Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 7, 1933 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 7, 1933
Page 3
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)L~A DAILY REGISllEH. TUESDAY EVENING. FEBRUARY 7,Mm. Miss ^ula May Long'spent-Sun- . iday wltft friends in Neosho, Mo. ' 'Joe McKinley, William A. Hess, JA. W. Young, and Josejih Cliehaske ) attendecF a Rotary meeting last evening in Humlwldt. - 4-- 3iltcntion Teachers. — The; Regislerj Job Department .will now be during noon iiours arid Saturday aftcrnoon.s. Geqrge Slaclt. who 1»as been con- lincd I to liis bed by illness the past tiiree .weeks, was taken to St. John's hcspital Monday for observation and treatment. Frank Lawyer. ..proprietor of the Lawyer Repair shop, who has Ijeen confined to iiis home by illness the past two da.vs. expects to return to his work in the morning. YOU VJOOK 90 TIP^D MVE €PTttA«GET AG0OI >'NJGKT5 |a,EEP PPCTTY SOON. IM ALU IN! —Dr. H. L. Lacy, Dentist, i Office over Browns Drug Store. X-rav wjuipiK'd. Plione 149. . •. Mrs. S. B. McCanibley, who; has • lieen ill t[he past month at the home of her daughter Mrs. B. T. Crowcll: . in.Moun|l City, is gradually improv- \ R. M. Hodges, wliohas been bed- ihg. acccS-ding to word received here \ fast for a iweek in the home of. his today. I ' daughter Mrs. C. M. Punk, is able — to be UJJ again and feeling much Mrs. W. F. Seneker underwent an better. ' ' operatioij for a sinus infection this mprningjat the Menorah hospital in Kansas City. F41JLTLESS WA-SUER i —— S39 .i )5—r - ^ RolI-a-Tubs Free Tf rn« xs low -as §1- a week W. H. #OOD FINE FCRNITI-RE 20?; S. Jeff:—Phone 190 Mirs. Royj Swanson and her daugh- i ter Mrs. Edward Baker Jr., returned ; Sunday from Wichita where Mrs. ; Baker und^ent a major operation I two weeks ago at the Southwestern. If Osteopathic hospital. She is getttag along nicely. Mr. Baker drove to Wichita Sunday for them. ^FTED SUECPINC ON THE LIVING ROOM A A weEK, • WAITING mp COUSIN GEBT'S HOSBAND.AL, TO LAND A JOB,THE HEWFANGUES GET A JOLT PAGE THRBT?; J. H. Burger returned Sunday evening from Chicago where he lias been attending a tailors' convention —New Low Price on Plumbing Fixtures. lola Plumb. Co. Pho. 1175. Mra. Martha Strong . and her daughter . Miss Ethel visited Sunday with Mi-s. Marj- McGlashcw -in Moran. Miss Bessie [ Litwin left Sunday for Kansas City and St- Louis to purchase! Uspring inercliandiiM; for the ladies' ready-to-wear department, ofit-itwin's store. Mi-s. Jllanclie Carter returned Saturda>| evening from a week's stay at her honiu in Leavenwonh iihjl. cxpect-s U) remain in lolu in-^ ^ tlefihilcl^. . ~ 'f'l '• • ' — —^Funerals at moderate price suffer iio Idaa of dignity at Urie Waugh -riFuneral Home. : Raym (4id Wagner, who has been ^ ii patient the i) four weeks at the' S.. B. A. hospital in, Topeka. is much | improved and was permitted to leave '• the- hospital Friday. He has gone to : Paola fo^ a few.; doj-.s' visit with his ' sister. Mi-s. Char&s Siateler. and Mr. Stntelcr,- ^)Ploro icluniing home. =- Mr. and Mrs. Leslie RiU'.er and I their son Ronald of Okla.. | were ^Igucsts Sunday of Mrs. Runor's ' iwfent.s. IMr. and Mrs. B. F. Smiih. •~and of Mr. Ruiici-'s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Runer. and Mr. and Mrs, Kenneth Lnsator. Mr.