Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 2, 1965 · Page 15
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 15

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 2, 1965
Page 15
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SIXTEEN IRONWOOD DAIlY GLOBE, 1RONWOOD, MICHIGAN WEDNESDAY, JUNE 2, 1965. Your Horoscope By Sydney Omarr KNIT Thursday. June 3 "The wise man controls his destiny. . .Astrology points t h c way." ARIES (Mar 21 — Apr. 19): Break from routine. Surprise move by associate indicated. Get details finished early Concentrate later on creative c n - dcavors. You are popular now with opposite sex. TAURUS i Apr. 20 — May 20>: Read today's Aries message. Stress on getting solid base under operations Time to b e aware of needs, routine Later an exciting opportunity could open up. GEMINI (May 21 — June 20i: Dynamic, approach gains i m portent point. Stress movement activity. Be versatile. Appreciate beauty around you. Don't stray from goal. You gain now by expanding contacts CANCER (June 21 — July 22): 'Jheck possessions Be aware of budget. Don't over-spend . . . . out gift for one you want t o impress could work wonders. Emphasize good taste, simplicity. Behind-the-scenes activity .ndicated. LEO (July 23 — Aug. 221: ^ycle high. Be sure of appearance. Look your best. Accent showmanship, glamour. Key is accomplishment. Obtain hint 'rom today's Cancer message. VIRGO (Aug. 23 — Sept. 221: Support is indicated from organi- sation or important person. You :ould receive visit from unexpected person. Listen attentively. Express interest, sympathy follow Golden Rule. Libra (Sept. 23 — Oct. 22): 3opes, wishes, friends in spot- ight. Gain indicated thro ugh ;act, diplomacy. Present plans n amiable manner. Be aware if significant facts. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 — Nov. 21): Handle responsibility. Advancement indicated if you show good faith. Give full play to intuitive '.ntellect. Ambitions in spot- ight. Prove your ability! SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 — Dec. 21): Your kind of day! Fine for intellectual stimulation Also for exciting conversation, reading, writing and travel. Opportunities abound Pounce o n chance for success. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 — Jan. 19): Added work may be required to accomplish objective Plan accordingly. Don't overlook details If you need help, best to ask for it. Much in your favor If you are persistent. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 — Feb. 18): Emphasis on dealing with public. You may be asked complicated questions.. Be ready! No day for evading answers. SIZES (1M4-16) '{••'. ^!§[illi:l vi" '•.-'•."liu^'lV •ii'ii ;v; :,"-ii'.j»- J cc/// BRIDGE BY JACOBY WEST 4k 96 NORTH 4kK.T8 V AK J96 • 106 + 832 EAST 4>' 5 3 2 V852 • J34 4-Q87 + KQJ74 + A1065 SOtrtH (D) 4k A Q 1074 * A K S 3 2 Both vulnerable vSaoih West North East 1 * Pass 2 V Pass 3 * Pass 4 A Pass 5 * Pass 5 * Pass 6 4> Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—4 K. THE CLASSIC!—It's never too: early or too late to start knitting j this Classic — it's always in I style! The handsome texture of the pattern stitch will win you many complimentary glances! Pattern No. CClll has knit directions for coat in sizes 12, 14 and 16 inclusive. Price 50c. To order, send 35c in coins to: Anne Cabot, Ironwood Daily Globe, 407 S. Wacker Drive Chicago, 111. 