The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on June 22, 1894 · Page 2
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 2

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, June 22, 1894
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COUNTY GOVERNMENT, Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors, June Session. AvniTOR's OFFICE, CAHBOLII Co., IA 1 • Carroll, Iowa, June 4th, 1894 \ Board met persunnt to adjournment. Members .present, \Vvn. Sexton, R. E. Dnr- gin. G. vGlati, Chris. Hnusman mid Dnu Morgan. Minutes of previous meeting were rend nnd on motion same were approved. On motion adjourned to 8 o'clock tomorrow. JUNE THE 6iH. Board met, members all present. On motion the whole board proceeeded to settle with county treasurer. All the time bring taken up in the treasurer's otiice uo more work was done In the auditor's office ' until .June the 8th. JUNE THE STH. Board met, members all present. Petition to abate tax on lot 7, block 8, ' Carroll, on account pf charity wns on inotion, rejected. Petition of Jos. Pudens for grade between sections 1 and 2 KniEst township was on motion referred to Q. v Glan with power to act. , Ou motion auditor wus instructed to nbrtte $1 on the personal tax of Sain Fry. ou account of error in assessment. Also to abate $8.29 on tax of F. Heimon on the west one half o£ section 6-85-34 on 1898 .tax ou account of erroneous assessment. Also to abate $11.4.0 tax on the southeast •one-fourth section 80-82-30 on account of tree QXeraption, Petition of citizens of Union township for grade on highway was referred to R. B. Dargin with power to act. Petition of citizens of Roselle township asking that board order the removal of a certain hedge on highway in section 19 said township was on motion, rejected. Report of J. W. Kcnnebeck, clerk, of fees .. collected from April 1st to June 1st was read, and on motion, ordered filed. Amount collected $149. Official-bond of Oliver Horton, Soldier's' relief commissioner, was on inotion approved. Petition of R. L. Wilson for abatement of tax on lots 9 and 10 block 19 Coon Rapids, on account of loss, by fire,, was on. motion rejected. • On motion the contract to paint the sounty jail was awarded to A. N. Harding at $129. Petition of citizens of Carroil asking that a sidewalk be built along the north and east sides of the court house square was on motion rejected. Treasurer was on motion instructed to abate tax on lot 7, block 1 Nichols' addition to Glidden on account of charity. Auditor was on motion instructed tore- deem from tax sale lots 1, 2, 3,4, 5 and 10, in.block 11 Gallaher's addition to Coon Rapids, on account of charity. Petition of citizens of Pleasant Valley township praying that a grade be built on highway between sections 31 and 32 was on motion referred to Hausmann. Petition of H. Bruggenkamp praying that tax on $1500 moneyg and credits be abated, was on motion rejected. Consent highway petition of A. W. Patterson and others praying for a highway 44ft wide on section line between sections 24 and'" 25-82-34 was on motion granted as prayed for and auditor instructed to cause .game to be platted. Treasurer was on motion directed to abate $3.70 on southwest one-fourth section 21-84 34 on account of tree exemption. On motion adjourned to 8 o'clock tomorrow morning., JUNE THE OTH. Board met, members all present. On motion proceeded to admit bills. On motion