Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 31, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 31, 1927
Page 4
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'Vn - THE lOLA DALLY REGIST''R.lSA3mDA;Y.JSyi -i >ipG^ IjECEafiBER 1927. 7 'i laiA MILT REGIStEJt. CHAS. F. SCOTT Entered at the lola Pontofflce; ma Swohd CluHs Sfnttor. telephone ............ i..; i. ti (Private Branch Exrhiinse Conbectlns All Deparimeiit.1). i SUBSCRIPTION RATES ny Carrier in toln.'C.ns CUy, XaH *rpe arnT BaFK«-U. rin« Week IS Centu One M.inth 70 CniUf One Year 17.80 ~ BV MAIL. .. Outside Allen County One Yetir' .tS.OO RIK Months »2.B0 Tlireo M.)nll|.« 11 .60 In Allen County cm« Tear **M fliz Muntlw »2.«0 Tbreu Wonlhx Il.iu On«^ Mnnth .....BOc Member of - Nation! *(ansas NationaVEdltorUI Attoclatldn. Press Awociatlon. The Kansas Daily League. Audit Bureau of Circulation. Press Congress of the World. Inland Dally Press Association. Official Paper City of lola. Otfleial Paper. City of Bassett. Otflelal Paper Allen County. MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS. The Kfglsf^r •-•arrivs Uw AsHocIi^ted Press report by .si>.irial li>a.stMi jwlre. The A.isOfl;Uf<l frefs is •'xthiBlvfely eu- Otlert tothe u«» ror repubHAitlon pt bit uewa Ulspatche-s credited to It or not olherwiRts creditetl in this paper, und also thi! local news publl.shed herein. All rlght.s or ri 'pu'illratlon of special (lisii:tt<;Iif!i horoln are re- aervf^.- •Ii!hl(\ Thimuht fov Today. I will doclare tliy namy luilo my liripiliroft. in U K" niWsv of the church will I .sinK praise.—Hob. 2:12. P<>LItH's «R PVtRIOTIS.MJ Which sliall it Ui^ whon the Sen- aio ol" thi» I'liili'il Slates rpconvencs . next week. iioIiticH or iratriotism? Tliat is; llif question whlcli the disiiaifhcs • will promptly answer. President t'oolidRe. upon the .'iliKHesliOn of The Oklalioiua fiasco rinally I K fhiishcri. *rhe State Senate hy n decisive vote declared it)< conviction that the leKislatuie. had no rlKh* '<> e <iuvene Itself and there- lore that the urticle.H of impeacb- mi 'D* of Ihe Governor and other SlatT' olficlalH voted by the IIoiiRe were- nut valid. So they 611 packed their Krii>.s, paid their iiotel :hill«. I let \i» hope) ajjil went home, iworer. if tool; wiser: men. '. The wonder : I H that the Senators, who after three or four weeits of loil a^d tronble. put an end to the livrce. ilhi not prevent the thing In' ti'v heitlnnlUK by Btaylti); at bom<;. rciusinK to aHsembie upon thR illegal call, of a few self-appointed leailer.'i. That would ..seem to have hei'ii thi-; sensible ihins for them' to do. .\lsi) one wonderH what is really .-w the bottom of thi» row between, the Governor.and other Democratic leaders in jlit> Stare. Without assuming to st^ealc by the card, but putting a wiHp of this willi a wlijsper of thai the ftueH-* we have worlced out I K that it In another case of Klan.; All the people, con- cerneil are Klanwrnen. • It lias bci-n ' printed in the papers that Mrs. Hammond, the Governor's private secretary, was at one time an or- Kanlzer of Klan women and It has been chai*'Ked th.'.t she failed to .tccouiif. for $.SO0 that came into hor handK. Tho chances are that j; the true iuwandness of the attempt-1 I.\ TIIK \EW.S. Harrv S. .New..' who is iii lini <?d impeachment session grew out • of that eharse. j .\nyway it has been a sorry spi^- 1 tacle. recalling aitaln the t:ict thbi ; not a !Hngle administration of oiv- lalionia since Statehood has been • . ,.^„ _ Secretary .Mellon, j without its scandal or its e.