The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 21, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, June 21, 1948
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BLYTHEVILCE COCKIER IVEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OT NnnTUffiST,.... „. ' ' ' "^""^' » ' **J VOL. XUV— NO. 7fi Blylhcville Courier Blyllicville Daily News Mississippi Valley Blylhcvllle Herald Congress Floods WhiteHouseWith Last-Minute Bills ^ By John A. Goldsmith ™ United Prws SUIt Correspondent WASHINGTON, June 21. (U.P.)— President Truman's desk was piled high today with bills passed during a nianithon on " PCSSl011 ^ Ul ° C °" grcss ^ e c:lllert lhe " sc cond worst" Despite the President's own (o keep the vetoes coming if lie finds more legislation "objectionable," he of (lie major last-minute bills. expected to approve most These include the 19-tlirou 8 h-25 draft, foreign aid appropriations • compromise farm bill and pay raises for most federal workers. There an-'JL^tr"' 0 '" ' le a ' S ° WOUW illgn< howevcr Si'»«siiiBly, the bill to admit JUD.OOO European displaced persons to this country. Mr. Truman has denounced some of that bill's provisions as discriminatory (h £°^ re «i°"al leaders rang down* _ But they leit the way open' aTtlrey could call Congress back lo the .Job, and Speaker Joseph W Murt"i, Jr., said there was a good chance they would do so. Tlie adjournment resolution was phrajsed so that, either thc GOP leaders or Afr. Truman can recall the legislators. Some members of both parties felt t/iat the /allure to pass a comprehensive long-range housing bill was .ihe major argument for a back-to- vVashijigton move before next January. The Republican presidential candidate chosen this week in Philadelphia may have a lot to say about an "overtime" session. Second Longest Session cle; " time ior the Republican National Convention, both Houses stayed at work through Saturday night. T'lo Senate was in continuous session for « hours and 14 minutes—its Fire Destroys Service Station Blaze Near Holland, Mo., Causes Damage Placed at $30,000 Fire destroyed the Dixieland Se-vice station, cafe, three tourist cabins, and the olfice of Dr J 1 McDanlel on Hlghwa; ,, ,, • y Gl just out of Holland. Mo., last night causing an To clear Ihu legislative docket in estimated damage of $30000 All the buildings were owned bv Paul Byrtim of Blytheville. The fire is supposed to have started in the engine room of thc service station and it is believed that a faulty longest stretch since 1915 and thc compressor might have started ('ho second longest in its history. !>..--- -.. . . . . . "•" " lc Major bills passed and sent to the White House during the waninv hours of the 80th Congress includea: Peacetime draft: Under which in- — ~ ,., „ ,,,,„„. „ ducuoiu o^men 19 through 25—for a»d sparks from it ignited tl 21 months' service—will blaze. Thc tourist cabins were jir-t South of the service station, unri other cabins which were somewhti newer than the ones which burned were saved ;ro m the fire. The service station was a frame building, roo? .structure I of the concrete blork about 90 days if President Truman i which housed Dr McDaiiiel's of Tl»-(vt.,im* tv.-. .._, . _ .. .... , .:-- -_ ... . ' '^^""III a UL- proclairns that voluntary enlistments have failed to supply thc ^inecessary military manpower .The president is almost certain lo do so Foreign aid spending: Totalling '^.M0,710,2», only »5o3,COO,000 short ol the figure requested by Secre- Jice. some 80 feet North of the lion. Living quarters above the service stmion were destroyed completely, W. C. Richardson of Holland ln-l been operating the service station. - The fire was discovered last night about 10:30, but five fighting equipment was not available and the buildings soon collated. taiy 01 State George; C. Marshall.. ai;d Harden Cries had been mau- for