the following resolution was unanimously adopted: Whereas charges have boon made by the editors of the "Germania" and "Western Farm Journal" through their respective papers, that the editors of • the Carroll Sentinel and CABROU, HEBALD bad defrauded the county out of a large sum of money: That tho fraud was perpetrated by overcharging for printing done for the county: That the compensation received from the county for publishing the proceeding* of the board of supervisors had been excessive und unprecedented : That tho number of squares of "county printing" ae measured and charged for by the editors of said Carroll Sentinel and CAMOLL HEIIALD, wore in excess ol that which had actually been published, and if paid for aa measured) the county would again be defrauded out of a large sum of money: Therefore be it Resolved: That the charges made by the editors of the said "Germunla" nud "West- urn Farm Journal" against the editors ol the said Carroll Sentinel and CABKOM, HEII- ALD, be investigated as far aa Carroll county U concerned: That tho proceedings of the board of supervisors of the April session, 1894, tiu measured by exports: And bo It further Resolved: That Frank Florencourt cdl tor of tip "Germauiu" and J. B. Knlest cdl tor of Hie "Western Farm Journal" and W, L. Culbertson, be appointed UB such expert* And thrtt the auditor bo Instructed to re i!«Mt Frank Florencourt, J. B. Knlost uud W, L. Culbertson, to uppeur before tho board of supervisors ut the auditor's office, ut the hour of half past ton o'clock in the ioroaoou, on tho Oth day of Juno 1894, and jn-qporly measure the proceedings of the board o{ supervisors of the April session und imswer such question* 08 muy bo pro )>oundoi) 19 them by the board of supervisors In necorcluLico with the above roolulloii dui notice was glvon to all parties; undatlOiilO ..'..$, in. the flbovo named persons, appolnlci by 'the board of guporvlgors, mot ut thu uu dltor's Qfflce and proceeded to measure thu lirocficdiug "of the board of Hupoi'vlsors of tho Aprjl session an publUuod hi the oitlulu papers • of the county. Upon tho proper ineaauJe)H>en,t of the siijd proceedings by thu Mid esperts the following rupurt was bj il)ou. r>utimittad<ia the 'board: Cutryl), lowii, Junutlii' IHh, iw; To the Board '.of SupervUors of I'urrol Count) 1 , IOWH, .'• ; >.'(jj£KTLitMiiK: \Vu your ooiniultUio ii)>;>niiit • ' •$ bn ,-. muunuru tho procco^Um* of the A:>ri Ifci'.il tfOoslim of tho hoard of Bupc'rvimi i |ji Misln-i] !>• tim uflicml paper* olHio "" >•' •' lii I thul KUDU) mt'iuui'i' Ui&D<juurp«,'u» nrid; ;•- .•iiuK-v.tu I"; ilctornrliiud, W, lv.'i'sii.N. J.JJ. KNU:M. » F. FI.UIU.MUI. uj. On motion the above report wne accepted and ordered filed. On motion adjourned to J\vne 11. JUNE HTH, 1894. Board met; members nil present. On motion proceeded to audit bills. On motion adjourned to 8 d'clock tomorrow morning. JUNE 12rn, 1894. Board met: members nil present. On motion proceeded to audit bills. On motion board constituted itself n committee to visit the poor farm. AFTEKNOOK SESSION. On motion the auditor wns directed to redeem from tax sale 20 acres in nw sw section 34-82-33 on account of sale lacing erroneous, nnd also to abate all taxes charged against snid property on account of double nssess- uent. The actions of the auditor in drawing the 'ollonviug warrants during vacation were, on notion, approved and ratified: L. Powers, stamped envelopes..