Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 2, 1965 · Page 13
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 13

Ironwood, Michigan
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Wednesday, June 2, 1965
Page 13
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FOURTEEN IRONWOOD DAILY ClOBE. IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN WEDNESDAY, JUNE 2, IMS. Market Firms Somewhat Early This Afternoon Obituaries Martin Shefka Bergland Sets '65 Graduation the Frick-Zielinski Funeral Home which will open Thursday at 2 BESSEMER — Martin Shefka, p.m. Parish rosary devotions are! „„„„* »wr, ™» «M, *„ 79, resident of Bessemer for scheduled for 8 p.m. Thursday, BERGLAND — The 57th, an- 66 years, died Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the funeral home ; nual Ber e land Hi B n s c n ° ° at St. Joseph's Hospital. Roch- ! commencement excercises will i be held at 8 p.m. Thursday in Graduation at Hurley Church Thursday Night Graduation excercises will bt held at St. Mary Catholic , „ . t . , tu ,, » ,, ; Church Thursday night at 7:39 ester. Mich., where he was ad- A«*U~ I r ! De neia at 8 p ' m> Tnursaav in ~ exemplification of the first de-; DIVINE INFANT, Wakefield. f th , hth erade Kra duates NEW YORK fAPi - The rnitted last February He had Anthony J. Gregory the school auditorium. : MERCER - Morley Fraser,! gree of the order set for next Admitted Tuesday: Mrs Molly!,,. „ g " t- i anhnni stock market firmed somewhat been in failing health during t h e Anthony J. Gregory, 67, of 324'_ Dr. B L. Fryxell. head of the nead football and baseball coach 1 Monday in Ashland has been Koski, Bessemer, Rade Ilisba-i°^ st - Marv Far ocmai acnowi. Frasef to Speak At Mercer High School Program Change Date for Exemplification District Deputy Louis Pa oil! Hospital Notes GRAND VIEW. Admitted Tuesday: James Olson, Montreal, Stephen Cvengros, 118 Smith St., Mrs. Ida Suokko, 788 Newport] Loc., medical; Gerald R. Swanson, 113 N. Curry St., surgery. Discharged Tuesday: T h e o of the Knights of Columbus hasjdore Clark, Ontonagon; Miss I announced that a change in the! Frances Meade, Hurley. early this afternoon. However. past year :\V. Aver St.. died at 1:05 a.m Department of Humanities an<l It still was fairly deep in the Mr Shefka was born Oct- u< today at Grand View Hospital. Social Studies at Michigan Tech, loss column. 1885 in p 0 i a nd, where he liv e d where he had been a patient Hou&hton. will be the main Trading was moderate. > until 1891 when his parents, the three weeks. speakei Dr. Fryxell's c a r e er At the opening the market 1 late Mr. and Mrs. Peter Shefka. Mr Gregory was born h e r e has been in journalism and continued the slide that sent it migrated to the United States. May 15, 1898; he attended the education, and he has taught at to one of the worst losses of the settling here. He was rear e d old SI Michael's School and latet a number of universities. H? year Tuesday. Ihere. and attended the 1 o c a 1 worked for the Chicago & North. has traveled widely in Alaska Brokers said the break was schools. He was employed by : Western Railway Co. as a fire- Canada. Mexico and Europe and at Albion College, will be the; made. .j sich, Ramsay, Mrs Glen Diechel- Due to the large number of \ bor, Marenisco, Mrs. John Ger- triggered by the statement of , Pickands, Mather and Company, ; man until 1932. That same year William McChesney Martin, ' in turn in the Anvil and Ram- he started with Pickands, Ma is editor of the book Blazing , - , Alaska s Trails. „.,„„... Federal Reserve Board chair- 'say Mines, until the Ram s a y i ther Mining Co. and was a hoist- j The following is the schedule man that he found "disquieting ; Mine ceased operation in 1951. ing engineer from 1932 until he of events that will be included similarities" between current when he retired. He continued to retiree', in May 1964. His hobbies , in«,r.e cerempnjr . business conditions and those of live in Bessemer until 1957 when were gardening and handicraft, trocessionai, uergianci HI gn the 1920s. he left to make his home with work. .sscnooi oana. They also said investors ap- his daughter, Theresa in Chica- The- deceased was a life long! Invocation, the Rev. George peareti worried about the South- go; since 1962 he had lived with member of St. Michael's Catho-; A. FprnasKi of White Fine. east Asian situation and the a son in Rochester. He Church. j Presentation of awards Ed- problem of the British pound, j Mr. Shefka was a member of Or, July 7. 