\hibi-. has suKROstcd that ihe Senate de- lion of petty personalities or pt-d-. lor ron;rraiulalhiiis today on t!:e! f.r consideration of the tax bll).' nut politics. ! lM >KinninR of his sJ-ventltiih ..sent over by the Mouse liefore the j " 'iioUdays. until alUr llie l.ltli of Marcli. and that -'i ihe nieautim*' I'oMKres .-i sh.-ill work iiK 111!' I '.y till' iiiiildle of .Maicli. Ili - 1 under Grant, as Assistant .Si-cn-- CENTRAL AVENUE i ^Verena rhurchilll ! Dccj 27.-- Wishing all the patrons of ih« cbmmunlty a happy |aii«l prpsperoiis .\ew Year. ] .. .Mr. arid Mrs. Bdward Nordland tdiildreu spent Christmas at the parental Ueenian home. . Mr. and -Mrs. Paul Lassmimiand Pauline. .Mr. and .Mrs. Arr KaLsh and Berniee. .Mn and .Mrs. 'Elmer j -Thomas, Bdward and Annabel were Wednesday supper Kuesl.>j of i .Mr. and Mrs. John Franklin. .Mr. and .Mrs. Huss visited llev. nnd -Mrs; H^wland of C'linnute last 6*teRII^(fe#E I (.Mrs. Lewis HJrttifeii) . Dec. . 28.—Those jiiba etiloyed j Cbristiiias dinner at^Kd' RoiU9 ^:lL>' wer^: Mr. Ron.sick ^nd dmighter, Kmm'.!. of Lone RTtn. .\folHe iaitH Lambett RonsicK ofjTopeka, Mi.s.-«. Usther RooBick of Sola, Mr: and I ittfsNOTik Mrs. Will Rousick ai;d children of i Thitrsitoy^, Humboidt. .Miss Dorothy .Mead ^iWii is visitiuK Jliss Francis Myers.^ -Mr. and" Mrs. Everett Wrestler. Iilnyd. .Vadine and .lu-/iior visited ai Ben Wrestler's t'hrfetmas. Mr. a.nd .Mr.", ilo^ anil family spent Christmas at i. AI. Cooper's i.Mis. W. 10. Paytoo.) COI.O.\Y. Dec. :;t>.-.Mrs. Mize and dausl'ters have i Hpen <lln!r rhe lioHdays with frfwiia ijeeir Sunday ovetiinK and attended the I in chmiJany with thij-ty-ihree oth-i Christmas ^program at the church ters. , j i' in Chanure. i .Mil and Mr.«. I.. K.^Harrman vis- Hl lllf Jlr. and .Mrs. I<*ran!v Siev.^rs an(t fimlly spent Christmas day Air. and .Mrs. Colllson. i .Mr: Hotienstein hds het-n on the sick list the past week. .Mr. Ilakcr has been very ill with .: influenza the past week. ' '. Jtr. ami -Mrs. Fred lless ar.- th« .parents 01' a baby Kirl. born December 16. Mr. and Mrn. iiyle Wing and j children, Mv. ami* .Mrs. Will Btjmir land famUy; Air. atid Mrs. Guy j Wing and family, .Mr", aotl irr.'s: V. Wing and t^on spent Christmas day ral the. parental AVing home. .Mr. and -Mrs. iCmeiy Xoble of Krie and Air. and Airs. I. S. Fr.ank- lin spent Christmas day with Air. and Airs. ,Iohn Franklin. Itev. Kraus calW at .John Croi- sanfs Monday. Mr. and .Mrs; Elmer Thomas and children spont Christmas day with Alr.s. 'iWikUind. .Anna and Walter of l.atlavpi'. .Mrs. Hottenslein and. boys ate Sunday dinner with Air, and Airs. Kpgars and family. Uetl;|il8 mother and other relatices with i in **i 'annte Friday. Ml', and .Mrs. .1. \^ill Adams oi at Alrhiasoii. , Mr. ami Mrs. It. M. .McCongh&jr and children have i>een in! CH^to to attend tiie tunrral oif his faiijar, fieorge AfcCny. whose death oc^ _ curred Dr-<-embor 2ii.- Air. ami Alr.v. Duu Schafer.ire ifnmlioldt .spent Chiri.''tma.s with • Hit* .parents. of a daughter, boru .Mr. r.nd Airs. Oran fVdams. Aliss | December 20. Frai/'ls Cunningham'":in.l .Mr. Oli-i .Mis.-» .Vivian tVHarrtt waJs dotrtl ver ?trubhart calle<f in the eve-' from Lawrenci- the first At the nins4 h i week visiting friontlH aird re>ia'- Chfjistmas-guests oi Mr. and Airs. live-*. '.: .1. 1... Black were: i ^Jr. au.1 Alr.s. j Mi?.-? J.on:si>^ Dir kerson. in ingfBP .facVi Provfllt aad f^ily of Rar- tfai»i«g at St. .loha's hoBj6t*l..ijtts tlesiflle. Okla., 'AlisiCBs Josepliitie:! at home for a tbre» day's htilnby. P aUrtlDorothy Wsfclr pf lola, Jim. vacation. i. '. 