The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 16, 1933 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 16, 1933
Page 3
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFOHN1AN, MONDAY, JANUARY 16, 1933 OCEAN Newspaper Advertising Big Aid in Associated Program Offshore Movement Increase Seen During Last Month on Pacific Coast LOS ANGELES, Jan. 16. — Offshore tanker. shipments from the Pacific coast • territory during December totaled 4,097,627 barrels, according to preliminary estimates of tho Oil Producers Sales Agency of California. This Is a gain of more than 600,000 barrels as compared to the tanker bhtpments of 3,582,482 barrels recorded during the corresponding month Irt 1931. Offshore tanker shipments In November totaled 4,448,845 barrels or a dally average of 148,293 barrels as ngalnst a dally average of 182,178 barrels In December. . Crude Figures ' Crude shipments In December totaled 1,210,287 barrels as against 481,761 barrels in December of 1931 and 325,508 barrels In November, 1932. Pacific foreign shipments totaled 2,636,691 barrels for December as against 1,91.4,894 barrels for the like 1931 month and 2.248,835 barrels for November, 1932. Atlantic foreign shipments for December wore 313,987 barrels as against 229,874 barrels for the like 1931 month. Intercoastal shipments for December, ID32, totaled 1,146,949 as against 1,407,964 In November and 1,437,714 In December, 1931. 'For the year 1932 January to De° comber Inclusive, offshore tanker shipments totaled 63,016,758 barrels as against 60,730,336 for 1931. The dally average for 1932 was 144,864 barrels as against 166,384, or approximately • a loss of 20,000 barrels dally in offshore shipment for 1932 as compared to 1931. Yearly Data i Crude shipments • for 1932 totaled 3,066,58!) barrels as against 8,396,266 barrels for the year 1931.. The beat part oT this gain was In Atlantic foreign business with 781,767 barrels shipped in 1932 as against 90,306 bar rels shipped In 1931. Pacific foreign r.asollne shipments In 1932 gained over 1931 with 8,674,699 barrels and 6,937,192 barrels, respectively. * « • 1 MINING LOCATIONS | <«> <§> H. H. ICcBsler et al—The Uttle Throe, Black Mountain-district. Charles Larblg et al—Yellow . Boy and Alta No. 3, unknown district. Maurice E. and Ida B. Elliott— Waternomee, Rand district. E. L. Ball et al—B & M, unknown district. J. H. Phillips—Patsyanna No. 1, Kern River mining district. Earl L. Newell—Pine mining claim, section 30, 9-20. Frank Wilson—Sugar, section 30, 9-20. E. E. O'Connor and B. J. Light— Duoro No. 4, Duoro No. 5, Duoro No. 6, Rademacher district. T HE greatest lesson taught by business conditions in 1932 Is for every man to do his Job In the best manner within his capacity. Such was the keynote of a short talk delivered by B. I. Graves; general alesmanager for the Associated OH Company, at the organization's annual newspaper men's luncheon yesterday at the Mark Hopkins hotel. Addressing a large group of newspaper writers and representatives assembled from the bay region and various sections of the Pacific Coast, Graves announced that Associated during 1932 enjoyed an Increase In gasoline sales of 10 per cent" over gal- lonage of 1981. He paid high tribute to newspaper advertising as the backbone of the three-quarter-million-dollar advertising campaign used by the company during 1932, and declared -that upon the effectiveness of this advertising and the Associated policy of offering the highest grade ' of products at the right price the successful showing of the year depended. "Associated is gaping Into tho new year with heads up and the slogan, 'Smile With Me in '33'," he declared. 'It has established budgets calling for an expenditure of $6,000,000 for Im- provemerits and additions In each of Its divisions. Of this, $1,000,000 will bo spent on plant expansion alone, work having already been started on a new cracking plant at the Avon refinery in tho San Francisco bay region, which will embody all of tho latest equipment for manufacture of the finest gasoline. "Advertising in 1933 will be con. ducted on the same scale as,last year, 9750,000 having been budgeted|(or this Item, and newspapers again will carry the major part of the advertising message to the public." Graves pointed out also that purchase of automotive equipment to replace obsolete units has been continued without Interruption, and that plans for 1933 call for a continuance of tho policy of keeping the huge car and truck fleet up to date. He also drew attention to tho fact that as a direct result of tho five-day maximum working week adopted by Associated In November, over 260 men have been added to tho pay roll. Harold R. Deal, advertising manager for Associated, acted as master of ceremonies. Entertainment was provided by Johnny Hnnip and a group of artists, and Benny Walker of the Associated spotlight radio cast. LOS ANGELES, Jan. 16.