The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1953 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 2, 1953
Page 2
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TUKSDAT, JUNE 2, 1958 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS British Climbers Scale To Mt. Everest's Top As 'Coronation Gift' LONDON (AP) — Queen Elizabeth II took time out on her Core nation Day today to Bend congratulations to the British expedition tha planted the Union Jack atop 29,002-foot Mt. Everest. The feat — man's first successful attempt to scale the world's highest peak—was announced last night by Buckingham Palace. The news that two climbers In » party headed by Col. John Hunt had successfully battled their way to the icy summit In the Himalayas on May 29 was relayed to the Vfc Queen first. A palace spokesman '" ' described the dramatic news as a "coronation gift." In her message, cabled to the British minister at Katmandu, the capital of the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal, the Queen said: "Please convey to Col. Hunt and all members of the British expedition my warmest congratulations on their great achievement In reaching the summit of Mt. Everest, (signed) Elizabeth B." The Queen's husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, also sent his congratulations. A message from Hunt relayed to Buckingham Palace said, "All Is well.". The final assault on the Centra! Asian peak on the Nepal-Tibet border—reportedly the third attempt by Hunt's 15-man expedition within the last few weeks—was made by a New Zealand beekeeper, Edward P. Hillary, 34, and a veteran guide of Nepal's Sherpa tribe, 39-year-old Bhutia Tensing. London newspapers hailed the achievement as the beginning of a new Elizabethan era of British daring. They compared the deed with the triumphs of Captain Cook, Sir Francis Drake and Antarctic explorer Robert Scott. That a New Zealander and a tribesman from Britain's longtime ally Nepal won the final victory was looked upon here as another symbol—like the coronation—of Commonwealth unity. Reportedly they carried Nepal's flag to the top. along.with the British colors. The climbers rnrprt atrrtinei ^ e winds and lack of oxygen that pro duces extreme weariness and play mental tricks with climbers at thi extreme Himalayan heights. EIgh of the previous attempts to scali Mt. Everest had been by Britons The victory over Everest was. especially sweet for the Nepalese Tensing, who Himalayan experts say has climbed more peaks in the range than anyone else. Last year with famed Alpinist Raymond Lam bert, he climbed to within 800 feet of Everett's top but they were driven back by wind blasts hurl ing stones and chunks of Ice and by lack of oxygen. The Hunt expedition carried new lightweight oxygen apparatus, va- dios to pick up weather reports from India and newly designed mortars to blast away dangerou overhanging ice. More than 400 Nepalese bearers packed the gear over trails from Namche Bazar, he village nearest the base of the mountain. 8 Camps Spotted Eight advance camps were spotted up the mountain slopes. The last shelter, from which the inal attacks were launched, Was at about 28,000 feet. It was planned that the final sprint to the top and back to the advance camp would be made in one day because it was believed nobody could live through a night in the bitter cold and rarified atmosphere at the summit. Two British climbers, George Mallory and Andrew Irvine, disappeared into the mists near the top of Everest in 1924 and were approaching storms of the summer monsoons. It had been reported previously from Katmandu Nepal that they had failed to reach their goal during the brief spell of good weather and had given up hope. Ten other Everest ezpeditions in the past 32 years had been "beaten back by the numbing cold, fierce never seen again. Hunt's party hoped to find their bodies in the ice and solve the mystery of whether the pair ever reached the peak. In another Himalayan region, an American mountain expedition is seeking today to conquer 28,250-foot IK2, the world's second highest mountain. The latest report from Karachi, Pakistan, said an advance party had arrived at a village near the base of the peak and set up a wiil stretch 170 miles. THRBft (THEY WEEP NO MORE—Part of the estimated 30,000 Vietnamese refugees, who fled acr border when the Communists invaded Laos, stage a "weeping" strike in Nong Khai, Thail border when the Communists invaded Laos, stage a "weeping" strike in Nong Khai, Thailand, to I back up their demands for refuge in a "suitable" place. Hearing they would be sent to Ph'ct- ; chafoun, a city they didn't like, the refugees wept en masse until the Thai government decided ' to send them to a city in the south. k Force Is _ *^ *" To 143-Wing Goal, Yorty Says WASHINGTON Iff)—Rep. Yorty D-Calif) says the Defense Depart nenfis "edging back" towards i 3-wing Air Force goal, but firs omment from the Pentagon was at military economy targets were nchanged. Yorty, wno nas tought agains, n administration proposal to