The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 10, 1958 · Page 3
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 3

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 10, 1958
Page 3
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VISIBILITY ZERO — A truck driver gets a helping hand as he works to clean his snow-covered delivery truck on an Oswego, N. Y., city street today. Motorists who ventured on the city's snow-clogged streets faced the same plight. A pre-winter blizzard staggered this community, dumping up to four feet of snow. Continued snow was forecast. (AP Photofax) 'IF FORCED UPON US' Installment Credit '-****** Due to Hit Record By SAM DAWSON AP Business News Analyst NEW YORK (AP) - Finance company officials believe Americans are set—financially and psychologically — to use a record amount of Instalment credit it) the coming year. Much will depend upon the trend In auto sales. This form of consumer debt Is expected to be about one third of the instalment total. The auto prospects are looking better. The industry plans to produce about 600,000 cars this month, the highest single month's output since January 1957. Good Volume Dealers report new cars moving to customers in good volume now, although the real test will come when winter Is ending, not starting. Return ment buying, after the dirj in 1958, aid in part to recession Jitters. Personal Incomes are expected o rise next year, too, put- .ing Americans in a sound condition for carrying a larger credit load. Arthur O. Dietz, president of C.I.T. Financial Corp., estimates that U.S. consumers will use a record 4214 billion dollars of in- stalment credit in 1959, or some 3 billion more than this year, and 100 million dollars more than in 1957, which now holds the record. "Studies by the C.I.T. depart ment of economics," Dietz says, of consumer confidence in business in general and in job stability in particular Is one of the chief reasons given by finance company executives for predicting an upswing in instal- Labor May Have to Form Own Party, Claims President Meany . NEW YORK (AP) -George Meany says the American labor movement will form its own political party "if we have to do that to lick the people who want to drag ui back to the past." The AFL-CIO president said Tuesday that organized labor would form a third political party with reluctance. But, he declared: Jury Remains Deadlocked in Bombing Case ATLANTA (AP) - With nearly 11 hours of deliberation already behind them, a Superior Courf jury today will try again to decide the fate of George Bright, accused of dynamiting an Atlanta iyno- fogue. Judge Durwood C. Pye allowed the panel to retire to ita hotel quarters earlier than usual Tuesday night after jurors sent out word they needed rest after two long days of fruitless deliberations. Bright and four other Atlanta •rea men are charged with bombing the Jewish Temple Oct. 12. The blast caused extensive damage but no one was hurt. The others — Kenneth Chester Griffin, Wallace Allen and Richard and Robert Bowling —• have been released on bond. Advertisement "Labor is going to be just as political as'it has to be to win its objectives." Meany's remarks were greeted enthusiastically by the 2,842 delegates at a constitutional convention of the newly merged New York State AFL-CIO. Will Take Next Step munity, and I mean this seriously: they had better just send their money and stay the h— out the'm selves. 'We've Got the People' "You see, they've got money, .but we've got the people. And in a contest between money and people, there is no doubt of Count the 15 Votes KUNA, Idaho (AP) *- 'There were nine election officials present to handle the balloting for Irrigation district representative. They didn't have much to do. Only 15 votes were cast. All were for William D. Reynolds, the incumbent and only candidate to What Other Kinds of Sex Are There? ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP)•A junior high school miss recently entered a poster in a contest sponsored by the UWCA. The caption assures equality to all persons, regardless of "race, color and sex of any kind." Fire Evacuation Plan Soves 6 in Family SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (AP)-A few weeks ago Mr. and Mrs-. John Locke Jr. worked out a plan to evacuate their suburban home in case of fire. Monday night the home caught fire and the pre-arranged escape plan saved all six members of the family. 9 Hunters Shoot at Rabbit; Dog Is Hit WAKENDA, Mo. (AP) - Conservation agent John Madden tells of this recent hunting incident: Nine hunters fired at a rabbit as it was flushed by their dog. The rabbit wasn't hit. The dog was wounded. 