$236.40 M. Wilkio, work on jail 3.50 Inrry Livingston, wolf skins 8.00 '. A.Swearingiu, " " 6.00 V.R.Pratt. " " 21.00 j. A. Darr. " " 1200 . Plymesscr, " " B.OO V. P. Hombach, transportation for pauper Schmidt to Chicago 11.90 Petition of the Germnuin society for nbnte- nent of tax oil lot 1, block 36, Carroll, on ccount of being used for society purposes, vns on motion rejected^ Report of W. P. Hombach, auditor, of ees collected from April 1st to Juno 1st was end and on motion ordered filed. Amount -ollected $47.25. Treasurer was on motion instructed to re- mid taxes erroneously assessed and collected in part of the so no, section 24-83-34, on account of double assessment. Also to abate all tax due on lots 3. 4 and 5. block 40, Carroll, on account of being church iroperty. Report of W. H. Wahl and Geo. W. Korte, committee appointed, of fees of the clerk of he district court for the years 1889, 1890, 891 and 1892, was approved nnd ordered iled. Amount of cash received and fees col- ected $5,925.05. Amount of fees uncolleoted $1,024.55; On motion adjourned to 8 o'clock a. m., :omorrow. JUNE 13iH, 1894. Board met, members all present. On motion the salary of the county attorney was fixed at $800.00 per annum. , i|C The following report of the committee' appointed to settle with the county treasurer vas read and on motion accepted and ordered filed: CABBOIX, IOWA, June 11,1894. To the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Carroll county^lowa; SIR :—Your committee appointed to settle with the county treasurer find that the books n said office are correct as shown by balance sheet, and amount of money on hand is six- .ecn thousand, .eight hundred two and 33-100 dollars. C. HAUSMANN, G. V. GLAN, B. E. DABGIN. DANIKL MORGAN. Treasurer was on motion instructed to proceed and collect all delinquent taxes as far as same is possible. Treasurer was on inotion instructed to abate $7.75 tax on lot H, block 7, Glidden, on account of loss by fire. On motion recorder was instructed to Tunseribe part_of deed record "G," on account of writing in said record being partly obliterated. Petition of C. W. Hill, attorney for admin- .stratqr of the estate of John Lonsdalo, deceased, praying that the county refund all axes paid on ne sw and n%se and se nw, section 21-83-36, by the said John Lonsdale Eor the years 1868 to 1879 inclusive, was on motion rejected. On motion proceeded to equalize the assessment of personal property with the following result: Jasper Sheridan Kuicst Wheatlund Arcadia Carroll Grant • Glidden Richlund PI, Valley Roselle Washington Warren Eden Newton Union Breda Arcadia, West Side Carroll Glidden Manning Templetou Dedham Coon Rapids Regarding the matter of "Taxing tho truffle In intoxicating liquors" In porauarico of th provisions of an act of the 26th ganoru assembly of Iowa, ttio following resolution wus adopted: Resolved, tlmt a tax of two hundred (1200 dollars be und tho same In hereby levied on ouch place within this county where lutoxl eating liquor in sold as shown by tho sovoro assessor'* bcoks, for tho months of June July, August und September, for tho you 16(4, und thul said tux be Hud tho name hereby lovlod upon uud uguluBt cucli person linn or corporation conduct Ing said place whore intoxicating liquor la sold; und uhu against uud upon tho rt-ul cflUtUi whoreoi said place IB locutoil, und upon und uga tho owuor of Huid real estate, Trcuttwor wutt 011 motion instructed to ro fund to Frank Holm, out of 181*3 tux, *0.