Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 31, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 31, 1927
Page 2
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'f .pAGE TWO THE lOLA DAILYi REGISTER, SAfTURDAY EyENING, DEC NEW ^KIDNAPING' PUZZLES POLICE HARVEST.! Mamini: of sumac glow- In wind-blown fit'li : gohlenrocl, Pole amber, t|ngejd w|lth bronze > • like the warmj sort' Of deep-ploinghed Jjirro|ws that the seedii fnfoW: ']|jUp<U)ing or apples . keen cold To ileepeains crimfM )n> glow L or cblldrens fac«>s shxA snow And rloto •- wind.- overt" •, Kulflllm.;!;' — broM'u U'jivi-.-, BriJtle l>eni'alh tiu^ trlls fill With Iftttg of i-arili ter-KWeet • Like barb<»rrict» id , upward flying^ Sparkis apd lilin' hhiok'i on yonder rtlunlag hill. Harvpst (it btituty. ' liletc. niaiJIe';; reddit:h Is., aind spraying 1 v|l sort' irro|> whipped by the -. i • like happy 1 sni|ng by sleet • I latigbins and tlio lying ri-^t. I IK- noss- frajt^runcc. Iiil- lii- ijiinKHc; IInd iKol <V -n and r<'- -^Cluirloric • Uiihiock. arly ABiin»l N>w Vctir*!* •' flif .annuiil Xi-^- Vi-aj -H parry fiym by tb* ni<'m1^'rK of ;tlie N. T. T. club Tor Iht 'lr hunbalridH. waii heM'liUit night at thi> H «r <>l Kclle^-, Umaping with a tlir<'i'-<oiirs<> diii- uef-^t 7 o'clock; . 't |Tio table docorii ions wero pnln- Mttll|B, holly and! ('d <-andI<'.s. / f ^fipd Lang S>Tiij',' was sung aO- erii|r)ilch Mrs. 11. (!. Hidgpway wd CK^me^ the "gueHt.s find -Mr. J. r : JJ^er responded |ltor the m^n. The «(foiiti<B was RiKUit in playing ilio ji^^SpyxsivB game of "Travol."' in Mrs. H., G. Ridgi-way and ^.-J. V. RoTserts Won first priZ(w .Mr».. J. P. Niljh and .Mr. ira D- K^Uey the consiilations. - "Tfipre were covfr.-? for: .Messrs. a«id Hesd&mes RUhard Ewing. J. I P.'^ohler. J. v... Itobert.s. H. a. I B14ffpway. H. H.' Sherman. C. M. i - Nigh. T. S. Breckei ridge and C. H. Olsoii. • • • • • .irsT WH .nl YorvK ;»KEN WAITIM.' FOK L.A,1)IE>S" nUKS.SICS • Two cleaned f<}r llie priro of 6m. plii.s Sale ron(fniie*i till .Ian. 7 lOLi LAiximv <<>. Midnight Show To Be at Elite Tomorrow Night BAVARD (Mrs. Floyi MeCormackt Dec. 30.-—WlHam Burnett. WJio in attending a athoul of ptaarmslcy iu Kansas City.'lius .been inpendipg bis vacation hei'e with his parenn*, I A. \V. Burnett aiitl wife. [ .Mrs. Andy ivic.Xdam of Lone Vim i-alled ouo .Mrs. .Floyd ^MrCorm^-fe W^dn'esda.v iDioitiiiig of Ia3t,ve^ 'L. M. Ginbey. 'Margaret. Katbrjki. Harold and AVilbur of Lone Elm Sit- A iuidnight frolic to celebrate the New Year will be given at the EHte immediately after midnight Sunday, the dooru ope .niDg ai 12:0!i. | tended the Christmas program ^y- The main feature on the urogram Ln by Centeri Valley tichool FricJJiy win be a four act play. "Whefe's I pye„ing ; . ; Vour Sister?" presented by the 1 yi^^y jiePlier»ori k lola," spdut 31,1927. •1 Christmas at the parental ' Boyd homt. •• : Cb^uDce: Trimble and family spent Ctirli(t<mas at Gas. . | . Alta Uuulap aud wife andiJ. R. japeat 'Dunlap of lola spent Christmas at|tcr, O. J. Dunlap's. J. R. Dunl;»p remained until Tuetida.v. Center Valley school gave a very fine Christmas program Friday eveoing. The pageant. "1 Bring Vou Good Tidings" was nicely given with additional numbers. Santa Claus