<i. La.sater i.s a .'sister of Mrs. Runer. •i Ahk Your Ciroccr ; or Phone 9J for •FA ! Il.M ONT'.S Pasteurized Milk. Crcami Cottage - and Buttermilk. Deliveries made any place ' ' in the city. - Mr.s. Anna Barker. Mr. a::d .Mrs. . Ralph Barker and their son Emerj-. • aiid Lesjie Barker of LaHariJc spent -Sunday.with Mr. and', Mr.s. H. M Bates ih Neodeshav^ Mr.s. Bates is a ' daughter of Mrs. .Anna Barker and "is a sist€r of Rnliih Barker and Leslie Barker. Eeland Byers Guthrie. Oklahoma, -.was'an .over-night .guest Siiiiday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roe ' Slvrrill: Mr. Byers and Mr. Sher• till; renewed an acquaintance they ] • had 20 years ajio wlien ihey |went to .school iiere. They had nbt seen each other in 20 years. Mr. and iMrs. Carl .G. lies and theii? daughter Barbara are invited to be dinner guests Wednesday. M e e k' s POLLV ANN CAFE Fhone -7 90 Dr. and Mrs. G. S. Lambeth were in Kansas City yesterday' on business. ,. Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Reed and then- guests,.Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Holdcn of Sterling. Colo., spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Beatty Ray. who live southwest of town. Any Suit. Dress or Overcoat C;i<aned and Pre.s.scd DRY GOODS CO. lOLA'S POPULAR STORE NEW SPRING DRESSES, COATS. SIHTS. SWEATERS. NECKWEAR. GLOVES Are;Aman <r ihu Xe\v Ar' rival.s thi' pa.-'l week. IN MARKET Our ready-to-wear buyer is in market IhLs week and in ju^t a few days we will have a large selection of ; new spring fashions for your appi-o'.al. and the prices will be so rea.son- abfc. BUTTERFLY BLOUSES Just, received. They're new. Be sure, and see liiem—SI.95. NEW MILLINERY NeW: sliipments each week in the wry laitest developments. $L95 a^d $2.95 ^BLANKETS Cold: weatlier is here. Big douisle part wool Blankets. $2.83 A'alue. Now— $L9DPair AltI.ESON Cii£ANRRS Phom llt5 One Day Service If Desired Alton Patterson of Chanute visited Sunday with his mother Mrs. E. E. Pattenson, and his aunt Mis. Hattle Wells. —Have your Tyix^writor cleaned and repaired. Williams Typewriter Co.. 113 West Madisoii. Richard Wolf retiu-ned to Lawrence this morning to resume his studies at the University of Kan-, sas after spending the inter-semester vacation' with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Wolf. C. C. Helvie anived Monday from Topeka on bu.siness. Mr. Helvie formerly resided in lola. Mr. and Mi-s. Clyde Stewart had as iheir guests Sunday Mi', and Mrs. Earl RudisiU of Garnett; Mrs. John Raiip and her cliildren Edith and Frank of Moran. and Mr. and'Mrs. R. H. Stewart. Mr, and Mrs. Bennie Litw-in and their children of Chanate. and Maurice Litwin of Inde|)endence. \isited Sunday with Mi-, and Mrs. David Litwin. Bennie Litwin and Maurice Litwin are sons of Mr. and Mrs. David Litwin. FRVER. BRO.S. GROCERY Beef Roast. iMund ..5c Beef Boil. iKiund 3c Side, in piece, lb .5c Beans. 