s ,rt lo,:. China, Greece aging the cafe and Turkey. •-'/."' ' i _. _ about »14,006,OCO.OOO to operate government agencies during the fiscal year beginning July 1. Compromise farm bill: Extending present price support policies for one year after wartime emergency laws expire Dec. 31, and incorporating a modernized parity lormuln. and a supply-and-demand program of price supports beginning Jan. I, Pay raises: For 1,330,000 fed. workers, Including postal employes' who would get a S450 annual boast and classified civil service workers who would get $330. DI"s 5 Die Violently OverWeekend, tfemijTVo Are Slain (By Uiiiled Tress) At least rive persons died violently I in Arkansas during the week-end. NEWSPAPER Of NORTHEAST ARKANSAS ANDJMTOMA8T MISSOURI BLYTHEVILI,R, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, JUNK 21, 19-18 Currency Reform In Russian Zone Planned by USSR Plan* Follow Similar Action by Allies; Berlin Still Isolated By John B. McDermoll Ul.ilfd I'res* SUff Correspondent BKRLIN, June 21. _(UP)— Russian plans for currency reform in the Soviet Zone of Germany went, TKN PACKS the Into high gear today while Western allies wrestled with problem at supplying their rlsons In landlocked Berlin. The Soviets called the German Economic Council for the Russian Zone Into special session today They summoned (he chiefs of finance of the German states In their zone lo a meeting with bank directors of \he main banks in Ihe area tonight. The whirl of Russian financial activity was touched off by the currency reform in the Western /ones, which in turn sealed the zonal border between East and West Ciermany and virtually isolated tlie. American. British and French sectors of Berlin except by nlr. Marshal Vassily D. Skolovsky the Russian military governor, announced that tlie Soviets were forced to take protective measures to secure the economy of the Soviet Zone and Berlin. He also accused the Western allies of destroying plans made in thc now dormant Allied Control Council for overall German currency reform. 3 Governors Notified Sokolovsky's notice and warning were served in Identical letters to thc military governors of the three Western zones. The "protective measures" were not defined. Presumably they were the scaling off of the Soviet -«me and consequent Isolation of Berlin. "It is known to you that th, Bernadotte Goes Ahead Slowly on Peace-Plan Work RHODES, June 11. (U.l'.i— Count Folke B«n>»dotte planned tod.y to st»y at truce headquarters on this Greek island until Ar.b and Jewish expert* arrived to begin preliminary «. f*'?1 * "oi^-'or permanent peace in Palestine "We are going ahead Very slowly in order not to make mistakes." one °Th^™'' m ?,?, ll f S to " as5lstR »t* Mid. There still Is muc h to do before we actually approach the Jewish /erence." ^^ '° T ' '**« «">The assistant to the United Nations mediator said the Job of the Arab and Jewish e*pert« would be to help Bernadotte ,nd the UN staff get every fact absolutely cor- 1 rect so as to eliminate 1,11 grounds! for mismileiMa dm yes Orthoiox Victim of Assault Dies in Hospital; Assailant is Held Carp«nt«r Accused Of Striking Employer; rUad Hifr Concrete A cimntc of murder l« exacted o be filed today against Edmund Heed McQchce, 41, lllythevllle carpenter, In connection will, the death yesterday of H.rry Oll« fllanchard, "«, his employer. Blanch«rd died at Ihe Blylhevllie Hospital early yesterday of * .skull landings later fracture said lo have been received - «nd Arab and Jewish ',' *" « l(crc '' tl( "i with al terday attended a Orfelc „ e «<">l'isoii Lumber Company on church ceremony for! As ' BtrMl Saturday aftcr- SINGLK COPIES nting crwi ... ,500 Moslems knelt side by side BcniRdotte announced that ' 49 a 4 uniformed UN guards were on th — - They Palestine, Min^'rl'" 6 fr0in Ne * York will Uk« up gard duty In l>epnty Prosecuting Attorney IT O. Partlow staled this morning that an InvestigAtlo.