1920 he was mar-; win L. Carlson, superintendent Tobaccos were the only group the St. Sebastian Catholic "ed '•(< Frances Severin at Holy 01 *™\oois. ,. Vn ,,Mi to manage an advance. Liggett church, the Holy Name Society Trinity Catholic Church. Mu sical selection You 11 b Myers, American Tobacco and the Knlgtits of Columbus dur- Surviving, besides his wife, are i Neve Walk Alone, sung b y and Lorillard were ahead by ing his residency here. At the «ve sons. Thomas of Sullivan, .tnecnoiai g oup. small fractions. i UK- of Ms death he was a mem- M °- James of Ironwood. Joseph 'Address by Dr. B. L. F r y- The Associated Press 60-stock ber of the Holy Cross Council, ° r Mandaree, N. D., John of Isn ' < "' ntQtlnn . Mlo _ , „ . . average at noon had declined Knights of Columbus, of Chica- peming and _ Gerald of El P a s o, ; PixsentaUon of Uie c 1 a s s, 1.7 to 331.0 with industrials off go Tex.; four daughters. Mrs. Ange- : Raymond J. Rigom Jr., prin- 1.7, jails off 1.6 and utilities off m 1908, Mr. Shefka married 1°. Airnar of Lincoln Park, Ill.,|Cipai. nHnr-lnol cnoalrpr fnr t'lP pnm-i • L ' ut ou ulc la 'B c uuiuuci ui "«», iwaitiiiouu, ivno. uuiiii uti- principal speaker foi ue com j new candidates signed by On ton- oux, Wakefield, medical; Mrs agon, Wakefield, Ironwood and Mark Ruppe, Ironwood. surgery Hurley Councils this last week 1 Discharged Tuesday: Joseph it was decided by Paoli and Won, Chicago; Mrs. Rosa Suo- District Deputy Louis Kolonko, I mumaki, Ewen; George Sanders. Ashland, to hold the first degree Ironwood. exemplification at the Hurley 1 Council club rooms on C a r y j Road at 1:30 p.m. Sunday, June 20. It was further expected that several candidates from Super-' ior would be inducted with this class. Paoli also said that on the; following Sunday, June 27, an exemplification of the major degrees would be held at Iron Mountain, with candidates present from the entire Upper Pen- "*=•" "; insula, and the major degree aay D> iteam from Escanaba, under the Body of Chicago Man Is Found T The following will be graduated: Ronald Alleva, Robert Baima, Celina Brack, Gail B r u n e au, Susar D'Antonio, John Endrizzl, Jeffrey Hautala, James Leecia, Virginia Leoni, Shirley Levra, Gregory Loreti, Patricia Maslanka, David Mladenoff, L« Netta Moselle, Christine Chartier. Jeanne Odorizzi, Greta Ojala, Michael Prenderville, Margaret Reader, Anthony Rodeghiero, Mary Springhetti, An - toinette Stephani, Patricia Tira- dini, Arthur Traczyk, Ed w a rd Traczyk, Etta Van Ouwerkerk, Vernetti, Lena Vittone, in Dead Horse ™ °™ MORLEY FRASER of Thaddpus O f Chicago w ho ! Ronald Zaleski, Paul Zarzyski. e! Msgr. Michael A. Prock w i 11 ! present the diplomas and t h e ^. James Nes bitt, Mellen, will scuba divers wh 0 give the graduation address. scu j a £™Vaid' The eighth grade graduation direction of District Deputy J tne Sich the SCene t0 a j banquet will take place Thurs- 'Ralph Izzo would be in charge j was' married and was [day night at 5:30 in the S t . of the day's activities. a veteran of tne Korean War> i Mary Church parlors. The He further said that a full pro- ! He was s t a ying at a resort in ' graduates and their parents will gram has been arranged for t ne town of Mercer and w e n t i be honored. The mothers o f The Dow Jones average of 30 led in 1935. nf nUspm f r Mrs. David Eplett and M r s . i Presentation of d i p 1 o m a s, I mencement exercises to be held Robert Johnson of Ironwo o d. Aubrey Demaray, president ofjby Headwaters Union High the women who will accompany i a i one about 4 p.m. Sun- Ji ilt 4-/VJ w u wiivo a. WA w&v, v/i •J'" Ollt; U1CU 111 A17OU. ___--__- — _ T*i-a, _ i-j -»«. industrials