The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 9, 1958 · Page 20
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 20

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 9, 1958
Page 20
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HOW WILL TOP MEN REACT Danger Looms for Businessmen Despite Rosy 1959 Predictions By SAM DAWSON AP Bnslnrss News Analyst NEW YORK (AP)-A warning against letting the crush of rosy predictions for 1959 lead you into trouble is sounded today, it comer, from those who hold that the danger signs are there even though they too believe the general outlook is bright. Almost everyone is looking for a happier new year. Just how much happier is the question. And guessing wrong-neither on the upside or the down—can be costly, particularly to a small business. A big business presumably has resources to tide it over. For the individual business the danger lies mostly in how its top men react to the predictions — whether they base their plans on their hopes rather than on their resasoned expectations. Confidential Reports The Research Insitute of America lists some of the dangers it sees gathering force. It says it gets much of its data from confidential reports of 30.000 firms it serves, as well as from official statisics and indicators. The institute says its general prediction for 1959 is definitely on the bright side, but here are the dangers that could cause trouble before the middle of next year: 1. In many of its reporting companies production has jumped faster than demand. This is natural since in the early months of the slump output was cut back more steeply than sales fell. The danger: Unless demand rises more than is now indicated, many industries could find themselves with unsold stocks building up again. Result: Another slowdown in production—another slump. Cut Below Levels 2. In some companies inventory rebuilding plans have gone beyond ; current sales. Danger: If sales ex-| pectations don't pan out, orders j to suppliers could be cut below! levels justified by actual sales at the time. * i 3. Belief that a general price in- comparisons don't prove a new boom is here. [ 5. Basic economic indicators are j behaving erratically now. And the • interruption of a clear direction I should lead business executives to 'use caution in setting future policy. Prolonged Recovery What seems to worry the insti tute most is: "What businessmen] It believes the federal deficit : are experiencing today is an early j won't be nearly the stimi'Hnt o i stage of a prolonged recovery: business it's cracked up to be, from a greatly reduced level of since it reflects more of a drop activity. And it is occurring in an in tax collections on income than ntmosphere less favorable to n' a rise in government spending. new wave of prosperity than late) The institute doubts if the gen- i 1954 or late 1949." So the pattern' eral price level will rise much in of this recovery is different from : 1959. And though business profits the earlier ones. imay go up, dividends may rise only slightly. As for any further increase in home building, the institute thinks that this time it would be largely in the speculative range add of questionable value to the economy. All this is intended merely ns B note of caution against expecting too much too soon and therefore going off the deep end. REFUSED TO TESTIFY OR BE SWORN IN — Federal Civil Rights Commission Vice Chairman Robert G. Storey (left), hands a copy of the subpoena to Grady Rogers for him to identify as his during hearings in Montgomery, Ala., today into alleged voting right violations. Rogers, a member of the Macon County Board of Registrars refused to testify, produce his records or be sworn in. (AP Photofax) <IA AUSTIN (Minn.) HfRALD *W Tuesday, Dee. 9, 1958 Regents Claim No Racial Bars in Universities ATLANTA, Ga. (AD - Testimony that no racial bars exist in admission requirements at Georgia's state-supported colleges and universities has highlighted a court test of the state's traditional pattern of school segregation. Four members of the State Board of