- • " '" of Blnnchard's , .. , , , death Is being held and Indicated °' nulr<ler would 1 be to Chief of Police Lutherans Plan $40,000 Chapel Church to Replace Residence on Walnut; Parsonage Purchased «n (Jin 5 !° r C0115lrucltn B « moOO to ^nX^^Kz ^ ^M-ssrjsss 2s r;^r5?Tr^ I f * -"->-BVII, unALUL »nd James R. Deal, church treas- rer, who conferred with officials of Synod" h """- C '- l ' rCll ' 5Mlsso " rl He charged that the currency re form in the Western zones violated nil existing four-power agreements on currency. And he made It plain that he considered all of Berlin Including the sectors occupied by the Western allies, as part ol the Soviet Zone Insofar as currency reform went. Tiaffic at the East-West zonal border was at a standstill us Soviet ade of the purchase of adjacent r property, that filed. According Charles Short, Dlnnetinrd was struck by McGchec in ,ui aruument over work. McOehce Is sn i rt by have , ll ?^ ed Blancl ' ari1 "own, hl» head striking the concrete driveway between the lumber company's main office and the lumber shed. Chief Short stated that accord- In^ to witnesses McGehee accosted Blanchard at the lumber company and started arguing over Blanchard s employing » no thcr carpenter to work for him on a Job at tho Abraham Tourist Courts. McGc- hce was said to have been drlnk- IIB, Chief Short stated, nmi Is alleged to have slapped Ulanchard Following this altercation Blnn- dlsturblng the pence ngtitnst. McGehee, Chief warrant Short said. Blanchard then returned to the lumber company, he Second Attack FaUl seven-room residence Blanchard nn Wnl.,.,1 f t " t.illlclj^t; ; i-MH UCJJHrd Slilrted £ ™ artln . U .V™. ".*?''" Nl " ln '"! gliding. McGehe used as a parsonage. Mr. Deal said that funds are avail- I able to begin construction at an I early date and that plans are taking i definite for mfor the new bullrtlng RllllrNnr •>>.,.... r»t_ '>. . .. ntsciisscd The building plans were dlscu by the Rev have Jumped on him. Employees of the lumber iny separated the two men, and aji Blanchar. issed »knd t » " C d°" t ,° f " I0 door "' t B. McQehee is miegcd " WUU hls flst ' build- have " hlS No passenger German miucrt ti border city guards for movement traffic, either | T he Rev. Mr. Jaeger and Mr Deal or Allied, had been per-' K ' cr e delegates from the Blytheville o continue West from the church to the synod meeting held hi ^ity of Hclmstedt. Some 1 8t - Louis with 493 delegates attend Hears were cleared by the "W 'rom Arkn.isas, Missouri and ,H., „...., . Tennessee. Ses.sionswere conducted in the Concordla Tlieological Setn- -- T n St. Louis the detesmtei wrro started Krintiing slowly. An esti- 'old by the Rev. P. A Hertwle of mated 10,000,000 family heads lined Detroit, Mich., that America's bless up outside food ration offices to In 8 s must be shared with the wni-M draw their first 400 Deutsche marks ', m "ley will turn into curas The fnr ^^/>>, Fo ,,.n 1 „,.. 1 r-*,.* —.. -.. ^.ulr-c.-i, IJle trk, striking thc concrete driveway Banchard wn« taken to 'the i Blytheville Hospital where he died nt 3 a.m. yesterday. !s JVIcOehee wns placed under ' rest by City Policemen B. I/ blndcr and Lee Powclli Hc , s Soviet border eastward. The machinery for Ihe currency changeover in tile Western I nging from one to four years. In tile scramble for adjournment the Taft-Eltender-Wagner long-' range housing bill was sidetracked But Congress did p-«s bill that would establish dary market for GI home loan mortgages lo make it easier for was leaning against a lamp post when an unidentified m.-m approached and tired several shots nmW i '"'" him - ™ c " they said. iiuusuit, r n^ndp nn MTn, f |« o.,«^i- .