distributed gifts .from a" beautiful Christinas ttee. Miss 1«<-Pher- soB is spending her vacation at l<'liampI6u.sliip bill ibc girl of iliis j heart. : ISeginning .Monday afternoon tiie ! KlUe' will HJIOW Jaincs Gliver (Mir- w <M >d's famous story. "The Ooiiu- liy .Beyond," starring (Hive IJi.r- 'dill and Kalpb tiraves. "Beau Oeste" Arrives At Kelley Next Week "HIUH lU-ste" Will airlve in lola. (lay, young, couiagtbus "Bean" iind his ^irotluTH will brhig smil>-M, roniauce, thrlllK and a few* tear** ' lo audifiiceh of I 'ercival Wren 'H ;driving, gripping iiovil ;il the Ktl- 1 ley .Monday for a .'! ilrty :;lio \viii):. ; "Ueaii ticste" is worth ilie lor- jtiliie i'arauiuuut poured into its I 'ilining. II is worili ilie uionili.s JKpeni iiy I'eibert llii'iion and iv.o thousand men among the .>^i urrhed sand drnes of itie Creat Anieri <-fiii iJesiTl. This sinry of the Kierich Foreign Lt 'Kiun, oreathe.s an immortal l-.irii" that :iny ilirrctor might lorieit !iis life to obtain. Tlip action hinge;; on the wondertiil devotion of .hrei< young lingllshmen. each ol wfioni Details of ihe alleged kidnaping of iWllhelinlna Evelyn Smith, 11, of | decamps from home lu onler that .Oakland, California, hove been given to the police of RedlantU. CalU.. by the blame lor the theft of a i:i^ . . , „ , '•, .\bs. Emma .1. Spence; welf.-ire worker. .Mrs. Spence. said Robert .Mc-i'V""'' u -'E^^'r,"'"'' ^r"" Thcmpson. Ira D. Kelley and -Mt -s- V , , , , u IK I . .U t i . •. though he believes one of UU dwaM J. P. Swoiiger. jr.. J. F. ^ <'l.llaii. OOIIVKI .she hail known in prison, had brought the girl to her brothers to be giiiltv, Ceorge.Walsh wins not only ilie storev. who has be i. vi'tJttngj . lola. Reed Elton Player.s, the populur p^idiiv here Wii'h her sister' Mjls.s Mr. and Mrs. Sfpu Palmer oi group of actors and actresses Leoua-McPhersoln. an^ attended t>e lola aiid Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cald- whlch has appeared every night program urnihged by .Miss .McPh«r- well spent Christmas evening at during the past week at the EHte lj,o„ and pupils* .Mrs. C. C. .Mc- Caldwell's. in a large and varied repertoire j and 1 h«r daughter. Mrs. Miss .Merle Caldwell of Pratt of high class plays and vaudeville j i)uii„s,kj and .Mi-^ Dulih-k':!i;id ^ bil- vb-itcd home folks from Saturday skits. Iilreii of Colony name ov.._r for the eventiig until Frldayj vhen she The picture for the evenjng—, ,,rog,.a„,. i ; \vent to vi-'lt her sister. Mr.s. Xel- •or more properly for the morninK Ahf. Caldweir arid .Mr.-*. Met Or- sou I^-Snev and famihv near |; is "Ills Rise to Fame." a vivid ,„ai.k made a biVltid.iV .jill iK-cm- .vnc;-. " ; story of tlie prize ring in whi.h -ji „„ |]„.j,; iri.-nd or yea.r.s. iJarl Caldw'll and wife came From Kent. Ohio, Monday of. last w«ek and have been visiting at the parental CaJdwell' home here and Palmer home In lola. I. p«c^r «D<I' wife had 0^-their Christmas Kuests b«r brothers. Htrt^m and Booth ood (am- ltJ«B and Dewey Splllman and fam- iiy. . MlHU Ellen and J. W. Dlcken-ton eht«rtaMted Christmafi these relatlvet: Cud» Dlckcnnon and wife, Mrs. P. C. Dickenson and Archie Bomoa and. family of .Mildred. - airs. Anris Hardy spent Chriat- her sister, Mrs.' J. K. row'.ll i'or Bome