7"^ Thornbrew. and Hlv.fiT Turffer ot Mr.t. H, W. P.ell aiul (^ttttCt^s. ' lola. George Hamilton and VilaJs were iu Blue Alouud tJi» tffaSSts of Lathiom. . f the. week, visiting relatives. Mifs ."^fellie Poster of Humbioidt Air. and -M'.-s. J. E. .Wajtttjjf speu' Friday night 'JMi Saturday" turnfi! tlie first of the yree^ '5P™ with Aliss I.avona Hi^tman. i a visit .^with relatives at Ceff^- Alr, ami .AIr.=. Artbfir Myers an I; f " familv spent Chri.stiMas with iMr.! Vesta Cat rol ha.-4 been her*fr^ and .Mrs.;-A \nn Sheari and family." ^^ww >h>s week, rlT^tiag Air and'.Mr.s. .Hm A^lams ami Air.' brother. :siike Carrol ^h ^rWa nnd .\Tvs. Glen Adam« were stiesis « and sister, Afrs. Adanisi at of Air. aiid" Airs. Willis . Pettll ! "'^'t- i Chriiitmas • ! Frieiuls here are dolislitpd to Aliss Ljjvona Hartjjian and Mr. i c^ivf- the announcement <rf tMi Wmer .\ordt spent iunday after- • rival of a baby d,inghter, W *Ha noon'visiting in Chamite. . j Dorothy, to .Mr. .and ATr.-f. WiW- Afi^. and Mrs. .1. Il./I.athrom and Tum<^ll or OakUind. Callfl. ':i^s. \ '.Mi -Hses .Margai-et. Helen and' >'>^it -Mr, and" LMr.s .'s 'ia.ik C.rrey Turneli was formerlr Miss -p^-^ i Frances .N'ordt visited Friday aft- and Vamily. Afr. anc^ -Airs. Cecil tlty Hann.ali.^ lernoon with Miss Violet .\ordt. Iliav^pck ^nd family and Tom Car- Kugene- .Stansbury ha^ , ^ i A part of the price the Insurg- jenl I Willi yi ar. • has been PostUiaster-Geiieral of llie : Cnlted States since 1!I2.:. Air. .New , is an Indianaii. being the son of go' ahead wiCi it,si'"V Senators demanded for voting jj,,^ j„,,„ ,. Xew. Indianapolis i,ppropriati.,u hills.'"— '"'imDiicans 10 organize i „,.,,.^„.,„^., ,„„,,u ,H.r. who s.-.ved the Senate Was Ihe appointment of!.,^ Treasiir-r of the rnit.-,i Stales , ,, , Jtheniselves to iiuporlant commlt- (leiit ndlnis out. it slionUI he pretty 1 ' w ..n,..Ml how .nn.h mnuey .'^'V'T . '"" tary of the Treas«ry,under Arthur. the trrasnrv will > M year,""" '^'•!'"""; "'^ Consul-General ... London ,„ „.,..t th.-hills has vot-«»s «p,K.lnt...l a,„j., „„„,„,,„a.i..u nf I'res- sh .m iKn.andMt will he pre,. '''^'"'''V'''"'''^"»»"'V'7»'' ' Harrison. -I'!.,- .on luhetit- al .0.11 howl'"*' *'">Tcncy. Inj the light of!^.,, i.ij, rj,|i„.,.-.s news|.aper property isuolng ' i'l'l'"'"'""'"' '** interest- r.tunis from ""e-read'Ihe loliowing para- ig these two i,„.f'-"'" Senalorrs '1 lliink \ve_ liave now reached a 'new stage in transportation in our 'iIK'u Civilization. 1 do qot know wlielh- wliich can Iv)/er llie existing I'ailroad ly well kiKiwti also luin h inoni'.v ilie ir'^asiiry to gel tlirou);li til" iiKoinr; i.tx. Having jiiiriaiit lii.ts ol ! inforiiialioii ; fon'mess' will III : riim than it is i| the , .liiiouill: of- i <-iil i;l!'ely llliliie in till' IK'W in far heller posi- ow to ileiiili and likewise • Ills taste for public life. Before entering til.- Hardin;; cabinet as I'i'stniasler-ilelieial he had been successively an Indiana Stat • .'-eiialor. iin-mber ol the Ke- puiilic'in National iiiniinittee fur twelve years and its ihairman iu .Mr. 'I'reduiiy Urife-.. 'To Hie Editor: I 1 I iiroiiiiscd some frietuls that I woiJld wi'iti! somewhat of my trip , West and South. This letter will •have to do wiili> Colorado. < xri lit the trl|i acro.-^ WyoniiuK. I'lah and Nevada, wliicii many .|ii 'Ople .'ire .familiar with Iml many more have little knowledire of tile vasf'liess, I splendor and wonder of this gr<'at country \i* <all <itirs. For liiiii- drcds. yi-a llioiisailds ni' miles, it seems a gnat wa.'