The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on June 22, 1894 · Page 3
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 3

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 22, 1894
Page 3
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SIDEWALK Received 33. Paid out V 334 On hand ~ WEST SIDE. . , Received TEACHERS. On hand SCHOOL HOUSU. Fuklout On hnnd. Received Paid out.. CONTINGENT. On hand. Received. Paid out.. CARROLL. TKAcnuns. On hivnd. Received. Paid nut.. CONTINGENT. On hand KOAD. Received Paid out 1 77 13 12 K 115 72 05 71 39 III! 1,210 68 1,183 O'l 3775 42!) 82 41281 11 01 ;iln 89 310 34 Received, pnld out.. MT. PLEASANT. TEACHERS. 115 87 800 On hand ......................... 107 78 SCltOOL UOUSE. Received ............................... « ™ pnld out ................................ 12 ° 17 f)0 CONTINGENT. Received ............................... Paid out ............. .................. teceived. ttid out.. on hand 517 38 Received On hand. MAPLE OKOVK. 4 7» TEACHBBS. Received ?,« M Paid out 1(l358 On band . 74 08 CONTINGENT. Received 20 13 paid out ll '" On hand On hand Received. Paid out.. BOAIID OK HEALTH. On band CARROLL INDEPENDENT. 5 55 1883 09 1874 Received, paid out'. VV1LLEY. TEACHERS. 8 (11 51 On band 51 CONTINGENT. Received 10 4<J Paid out On hand. 1543 TEACHERS. Received ............................. 3,017 51 1 59 PLEASANT VALLEY CENTER. TEACIIEH. received Wig paidout On hand CONTINGENT. "> On band SCHOOL HOUSE AND BOND. B69S Received............. 55189 Paid out 5*080 On band. 1098 CONTINGENT. Received l.«87 46 Paid out 1,960.66 Ouhand WEBSTER. < Teachers peoelved 1« 89 Paidout r Ouhand 12359 COSTIXGEBT. Received n la Paid out ROAD. On hand INDEPKNDKNT 11ON1) Received aid out On hand. 38857 371 46 "ifn 50943 1 W INCOllI'OItATlON. irtld'our '.'.'.'.'.'. .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.". Mi •» On hnnd 40 55 INCORPOKATION BONl>. teceived gOJ, X?. PO-ldout >» '» On hand 47 73 teceived. paid out... SIDEWALK. On hand.. •cculvod. pnld out . On baud. {ccolved.... laid out....... On hand. EDEN. TEACHERS. 41 80 44 31! 1,173 07 1,003 115 101) 72 28397 244 V8 38 99 KOAD. Received 20188 Paid out 20075 INCORPORATION. Heceived 455(11 Paid out 12008 Onhiiml 325 m Received. Paidout.. CEMETERY. On hnnd. 1ND. CEMETERY Received pnid out.. On hand. receive'! paid out HOARD OP iiP.Ar/nt On hnnd AMOUNT FORWARDED. 14 20 3 HI 10 59 2!l 04 20 01 28 20 9 31 18 89 Received. Paid out. On hnnd... Over paid. CONTINGENT. On hand. Itecetved paid out GENERAL. On hand 1 13 93 73 78 &« 15 17 On baud RECAPITULATION. 110,511! 44 n;i,744 11 22.1128 13 0,125 7« 10,802 33 TBMPLETON. January 1st, 1S94. Cash on hand 8 23,8AO 14 Collected since 87.091) 00 Total 110,54844 * Warrants paid 93,744 11 June 1st 1891. Cash on band 10,802 33—110,540 14. Respectfully submitted, U. ALIIERTSON, County Treasurer. BRYAN OH ftimOPTION. He Is Strongly Opposed to Stock Exchange Gambling. TEACHKHS. Received....! 19874 paidout 18840 On hand. 834 CONTINGENT. Received «} »f Paid out 18*^1 On hand '.- 8 73 ROAD. Received . 45 W paidout 44 «2 8EHATOR HILL FAVORS FREE GOAL. On hand ......................... « Received 67952 •••• PLEASANT HILL. TEACHERS Heceived 1*121 Paidout I* 5 received paidout Received Paid out Received Paid out Received paid out INCOlirOKATION Received PBld out 1,66478 On band , CONTINGENT „ received ............................... °° '' paidout 19 NEWTON. TEACHERS. On hnnd INCOBPOKATION BOND. Heceived .' H52J? Paidout 1,10524 Received paid out SPKING BRANCH. TEACHERS. received ............................... »} • paidout Received paidout received paid out SCHOOL IIOUSB. Received Paid out ' CONTINGENT Received paidout Received Paidout HOAD. Received 318 77 paid out Received paid out SINKING. Received ! 55409 Paid out , 5ifi 58 Received paid out HOFFMAN. IE*OilEHS. Received «» Paidout GRANT. TBACIIKRS. Received Paidout TEACHKKS Received ............................... 401 O Paidout CONTINGENT. Received '•••• 53658 Pnld out 47< 43 Received Paidout ' Overpaid SCHOOL HOUSE. Received ................ .............. SOS If; 'atclout 1»1 0» Received ...."