„ „_ Bowers. Bowers died before reach- lor : f ' li? " Ij ' Ule Rock "ospilnl. Officers veterans to get. bauic cfedit under ' -j 1 empty .25-caliber cart- the GI Bill of Rights. ' ridgcs nMr the body. Other bills that went into the discard included thc Mundt-Nixon Communist-control measure, civil rights legislation, olco tax repeal tericral-aid-to-cdvication. and extension of Social Security bencliU. Farm Bureau Places Emphasis on Service; Dinner Meeting Called Approximately 100 Farm Bur»3it Members from North Mississippi county are expected to meet at . The second homicide victim was a Gfi-yenr-old Blyth Harry G. Blanchard. H injuries suffered in eville carpenter e died of an altercation Blytheville lumber yard. Of- Legionnaires Arrange for District Meet Leonard W. Moody of Marianna commander, Arkansas Department of the American Legion, will address members of thc Fifth District Legionnaires and th c annual district ficers said Edmund Heed 'McGehee ["^cttaS in Lepanto Sunday it was •" —- being held on nn open! announced today by Grnydon Grir- ' "- -• Joncsboro, district com- •1!. wns charge. John Carroll Hfoss. 73-ycar-olci operator of a tourist court near Rogers, was found dead in one of fin of millltl<!r D istrict (or , 1!)4 8-19 the cabins. A 12-gauge shotgun I |losl " <; "''" was found nearby, and Coroner W J Wl " uc F. Burns described It as suicide. ' orficcrs will be elected H ' nrr . v k' Brcecllovc. a 50-vcar-old r ._ ..„„ „„ 7! ravmer near Russcllvillc, wa's found tonight at thc Noble Hotel for a ' m a dying condition in a ficid bv ""---- —-"— two small boys. Thc mnn was dead when Sheriff Guy Hickman arrived. Thc sheriff said two charges ''•"<" » small caliber rille had pene- supper meeting. ^ L G. Nash, pi e-sidcnt "of the 1 North Mississippi County Farm Bureau, cul'.ed the meeting to explain thc meaning of Farm Bureau Sen-ires .Month, scheduled for Jun ! from a tinted Brcedlovc's body. i r nic drowning victim was Harold ami resolutions from considered. Reports by post commanders ar - Vnst- ' . . , , - " n^,., in; ia UL'lllU held in the county Jail here on „„ open charge pending further investigation. Preliminary hearing date has not been set lllrl "B Funeral to B« Tuesday lilanchRrd is survived by his wlfi Sti-eet. three sous. Charles and thevlllc and , Avcry nianchard of i family member. They siir- I Detroit clergyman vlce-prcsirient: Rev. A. M. Lohmann, Pcrr.vvllle, Mo., second vlce- prcsMcnt; Rev. Then cserken, St. 1 Louis, .secretary; and Lawrence J ' Rupprecht, St. Louis, treasurer, as I L.OSS Of Buildina fun fit Fn, W«™ 'U i ' " CW H °me three teachers of parish schools. Forty-eight district mission parishes are being supported, it was reported. Church extension loans up to T200.000 were authorized on an Interest-bearing basis,, tor erection of new church buildings. District congregations were urged 15 through July 15. Tonight's inec 1 - ! t*" 111 ' 1 '". 23. of Joncsboro. The mo- 5lss <PP> sun Poinsctt counties' ins will act the program started i.i I tor bo;lt "» which he and a """' • - this caunty. ) pnnjon wcr Forest L:ik' " v - ""i^'c "> connnantlcrs c • L* f • r% the district commander and the dls-! rrdgtyt I rain Derailed trict executive cotnmittceman J M Cleveland of Blytheville. Thc group will assemble at 10 a m. for registration, will attend church in a body at n and reassemble al 12:15 for lunch and nn afternoon business session. Thc district is composed of 24 posts in Craighead. Crittenden, MIs- cather coni- j IJVM.S are located at Bay Black Oak ixinion were cruising on Craighead n! >'thcville. Caraway, Dyess. Cash' filled with water and! Earle - Harrisburg, Joncsboro, Kei- snnfc. Wcstley Winn, also of Jones- bora swam to safety. Arkailsas forecast: Partly cloudy today, tonisht and Tuesday. Scattered thuiidcrshowcrs Northwest ai:d extreme North uortlons this afternoon or tonight. Warm In Northeast today. Minimum this mortitiiK— 72. Maximum yesterday—90. Minimum Sunday niornhiR--66 Maximum Saturday—77. Sunset today—7:16. Sunrise tomorrow—4:-l7. Precipitation, 48 hours to 7 n m to :y—none. Total since Jan. 1—24.54. i'Jiin tcmpcrtiturc (midway bet DII high and low—81. Normal mean for May—T0.2. This Date Last Year Minimum this morning—68 &:nxJmum yesterday—»i Precipitation, Jan.'i lo this date 12 o 1 > New York Stocks Closing stocks: A T and T Aincr Tobacco Anaconda Copper . 