^te. unlit I..r ag- ,,.„.n ,„gj, u^,. .„ pysjuh-na ricijlliiral purposi-s, yet rirli in ^..,.^111,^ >;;,^v,^.ll... i «i,all minerals and grandeirr. for the ,„ „„,,„ .,„., „„„.r friends .•^ighl of Ihe great mountains and ;.,i,| neiglihors of long ago. J. T. TUEDWAA'. Airs.- La.^sman and .Mrs. field ate :Christmas dinner with I Air. and Air.-;. Ed flerken. Lewis ' was so ilry and invigorating in I ;„„i Alma. h<r winter season. .No rains fall I .Mr. and Airs. Henry Kamping (in the winter but it snow.s -dry' j„„i .\ada'spent Sunday with .Mrs 'and but little humidity cv.ii then. . MU K S. Ktiha and Dollie. The mounliiins ' are continually ^r. :„„| .Mis. nert .foy and Uoy. j covered whh .snow in winter with' M I. and .Mr.--. Cochran and Sattle, hut lilile iu the loWer laiids. Tiie'.Mr. and .Mrs. Will G.rall - siient 1 .annual i>re(-ipiiatlon is aboiil four-?Sunday at .\rl Uaish's. leeii inches.-, .so yvhat yro|is arc' .Mr.-. Vt -rn Osiraiider and raised are largely by irrigation. I Evelyn si>eni .Monday and : Living (ivicus are very litt'.c high-' j (i;,y with Paul Lassman's. | 'er than in Kansas. 1 was in Dcur.i imd .Mrs. Clautou Baker and! vei- hut one. day so can only say imuily of Oklahoma are spending Shur- ! rev were "Chri-stmas Quests and iMr.s. A. Lathrom ,flnd f ) ot -Mr. j •'^pending vacation with iimily. f nt .-j. Afr. and AIr.-\ Xer Siiosl near Topeka. TITATVinTtfr* ; ' ^*'" Tlsttln« l ^V XJlAmLfiyU • I Kramlmoilfer at .Aui^n^. HI.. tlil» (Alr.s. li. E. Spiirpeon > ^ week. I lie. 28.|—The fnlgn held its i Air. and Afr.-', Oias. F<) regular ijieeliiig Friday evening. | tlie parents of a son. lx» with election of otfice<s. .Mr. Par- '!a.v, December 27. ish vas elected presli^-nt and Air.-'. 1 .'^niith L. .lackson of Ga; are Tue'g- [U'is>. secrvtary. ' .Mary ' and -Mrs. Elmej Jones and •fu 'es- 'spent: Sunday at .Jhe parental i;ii:i--s home. «' .Mr. and .Mrs. Willi? Ross and i}i<.- .-.pent Sunday ay .Mr. Ross's ill town on Imsiness Th' Keith Uwrence is wor] Afoiind V'alley this'week. lil.-ndi. . Lakcy, February 22, ISif and came to Colon.v wberB' b]D spent most of his life. iTc it is a gren't <ity. great. Icinislnr .K vacation with his lathi'r i "''^'' Klncaiuit : — . - , .. • • iLL 1 bav.- letters irotn John ilar--j„„l ,„o(her .Mr iDd .MrK Biker = ' '''»l>'i« Snyder- is spending, union wen- horn si\- cblllren, tiing and ll.'A. Terrill. whom most' Mr and .Mrs ' Paul 'L :issman and I weekiwith lier hi-ster. Mrs .|dying in infi'iir.v. The emalliing of vou know, wlio seeing the note j.;,,i|ine Mr- Vernon 0«ir -indl 'r^'^'-'*>'«- 1"''P'"R ^'«r<' for the ones an- Riley K. of Katisa« T.It*: in ihe Regis,er ihat I Nv ^s tuaking ;.nd Maiv EvVdvn Mr?in.MlrrKd!'^^ ''='''>^ ^"-^'t,"' '='"Tc=' ,'^f^t this trip. VHiv cordially invited niu 'Cerkeii "le -vis'aud Uma ate'diii- The nelghborliood was saddened ; Culler of ( olony: and^ SeniT J. Of to make them a visit and Mr. Har-: ^^r >• iri.,'i.ns d o witl Mr- 1. 1 't ''-^'h f''''''^^ ''• •^!''K.n • tlie home address. He leaves, ,to tuni: savOiewoulilliUe-loget luylLu «itu .Mr.. 1..1. s } j,.,,,,^^,,^ u,. had been under mourn bis going his . wife, . fewr iVel under his tahl...; Wonder why?' Miss Bertha Clem-ns and M^ -l" -."ctoCs care for 4 .bont nine "i/er Hie existing i'ailroad system law .i 'will be necessary at all in a very ; l!l07-ii.S. and Inited Slates Senator 1 ^ock few years. I apiirebenrl we :coulil i f,-o„, inUiaua. build HiO.linu miles or so of good miles iriliof railroad trackage in the rniteil Fancy supplanting that fdiuiiK.n '^tiisc and it would seem |,;„|.