at noon was off 3.51 surviving him are two daugh-Tf™ Mrs Harold Goodfellow of tn « Eoard of Education at 905 02 after having been down ters and three sons- Mrs/ Ther-1 Lmct'li, Park; 19 grandchildren: Cldss^song, sung by the sen- i.31 an hour earlier. '. e sa Pijan, Mrs. Renetta G u s t two brothers, John and Leo of. Steels were weak with U. S. and Raymond Shefka, Chicago; i Detroit, and three sisters, Mrs. Steel, Bethlehem and Jones & Martin Jr. South Holland, Ill..i Alex Marcimak of Ironwood, Laughlin showing losses of and John Shefka, Rochester: five ! Mrs - J °seph Toupm and Mrs. about half a point. ; grandchildren: eight g r e a t -'• Be " Gronpwski of Detroit Chrysler gained nearly a point grandchildren; two broth e r s, ; Funeral services will be held! vhile Ford lost about half a Frank, Bessemer, and Anton, .. the candidates and members, day . A ft er he did not return Benediction, the Rev. George A. Pernaski. Recessional, Bergland High School Band. The 1965 graduating class con- Friday at 9 a.m. at St. Michael's i sists of Connie Bell Anderson, point and General Motors was i Ramsay, and one sister, Mrs. town by a lesser fraction. ! Andrew Godlewski, Bayonne, N. _ ,. ". _. . _ r»«»i.-l.-; Ca-chc Church with the Rev Don,la T nofoina fo.r Lorraine Gay s X. Ronkowski officiating. Interment will be at River- Most of the rails were off j. lactions while New York Cen- Funeral services will" be held Sld 5, Ce J? etery ' , ;ral fell more than a point. Saturday at 9 a.m. at a requiem , T ' ie Chappell-. International Business Ma- : H igh Mass at the St. Sebastian, al H ° me ™ m b< ; °P en for . jhines advanced more than 3! catholic Church celebrated by I tlon Thursday afternoon and eve- points and DuPont added near-1 the Rev. C. J. Franczek. Inter- jning beginning at 2 p.m Prices declined in moderate; tery. 7:3 ° p ' m> at the funen trading on the American Stock Tne remains will be at the v _ , . "~~ — : Exchange. Frick-Zielinski Funeral H o m ejSeraphinO Remondini j which will open Friday at 7 p.m. j seraphino Remondini, 87, are former resident of Norway, Mich., died unexpectedly Tues- i day afternoon at a Green Bay i hospital, where he was.a patient Bailey. Gary Blonshine, Sharron Brown, salutatorian Ken Demaray. Joan Ellsworth, James Fan.slau. Robert Gilmer, Ralph . Fruik Jr., Nancy Haataja, Irene Hill, Margaret Kasper, James Kitzman. Gordon Letva, Patsy Mason, Glenna Paro, Gary vere mostly unchanged. Stock Market Parish rosary devotions scheduled for 8 p.m. Harold S. Anderson NOON QUOTATION! N1CW YORK (AP)—Following s a selected list of stock tran- RAMSAY — Harold S. Ander! son, 56, was dead on arrival at i Divine Infant Hospital Tuesday afternoon. one week; He made his home with a son and daughter in law, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Remon- dini, - at Green Bay. School here at 8 Thursday night j and expressed the hope that t h a t evening, a fishing c o m in the school. 'many of the women will take, pan ion informed the Iron County The title of his speech will be advantage of this opportunity to j sheriff's Department and the visit the Iron Mountain area. i Wisconsin Conservation Depart- Grand Knight John Kostac of i ment Both departments a t the Ironwood Council has re- tempted dragging operations all "The Great Challenge." Fraser is well known here for he has often visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Morley Fraser Sr., who reside on Spider Lake near here. minded local members that the annual election of officers will be held at the regular meeting At the close of the 1964 foot-i tn , is Thursday at the clubrooms. Also, a report on the Michigan ball season, Fraser was named Michigan's Small College Coach of the Year by the Associa ted Press and he also was selected State Convention, just conluded at Mackinac Island, will be giv- day Monday but turned up noth- seventh graders will be the hostesses. The program at the banquet will be as follows: Piano solo, "Sparkling S n ow Flakes," Roger, Greta Ojala; St. Mary Triple Trio, "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes," Cain, piano