1 AUSTIN (Minn'.) HERAID «1 Wednesday, Dee. 10, '58 V ICEBOX WASHTA ($l — It was 3? degrees below zero Tuesday morning in this Cherokee County community, known as the icebox of Iowa, according to B. K. Williams, official weather observer here. •'If labor has to go further than the result." it can through its committee on! The union president said labor political education to make Amerl-,' faces a challenge from those who ca a better place in which to work and live, to make America the leader of the democracies of the world, we will take the next step if it is forced upon us," Meany said. He said he would prefer to have labor involved only with employer relations. would attack its programs as socialistic. The National Assn. of Manufactures, Meany said, opposed as socialistic every achievement by the trade labor movement in the last 75 years. He quoted Postmaster General Arthur Summerfield as telling the NAM that legislation may be need. cc- As for businessmen taking a ed to curb union political activity greater part in politics, Meany Meany referred to Summerfield asserted: "My advice to the business com-jtroit. BOYLE'S MAILBAG WAKE UP RARIN' TO GO Without Nagging Backach* [bottle of liquor. f r ™^ I Y 0 ? l *1 Eet i? e u Mt ,r eI1 !i fyounee(5 i Looking for from nagging backache, headache and ,.,u i u / muscular aches and pains that often cause " n y n °t hate By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP) - Things a columnist might never know if he didn't open his mail: That the web of a spider, strand for strand, is stronger than if it were woven of filaments of steel of the same weight. A survey among 2,500 men showed that 42.5 per cent preferred a cultural gift for Christ- and 40 per cent wanted a with over-exertion or and strain -you want relief-want It fasti Another disturbance may be mild bladder Irritation following wrongfood and drink-often set- Una up » restless uncomfortable feeling. Doan's Pills work fast In 8 geparate ways: 1. by speedy paln-relleving action to •use torment of nagging backache, head- 2 - boll.weevil? It 30 ° millio " dollars a year damage to the cotton crop. 150,000 Pounds Ever wonder how much you'll eat in your lifetime? Nutritionist Carlton Fredericks puts the figure for the Pounds. . ! jame happy relief millions have for over ' '• now SBVM moaey - man at 150,000 » lllton Americans life insurance. It's a real wonder more people Give him what ^ he really wants! AC/DC complete with travel case 'indicate consumers will use Million dollars of instalment cred- ti for auto purchases in 1959, up 2 billion from 1958; some 11% billion dollars for other durable goods; about 1V4 billion for repair and modernization loans; personal loans some 13 billions; and miscellaneous credit taking up the rest." Owe 36 Billion While taking on this new load, Americans are expected to pay off about 40 billion dollars of instal- ment debt for earlier purchases At the end of 1959 they are expected still to owe some 36 billion dollars, compared with an estimated 33 billion now. Norris A. Wildman, president of Beneficial Finance Co. of New York, points out that many consumers have cleaned up their in- stalment payments this year and have more available for cash or time buying during the Christmas season. Rising totals of personal income after taxes makes the consumer a good target for mer- the!chants now and for the big ticket item dealers in the months ahead. Businessmen also buy on time. One example cited by Edwin B. Meredith, executive vice president of Standard Financial Corp., is the use of time payments by industry for the installation of automatic cafeterias in factories. He says the number of such cafeterias doubled during 1958 and the volume of food served workers almost frebled over 1957. Are American consumers good credit risks? "The U.S. consumer is an excellent credit manager and will continue to discharge his respon- as "a little ward heeler from De-! sibilities promptly, as he has in the past," says Dietz. B58 Bomber in Special Test EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. (AP)—The supersonic B58 Hustler bomber takes a special test flight today over peninsular Florida from the Gulf of Mexico and out over the Atlantic Ocean. Although the four-jet bomber is to fly in the victinity of Cape Canaveral, there was no indication that the flight had any connection with the missile program. The type of test was not disclosed in advance. An Air Force spokesman said that it was "a mission of vital importance to our national defense effort," A three-man crew from the Con- vair plant at Ft. Worth, Tex., is to fly the plane. Toilet Shoots Wet Cement and No FoolirV BRENHAM, Tex. (AP) - Paul Kasprowicz, 5, told his mother the commode was "shooting up like a volcano." She went and looked, then phoned City Engineer B. P. Greenwade, that wet cement was pouring out of the bathroom fixture. Meanwhile, workers forcing cement into a Santa Fe railroad dump couldn't understand why so much mix was needed. Once everyone got together, they found the pressure behind the cement had broken a sewer line and then backed up the line into the nearby Kasprowicz house. Psychoanalysts Avoid Using Leather Couch haven't broken the bank at Monte Carlo. Monaco has an army of only 65 men. Robert Q. Lewis says a bikini is something that makes a girl look cooler — and a man look longer. Most psychoanalysts now avoid leather couches—they're too slippery for nervous patients. Incidentally, prices for analyst's couches now run from $85 to $350 or more for de luxe hydraulically operated models. Anthropologists found an odd custom among some tribes in African Somaliland. Wives had to be faithful to their