>, ;,nd dispense with it." ris if li woiilil niaki- ail irrcsisHliIe i Tliere are aliout 2i)0.U0O :"ilpp al HI ."-'i -nniiT^ WJI I KIIII legnr til pai'l.v. That' it has made such j States, an appeal to Uepiil]!ir:rn Senators j with l.( miles of highway! .Mr. is already kiin/lviii But there is 1 Brookhart is not only a deinar inure than an iiiliniatiiin ' tliat ,.go.uuc. lie is plain ignoranL And Ih-iWH-vaiii- Si -iiators • will ivjipose ^ yel he goes onto one of themost Willi all' tlieir: iiuporlant coiiiiiiitlees in tlie'Sen- the Wasatch ridge is as beaiifil'ul as the rest of the Rockies, the canyons, tlie slopHs and valleys, the oriiiations and iiUl'U liie ingenuity oV man to iieno- irate this vasiiiess and push the gnat ••Iron Horse" tlirriUKli it Uli- 'der ^.IIch conditions as existed when it ai-i-omplislieil over and through vast canyons and riv- SOUTH ANDERSON Dec. 2.N.--When we thiiik llow deli;:lnfiil tiiir winter wearlier • is we feel .-orry lor Hi- i.eople «ia. ,„„, „,,iuntains. lor many liiu- is so c«ld:,j,.,^ ,i„.„„^l, <„llil ro^k reczing wliiii live iu Ulissia where it that tile liifils ai -i thi'V .CO in -t -an-liof food and Hi«' peiiiile ir-<'ze llieir lungs when they lejvve the. slieller iif .their "•'jVernie Huss were married at Cha- 'ry.nule by Itev. .Mr. Howlnnd Satur- ilay morning. This vicinity wisl- es Air. and Alr.s. Huss con.gratui;.! lions and a hapi>y married life. Modesto. Calif. I ;,„j Mrs. Vernie Wing and bOUTH LOGAN sons visited Sunday evening with 1 Mrs. :J. B. Coukliui Mluy Wing'.s. . Dec. L'S -.V much uccfled rain ^'r and Airs: Frank Brinkman . am- to Hiost; «hose i-isfe.rns were i ^^ft Tuesday to spend Christmas geVtins low.' with her folks in .-Vrkansas. Aliss Viruiijia Cal.lwei; wi-iit to -^'r**- Beemau. Lottie. Dorothy tlttawa Aloiidav to visit th- Alisses. =1'"' f'frUm- M:s. Geo. Abliy and Ce;'eli:f and Geialdine Shell, formerly of IVlrplta. . " ^ Aliss Helen Freilric of Ottawa. such :i .(u'ograni with all their : imporiant committees in the' hen-.|,„„„.„ I, j.s i„ be hoped ilieir n- ' " powt-r. Tils- Diniocralic Senators at.' as ' Hie price for volinp >vith i ported temp-ratiii-e of .'.2 hi low is ' \Vell. I liave. often liceu in Colo- liavi- fixed .^lOii.mHi.iMiu a: vear as the party that elected him; i ;rapidly rising and tticir sdvi-r- ^..^^^^^ Siirili^'s. but in the wint>.'r ' . . • 'trial is over. .ir.-r. „ 1. .-.—... ,1,.^ for if is practically all mountain:? and rock in -v-rv dir-c;ion. Such, engineering fealsoiir small minds Kans.. is vjsiliiig relatives and <aii scarcely gra.-p—.vet the fact Hi- aiiiiiiiiii of lax'i -Ut tliejnew law >ltiiiihl rarry. Th-y don 't igive any i-iasnii tor fixing Hii.- liarticular .sum. andili-y probably haVeii 't any i .\rHiiir Brisbane, who writes two 'columns of^stuff for newspapers : every day of his life in splto of his. ... ^ seventy years and of Jils immense nearly twice as much as Secretary j , , , v .t. « • , - - ,. , , I ; personal business, nassed- througb Alellon sUKgeisied might safely b'vj, . , ma\le~aud it would therefore make lieaiiilful cam|iaign noise rial is over. Air. and Airs. Seger hiive a radio recently iiisialletl by .Mi''. I'ugb of Colony.' Ther- are»thr-i' and two daiighi-r^i in x^^e Segef family, all living in Dakota, and the radio i Kansas this week. In Ws third tripn,a,.,. ,.hii,,"or school age. season it differs miicli from Hie humid climate of Hie East, for it is arid compared .10 Kan.