1 Beth Steel Chry.iler | Coca Cola Gon Electric . ... Gen Motors •Montgomery Ward . i N y Central I Int Harverstcr . ... North Am Aviation Hcpublic steel Radio Socony Vacuum . '.'. Sttldebaker . Tex?s C:>rp .. r----rd " i U S Steel 155 3-< 56 3-4 .in 3-1 37 64 170 41 3-8 64 50 1-4 16 3-1 3n 1-2 12 1-8 33 5-S 14 3-1 22 3-1 27 3-1 M 5-8 .I 31 1-4 , - sor ' Lakc cil >'. Leachville, be'panto Manila. Marion, Marked Tree Mo' iieKc, Ncttleton, Osccola. Trumann. Tyroiua. Wcincr, west Memphis (Negrol and West Ridge. School Cancels flection To Get. Bond Issue Okay The special election called by the Armorel School District No 9 for Saturday was called off at the last minute. R. w. Nichols, school superintendent, said today. iVfr. Nichols said that plans are underway for financing the building project which will not necessitate the securing of a loan from the State Revolving ix>an Fund and ™ <S'~ Bn °' * slx rai " <"* 0" he S34-l.,00 assessed valuation of the district. The election was scheduled to secure a $25,000 loan which was to , have been iiied of cottage combined. for the building a cafcterlii and home economics LAKE SUCCESS, N. y. J,,, 1P i, (UP,-U,,ilcd Nations officials said today they were discouraged by th c la.iure ot Congress to approve a s65.COO.COO loan for construction of a permanent home for thc organization in New York. - ...„-.., They felt the UN Genernl A^^/.,^ to participate In the Christian Rural, bly might decide to mov th f r nn }' Overseas Program, a plan lor col- tal to Europe as a result lection of farm produce for relief Members Of the. American dele purposes abroad, by the Emergency gallon said only ft few diU V™ Planning Council of Missouri Synod,] that If Congress failed to authorJe the Rev. Mr. Jaeger said. the loan the United States wouW 'suffer a serious loss of prestige Destruction of old buildings' on ELBE*™. Ga., .nne ». <UP, j ^nf^U.Y^^eSIf f^lT -S:x cars of a Seaboard Railroad ' -•• •-- ' tlnlsh- frciehl train were derailed near NJ ed, but nothing more (n the way of building ctin be 'done until the Missco's Traffic Fatali. ies in May Account for Tenth of State's Total Ten |>cr cent or the 30 fatal accl- ; involved In 72 accident* In , dents Investigated last month in nine persons were killed. ArkariM.s by state Police occurred! housewives and domestic in Mississippi County, it was ills- behind the wheel in nci closed loday in thc monthly report caused four deaths W< which with GOP National Convention Opens in Philadelphia; To Hear Keynoter Tonight We Can't Lose Internationa! Wing to Battle Isolationists Dewey, Stossen And Toft Hold thc Balance of Power MirLADKLPHlA, June 31. (U.P) —A handful of slnles w i(|, f ftvor u c . son candidates today held balance of power In tha Itttpubllcan National Convention. A check of slato delegations as 1 tne coiii-c.illnn opened showed that none ,,r th,, |,!g ihrec front runners , '" ""> pOP stakes will Sen loiymoiiil K. Baldwin of con-l "'" lc cl " so <"> ">« ««t liallol (o Iho' iiccticul as the Hepi.bll.-ans linin-' M . 8 votcs "wssary for nomination Ky PHILADELPHIA. June '/I. "(U.V\) —A foreign policy plunk piilti'i-ncd' utter the Vnnilenberit brand of In- lerimllmialisin may set oft Iho blfi- •<rsl Intrn-pnrty (Igllt nt the lie- .mlillenn convention. The (Ip-off came tnday from mered Ihclr platform Into shape Baldwin frankly rtlsiiitiwii with the view of Sen. Henry Cabot I«|KC. f(.. tlie propmcd 2-100- wortl .-.lalciiH-ut of party prl.iflnlra Is one which .ill elements of the party ;im support (.