°. A °. i™>» Paidout PLEASANT VALLEY. Received ............ .. ............. »« ............ I'Uldout .............................. 18584 CONTINGENT. lecclvod 301 W) aid out Wl 13 110A11D Of IIKALTH. Ou band UOABD OF HKA1.T1I Received paidout Received Paid out Overpaid !SO 77 tccelvud Paid out TEACHERS. Received J,JW 53 Paidout • 1,18680 Paid out On band , INCOHPOIIATION. Koooivod «H»« NJd out Keoelved 1'alUoul CONTINOKNT. Kooelvod ................................ 4W85 Vald out ............................ 478 17 Heuolvod 1'uldout UNION. TEAOIIKIW. IIOAD. MceelVed I'ald out ................................ 1»037 Rcoiilved i>itld out HOAD. / Received 1744 i-uiUout Unhand QLIDUEN INDEPENDENT. TEACIIK1I8. Unnelvud 1,07485 "aWout On band t 86 HC1IOO1. IIOUSK Ituldout 211 Itooulvud Paid out On huutl 110AUL) OV HBALTU Itcoulvud I'Hid gut COMT1NOKNT. Hooolved 1,183 »l Paldout 1,041 Received Paldout iteoulvod PalUout Received puld out ruoolved imld out Hi'COlvod PolUout Heoulvud Paid out WABIIINOTON, TEACIIKIU. tteunlvud Paid out INUOIII'OUAMIOM. gecclved Paid out Revolved. 1'nlilouv lleoolvud.. PitUI out. OuUuuU . 1WU30 Uuoolvud "! ) . AU .' I* I'ulduut Ou hfclld., HOUI.K ANU MII.I.KU Puia out Ou build Onlmud lUCULANl). TKAOIIKIW. reoulvt'il paid out OuUuuJ ........... , ............. 11801 scuooi, 14UUBK Mepelveil wld out WAMItBN TBACtltllS lit uelvuil J'ulduuj Ou BUU<J Ul'C'OlVOll COON UAl'lUS. TKACIIKll. liouulved uuiilout ou bund .......................... Itt4n Subooibuusu uu4 UuuU pulJ out Ou baud had employed Attorney Russel for the purpose of handling the suits. •• *eierve» th» Bight to Tote Against th» «arlff Bill on the Final Tote— Speaker Crlip Sick— H«»em«yer Refiued to An- awer Qneitloiu— Senator* Before the Bribery Committee — Wolcott ImproTlnr. WASHINQTON, June 19.— Speaker Crisp was unable to attend the session of the honw Monday on account of sickness. The commercial travelers bill, to permit the issue by railroads of joint interchangeable 5,000-mile tickets, was passed. Senate bill granting right of way to the Eastern Nebraska and Onlf railway through the Omaha and Winnebago Indian reservations in the state of Nebraska was passed. The antloptlon bill was then launched upon its congressional voyage. Mr. Batch opened the debate with a speech in favor of the bill. ' When his time expired Warner (N. T.) delivered a vigorous speech ngainst the measure. Bryan '(Neb.) considered this a bill to prevent gambling in farm products and it was unjust to his constituents (who we're mainly farmers) that the other men should have the right to affect the price of their product if they had taken the risk of rain, drouth, grasshoppers and ohinohbuga. There was no difference between the' action of the burglar who went to a man's home and robbed him of his goods and the action of the man who, on the stock exchange, drove down the price of another man's product and thus deprived him of so much to which ho was justly ' entitled. At A:OH the house adjourn a. HILL FAVORS FRES COAL. The New Turk Senator U»e« 'Strong Language In Ills Spoech. WASHINGTON, Juno 19.— The senate Monday, after some routine business, entered on tho 13th week of the tariff debate. The temperature was sweltering, the mercury standing 81 in the chamber. Some private bills were passed, and while the senate was discussing a bill, which had been introduced by Mr. Peffer and favorably reported by the committee on agriculture, to pay f3,!MX> for an invention that would utilize electricity or gaseous vapors as a motor for agricultural machinery, the tariff bill come up M*. Harris, however, allowed the passage if a joint resolution directing the secretary of war to appoint a commission of engineer* to examine and report upon the cost of d»epening the harbors of Superior nnrt Duluth. -The tariff bill was then laid before tho senate. It was not until coal was reached that opposition developed. The house bill placed coal ou the free list. The finance committee's amendment placed' a duty ol 40 cents on bituminous coal and shale, 15 couts on slack and culm and 15 per cent ad valorem ou coke. As soon as tho clerk had read this paragraph Mr. Hill