—D. L. Peters, former head of Amalgamated Industries, Ltd., has surrendered to federal authorities on a secret Indictment charging him with using the malls in a scheme to defraud. He was released on bond of $5000 pending his appearance to plead to the charge in Federal Court. Charles L. Fulton, former manager of the Denver branch of the concern, was Indicted with Peters. The company controlled valuable mining properties in northern California, and was asserted to have collected $70,000 from 1500 Investors. Black Bob Lease Is Awarded by Bergien Joseph C. Bergien has awarded a lease to Ernest A. Just and Aaron J. Smith, for a 20-year period, on tho White Springs No. 1 and No. 3 in the Black Bob mining district, section 9, 9-20 In Kern county. The lessees agree to pay as royalty for use of the leased premises 10 per cent of the gross smelting or milling returns on ores taken from the properties, and 10 per cent to be paid within 10 days after receiving returns from the sale of said ores, according to records filed recently at the county recorder's office. CLAIMS SOLD AT ShW'S SALE John V. Bock, through a sale conducted by . Sheriff Cns Walser, lias purchased several mining properties In the Rand district, for the sum of $12,000, according to records. The properties Include the Cinderella, the BIng. Hole, the Aurum, Bald Eagle, Colorathea, Amended Oalveston,. Lillian V, the Twin Brothers, Good Hope, "400," Good Hope Fraction and the Oversight Fraction, and also all tools and equipment. Consolidated Mines Company was the plaintiff and the "cross defendant in a suit, versus Bock, who was defendant and cross complainant, with judgment In favor of Bock. Consolidated has canceled leases on the properties which Involve Edward E. Kclley. GETS Oil Industry Will Aid in ISLAND Reduction of State Taxes <'Attociatcct Pre»a Leaned Wire) MANILA, P. I., Jan. 16.—A diamond hunt for several thousand tiny stones scattered along tho ro«dslde 20 miles from Manila was Intensified today following tho recovery of more than 3000. The diamonds were tossed aside January 2 by Emmanuel Strauss, member of a Manila Jewelry firm, who wus charged with a shortage of $67,000. Police said the Jeweler confessed ho threw away tho stones while planning to commit suicide, then weakened and returned with a tale of being kidnaped and robbed. Police and Jewelers picked up 183 stones Tuesday, 2085 the following day and 729 Thursday. Two truckloads of soil were brought Into the city for closer examination today. Most of tho stones were mere chips with tho largest valued at $50. (United Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Jan. 16.—William A. Stephens, local oil company engineer, was unharmed today despite his Imprisonment by kidnapers who abducted him from the main entrance of the Los Angeles automobile show, believing he was someone else. Stephens was released last night after being held prisoner in a lonely cabin In Ventura county from Saturday afternoon until yesterday. Murks on his wrists showed where lie had been trussed. Stephens said two men forced him at pistol point through the crowds a,t the automobile show to a waiting automobile. Ho was compelled to drive out Roosevelt highway. Halting, his abductors blindfolded him and then drove to tho cabin where a companion awaited them. "You've got the wrong man," he remarked curtly, according to Stephens, who said they kept his hands and feet tied, however, until they drove him back to the auto show grounds yesterday. He said they made no attempt to rob him of $100 he carried. A PIIOPOSAI., to create a joint committee mado up of representatives from various groups In the oil Indun- try to study ways and means of assisting civic bodies throughout California to bring about a reduction of local government costs Is contained In an article, "Overtaxation tho Millstone of the Oil Industry," by Edwin Hlgglns, managing director and secretary of tho Callforulu Oil and Lias Association, in tho January Issue of Petroleum World, off the press today. Oil leaders believe that tho effect of u tnx-reductlon campaign so generated would bo felt beyond^the limits of their own Industry and that It might start a broad-gauge campaign for tax reduction In which 'all Industry could Join. According to Hlgglns, time was when oil men uttered no particular complaint when they were asked »> boar more than their share of tho tax burden. Those were tho days when more oil companies were using blank ink. Today many operators are making an unwelcome acquaintance with tho bankruptcy courts, still more arc buying red ink In bulk, and too few are milking anything like H reasonable profit. Tho result Is that they nro wondering how they can carry on In the face of tho continuing tendency of local governments to Increase operating costs and send them the bill for it. They wonder why public opinion has not forced city and county officials to follow tho dictates of sound business principles anil retrench, an they themselves have had to, during this period of depression. He goes on: • Co-Operation Essential "Everyone knows that an effective army is not made up of a lot of smart soldiers, all flrlnft at odd times and In different directions. Co-oporatlon, unity of action, are chief essentials of successful endeavor. Of course that applies to the oil Industry, and never has there been a time when tho spirit and will to pull together were more sorely needed. All that Is lacking to MEN!—A VALUE SENSATION! about this happy condition Is for n few, who have found It difficult to forgot grievances now past, to uvor- look what has gono before, step Inlo lino, and permit tho oil Industry to present a solid front iigainst unnocc.*- sary taxation. That, la the only way to stein tho tide." After consideration of tho various aspects of the prpsonl lax condition, nnd after summarizing tho Importance of tho oil Industry In tho financial structure of California, Mlgglns makoH tho following concrete miggefltlmiM: (1) Tho appointment of n committee to bo mado up of two ihombors from the Independent Petroleum Association, two from the Oil Producers .Sales Agency, and two from tho California Oil and Has Aasoclntlon, these members to bo named by tho respective aHSoclatlons. If these appointees should deem it: desirable, they might add two or three members at. large u> Insure that tho committee would bo fully representative of the oil Industry. (2) That this committee ctudy ways and moans of assisting civic bodies throughout tho slate In their efforts to bring a reduction of locnl government, and In preventing tho initiation of any now projects nut essential to tho welfare or safety of our pooplc. (I!) That this committee .study ways and moans of acquainting local government officials wllh the n.t- tltudo of tho oil Industry. Solution According to .lligglns, such a committee, properly constituted and backed solidly by the oil Industry, could ho of Inestimable value In this "oil-tax crisis." More than that, It. could become a vital factor In speeding the return of prosperity to all Industry. Ho points out that tho nil- Important problem Is how to reduce tho cost of local government, and concludes that this problem can surely be solved If attacked aggressively—and when It Is solved not only the oil Industry, but all tho people of California, will BOO better times. SOCKS NEW OIL AGREEMENTS FILED General Petroleum Corporation of California to George Hay et al—Can- celatlon oil lease on northeast quarter of northwest quarter and east 10 acres of northwest quarter of northwest quarter section 18, 27-27. L. C. Ross et ux to The Texas Company—Lease covering portion of southwest quarter of section 19, 30- FACTORY SAMPLE SALE OF OVERSTUFFED SUITES McMahan's buying power again enables them to offer you greater values in furniture. This time in the living room pieces. We are placing on sale -several factory exhibit" or "show floor" overstuffed suites — all at greatly reduced prices. Look these values over. Fine 2-Plece Suite, including roomy davenport and button- .back roll-top chair. Originally sold lor fl»CQ ETA $89.50. Now.... «Pt)i/.OU Pay Only 95.00 Down, $5.00 per Month, No Interest Another "Greater Value" — 3-Plece Suite consisting of large roomy davenport and- chair and large spring top ottoman — solid mahogany carved exterior frame on all pieces; patented construction spring base. Original price on three pieces $165.00. Sale price only ........ 