Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 7, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 7, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's.. Celebrated Silk, Stiff and Soft. •Spring Styles.; DEWBNTBR, The Hatter and Furnisher. Still Slaughtering BOOTS AND SHOES. STEVENSON & KLINSICK, Must have the space before remodeling their store room. Therefore the prices of Shoes and Slippers have been cut in two. We carry no Shoddy Goods, everything warranted. 403 Broadway. L. G. PATTERSON opened a Fire and Accident In»ur- p t no None but First Clast Companies Eepre- Mnted. . _ ^ THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK -or- LOGANSPORT. . . INDIANA CAPITAL $25O,OOO. A. J. Murdoch. Fre«. W.W. flm Ca.h. J. F. Brooknieyer, Alit. ca»n. DIEECTOK3: . H. Brtnf hntst, .. Banking In aK Its Departments promptly and Stockholders •°8t g r5n, f Bi.«rve Fun DAILY JOURNAL TUESDAY, JT7LY 7, 189C. Eend tte big ad. of tlie Golden Bule. Hammocks at your own price at Qeo. Harrison's. Be wltb us tomorrow and see bow cheap you can buy dry goods -Schraltt & Hdaly. . ?5 ana $7 homespun suits $2.98 at Otto's. All the style. Everybody at the convention wdll wear one. The elgliteenrmoixtns-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Blschoff died at S. Joseph, Michigan, where Mrs. Btehchoff Tvns visiting. ' Mr. BlshchofC went to that city yesterday. : Saturday's Indianapolis News con' talned a good Hkeaees erf the Rev. T. S. Guthrle, formerly pastor of the TJnlver- sallst church of this city. He began his work at the Central Unlversalist church In that city Sunday evening. • Elsie Mny Henderson, the twelve- year-old .daughter..of Mr. and. Mrs. Milton Henderson of Noble township, died at the family residence yesterday morn- lag at 4:30 o'clock ot congestion of the .brain: The funeral will be held this . morning at 10 o'clock from the family .residence. Service will be conducted fcy the Rev. Mr. Hughes. Interment will be made in the Harper cemetery. Awarded Highest Honors— World's Fair. -,..•• : -DR; CREAM BAKING POHDIR MOST PERFECT MADE. A •*• Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Fr« f r Ammonia, A\um or »ny other aduttwant , 40 YeMf the St»n4«{l. WILD YAK. HM Some Spirit, Hut Not Enomrft ts-tr clulon nnd Energy. Th(5 yak, or wild ox of Tibet, has sufficient spirit to turn and attack n hunter. If it had more perseverance it would prove a dangerous enemy. Col. Prejevalski, in his account of his travels in the Tibetan mountains, narrates an. adventure which illustrates the yak's disposition: I wjxs returning to camp when I saw several old yalcs grazing on a little plotenu. I fired on them, and one fell nnd slipped down the snowy slope. Stunned by his fall, he lay motionless it the bottom of the ravine. I ran to him. As soon us he saw me, some hundred feet away, be rose and tried to fleo, I fired, but the ball did not touch him. Then he turned and rushed at me. I had only two cartridges; 1 fired one at a distance of 70 feet, and one at a distance of 50 feet. He stopped when he was quite near me, holding his head down and lashing his sides with his tail. I -was near enough to see his little eyes and the blood which ran from liis nostrils. If he hud had a little more decision and energy, I should have been lost. I could not get away, and I hod no weapon but my empty gun. \Vo stood looking at each other. Presently he raised his head and stopped lashing his sides. Evidently, he was getting over his anger. I threw mvself on the ground, ajid without'tak- ing 1 my eyes from him, crawled backward some 00 feet. Then 1 