solo, "Prelude in C Sharp Minor," Rachmaninov, ing. The scuba divers w e r e | Jeanne Odorizzi. called in to aid in the search and within an hour the body was recovered at about 11:05 a. m. Tuesday. The body was found in about en by Paoli and Delegate Mi- j 15 feet of water about 25 feet by the American Football Coach- cn ael Petroski Any new applica- j from shore. The accident has 1 tions for membership must be i been classified as a Memorial es Association as the Small College Coach of the Year for the Midwest region. turned in prior to the meeting Day fatality and no inquest will for processing and vote. Pequet, Paul Salonen, Diane! Last fall Fraser celebrated! Financial Secretary Paul Thomasini, valedictorian Rob ert Western and Kenneth Worachek. be held, Iron County officers report. Hurley Schools To Close Friday exchange at midday with :hange from previous close. They moved to Ramsay shortly Ulied Ch ±n\ Can Un Mot \rn Tel & Tel Vrmour Salum H Shes & Ohio Chrysler Cities Service Consumers Pw Cont Can Det Edison , Dow Chem du Pont East Kod Ford Mot Gen Fds Gen Motors Gillette Goodrich Goodyear Inland Stl Int Bus Mch Int Nick Int Tel & Tel Johns Man Kimb Clk Ligg & My Mack Trk Mead Cp Mont Ward NY Central Penney, JC PA RR Pfizer Repub Stl Std Brand Std Oil N ', STauff Ch Un Carbide Wn Un Tel U—-Up. D—Down. was employed by the Castile Mi- ation championship with a mark. i Fraser-coached Albion teams have now compiled a 11-year record of 61 wins against 28 | losses in all games and 44 victories against 17 defeats in All schools of the Hurley Joint MIAA competition Fraser di,22, 1878 in Spor Minor, Ty r o 1, school District will complete the rected Albion to a tie for the Austria, and came to the United 1964-65 school year Friday. j conference championship in States as a young man. He was, supt. James Mezzano Jr. an- 1953 and the Britons were undis- married at Norway to the former nounces that pupils will be dis-' puted champions in 1961 with Miss Mary Alberti. She died June J missed at about 10 Friday; another perfect 8-0 record. Albion '•• 9 - 1916 morning for the start of the an- j won second place in the league his llth year as head football ] Martina stated that for the first Zmuda was born on Feb. 25, coach at Albion by guiding the time in many years, the Iron- i 1932 ln Chicago. Britons to a perfect 8-0 season wood Council is not quite up to 1 H e was a supervisor of t h e and the team won the Michigan its quota for the Boysville drive, Phoenix Electronics P 1 a s t ic Molding Company of Chicago. Survivors include his wife, He- Piano accordion selections, "Lady of Spain," Evans, James Leccia, and "Autumn Leaves," Celina Brack. Guost speakers will be Roland VanSlyke and J. E. Murphy and master of ceremonies will b e Robert. Baima. Intercollegiate Athletic Asso c i- and asks that any members 5-01 who have not yet paid their dues . j Trie deceased was born May' at ! nn- 1000 ;*. c*** n .. *x{« A .. .-m.. *. « i 'ninff m fnr 17 vpnr«: aft P r Surviving are two daughters, nual summer vacation period.'in 1962 's ;nm £, c .°- _ f01 17 y ears .', af l er :Mrs. S. Giuliani of Anvil and; 50'/4 D 46% D 11 69'/a D 41Ti, D 22 7 8 D 1! I !> "^ wirSiS to B 8vS r An- ; Burbdnk ' Calif - and Ra ^ mo n d ' a^in until nexVfan: 76-/4 U /4 ; rf ^, „„„„„„, 1 „ of Green Bay; 17 grandchildren; Tomorrow will be a holiday. three unbeaten seasons and an- 7 Drivers' Bail Bond Forfeited Seven bail bonds that were posted on traffic violations were ordered forfeited Tuesday in BovsviTleTund" thev"mav"do"so:brothers, Edwin of Chicago and Iron County Court at H u r I e y this month Alex oi Calumet City, Ind.; two! by Iron County Judge Arne H, sisters, Mrs. Helen Bieszczat of i Wlcklund Chicago and Mrs. Evelyn Ostru-j They were furnished by the szka of Niles, 111. (.following motorists: The remains will be taken toi Verner Bloomberg, Bessemer, the Malec Funeral Home, 834! $13, for weaving over cen t e r Ashland St., Chicago, and burial J ane on Highway US-2 in Gur- and Boysville donations do soj len ; one daughter, Debra; one this week, and