•tilhti.slustlcally Baldwin, identified with tin- in- lernatloimllst whig or (he p.irlv cx- pccls trouble from the so-i-nlli-d Isolationist faction on the foclg ;i plnnk. It . lakos a firm Btund for l cooperation and for he propnscd reportedly economic as- needy noii-Coimiiunlst sistance. nations. To Kwp Wi>rl<l r.fa.lprshlp lodsc, chiilrnian ol the lic.iwhi- llons Committee inut of tho sevon- innn sr.bconimitlrc which drafted the tentative platform, said it was not a 'me too", cnilorsomnit of ad- There in- lion. Present e 1994 votes in the conven- - flrst '""""I slrenglh of nn- bin three, on the basts of rau- Oov. Thomas E. Dcw-cy of New York. -M3-. Sen. Robert A . -raft iss IK1 founcr ciov. Harold B. slassen of Minnesota, 14S. u| B tlirca total- V0tos i lo favorite sons, undecided or unannounced as of These figure., )„ represent estimates by e s|K.k M ..,,en. And some of I e - delaton I" ministration ha ndling o[ foreign nf- , •" ...tin are ' challenged by rlvni camps tiny event, the tolals will "lie before (he ballntlnir boKlns "He-week as addition,,) Mow I mis make up tl,el,- , n | mls An(| ^ HMUCS are for flrst-lmllot volca ' «nd the United states to assume keep its world Icuclershlp role. A slroiiK undercurrent of Int.a- piu-ty oonfllcl on foreign policy brust (o (he.siirtacK In th c | nst t ii,y s or ( |, c 80lh Congrnw when and Senale conferees lockctl In a B rucl- lln tu K -o-war on ti|i|iiopi-latlons for foreign aid programs, Th P i rn ,, w finally modified Its nrlRlnnl decision to make deep cuts in foreign spcnd- Dut the foreign policy plank wasn't thc only likely .source of cm roverjy l«f o| . c thc GOI , ,„„„„,.„ Is n hptcd. There were others such as civil rights, homing „„„ ,, llll(> ,, n | tlL'I fllSC*. rnrni" )M .-; i """ lK "' '*«"«tloii« committee, which meets at 3-30 n m BUT. to consider the platform recommendations, sMinerl hcndnl for many Hours or wrangling over Ihe conlrovct-Blnl planks. .?I!." n C , l ?* f " "°l wn Forum" that. said there would i „„ hi,. |M ,. t or ( t . „ lo keep the full liwoluttons Co , lie chan K ,-.. „„ ..„ f for thc coininilici. memb-rs But I «S5"f,'"p re «. d(lsa " to tlic " liwi All lold, tho proirasert OOP nlnt m C ,« T M sept ,^ op ; *-i I he civil rights planlc was n d c ll- meet it meet with general if not mciit of anti-poll lo cn.l for enact tax nntl nntl-lynchhig nnrt. li> a Rcnernl way, .for nn end raoml cliscrlminalio,,' f,, P ,," lov ment .m<l in the armed scrvlrcs " «K«. l iC"^ n S I ^, ra 5J-,hT PolnlC'l out that the Ikif OOP t'oi/n called for a fair pmnir,v nienl practices Inw. <™I«oy- Many Potential Draftees Enlist National Guard Does Rw*h Business; Bill To Become Law Soon June 021 (UP)-_ " In November, Delegates Say ' Br I,yle C. Wlfcon VMt4 fret, SU« Corrrapondcnt CONVENTION HALL, PH1LADELPJ11A, June 21. (U.P.)—Tlie Republican National Convention opened to- ilixy in a flood or chest-lhumiv ing ovnlory with Dewey, Taft, itrul Stusscii odds-on favorite's to lend the field on the first ballot for a presidential nominee. After hearing f olu - speeches an forecasting victory In November tha rtel.j8.ites Irtmsacled some routine business und adjourned at 12:57 P.m. EOT until 9 p.,,,. E CT The first session was a hot one, mul nnmltl, too. The, big gray stoii* convention hall w«s hit by a king! sl/.c heat wave generulcd in part bv normal Philadelphia Summer wea- thcr and In part by powerful lights whlcli produced almost as much hetit ns Illumination The b»lln(ln x ( or , preslden- «al nomine*, the hl c ,( M l P | MI of bmtnew hefore thr. convention, wont »t»rt until Taursd»y. To?".l """ « he d »y '«' WIT talk- talk of what the K«-pubIlc»n!i pUn to an to Ihe ncmocnts come Fall od Tmj me b "* lll<:S!l wns 'rnnsaoU vonllon rules, wcsit'thronBlUhe'ifo"! mnl ties or okaying committees oil credential.; and resolutions, and elected Oov. Dwlght H. Qreen "t Illinois temporary ehatrrann Clrcen will <| e ilvcr the convention keynote speech tonight In a we-cnn't-lose mood, th« 1,094 rielegntes formally began the business of setting up the campaign machinery they believe will giva stnce "£*'*** ^«»W»l victory Walter S. Hallanan, chairman of the Arrangements Committee gav- ± l ^ co ^ t !L 1 ?"'