<iC on part of ut> uo sw, Houtlou 25-84-81 on u count of ciror Iti muoatuneut. Also to abulo f«.St tax ou lot U, blowk Ullildcu, ou uoc'ouut of loan by tiro. On motion adjourned to first Monday K(tplombor. W. 1 J . HOMIUCII, County Auditor, Township. , .Decreased 5 per cent " B " ..Unchanged.' Ind, Ind., ) Outside of Incorp. I Increased 10 perconl " 20 " . ..Unchanged. During the Juuo session tlu) lolluwln WITB ullowud or rejitctud a* htatuil be uud ua tiliDWU by ruKlstui 1 of claim* 01 Win. 8exlpn, RiilHry uud U. JS. Duriflu " CMll.-Haustnanii " 8816 0. v. Glrfn " " to 8* T>. Morgan " " 86 72 !d. Fol-y, msals for pauper Stlckfcej. ... 1 75 CaiToIl Drj Goods Uo., goods for p»upf.f. 6 83 B. Strriterticjer, repairing stove for p*i>- pef Galvln 1 50 Willey& Taylor, coal for paifper Waters. 11 6u S. Walz. shoos for pmipor bonlcy 175 " slioee for prisoner 160 .mlwlg Bros., goods for pnuper Fritz 2(i 44 " Wllklhs.. 4 00 " " Wllley... 81,48 ;empker ft Cooltdgc, goods lor pnuper J.WIessner .'...; 200 rmstrongBfos.,goods for pauper Waters 10 00 f. Wlioox i. Urbiiny, shoes for Rilley & Holland, goodj Galvln.... Wllklns.. S token... Copley.. Mott.... Galvln .. Mllee.... Sjhmltt. 10 ou 6 45 10 2ft 400 27 00 9 00 W 00 1600 1800 Id. Mowdor, care for slot 'etet Men, goods lor Uocli, Kottlcr & Prutcr, goats for pauper eber 900 loch, Rattier & Pruter, goods for pauper Jentscn 1646 lohtrcr Bros., goods for'punpBi Uescli... 12 00 H. Stratemeyer, milk for " Galvln... 6 ; QO N. Merchant, goods for " Wllkhu . 1726 " i " " Eckert... 900 Henry Tank, milk for paupir Jurgene, askcd$10.45; allowed 8 80 i. B. Mohr, goods for paupei Jurgens.... 13 64 '. D. Bohr, milk for pauper Jentscb 1 93 i. M. Moore, shoes for poor farm 4 00 '. M. Johnson, coffin lor pauper Uumpton 12 00 " coffin nnd burial expenses for pauper W. Miles, asked 421.75; ull'd 19 60 V, M. Johnson, coffin for child ot panper Tnnlan '. 1200 . Dalker, meat for pauper Casper 5 65 . B. Atkinson, etove pipe for pauper Oon- Icy .'... 126 Jeo. Poepe, goods for pauper Brochteu- derf .' 6 64 :|ias. Wnlterscheld, goods for ponper Loch 1800 M. E. Cbllcote, disinfecting house of Nichols, asked $10.00; rejected, iDUls Simons, goods for pauper Jacobseo 20 SO V. A. McLigan <• " Wllklcx. 1300: D. Joice, cosl lor poor farm 13 25 coal for pauper Looh _.... 4 30 Jentsch .....I.... 800 Clausen '.. 425' Wllklns 650 Peters 825 Conley. 650 Wllley 325 Mlttelman 325 'eter Hoffman, board for pauper family Lamp .. .. 300 'red Caspary, coal for pauper Juoob3iin.. 4 00 I. Baum h cver, §ort§ for poor farm 7 90 Seo. A. Smith, work oa poor farm 2 10 . W. Hitton, goods lor poor farm 18 15 W.A.McLagan " " ' 9985 Martin * Clovls " " 62S Sturges & Vhurllmwi, goods tor poorlarm U 86 Nlswonger ft Wldermeyer, goodt for poor tarm 3VO ohn Dalker, pork barrel for poor farm.. 1 00 Woodward, Dickey & Co., harrow tot poor farm IS 00 Fred Fr»nzwa, work for poor farm 110 Geo. W. ishton * Co., good* for poor farm ' S 15 W. T. Mln»hen " " 6 00 •' mlt for Peter Rohner, asked $5.60j rejected. linger & Co., merchandise tor poor farm. 17 85 J. C. Onan, hired belpon poor farm...... 100 00 J. N. Freeman, assessing Jaep« town- imp BOOB Jobn Carrabei, attesting Sheridan, town- ihlp, asked$82; allowed 7000 Anton Kokeuge, assessing Knteit township, asked $84; aUovred 7000 Kred Genzel, asseulnit Wneatlend t»wn- ihlp, asked«80; allowed...:..... 