5 pounds 13c First Pi-ize Cocoa. 2-lb. box 19c Oyster. Favorite brand, 5-oz. can. 3 for 25c Phonc401 I L. D. Cox. who has been assistant i.manager for the Safeway store here i for the past two months..has been I promoted to manager of a Safeway ] store in Tulsa. Mr. and Mrs. Cox I will leave Friday for that city to I make their home. Fremont Clink- i ihbeard. a clerk in the store here the past three years and a half, has been appointed assistant manager, succeeding Mr. Cox. SELF SERVICE ^ROCEKY Head Lettuce, solid heads 6c (kJ ....25c ....21c ....19c 4c Celery, iQediam stalks Apples, Ganos. 10 lbs. .. Potatoes, Rnssetts, peck Onions, 10 pounds ParKoips. per poand . KORtZO.VTATi 1 A yielding of rifrhts. ' Uirildiiip; ma- UTuU for cyv- .frriiig wall.-. . "• ye.!;etable. !•! j)t'Voure(l. IC To hoisr. 17 I'lioqual ihinss. 1.'^ .Music Uram.i. -II Spruce. 21 Sheltered place. 22 l^inctiliouK. 2! Prophet who trained Suiiiuel. 25 Structural iniit. 2(; Dyewood tree. 27.Vnil)ian si 29 Therefore. !!» Crain. 31 African antelope. I" Chest l)onc. o5 To pant , violently. ',0To a-sKist over oli.staeles. V.' Syuiptoin of epHep .sy. Aii-xwcij to Previous I 'uzxlc cojitainer. llWrongdoing.s. 12 Sectional.'15 Mucli discussed By €owan New YorK, Feb. 7 fAPi — Stocks tilted -upward moderately in the late trading [today after moving on a level plane during most of the ses- :!S To scatter. 4U One 41 To attempt. 4.; Friction with pressure. •15 Feather scarf, ml,; l"(!lo!je. 49 Distended. 52 Feminine pronoun. 54 Heartwood of a tree. ,">.(; Cubed. 57 Sudden calainliy. , OS To think. '\'es. « .Artless. ti2 Typical. 6"> To wander. . VI::UTU AX, 1 ^Vllat famous ex-president died last mouth'.' 2Fi"iahed.. " 3 Latera,!. 4 Call for help at sou. 5 Within. U Hack of the neck. 7 Fairy. ^ K.vclanintlon. !lTo harden. Ill .Vet wilKht of «1 .Vorth America. economic plaii. j sion. • "The market was agahi quiet, i:... . Ti-ansters- approximated 600,000 shares.. Favorable dividend action by General Motors ^d Socony-Vacuum, helped t9 steady other dividend paying stocks. American Telephone rallied about'2 points. American Can, Allied chenjlcal, Columbian Carbon and U. ^. Steel preferred advanced about a point., Corn products was fractionally higher.. Tobacco sh£^res were a shade lower. • Railroad stocks were less prominent thari in<recent trading sessions. High Low Close IS English moue; 19 To question. 22 To place. 23 Organ of hearing. 20 Candle. 2S Coronet. 50 Hops kiln. 31 Gazelle. .•!2 Custom. 34 To purchase. 39 Oarnient. 41 Thick ghrirf). 42 Type of fruit. 44 To olfer. 45 Cot. 4G To 47 Smell, 4S Sauare-riggcd vessel, no Palsi.iier. 51 To abound. 52 Glided. 53 Pitcher. 55 Cod of the sky. 5T Curse. 59 Deity. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Edwards and their daughter Carolj-n spent Sunday in Port Scott, the guests of | Mr. Edw^ards's sister Mrs. A. R. Duggan and lier family. MATTRESS BARGAINS —All cotton, $3.50; Tuftless. $12.50; Springfilled, $12.50 and up. Standard makes ' of guaranteed quality. Curtis' Fiu'niture. 