Regents said Monday that the purpose of a regulation requiring all applicants for admission to be endorsed by two alumni was "to Improve the quality" of students entering the Institutions. Seek Admission The education officials testified during the first day of the U.S. District Court trial of a suit brought by three Negro women seeking admission to the all-white j Georgia State College of Business Administration in Atlanta. Testifying were Board Chairman Robert O. Arnold and Regents Everett Williams, Hoard H. Callaway arid Morris M. Bryan Jr. Arnold said that the Board of Regents "has no policy about any racial matters." But he acknowledged that all state-supported colleges are segregated, and were "long before I came on the board.' 1 Unreasonable Negro Ally. E. E. Moore Jr.! contended before Judge Boyd! Sloan, who is hearing the case I without a jury, that the regulation! requiring endorsement by twoj alumni is "unreasonable and ar- 1 bitrary.' 1 j He said that because of customs' and practices "social contacts be- f «9 *.M, «$f fat. f J*$f WEATHER FORECAST — It will be colder in the Gulf states and southern Plains tonight; somewhat warmer in the northern Plains and upper Mississippi valley. There will be snow flurries in the northern Appalachians and TESTED TODAY the Lakes area, light snow in the northern and central Plains, snow mixed with rain in the northern and central Rockies occasional rain in the Pacific northwest and showers in northern Florida. (AP Photofax Map) World's 1st Missle-Packing Sub Will Be Launched Next Month POINT MUGU, Calif. (AP) — Missile • packing nuclear submarines that can carry atomic warheads within reach of any part of the globe are only weeks away from reality. The USS Halibut, which the Navy says will be the world's first of this type, will be launched next month at Mare Island Naval Shipyard, San Francisco. The submarine missile firing system has been duplicated on a ™ ssel today for the first time with the j tracking facilities going into the launching of a Regulus II guided missile from the Pacific missile range here. Surface Ship nuclear Halibut. Electronic jungles known as telemetry rooms have been installed on the King County and The USS King County, a con-'will guide today's Regulus to some verted World War II tank landing inland portion of the Pacific mis- ship, will be the first surface ship ; sile range—probably Edwards Air to send a Regulus II aloft. .Force Base on the Mojave Desert One of these missiles was north of Los Angeles, or the Air ween r, matter f f f ' •" " e launched by the conventionally Force facility at Tonopah, Nev. powered submarine Grayback last! The 11-ton. 57-foot Regulus II September, but the grayback did'has been firod successfully many will be tested not have the intricate firing and [times. A guided missile, it differs ballistic Thousands Riot in Caracas in Support of Trailing Candidate for President CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) _ crease is just around the corner —-"-, .«,«ucu, w , _ i,, e no[e rs were supporters ot Larrazabal had accepted Com-i Small groups clashed with po- is leading some businessmen to!Thousands rioted in Caracas Mon- Rear Adm. Wolfgang Larrazabal, munist backing in the campaign Slice and tried to march on the over ordering. Danger: When thej day nl ? ht ln su PP°rt of a losing head of the junta which took con-j and carried the vote in Caracas!headquarters of the Electoral price rises are delayed, future or- Presidential candidate, threaten- j trol of the government after the; overwhelmingly, but Betancourt i Council where the official vote ders will be deflated sharnly-an-! 