and Mr. Peffer jnuipetl to their feet. The New York senator was recognized, und ho sent to theolerk's desk an amendment to relegate bitumi nous coal and shale to the free list. Senator Hill said that he reserved tho rigut to vote for or against the tarifl bill when "I see what it is as finality," poasloimtoty exclaiming, "Uot! knows what tho bill will be like when it poast« the eennto uud coim* out of con- forouco! Qod known how many more ex tortious wul coucctttiouii will bo wrung from the unwilling hand* of tho commit- too!" Tho vote on Mr. Hill's motion to plnci bituminous coal on the free list wa yeas 7; itays, 51. Mossru. Alien, Hnnv brough, Hill, Irby, Putter uud Waahburi voted aye. _ Beimtor* ou lh« t>Ui»>l. WASHINGTON, Jnuo 10. — Bemitow Ouuultui, Uamorou, Gorman and Wash burn wore among thow who aojxwrtx before the senate oouiiuittoo iuvwtigat- ing tliu sugar trust. Benutur related the oircuiustauuen under whicl uu iutraduotHl Huveiueyur to Chairman Jonou. Mr. Gorman was u«kod thu u« uul (juustiomi about upcculiiting iu ttugu stock and ownership of such stock, bu ho said he hud ut'ithor bought uuy of th •lock uor spoouluttxl iu any way no aided otherwUto iu doing so by glvinj out items oauuuruiug impurout augu legislation. Hoimtor Alleu put novi<rtt questions to Buiwtor Gorman about cai>' To Complete 1'iibllc WASHINGTON, June 19. — In the deficiency bill the appropriations for completing public buildings under way are: El Paso, Tex., $7,000; Port Townsend, $11,0(10; Sacramento, Gal., $10,000; Sioux Falls, S. D., $16,000. llrynu ISnroutc Homo. WASHINGTON, June 10.— Mr. Bryan left for Nebraska Monday evening with his family, nnd will arrive in Lincoln Wednesday and be in Omaha Thursday to pacticipate in the convention, Senator Allison's Amendment. WASHINGTON, June 19. — Senator Allison introduced nn nmumluient to the sundry civil bill to atljnst the claims of the settlers of soculhd Dos Moines river lands m Iowa, _ _ Senator Ouruiuu )i:icU Iu Wii.ihlrigton. WASHINGTON, Juno iU.— Senator Gorman has returned to Washington. He has not yet recovurdd his health. Hnvcmcyor Itefiiftfil to Answer. WASHINGTON, June 10.— The senate sugar trus' invustigatiug committee Monday, after disposing of tho witnesses available, held an executive session and decided to rrquest the vice president to certify to the district attorney the fact that President Havemeyer and James Searles of the trust refused to answer certain questions of the committee. SHERMAN EQUALS BENTON'S RECORD. Hu Now Been In the Semite Over Twenty. Mine Venn. WASHINGTON, June 19.— Senator Sher* man' was congratulated by many of his associates on the floor of the senate Saturday on the fact that he had reached a term of service in the senate equal in length to that of Senator Benton, whose service had heretofore held first rank in duration, covering the period from Dec. «, 1H21, to March 8, 1851, making 20 years, two months and 87 days. _ Senator Wolcott ImproTlng. DENVER. June !».— Henry R. Wolcott received a letter from Senator Wolcott aying he is improving constantly. He xpected to be at Carlsbad several days, 'he surgical operation was very success- ul and no danger as a result of the oper ation is anticipated. Treasury Cuh Balance. WASHINGTON, June 1S».— Cash balance n the treasury is $'14.284,740, of which «7,484,4i6 is gold reserve. Tapor Stove Combination. CLEVELAND, June lO.— Within 10 days he vapor stove combination will go into ffect. The companies included are the Quick Meal Vapor Stove company and ohnson & Brandon of St. Louis; George J. Clark company of Chicago; L. Boxer Stove company of Mansfield, O.; one he Aurora Vapor Stove company; the Schneider & Trenkamp company, the Standard Lighting company and the )angler Stove and Manufacturing com wny of Cleveland. The new corpora ion is named the United Vapor and Ga Stove company. It was incorporated in llinois and is capitalized at |H,500,000. uuigu oontributious, uutoj' Uormuu uuue. uuout the tnint, bu that he know of WAMUNQTGM, Juno W.