7000 Frank Bongliman, assosntng Breda Incorporation, asked $tH; allowed. 25 00 B. Scbroedtr, aiso«slng Arcadia town- •blp 60W O. Labau, assessing Arcadia Incorporation 2700 John Barr, aiteiitng Carroll towninlp asked $7Bj allowed .TOW F. J. Been, assessing Carroll Incorpora 11000 Joba Daiker, assessing Grant tovnubip, atked |80; allowed 7000 E. M. GoldlDg, aueaalng Glidden town ehlp eo. Wetter Jr., Bisewlng Glidden locor poration • Wm. Baab, auosslDg BJdbland township . 60 00 3. B. Wllley, awning Pleasant Valley town«nip WW Adam Steffea, ais«i9ln» BoMlle towniblp 69116 E, Drabolm, as»esslug Waiblngton town Bli1|i 6000 J.J. Kru«o,88«o»»lng Warren townabip CO 00 V, B Long, aaseflelng Uaqnlng Incorporation Frank Hoffman, assessing Eden towniblp 66 0 John Selilmlck, assessing Templeton In- Soat.. 3» 00 Dr. A. t. Wright. nrffMenl HtttJtoJaaee to pauper ISW Dr. A. S. Gockley,' Attondaftee to panper Wtlktns ,..,„,,.. 11 W Dr. A. S. Gockley, median? attendance to pauper Prlestlty 850 J H. Pape,township clerk,... 22 00 H. Hessllngh •• " ..... 200) James Boyee, trustee 4 00 ,Tag.O'Herron " 4 00 FrcdKloukman " 200 V. Meyer, trustee, fished 84.6'); allowed... 2 60 B. Futttnnn, toAvnshlp clerk 22 00 L.Meyer,trustee..... r . Is 00 JohnElscheld, trustee 2 00 Jobn Behtens, " 200 A. Kretzlngor, township clerk 20 00 Joh.i Parker, trustee : 400 A. 0. Steele, trustee 200 T. B. Komsey, trustee 400 F. A. Fotey, room rent for election, ashed V3.50; laid over. Iowa State Register, publishing legalization act. 475 GHdden Graphic notice to contractors... 1 00 Entetpria*, publishing legalization act.. 3 00 Illinois Printing Co., goods for court hoaso 8 58 Fitzgerald & Hungerford, blank books'.... 16688 Dor Carroll Domokrat, blanks and envelopes, asked 19.90; allowed 915 Carter & Bussey, goods for court houso.... 12 80 Western Farm Journal, blanks ordered by auditor, asked $40.80; allowed 37 20 Western. Farm Journal, blanks ordered byclerk g 40 Western farm Journal, envelopes ordered bfr recorder 3 50 Hllnnan&Co.Jaw books _ 10 oo B. Hungerford, publishing board pro- needlngs _ ,^ 54 BO B, Uangestord, letter beads for sheriff; 4 oo " , notice for bids 105 owers & Colclo, publtehlag board proceeding! 54 52 owers ft Colclo, notloe for bldj 620 " poll tax receipt books.... 12 60 ". postal cards f or.clerk .... 8 60 " blanks ordered by auditor 34 00 " blanks ordered LfHorgan 1 60 Joyce, sewer pips.. i... 18660 as. Cain, work on jail 2 60 . N.Harding, work In court room ...•..,. 2 10 . 8. HefTcUlng-er, repairing clock ; 1 50 artln A Olovls, work for court honse.... 1 78 . Reynolds, hauling ss>wer piDe 8 50 arroll E. L. Co., work In .court room..... 1 25 . Joyce, lumber for sidewalk 2012 Ity of Carroll, repairing sldowallc 8 50 awson, and Tanner, filling cess pool andi extra work on sower 2760 lieffleld & Patterson, labor and material for sewer from jail 6280 udwlg Bros., carpet for court room 12050 hurltman & Sturges, goods foe court honse g JQ t'm. Lynch, justice cost In state n. A. H. Wllueliny, aesejilnn Dedbam Incorporation .,,.,....,.......,,.,. D. H. Smith, iisseeilng Union towoiblp... Jobn Cooney, asgeuiog Coon Baplda Incorporation , Ed. Dale, agio iing ealooni Coon Itapldi Dr. A. Keteler, medical ntUudancj* to pauper Kurtniuii Dr. A. Kesiier, medical attendance to pauper Bracbtendorf ,.,.. Dr. A. Keillor, medical attendance