if any members ! son . Donald; his mother, Mrs. wish to donate extra for the i Catherine Zmuda, Chicago; two Today is the final day for all Fraser began his coaching career at Newberry High School ( in the Upper Peninsula where Kingsford, Henry of not have to report to school'his teams compiled a string of 'whir-h hp wnn pmnlrwprt hv Pnn ivl1 *- °- «""'<»» ^ nnvii auu, TOOay IS tne final day for all V ?!joS?d DairieT o^MichL a n'^ Mrs " Ralph Massa of Bessemer: I kindergarten sections and Supt. c /a: inp Rp^Pmpr until V.P hpnamp ' foiu " sons ' Louis of Norwa y. Ar-: Mezzano said those children will < i 1 '4 !...:• _ b . t>eruer ' u ' lu i . ne Dei - dIIie thur or Kinesford. Henrv of •nnt vi^vo tn ^onr.^ t* O M,^I ' v 'Lite-a-i Program Set By Veterans The Ironwood Veterans of Foreign Wars Post will sponsor the "Lite-A-Bite" program Saturday. June 5, at the police sta- 59 52 of D i,^ | Dec. 26, : nt 24 consecutive victories over t ion on Norfolk Street. sv . suvies hta ' ^ g rta ^ r andchildren ; th r e e . for all pupils in the district. It j nexed the state champion ship _ s ?_ rvi y!. s .,™!?l sisters, .Mrs. Clara Zannon of ; will t» an in-jwrvlnP t.r«m«nir rt«v in losi in msa hP mnvPri ^ i will be an in-service training day in 1951. In 1952 he moved to! 72'4 D '/•!! 4 ^ 242V4 D V4| Ge i; trude 79 3/ s D 3 /s and two grandchildren. r with nnp snn Arviri nf •*, ••••""• ^.«. M uu ....... -" ! win ue an in-service irainmg aay in j»oi. in iuo^ ne rnovea 10 • onp ^fstPr ArM1 ° or i Bessemer, Mrs. John Gouiel of for teachers, who will grade ex- Lansing, and in two years. i, one sisier, Mrs., Iron Mountain and Mrs. Asunta, animations, make out re p o r t brought Lansing Eastern Hig^ ildrer 'j Remondini of Deming, N. M. A. cards and complete other final School from last place in t h . 55% D 82 100T Funeral services will be held son, Charles, died Feb. 10, 1928. • Funeral services will be held j 5-A league to third and second £ ^'Friclav at 2 nm nt Rlvprsi rt p • mS ul "r iai »«=* »'."=> w "' "<= "^u supt. Mezzano said grade place finishes. D % .sfblt^ChurchP'Sitt^^J^™ 6 - Thursday morning at Norw a y., SC hool pupils will report at 9 Married and the father of six , Bible Church with the Rev.i Mr. and Mrs. Giuliani and Mr.«Friday morning and their teach- children, ages 4-16 years. Fra- atte n d' ers will discuss summer safety • ser is a native of Wauwatosa, 35% D Vi! Dale Lennon officiating. Inter- :ancl Mrs Massa ^m ™* ? i''? i S?? Bessemer 1 Hill ° reSt CemC "' the servlces ' precautions with them bef o r e Wisconsin. He holds a bachelor of f „ ., 51-s D *s w^j ISpk^Plinskl Fim P r a 1 Mr ' Rem ? ndmi visiteci in tnis distributing the final re port arts degree from Washburn Uni-j ^ Council. iiic r HL,iv-/-/n_uiiC5tu r un c i A i at-pa on varinns nrposinnc i_ , .,! • _• ^, .... .,»..„;*.. ~r rn«««i,,. ir«.,™«« ««^i rp_^ 0 s- v of thi will assist and VFW Post members in putting the reflectorized tape on the bicycles. will be at St. Adelbert's Cemetery, Niles. Galioto Freed On Bail Bond "Lite-A-Bike" is a n a t i onal| Court a t Hurley. ney. Willard Stutz, Hurley, $13, for passing an oncoming school bus while the bus was discharging passengers on highway US-51 in Carey. Raymond Lammers Jr., Cedar Grove, Wis., $14, for speed- Sam Galioto, 21. propriet or| in S° n highway US-2 in Kimball. of the Hamilton Club, Montreal, i T11Tn ° mas Dermtroff ' Waukegan. was freed from the custody of!? 11 - $ 22 - for speeding on US-51 the Iron County Sheriff's depart-- 111 Carey. ment, after posting $1,000 bond! Sonia Ann Bergquist, Milwau- this morning in Iron County! kee - $ 15 - for driving without a i " *'».«lJJ1I««»««*._^_TTrtr-* J f-r. project of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and is carried out in cooperation with the Minnesota i valid license on US-51 in Hur- Mining and Manufacturi n g on 42% D V 4 . 471 U 2 1 /2 i Home, Bessemer, will be o p e n 189% D vl'for visitation Thursday at 2 p.m. p . . , 59 and the remains will be taken rurriCK 61 7/8 D % to Me church at 11 a.m. Friday. 