° ".^"tt ui«j total it'ixirtcd between nppllcatlon., this morn- coinimred with n normnl dully , , • --, , - of one or two. Clevelnnri lepislnllo,, Ohio. Guard Jleadnuarter, got 00 applications In an hour. Plll-sbtirph and nlso rrportnl Owners Take Cver Bakery Here Louisville Ky gimrd hcndotmrters wt-re answerhis „ flood of calls from wlimllal drnftces enquiring nbout tlmlr possible slntus. Antlrlnali! Hush Bujlni-is Elsewhere, rccrnltl,i g offices tn- ' nnllclnntl ™ thc convention was on National Chairman Carroll Recce summoned the party lo battle with nn address In w i, lch no (i..,,*"^ that the biggest issue In November munlsni. """' c ' u '' sm vg ' Conl The Hepubllenn Party of the United Slates nl ,d lnter.mltonal Communism, Recce told th c <iclc- MS™! T '|" C "' W ° P 0 *' 01 "^ 1 l°r- , '.7?:° °" ce P' 0 " 1 Democratic par- IMI r ? cc 'i c , sfll<l " lla s become an In. lollect.ini hybrid of radicalism and big city •innchlnlsn;.' ft can See. CONVENTION no !•*,„ not 10 CONVENTION BRIEFS I>ewcjr Toughest Foe WASHINGTON. June 21. (UP)— Prcsldcnl Triunnn believes that - I LI ••••••>-i*'un>'ii ~ * « luutiii lUtUCVCS tflftt or heavy business and prepared lo ! Gt » r - Thomas E. Dowey of Now York cmnl,, ^ . „,„ elght ho ,, rs „ , , d „,. ,„„ ^ N^York "*' . " Ic Republican National Convcn- And one !,| B attraction t.i the " collltl B' vc 'urn. And one !,| B nttrnctlon ti Air Nntlonnl Ounrcl. 'nioui!), noniinlly closed on Sunday. NnlionnI Guard Ifeailnunrlcrs hi Washington, si. Lotils. Boston .itid elsewhere opened their doors yesterday In response to hundreds r, *•' i MI. in; W ll^Mlf'I'S ITrt t\nf, AU'J.MUU i\UVl Charles Meyer, Jr . „[ Ul i, f Rn ... f s ".«0 men would ho Inducted dur- wcretnry and treasurer ol the tj"k- """' "' "" """ HE firm whirl, ,, ow hns ,„„,„,),; rivc cities in Arkansas was he e •, Iny for (he [irsl div *t , y ° f ° PCr " tlon by the new Ftc ing Ihe first year of the draft The exact number, they snltt. will depend to a great extent on the number of volunteer.';. "y vohintrcrl.u; for one ycnr's service, in-year-olds could avoid fiiinounccil it,at o n M^V»« ' i,«i« -, .' V " of Jonosboro. had been elected a i * ^"^ ' nlcr °"' vice president or thc baking fi™ ^>^y^^°^\^^ !'- -IccHvrserv^ Two new trucks have been added p the equipment for handling de- vcrlcs In the «lythevili c area \["•-- said, and added that a third To Strve 21 Months As finally approved by congress Saturday, the selective, service would make men In the 19- through-25 npe group eligible for 21 months 'service. Thc first draftees Issued by department officials Little Rock. In were rcsiwnslble for less „,,,.,. 1 thnn one-eighth of the traffic fa- Six <•{ the fatal accidents In the talitlcs "*mc ia state were caused by drivers below the license ngc, the report disclosed, and seven of the other fatalities In- Travel on thc straight and level roads was shown to be thc most hawrrt'ius for 19 of the deaths and vo.vecI drivers between the ages of Vw of' Ihe accloenU 'were on such 20 and 24 The hows between 6 and 9 in the morning, and the same period at night were found, according to thc May rt-port. to be thc most dangerous time to be on the highways. Five (.'caihs were reported for the three-hour period In the morning, and six for thc hours between 6 and 8 p. in. Satmday was shown to be the most hazardous day for travel with 51 acc'.dents and eight fata'.ltles. Eight of the 30 traffic deaths were In tho pom-st City District tn which -Il«l.;slp|i| Countv is