jumped up and walked awny as fast ns possible. I did not breathe freely until seme 200 feet lay between us. THERE ARE TWO SECTS. Mohammedani Are Divided AccorrtniB «o Tholr Creedal f orm». Mohammedans divide themselves into two principal sects—Shiah and Sunni, tho Persians representing the bulk of the former, the Turks- of the latter. The chief points on which they differ are the condition of the soul after d<-ath nnd tho succession of caliphs. The Sunni believe thottiere is o»c im- niortal God, whose works are without beginning or end, and thnt He will be visible to the souls of the blessed; while the Shiahs deny the immortality of the soul and maintain that the coexistent principles of Zoroaster will forever contend for the mastery. With regard to the prophet's successors, the Sunnis claim thnt the lawful successor of Mohntrirned was- Abu Bekr and alter' him Omar Osman and All (nephew and son-in-law of Mohammed); the Shiahs, however, reject tb« first tiirec and bold that All was the only legitimate sue- ; jav/* . Shiahs pray but three times a day, nnd enjoin pilgrimages to Ncjef, Kcr- U-la, Kaziniaiii, Jfeshed (PiirBia), Samara and Kum, ns well as to Mecca nnd Medina, Sunnia make pilgrimages only to the two latter cities and pray five times » day. From this it can be readily understood that the circumstance of the- Turks being in possession of the shrines of Nejcf (Meshed All), Kazimain and Kerbela is most displeasing- to devout Shiahs.—Blackwood's Mngazinc. HOW DUELS ARE STARTED. "Jrtorml Doi on the Ear" Glren In a Let. t«r I* an Inialt. . Arthur Thiele, a young student ut the high school of technology in Charlottenburg, near Berlin, has been sent to a. fortress for nine months because be provoked and fought with Dr- Drock- clmann, says the Kew York Sun. .Brockelmann was Thiele's second In a, ^vbrd duel, and in his comments on the meeting criticised severely one of Tkielc's BtroUcs. Thielo regarded the criticism as an Insult. He challenged the doctor, but a court of honor decided Wio doctor was under no obligation to accept.the challenge. This decision angered Thiele. He was determined to have a duel at any price. ^ So ho sat down and wrote what, to his German mind/was the most insulting letter he, could think out. This letter reached its climax in the sentence: "You may regard yourself as morally boxed on the ear by the undersigned." . ! To Brockelraaun's.German mind, too, this seemed an insult that only blood could wipe out. . Thus it came tint early one morning Thiele and Brock- elraunn found themselves ten paces opart in the Grunewald and.shot tit edfch other until Tluele fell with a dangerous wound. In the abdomen. Thiele lingered for days between, life and death, but after onco taking a turn lor the better,' recovered rapidly. With 'nine months' rest in a Prussian fortress he will be fullyreatored'to health. Smlthi Were Plentiful. . . At en inquest In' London the other day 13 of 'the 14;jurymen who inquired into the death of a man named Robinson .were'nnmed Smith, and -the other, ..two'were Tiamed Jones and Brown. ; ;.. BLUFF MDtt Rockville Canceled Date.and Still Expected Full Pay. : GOT WHAT WAS RIGHT Cleveland Slill Winning So is Baltimore-National teagiie. If towns flie sisse of IU>ciiYillo."''ot oi, have a.ny : Idea thnt they a re -.spins to have soft picking wit-It tlic Logu.nsport base bull--management in 1.1 lematter of rimming IJiIngs to suit ibc-msi-lves when they como here to pluy, they had best disabuse their mihuls of t-hi: Idea before they come. The management here Is not. In the business tor. health .alone, though .it'Is conducive to :i better, cir- filiation of the blood to. watch a-good,. snappy game; but it.tVikes'nibney to nm a good ball team. The pla.ye"rs 'draw a: salary nnd that is th.e.. :; ciwise : ,-ot r :.th.uru; being a clnu'gc of tweiity-live;_Jcnts' to those who attend.the gauiea.