trim e military budget by five billion illars, most of it cut from the r Force, told reporters late yes- rday the Defense Department as backing down. The legislator ._ conferred with Secretary of e Air Force Harold E. Tnlbott. But Assistant Secretary of Dense W. J. McNeil said he knew 'no change in military spending rgets" for the next fiscal year. ; said he expected the spending al to remain at about the esti- ated level, although actual spend- g rates might vary enough for the Air Force to spend more than its $16,100,000,000 allotment. Yorty said Talbot protested the proposed limitation "and it's off." • "-- —•I' •"• JJ•• yjjwotvi 1J1J1HJ0.11U11 tlilU It S OIL. camp The expedition's supply line (He said a revised Air Force pro- will dr.rotfli T?n n~:i nn , .• ^ ^ | gram would be announced tomor- WARNING ORBER In the Common Pleas Court, Chickasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Boyce Moore d|b|a More's Inc., Ptf. vs. No. 3023 Johnny Fowler, Carol Fowler and Bill Wunder:ich, Dfts. The defendants, Johnny Fowler and Carol Fowler, are hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Boyce Moore, d|b Moore's Inc. Dated this 15 day of May, 1953. ' Geraldine Listen, Clerk By Laverne Ball, D. Claude F. Cooper, atly. for pft Ed B. Cook, atty. ad litem. 5119-26-6,2 Bat-ten, Barton, Durstine and Osbrone To Assist Eisenhower on Television NOTICE OF RED CROSS ANNUAL MEETING Notice is hereby given that tl Annual Meeting of the Chickasav ba District Chapter of the Amer can Red Cross will be held in th Red Cross Chapter House, 224 Nort Second Street, Blytheville, Arkan sas. on Thursday Evening, June 1 1953, at 7:30 P. M. The purpose of that meeting to make an annual report of activ v ties carried on during the past yea and to elect officers and boar members to direct the operation „ the said chapter for the year be ginning July 1, 1953, and endin June 30, 1954. Every person in the Chickasawb District of Mississippi County wh has contributed one dollar or mor in the past twelve months is member of the Chapter and eacl member is urged to attend. E. J. Cure, Chapter Chairman. 6|2153-6j9|5 MOX In West Blytheville Air Conditioned by Refrigeration Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 Sat. Sun 1:00 Always A Double Feature TUBS - WED Double Feature — PLUS — PARTNERS IN TIME" Lum & Abner Sport Short in Color By ED CKEAGH WASHINGTON 1/PI _ The New York advertising firm that puts Jack Benny, Groucho Marx and "Your Hit Parade" on the air will lave a hand in President Eisenhower's televised report to the people tomorrow night. The White House says, however, ,hat the ad agency, Batten, Barton, Durstine and Osborne, will provide only technical assistance—that Is, vill lend a hand with lighting, ex- ilbits and such but won't have anything to do with the program's content. BBDO, as the agency Is known in the trade, had a considerable role in Eisenhower's campaign for the presidency last year. It contributed, among other things, a number of ideas aimed at dramatizing Eisenhower's candidacy and his appearances before crowds. White House Press Secretary James C. Hagerty told reporters yesterday the agency will contribute its technical services without charge, "as a public service," for the Wednesday night TV production, a sort of panel show with four Cabinet members joining the President before the cameras. Eisenhower will share the screen with Atty. Gen. BrowneH, Secretary of the Treasury Humphrey, Secretary of Agriculture Benson and Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare Hobby. This lineup indicated the President might skip foreign affairs and perhaps his controversial Air Force budget cuts as well, since neither Secretary of State Dul!e_ nor Secretary of Defense Wilson was chosen for the panel. : :ow ever, Eisenhower might well decide to talk about foreign affairs and defense matters himself. Hagerty said the President will discuss "the accomplishments made by the administration" and tlso will chat with the Cabinet members about the work of their departments. Eisnhower and his aides will go on all four major television ne works at 8:30 p.m. ,EST, Wedne Jay. The program also will b broadcast simultaneously on Eon- radio outlets and from recording ater on others. row. Saying the proposed cut was "too drastic." Yorty predicted, "probably they will increase the Air Force by about as many planes as originally planned in the Truman budget for next year by making sacrifices in other departments." Former President Truman's budget set a mid-1955 goal of 143 combat wings of 30 to 75 planes each. The later fund cuts envisaged 120 wings. Rings Didn't Last; Man Gets Divorce INDIANAPOLIS Iff) — Donald Marley, 26 .whose wedding rings didn't last, won a divorce in Superior Court Monday. He told Judge John L. Niblack his wife, Lydla Mae, 24, Clear Brook, Va., gave away three sets of wedding •ings to sailors while he was away on cruises. Only One in 148 CHICAGO (.ip)_John Killion was the only man among 148 graduates awarded bachelor and masters degrees at Rosary