time. Friends are very, xiai; lo linpw that .Mrs. Logan Frame who wjt» •ittrlouHly III several da.vy ioll(^w- iiujf the bIrlJi ot ^|jaby Uvy. Utvcm- her 'M, Is now getting yerv well. The ton ami .i hulf poi-jnl ooy: is doing fine. I Julm Shellnr and family h|ij>ni Chrl»?im:is with - .vli.i. Hheildr'rt UiotJier. Mrs. .Vrra Sflioemaki r Un Fort Scott. ' :" Orville RIggs aid _rt>mlly; i.t>«ut Otfc»r and -w Soyd- Fre<L H4 |d.' Lois .L .Qr«a and mack sMat Taesday afternoon w Eula aspjininiie Strong Lnlu tend Verna Gilliam visited the firsk tli« week al Ihe home daughter.^ Mrs. Den- tamily. Vlll Frame iKiac's. ; • • ack aiid family day whh his j3Js- Ford near MoraUj re: U-.W. Howelf Dangh«-iy. Arthur and tfteir friend. Jo^u McCor- kith brother. Walker Olllham. [resided until the end. vl ' UecemlKT 2». 1927. aged Ti 'i yepr-j, 7 months anti 27 days. .1 Funeral services were in the Methodist church by the pastor and interment was in the fJolilen Valley Cemetery.— .A. Friend. of thehf Velma IQA Vera Gni))am went home * iffr them. • ^ I A. P. Caldwell of Kinc^id. Misses jMabel a nd Margaret M'r.en of .Mer- Iriam.- K laa.. and Eva Wren of Kin- cald SIM at llfoDday wiilt Caldwell 's aud Mc^Joraiaipk's. . Mildr*d Ouhlap speni Thursday < veulaclia lolii with bee aunt. .Mrs. Alta Oimiap.p • Mrs. Yoorheips ot .McDonald. Kas... Is vlaltlM her parents.-J. E. Best and •wife. The- (^11 at each end hf the lung bridge WM of Bayard was left to settle iatm MOK- ilJ5 ulab -as laid over 1». Tb« hal-'Ur-tln Tu.^s- rtay fflied fb" ra a!i.i i; i;-i v.jy bad to.drlrc througU now. This throe nlleM of Moraa-NOldred road has be«!B much delayed land caijses great l^coarehlence. / ; ^ A chaA* of aeronantltrs Is to he estahlUhed at the l'niver.«!Uy of Cluciooati. i JEXXIE S, WAIW.: Jennie S. "Ward was born: nt Yonkers. W^estchers county. JTew York. April 29. 1877. i he moved with the family to Kansas in 1S80 where she lived oh the farm neaf LaHarpe with Ijer parei ts till Xoj reinber. 1S2S. when with the family she came to LaHarpe. where she hich came ChOi--s was the favorite, g.ime of the Vikings;"it wa.'* compiilKory. , .m the lassffied columns home anil iliai the iwo h.iil lived there jiart of the lime since the girl lefij By common impulse all enli^•t in • her own lionu I line weeks ago. The girl did not try to escape from thu the Forciga U-gion. Two lind ' liidnapir. Mr.- Spence said. .\l»ov .Sahara ai- Phone • * i* • !ll)2 Lewis lliowu. .Mr.-;. .Mfv.-il and daiiglili!-., Kiliia; .\Ii>. Ciisler Oavis and ('Icon Davi.^. and .Mrs.' Joe Craig ami, .lauglili:-. Joan 111 Fort .S( iil.t. -^ • • • . I u ;rlh .VnuouuceiuiMit [ are shown Evelvn. her mother tind i'^"'P'^'''*'^'* '"olated ^ ifort which inii.-t inei t an .Aral jtack with only -to delcndirs. The - ' Ronald Colman as "Hean" ;;ive.-! ' Adtance .>lail Order 2>ale 0|ien.s Ua ^. l >"Hra>al whiih imrny are MI:- FawkH i 4auMur} 2—Sewnd .Mumber ,to phi :e .ibove his wondrriiil 'Mirk ~- .McClellau. and ilaugliter. Mabel Oliver: .Mr. and .Mrs. Frank Todd and ciiildren. • (Iwi 'Milolyn. Eiigene. Hobby and j .