% The nninogenient' of the Rockville club evidently thought Llmt.the ix>£nhspoi-t| fellows were soft mau-lcs, and that they could cancel a date without (Were being a.ny kick rondo. Sunday eyi-ning,-.'vftei- (lie game was over, and It.-.came-time to settle wtt.li the Rockville; luariaser, tlmt geutlom;iit informed Manager-Keller tlmt. he would cancel-.(he..date.,.for the game Monday nfronib.ori,"a<s his team was fired nnd needed ; rest. -.'.'Ypry well," Mr: Keller said, "in i-hatrcase-wc will pay you but-your actual' expenses." The contract was on a .slwiKlns,.lii»sIji and it. gave the winning el-uWa'TiIce per cent, for Its work. Of course' the Rock- viHt' man kl.ckcd and threatened to take the case into tlie .courts',"nnd' all such bluff talk. Of course he didn't;.dtf.any-. thing of -the sort. He-settled'-on the basis proposed. That was.air..iJfc Ottos got out of the games. i>'tay<£ .?jt-^ock-. ville.'and that was allthey'liad-a-'-righi, to expect from the Lpga'uspprt' mnuage- ^ incut. . . ....-•••. TJie game Sunday af teiuioon was slm-' ply awful. The causes that-led. .up to the slaughter of the home'team may be : summed up In three heads: 'the wild-, uoss of Crosby, the errors of the Ottos and their Iambi-lily, to. Mt.',.the ball when" hits were needed. For some cause or another, not explained-, Crosby..was as wild as a. March hare aud he kept Bevilles ou tlie jump continually. They, got tliDeir signals mixed and every time they did, if cost something. Crosby has a great reserve of speed If he; ca.n- learn, to control the.bail. There is one thing wJMch would-be -'rop.t^ s.hould learn, and that Is, a player 'CflD.i.f.uoycr be expected'to play good-bfllKlf-litt is being continually roasted ; /;' It-Is enou.gh- that rhe coachers oif tlie dpi>Ojrfpg;Wea.nls- are doing their. be.st.,to. rattle'Ja'pitche'r nnd catcher without hATjnSj.tlie rooters "knocking" all the time. .-,,^he ruj«;tlia.f "lit you can't say anything igooa..o|; .a "person, don't say anytWn'g aral-ly': will apply with force to ball plajjers-rimder ench circumstances ns.obtaiii)e'd..'sunday.' O'Conner went -in tlic.bgx^.tlie.sl-xt-h inning, after the .gamc/^V 5 ?;. 1 ^'.- j 11 ^ held tlie RockvIHes dowtiiito ofayo.-jtms, with three hits. Followinff-1S'-tlie-scbre: OTTOS ' AB- E- ; ''H;TO- : 'A ' B Shaver, If 4 lJ'$??V;;V\ ; 3 Bolan, Ib 4 Hoiisley, 3b 5 Bruton, s$ 3 Bycrs, rf and c . .4 Stotts,' 2b .-..-. ...4 Bcvillps, eand rf .4 Lyen, cf ...: 3 i-:,X*Q^ - 1 0,,- :; 6 C '.3,,.,4 1 Crosby,.]) O'Connell, p .• .. "o : -'0"--;3: i '- i Q 1 -,o: .i,,. 0 ^^ 0 ! ^ 0,'l- ^^"..Q, . 1 ;0. -iljh^fl-'r? '0 ' Totals .-'.'. ..34 -0 ROCKVILLES AB 'E Kyle, Ib,., - 4 ' ; ,?.','; Dut-ett, p ......'. ..4 ,'4':' Ellis, et r. '.;2.. Daily, If ...'. 4 :;,!;, Murray, .c> ..'.:'. .5 ••' 0.- Stokes, 3b 4 1 Raber, ss .;...,. .4 ^1 Lee,-2b . ....... .".3 .',;2 . Biler, rf ..4 1' S.tai-v,15- ' H- : 1'O A : 2- : ii'-'"o „ .Totals .....37 14,.11..27 11 -.-•! Score by iimlngs':>.: . . .- "' ' : ' Ottos. ..'.....-:.:'.. .2 -Q- o\0! : Q;:;O '4'- 1 -G Rockylilcs ..-.. ..2-,Qj r ;ir-7.v'OV2 2-^14 Wild pitch, Crosby,,";.' Durctr,, jl. Struck out—by O'Cotifiell; 3; Dur&tf, 2. II\TO base iidts—Bola'ndj.Horsley,;Mur- ray, Kyle. 