60607 For Ist-class mailing add lOc for each pattern. Print name, address with zip code, style No. and size. Send 50c now for your new '65 Spring-Summer Album! Regular features; custom collection; items to crochet, knit, stitch! stopped at game after North merely bid three spades over three diamonds." Q—The btdding has been: South Went North EM* 1 * Pass 1 » Pass 1 * Pass 3 • Pass f You, South, hold: 4KQJ2 VA104 »32 *A«54 What do you do? A—Jump to (our hearts. Ton have rood hearts and yow hand is sound. TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of responding one heart your partner bids two hearts to your one club open* ing. What do you rebid? Aniwer Tomorrow Quick Quiz Frank and honest appraisal gains much. PISCES (Feb. 19 — Mar. 20): Honor due family member. Be gracious. Avoid envy. Stress harmony, understanding. Fine evening for recreation Seek and enjoy best available. v> O * If today is your birthday. . . you have fine sense of humor. You would make good manager, entertainment director, a a a General tendencies: Cycle high for Leo, Virgo. Special word to Pisces: Strive for peace at home. Be proud of loved one who achieves major goal. MARINE MEMORIAL The Marine Memorial in Arlington, Ca., portrays the raising of the Stars and Stripes by Marines on Mount Suribachi during fighting on Iwo Jima during World War II. BUGS BUNNY SNEAKIN A PEEK AT /HUH, BUT THAT'S MY FAVORITE PROGRAM! CARNIVAL—By Dick Turner 'Pemis! Dp you remember that tilting steering wheel you always thought would be nice to have on our car?" By JACOBY & -SON Here is a Jacoby discussion of correct use of the jump to game by Philip Feldesman in the Vanderbilt Cup competition. Oswald: "Our teammates Phil Feldesman and Dingy Weiss bid a lot of fine slams in the Vanderbilt. Which do you think was the most workmanlike job?" Jim: "I like the way they bid| the hand we're discussing t o day. Things started out easily enough, but Phil had a p r o b- lem at his second turn to bid.. He solved that problem by| jumping to four spades in spite] of the fact that he really did not have more than a jack above the minimum shown by his two- heart response," Oswald: "In that spot the jump to game should show exactly that. Dingy had bid one spade and three diamonds. Phil was mildly interested in a slam, but he wanted to tell Dingy to make the first move beyond game." Jim: "I sure like Dingy's five- diamond bid. He was not interested in seven since, if Phil held ace-king of hearts, ace of clubs and the king of spades, he would have made a bid that could not be passed instead o f giving Dingy a chance to quit at four spades. Dingy wanted to find out how strong Phil was; not how many aces he held." Oswald: "Phil's five-heart bid was also excellent. He told Dingy that he held good hearts, so that Dingy had no problem about going to six' with that queen of hearts as a key card." ; Jim: "The whole thing looks| easy here, but it is worthy of note that our expert opponents Q—How did California's Death Valley get its name? After an emigrant party, looking for a short cut to California in 1949, suffered from heat and thirst while crossing it, they looked back from the Panamint Mountains and one said: "Goodby, Valley of Death." Q—Did Gen. Lee surrender to Gen. Grant inside the actual court house at Appomattox Courthouse, Va.? A—The surrender actually transpired at McLean House, a dwelling within the village. Q—What type of cheese is Kareish? A—One of the so-called pickled cheeses made in Egypt. Wig Stealers Become Problem for Police ATLANTA, Ga. (AP) — Wig snatchers are becoming a hairy problem for Atlanta police. Sgt. W. A. Jones said Friday that thieves are yanking wigs off both men and women. One man was arrested on larceny charges after police said he grabbed a $189 wig from the head of a young woman as she walked along a street. Another woman told police she dozed momentarily on the porch of her home and when she awoke, her wig was gone. BEN CASBY I PONT KMOW WHAT5 HAPPENED I'LL Oa..TOR WHO? FOR ME...IF IT M»NS ANYTHING TO YOU AFTER AU.THE HARM I'VE CAUSED. TOM3U LATELX MARK, BUT IF VOU CONTINUE SENDING METHINGS LIKE THIS/JOU'VE 60T YOURSELF... WEU-! YOU'RE NO GARY GRANT. BUT, YOU'LL DO IN A PINCH. UH-HUH ...I THINK YOU'LL DO JUST ONE. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Bkwer OM,WELL HAVE TO' YTMEY'LL FINDWOOD AMD START DONE A s ^ GIVE ME TOUR ROLL/ BOILED MOT DOGS ARE VERY TASTY.' WELL MAVE A HOT AS SOOM AS IMtlSCILL.VS POP By Al V< I... I HOPE IT VVONl'T REPLACE/ f ARE at / I VOL) KIDDING- DO ANT OF THOS'E THINGS'/ i «^ _ .^^^^*V_^^ d IMS W MIA, JmJM. l» L Ui Nt, OH. S-> Gives Ruling About Drain Taxes at Large LANSING (AP) —Atty. Gen. Frank Kelley ruled Tuesday that drain taxes at large levied against all taxable property within a local unit of govern- fall within the consttiution's 15- mill limitation on general property tax. Kalamazoo County Prosecuting Attorney Donald Burge asked the opinion. MORTY MEEKLE By Dick CnaU 60666 WHAT I NA-3TV/ I «JU6T FOUND r* + + » « IMS tr HI*, he. T M. !„ US. M. ON. CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner SIDE GLANCES—By Gill Fox B IMS by Ntt, h*. T.M. I., UJ. P«. OK. "I just said it was our holiday special. I didn't tell him you were giving a holiday to the clerk who could sell it!" Cats Answer to Previous PuzzU ACROSS 1 Constellation named for big cat 4 Cat genus 9 Common cat cry 12 Masculine nickname 13 Ammonia derivative 14 United Jf> Ship-like clock IB Talked 17 Ultimo lah.) 18 Kgg icoinb. form) 19 Metal '20 Caffeine. containing nut '2'2 Transmitters 24 Trap '26 Locomotive 27 Breakfast dish 28 Masculine garment 30 Woody perennials 31 l/jwest point 34 Celery (S|>.) 36 Under the blankets 37 Jackal god of Egypt 41 Window glass (pi.) 43 Tedious 44 Feminine appellation 45 Saintu (an.) 4« Monkey 47 Speck 48 Certain tooth 50Mild rebuke 51 Compass point 52 Kern with compound fronds 53 Anglo-Saxon li'ttcr (var.) M Married 55 Pointed a weapon 56 English river DOWN 1 Woolly 2 Number 3 Demote distance 4 Lock 5 Dominions <> Hig cats 7 Writing Tluid R Ixwks for 9 Molding (ft.) 10 Distend 11 Damp 21 ICxaeting 2.'i Severer 2. r i Worm 29 Tantalum isvmboh 30 Patched temporarily ,'fl Short sleep :!2 Shellfish 33 Indicated 3!i Share 38 Traversed by .small ship 39 Ascribe 40 Agitate violently 42 Brazilian dance. 43 Moslem religion 47 Moisture 49 Boundary (como. form) ASSN. OH. HiLUO. THIS \* THE FIRST TIME ICftN REMEMBER NOT P1NPIWG MR., SMOLLETT INI I* HE ILL? T^/^R E OH! EASy... COULD THE.TEtoPTATlON TO TRAVEL BEFORE HE 1 * TOO OLP HAVE BEEN MOKE- THAN HE COULD RESIST? QUITE A BIT! EiJOUQHi I'M AFITAIP, FOR MR.TROOM TO IPENTIFV THE ,,i* r uo«/ x WRON6 MAN AFTER TWO VEAR&! •JU~> MUCK MRT5MOLLETT If SO, WHY HASN'T HE PON6 THAT"? HE COULD AFFORD IT! M1551 ASKEP WE TO FILL IU TODAV THE BORN LOSER By Art WELL, HURRY' UP, STUPIP, WHAT POES IT SAY i)H__w/-A-T-E-K-L-OrO- LK&l-ni U<& A MATCH, ALREADY! ALLEY OOP \OtlR FWENDS [ YEAH! THEY'RE SEEM TO BB V NO BARGAIN ... HAVING A \ LE'S TURN DISAGREEMENT.' ( 'EM OFF.' NO OTHER/ NO...BUT KIND OF I Y'CAN SEE PICTURE V FOR M3UR IN THERE? YEH... JUSTICES' TURNING IT ON AROUND.' 1M5 kr HIA. IK. T.M. !•.. U.I. ta OH. OUT OUR WAY—By J. R. Williams OUK BOARDING HOUSE—with Major Hoople 1 ^AP/AMERICA X 6 PlOMEEK-ll MAYBE IMS SPIRIT EMDBD WITH r^J SOU *HE INDIAN! WAR6.' BARMUM BILKJ/COUlt> SET G\VE KOCKV A BOUT LWTIL HE V/ACE WISH TH6 REPUTATION -^AMD HOW cAtJ;] SPORTS' MA30RJP:). ROCKV'4 600D, VW TIO^T IT""" 1 '* W K^U'ATI SOU FE6D;/(^DO-THAT U.ATIL HIM RAW , MEAT?! THE WAY HE WRITES IT,.ATAPFyPOLl SOUNDS LIKE- A LIKES TO ADD A

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