College In suburban River Forest Monday. Killion, of Aurora, 111., received a Master of Arts in library science degree. Read Courier News Claesified Ads. Building Permits and Real Estate Transfers Only one application for a build ing permit was received in the of flee of the city engineer last week Sam Johns was granted a permi to construct a one-room addition t the Razorback Drive-in on South Highway 61. , The brick structure, valued a' 51,500, is contracted by Builder Supply Company. Real estate transfers filed las week: Mabel Hogan to Howard Caldwel and Mrs. Virginia Louise Caldwel! for $10 and other considerations am subject to indebtedness, Lot 12 Block 5, David Acres Subdivision. Federal National Mortgage Asso- No Retail Store Can Stock All the Items Lilted ln SEARS $ CATALOG Be robed Peers Had Difficulties LONDON (/Pi — Some berobed peers, unaccustomed to ceremonial dress in these days of austerity, had difficulty handling their regalia as they arrived at Westminster Abbey today. • One nobleman stumbled and almost fell getting out of his car. Another dropped his coronet apd a nearby soldier had to retrieve it for him. Searj hai "jgjf abouf everything" . , , Between the covers of our Catalogi are the itocb of all the combihod storei of • l«rg. city, mor» than 100,000 item.. If you can't come in CALL 8131 'CATALOG SALES OFFICE Blytheville, Ark. 'Fiddler' Gets License Anyhow CALDWELL. Idaho (#) — Helei Powell, deputy city clerk, said It Just couldn't be — It wasn't legal. But the Adele, Ore., man applying for a marriage license insisted hi; name was Fiddler — Just Fiddler. He produced his chauffeur's license and his insurance policies and there the name stood — Just plain 'Fiddler." Fiddler, who got his marriage license, said he was 1 christened Burnham but had his name legally changed because nobody ever called him anything but Fiddler. ARTHRITIS? I have been wonderfully blessed in being restored to active life after being crippled In nearly every joint In my body and with muscular soreness from head to food. I had Rheumatoid Arthritis and other 1orms of Rheumatism, hands deformed and my ankles were set. Limited space prohibits telling you more here but if you will write me I will reply at once and tell you how I received this .wonderful relief. Mrs. Lela S. Wier 2805 Arbor Hills Drive P. O. Box 31ZZ Jackson 7, Mississippi elation, to Carl R. Gray, Jr., as Administrator of Veterans Affairs, for »10 and other considerations, Lot 17, Block 0, David Acres Subdivision. Max and Annie, Laurie Logan and Harold B. and Marie D. Wright to Robert L. and Hazel B. Turner, for $1,000, Lot 8. Block 2, Parkview Addition, W. S. and Doris Allen to B. J Alien, for $10, all right, title and Interest in Lots 4 and 6, Block 3, Willie Beasley Subdivision. Amy O. Jackson to Jackson and Clifton Fair Jackson, for $1 and love »nd aSectlon, Lol 204, Block 13, original survey of Manila. James Anderson, Jr., to Jsme* and Ella Anderson, for $1 and IOY» and affection, Lots J and 30, Larry's Fourth Addition. Gelrge W. and Deloma B. Wlggt to Guyton and Rosle B. Talley, Jor $300, Lot 16, Block H, Elliott Addition. injoy Cool, Air-Conditioned Comfort WEDNESDAY — THURSDAY — FRIDAY ADMISSION — Children 20c, Adults 40c Above Prices Include 3-D Glasses Y( G2T A HOMART 20-in Window Fan For sound, restful sleep on HOTTEST nights- CIRK1AIR ATTIC FANS You'll enjoy cool sleeping and pleasant evenings throughout the summer when you install a CIRKLAIR Attic Fan. These sl- Jent servants draw in cool air nlghls and exhaust hot, stuffy air accumulated in daytime hours. One complete change ot sir every minute throughout the house. NO DOWN PAUMENT AND UP TO 36 MONTHS TO PAY1 NOTE: Don't forget to come out & register for the Mengfcl Royal Wood Kitchen to be given away Free! WRIGHT SUPPLY Hutson at N. Fifth Phone 2229 0 I y&U StIVSf Dodge prices have been lowered recently right across the board..; you save $60.60 to $201.80 when you buy, depending on model. You pay less, get more, in the Action Car. f&tl S&VGi Dodge gives you more roomy comfort, more riding and handlin'g ease, more safety and convenience . .. more extra-value features at no extra cost; $5.50 DOWN, $5.00 MONTH Come cfnd SEE this 4-Star Feature, quiet BIG capacity cooler ORDER BY PHONE 8131 CATALOG SALES OFFICE 217 W. Main Blythevillc, Ark. "Satisfaction Guaranteed \ or your Money Back." Mobflgas Economy Run proves Dodge the economy champ over all other "eights!" You save with the most efficient engine design in any American car. The 140-h.p. Red Sam V-Eight; Gel the New Lower Prices on These Ail-Time Family Favorites JJODGE CORONET V-EIGHT CONVERTIBLE COUPS Price Reduced $201.80 HOW IS THE TIME! JKP UP TO A DEPENDABLE Coronet V-Eight, Coronet Six, Meadowbrook Six trim start below mmy noaVi li At "hwitl filctd" tltli V-EIGHT OR SIX If Economy Winner Speeijicationt and eqMipmtnl tuljtet to efiangs without notiet. BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. Walnut & First • Phone 4422

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