52 D 80% U 38'/a U occasions. cards and dlsm i ssin g tne cn j ld . yerslty of Topeka, Kansas, and! Tape is placed on the front ren at 10. a master's degree from Michigan fork, the handle bars and the Edward Plochocki 44 BESSEMER Edward Wal- 'Brien High school pupils will report ^a^ University WAKEFIELD — Mrs James• at 8:3 ° Fridav morning for the acobson, Wakefield, received' an "" al honors convocation in the word Sunday of the death of her au ditorium, after which they brother Patrick O'Brien. 54, of wlllrt be J? lv ™ tnei 5 report cards and dismissed for the Los Angeles, Calif., who died Conference Continued from Page One Galioto was arrested May 27, lev by the Iron County Sheriff's De-s Pa" 1 Wirtanen, Wauk e g a n, partment on charges of stealing! HI- S20 for speedning on US-51 and concealing an air compres-' in Oma. Company and the National Safe- sor f rom the Cary Mine proper-! Frank Goetsh, Milwaukee, ty in Hurley May 7. $ 22 f° r speeding on US-51 in Authorities reported that sher- Oma. iff's officers and Galioto went to Four of the arrests were Chicago where the compres sor; made by a state traffic officer was found and returned to its and three were made by the original owner, Clarence H a 1-j county traffic officer, berg of Wakefield. Halberg is! now checking the compressor I rear fender to provide additional protection for night time bicy- I cle riding. Dr. J. I. Johnson, Post "Lite- A-Bike" chairman, has asked all children in the area to take \ for damage, they said. , 8 ,, ; ter Plochocki. 53, of 182 Palms unixDectedlv' Mr""6'Brien was"! summer - .pressing the point at the com-1 advantage of this service whichj Iron County Judge Arne H. 74 ; Rd., veteran of World War II.! well known herP -HP attpJS ! Tne scn ° o1 V^ will draw to mittee's closed session. is provided free of charge. Wicklund set the date of trial for Experts known here -He attended 1 79 n 72 D 41% D 54'/4 D 42 37 D '/a 5314 D V'a 44Va D Vfe 1291/2 D I 1 /?. 42T-8 U »'s died Tuesday at 7:30 a.m at t^.^6\vas sratinateA from w^''' a close wit h the high school Three more sections of GOP! Police Chief Donald E. Nevala June 18 in the Iron County ir«* ,„ Arf.^,;«!^t««n«« «„„„! ...._„.»_."". u . ilul f! VV€>B ' C ": r.nmrvionr.o,^,£m» « V o^ n io nn „* o Dollcv were due toriav from Na- has reminded all bicvcle rid- Court. Veterans Administration Hospi- whPnthP f^m'i commencement exercises at a P° licv were due today from Na- has reminded all bicycle rid- Court 3 ;ital, Iron Mountain, where hej i 'fv"~ r esided~here" and was WP i Friday night in the J. E. Mur- tional Chairman Ray C. Bliss j ers to observe the 12 rules for 38 , was admitted last Friday, when i kJoin for^his; athleUc Svittls. P^ Gymnasium. *"« th ° "^"'- —'— -^ h«o w ,,n«, „,„„.„ .» »* .„,. ,, he suffered a cerebral hemor-' being outstanding in football in! ,.,„ ! rhage at his home. Wakefield High School. ' ;,-! Mr. Plochocki had been in ill He i eft for Lo s Angles in 1933 ' health Funerals during the past few and nad res ided there since thati , time, visiting here on sever a 1 Born in Chicago, on May 26, occasions. He is survived by EDWARD J. JOHNSON 1912, his parents moved during hj s W if e> one son and one da ugh- Funeral services for Edward his childhood, to Medford, Wis.,>ter. where he was reared to adult- CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO Mercantile steiady; wholesale buying prices! War u on N p v . 28, 92 A 58Va; *90 B 56%; 89 C 56V4;Jthe Medical Corps Detachment na *' J. Johnson, 72, of 236 W. A y e r St., who died Thursday, were Bridge and the party's congressional '• safe bicycling which are as fol- leaders, Sen. Everett M. Dirk-: lows: sen and Rep. Gerald R. Ford. Observe all traffic regulations- They will be preliminary dec- red and green lights, one way larations on job opportunities, streets and stop signs. foreign affairs and civil rights; Keep to the right and ride in, Th ,, Ranee DuDlicate "Bridge '< "o^ors also x-rayed small - approved Tuesday by the, a straight line. Always ride in C lub wU? meet tSnieht at 7-30! ?