KKXSWAKE, TUNER II REPklRER OF It OS. Man -v.

rurpo if adopting 50n' man in-l tfit fur vHirh a literal Trire will l-rt i -rt-. at Fl 11 I AH at I- 'all n1 -td -Il --rrmI" pr--it, rjv I rj.i int )- Piltlwn jv, h- n- ti-r IS- wil! k- -Vicr4 Pork, hoat ler- 5 i mmsi.r 'f h. i aivl ttmnix -r -1 tn--t- -l -i. i. Tv-i.

i irjt pr---t i -M riii" ff -i-iati. -I I- 4 i Sw- il i an th want ff rh c-n HM.MV.US& I.L.MU1. 1 jj Citj, 1 1 i v..

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