\larv Katherine: .Mr. and Mrs., Cioige .Siiwan. Mr. "anil .Vr.s.' Ad»aiice .Mail Order Sale 0|ien.s Ua (Ininute ArlJ>il\ Course. The Rev Qneeni I'>sther t'lTrljp Parly The members oil Queen ICslIiir circle, the young jicople's braiiili of the! Home Misslijii#rv siuletv ni Trinity .MeHiodist | E p i s I church; lield a holjdtt.v pai. ' night in the IJiisemi-iit of iii< • sonage. j A pla.v, "Aunt .\Ialllda's IJiiLli- dny Party." was cleverly »-nu'iii! ; in "The Whit'.' Sister," the piciure I jlliat s;arleil hijii unyaiil the cnin- lelers. second number on • l!lace in the scieeii world the Cli.inille Artist's Course, will, h" now ludds .\o inori' lomaiitii be here January :!1. 'i'he advance 1fiK'iie. lias ever flash-d acroii^ I llikei. sale, by mail, opens on ' l''*" "''<'•"• Mr. and .Mr.". William llrvaiil of I lanuary :;i., TliVf advance tickei Rivaliug Colmau are .\eil .Mami:- Foiy Sroii. Kansas, amiouniy the I-ali-. Iiy mall. o| s on January 2!;'<"' ">"' '^"'l>h Foibes. the o:her Season ticket holders .should mail 'wo IroUn-rs. A niasniflcent idar- ihelr li.kets with addressed stamp- "«••"•'• brmiglit Hi life by .\oah .il rilnni envelope to .Mr.-!. Ceoige ry as 'Ihe • riieli-st iiian and Hiinns now. Thos.> desiring 'ningle l-ravesi .soldier" in .lu- ;.>i;ioii. ailinis.-^iimrj mav als6 order now. i A-IIIIK houois also bi-lon-.; m all Orders are number-d and filed as I Ihe.others on Ihe IOIIK li-I of play- iliev loine III and are filled in the •'r^-<" William I'owel. •.?llie order of their receipt. , Jo.vce. Mary lirian. .N'orinaii Trevor i\ laiHc nnmber of orders is al- >''••'''• piiinits in tin liiriii of a dangliter, Rnili Carolyn, iii till- I'orr Scoli liospliiil. Tnes- .!jy. Oece^nber 27. .Mrs. liryani will In- iiiiiinilHTeil i .-i Kii.seiia llofl 'niT. formerly ni lola. Illy Fed^-ruflon 1» Kled Ofi'lcerv liiiiiieidalely after the Itinclieun i ^ wf' ' .r,. • .1 liiiiiieiliaieiy aiier iiie itincneon i '» I.IIK<- iiuim^i «i ui .uiir.. .n- •--- - . by the Misses. Rulhi Folkner, Cath- I ,f , ,,„,. readv in. The a|n>earanco here ot hisloiy ol the s.r i liav.- . on- erine Fife. Leola IfeninKer. l>or.)-1^.,^,,,, „.J„ M,„„|„V j the Taiiious Uevelers Is their only ; «»'."*''l 'hany niarveioiis . liara. thy Peuinger, MlUiirert Mark. Or- yj,,,,.^,,,,,, .„,„„. „.,.,,„.;j .,,1,1,^. ,late in Kansa.s anil the demand for tirizaiion opiKirlnniiii-. I^^*,^^';X^^T^!!:M';- »::!:•<«•' "•<• ':'ke.:= wm-IM. larg... Channle has i ^^n^^f^vl^^^^.^^ tie McKee/Nellie J>orth, otit. Hel-^.,..,.„,,„ ,„.f,,.,.,, ,.,„. „„. ,.,„„j„^ tleollvB Hawthorne Mis. "az.l ; ^.^ „,„^,, „.iio ilnd it im- Bremer. The stage .jettng was le.-/ -^j,,,,. .„ „„. ,„„,.h,,on are tlve with Chnstmasj colors and the ^jj^,.,.,, ,„ „„. ,,„si„,.ss play was directed by the sponsor. afterwards. Mr.SL Hazel Bremer;. Prizes were ^ n...wi.-n,l women ari*- e.xpecleil never hail the <>|)i)ortiiiii(y of hearing sudia runi'oiis organization, li is more than at male quartet and ii is known the • world over on ai-- coiint of iis reioi-ds and radio work. INDEPENDENCE Di-i-. 27 - -A family gatlic ring was '< he-ii at llii- home of .Mr. and .Mrs. Foster Funk i'hristnias. Those Itreseiil- were: .Mr. and .Mrs. Oscar Brown and children. .Mr. and .Mrs. ^i"^" ^f 'r -^7/'""'^ to attend the luncheon and those. Siuitle adinis^^ions are $2.-20. • n,.ri„.rt Itrown and chiidren. iAI- the prettiest girl: | to .Mr. James „„, ,„.„,^ reservations i .