10 N. Wasli. Mr. and Mrs. Judsoh WIsner and their children of Tulsa, and Mrs. John Ki;y*>r and her son Jimmie of M"nnfof'd, Okla., returned Sunday to their homes after u week-end vlplt will) relatives and frlencls in lola. Carlyle and Colony. New SItipment of Living Room. Dininjr Iloom and itedroom Furniture Xemui as low as S5 down I and a SI a week. Tftulc in your old as first pay. W. II. WOOD FINE FURNITURE 20? .S. Jeff.—Phone 190 •Mr. and Mi's. Dale Newland arid tlieir .son Dale Jr.l of Ciianute werp guests Sunday of Mrs. Ncwiand's mother. Mrs. Eimlie Bates and her family. CAR NEEDS FOR WINTER New Skid-Safe Tires. Battery Recharged. New Batleiy. Radiator Cl'ianed and Repaired. Brakes Adjusted. Motor Tuned. Remove Carbon and Grindi Valves. Generator and Starter'.Checked. Adju -st 1 •Carburetor. Instiili a Heater, etc. j SMELLY MOTOR CO. > 214 N. Jeff.—Phone 80 | Martin Bergman, who has been si'riously ilj with the fiu the past two weeks at the home of his son Frnest Bergman, is now able to sit up a wliilo each day. T H RnwiiK; JTiri w Rnti-iiis ^ Miis. Ccdric Wilkson, who under- 1 Pat McCabe undei-went a major ,„ ,isTtecfafewhou ^'\tsfev^.in ?:mii -r^^^^ kst week at j operation this morning at St. John's •• hPir .sister iUis:^ w«^.pi Rotvinc wi,-, I St. John s ho.spital.. is reported to be i hcspital. I ^^ags, lo their sister MLss Hazel Bowius. who I Joiin s hospital is a patient at the Bell MemoriaH l ""°f!'i"'-'-'^''5'"^ rapidly, hospital in Kansas City, and report I her gradually improving. ho.spital. —A R. Chambers. M. D. Office Mittelbach Bldg. Pho. 303. Res. 377. AVflm UGLY PIMPLES . Docs a pimply face embarrass you? Get a lockage of Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets. The skin should begin to clear after you have taken the tablets a few nights, if you are like thousands of others. Help cleanse the blood, bowels and liver with Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets, the successful substitute for .calomel; there's no siclaiess or pain after taking them. Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets do that which calomel do^, and just as cifcc- tively, but tlieir action is eentle an^ safe instead of severe anoirritating. Thousands who take Olive Tablets are neveir cursed with a "dark brown taste," a bad breath, a dull, listless, "no good" feeling,.constifiation, torpid liver, bad disposition, pimply face. Olive Tablets are a purely 'regetable compound; known bytheirolivecolor. Dr. Edwards ^nt .years among patients afiSictrf with Byer aod bowel complaints and Olive Tablets.are' the .immensely effective result. Take nightly for a week. See how much better vou feel and look. 15c, 30c, 60c GBiefiESTWs PUIS ClitH*bc'M-tur« Diamond „ Bn.l 1>1U> m U«I 4i ..l UaMtCM Bnjrt.illk sMlol wltji niuo YD/ Jl;i'.,S.«. 7akenr«(Jacr. Bay V "ofToa; I>rtiea \*i. AJIV for < >ri .inK.S .2l.M6 ULVMONU JiU,\N 'l> t>lLU4.lor40T<an.|uii>»a •sj;e-i..s:((c.,i. Ifaf-Nml SOtD by DllUGGlStjlfWKyWUIV For Thin, Nervoui, Anennc ffirls -Hutchinson, Kans. —'•Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre.scription was recommended to me-i by a physician when .1 waK ju8t a jrJrl." said Mrs. ;Uirdic Dodge of 1414 :5rd: St. l:. "I wa.