1 " 8 Venezuela ' s transition from , ; overthrow of dictator Marcos Pe-j piled up what looked like an insur- cnunt wns in nrr«rrp« T Pa r «,„= Ti •» • u- .. Th > suit is being financed byj the National Assn. for the Ad-! ivancement of Colored People. It! was filed on behalf of Barbara Hunt, Myra Elliott Dinsmore and) Iris Mae Welch, all of Atlanta ! ^F\ ' I r\ • I oi Danish Disaster li-^WlffJIftXIJWJfCf control Iowa Eleven Works Inside largely beyond outside once they are fired. Shorter Range The Regulus II has a shorter range than the big intercontinental By BILL DILLINGHAM f In Falck's colorful history some ballistic missiles-1.000 miles com- COPENHAGEN - Denmark has j cases stand out abjve others. When parcd wilh their fi '°°° miles — hut nnnir>ni< submarines can take Always Set for Action the most extraordinary rescue a Danish journalist convinced a ll secretl y almost to the shores of ders will be deflated sharply other slump. 4. Retail sales figures just now are misleading because they were dropping a year ago. Favorable --an-! in S Venezuela's transition from ! overthrow of dictator Marcos Pe- \ piled up "what looked Hke"an 'insur' dictatorship to a constitutional re- rez Jimenez. In returns from Sun-1 mountable lead outside the capi- day's presidential election he was^tal. Head of Junta trailing former President Romulo Pourjng Into Streets Estranged Husband Kills Waterloo Wife I ------- « -- .--.—. _ ._ v » u -... u f, vvin uiu * «SUJ.{II£ A11VU OH VVl.) (No word on developments) Betancourt, head of the leftists but Word that Betancourt aooeired thp Vpnp7itplan rnn^nl haH h P pn i o^f ;.r ------ ;„. ^ OrU lnat Bela "COlirt appeared ^ ; the winner brought Larrazabal vote count was in progress. Tear gas drove them off, but they continued to surge through downtown streets, tearing down Betancourt campaign posters. In a 10-minute radio address, ; company in the world. No mis- ! number of people that the re- jfortune of any kind at any hour 'mains of Hamlet were bur-' 3 " enemy natl °"' jof day or night can befall a cus- led at a certain spot, Falch's Tlle Halibu t will carry Regulus jtomer with Falck's Rescue Ser- Rescue Service brought 'in their n inissiles at first - & llt 'ater is i vice swinging into action. ~ diggers. This time, though, Fal- ex P ected to be converted to handle IOWA PTTV ,,T , , This is a private organization ck's did not succeed. ' the Polaris, a 1. 500-mile, inter- IOWA CITY IA Iowa's foot-, supported by thousands of Danes They God the IJndy meduite ran « e balllstic missile - oaii squad has begun preparations. who worry about ., what may hap . But the most unusual case of Nine Polans - equipped subma- gne " Dane rines - whicl> is the ""niber now •-, WATERLOO, Iowa W An at- 1 of order.) tempted reconciliation ended in the Shotgun death here late Monday! 2 Children Killed, of Mrs. Joel Riley. 1 1 A U * • f L Detective Capt. Tom Wood said! | U nu "' in V.''CISn Riley, who had been separated! BLOOMINGTON, 111. l.fl — Two from his wife, returned from Chi- Children were killed and 10 per- cago and tried to make up with; sons i n j ure d Monday night when the car in which all were passengers skidded on icy Rt. 51 about in the Venezuelan capital had been'anti-Communist received in New York early today jtion party. since shortly after midnight. Over- Latest returns gave Betancourt, . t 4 , seas telephone operators said 1,097,360 votes to 925.S40 for Lar-i ~ P ° Unng lnt ° the streets where resuUs and then SUDDOrt . their channels to Caracas were out :! razabal. Rafael Caldera of thej seven month s ago demonstrators spect thp winner he said' OI Ol'fipr.) PhvicHnn Qru-iiolierf t-iovfir Unr? 01:: linH rrvnccprl ncrninot TTC \7 inn . . * * f,rn", M Wnri, W Monday th n •' H . P en next? " One-thousand cars, recent times concerned ' j supporters—many of them youths Larrazabal tried to calm the cap- i :.._ .•_._ i.u_ . - concentrated on signal, defensive | tion . and offensive drills, while the re-i AT-. • u ital. Wait for the final, -election serves ran through California 1 woman, to cite a results and then support and re- plays , 'ambulances and trucks, plus five who died in Switzerland. Falck's be » SU ' tS ' air P lanes and a '"" motorboats was entrusted with the job of gr, [ ire 10 ° '" illio » * ™ * Can a11 be thrown into "' be »»B built or contracted for, could j Christian Socialist party had 315,- *>J>d massed against U.S. Vice 589 votes. President Richard M. Nixon. Betancourt was rumored to be in hiding. her. When Mrs. Riley rejected the reconciliation idea, Wood said, jis miles north of Bloomin^ton and Riley shot her twice with a shot-! p i unged down a 10-foot embank- gun and then surrendered to po- ment. lice. The shooting occurred Riley's home. GROPING FOR LEADERSHIP Dem Congress to Be 'on Spot/ Farmletter Editor Tells Group ting his body back home - Tlie • Swiss , howevei , (leclined tu , et h positions near the North Pole. ^ raan travel °" a ^^' ^ ^ "'! "* , able . to , cari '- v ple , <rescue ,. casp , eft hpr The body wag labe , ed £ ..