$1.<;.-. and $1.H': students S.'. cenLs |,prta Brown and Audnth Pul.sei Baker as the man vrith the largest -.^j.^, ,„ ,..,,| ^.,u,, ,,r,.sirtent .and ifl.l": students matinee at; jj,. \irs Foner Funk ears; and to Miss| Ruth Folkneriy,. .yj^.. p ^ .Mitchell, and Mr. Paul Geerjv- as the most j .{ j^. loving .couple. A Itpx supp.'r was I p„,prt«|„s Auditing rimimlttee ".Mrs. Metta Swintord. secretary ]of the Dorothy Rebekah lodge,jen- i2:"ii. npppr halcoiiv 2'>c: : il.-r of the house 50c. served. O •:• .—Sptfiiui Xi »r " Kelley .iltiicl. rii .-lie.v, chicken jiud HII <he IrlniinfiiN. • • -> Marrbuce Aanouncement i treasurer: Mrs. Ruth 1 ^llss Dwlene Canatsey. ijaughier i K.,,,^, McKarnin and lUuiier at audithiK committee iriio^e iiud 1 afternoon In her home al |;i02 South Cottonwood street. .... „ . at- I tended-the family gathering at ' Ciiarles Funk's in lola .Monday eve! ning. . 'Leslie Larson -who ' i.s uiiendius college at Pittsburg is sjiending the j vacation at liomi. Fred Dryden is helping Lewis Hill of Mr.' and .Mrs. C. Canatsey, And Mr. Edwin B. .Milne, .sou of Mr! and Mrs. T. .\. Milne, announce ihelr marrlaite which iimk place Friday, December :!». at Winfleld. . Kans.', J. W. wiiite. probate judge of Cowley connly. officiating. Afr. and i^lrs. .Milne will [reside in Ponca City.! Oklahoma. •>; • • \i. C. Club Annua' Dinner The members of tic.' W. C. clnh Pleasant YaJHey i.N'i'ttie Onborn.) • Die. 2!t. I-A nice gentle r.iin vi.s- „, ^ ., . ,,,,, ited us Monday night and Tuesday Luison head kafir. They were: Mrs. Katherine DlUe. .^^^,„„„^ .„jy ^torm or hard freeze' -Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Larson, -Mr. | and now mild warm weather Is and Mr.s. X. Pierson and Hanna 1 following j took Christmas diunei with .Mr. Mr. Colvin took a trip ^o Nevada J ^f'-'^' ^""^^^ f^*"" | Hess. Mrs.,.' Mrs. .Mattie! Kifrr. <• • • Wjilcb Party Toulitlif The yoiinn people's societies of Ihe I'resbylerian and First .Methodist rhurclies will bold a watch I party innif:ht iif the basi-nu- the .Mi'tliodtsi church. The party will' lie from nine until elev o'llloik and from eleven un| .Mo., and back Wednesduy. Ralph Ellis sold -Mr. Roy a load of coru Tliursda.v. Paul watch' The 1•.^W. .cliib met with Mrs. •nt of f;„.,.i,. Kllis Thursihiy. The meet- .N'.-arly a I'oiirili able tlinJiir in Hi'- nvirgia* fir. j twV'lve o'clock . . , I will liM ulven entetlained their Jnisliainls and ,|p .v;(ajrs, •faJnli|e.s la^t.uiglil at ihi-ir annual' roast goose iHiiin-r in tin- lioine of :\rr. and .Mrs: Artliiir Crovi-. 12:: North Chest ant street.. The evening was '.iiifornia! wllli jnnslc. .Mr. and .Mr--. Cli>vi- .^iier- rlll Olid .Miss Veltna Rocers.' <if Pittsburg, were gnesfs-of tiie club. The members and iheir famllfi-s 1)ri-:-'ent_Jncluil<'d: Mi-, •and Mr.-^. 'Aildy .Swinford and i-hildren. l)ori>- ihy; I.i»lh!t. Vaulliii-. Lawreiu-e ami •^Varreii: .Mr.' n;i<l .\Ii.-<. William Ranksf Mr. and Mrs. .