-a.s, ihere- foie. oiii- do-s not feel tltc cold as in a more humid clinuil • and thus t ii"i^-'^r '---,m !:!:ru '.iiic='w ;;^";;;!:/;r :;i[^^ ihei^'?ar^';r l^'^r^^: "^S' ^"^ "arks: The Rlizabeth. Vereua and .\lvis Chiir- cliili visited Alonday afternoon with Airs. Ed .\ordt and children. .Mr. and .Mrs. John Croisant and in Petrolia. jfamil.v. Air. and Airs. Adolph Croi- Miss Juauita K-nn-dv of Km-'"'"" '"""'>• -"P'-'it X'hrisimas roria. Kans,. is spending the ho|i-|'«-''y with Air. and Airs. Henry Croi- ilays with heriparents. Air. and .Mrs. r""""" ' \V F Kennedy • 1 -^'r- and'.Mrs. Huss weje lola M IS. Ina Springer, .who teaches j^'"''O" ^vUXay. at the Lincoln schivil at Chanute, j -Mr.; and .Mrs. Ed Gerken and is visiting this week with her sis-i<••"''••'''" ^''''e Monday dinner rer. Mrs. AVilliam.s. , Iguesis if Airs. Lassman. Jim Richardson is able to b^ up' -^l'- ""'^ •^'>«- P'anklln- and after having a severe attack of'^rt Ralsb's spent .Monday evening heart week.- {at Elmei; Thoinas's. •raeob Frl-burg spent Christmas: Vr- fUurches has rented the sRd ui> lies. ; of triends. The funeral ^fflK he ' <»'-iluary - Jnm.s fi. McKlnneylat the home and burial was .ln !.ttte was horn-Aiigusi 21. iy">n :• passed . Colony cemeter.v. .' ; away Dcceniber 21. l!'i;7. at ^ the J — T'- • ^ , a2»' of OS^iyears. 4 nion^li-. days. —Telephone yoor CXMltU^ . llf v.-as milted In 'marri;ige to JMlss i to 18. Having bought .Ihe (^xford Cafe in lola. 1 have lU-ciiled to quit f^lTtt- ing. and wilj sell at Pu|i)lic.:.\iiciiou al Hie place kuowu as the Slt^nfr farm. 2H' iiiij-s wesi of .lilorau or W. miles -asi of l,;Hlarpe. on the aPib, Begimrlug at in o'c!!-icl;*a. ni.. the following described property: li-xt fall l <i he able to tell the! peor. •Strathmove (formerly Stratton ^ . „ .. J .u,. , i—., , -. .- r ,. Park) The Broadmoor F'ark and with his sist'er. .Mrs .lolin Howard; j-^'afveil arm ne.vt year. janioss the continent this month. Here is a good word :or Ihe ^..^u,',,,^. „^.n,.„ ,,r„„ier of Mr. and Air.". Ciimpbell. Arlln-' Mr. ami Mrs. Paul Las.sman and! •m:.dc up of his "Colyiii.,"j{or I Register: A lady (now dead t ic Senator i'enrose of I'enn.sylvania. and Burtess spent Sunday ar Uurl-!and .Mr,s. \eru O.s- |il- Hiat; they liave Iiaity to thank for 1 laving-laken this .•I iMioft one time ami iii<t not MKe,,^,,,,^ ^^j,. n„.„;m,.rie, mmbcr. II. That was s-v-nteen years ai;o.,„„. M,„,,.,.n woodmen .Sanatorium i Mrs. AV.alier Waldron. siient last and well i>Ioti.-d grounds and build- we<'k visiting her son. Lester and iUKs. .\nd I must nm forget the wife. .Aluiiicipal flolf (Jiouids. course; 4 -Mr. .-ind Airs. John Campbell ' ./Thursdays papers bv commenting Hie Democratic . . , • , . i on Items he saw In Kansas papers lowered taxes,. , . ' . iH.-iiion the '""^^Knipona and ;and I liav. • , i . . , ,, ,,, .Topeka. In addition hi- took occa- ll-iiiociutic Senators probably will' . ' J ision to sav this: • markefl one dav as follows: "1 read and did not like the great hotel, that costs its pa- inglou visiting Mr not read a hook since." Then shi- \vent on to sa.v that the most of what she knew she iearii- Campbell's I Grander. Alai-v Evelyn, .Mr. and I Mrs. Charles ChurclUIl, Verena and Alvlk spent Christmas day with -Mr. ahd .Mrs. Oren Haugh. Air. and Airs. Ralsh of Tola sp-nt Alonday at Rrt's. years old. ellgihle. to re {flstr3fr ''fe head of short vearling: heltfat calves;.::, full helfat raivefe.' e «K iWfi *-OMt Poland China sow. wili; tAmm,^ two weeks; 1 black, li^iatad:^daa; .^•ow. will farrow in one mooui7 1 red sow. will falu-ow ill olife idotttb; i gilts, weight 2ii0 Ibts, eaolk . : - F.VK.