Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 2, 1965 · Page 9
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 9

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 2, 1965
Page 9
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IM IRONWOOD DAItY GLOBE, WONWOOD, MICHIGAN WEDNESDAY, JUNE 9. BESSEMER ROTC STAFF—Pictured above are the members of the A. D. Johnston High School ROTC staff for the present school year. In front is Cadet Lt. Col. Robert Fingeroos, battalion commander; left to right, second row: Cadet MaJ. Glenn Olson, battalion executive officer; Cadet Maj. Ladd Honkala, 8-1; Cadet Maj. Thomas Erickson, S-2: Cadet Lt. William Reini, S-3; Cadet Lt. Mitchell LeClaire, S-4; back row: Cadet Capt. David Johnson, commander A. Company; Cadet Capt. Larry Haapoja, commander B Company; Cadet Capt. William Ryan, commander C. Company. The WORRY CLINIC By DR. GEORGE W. CRANE Miriam confesses that she now sees her husband's side of the case. But when she demanded a divorce, she was selfishly trying to bolster her own wounded feminine ego. Wives, send for the booklet helow and thus safeguard your marriage, for many of you are on the brink of divorce and don't even realize that fact. CASE W-409: Miriam B., aged 35, is the young wife who divorced her mate 5 years ago, though she had two young sons. "Dr. Crane," she wept, "I made a tragic mistake. A i t er Graduation Rites To Be Thursday ONTONAGON — Seventy six members of the senior class will be graduated Thursday evening, June 10 at 8 at the high school gymnasium. The class roll is as follows: Andrew P. Aho, Albert Aleknavici- us, Sally J. Allen, Anderson, Edward John Daniel James Balcomb, Jane Marie Bauer, Carol Jean Beck, Christine Elizab e t h B r e e s, Douglas Howard Bussiere Jr., Susan Gail C u r s k i, Dawn Margaret D*avison, John David Engberg, Penelope Suzanne Glaser, David Allen Gregory, Timothy Joseph Guzek, Cecelia Ann Haas, Patrick William Harrington. hearing your lectures and having read your column the past year, I see where I was largely at fault. "You are correct in saying divorce starts in the bedroom, for I now can look back and see that such was the case in my marriage. "For I felt that my husband was too demanding. So I tried to ration him as regards what you call 'erotic calories', a n d make him subsist on my quota. "As I look back, I remember how angry and caustic he finally became. "But I hadn't thought of your comparison between a man's greater gastric appetite and also his natural endowment of a much larger erotic hunger. "I see now that if I had tried to ration him at the dinner table to my own 2,000 calorie intake, he would soon have broken away and dined at a downtown restaurant to make up for m y table menu. But I did that very same thing in the erotic realm and when I found that he was dating an office secretary, I was so jealous and hurt and angry, I insisted on an immediate di vorce. "Now I wish I hadn't! He was really a wonderful man. But I just was plain ignorant of the vast sexual differences between male and female. "Dr. Crane, please tell other angry wives to wake up before it is too late. I'd have a devoted husband today and my sons would have their daddy home with them every night if I hadn't Alan Everate Hays, David been so headstrong and insisted Dean Hegg, John R. Hildren, Edward J. Hoeft, Gerald M. Hoffman, Kay Ann Hokans, Janet Beth Hunt, George Ronald Ison, Candice Jean Johnson, Willi a m Wallace Jumisko, Cora L. Kalivoda, David G. Verlyn , Marie Kalivoda, K a n g a s, Nancy Marie Kemppainen, David Reed King, Donna C. M. Knickerbocker, Gerald David that I was right and he was 100 per cent wrong!" WIVES, WAKE UP Many men are immature and very poor marriage risks, even at the outset. But m i 11 i o n s of potentially good husbands are driven into divorce courts by wives who simply have the wrong idea about sex. Kovala Robert David Lack e« f rignte ous belie Duane G. Lahti Judith Lorraine tnat , <Wnat j * Lange, Roger ^Leiviska !be le f ^ nusband> .. tne Gary Lee LeMome, Phy ill s. h rt _ P *l tion th _, r mnt -, „«. r(> Jeanette Lindner, Linda Marlene |Shortratlon thelr mates as re Lundberg, Mary Don McDonald, Dennis Matthew Makela, Jeanette Helen Mannikko, Ann Marie Marincel, Louis F. Mos e 1 e, Marlene Sue Myhren, Susan Kay Myrblom, Robert John O'Brien, Margaret Ann Olson, Kristine Ann Ostling, Robert W. Pattison, Shirley Jean Perander, Marwel- la Jean Picotte, Kenneth Gary Radovich, Dixie Jean Rahk o 1 a, Robert John Rebo, Norman H. Ruotanen, Bruce Albert Ruuti- la. Joyce Carolyn Shafer,-Lawrenc M. Sien, Susan Diane Sirvio, Reba Mae Skinner, Mary Constance Smith, .Jeffrey W. Stephen, Judith Ann Store, Kathleen Ann Btork, John H. Talbot, Priscil 1 a Elaine T-Niemi, James