\rtliur Oliver a sacr-d iirogi-ii m ill Ihe i-lioir room ing was opened by tlie president, .Mrs. Carrie Purcell. Roll caU was answered by .New Year's re.solu- j lions. The business vra.s election i Mr. aud Mrs. CarlPecerson from Topeka and Ira and Ivois .Miller j called on Lewis I..arsoa aud fani- ; ily Sunday afternoon. ' Harold Linton returned Tuesday from Parsphs where he spent Christmas w^iih friefatts and rela- tive.s. Paul Ayers who is attending color officers. .Mrs. Cottrill w-as I lege at .ManluWan i.s spending Ihe . ; elected presldeut; Mrs. HaVrlng- vacation at home. I — - ;ion, vlce-presIileiM: Mrs. Brooke, I;. Lillian Ayers, who is teaching 11- ihi' iii.M- hint sf'^'fiaO' by ballot; and Mrs. liclnQol at Hutchinson is spending | i-.i I' u Biirtch. treasurer by acclamation, the vacation at home. - . I ni III . ..I. 1. ^^.^.^j. 2:5 members present} .Mr. aud Mrs. Roy Ayers, Lillian I _ i and six absent. .Meeting closed In and Paul, altendetl the famliy din-j , ., I the n>iial way by repeating the jner at Charles Fnnk's in lola .Mon-: .More I hail !i" per rent of a | l^ord's Prayer. A grab bag was day iiljht. biaiiUet of iii-w siiou-is .somelliliiK ' mad.- up of .lir. .Many have heard jijii-e'-iilc.''." wi»!i raci-. ever seen one. of a wonmii vet none .has MONDAY FOR THRKE DAYS -\T THE KELLEY iheii disclosed, nice gifts for all, | ,BJllle. and Irene Roe spent Mon-, many e.ttra nice and iL «eful. A : day afternoon wkh .N'elle and Cath- • ; liiiichion was sened. , I ai'iue $haughnessy. ( i The Valley .enterlainment was .Mr. and .Mrs. John Hay and faro-, held Saturday night. A Christmas ily sp*nt Chrisiiha*) with Mrs. trie loaded with gifts on each side -Mary McGlunls. Alta and .Marie, j ' of an improvised fireplace, torn- • The I. .N'. S. cluub will have thtf ! prisi'd the scenery at the back of I New Year's party .SMurday nigh the platform and at the front was jat E. R. Ste^vart's. ; till- niangir where ih'e Christ child | Mr. and -Mrs. K. R. Stewart speu was supposed to l.i.v. All of the Christmas with C. W Stewart's at ! chiirticiers carried their parts to I perfection. .No paid traveling J troupe could have done belter In a little district s <-hoolhouse. The elmir also rendered the songs. i-lian :s and hirols iMvautifuiry. all thnuigh the aets. It is with pride for the talent we pen these few • Clmnule. Edna aud Ruth l'ier<e spent Tuesday with .Margar.-i and .Maude Stewart. .-\lbert BroWn is speiidjng Ihe week with Osi-ar Itrown and fain">•• i Jess Wllhlte who is nttendiiig llue.s concerning the re.sulL .\ college at'.Manhattan is spending! few recftations by some of tho the vacation at home. ' i-hililren of welcome aud Christ-' -Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pierce and inas cheer also are worthy of liefty Jean .xpent Monday evening [creditable mention, and lastly a with .Mr. and .Mrs. Bprt Wilhite and : goodly supply <if nice present? i were taken from the two;trees i)y -Mr. and Mrjf. Fre.! Krokstroni tlw lire [lace and-dl.<«trlbuted bv "nd family and Mr. and .Mrs. K<l- Santa. a jolly old Santa Claus live- gar Starlipen and - family took ly and quick skipping, joking land Christmas dliiuer with Jlr. and creating merrimeirt and hiiigbter^' Mrs. John Nel^n and family. ; lUlph Ellis took his family, his. . Mr. and Mrs. .\. E. -Nicholas and mother aud .Nettie Osboi'n to Huni-| family attended the Salem ChriHt- Imldt to siieiid Christmas with the nias entertainment Saturday uighf. Hall)ert famil.v. They also enjov-1 Opal Lltteer and Bill Sallee ed a visit with Mr. Uster Ash-j spent Chrlstknas evening with worth there, who latel.v*^ came from 1 Nello Shaughiiessy. Oregon to visit the Halbert famliy' " au-J his little daughter. Lois .Mae AsUworJh and other relatives and .