The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1953 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 2, 1953
Page 1
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?AGE TWO BI,YTITEVIU,E (AHK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JUNE 2, 1953 Grain Storage Problem Haunts Eisenhower, GOP ' • WASHINGTON (AP) — A farm problem generally credited with helping Harry S. Truman win the 1948 presidential election Is bobbing up •gain to torment the Republican party and its new national administration. It Is the problem of finding enough storage space to hnndle the : nation's mounting surplus of grains. The issue is making itself felt suitable storage facilities, wheat and other grain prices have been tumbling in recent weeks. The closer the new wheat crop harvest approaches the more prices K° clown. Right now. wheat for July de- that there will be a shortage in farmers' pocket-books, where it can have an effect politically. Largely because of a prospect jjvcry Is being quoted on the Chicir °f I go market for about $2 a bushel, nearly 50 cents a bushel below the level the Agriculture Department is committed to support prices. At this sarhe time in 1948, wheat and other' grain prices started skidding. A storage shortage was blamed. The Truman administrfi- Attention Men: A Little Cheesecake Will Help a Close Shave, Expert Says NEW YORK Ml — Men don't be pulls the razor up. He pulls the half-slwved. Use psychology. Shaving has to be approached m a positive frame or mind. If that doesn't help try Marilyn Monroe — a picture, that Is — pasted on the edge of your shaving mirror where you can keep nn eye on her. She'll do wonders for you, if you don't cut your throat. Sports photos and scenic panoramas will do as much — almost. So says Murray Kushell, researcher for n major razor blade innnu- razor down, collcctinw skin as he noes nloiiK. Then he rinses his face and douses it with some painful alcoholic concoction. It's all over and lie I* t'lad of It. H< has sone around the course witi us few RtrokfH as possible." Knshell worked out this formula for correct phnv'"':: STKF BY STEP I. Adopt that "positive attitude." with or without pimips. 2.' Wash your i.iiie in hot water facturcr (Pal). The idea is to keep i — the hotter the better — and sosvp from being bored. Boredom, siiysjThls softens up your beard. Wanger, Wife To Go to Europe LOS ANGELES f/P) — Film pro- , , ducer Walter Wanger nnd his ac- tlon snld the Republican 80th Con- Bennett estranged I *> rrc ' ss had stripped the government r agent in Decem-| of authority to provide storage facilities. Democrats drummed on this issue during the campaign Election day found a strong Truman vote in the Midwestern far tress wife. Joan D after he shot her ag ber, 1951, have applied for pass- cilltics. ports for a European tour, The application, filed yesterday, indicated they will leave late next month on a six-month trip through Italy, Prance. Switzerland and England. Their children,. Stephanie | ; 8, and Shelley, *, will go with them. belt which helped defeat of the confident GOP nominee, Gov. Thomas E. Dewey of New York. There Is a close tie between Wanger discosed last month that [storage facilities and mar- ''• he had been living lor sis months! 1 "* prices of grains. When storage || in his wife's Holmby Hills resI-Ms ample, prices usually hold close Ldence, but he would not discuss to price support levels. Conversely, !. Is a major stumbling block to good shaving. Attitude Counts ''It's all a matter of attitude," says Kushell "After all, a good slwe makes you look better it ought to make you feel better." Kusrcll figures a man shaves something like 25,000 times in a lifetime — in the wrong frame of mind all the way. Out of 42 million men who shaves, he adds, only about 10 per cent know how. "A man gets up in the morning," Kushell reports, "dabs a little water on his face, mixes tn some lather, grabs his razor and attacks, "His attitude Ls negative. He 3. Lather up for a full minute Don't just lab it on, Allow lather to stand a couple of minutes, then, shave. 4. Hold your razor comfortably in your hand. Stretch your skin so it's taut. This makes whiskers stand up to the blade. Use short, oblique strokes, never straight down. Par 150-200 strokes. 