to pauper Conley. Or. A. Keillor, medical utteadauoe to pauper Eckert Dr. A. Keillor, medical attendant* to pauper Wllley Dr. A. K«Mluc, inedleal uUeudanot to pauper t>. Bchnltt Dr. A. Keeiler, iu«dlual attendance to l'aup«r Bltkert Dr. Ai Keiiler, medloal utteniiano* to pauper Preitoo Dr. A. Keisler, modlual utUiiidunce to pauper Vogel Dr. A. Keseler, medical attoudinoe to pauper Hudion Dr A. Kesuler, modiual attendance to pauper Kittle Dr. A, Koiiier, nMllual attendance (t paupet euutia Dr. O.A. Belteuwwi, medical aiteudapw to imuper JouWeU Dr. B. B. WHIlamn, wedloul atteuOajie* to pauper WooUvvard Ur, B. It. Wlllluuii, uieOloal atunatuu* to puuixr Hayeutap D*. B. U, Koller, medical atteudaiw to jnuiwr tialvlu Dr, B. 0. Kolley, medical ittUmdagw I* pauper U«irpoldi t.... Dn, Wright, yi)«u«tr» uud Beiuufian, atleiidauce to pauper Wllw, ; allowed ,,,,. Dr. V. J. Burrv, medical ttUuiiuuuot to IIIUIIKT Kfttlumii, unkiMi t1l>; tujeouxl. Dr.' 4, L. WrlgUt, luodloal attonduque to pauper Howard \ Dr. A. 1.. W'rltflit, j|iudl«|l attt-udnuoe lo pauper Dllll ,.,.,, Dr. A, 1<. Wright, niodlcHiuitttiidttiios to puupfer DtfWiu ID u 1 Dr. A. I*. WH^Iat, miiUH'Hl tiUouduuoe to imuger JouktiiK W W. 4)r. A. L, Wj'uslit, uuHlloiil utleQtlaupe 10 !»OC 7000 80 00 400 90 00 600 10 CO 1800 100 800 100 1 00 8(0 100 600 100 SOU 6000 ttOO 701* 117 00 T. Jeffrey, sheriff fees State vi. Gucgel 4 20 os. BnshUelt, const, fees " " loo in. Isbmael, witness " " go . Parsons " ' 60 ert Bucbbolz " • eo Mrs. M, Weir " • GQ Mrs. C. A. Elliott " < GO Irs. E. Elliott " • 60 Wm. Lynch, justice fees State vi. T. Guegel 3 60 " " " P. BoSner 260 C. Hannisb.ceostable fee*atate M Allen 6 40 . C. Clauien, constable fees State vi Brown, asked (13.60; rejected. S.Overmlre, Justice fees State n Bogers 2 00 L Stevens, constable fee " " 85 . W. Hoffman, surveying for county 29 40 I, J. Helres, filing stamp 150 A. Horton, returning poll book 200 J. Egan, cleaning ecnool house after election, asked |8; rejected. Center Ind. Sheridan, damage to school house on election 5 00 L. O. Arnold, liven, asked $1.60; rejected, 'errine 4 Meitle. boarding Juror* 8 25 B. T. Jeffrey, board and waiblog tor, prlioneri 6400 B. T. Jeffrey, «crubbing jail and washing bedolothei, aiked 140; laid orer for explanation. ilto Murphy, work on tewer... 160 J. Alberteen, oollectlng delinquent tax... 89 64 Chat. Hamilton, aanlng notlc*, 1 to Barter, Bailiff 8400 In. Bqrwill, boardlog |uron ,.. 8 '& Jobn Buchbolz, damagei, aiked $36.00; referred to G. v. Glan. I. J. MoMahon, par fare to Council Bluffs and return.. 680 W. P. Hombacb, railroad fare for panper, oxpre*Mge andpoitage 18 81 Dun Morgan, committee work 8686 B. K. Dargin " " 20 ap C. Hausman >• •> 1288 G. v. Ulan " " 2768 Wra. Seiton " " it J. W, Hateiton, truitee 200 8le»e Flonegao, lowuslilo clerk, asked *>i allowed , i 800 R. Wllhelmj. aliening saloong 1 OU H. 0. Steveai, bull for poor farm 60 00 a. K. BtoMard, oil tor pauper Galvln 2 66 Geo, Belf, meat for pauper Jurgeus, 6 4S eoelved. aid out. Green Bay Lumber Co., home rent for paupei J. Geitnu 1000 B. McDonald, labor ou road H 76 U, Culver, overaeelntf work on wwer.... 13 A. B. Beach, court reporter a 00 DOJIK8TIO ANIMAL FUHI). Joiin Klicheld, daroagt done by dogs 10 00 1MIANK f OKU. St. Bernard HoipltAl, boarding Iniane Galvlo so 40 St. Bernard Hoiplltl, boarding butane Ocliulto , , 8040 unman roMu. B. U. Fisher, Kpnlrlng