^^.^ ^ 'und I\:':.r.. » -.ian. in a .-5ccn.e TiJOtn the . JterbeprBrencriProciuctioj. dc -:iu Geclc'APirjiinounrPicltxra friends. K. Bairrr and wife are enjoying a radio iii their home. .Mrs. W. H. .Maley spent Monday night with hpi- daughter. .Mrs. A. B. Sbaughne.ssy and fanUlj-. .Mr. A. B. Shaughi^ssy and Mrs. W. H. Matey went to Kansas titj Tuesday- on business. BUYING .\IO.ST WE lU'Y ; FOR LESS ,where savinss are greatest South $ide Square lola, Kansas ! . For ^Ea^ery Person in this Community! * . r ' Just what is the relationship of the J. C;. Penney conjpany to the welfare and betterment of the communities in whieh they opej-ate? This question is knswered (inclusively by the fibres b6low\ These figures were made po.ssible through the niever-varying policies of thi?| company—policies that . iiave built a^ation-wide institution. . ^ What Tiie J. G. Penney Company, Inc., Contributed to Kansas During 1926 Number of Stores in Operation ~ — '^2 ttentiPaid (Local) . ^_Sni.602.i>I Taxes PaicUl^-al) . : --- . i._ 2.'5,241.7y Adverti.sing, Donations to Charity and .MenfibCTship Dues in • . ^ . Local Organizations ' --• 71,98'!.91 Salaries Paid to Employes , - -----406.643.97 ' AlterliticHi.s and Improveraents of oiu- Store Buildings 11,459.56 D .Anticipated E.xpenditure.s for Improvements oiv Store Buildifigs i for 1927: • By J. C. Penney Company Byi Lessors .... 26,000.01) 45.000.00 I Dividends qn J. C. Penney Company Stock Paid to Resident.s ^_ ^,SB5M f TOTAL EXPE.^?mtURES ^A^THIN STATE - L$743.629.53 Associate.s Own Homes or Live in Honies j Owned by Relative.s. Store .Memberships in Civic, Business and I»eligioti.s Organizations. Gontributiori |to Kansas' Prpgffess During 1927 Managers Own Homes. * Managers Take Active Part in Bu.siness, 3" • Civic or Religious Organizations. A J. G. Penney Go. Store Is Ah Asset to a| Gommunity ' ^ BECAUSE ^ . 1—BY BUYING MOST. ; It PfickH the Customer's Dollar Full of yalue: and Sati.sfaction. • 2-.BY iSELLING FOR CASH, i It Encourages Thrift. :5—BY SELLING FIRST QUALm' GOODS. It Builds Confidence. . ** 1~BY SELUNG FOR LOWER ' ; PRICES. It Saves Customers Monev • Twenty-five Year.s' Continuous Service Pi-ove Statements. How Does the J. G. Penney Go. Benefit^ Gommunities? • 1—Thrcwugh Buying Resources. BuyiAg for 945 Stores Means Stilling jfpr 2—Throjigh Economy of Operation. No Charges—No Deliveries^— No Wasteful Overhead. ?»—Throajgh Clean Advertising. *-Th€? Truth is Mightv and Shall Prevail." ' ' • Why a J. G.?Penney Go. Store Is an Asset to a Gommunity 1—Noi'^ale.s." Lowwt Prices Every Day. ;i—S«rvi|e. FounM on the Golden Rule. '1- —.Stiuave Dealing. Your JConfidence in Us Is Our Greatest .(^set. 4—Comrfiunity Interest. Activ^ Part Taken in Civic Bett^ment. ij—Per.soJialityJ "Honfiey" Stores Where Home Fc.lks Like |o Trade. Every J. C. Penney Co. Trade-JHark is a Guide Post |o Quality, Value, Superior Workmansiiip, niep^ndable Materials. \ T Gio^AJl Day Monday in I^^onor of the N^ional Holiday V .1

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