5. Rinse your face in warm water, (.hen use lotion or powder. The Job is done. For the fairer sex, Kushell has a parting word; "Don't borrow your husband's razor. Have one of your own. It 'makes home life happier." Reports of a reconcilliation. | He wounded Jennings Lang Dec. f 13, 1950. declaring the agent was "breaking up" his marriage to Miss |i; Bennett. The latter said her deal- i ings with the agent, were strictly business. Wanger served 102 days of a four-month Jail sentence after con-: viction of assault with a deadly weapon. He is again engaged movie production. when there is a lack of storage, prices usually fall below support levels. The reason for this is that a grower can get the benefit of the price support only if he has acceptable storage for his grains. The average length of life fo Americans now is close to the Bib Heal three score and ten year: and getting closer every year. Bar ring a major catastrophe, it wil reach that figure before I960, eta tisticians predict. ,RE!CN!NG TEARS - Appar- i ,ently an unwilling queen, two;year-old Jeanne Hunter of New lYork reigns with tears after /her "coronation" at the Madison {Square Boy's Club. A replica of iBhtsin's Imperial State Crown. ;'Jeanr.e ! 3 royal headdress is fro:r. ii'.e S!.CflO,OQC> "Atlantic Ci^y Pirr ccJlesJicn. Kashmir Bombed With Rocks SRINAGAR, Kashmir (fT>—Vari- ous sections of Kashmir, Including some anas In which United Nations ceasefire learns are stationed, are being bombarded — by stones and rocks. Recurring mirth shocks hove dislodged thousands of rocks and large chunks o! earth, sending them thundering down the Kashmir mountainsides. No loss of life or serious property damage has been reported from the bombardment, which followed five days of earth tremors. Blueprints of H-Bomb Plant Said Found in Stolen Car CAMDEN. N. J. Wl—A set of blueprints for the Savannah River hydrogen bomb .plant now under construction at Aiken, S. C., was reported found by Camden police while searching a stolen car Sun- terday. Authorities said the prints, described as piping drawings, were marked "restricted and Recurity information." Six young men In the auto were arrested. The car Is o\vned by Benjamin L. Tabor, a chemical engineer of Rochester, N. V. He is an em- ploye of the E. ,1 du Pont de Nemours Company of Wilmington, Del., which Is constructing the plant for the Atomic Energy Commission. The discovery was confirmed by i the Philadelphia office of the FBI, which said an investigation was under way. Tabor was quoted as saying he left the plans in his auto, which he parked at the International Airport in Philadelphia before taking a plane home. The FBI said the prints are being impounded pending Tabor's arrival from Rochester. The six boys, all of whom denied any knowledge of the presence of the drawings in the glove compartment of the -stolen vehicle, were slated on larceny charges. They were arrested after driving recklessly into a gasoline station where police were investigating n minor accident. ed, »nd further, !n luil compliance with any Btats wage law that may be applicable. The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive any or all formalities. All bids may be held 30 days unless sooner returned by the Owner. Plans and specifications may be examined without charges in the office of Wendell M. Phillips, Architect, 214 North Franklin, Blythcville, Arkansas, and at the F. W. Dodge Corporation Plan Room located at 608 Wallace Building, Little Rock, Arkansas, and may be procured from Wendell M. Phillips. Architect, upon a deposit of S25.00 for each set of plans and specifications as a guarantee as to the safe return ol the plans and specification!, the full amount of which wlU be repaid only up to two eets upon the return of the plan and specifications within five days after receipt of bids, and if a bona fide bid is submitted. On plans and specifications secured over and above two sets per contractor no rotund of deposit will be made however all plans and specifications must be returned before bids are opened. Charles A. Modoy, President of Board of Director! Gosnell School District No. 6 Route 4, Box 384 Blythevllle, Arkansas DANCING BACK AFTER 14 YEARS-Actress Joan Crawford gives us an idea o£ the kind of costumes she'll wear as she prepares for her first movie dancing role since 1939. Joan was famous for her dancing roles in the 1930's. Accused Air Force Sergeant Pleads Innocent to Conspiracy Charge Most widely read language in •he modern world Is English. About three fourths of all the let- ,ers are written and hnlF the nows- )apers printed in English. NOTICE Notice IK hereby given that the undersigned hns filed with Ino Com- nissioncr of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for n permit lo sell and dispense beer at retail on the premises described ns 418 N. Sixth, Blythcville, Mississippi County, Armans. The undersigned states that he is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of n felony or other crime nvnlvlng moral turpitude; that no icense to sell beer by the iinder- iigncd hns been