Wilfred Torvinen, Jean Ellen Trimberger, Lillian Marie Tull, John J. Voss, Kathryn Elizabeth V o s s, Patricia Ann Walworth. "The class motto is "What We Are Is God's Gift to Us; What HTe Become Is Our Gift to God." The class colors are turquoise ind white and the class flower, hums. Top Half Scores in Bridge Club Listed ONTONAGON — At the last lession of the Duplicate Bridge Club, top half scores went to Mrs. C. L. Marley and Mrs. Walter Klapperich, 44>/ 2 : Henry Plutchak and Dick Plutchak, 12Vi; Dr. William Strong and Nolan Olson, 39; Mrs. T. H. Wileox and Mrs. James H a lama, u, and Dr. and Mrs. John Plerpont 36V4. The next session Mil feature Master Point Night. Graduation Rite for Kindergarten Is Set ONTONAGON -The graduation program (or the kindergarten children at the Ontonagon gards erotic calories. And that is courting danger For when you starve a human male in either his gastric or his erotic intake, you are simply setting the stage for his viola tion of one of the Ten Com mandments. For a hungry man will f i n ally resort to stealing. And an erotically ascetic hus band will often kick over the traces, albeit furtively and un obtrusively. If you frigid wives with a mania to short ration your mates in the erotic realm would take the proper view, you'd be grateful to your husbands when they enter into clandestine affairs. For at least the men are trying to protect your pride and save your ego the deflation that would come if they flaunted their unfaithfulness! Your ungrateful wives not only drive your mates away from you but then you haven't the courtesy to thank them for protecting your ego by their secretive affairs! D iv o r c e s start in the bedroom! And you wives are a t least 50 per cent responsible, though you don't even imagine you are at all to blame. So wake up. Get hep! For the sake of your children, send for the booklet "Sex Differences Between Men and Women," enclosing a long stamped, return envelope, plus 20 cents. Use it to prevent divorce! (Copyright by The Hopkins Syndicate, Inc.) Ontonagon Briefs Mr. and Mrs. Robert V a n- Damme and five children, and Patricia Tucker have returned to Superior, Wis., after spending the Memorial Day weekend with their brother and sister in law, Drade School will be held Wed-, teiday, June' 9, at 10:15 for the Mr. and Mrs. David Tucker. morning class and l:SO for thei afternoon* class. All parents and USE DAILY GLOBE -«« -welcome to attend,! WANT-ADS trt*nd§- * Johnston Cookies VANILLA RED OWL'S BflR-B-Q Cook-out time is here—and Red Owl's fabulous meat variety will keep your cook-outs deliriously different, yet happily economical—all summer long! This, week choose U. S. Choice beef steaks or roasts! (They're all Red Owl Insured to satisfy-or your money back!) or • /V •;. ip ,;rff£ , 4 jj * Crosse and Blackwell Hat Dog U.S. CHOICE-RED OWL INSURED BEEF STEAK or Hamburger RELISH RED OWL'S BIG DOLLAR VALUES! Your dollar does more—at a Red Owl store—and this week really proves pur case! Mix or match these items to your heart's content-or buy just one item—and get the same savings! HARVEST QUEEN0Pineapp!e-Grapefruit or Pineapple-Orange Drinks YOUR CHOICE lOl-oz. jars i CAROL-SANDWICH STYiE OR PLAIN ' Cookies FLEUR-WHITE, PINK, OR YELLOW * Insulated PICNIC JUGS Gal. Size 99° * RED OWL COUPON Thi» Coupon Good for 50 S A H Green Stamps with the purchase of a 10 Ib. bag of CUFFCHAR CHARCOAL Briquets Limit—On* Coupoa ptr Customer Expires Saturday. Junt S, 1965 - . Pork & Beans 1QT. uoi CANS PKGS. 200 2-PLY BOXES 1-LB. 5-OZ. CANS U.S. CHOICE-ROLLED & TIED RUMP. ROT1SSERIE 0VllfiHB00 DJEhfil 1 ROAST SMOKED, CENTER CUT Pork Chops i i LB. Swift't Thuringer ib. GEISHA SLICED PINEAPPLE GEISHA MANDARIN ORANGES 4 11-02. O CANS 4% RED OWL CONDENSED TOMATO lOi/2-OZ. CANS COASTAL FROZEN-CHOICE OF 4 FLAVORS TENDER, SWEET SUMMER DRINKS . B'&SSr NIBLETS CORN.... 58»<l» RED OWL-FOR REFRESHING ICED TEA DRINKS GREEN GIANT INSTANT TEA.... .•*?-™ 49< CREAM STYLE CORN . 5 ^ *1°° MUSSELMAN'S, WITH RASPBERRY, PINEAPPLE. OR HOME STYLE GREEN GIANT CUT APPLE SAUCE 4^89< GREEN BEANS .... 5'«<!» ARMOUR STAR BONELESS f BAKERY DEPT. HOME STYLE NEW CROP CALIFORNIA WHITE ROSE Mb. loaves FARMDALE Small or Large Curd COTTAGE 1-lb. 14-oi. I ctn. 1089 10-LB. TIN C99 CHEESE TENDER, GOLDEN KERNEL, FRESH 6 COL. CORP. 6-5 STORE HOURS Monday Through Saturday 8 a.m.—9 p.m. Sundays 9 a.m.—6 p.m. Sweet Corn 6 ™ 39< PRICES EFFECTIVE THRU SAT., JUNE 5 "QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED, NO SALES TO DEALERS" FARMDALE PASTEURIZED PROCESS SPREAD > Cheese... . 2L .° .*<? 69e RED OWL LIQUID, REG. OR PINK LOTION Dish ? T . B iK59< RED OWL POWDERED DETERGENT Wash.. ? >L ?- i 5 ? 2 . 1 * 6 -. 49* OWL

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