husbands, only from Monday to Thursday. Arrow Through Heart Nothing shows the romantic nature of Americans more than the drawings they put on the back of envelopes. The most common one: A heart punctured by a shivering arrow. Is there a connection between pets and mental health? The ancient Greeks believed that a person always accompanied by a dog would never suffer from insanity. Charles I was so selfishly fond of ice cream he wanted the delicacy restricted to royalty, so he paid his French chef, Jacques, 500 pounds a year .to keep the recipe secret. Everyone has his own idea of what a highbrow is, but it's hard to beat Edgar Wallace's crisp definition: "A highbrow is a man Boll'ii ll.nkit 1" Adorable 16' baby with htr very own flan* n*l blanlttf. Woiho'blt vinyl head, latex body. I DOLL AND CLOWN 99; THRIFTY SANTAS: 2.50 Value Cuddle Penda I" Ufeiize- playmate over 2' fall! Washable plxlt fact, gay print- ad percale body. Cotton stuffing. 3S-4S7S HOI rolling eyet and perky fact, luxurious •black and whit* pluth. Tol'i foverlle. 14' H. Wtavlng Loom 1 M Enameled itttl loom adjuiti to various tint and shapes. InclucUi aitortid i*rtty loop*. STICK HORSE HIAWATHA 2O" Cadet Flite Vmlty Cat 2" ltd* '•m, cewboyf ITfeffke pla»- tle hood an gay candy stripe polo. With relm, bell. 41% Mfnfefura rfouWe Miter tef tat Combine! beauty and rugged durability at a bargain price! Doubt* bar frame/ coif spring saddle, Komet coaster brakes. Removable stabilizer wheels Included. U4SI Ufptr Teaches good groom* hgt htted wUhcosmet. Ic and vanity items. Smert. carry-all ton. Mhilb twibr 7" Popeye Guitar 1" TCwiW vNv^V 7* TrtMtrt lot 98* Action pocked, eo»y to ploy I Bogotvll* mar- bl« shoot rotes high with old and young. lowers ond raiies mii- sile, doubles ei >id* lift fork truck.Hai liter- pbl« front wheel*. Meal for teenager** Plays "Popeye the Sall- souvenirs. Deeply em- or Man" when you turn hotted plastic cover, the crank. Nylon ttringi lock. 6'x8'/4'jil%'. producetone. Durable. Safe, non'Riarrtng r»d and grot* rubber horseshoes. Decorated with rtol cowHuwtd*. CUM TM Set Cowboy Dtshoi lubbtr loll 57< PoolTiblt 499 Doctor Kit I* paper wrap plui assorted fibbon. Pratty bk» fandicop design. Service for A include* sugar bowl pot. 2) pc. run for all ag*il Min. iatur* tobl« has cloth covered surfact, rub- b.r lids.. 30x17'. •adi lamp bums Independently who has found something more Crews worked long and late try- interesting than women. ing to get the sewer line cleared It was Christopher Morley who before the concrete hardened. observed, "The first proof of old age is when you think that other) Invention of the rocking chair people aren't having the fun youjis attributed to Benjamin Frank- had -" ilin about 1760. New #' oreico TONIGHTS SPECIAL Us Rotary Bladt Shave Hat Made R Tto Largest-Selling Shaver In The World? kttttad of ptnchlrM off whiskers, Norelco strokes them off with famous self-sharpening rotary blades. Whisker-root close. Norelco is still the easiest on a man's face. New noiseless high-speed motor wont heat up, never needs oiling. Easiest shaver to clean — flip-top head springs open at touch of a button. See titt MW Nortlco Speedshaver demonstrated live *• tbt Steve Allen and Jack Paar them, NBC-TV ASSORTED LAMP SHADES Your Choice of Beautiful Silk or Fiberglas Shades. $269 Open 'till 9 p.m. every nit* 'till Christmas Your Gift Dollars Buy More At AUSTIN FREIGHT SALES 31$ f. Weter St. from Union Hell HI 7. 4844 Completely equipped wlrh all the itemt a family "doctor" needi. Unbreakable bag. Swell for totting, roll- Ing, kicking. Sin-inch air filled ball comei hi six colorful deiignt. Wftttrn sryU 21 «c. service for 2 with wood grained cvps and pol. "Roy Rogers" brand. All the Trimmings for a BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS TREE 15 LITE INDOOR SET Glolite independent-burning lamps in anorted colori. Safety socket!, permanent ipring dipt. S5 5711 398 7 LITE OUTDOOR SET Feature! new Firma Glaze proceis C9/j lamps. With add-on connector and tri-plug. 298 ICE GLOW LIGHT SET Independently burning iridescent globe* glow through ice fake finish. Set of 7 light*. SVMU 2" © BUY G.E. TREE BULBS 15 VOLT Guaranteed quality. •>••>> 8< each 5 for 35< 7'/j VOLT No hunting for burnouts. SS-M 15< each 5 for 69< 9'/2 VOLT For outdoor use. « *»• 19< each 5 for 98< LEAD FOIL ICICLES Addi shimmering beauty to your holiday tree, Yul«>imt decorations, fireproof. 18". M-MU 25 @ TRIM MAGIC SNOW Huffy whit* snow iproy for free, window, mirror*. Safe, wipes off easily. 13 ox. un. *s-«ra (D NORTH STAR STAND 89 Three screw tlampt plut prongs hi, bottom of water bowl hold Ire* firmly in ploctt (S-Wtt (HI SUPREME TREE STAND |89 f our legi for greatest stability. Large water capacity. Emm* •led heavy gouge steel. (3 TREE ORNAMENTS 9 Twelve shiny bright bolls r*> fleet the Christmas cheer. At* sortment of 7 goy colon, ® COACH LANTERN 298 Authentically styled h black wrought iron finish. Beautiful holiday entrance lighting. ©DELUXE ORNAMENTS Glitter** ball* aad bWU- weathed, indented, fttigreed. Unbreakable. 60* of eleven. SS-M54 ALWAYS BETTER BUYS AT GAMBLES

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