revoked within five /ears last pnst; and tlmt the under- •igned has never been convicted of 'totaling the laws of this state, or ny other state, relative to the sale f alcoholic liquors. Application is for permit to be t ls- ued for operation beginning on the day of July, 1053, nnd to exphe on he 30 day of June, 1954. Fred T. McGregor, Appt. Subscribed nnd .sworn tn before e this 1 day of June, 1953, Elizabeth Mason, Notary Public. EAL My Commission expires 4-26-54. TAEGUE, Korea (IF) — Guisenpe Civscio, 34-year-old Air Force staff sergeant, today pleaded innocent: to charges of conspiring to ptivc the Communist secret Information about American Sabre jets. Cn.scio. a native of Poiinhkeepsie, N. Y., nnd Inter a resident nf Tucson, fin?., was a lieutenant in World War IT. The Air Force charges Casclo "conspired to knowingly give intelligence to the enemy and that he did wrongfully offer to sale to un- A-Test Postponed LAS VEGAS, Nov. </!*> — The atomic test scheduled for predawn today has been postponed for 48 hours because of unfnvorable weather and probable radiation haz- nard. authorized persons a classified military writing, to wit: a mfsacre clnsifietl as secret, containing flight test data on F8GE Sabre jefc aircraft with reason to believe sMd writing would reach the enemy." 3T4, Blytheville. Arkansas, until l:Co 3.M. (C.S.T.) 10 June, 1953, and pub- icly opened and read aloud. Any )ids received after closing time will be returned unopened. Separate bids will be received for 'our contracts, (1) General Construction, <2) Plumbing and Gas Piping, (3) Electric Wiring, and <4) Heating. A cashier's check, certified che-jfc or acceptable bidder's bond payable to the Owner in an amount not less than 5% of the largest possible total for the bid submitted, including the consideration of additive alternates, must accompany each bid as j a guarantee that, if awarded the j contract, the bidder will promptly j enter into a contract and execute such bonds as may be required. Attention is called to the fact that the rates of pay for labor and mechanics engaged in the construction. of the project will be not less than the prevailing local wage rates for similar work as determined in accordance with Public Law No. 403 of the Seventy-Fourth Congress, Approved August 30, 1935, as amend- Don f f Forget! nnns/iyr 1 oounni LUUKINb dOriuDL Tomorrow! 2 p. m. 213 W. Moin See Perfection in action Read Courier News Classified Ads. NOTICE TO BIDDERS Sealed proposals, addressed to Mr Charles A. Moody, President, Gos- ncll School District No. 6 ( , Mississippi County. Route 4, Box 384, Ely- theville, Arkansas, for the construction of Two (2) one-story masonry, fire resistive type Elementary School Buildings for Gosnell School Dlsmcfc No. 6 hcrftnafter called^ "Owner" in accordance with plans, specifications and contract documents, which were prepared by and may be obtained from Wendell M Phillips. Architect, 214 North Franklin Street, Blythovillo, Arkansas, will be received at the office of Superln- j tcndent. P. E. Lucius, Route 4, Box ; ^iHsiHI^^SRs^llbll^ *' AJPt^JifAJfJl. ** cool leno IRTS No other truck matches this value! $' 124 1565 buys o 7953 GJMC Pickup with: delivered locally 105 HP Valve-in-head Engine • 8.0 to 1 Compression Ratio • "6-Footer" Cab • 45-Ampere Generator • Double-Acting Shock Absorbers • Rccirculating Ball-Bearing Steering • Sell- Energizing Brakes • Synchro-Mesh Transmission • 6-PIy Heavy-Duty Tires. *Moo>l 101-82. DUAL-RANGE T8UCK HYORA-MATIC ood plher oplionol equipment, occeiioriel, itate ofld locol taxes, if any, additional. Prices may vary slightly in odjoining communities due lo shipping chorgei, All prices subject to chongo without notice, HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO. 309 E. MAIN STREET, BLYTHEVIU.E for summer comfort just the weather you wont... Only a MITCHELL Room Air Conditioner adjust! to mum cooling for sizzling day), moderate cooling for ust warm days (and nights), heat on «hilly days. Filten out 99% of dirt, dust ond pollen...circulates, ventilates and exhausts. All these comfort leaturei ore yours at no extra cost. IF IT DOESN'T BOTH t-C/tr AND fftt INSTALLATION IF YOU ORDER 7W« AT GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE Father's Day June 21s! • Combed, Sanforized-shrunk cotton with thousands of tiny air holes! • Washes and wears perfectly! • White, blue, tan, green or grey! • Sizes small, medium, large! The best looking, best filling, coolest sport shirt you'll find anywhere at this low price. Tailored by Spartan with a smart-looking collar to wear with or without a tic. Give Dad several!

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