>I 1>IPLK3IK\T.S. ETf^ i)ne farm wagon; 1 nearly tew I'prn binder; I nearly new. xno^jm ranchlne; 1 nearly iwif still^lllow; spring; fat heifers. V^^eight 7iJu I 1 hay rake; 1 disc harrow^ Zrak'^ lbs. each;l Red Poll c<vw 4 year;'; farm harness; r creank old, giving gallons 4 per day j nearly new. Othe^ Implcmcfits'tod wll! freshen February 1; 1 Guern-• mention. ' riJM'KK .VH-One hniMlitdil^ a^d fifty Ithode Island Ited Ijehji . ; FF.W»~On' st.tck of - tia^j; 13 tons of bay in hiirn; l.*0 hudKJ|l't>t kjifllr corn: I7 ."t busheH; of eortt'.lh 2 crib I HK.illOK H0R.SES-^One black mare, .S years old. In foaj by horse weight l.Hiiii; 1 gray niaj-e, S years old. In foal-by weight 1,300; 1 pair of matched yearllofe colts. :ii IlKAp OF C.lfTI.E-One jersey CO\ F 4 years-old. "will fresh­ en'in two weeks; 1 Holbein cow 5 years old, 'slvlug 3 gallui^^s \iur day; will freshen Alarch lst;Vl Jersey cow. •« year.s old. glvinj? 2 gallnnj 1 )1 per day. Will freshen J^^nuary LI; Co 2 Holsteltf heWcrs. will freshen in-l nir siatesiirau lb- S-naior fro-u Arkan-,many of them ".Fersey ReiR" live? saw. the pr-scnt D-mo. ratic 1-ad- fi^ds In.stead Of muddy i • , , st .vs. and are clean In the right en-j "f -rironmenf. •Fortunately in'a case like- this j . _ Hic Republican insurgents are i likely to stay with'-llieir iiarty. liud .11 i.^ luol.ialile also Hi.'it a few of Hie more jiatiioUc and less parti- , ,- • . \, . „, ,by this time: Certainly if an jn-1 Mill Dcinocratif- Senators will r--• . , , ' ,. . , ' , , , • , ' animate object could be made over flisc 10 respond to the crack ol Hie; ,. ^ . . 1. • • , , „ -, . 1 Into a living Hung by care. and. iiariv lash, so Hi- Prestileni s pro-! ^ ' . .. ,. ,, ,., ... , ' .,, , cirtifiden<e and ove. that wiinld ! posalin all .likelihood will I K-,. , . . ,: , .. . . , .... have haiipeued to Ihe winged ma-; made elfectivK But ijie situation: ,. ,, . , , , = . ,j ! ,. , , .1 , chine which has borne its. Intrepid > siipplie.>; lb- iieoiile with an excel-' . . , , , ; , . . . , , 'iiiast-r by night and day, over lent occasion to s-iiarate the sheeji \ •" , •• i , , , , .1 •. oceans and mountains and jungles; from the goats, the stalesiii-n from i , , - , ! ,, , , -,. and swamps, and never yet has: Hie demagogues. Keep voitr eve;. ., , , , „. ,. i lulled 10 respond toj anv demand; Washing- , , .1 he has put ijpon it. If there is anything In that' . i Pygmalion-Galatea storj*. Lliidv '^l , plaii- oupht to have come to life, on the (lispaicli-s from Ion. Tbe fact that. Old Bill White lias made A'oung Bill associate editor of the Emporia Caz.jite. doesii't iiiiiiress Kwiiii: Herbert , mucl!. ••Hull." he -snorts, ••hie asiiociate editor of Tiie World is.the etlitbr's ••-Vs an editor." writes Young Jack Harris about Young Bill While, "be is resiioiisible for some of his father's bes| editorials." j\nd Young ,'Jack might have added with eirual truthfulness that Young ;;ill will also, be held responsible wife, his mother-in -law. his son. !'"<»' many of his father's worst t-di- i;wiiig jr., his sisters, tlie liil print- 1 'orials. The only retleeraing fca- <rs. clerks, carriers, correspond- Hire of what might otherwise be a cms. all their fainiji-s; liesiilcs the paihetic situation Is the mutual :: ."iKl readers of the paper. .Ml of cbuckles Old Bill and Young Bill them contribute sonie. news, or «ct out of the mi.v-up.s. V ri.te son'iething for the paper. All t ar- assiiiriate editors of Thei' Ir our" b lor the most futile •^,of hif.oaii woiries we pass the crown this weeli to the Clianulc Tribune which ils distressed be• •iivse J. P. .Morgan has been made " Iday hours, tot ihi-ir wo .