brldgei IV 00 D, Joyce, lumber forbrldgw,aiked IWt-Bi; allowed 20$ 7J Ed. Kr«elkiid, repairing bridge !W 76 Dun ilorgau. ouiumlttwi work and mileage 81 DO C. Huusmao " " " 18 71 B. K, Darglu " *' " & 11 Wiu.8«xtOB " " " 8970 I. W. 6t«ei», repairing bridge I Jai. Hall«y " •' 000 JobuUute " " 47 B. G. Kliber, repairing brldgu, aiked I16S.IB; allowed ., 1400 V, Cappbrr, lumber for brUUv• 47 2 Jon. Vrlediuaoi repairing bridge 0 Ot II.NauBcber " " 800 Jobur-UU " " 6UU W. F. Couuif Auditor. TREASURER'S REPORT To tte Honorable Board of Supervisors ti KNTI.KMISN : I Imvo the honor hero by to submit to you the followin stttUfmeiit of receipts uud uieutB of couuty f uudu, I'oi' months, ending May 81, 180-J. live Kccvlvud out. dvvr paid. / JlOMflVWi i'uld out STATB. INBANli. I.W) UU 9,118 ' via a , I.IUi ' iiiviu CARROLL COttNTY BOKD. ecelved.... .... 1,524 TO Kill OUt ... On band ecielvcd — nlil Out.... CLOTU1NU. SOLDIER'S CO. ORPHAN. octiveil , Hid Out. 22(1 64 21833 12 52 20081 888 ?7 126 02 8B8 76 SOLDIER'S RELIEF. eceiveO..... 2,05232 iiidout < 8T42 On hand On hand 2.5S1 90 COUMTi*. Roolved ; 13,34064 aid out •.. 18,848 60 Overpaid B.607 80 COUNTY SCHOOL. ecelved 5,67735 aid out 5.BD1 25 On bund. COUNTY eeelved titd.out 3S6 10 7.491 05 0,222 4o On hnti*... 1.20802 r JPDGMHNT. eoelved. ald'out. Onbmiil. ecei^od... aid out.. COUNTY KOADi B738T 101 Co 872 02 COUNTY POOR. ecelved -8,192 41 aid out 11 On hand. On hand 3,181 41 DOMESTIC ANIMALS. eooWed., aid out. 1)15 39 8438 53101 TRKASTilJiUiJR'S PERCENTAGE. GCtilVC'l 2,28115 aldout 1,60000 On band. On hand. 781 15 ecolved ............... ...... ......... 5,39376 aldout ......................... . . 4,53260 On band. ecolved.. aldout.. INSTITUTE. 861 15 20130 7800 On band. ecelved. aldout.. SCHOOL HOUSE SITE. On band. 12830 4900 49~(JO PERMANENT SCHOOL. ecelved..... '8,881 75 aid out. 2,50000 On band. 381 75 PERMANENT SCHOOL INTEREST. soolvcd 1,90201 aid out 45750 On band TILE DRAIN, NO. 0. 805 U ecelved. >ald out. Overpaid TILE DRAIN NO. 1. :eoelved Paid On band .., TILE DRAltf, NO. 4. 1240 U95 "a 55 w 11872 On band TILE DRAIN, NO. 5. Received 'aid out. On band TILE DRAIN NO. 3. Received aiJ out 11872 B9584 BUS 84 21005 On band TILE DRAIN NO. 3. tecelvod 'aid out. On band. 81005 17881 14900 8881 JASPER TEACHEBS. Heoelved .,, 1,21008 Paid out 1,18083 On band. tteoeived.,,, ?ald out.... SCHOOL HOUBK. On band. Booelved CONTINQKNT. 488 72 I'aldout 48043 On band 1US8 Uoflolved Paid out.. BOAD. On band. STORM CREKK. TKACIIKII8. tteoolvod. Paid out.- ecelved. >uld out.. TBACHKItS. Received ; 1,20595 Paid out 1,178 4S ecolved. 'aldout.. lecelved. Paid out.. tecotved. 'aid put Overpaid. lecelved. 'aid out.. On band. CONTJNOKNT. ttooelvcd I'aldout On baud. PHAIIUKVILLE. TKACHKK8. U eoelved. Paid out.. On baud. Hecelved PaMoui r™ ' On band. 161 y 878 7001 6851 1148 85 8981 100 IB eoa 83 UU IBJt 800 KLK RUN. TKAOURH*. Uoortved. P§J<1out.. On tend eownwitm. ved. itooolvisd Jttl •riSAOHKHS On bund. lU'OOIVOll.. 1'ttlUOUt.. UUNT1NUUMT. Oubuud. CKN'l'Klt. On uuuxl. Oil 811 UU U5 UU i 4V 5. Ittt U H» BO Oa hand. ecelved. aid out . BCHOOt HOUSE, On bund. ecelved. aid out.. CONTINGENT, On hnml. ecolved. aid out.. BOIES. TEAOIIKItS. On hand. ecelved. aid out.. CONTINGENT. On hand. JUDGMENT. .eceivcd. aid out.. On hnnd. ecelvod. aid out. LINCOLN. TMACHKl'S On Band. lecnlvcd. aid out.. 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