^ 14 missiles and each missile will Coach Forest Ev a ,h P v v -^ently to visit relatives 50 miles chandise." requiring certain Dan- fhave a wai ; h f d Wlth , nan explosivt r " VS ! awa >'' She had '^ten a pork™ documents for removal that-gi? ^ to 3 ™»'« i r ° ast C °° klng in her oven ' Rem- were impossible to get on any emberi "g « a « *he greeted her Saturday afternoon. ; relatives, she phoned the Falck's Falck s resourcefulness resulted He also said he plans to map |lstation of her vil!a e e and asked in a company employe typing out out a program of conditioning ex- for help ' The entei 'ed the house a recipe for Danish beer-bread- ercises for the 44-man s q u a d^ by a window > waited a short time 30l 'P and afixing the document which will be traveling to Pasa- until the roast was cook ed, then with official . looking seals and t lena. turned off the gas. ribbons. A pilot flew to Switzer- There were only minor changes' ?8 a Vrar for Tow 'nR land witn this "license," which .» ST. PAUL (AP) — The predom-;program is bound to be difficult <vague national yearning is it " ___. dead children were Gail inantly Democratic Congress will because farmers themselves are! "And in farmin- these days i..Collins. 6, and her sister, Regina, be on the spot next year, Wayne not in agreement on what should you have to work your farm' 10 months. Their mother, Mrs. Darrow, editor of the Washington be done and farm state congress- work with your neighbors and at ART AUTHORITY DIES Sf Colhn !' M -. o£ Rockford, Farmletter, said today. men appear to be in A similar,the same time tend to your farm- «r« AUTHORIT\ DIES 111., was one of the injured. i Senators and representatives no dilemma. ing along the Potomac » MIAMI, Fla. W) - Homer S.| Bill. Spears. 23, driver of t he.longer can get by by "twisting the- Troubled Uneasv Mb,- Saint-Guadens 78, internationally!car said all were returning to tail of Secretary of Agriculture "America is troubled uneasy 7 * Iarkelln « Hans known art authority, died Monday, | their home after a month in Benson because farmers now ex-and groping for new leadershin a Monday " ight talk ' Glenn -nn.»» H , -, . U Georgia< |pect them ^ ^.^ „ Danow tok] ^^ ^ bo)d ^ bravw and ^^^ A L ger of lhe Fa| . mers rL- --^ -.- Ithe annual stockholders meeting of to the realities of the dangerous T" Marketin B Assn - said a fed " the Farmers Union Grain Terrain- world in which we live " the edi- ," program is lleedecl to Protect al Ass »- tor said. "If any mandate can be' llv . est °' k P^ucers against violent Darrow that action on a farm read into the recent elections this ^ lluctuatlons - He also urged ' tanners to develop more cooperative marketing plans to aim at practice session later this week as well as a number of chalk talks and movie reviews ' apparently of a heart attack. Lost Times Tonite 7-9 p.m. Gary Cooper in "MAN OF THE WEST" in Color WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY AT 7-9 P.M. THE CORONATION OF HIS HOLINESS, POPE JOHN XXIII The Full Spectacle and Pageantry ot This Historic Event in Living Color — PLUS— Outlaw Turned Killer- Hunter! 'GuxDua "WAton Astonishment Opens Mouths tor Missionary Nun • Dentist ....... v. ?»v i v. t/tii j iilillUiuilalltivrS' — . ' -•...