— Attorney (leu said there wtw no truth i the uuhJUUttl statement that ho bad do to enter suit (or tfee Pwtao botuM. tm,uuO,OlH , bu PROFESSIONAL CARDS. C. E. REYNOLDS, TTORNEY and COUNSELOK AT LAW, L fractlce In all state nnd ederul couits, Commercial Law a Specialty. Office over First Nationnl Bank, Carroll, Iowa. W. R. LEE, TTOKNEY. Will prncMca In nil state and fed j eral courts. Collections and all olli-r bttsl- ess nil! receive prompt and careful attention. Dice in First National bank block. Carroll. Iowa, F. M. POWERP, .TTORNKY. Practices In all the courts imd • mnkes collections promptly. Ufllceon Fifth treet, over Shoemaker's grocery store. Carroll la GEORGE W. BOWEN, ,TTORNEY AT LAW. Makes collections and ' transacts other legal business promptly. Of» In Orirnth Block, Fifth St., Carroll. A. U. ATTORNEY AT LAW, will practice in nil the "* Courts. Collection* In all parts of Carroll Minty will have cliwent attention. ofl)e» with Vorthweitern Bnlldlne and L'i;n Ascrolatlon, outli nlde Fifth street, Currol, Iowa. A. KESSLER, A. M. M. D. IHY8ICIAN AND SURGKON. Carroll, lows. r Office In the Berger building, Houth side ilftln street. Residence corner Carroll and ilxth streets. DR. W. HUMPHREY, D ENTAL SURGEON. Teeth extracted without pain by the . 'A of nitrous oxide gas. Office over First National Bank, corner room, Carroll, Iowa. G. L. SHERMAN, I DEMIST I Uaa artmlnlitered. ill work ti guaranteed. Offlce on Flftb St., oter pOBtsffloe, Carroll, Iowa. WM. ARTS, . President JOHN NOCKELS. . . . Vicet President P. HESS CMhter DOES A QBNBRAL BANKING BUSINESS. Loans Monej at Lowest Rates. Accords to Us depositors every •ceommoda tloa consistent with sonna JST 1 Bii]y» and etyn Exchange. baokl»g. ScllsJHome and For- w. L. CUIOTKWON Pren. B. K.ConouN.CMhMr TBAMtlAOTtNe GENERAL BANKING The Appendix Club, DENVEtt, June 19.—Dr. Charles E Vulton of Cincinnati read a paper be 'ore the homeopathy meeting on "The Appendix Club, or a New Evolution.' t was an amusing satire on the prevail ng fad of having the vermiform ap- ndix removed. IR a paper 01 Hynopotism In Surgery," Dr. Henrj W. Roby of Topeku maintained that thi 'orce will in miuty cnsus bauieh diseases inil fully answer the purpose of chloro form. General Curtor Tired ofOoxeyltiu. jDLKsncR<t, Colo.. Juue 10.—Fifty Hoxeyitos, till that remain of the onny o 1,800 which loft Denver two weeks off 'or Washington, started down the Platt river Monday in boats. General Carte said he intended to return to Suit Lak at once. Ho is tired of the- movements, le says, and moro particularly tired of nieu whom he cannot control. At Oga- lalla, Neb., six of the California industrials were arrested for plundering a residence. Ilnllevo Merrill Wwi MunlnruU. BURUNQTON, !»., Juno in.—Tho body of Charles H. Morrill, tho druggist, who •was found dead iu, Lincoln Purl:, Chicago, was brought to this city for burial. His friends deny that he committed suicide, saying they have evidence to show he was drugged and roblxxl. A fine gold watch and a quantity of money were missing from hit clothing when found. Strike I'mvllimlly Kmiixl. CIUKI.KSTO.N, W. Va., Jimu »l«.— Though the Columbus soalo hud no rot- ereuco to Wrat Vlig uiu tho minuiti of ibis rogion arn rt-suuiing work and the strike is practically oudod. Lands Bought and Sold, Title* Examined and Abstracts Kurntuhed. riFTU STHBKT, CARROLL, IOWA. 4t Jump Into the Wagon and we'll all take a ride." If U»e wsgoo in gtoaiwd with NEW HARNESS SHOP THEO. O8TEN. Prop. In entire now and complete stock of *.Harnese, Saddles, Whips,-* Hobos, Fly Nets And everything uiuallj contained in a BrM dues e*tabll»liment of IbU kt»d. All work warranted to be first class In every particular. Hc-p»lrliig_Npatly aml^Cheaplr VTBIAU'--' m Curroll, Iowa. 8BBASTIAN WALZ Boots and Shoes. • Ml m LADIES 1 AND GENTS' SHOES Ti>«*. Tk*M' »r*je* te. MM* * Fo-rtk. 0 ARBOLU U ''HE OU> the rule wilt be wore pleanout, thp home \vu;.'t have to 4o «uy wore lhaii hit rightful share of work, au4 there will be but little wear pa the wvgou. H'» tUe »llckc«t grease you ever »w. Sold by nil (tealere. Give it a trial. Wadbam's Oil andGreaseCa MU.WAUKEB, Wl*. tUONEBK" MRAT MARKBT V. BftnUt Pw1*«r< »•* niftSfti*; MwkM PrtM Pal4 Mr Me*. V.

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