-< tbiii iiii)! linemic aiid never felt like eal- iivrvi's were so had that 1 «(iulil bei'iiuie irritiible. and the least little elioi-t sapiwl iuy strength. My coniple.xiou became quite sallow and ji'llow also. Untjl felt miicli bettor after usinR the •Piweriptioii,' it bronglit my liiraltli back to normal nnd 1 have felt tine ever since." All druggists. OUR SPECIAL PRICE on Disc Sharpening is good only a few days longer (until February 15) 20c per Disc .Plow Work. General Blacksmithing. Acetylene Welding c. c. MCCARTY & SON 301 South St. - Phone. 216 Ambulance service given prompt j attention. Phone 72. Sleeper Mbr- i . j tuary. Attorney A. R. Enfield and Com: j — ; I niissioner C. L. Hoyt were in Tulsa : i Miss Ruth O'Neal returned home i yesterday on business. : I yesterday from St. John's hospital i '•! where she underwent aii operation j j weeks ago. Mr. and Mrs. Carl White of Chaute were guests Simday of Mrs. i White's mother Mrs. W. F. E. ' Krause. and her sister Mrs. Dene E. Billbe and her family. H. A. Terrill. who will be well re- | membered by many lola and Allen county people although he removed to Los Angeles several yeare ago. sending a check for renewal of* his Register subscription, makes an interesting statement. He sa.v.s: "After coming to California I noted down the names of those in Tola and out on the rural routes that I had sery-- ed whose deaths were recorded in The Rcgi.stcr. There are now 95 names in that list. How rpany more jiassed on in the one year I did not take Tlic Register I do not know.'" Mr. Terrill's e.xperlence illustrated how nece.s.sary it-is for gne who has moved away from lola to have The Register follow him if he cares to keep in touch with the Old Home Town. fti"^^ Igy^d Throats ... Ingredients of Vicks VapoRub in Candy form 'MEDICATED COUGH DROP siMPu woan mil Take Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound Oui moytbiat be mm meattm for notaea «b*n iChe .ccaadaaa comul of booMlKild duties? Yon have no time to b* akk . i you are tired . . . aillna ... yet cannot itop. There caoMi » time wben Mmethlnit 'aoape and yon find youoM •imply wqm out. i Lydia E. Pinkham's Ve«etabl« Compound will belp you. if took: action wiU ftlve you renewed strengtli. and will make your dally tasks seem easier to you. 96 oat of every 100 women .whp report to us say that they are benefited Iqr tiiis medidse. .Buy a bottle from your druggist today .. . . anfi watch tlie remiita. Chicagor-Piece by piece; the po- , lice said, one of the city's streets FRANK SEZ": i Farmei-s—Have your D^scs sharpened now. Our price until February .15 is Oi.rParni"Rlpai ?s "em'ceiComplete disappearing. As rapid^ as the Frank Lawyer's Repair Shop i ^ity laid paving hlocks they dis- Blacksmithing. Wejding, ' appeared. They arrested .Frank Va- Muchine and Woodwork Icncia. ^a Negro, as he jjushed a 12 N. Walnut Plione 119 wheelbarrow, loaded with wooden —- : paving bricks. Mr. and Mrs. J. Merle BoiUngcr 'I use 'em ..lor fuel," he told a returned Sunday night to their home .'"dee. "The city is supposed to fur- in Nevada, Mo., after a visit with | nish relief, Isnt it?" Mr. Bollinger's parents. Postmaster • He was fined, and Mrs. C. O. Bollinger. Mrs. CO.! — • • Eollhiger has had a bad attack of. A small ad in the Cla.sslfied col- influenza, but is better tcjday. "umns often puts over a bie deal. Cities Serv 2H 2'i SO of Ind 20 2Q\k 20'i Amn Can 58s 57',". 