located. ., , i arnicrs »na larm laboreri were period In 1047. highways Twenty-five deaths on dry highways compared to only one when thc pavement was wet and 17 of the fatalities were out in the Djxn country compared to four in resilience areas, and four In the buslnesr areas. Six r 1 the crash victims were ped- cstrlan.i while lo were passengers In other cars. Nine persons were killed vhen the cars In which they •were riding ran olt the roadway, overturned on the highway or crashed Into fixed objects. Tlie death toll s to be delivered soon bringing to 2 the number nt (rucks which will tiBke deliveries rrom the Blythc- 'llc plant. It will be about 10 days or two weeks before the new owners complete their plans for changing over to use of their own label for the bakery products, it was could be caUcd tip three months after the president signs World War ir veterans with at least no days' service netwren Penr! Harbor and V-.I Day would be exempt. so would those who put In a .12-month hitch between Sept. 16 1040 and thc day the bill becomes tion could give him. He feels House Speaker Joseph W Martin, Jr., of Massachusetts would be thc easiest to beat In November. Taft Sees A Victory PHILADELPHIA, June 21 (UP) —Sen. Robert A. Taft, R Ohio said today he probably would pick up 16 Georgia delegates In today'* contest before the Credentials Committee of the Republican National Convention. Taft told reporters he believed the Georgia delegates supporting htm have such a good case that they will probably win." law The president has authority to .,.,.„ i,-v n , .,' ...v..i,.,,. . mi- m'&iuerii. nas author tv lo Ino b.ikerv here was established? defer men with dependents as "well £>F^1-_S^^ Mo. Mr. iiarizog will continue to operate the unit in Sikcston. Blast Hits Powder Plant TRENTON, N. J., June; 21. (UP1 — An explosion shook tho Herculrs Powder Plant at Ml. Arlington N. J. today, pollen reported. Tlie, blast was heard over a. radius if several HUMS throughout Northern New Jersey. ami scientific and mcdlcul students. Also cxmept are regularly ordained ministers and those studying for the ministry, and conscientious objectors who are oppoied to all types of service, even non-combat duty Soybeans In Arkt.nsas to June 1 this year was J i 148. compared to 1» lor the samel July | No ^ CHICAGO, June 21, _(up)_ Soybean quotnllons: Open High I,on- Close ..420 4?:0 420 420 ••-- 340N New York Gorton NEW YORK, June Si. (UP)— Close barely steady. open high low close Mar 3253 3203 3246 3246 May 3241 3232 3225 3225 July 3650 3C57 3637 3638 Oct 3332 3343 3323 3324 Dec 3:"8 3283 32S5 3266 Spots close 38.05, down ). To Ignore Pickets PHILADELPHIA, June 21. (UP) —The GOP convention Arrangements Committee said today it would ignore an American Communications Association (CIO) threat to picket thc national convention. The union announced last night In New York that it would set "up picket lines unless the committee withdraws broadcasting and television privileges from radio station WPIL. Strong Foi-eljn Policy Asked PHILADELPHIA, June 21. (UP)._ Harold E. Stassen today demanded that the Republican platform carry a strong foreign policy planlc that meets the International situation rather than the "unanimity'* of the party. He said it should point this country "toward thc prevention of a thirj world war and building up better conditions of living and more freedom for the peoples of the world." Stop-Dewey Move F«lls HILADELPHIA, June 21. (UP) _ Herbert Browmell, Jr., campaign" manager for Thomas E. Dewey, said today a move to stop the Key Yovk governor's nomination had failed ana predicted on early ballot victory. He told a press conference thst tlie stop-Dewcy moi« "h»i been going on for two years—ever sine* Gov. Dewey was re-elected by th« largest majority in Me* York* hi* tory." :

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