'Base onJbali^off Orostiy, 5; Durett, 3. Pass ure, . . — v .. Earned i-jins-OttoSA ;.2;:--:Rocky|lles;;' 4, '— ... There are no RrfmeiSj'i-&fii;:,woBK until .Saturday, when! •the.'OJrfoVd^IiM.i tpa'ru comes for two 'giuiies,. ^iftt£r?lajij .'.find "''-'-- '•' Sunday V ' •; Manager iment of : the -club 'T "ley SrtltJi ^ ' nai Char- F0R A TMn Goat 98c up. Too hot to live without it Tan Shoes worth $3"and $5 cool and stylish choice for $1.98. 62c for White Vests, cool and Dressy. 62e for natural Linen Pants very comfortable. SUPPLY YOUR WANTS AT HOriE! Gro Away Comfortably Clad* Don't go into the rush with your heavy Woolens- KRAUS "Of Course " SPRING NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS. J§S. Q. GRACE WILL 5ELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY EOR LESS MONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER iBfN LOQANSPORT. lNE COflPL. Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. P7S- If you want a Tailor Made Suit don'tjfor- $ret mv line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing O J '•_..• ,. 'V.'. J . ' . . •• ' - with club, Bert . by the tenm, nCGMss Creek Sunday by the scor'e : o'f r "32' to"'i«,' with' -Murphy; ana •Stout fii-Tlic- polJSs. tor,the Orientals. ^ ••''•' ' ' rfATIONAI/tEAGUE. ' ; v '.That BnlU-more- club -is Hanging onto"the; skirts of. the,', leader . like Brim •death. • Xhe.Clu.ve'Iands no. sooner win a ••Kanic tliaio. ilie.Or.ioles^yJJi'too, iuid tlw.v go' up the. ladder nt--.the.sn.me pa'c.o, wilh .'C)evelnn : a-'a short head rn\the leiid.'Gin- clnnati,..too, is totfpnjr'oh for all she is wVrth 'an'd';tli"e:'''otliers;;m:e nowhere In sight of. .the ' 'three. 'tdp;!c]iii1» ; ;:''FollpwInR - the scoi\p"?iry.,esier<iay's.,Kames: . .fl, Cln.rin- . : - i; 4t'PItt8bili : s- i Wfi8«inpton 0, ' '..t .,. 1, Clcvt- . ... : . v , Mtoi-; .. • • • • .•oVt,ehleago-Bcflt"ja»r« :W,-. Chicago 13. ; : 5. 3. At St. Louis—New York C, St. Louis G; cabled at end of eighth, rain. STANDING OF THE CLUBS. Clubs Won Lost Per Ct. Cleveland 40 .19 .G7« Baltimore 41 20 .('.72 Oiucinuaai 44 24 .G47 Boston 37 25 .597 nttsburg ...33 ' 29 .532 Chicago .-..'...36 33 .•> Washington 30 29 ,50S Philadelphia. 33 32 .508 Brooklyn ....31 33 .484 New York 25. 30 .409 'St. Louis '..in 50 .231 Louisville 12 .47 .203 BASKET PICNIC. AT PIPE CREEK. The Pipe Creek Clu-Jstliin churcb. people will hold a basket picnic Sunday, July 12, at the grove OD tlie farm known as t!w Dr. Adrian place, one-fourth of n mUe'cast of the church. Addresses will .bo'made by the Rev. McNeally and others! Refreshments will be abundantly supplied. A corflal invitation is extended to all to come out. and enjo.v the day. •••'.-. • On the^ontslde; pick them up in pass- Ing by—$5 shoes, fine, tan shoe^ slightly soiled, at- Otto's; for $1.J)8. ' .' ', To The Ladies This is the season of the year the unpleasant but necessary work of house-cleaning claims'the attention Of the housekeeper and not a little dfr pends OB the appearance of your lace curtains as poorly done-npcurtalniBpoH the effect of a well-furnished horn* quicker than anything- else. We b*M» experienced help in this class of work who do nothing else and we ECOW wfr can. give you perfect satisfaction. W*are also making a specialty this yew of laundering shirt waists, being tb» only firm In the city using machinery exclusively for the purpose. We wlH appreciate your patronage. Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. CHAS.L.WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER x I.'* 417 Market Street Culls attended to promjrtly, day o« 'centril Onion and Mutual telephone*. OOcc; No. 16; RwMonc*, No. UL

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