57 Amn T&T ..... 101 98",; loor. Amn Tob B .... 5T>A 56V; 56"s Anaconda Atchisonj 44 V, 43'', 43 Vi Auburn | 43'.i 42'A 42?i Beth Steel 14 13 a,; 14 Can iPad 10 N 10'»i 10 J i 43 <i, 41 "'i - 42'", Chrysler ,.. 12'I 12 12 V, Con Gas 52-i 51*1 52 V. Con Oil . 5c 5','. 5V,, Drug Inc 36'i 35'^ 36 DuPont 36'-; 36-'^ Gen Eloc lar. 13>'. 13-''V Gen Motors 13'', 12% 13 V.. Int Harv 21 20'i 20'i Mont Ward .... 13 '4 12-r, 12-; i»ackard 2<\ 21<, 2'1! Penney J C .... 25 24'L- 24N Phillips Petr ... 5 ••'.:< 5t; 5'/,, Radio . i 4's. 4'1 Socor^y 'Vac 6"', : er, Std Brands 15 14"^; 15 SO of NJ 26 35 25"A Union Pac 74U 73 V, 73 U Tex Corp 12ii 12 Vi 12'L- U S Steel 26U- 27'i Westingh E .... 27'-i 26"- 27 »2 LOCAL PRODUCE Eggs, firsts ....9c Eggs, -seconds ... ....7c Eggs, thirds ....5c Eggis. ungraded ....8c Hens. No. 1 .... 8C Kens. No. 2 ...6c No. 1 Springs. 1' ^'ibs.' up ... .. 60 No. 2 Springs ... .. 4c Caporis.^over 9 lbs. ... ..lie Capons, over 8 lbs. ... .. 9c Capons over 7 lb.s. ... .. 7c Capons, under 7 lbs. -.. .. 6C Canoas, under 6 lbs. .. ...5c Slips ...5c Butterfat. lb. .. ..14c Stags, lb .. 4e Cocks 1 ..... . .. 3c Geese, lb .. 3c Guineas, each .. ..... ..10c White Ducks, lb. .. 4c Colored Ducks, lb .. 3c Hides, per lb. .. ....... .. ic Mixed Corn. bu. ..13c Yellow Corn. bu. ..14c Wheat, bu ..27C Kp.fir Corn ..13c vellow, nom 22-22.'i; No. 3. nom 21V,-21'M; No. 2 mixed 22; No. 3 21V,. Close: May 22-''i; July 241.1. Oats: no receipts; unchanged to >^ up; No. 2 white, nom 17'-j-l8'i: No. 3, nom 16',:.-17V::. Milo mai?e, 49 Vj. Kafir, 44. Rye, nom 34-35. Barley, nom 21-23U'. K. C. Livestock Close. Kansas City^ Feb.. 7. (AP)—Cattle: killing classes uneven, strong to 25 higher; choice 1046 lb. long yearUrigs 6.60; 1314 lb. steers 6.15; steers, good and choice, 550-900 lbs., 5J5-6.75; 900-1100 lbs.. 4.85-6.75; 1100-1300 lbs,, 4.50-6.75; 1300-1500 lbs., 4.15-6.15; cominon and medium, 550 lbs. up, 3.00-5.(10; heifers, good and choice, 550-900 lbs.. 4.25-6.00; cows, good, 2:^5-75. Sheep: market same as early; liop fed lambs 5.50. , Hogs: unchanged. V } Estimated livestock receipts for tomorrow: Cattle 3.000; hogsi 3.000: sheep 7,000. Kansas City Livestock. Kansas City, Mo.. Feb. 7 (APi— (U. S. Dept. Agri.)—Hogs: 3.000 : 560 direct. Aotivie and uneven.! 154i35c higher than Monday average. Top $3.60 on choice 230-240 lbs. Good and choice 140-350 lbs. 83.0046.00. Packing sows 275-550 lbs, S2.15'i'2.65 and stock pigs 70-130 lb.s. $2.25f('2.50. Cattle 5,500; calves 500. KlUing •classes opening, steady to strong, istockers anej feeders unchanged today. Steers 550-1500 lbs. $4.00'i/6.75. Heifers 550-000,lbs. $4.00-5.75. Cows $2.25(!