- reas ° f b ° ne m the lieel and coordinating committee. i a single file. g ub . pW JI m Stein LeSin c 1 ii b ftngers ° f WhUe and McDivitt All three are the handiwork of : Have a white light on front j "noris Ame "• ^ eglon c j u D I for comparison with X rays aft- party task forces set up to study I and danger signal on rear for, In tn e individual movem-- iier ht ' There are some Continued from Page One blood pressure and a pooling of blood in the legs. Doctors call it orthostatic hy- potension. It left some space fliers so weak they were nearly faint when they stepped from their spacecraft after . long terms in space. Doctors also X-rayed small : . . , . . . . «»**»>• *»,•"%«?*«*» Kenneth L Nerenz officia t e d^roup headed by Charles H. device to warn of approach D i av and the winners were Rav cars 90 B 57i/ 2 ; 89 C 57i/4. Eggs steady; wholesale buy-j Arrny , i n the European-African- their homes Ing prices unchanged- 70 per' Middle Eastern Theater until he cent or better Grade A Whites was honorably discharged on Contact Department '" He F ^5SS"s £^'~™ """i^^rtw^ »r-siSaS ^^iS:s s^s:r^ s ~«^-i ^/^ 11 "^" al! ' n l a ^ & "I 1 ?. ServfnT «s nanhearpr* WP«. , union shop issue. wise use extra care. t?"^ ^f^tt K' loses some of lts substance. bone adjusts of the 2106th Ordnance, U. S. wish' to "secure'markers for Serving as pallbearers were) 27Vi; mixed mediums 24; standards 25; dirties unquoted; checks 211/2. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO (AP) — (USDA) — Hogs 5,000; butchers fully 25.! years ago when the working instances 50 higher; 1-2 190-220 force was curtailed. Ib 22.50-22.75, 48 head at 23.00; He was a member of the St. Feb. 2, 1946. Following his discharge he came here and was employed by shop issue. vvioc uac CAM a tcuc. I Pauline Gedda and Rosa Pane ,„...« so'thatTiremen'wiii Edwin E - Niemi > A . R. Munari.! Johnson has called for repeal:. Look out for cars pulling out lf tll and flftn tl p " who they are if ™?cTe David McCoy. Dean Comparin, of section 14B of the Taft-Hart- '"Jo traffic. Keep-Bharp took out' ° Also in the top 5o'per cent June 7 Is Deadline ever be a fire, to con- Earl Roen and Carl M Beck- ey Act, which authorizes state Ji s u d d e n opening of auto, were Mrs H Sutte j 0 e For T overn Lirpnco ie demrtment as soon as man - laws Danmn S the union shop doois. Rice Bin Abranam Dorothy ° r ' avern LlCCnSC -le bv phone or by mail- Out of town P ersons attending which require all employes to „ Never Jitch on other vehicles.. Goldmani Marie A1 ' bert Ml .* Hurley City Clerk Mathew a posf card to the depart-; ^^e^were^ Mr. and^ Mrs :| jom = s. ^Nineteen states ^ ".^^.flj^ _ Mv/ ^ Bjrejj.j.1^ Larson, .^ £^™*™& r,,-r,,,»r,f r>,^««. • Rice De er and liquor licenses that pievent piopen Wlnners of tne , May series the deadline for applications is June 7. All applications must be filed Barbera," "Michael °y that time in order that the - T , . Pickands, Mather and Co., in n | t u has been announced Henry Coffman of Chic a g oj have such laws turn at the Anvil, Ramsay, and ™ Members of the fi? ^depart- and Mrs ' Helen Klttleson of It. Goldwater contends they are carry no packages that ob-; e ™ 0 " revent r ° eri - ment wm absorb the cost for PauL and constitutionally ill invalids are required to do is contact CAKL ENGLUND m °J ally " In the foreign affairs field, have Be brakes are operat- and keep your perfect running con-; u r 1 e y, who died Thursday, Viet Nam and the Dominican ai ^ lon held Tuesday morning at Republic. Slow down at all street in-, "I think the President did tersections and look to right and what had to be done," Gold- lef , 1 P efore crossing. L,, C department statimr t h e v Fur - eral services for Carl Eng- Republicans generally ..mixed 1-3 190-230 Ibs 21.75-22.50; Sebastian Catholic Church and wi o h «„ ,^,,,.0 thpVp markpv« llllld ' 87 ' of 108 Tnird Ave - S., 1 stood by Johnson's moves in .... 1-3 230-260 Ibs 21.25-22.00; 250- of the Gedda-Cychosz P o s t, W1 £'? l ° se \ u ; e " ecs ^ t jl ia '," s ; H u r 1 e y, who d i e d Thursday, Viet Nam and the Dominican: ditipn •!90 Ibs 20.50-21.25; 1-3 350-400 x lb American Legion. thLe markers vLlrihP a m-Pat were held Tuesday morning at lows 18.75-19.25; 400-450 Ibs I on June 1, 1946, he marri e d ^",* ," a '*, ,*?"