29, at $25 per acre per year; lease dated December 30, 1932; one-eighth royalty. The Texas Oil Company to L. C. Ross et ux—Cancelatlon of lease covering portion of southwest quarter of section 39, 30-29, which lies east of East Side canal reservation. Seahawk Petroleum Company, Ltd., to W. F. G. Schwelkcrts, C. M. Showalter and William D. Stanfleld—Quit to lots 7 nnd 10 and a strip of land G feet wide along north sldo of lot 11, Fairhaven. William F. Schwelkert et ux. C. M. Showalter et ux, William Stanfleld et ux to William P. Mason et ux—Quit to same as above described property. Georgo Premo et ux to A. J. Fowler et ux—Quit to north half of northwest quarter of northwest quarter section 21, 31-1!9. C. A. Moron ct ux to D. A. Cushman —Lease covering west half of southwest quarter of northwest quarter and northwest quarter of northwest quarter of southwest quarter section li'J, 30-29; dated .lanuay 12, 1933, ono- Hlxteenth part of value of oil removed, royalty. Uankllno Oil Company to V. S. Batz —Cancelatlon of lease covering south- cast quarter of northwest quarter of section 28, 29-24; dated January 12, 1933. General Petrolourn Corporation of California to Ernest Bartel ot ux— Cancelation of lease covering south- half of lot 24, section 13, 29-26. Blue Rock Oil Corporation to Dick O. Kumlcr, sublease of oil lease covering portion of east half of southwest quarter of section 23, 29-27, beginning at northwest corner of south- cast quarter of southwest quarter of said section; dated December 23, 1932. COMBATANTS CREDIT STRENGTHENED HERE (Vnitfd Press Leased Wire) SAN FnANCtsnO, J»n. 10.—Development of the latest trouble between Japan and China has caused n heavy movement of golil to the United States as tho two far eastern nations prepare to strengthen .,,,..,„„ America. I HISPERED Great Complexion Secret! $99.50 $7.50 Down, $7.50 Monthly No Interest Another 2-Piece Suite, consisting of large roomy davenport and large chair, "barrel" shaped ends and spring arms on both pieces, originally $149.50. Sale price.. Only $7.50 Down and $7.50 per Month—No Interest $89.50 Radio Close-Outs at McMahan's New 10-Tube Apex Cabinet Model Radio, short and long wave combination. Regular $87.95. Sale price $5.00 Down, $5.00 per Month New 9-Tube Majestic Cabinet Model Radio. Regular $104.50. 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Sne fouad tlic secret of real complex ion bciiuly in NR Tal>lcls(N'ature'Bllcin- .. ...n.^,.,, ,,.,;- , , , -- cdy).They cleansed and their credit In clearet ' the diminutive tract—corrected tilug- ,„-.,„„ crecm gish ^^ aclion _ drovo out thc po i8Onou;l incnca. ..,..„„„„ wastes. She felt better, too. full of pep, tingling Japan has shipped a total of $7,200,- wu .h vitality. Try this mild. safe, dependable, 000 hero since December 1. It is do- all-vegetable corrective tonight. Sec your com- posited In the United States mint for plcxion improve, safekeeping. 8 . c< ?- 1'eadachcs, China's total gold shipment to San Francisco In the same period amount- H^niyZSc* cd to $8,470,000. ! ™ China, according to reports. Is send- n ing gold here for the purchase of | war materials, especially airplanes, j™ Japan's war purchases In this country have been restricted largely to cotton and scrap Iron for tho manufacture of explosives. •-»-• "WHAT GOES UP" ROCHESTER, Minn., Jan. 16. lA. P.)—Fred Twogood, airplane pilot. says tho old axiom should bo changed to "you can't keep a good man up." Twogood, who started his flying career In Kansas less than I! years BRO, recently mado his one hundredth forced landing. Only two resulted In crackups. " Quick relict for acid maigca- tion, heartburn. OrUylOc. Woven Clocks and Piccadilly Verticals. Special in Pattern and Color combinations. Lisle and Celancse and Rayon constructions, •with double soles and reinforced heels. Of strictly first quality. Buy ten pairs. Not often do you gel such value as this. Men's Shop—Main Floor See Them in Our Window Maicovn JjrocKi &mipanu \- DEPARTMENT STORE- ^J Nine Gasoline Concerns Face Court Charges (Associated Press Leased Wire) CINCINNATI, Jan. 16.—Nine major gasoline producing companies were charged with violation of the anti-trust act in a suit on file today In Federal Court. The suit, brought by a group of independent dealers and filling station operators of this vicinity, claim* the big companies have conspired to reduce the re- tall price of gasoline below the wholesale price to force the plaintiffs and independent refining and producing concerns supplying them, out of business. An Injunction was asked. Defendants are the Cities Service OH Company, Qulf Reflnlwg Company, Fleetwlng Corporation, Pure OH Company, Refiners, Incorporated, Shell Union Oil Company, Consolidated Oil Company, Standard OH Company ot Ohio and the Texas Company, K NOW YOUR " KNITTIN?" If you don't, now is your chance to learn the latest stitches in knitting and crocheting — let Mrs. Brown, our expert instructor from Los Angeles, gel you started right in learning how to make Boucle Suits,Wool Sweaters, Berets, Scarfs— and those strikingly beautiful Afghans. Instruction Free! Conic! 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