('2.50. Vealers $3.50'S»'6.50. and stocker and feeder steers $4.b0'ii' 5,75. j Sheep'8,000. Killing classes fairly active, steady. .Early top fed Iambs $5.50. Lambs 90 lbs. down $5.00'J(- 5.60, Ewes $1.50^2.75. Doii*t Let Tbe COLD SPELL Pick Ymr Pocket Let us check your radiator for aiiti-freeze, yoiir battery, etc. - ^> A cold weather tune-np will save you worry, trouble, time and , AI.C0HOL EVEREADY PRESTOrsIE RbsSARBUCE£GARA €E CHR3fSM:R-PLYMOUTH Sales—Seevicer—Pacts , EMgl^OYMENT 16 Situatiuis Wanted—Male '• EXPERIENCED FARM HAND I wants Job with room and board, small wages. Prank Carter; 505 _ SoiithJWaa^iington. I LIVESTOCK 21 Homes, CaUIe, Vehicles BRED GILTS and young male liog. «. W, Chaney. : Kansas City Produce. Kansas City, Feb. 7. IAPJ—Eggs 11c. Other produce unchanged. Kansas City Hay. Kansas City, Mo.. Fob. 7. (AP)— No liay; show. Kansas City Grain. Kansas City, Feti. 7| (AP)—Wheat 19 cars; unchanged to lower; No. 2 dark hard 47',i: No'. 3, nom 42'1- 50^!ir No. 2 hard 42.U'-k5: No. 3 42',i; No. 2 red. nom 42',!1-48'L: No. 3 42"',. Close: May 41fK; July 4rs: Sept. 43'5. ' Com, 12 cars; ', down to up: No. 2 white 22; No. ,3 21'i; ;No. 2 OUT OUR WAY By Williams LIQUID—TABLETS—SALVE Checks Colds first day, 'Headaches or NeuraiKia in 30 miontes. Malaria in 3 days. 666 SALVE for Head Colds ;Mosl Speedy Remedies Known Ti-»*?iT ! DO ARfe. >/OU GO OF THAT ? FC.yF? MORE. TO 0,ET THE BORNi TwAiPTW WEAPS ToO SOOM". O tMi •» MA UHVr'ct. INC SCO, u, a.-PATorr M. B. S; Club Meets. The M. B. S.j club was delightfully entertained at\the home of Mrs. J. P. Wilhite. Miss Droelinger had charge of the Bible lesson at the study hbur and was re-hired for another year as teacher. Plans •A-ere completed for the silver anni- yorsarj- of the club .at the home of ! Mr;;. Guy Ba'e on 'Thursday afternoon, February 16. An effort is being made to- reach all former j members and have theni present : on this day. so all are urged toj noti- ' fy thc'-M. B. S. secretary, Mrs. E. J. j Ronsick of Humboldt. ,so committee j in charge will know how many to expect. After; various other business items were transacted the hostess sened dainty i'efreshments to 25 members and two guests.—Club renorter. 2 TEAMS BAY'MARES, 0 years old, weigh 2000; tcflip black horacs, u years old. weigh 2900; gray IVorse, 7 years did, weigh 1850; bay mare, 6 years iold. weigh 1200; team black horses, 7 years old, weigh '25()0; 8 other mares and horses; 3 se£s harness; 2 wagons; all kinds, farming machinery; 2 bulls: 20 fresh cows, giving 4 to 6 gallons, |)er day; 10 cows freshen from I days to 2 weeks. Will sell on time, iJ^C. ^utdier. 22! Fotdti7 and Supplies BABY CHICKS—All leadhig breeds. Custom HatclUng, lU'C per egg. Taylor's Hatchery; 201 Soutli Jefferson, lola. A small ad m the Cla.ssified columns ofte,n puts over a big deal. BABY CHICKS lOCri from flocks blood tested and certified by Judge Harris. [Joultry expert. Ask about om- 90' r guarantee on Custom, Hatching. '; All heavy breeds 5VJC' ' j Ass't Heavies Sc Custom Hatching I'L-c or $5 case 'WILLSON FARM HATCHERIES (Pbvmcrly Cantrell) 2 miles south on 73W or- L. E. Steele Supply Co. "Talk Chicks with Willson': CLASSIFIED KIATFS (Effective Jan. 1; 1933.) For one insertion, I'.