!,„„;? , ?„ ™ the Salem Lutheran Church 18.25-18.75; 2-3 450-500 Ibs 17.50-i Miss Norma Berger of Medford, f"- • l * > -™ ^f" 1 . 1 , 1 °' nQ \ a , Qr) ,L ie wit!l thc Rev - Kenneth L. Ner- . ^ ^ ^..^, ^^- A . ,8.25; 500-600 Ibs 17.00-17.75. ' Wis. She survives him together ° U1 "'" * °\ " ld " ^ ana aavlse as enz officiating. Interment was at water said. Always use proper hand «. Cattle 8,500; calves 15; slaugh-jwith two sons and two daugh- ",,," yt °',„"„ IrtwJ^"^ «r fSfc Riverside Cemetery, Ironwood. GOP criticism was aimed at sl .S nals for turning and stop-|^J0^ . Goldman. and advise as as poser steers steady to 50 lower;! ters, Eugene, Gloria, Alan and • s ' i '?' e . to take advantage of this pallbearers were Oscar Ju- long-range foreign policy ques- .5 loads mostly prime 1,175-1,350'Julie Ann, all at home- four onei - "- " " ' j> 30.50-31.00; high choice and!sisters, and one brother John ; >rime 1,150-1,400 Ibs 29.25-30.25:1 Plochocki of Anvil; Mrs Martha Shoice 1,000-1,375 Ibs 27.00-iLudwig of Stetsonville, Wis.; K -I f\-\^ Wakefield Briefs weayc ., Qr out An importan meeting the you get the feeling "ce or sjvervejrside to side, utey KigW, « Co lumbus Hurley City Council may act on the applications at its 'June 22 meeting. THE WEATHER J9.50; mixed good and choice 150-1,350 Ibs 26.00-27.00; load ilgh choice and prime 1,056 7b daughter heifers 28.50; choice 100-1,100 Ibs 26.25-28.00; ind choice 750-1,075 Ibs Mrs. Stella Peterson of Kenosha, Wis.; Mrs. Harriet Falesnik and A meeting of the Wakef i e 1 d Mrs. Mayme Johnson, both of Fourth of July committee will be Mrs. Kenneth Englund of Beth-; W. Scranton. SteUa and Rasmus Peterson. .that this is an administration Out of town persons attending that reacts to developments, Cvclonc Knocks Our the rites were Mrs. Esther Nor- rather than initiates policies" f* • *.• i • din tl Downey, Calif., Mr. and said Pennsylvania Gov. William Communication Lines Chicago. DACCA, East Pakistan (AP) held Thursday at 7 p.m. at the esda, Md., Mrs. Harry South-; "This administration," added:— East Pakistani Council will be held at 8 Thursday evening in the new c 1 u fa- rooms on Cary Rd. Election of officers will b e held, according to Grand Knight John Taylor, who will give a TEMPKHATI:RES IN IRONWOOD Wednesday, June ?, llili.i. For 24 hr. period ending nt 12 noon. 2 p.m. 60:10 p.m. 55 U a.m. 30 4 p.m. SS^Midnight sa' 8 a.m. ' 5J 6 p.m. 5C 2 a.m. 5310 a.m. 57 8 p.m. 561 4 a.m. 52iI2 noon 60 Barometer: U a.m. 29.92: 12 noon 29.98. KANGR SKIES Funeral services will be held; Veterans of Foreign Wars Post worth., Mrs Charles DeMart.j former Vice President' Richard ' worked"todi^ "to Friday at 9 a.m. at a requiem Home. All interested person s; and, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur • De- ' M. Nixon, "has shown com- munitions knocked out by a ' Eugene Calvetti chrmn of 12:10 a.m. First Quarter " " , , Ma ^l at , the s , tKSeja « tllan and organizations are asked to Rosier of Duluth. : att " celebatecl °y attenci - ''' ? Thfe city of Naples, Italy, was the Rev. C. J. Fran:zek , known as Parthenope when it. Interment will be in Hillcrest The U. S. Navy ( ,has not held ent nation in the British Com- Wftf founded by the Greeks. {Cemetery. The remains are at, an execution since 1842. jmonwpalth in August mendable ability in fighting new cyclone which struck Tues ' the picnic-bazaar to be held o n Prominent Star—Arcturus high . . ' . —— T fires but has been derelict in day m the same coastal area Sunday, June 27 will discuss in south—10:28-p.m. visible Plan- Ma . la ?! a ._ beca .'" 0 ai L! n . clc P enci ' preventing them." j ravaged May 12 by 100 mile-an-j some of the plans for this event.; ets - Venus, sets in qjbrthwpst _ i hour winds and a giant tidal i Taylor urges all members to j 9:22 p.m. Mars, low in west r 11 USE DAILY GLOBE WANT-ADS j wage. i attend the session. |a.m. Saturn, rises 2:23 a.m.

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