—.. in the lineup Monday since the For a fixe<;l ^ a - vear ' this or ' the Swiss COLllcl "P l reau - ancl re- victory over Notre Dame Nov. 22.; S anization will tow a customer's trieved the body. Curt Merz, who suffered a leg Car to his home from anv P oint >»' Now ' however, with mare and injury against Ohio State Nov. 15, i Denmark every time it breaks m °re Danes traveling to European was back at left end. Don Horn!i down - '• alltis ' Falck 's has extended its who missed the Notre Dame game I P th er services: helping farmers area of operations. Even during because of a hip bruise, was in whose horses are stuck in mud. a vacation in France or Italy, at the No. 2 fullback slot'. , searching for intoxicated people Mr - Da »e can feel safe that his In the No. 1 team backfield were who luive falle » into a river or country's rescue service will ans- Ml-American quarterback Randy cana '. righting derailed trolleys wer tl) e phone and save him in the Duncan, fullback Don Nocera, and an ^ 'rains, finding runaway cat- ey ent of misfortune. halfbacks Bob Jeter and Willie tle and cordoning off streets for Fleming. visiting diplomats. Rea d The Classified Ads. Blast, Blaze Chase Drug Store Patrons K of e HOUSE TQNITE dues.) 8 P. M. Adams Conservation Club Adams, Minn. Free Door Prize 20 Ib. Turkey | TURKEYS - HAMS . DUCKS Everyone Invited Lunch Served long-range stability of the industry. ' i.Xong said that cheap prices of Cprn and other feed was spurring T^o-n™ a surge in lives tock production, BObTON I/Pi — Patients at Rise- her vows in 1951. and that this posed a threat to the man Dental Clinic of Beth Israel Her internship at Riseman ends current price structure Hospital opens their mouths in next June when she plans to go; He cited a government predic- :aston,shment these days. to one of the Marist Society's South- ition that the pfg crop next spring Cause of the surprise is a nun. .. west Pacific Stations in the Sol-'would be IG-'O per cent ereater a nun who is also a dentist. omons, Samoa or Tonga to set up and reminded that this could bring ' The patients are not prepared a dental clinic. drastic discounts in hog prices "n •to find a nun in full habit bend- "When I'm not doing dentistry,'the fall, ing over them saying: "Open just I feel. I'm missing something," '_„ a little wider, please." she says. ~ Sister Mary Christina is a mem- "Going to the Pacific will let ber of the Missionary Sisters of me help people." the Society of Mary and the first of the order to become a dentist 4 PriSOnerS Flee — and an excellent one, clinic of- ficls say. She also is the only nun to be- COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (/PI — come a member of the Massachu- Four Potlawattamie County pris setts Dental Society. one rs still on the loose Tuesday Sister Mary Christina, the daugh- after slipping out of jail Monday ter of Mr. and Mrs. John P. Tilk night. of Menomonee Falls, Wis.. elected The four tied up the night jailer to take up dentistry after taking and a trusty and stole $80. Missing are Orval Gitchell of Omaha, 33; John Bartlett, 18; Donald Stahl, 24. and Albert Tague 25, all of Council Bluffs. CHETEK, Wis. (AP) — Fire which followed an explosion rout- sd several customers and caused an estimated $30,000 damage at the Abbott Drug Store here Monday night. Firemen said flames broke out following explosion of a water heater in the basement. The blast knocked most of the merchandise from the shelves, but no one in the store was injured. Chetek is about 90 miles northeast of St. Paul. /* .1 B i ee t •• COUnCll Bluffs Jail Spruce * Bolsom • Scottish Pine • Norway Pine PAPENFUS 106 South Greenwich RENT Buntifil New SANTA t SUIT "Rent 'n Save" Rent-All HEM17Z =* Tonite at 7:00 & 9:00 20c - 45c . 60c INDISCREET Your Last Chance To See This Wonderful Movie, In Color Too! Two Great Screen Personalities — So Perfect Together Coming Wed. and Thurs.f A New Kind fo Horror! You've Seen the Others — Now See the Greatest! «*>UMIUMtl!T( AT 7:00 & 9:45 AT 8:30 ' TONIGHT ' WEDNESDAY 'THURSDAY • EVENING SHOWS ONLY • AT - 7:15 and 9:00 P.M. • AT OUR REGULAR PRICES "POWERFUL... IMPRESSIVE.. .TREMENDOUS!" — N.Y. Doily News ami THE FLOOD THAT DtSTROYKOTllI: WORLD! • KINDLY NOTE • We Recommend That You See "Noah's Ark" From The Beginning. THE MAIN FEATURE "NOAH'S ARK STARTS AT 7:45 and 9:30 P. M.

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