-jC per word. For three or more inscrtio Ic per word per insertion. Minimum, 25c per ordi cash in advance. For special low rates by the month, call this office. IIS, ANNOUNCEMENTS strayed. Lost, Found FOUND—Lady's pocketbook. Owner identify and pay for ad. Plione 1360. LOST-^Brown kid, glove, lined, 8'j. Saturday evening, right hand, near Kresses. Phone 1187J. STRAYED OR STOLEN—Black and , white Lewellyn Setter bird dog. If Stolen will pay $50.00 reward for information leading to arrest and conviction of guilty party or parties. Chas. Green. Yates Center, Ka.s., Route 1. AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles For Sale SALES Dependable Used dars and Trucks Dodge ELLIS MOTOR CO. Phone 301 Cash—Trade—Terms , IN<DUBATOR — Successful, 175;-egg cipacity. sUghtly iised, $10; brooder stoves from $11 to $21.50. Allen CJounfy Implement Co. ? SUNFLOWER CHICKS — Hatches Weekly. See,us before you ' get chicks or hatching. SunflCT.~.' Kjatchery, Bronson. TWO QUEEN 1000-egg incubator bnrgaii^. _CurtLs', 10 N._Wash. MEReHANDISE 27 Feed, Fuel, FertUizers W60D— Green or flry, $1.50 ' per I 'iink, delivered. Brownie's. Phonu 88. 28 Household Qoods STOVES! STOVES! Combination ranges, coal nnd wood heaters, aiid circulators. Curtis' Furniture, 10 North Washington. ! v ^ USin3 STOVES and Furniture. Store picked. Henninger's Purn. Store. IGHTLY USED Bedroom Suites at bargain prices. W, H. Wood rsnc Furniture, 202 S._jefferson. 2d Macliinery and Tools CULTIVATOR and disc harrow, like " nfew; tractor plow, 2 Ijottom, 14- inch. Bood fihape. Emmett Dragoo,. Shelly Motor Co. 30 Mi^eal, Eadio SEVERAL good used radios. Terms: Henninger 's Fumiture Store. tOOMS FOR RENT Apartments and Flats '26 DODGE 4 -door sedan; '27 Chevrolet 'coach; used parts. lola Auto Wrecking. Phone 782. PONTIAC-BUICK Sales and Service Guaranteed Used Cars SHELLY MOTOR CO. 214 N. Jefferson Phone 80 HUDSON-ESSEX—Parts and SSer\-- ice. Bud White Motor Col, 209 South street. Phone 60. BUSINESS SERVICE Business Service Offered WANTED—Wood to saw with! portable saw; trade wood for sawing. Phone 737. EMPLOYMENT 14 Help Wanted—Alale DRI'VER with coach or seda,n for delivery. Cut Rate Cleaners, FOB RENT—5-room apartment or oMice rooms, lOSK; W. Jackson. Clyde Thompson, at lola Abstract Company. . Real Estate For Rent 36 Far^u and JUsmA For Bent 44 ACRES—Also field of bottom land; some improvements on each. Cj L. Arnold, 520 N. Walnut, lola. 80 ACRES—Improved, on hard surr falced road. 315 West Madison. J. F. Knock. 37 flouaei For Bent FOR RENT— Houses, good location, sfeG. E. Pees. JReaJ Eatete For Sale 40 Farms and Land For Sale 20 ACRES—Well improved, 1 mile east, 'A mile south lola; city wa— teh electricity. 43 To Excbance—Beal Estate BARGAIN —Modern home, 2 lots,, earner, basemqnt, hot water heat. Take small hoilse or good med lljght car. 519 East Lincoln,

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