-U hours. Jibe head of the I-nit^d States Sleol that accMiunis for the physical ,c-oii- Coriioration on Ihe score ihai be dltlon, good' pr bad, of most men. AVorld.' II. is the •r ^< ay llipy spend their already has a Job^ -fi-\^M -IvA/O GREASE MOMV<B-/'S. 1^ FROM, i ear c \Rcus • PAL<=>E.V f ROI^ KetPlM' A ESe. OM A THReE PfVMGitD ClRCO'=> ALLIM OWE PiEce,— -TH' B OLV. P^im VAJOOOS. FuMMW -THitJCr BOUT y v>jtU _,-tUe .«!f 1 -AUMAM KJAT U RE, / /M M T "SO. C>0M8. : iT^ COLD IM Tf^t SMOP AKl' COME coT WEOe to LOAF AKIOGET \WARM .-TAey 'Re COMF O RT^QV-H PH-/-51CALLY 9or . JM MEMTAL- • V^GOKIH'. : Ckjr .WERE. THE'-/RE OKJi -'Y MEKJ-fTM-LH' UMCOMFOflTA6LE^ Bur iM -tAERE Ti^E -zo BE: Bo-rw. ePARROVAiS AMD -f*^^ HA VAJ K. crp?.w.Liift >A=>: 51 .Alonday afternoon. I OWL CREEK (Lilly Kills! Dec. 2!i. -.Mrs. Houston of - lola. dtmlreA see jnttr loeal banLei*, \o |>»^ ion ' i' ;aiiil Mrs. .v. Kennert and famib s|icnt Christmas with .Mr. and Mrs. Ileiirv Ford and Aliss L:!ura Liii- ;d-r. i .Mr and Mrs. C. F. Stroh enter-! tiai-ied at Ciiristiuas dinner the fol-. lowiup guests: .Mr. and Airs. Bert' S I rob and family of Yates Center. ' .Ur. and Airs. R. P,. Cleiiienl. (ipai (and Helen .:iid Air. and .Mrs. Ciias. ! Stroh. ' . . • .Mr, and Airs, Alh .rt Baldof and j j All', iialilon's sisii-r of Burlington ' Were Christmas dinner guests of I .Mr, and .Mrs. Ben Brown- and fJraiidma Bell. Alternoon callers ' w -re Air. and Mrs. 1). S, Bell and Emerson. .Vlr. a«id Atrs. .Mien Bely i and .Mrs. Flora Freverf of Yates Center. .; Alr.s, Carjieuler and Airs. .Mcr.Mil^ ' Ion of Humboldt spent .Monday aff-.- lernoon v.-|th .Mrs. C. F. Stroh. i Air. and Airs. Harry Hay and I family and .Mis.>f Nannie .Ayeriii sp-ul Chrlslnias day at tbe Browii--' rigg home in Alouiit Ida. Genevieve and Jack Campb-U Brown speiitj Sunda.v • night and .Monday wiih-their sister. Air.-. .\1 bert Baldon in Burlington. Airs. C. F.' Stroh. Mrs. LesH^ Reed and .Mrs. C. B. Stroh Wer^ lola .shoppers Thursday. «D. S. Bell and Emerson and -Mr and Airs. .\IU;n Bell spent Alondajf! afternoon at Beii Brown'.s. Alarlpn Selanders of AVe.stphalli la • spending his holiday vacatioi with James and Harry Hay. I.,a\tra Linder calletl Saturda.v evening at the Ben Ellis home. ( 0I„ II. li .snO( K. .tucfloneer. PKOPIK'S ST.VTE B.45K^ I.iiiieii Served by th^ Cliristliin Latlle*.' -Vld of .Wumn, KiiM»«.>: Snow is white because-it^s crystals and pri.-ms reflect only the wWte light rays. FOXtR mTEST ^NS YOtJ SHOULD Am Befofe YduTnyest Your Money itt AnytWttg: Can r affml it? *^ 2---IS it safe? * \ -Are the lYtiirn .s .-;ati.sfactory ? .4 -^l:» the concern one of whtiso work and pvar- po .se I caniwholly approAc*.* 2. Is it safe? The St:»,t- Farm Alutual .Automobile rnsitiraiicrf; t'ompany lia-i a high rating among the standard old-llnis cdin- panics. If you drtn't wajM to take our word for it. lcx>k it up yot>r-- seif. ' " . : -. ' In addition to this fati^ig. we can furnish the naiiles Of K ^&aSB' polic.v holders 10 whom Claims Have been paid promptly aiHl'.aat-- Isfactorily.' Wn ^IAMHARRIS Loral AK«nt * • ^ferair. K has llie sali^fitctorj-.-iiisWers to rhe other threenwestloiis. M ^ftf ItsindliiTg 1 He agency for 3{he State Pstrni .Atutuat .-^titn Inmnrfiws* Coiujiaiij-of nioom:ngtoii.inil«oi:i, through the Kansas Sfate ^riir Bureau.! ' . '• ^ ASK; HW ABOUT IT.

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